Take Up the Cross – Chapter 41: Terrible Beast – Longest Night ☆





Gripping onto Adris’ leg with her brutal superstrength, Kol yells out in absolute resentment.




Pulling his leg into a lock before he can clarify, the raging girl growls at him. Only a foot anchored into her neck keeps her from continuing.




“Wait! Winning doesn’t mean… khak!” Denied the chance to easily lock him, she begins shuffling to roll him.


“Sex…! … Mating between comrades isn’t something brutal like that! I’ll explain! Just let go!”


“HNN!? … Boss…!”


Releasing him, he tucks to avoid destroying his erect dick. Rapidly losing it, he huffs while thinking.


(… Sex isn’t… what?)


An existential question hits him. Going by his relationship with Serras, he knows that it’s…


(At the very least, that was more like… Everyone else had so many different reasons. Ah! One she’ll like!)




“Kol. Do you think forcing someone to pleasure you is what the strong do?” A dark look accompanies the teaser question.


“Hm? Kol say, yes? Much fun?” A look which is energetically responded to with a grin. “Kol, get pleasure from Boss! Kol, winner!”


(WRONG! No, it’s right for Zennia!? But that’s between…)


“… No, that would be right for… enemies.” With a lifted jaw and confident pose, he challenges his “subordinate”.

“Kol – are we enemies?”


“HAH!? Uh!?” Rubbing her head, her confusion goes to their shifting relationship. “No, Boss is… Boss? Not ‘enemy’.”

“Right. We’re comrades. Team members. We work together.”


Moving closer to her after sitting up, he points to himself with an arrogant sneer gifted.


“Do you desire to try to hurt me?”

“… Hnnn? No? Kol… follow Boss.”


(Then get the hint!)


“Right. While the… mating of the Castillo might often be forced, between us it would be…”


(Knowing you, I have just the right word.)


Taking up her hand, he clenches it in a raised shake.


“Mating is a contest.”


“Hmm? … HOH!? ‘Contest’?”

One word both calms and excites her. The lust still flowing through her despite the satisfaction of one orgasm re-inflames, but it’s focused on his offer.

A wagging tail goes with Kol edging towards Adris’ body.


(Calm down!)


“Ahhh, ahhh, of course. It being a contest, wouldn’t it be far more skillful to demonstrate that you can… please the other? Rather than trying to hurt you, isn’t it my job to prove I’m better than you at pleasing?”


“… Weird. Why?

Unsure himself, he then remembers the awe-inspiring challenges of higher tier aura users.

“Because a warrior doesn’t prove he’s strong by just winning, he proves it by… making the other person submit to his skill! They must acknowledge it!”

Sweating while he rambles on, he hopes he’s hit the right logic, one simple enough for her.


“Oh? Make… other submit, by pleasure? … hmmm? Moon!?”


Stretching out on the sheets in the other direction, she appeals to…


(Oh shit. I forgot.)


Looking up from the girl’s drenched pussy on open display with her legs spread for him, Adris stares across the room at two figures.


One is a snake elf huddled in a corner. No longer frightened, she’s staring at Adris between her half-opened fingers, unwilling to meet his gaze openly.

Her crystal green eyes are swimming with emotion, her lips quivering. With pale skin completely red, the embarrassed girl watched Adris give pleasure to her best friend.


(Nope, not going to happen.)


Quickly looking away from her, the other watcher bears a neutral expression. Taken from her studies, she eyes Adris momentarily before looking back to Kol.




“To give another pleasure with one’s skill, dedication, and affection typically be regarded as ‘eros’, the art of passion. One interpretation, making lo-… mating be inefficiently explained as Adris did. While the… passions of the Castillo be not be false in nature…”.


(Are you supporting me or not?)


“Words offered to one be not a lie, Kol, though your thoughts matter, too. Trust in one’s own beliefs and heart, but ever grant consideration for those of another.”

When Kol makes a sad moan while looking only more confused, Neesiette turns away after nodding assertively.


“A boy’s words certainly sound nobler. Pleasing another be significantly more… refined and challenging an art than taking from their body without consent.”


“HM? More challenge…?”


Smiling wide, Kol makes a decision. Turning over and crawling back to her “boss’s” chest…

A furred hand creeps up to his dick. Almost soft, his chest gets tighter with the stimulation. Though her look is still confused, the white eyebrows relax.


“… Kol… understand? … Fine. Kol, do!”


(Oh, thank you, Nee-)




A strong hand




far too strongly.






Without dignity, he screams at her while grabbing her by the hair.


“HAH!? What? Kol, not…”


(… I’m going to die…)


His mind is burning as he goes on autopilot. Casting aside any thoughts of sounding mysterious, Adris voices clear orders.




“Never, ever, ever grip a penis that hard, ever again.”

His voice is a growl, causing Kol to tense up.

“… Grr… but, Boss touch Kol, feel good…?”


As if referring to her own desires being his, Adris resumes giving instructions.


“… Very few people are like Kol. Se-Mating is… much more delicate. … How about I walk you through-?”

Kol can do!”

Letting go of her hair, he instead rubs the ear of the angry girl.


“… Right, you can do it. I believe that. So, just try some suggestions?”


(Fucking hell, not even Serras did that.)


Sighing with difficulty, Kol moves closer to him.


“Instead of gripping, just… lightly play with it.”


Adris flinches when the furred hand comes back to his dick. Holding his breath while she lightly teases along his length, her finger comes to the tip of his cock to rub against the frenulum.


(AH? That’s… strange, but not exactly… conducive to pleasure?)


Giving herself to inspecting him, the girl lays across his body while moving her butt near his face. Murmuring to herself as she works, he listens closely.


“… What, weird? Twitch… um, good here? Two balls, also good…?”

Be extra careful with those!”


Preempting a moving hand, her ears twitch and turn slightly to take in his words better.

At the sign of danger to him, Adris’ dick betrays him again, just as it did with Lycia.


(Stop getting harder! And… with people around…!)


With Kol no longer breathing as savagely, a third breath in the room comes from the girl watching.

Surreptitiously glancing at her, green eyes are locked on his dick that Kol plays with. Against the wall and curled up, the elvish girl has her hands up to her breasts, arms moving slightly across them. An exposed a body as ever, hers is attractive in a way which wars in his mind with the nearly naked, tanned body against him.


(No, I can’t concentrate on that…! Being seen is so weird! But the fact that it’s Ave and… Neesiette is also… liberating?)


A breath comes to his dick as the wolfish explorer lying on him moves close to his pride.


(… Hah, showing off for two girls, isn’t it easy to guess what they think about me? Ave is easy enough…)


As long as Adris doesn’t “notice” her, Ave moves her entire body slowly to adjust angles to see better. Swallowing roughly, her body is honest.


(… but you?)


Neesiette, though she responded earlier, has her face buried in her dangerous tome, concentrating on a few pages she turns between.


(… That’s disappointing… GYAH!)


Kol’s tongue laps across the tip. More shocking than pleasurable, combined with her inexpert hand movements and the disability of the fur on her hand…


(This is a losing battle.)


Feeling inspired and also a bit vengeful, Adris starts making “tsking” noises. Kol looks back with angry eyes.


“… Boss… why?”

“I don’t feel your affection.”


(And you haven’t a shred of talent.)


As unskilled with cock as she is with axe, she grimaces at the situation, baring sharp teeth.

“Ugh, ‘affection’? Kol… affection!? Kol… want… win!” Shaking with anger, Adris starts to sweat. “Boss… already… won!? Kol… feel good… can’t…!”


(No, wait, you don’t need to explode… you, AH! That’s right!)


“… It’s not about winning once, Kol… it’s about the… uh… end tally!”

His trickster tongue moves quickly, far outpacing the actual logic he’s coming up with.

“If you achieve pleasure once, and then I do, then we’re tied, right? We still have… time…”


Perking up at this, her tail wags in front of Adris’ face. Still thoroughly soaked, her nearly hidden cunt looks appetizing as she shifts her legs.


“… Kol, instead of your hands, maybe… like with your tongue, but more… momentum?” Looking at her pink mouth, Adris feels more tense.


“AH!? Right! Kol, like, Boss! Kol… Kol can do!”

Turning back to his dick, he realizes a mouth full of sharp teeth is opening while dripping saliva.




Don’t use your teeth! Don’t ever let your teeth touch a dick! It’s not food!”




His heart is throbbing in his chest as he orders/begs her not to bite.

“… HAH? No, not food… It, Boss? But… hmm? Hah, hah… smell good?”

Sniffing at his cock, the appealing taste makes Kol’s body nervously move.


(Oh no, she’s losing it again.)


While Adris waits in horror and silently prays, there is suddenly warmth along his cold dick. A slurping within this dimly lit room goes with the powerful tongue that treats his cock like candy. Without any technique, she randomly licks at every spot she can reach.

Rather than her clawed hand, this action brings satisfaction as she patiently explores. Getting adventurous, she starts batting his dick left and right with strokes along his crown.


“… Uh, Kol, that’s good but… like I did with my mouth…”


(She can’t do it with just her tongue. It’s not good enough. This is the only path left.)


“… Put it inside of your mouth.”

Kol’s tail stops moving. Seconds pass as the silence grows.




“… Boss, say… ‘don’t eat’. Boss… want eat?”




(… Why the…? No… you are… usually literal…)


Breathing heavily, Adris delivers explicit orders.


“Like I did with your… spot that felt so good.” Tail whipping with these words, her leg rubs against him. “Suck on it… but don’t ever bite it. Be careful with your teeth!”

“OH! Felt, good! Really good! Boss… ‘secret Talent’!? No, regular? Homph!”


Kol’s lips go around his head, tight and sucking at it.

Putting his hands on her butt, he grips on while trying to relax.


“… Hah, Boss… always… ‘tense’? … Boss… Kol, no trust!?”

The girl seems deeply offended after pulling off his cock, yet her flush face and the returning senselessness to her growing vacant demeanor reinforces Adris’ fear.


Whipping back, she takes in most of his dick all at once. With only the briefest feel of sharpness on his length, Adris’ twitch causes her to adjust her position. Bringing his cock head to the back of her mouth, the inferno heat of it as she lingers while still is purely welcome in the chill room.


Almost suggesting she move, her tail curls as she pulls her head back slowly.


“… No, no, don’t relax your lips.”


Ending the withdraw with a pop, she licks her lips. “Hmm? Feel good, tight? ‘Ok’…”


Plunging it back in, building satisfaction comes from the strong lips on his shaft. Rolling over his crown as she gets the hang of letting it out without losing it, he begins to relax while sighing.

Hearing this sigh, Kol’s tail happily sways as she continues.


Furred hands come then to his shaft that isn’t being sucked, wrapping around gently with fingers to sort of move in place as she sucks on him.


(Um, that’s good… She’s actually sort of getting the idea.)


Letting her continue, he lays there while receiving a rough and unpracticed blowjob. While certainly loud, as Kol is fond of pulling out so that she can lick the tip with gusto, the pleasure isn’t reaching the same level he’s used to.


(I mean… it’s… warm, but…)


A bit wild for him, she seems to be enjoying herself more than he is.


“… Boss, taste good~! Like… flavor… male scent… Mmm!”

Though she’s supposed to be proving she can make him feel good, her thighs close as she twists on the bed.


(… She can’t do it. And I know why.)


In comparison to the bitch Symphonia, even mostly unconscious…


Or Serras, as unskilled as she was…




But especially to a daring woman with golden hair, who promised him he’d never experience pleasure like hers again…




(She’s pretty bad. “Sis” really did a number on me.)


The only woman he can think of when his eyes are closed is Lycia, because only she gave him what really lit up his whole world.


(Kol will murder me if I say that, though.)


Even with his own lust peaked by Kol’s admittedly tender pussy, he’s not able to fall into her hapless slurping. Exuberant as she is, she’s also wasting his time.


“… While I can feel your affection, it’s… not really…”


A tail dances, her voice confused.


“… Huh, Kol… do like Boss. Feel good, right!?” Misunderstanding him, a bright voice filled with pride speaks up. “Boss, feel good! Kol, win!”

Slurping along his head, she concentrates on it.

“… Boss… smell… taste… Kol want all! … Hmm, near smell, always? Kakaka!”


(… Huh? Am I that enticing for you? But… even if you do…)




“Kol, I’ll never get the same feeling I gave you earlier if this continues.”




Jolting, she pulls up to look back, a grimace and angry eyes showing what she thinks.

“Kol, lick Boss! Same, Boss! Why? Why not good!? Tell Kol!”

“… Well, you’re not used to it. Not knowing what to do- OOMPH!”


Yelling out when she nearly kicks him in the face, the girl climbs up onto his body and locks down with her legs over him.


“No! Kol… learn! Get good! Boss, feel good!”

Rejecting him utterly, she begins sucking with great importance. A clumsy tongue joins with her lips to lick the underside while she has him inside. Unable or too ignorant to invite him into her throat, only what can fit is serviced.


(It’s not terrible… but I can’t really enjoy with you so hyper focused!)


Now far too tense and mechanical, Adris’ inability to relax matches hers.


“You’re not experienced enough to do it… as fast as I need it. There’s other ways-”

“HAH!? ‘Piss off’, no! Refuse! Kohl, lyke Bossh, cahn doo!” Yelling the last bit while his head is sucked on, her only further response is to slap Adris in the face with her tail when he tries to rise up.

Now angry with her, nothing she does will please him.


(Fine, let me show you the difference.)




Hands dart in: one for her tail and the other for her crevice. Gripping the rampaging appendage to move it out of the way, he puts his fingers to her hole as he opens her cheek. The mere brushing of her excited flesh causes her to shiver.


“HYAH!? B-Boss! Stop!”


Sitting up again, he grins at her.

“Stop? Why? … Oh, are you perhaps afraid of a real challenge?”

“… Boss, say a lot! Kol, not afraid!”


Gripping his shaft, he hisses at the attack.

“Stop! … Fine, if you’re not afraid, then why are you begging me to cease my attack?”


Jolting at the accusation, Kol’s mental gears turn quicker than normal with her hormones racing.


“Ugh… Boss, also battle… Coward, beg.”

Grinding her teeth at first, she then starts cackling. Stretching to lean over his dick with her tongue licking it, she then presents her juicy cunt to him as she climbs completely onto him. With legs wide and tail lifted, this white rampager boasts.

“Kakaka! Fine, good! Boss, want win? Kol show, Boss nothing for – KYAH!”


Without wasting a single moment, Adris returns to his work. Dipping a finger into her carefully, she reflexively squeezes on the digit, leaving it completely soaked.

“Boss, sneaky!”


His cock disappears again, held by the warm mouth which noisily worships his length. Breathing quickening, but still unimpressed, he pulls his finger out to rub his thumb against her clit.

Body twitching with the sensation, he wonders if he’s in danger from teeth.


(No, you’re actually giving your all.)


Desperate to please him but also following every rule he sets, her teeth are withdrawn. Feeling cruel, he begins thrusting up slightly when she comes down.


“Ghak! Boss, past mouth…!”

“Hm? Is that something you can’t do?”

“‘Annoying’! Kol, do anything!”


Attempting it slowly, Kol tries to get the tip past the back, but gags on it.


“Grah! Boss, lie!? Others do!?”

At the thought that she’s being fooled, Kol’s whole body tenses. Anger flows over him.

“It’s something done with experience… You’re just not used to it.”


(Please don’t kill me.)


When she silently resumes sucking, he checks out what he has to play with. A puckered anus is shown from her tail being lifted high.


(Not interested in that. As for below, you’re not exactly pristine, but you are unused. “Tasty” is a way to describe you.)


Lips exposed now, this girl who seems moderately more developed than he has flowered. With her growing enthralled by his attention, she scoots back and pushes his hand out of the way, gently shaking her pelvis at him.


“Looking for something, Kol?”

“Ugh! Shut up! … Prove better!”


(Your funeral. This isn’t much fun anymore. I want you! Plus, I already noticed something with your tail.)


Craning his neck, he launches into a double attack.

Bringing his tongue to swish it against her clit inbetween sucking on it, his arm comes around from the top of her butt to grab onto the base of her tail.


Her whole body shifts, pleasure seemingly cascading through her.


NO FAIR! Good! Stop! … ugh, Kol, not coward! HEK! HKG!”

While he strokes her quivering tail and grinds his tongue into her pussy, she pathetically tries to match him. Jerking head movements still try to please him. The more pleasure she feels, the more desperate her attention.


(Uh… the more you’re into it, the more it does feel better. But you’re too late!)


Rubbing her back as he strokes her tail swiftly, his sopping face’s burial into her nectar box is answered by screams of pleasure that start with her mouth full, but end with her coming off of it.


(Give in.)


Kol’s musk is so thick that he can’t deny his true goal anymore. No longer wanting to taste it with his tongue, he’s trying to rush for the final dance.


“You lose again, Kol.”


“… NN! No, Kol, not-! Ahhh! AAHHHHH!”


Shuddering as she rips at the bedding, her twitching butt gives away his win.




“… Ugh, not… fair! Kol…! Still want…!”


Get off me, Kol! I won. Submit to the victor.”


Malice teases her ears, with Adris composing his voice just right to project his masculine authority. Perking up at this as she recovers, Kol seems hesitant, before she puts energy back into her limbs.


“Um… fine.”


The normally recalcitrant girl starts to move off…




No, don’t move from there.”

Halting her climbing off, he instead starts pulling himself backwards. Coming out from under her with his dick brushing against her thigh, she’s left on her knees as her ears change attention with curiosity. Putting his hand on her waist as he rises, she sways with realization.


“Oh! Boss, know! Hmm… Kol, wanted! … Huh?” With her voice overly eager at first and full of eroticism, she then goes very still.




“Kol… on knees… maybe, weak?”

Hands crushing the sheets, she sounds angry.


(What!? No! The words I need…)


Breathing wildly as he stares at her full ass, he aggressively grabs her with both hands. Leaning over when she jolts, he speaks whatever comes to heart.




“Only the strongest… can mate with the strongest.”




“… OH!?” Growling at his words, she offers a toothy smile, his words striking a flawless jackpot.

“Right! Boss, strongest! Be with Boss, prove Kol also! Kakaka!” Her arrogance exits the room through the ceiling, with her casting aside all further thoughts as she backs up to push his throbbing dick between her thighs.


“… When Kol saw Boss, Kol felt… wanted Boss. Way Boss stood and spoke; how he fought; how he always has answer… If Kol want male, only Boss ever been near enough!”

Biting her bottom lip, the girl’s eyes are maddened by the respect and attraction she feels.


(That’s… damn right! You’re equally desirable!)


Something in his chest throbs when he hears the words. Unlike the creatures of the Castillo, Kol is intensely honest, a quality he never encounters.

Also unlike them, the reason Kol wants Adris is more than just satiating a base need.


(“If it’s not me, it’s not enough”!? I love it! Prove it for everyone, Kol!)


His body no longer under his control, something within that is purely animalistic forces the girl far stronger than him to obey his motions. Patting her thighs, she spreads them a bit for him to bring his head to her dripping hole.

Despite his assurances of expertise, he’s awfully inexpert in his attempt to get the head to stay between her lips.


(… Stop, slow down.)


With Kol still actively moving her waist, her ass rises and falls as she breathes heavier.


“… Have you ever done anything like this, Kol?”


“Like this!? No. Kol, watch, many times! Kakaka!” Whipping her tail against his chest teasingly, the fine white fur is a source of her smell that further antagonizes him. “Watch others when they [pay] for mating! Kol, now, even if have pay, okay! Fine!”


(… Pay? Am I missing something?)


Shaking his head, he ignores the topic that doesn’t square with him.


“What do you think when you watch those weaker than you mate?”

“Hnn!? Hm, Kol feel… unfilled? ‘Needy’ feeling, but… Kol… still want. … Kakaka!” Laughing suddenly, she energetically admits obviously private thoughts.

“Castillo! Free mating, if beat! Kol, thought, sometimes! Good thing! Strong mate with anyone beat! Watch, males and females fight, end in pleasure! Exciting! Like Boss say, ‘challenge’! ‘Contest’!” Ears flicking all the while, she focuses on debased thoughts that outline her way of viewing sexuality.


“Kol, take male if want, like tribe! But… ‘lame’! No fun! Why be with weakling…!?”


Tongue out now, the handsome beauty’s voice is growing ever more sloppy as she reverts to the state she was in when she entered the room.


Boss want! Kol, ‘love’ strong! Show Kol, now, real mating!”


(… Fuck!)




Pushing in without realizing, something breaks.

A shifting volcano is what meets his dick.


Slowing his wild breathing, he remembers a night where he rushed things.


(Just like with her, I can’t just drive into her without care!)


Remembering that black hair, he is brought out of that by her insane motions.






Tight cheeks slam against his pelvis, as Kol begins moving on her own. Struggling to stay with her as he chokes on the overwhelming pleasure from her red hot hole, Adris takes over thrusting to save himself from her inelegant motions.


“Kol! Stop!” Screaming at her, she twists her body as she whines, totally enraptured by the long-awaited sensation.

When she refuses to listen, he’s stuck trying to match her bucking.


(Ah, what the fuck do you want… oh!)


Leaning over and grabbing her tight to him, he growls into her ear.




I’m in charge. Give yourself to me!”




Freezing at the order, Kol pants while stationary. Despite being mute, her taut flesh is now at his disposal.


(… Why is everything with these girls so complicated!?)


Pulling back, he scoots her over a bit. Left on the bedding are drops of blood. Instead of pain, though, the deflowered girl remains ready to ram herself against him.


(Then… fine!)


Adris starts moving slowly, thrusting into the girl with care. As incredibly resisting and molten as her inner folds are, she exerts no control as he begins to open her up. Struggling to go deeper from just her core strength stopping him, the height is also throwing him off.


Pushing her into the bed as she yelps, then makes a growling whine, he pulls out.


(Kol is at too much of…)


“… back in…”

Blinking, Adris listens to a quiet request.

“… put… back in… Kol… want…”

Suddenly a bit choked, Adris’ ego is on fire. With it, his id…




“… Kol… want… Boss…!”

Shaking her ass a bit, Kol is…




Answering her demand, he gets into a squat as he begins thrusting into her. With the new position causing him to scrape against her walls, her moaning becomes rougher. Bottoming out inside of her, the closeness he feels to Kol exceeds anything else.


(This girl wanted me from back then!? Every time she looked at me, she was fighting the need to have me, while also wanting to give in? Ah, I love it. I wanted you, too!)


What Kol could never give him with her mouth, her pussy more than grants. If Lycia’s throat is the hottest and her tongue the most desirable, then Kol, even if unskilled, is a perfect match for what he looks for in the main act.

Fitting him like a glove, the eager girl responds to every thrust with perfect resolve to return the gesture. A hyper-slick hole milks him effortlessly, combining with her playing up his ego to cast away all concerns but marking her.


(… Yeah, no way. I can’t, AH, deal with… this…)


What began with a handjob has finally reached his goal. All tension goes away with the barking girl meeting his thrusts now that she understands the way his piston works.



(Young woman! Kol is no angel! She’s even thirstier than I am!)


Even if she terrified him while undressing, she’s now on her hands and knees, serving his cock better than Rantil did.


(… As it should be!)


Hanging on as she bucks, he desperately pounds her just opened hole claimed by him.


(I won’t say you’re better than Still, but it’s hard… ahhh! I can’t know without… spending more time with her…?)


At the thought of his “partner”, Adris suddenly feels enormous discord.


(Shit, she’s pissed…! that… I’m, hmm, doing something like this with Kol! Jealous!? Haha! What is this feeling…? It feels good, if dangerous.)


With the realization that Still knew what would happen, Adris suddenly understands he’s being played between two girls. While the girl he’s been with is in the other room possibly annoyed at his good fortune, the second is eagerly making him her mate.

A moving tail lightly thwaps against his side, using every opportunity to stroke against him, while her bouncing butt slaps with every drive.


“GRAHH! BOSS! Good, Kol knew would be!


(Of course it is!? Do you know who I am!? All you had to do was give in to me and let me make it about you~! Though… I don’t want jealousy, after what happened to me. There’s a woman… no, nevermind!)


Running one hand down her spine, the girl shivers when he comes to the fur at the base of it. Soft scales are still the strangest texture.




But their rough breathing isn’t the only sound in the room.


(… Ah, wait. There’s…!)


Rather than concentrating on the woman he’s pleasing, he looks past to spectators once ignored.


Intense, violet eyes turn to regard him when he looks at her. Between pages, she flits from the sweating Adris to the moaning Kol, before staring at him again.


(… Sorry!? No, I’m not sorry! You’re the one that stayed in here!? … Ah, shit, I don’t know what to think!)


Skin not flushed at all, Neesiette idly watches for a moment, before nodding softly and returning to her studies.

Being stared at by the perfectionist that wants him to become a gentleman, as he openly defies her instructions, sends powerful rushes of shame and authority through him.


(Right! This was what you wanted! If you’re just making sure, then look as much as you want! Don’t be shocked if you end up getting interested, too.)


Thirsting after Neesiette even as Kol’s hole spasms with a minor orgasm striking the girl, he then pales when his eyes catch green ones in a corner.


As obsessive and drunk as they are, her red face is sloven as she views the erotic scene on display. With her hand over her chin, she lightly sucks on her pointer finger. Wrapped up now in a blanket, the girl wearing very thin clothing is watching Adris breed Kol as if nothing in the world could be more thrilling.


(Ah… no… active voyeurs are… a bit much!?)


Losing his cool at the attention, he grinds his teeth at the knowledge that she’s been watching the whole production and everything he’s said.


(I don’t know… how I’m going to face any of them? Even if it feels good to be watched and show them the kind of man I am, I’m also dying here!)


Unable to fall into an anonymous role to hide behind, furiously pumping into Kol is an incredibly personal reveal.

When he stops…


“… keep going, more, more! Boss, need!”


A demand like that sets him off swifter than before.


(… Hah, my life is ridiculous…)


Returning his glance to Ave, he wonders what face he’s showing to her, even if it’s always a mask.

But giving her his full attention, he notices a highly lewd detail.


Not just content to suck her finger, the drunk elf girl’s other arm is inside her blanket. Where her crotch should be, Adris sees the blanket constantly shifting.




(She’s… masturbating while watching me!?)


While Adris takes her friend from behind, Ave shamefully seeks her own pleasure. Leaning forward before recovering herself, her face twitches a bit and eyes close as she moans on her finger.

But when focuses on Adris’ face after reopening her eyes, she pulls her finger out while trailing saliva, the quivering lips accompanying tears that are now welling up at recognition of being witnessed.


(No, I can’t have her lose her mind over this… but…! I can’t even… stop myself, now…!)




“… AH! Kol, you’re… too good, I have to finish! Get ready… you’re about to win, once!” Ignoring Ave completely, he throws himself into his impending climax with all of his acting.

“… OH! OH! HAH!? ‘Finish’!? WIN!? Mmm, Kol… ‘good’, ‘strong’!?” A rough-sounding, slurring voice demands he confirm this point, her rich tone as heated as her insides.


“Kol is the strongest, after all!”

“MM! RIGHT! Boss, lose! Kol, accept! Ahh!”


(… Ah, but… I can’t cum inside! I need to pull out!)


Picking up the pace when she forces him to, Adris is horrified by how trapped he feels.


(There’s no way of knowing how pregnancy works on another world! Even if Still says I should do it, that’s ridiculous!)




But from somewhere deep inside, Adris feels like he can’t help but want to.




(… Wrong!)


Against this foreign motivation primed to play the odds and find out later without a care if he succeeded, Adris tries to slow. The capricious feeling becomes vexed, justifying that repercussions don’t matter.


“Kol, I’ll hold back no longer! I’m pulling out to-!”


The moment Adris says “pull out,” Kol locks him in by thrusting back as hard as she can.




Boss! Stupid! Mating, finish! STRONG, BREED STRONG! STUPID BOSS!”

Screaming rudely at him in broken words, Kol refuses to let him escape.


(… What… you…!)


Rather than ruin his orgasm, he decides to accept it.


“Fine, inside! Take it all, Kol!”



Drooling on the bed, Kol waits for his deposit. Seemingly ecstatic at the opportunity, her tensing muscles latch onto him as he pushes all the way in, her vice-like oven claiming him.




Holding her waist as he shakes, a full-force jet of semen pools at her womb. Straining with the difficult release, he exhausts completely as she milks him. While he stains the bed with sweat and white drops, she rips the bed up while struggling to hold it.

White flashes take his sight momentarily, the climax so powerful after all the useless teasing and escalating stakes that he’s relieved it doesn’t knock him out.

Growling in pleasure as he moans a number of times, he leans forward to hug around her breasts. Calming with each breath and the flexing muscles in his groin pushing the last out, he worships the woman he’s landed.


(… even if you’re like fucking in a baking wasteland with how hot you are, I can’t beat this!)


Pulling out as he falls back, she staggers her legs as they shake. White overflows a bit from a too-tight slit that has a light red stain along the side. Almost losing consciousness, only now does he realize how much energy she drained from him.


Sitting in “clarity”, he then holds his head.


(Ah fuck, I just came inside of her! It’s one thing to be wanted, but… to have a kid with a teammate…?)


Adris feels it unlikely that Kol will be anything but highly fertile. Young and in perfect health, this is exactly the worst case scenario.

Sitting cross-legged, Adris tries to determine how to proceed.


(… It’s not so bad if it’s her, maybe? I guess I can train her a bit. As long as she understands, she’s actually pretty good at things…? And can I even have a child with her? What would… having a child mean for someone like me…?)


If Adris is forced to choose a person to let his perversions out on, then Kol is a good choice. Still ambivalent to the idea of being wanted, he’s softening to it if it’s at least this girl.

Especially if she’s fine with having his –




Feeling movement, Adris’ eyes bolt open when something touches his legs.




A white-furred, clawed hand is on his leg, the girl’s shining pink eyes bright as she nears him.

Face loose and slackened by possibly another orgasm, she moves to join the boy.




As she leans close to his face, she grabs onto his shoulder as she playfully bites his neck.


(… Huh?)


Pushing her away while panting, he engages her in some after-sex talk.


“… It was fine, right? Like I said, you’re great, amazing at sharing what you feel. You just have to… huh?”


Kol’s hands grab onto Adris’, locking together as best they can. She pulls them up before them.

When she tilts her head drunkenly and curiously at Adris, he makes the same gesture.


(… Is she looking for…?)


Leaning his face in, he, to this strange girl…




Kisses her.




A brief touch of their lips results in a rapid pull back of her head. Opening his eyes, the dumbstruck Kol soon wrinkles her nose, becoming annoyed.


(Am I that bad? Ave… seemed…)


Feeling like he’s somehow terribly failed, he smiles anyway.


“Not used to that? It’s something that-”

“… Boss, why?”


(Because… that’s what humans do?)


To Adris, the lack of direct affection shown so far seems odd. Even Serras, an ice queen by all accounts, would demand a kiss at some point.


(… No, there are many people who don’t show emotions other than sexual drive and a need to have others. Again, I’m too used to one thing, despite knowing it’s not… common…)


Clearing his throat, he searches out her thoughts.


“… Were you not interested in… ‘bonding’ after ‘mating’?”




“‘Bonding’? Lips… weird, stupid… Bonding, okay… but… ‘after mating’? Boss, mating…”


Pulling him to the side, she pushes him down, climbing on top of him.




Mating, not over.”


A lusty voice, still filled with authority, dictates terms to a young boy. Sitting on top of him as she forces him supine, the girl whose scales reflect with drops of drying sweat coating them smiles broadly.

Gulping, Adris’ eyes prevent the growing fear he feels from showing, years of training winning against the terror he feels at his misfortune.




“Kol, win once. Boss, win three times. Kol, need more victories’!”




(… Huh?)


Leaning down, Kol licks his neck as she starts grinding against his crotch. Dick hardening after his refractory period, even if his muscles are sore, he’s forced to watch as she re-excites him.

Ripping her undertunic off finally, dusky breasts that are big enough to handle satisfactorily show pink nipples. Bringing his hands up, she looks confused for a moment before smiling and putting them to her breasts.


(No, this is… not going to…)


Despite his internal pleas, his dick is already rock hard.


“AH! Boss… ready~! … Strong, so strong. Boss…”




Licking her lips, a beautiful, tomboyish girl with white hair smiles from ear to ear.









The sounds of flesh slamming against flesh continue, even now.


A young boy is still left wrestling with the woman who refuses to let him leave the bed, no matter how innocuous the attempt is.




An untrained pussy can only slide his cock in and out as she nibbles on his neck. Without technique to fall back on, she resorts to a mechanical piston and random grinding when she wants to feel it more herself.

Dangerous at first to leave it to her on top of him, she nearly killed him with her weight before she managed to get the knack of it. Learning quickly enough how to balance, the white semen and juices leaking from her sun-like hole are a testament to how vigorously she’s thrown herself on him.

Rubbing her breasts on his lean chest, she is already beginning to lose herself again. The softness of them is still pleasant to the boy, even if he has no choice.






Unable to cry out, as the young boy knows he must not, all he can do is pleasure this thing while he himself is pleasured.



Leaning back, the woman cradles her breasts with her furred arms as she shudders in bliss.




The young boy has lost track of anything involving numbers. He knows he was supposed to be counting, but it grew inefficient to try.


“… NO! Kol… try again! Boss… too good… ugh!”

Slobbering over his face, she licks his cheek with burning eyes in her sockets.

“… Kol! Stop! We can… try again later! Just give up!”

“HAH!? No! Kol… gaah, will win! Kol, ‘responsibility’!”


(I don’t understand!)


Reaching down, she scoops up the viscous fluids clinging to both of their crotches. Putting her fingers to her lips, she sucks on them as if the white gift steeped in her juices is the most delicious thing she’s ever tasted.


“Why are you… so set on… on… proving that you can do…!?”

“… Nnngh, because… Kol… Boss’ [right hand]!”


(I still don’t get it!?)


Begging her to stop by clenching her tightly to him, he whispers into her ear.


“… What does that mean?”


The repeated statement issued between growling moans has becoming a recurring one. Thoroughly used, Adris has clung to consciousness as much as he can, but the night is long and he’s running out of post-reserves energy.


“… Mmm… Kol, show…! All Kol do, think of Boss… of oath!”

Holding her shaking right hand up, the naked girl smiles brightly as the backside is turned toward him. Squinting her eyes, the only thing reflected in the pink irises is his face.


When this happens, a red glowing on her hand reveals.


(… What the fuck.)


As he blinks stupidly, connecting lines of ambient, transparent energy form the Alchemaster’s seal of fire projected from her hand. Proudly showing it off, Kol speaks with great fervor as her sharp teeth are produced.


“Kol! Not just Boss’! Also, right hand! … Kakaka, Kol, Boss, together! Hmm!?”


Looking to his hand, Kol’s eyes become saucers.


“AH! Boss, too!”


Grabbing his left hand, she raises it for him to see his pointer finger’s midsection glowing. Paling visibly as he narrows his eyes to look, what he sees burrows to the depths of his existence.






The glyphs written on a glowing band are legible to him, though the script scratches at his mind.

This horrible ultimatum is understood immediately.




“Because… Kol, right hand, can’t let Boss beat Kol, always! Prove, can be stronger!”


(… No, that… might be… dangerous.)


Having had sex with Kol all this time, something has been squeezing on his heart every time he thought about giving up.


(… Oh… oh shit.)




Grabbing onto her shoulders, Adris flips her with all of his might. Turning her to his left, he thrusts himself between her legs as she cries out.


“AH!? Boss! Why- HAH! HAH! BOSS!! GOOD!”


Ramming into her abused and sodden cunt, the sweating boy with a desperate expression leans in to bite her neck.




While she enjoys and also hates the experience, Adris is full of questions and fear.




(… I need… to make sure you… give in… AH! GIVE IN!)


Even if he demands she give in, he soon unleashes more of his spunk deep inside, losing another notch on the score.





Something has overtaken the thing bearing the cross. No longer a young boy, it’s a hunter.


And the thing being slammed into is the terrible beast he has to kill.


“… Say it!”



When he decided not to lose, his stamina became almost endless. Something at his heart set it to pumping steadily, sending the life giving oxygen the room seems to be running out of far and wide through his body.


No longer only sex, this is a contest, pure and simple.




Held in an awkward position, the beast’s naked, exciting body is folded on its neck as he angles to drill into it. Both of them are sloppy now and this last drive is all he has left.


(… I will… not lose… you will lose…)


“… Give in to me!”


Pushing into a reddish, abused hole, an equally brutalized cock is giving its best.


“… Kakaka, AH! Boss… uhnn, scared!? Oh, oh, OOOH, Kol, love this!”


Even as it’s uncomfortably hammered into the bed by the hunter’s deep thrusts, the beast’s dopey, smiling face cannot hide the burning ambition in its eyes.

But picking up his piston soon renders it incapable of anything more than moaning. A tight pussy can no longer beat his superior technique.


Whimpering, then randomly cackling, the beast’s eyes are floating by the end of his work. Its all-consuming heat has become a slick, hot marsh that he’s trapped in. No other experience of sex is anywhere near as fulfilling as this one. With what seems like his life on the line, he pummels it to the point that no juices can remain inside.


Even as his knees buckle, the schlopping sounds are constant.


A slave to the pleasure, he hopes that the evil beast is just as ensnared. He wonders if he can live without the option of experiencing this once more, while also promising to never do this again.


(… Fuck… you… you’re… mine!)




After only two minutes, the beast finally cums again.


“No! Not… AH, AH, AH! KOL! AGAIN! WHYYYY? Ahhh! UHK…!”


It exhales in satisfaction, going limp. Despite not knowing the count, the hunter can’t stop until…




“… give in!”


Growling at the beast, his fierce, shaking eyes look for…




(… huh?)


The hunter, muscles sore and body raw, stares at the opponent that smells as rank as he.


One that isn’t moving.




The beast’s pink eyes stare at nothing.






With the knowledge that his opponent has surrendered by default, the tightness on his heart vanishes.

In its place, he feels uplifted and strong.


Laughing in his mind, instinct drives him to keep pumping into it. The ultra-hot hole is looser now, but he no longer cares.

As close as he was, he gifts himself one last dry shot before he falls uncontrollably on his back and goes dark.





The sconces have been extinguished.


Something gently cradles him from behind. Furry and warm, the beast he was forced to fight is no longer a threat.




(Why didn’t they heeeeeeelp.)




Even while thinking that, the answer is obvious.


(“I am a false god. A supreme existence. I fear nothing.” This is not true at all.)


Utterly exhausted, the flaws in the boy’s designs become apparent.




Avoiding crying at the pain, he wonders what woke him.


But then that’s easy to explain, with the breathing in front of him and something large causing the bed to sag on that side.


(No, no, no more, please…)


While being held from behind, another body in front that he can only detect using… a sense that feels like his aura sight is sighing and moaning. Finally whimpering, this unknown girl’s arms reach around his neck on one side as she sidles closer.


Slender arms and hands, the other grips his that is beside it. Paralyzed by lack of strength, the boy awaits his rape.


But, instead of brutalizing his cock, this girl just moans while he hears squelching noises.


“… shameful… so…”


A plaintive mutter can be heard.




Calming at the words, he listens to another talk to herself.


“… hick, Ave… Ave is… shameful…”


Bringing his arm down, it’s rubbed on soft skin. A slick feeling and softness he recognizes is felt on the back of his hand, as the girl’s cries increase in regularity.


Along with the cries are apologies.

“… sorry, because Ave is… useless… always, she can’t… even say she’s… weak and… hick, needs help… uuuuuhh!”


A quiet sobbing sound comes as she stops moving entirely. The twitching girl who was obviously near orgasm ceases movement when it comes time to find relief.


(… Ah… “you can’t solve your own problems.” Even if she rubs herself for a week, within the Castillo it will amount to nothing.)




“… using him… he saved me… cares… Ave just wants to… help him…”




(What a pathetic girl.)


This is a terrible, but true, statement. As the apologetic girl buckles under pressure from no one, she forces another to save her without even having the courage to ask.


(However, you are kind. Feeling shame at something like this is correct.)




Her crying stops with a squeaking sound when his arm wraps around her. Pulling himself and the beast along with him, the girl goes still as she breathes erratically.


When he rubs her back, she finally calms.



With his hand still against her soft nether lips, she starts to move it again slowly. Rubbing his knuckles on a soft protrusion, she shakes.


“OH! … good, ah. Mmm… sorry. It feels too nice… please! Ave… will get better…! So… she wants…! Even if… she doesn’t deserve it! Please… be nice to Ave…”


Growing soppier as she grinds him against her, the sensual rubbing moves to her lower back. Curling towards him, this serpent begs.

“… Please… like sunshine… forest glade! … taste, hnggh! … spring and promise… maiden’s lips … like an apple from a tree…!”


Whispering next to his face, the strange girl sounds like she’s trying to quote poetry. A rolling moan accompanies twitching, with a hissing sound after.




“… Ave can’t… want… want to… It tasted so… good…”

The boy hears a licking sound.


(Fine. This is my fault for not noticing you. Come here.)




Pulling to her face, he gently locks lips with the surprised girl. Actively rubbing against her clit before tweaking it lightly, she sucks on his tongue with her own as she shudders.

As fluids freely gush from her quaking slit…


“… Adris… like-…!”




She, too, passes out, only quiet, cute breathing felt on his face.




(… Please, just let me die.)


The young boy cradles a miserable voyeur, while an erotic beast from the depths of hell snuggles to his back while growling lightly.







Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, True False God
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”
Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark] – “They will all know my truth.”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy?”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Familiar] – “Through means unknown, a familiar has been acquired. Aren’t familiars a kind of tool? Isn’t this sort of strange to consider a ‘power’?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”



Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”


“Giving yourself to this wolfish girl, are you okay with the monstrous features? Why do I sense that they are positives for you?”

“Having experienced only a taste of her bottomless hunger, is yours the equal? Would it be strange to think that it might be?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”


“The first test of Adris’ new life is… of course proving his ability to ‘help’ his teammates. Luckily for Adris, he seems to have recovered some of that old spirit.”

“Letting go, he rediscovers how to bond with another physically, but at great cost of life and limb.”



“Not all MCs are capable of spurting out gallons of mayonnaise or getting hard fifty times in the same night.”



Name: “Kol”
Titles: Idiot
Race: ???
Sex: Female?
Age: ???


Occupation: Delver, Frontliner
Discipline: ???






Disposition: Straightforward / Confrontational / Respectful
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Pink
Hair: White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value –

Attributes by Grade:

Strength – C

Vitality – C

Dexterity – E

Agility – F

Intelligence – F

Mentality – C




Cethran Value – “Are you attracted to rampaging metal? Though in your case, you appreciate the voice, don’t you? Do you long to see more? If she reminds you of a certain someone, then…?”


“Having seen her true self, are you disappointed? While not the same level of beauty as Neesiette and lacking the elegant innocence of Ave, Kol is much more womanly in her own way, isn’t she?”

“As energetic in bed as she is in battle, will you be able to still care for her after seeing the horrors inherent, Adris?”



“Brash and forthright, a warrior wielding an axe with two hands forsakes protection to deliver only harm. Contrary to this impression, she also seems interested in a straight up fight. If her words are any indication, she offers little thought to her actions.”


“Because she believes ‘might makes right’ in her own way, she seems ready to also assume that ‘strong makes pleasurable’.”

“Ignorance doesn’t prevent someone from being dangerous. Exuberance is also a weapon.”



“I like ignorant girls that are also supernaturally thirsty.”



Name: Avenalliah Aurmaris
Titles: Lustful Lizard, Elf
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: Young

Occupation: Delver, Scared Girl
Discipline: ???





Disposition: Joyful / Impressionable / Cowardly
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Crystal Green
Hair: Moss Green
Skin: White



Rantil Value –

Strength – C

Dexterity – C

Intelligence – C

Mentality – F




Cethran Value – “While not possessing your newly favorite curves, isn’t a girl with a naive charm also fine? Because she covers so little, you are also left without having to imagine what you could possess, yes?”


“To be scared of the armored girl’s sexual antagonism, would the pieces as to ‘why’ not be able to be lined up, now?”

“Calling her pathetic, don’t you end up pulling yourself closer to her anyway?”



“As cheerful as she is skittish, Avenalliah fits an unknown position within the four delvers’ group. Though she carries a large sack, that would hardly count as a position… right?”


“While saying nothing, her body language accurately conveys how much danger Adris is in.”

“A voyeur, coward, and aware of her own cravings, it’s hard to know more about Ave until one sees her when she’s isn’t losing her mind from lust.”



“Spoiled and also too scared to act first?”






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