Take Up the Cross – Chapter 47: Carnal Combat ☆

Lit by fire as they climb, Adris is as silent as his cohort. With her head down, Neesiette is lifeless, as any mistake becomes a death drop onto red rocks far below.


(Well, she’s done for. Hurry up and fix this, Adris.)


Holding onto the cold rope, he notes now that it’s also soaked in water. A strange feeling accompanies the slight damp chill of it, the idea that the water might be responsible for its animus.


(Neesiette said there were two spell users that we didn’t see. They are likely waiting.)


Spell users are the one enemy Adris feels a chance at defeating.


(How did it come to this? Was I too optimistic? They seemed to work together well, for that was their only saving grace.)


Melancholy as he replays through events, Kol and Still’s rampage now appears easy to have predicted. Only desperation was keeping them focused, yet desperation also unhinged them.

Of all four girls, Still is now re-identified as the linchpin of the team. The moment she broke, everything was lost.


(I should’ve chosen Lycia? No, there was no choice in the first place. They’re mine, now and… forever. No running from this. First I have to save Neesiette, then escape, then regroup.)


As the animated rope pulls up to the crane, the crane is in motion, too. Moving them toward the far column’s space that is lit, the open area is quite imposing in its calculated disorder.

Stacked full of chairs of all types and styles, enigmatic piles formed into art pieces act like pillars to give the area a temple feeling, especially with the table clothes hung like drapes between them. At the center of the chair pillars is a ramshackle, large hut made of furniture assembled to provide structural support. Spiderhole covers dot the building, no easy access through these piles of defenses.


(… Not afraid of fire?)


“Defenses” is what there are, for every structure and outcropping in this room could be a perch for slingers to rain down rocks from. Adris’ heightened senses note the same attention to hidden ambush points at their home as there were in the other column. Coming in from the back way like this, he “mercifully” bypasses them to arrive at a throne room.


Jumping down, he immediately goes to grab onto Neesiette. With the girl rousing slightly after witnessing solid ground, she reaches out to grab his hand…




But is pulled away when the rope unwinds from the crane hook in a moment, flying to wrap around a chair pillar and pulling her out of reach.


“Beware coordination!”


Only able to call out briefly, she tumbles along the ground as the rope follows along behind after throwing her. Rolling to a stop, she is then dragged roughly on the floor to come up before mumbling figures standing before a short platform made of colored rugs stacked upon themselves.


As if she is the lord of this place, a girl slightly taller than Kol, and definitely more feminine, sits upon a gilded chair far outsized for her. Still clanging it, the shining silver bell she holds in her hand gives off a dark quality that Adris alone can decipher with his senses.

Messy red twintails flow behind her twitching wolf ears, with dark-blue eyes painted with some mascara narrowing as Adris comes into view. A warrior-like, wrought-bronze head-guard covers her front, a theme replicated by ornamental armor of inexpert craft that does little to protect, but certainly frames her shape.

Less tomboyish than Kol, her larger breasts and softer flesh is unhidden by her outfit purpose-built to entice men. Only a tied, soft, jade-green cloth panel over her breasts that hangs further down her front contains them, joining by silken cords with a high-rising thong that barely hides her crotch and leaves Adris’ interest peaked at the audacious confidence she has in her figure.


But where this furred girl’s cold, arrogant look ruins her sexiness, Adris finds the ones that yank on Neesiette via the rope to be far more outrageous.


“… Got you, loud-mouthed doll.”

“Ehhh!? Tied up by Chill’s lasso? So much for it being a ‘parlor trick’, huh~!?”


With the second giggling as Neesiette rights herself, the doll simply lifts her chin in derision.

“One to peer through eyes born of fire, while the other coordinates a noose by flow of water. A ‘joint’ parlor trick such as you two have concocted still can only be called droll.”


Two womanly, if short, figures that skulk behind this throne cannot even be called dressed. Not at all tanned like Echo or Kol, these girls with milky white skin don’t appear to be called upon to do hard work.

One is covered in a loosely tied, ruby-colored shawl with flowery designs bound by gold lattice, and this is all that protects her skin save for sling-like underwear that lays just over her tits before tying behind her neck. Her shawl sways as she energetically moves, revealing just briefly her inner thighs, with only a thin strip of cloth lightly digging into her lips.

Reddish-gold chains wrap around her mid-riff and left arm, the right hand she laughs into impossibly encrusted by sleek rubies. Gem-like, flowing scales running down her whole right arm shine in Adris’ sight, looking and smelling like the fake aura called magic as their power flows through the room.


Her counterpart looks exactly like her in all ways, but her clothing covers more skin. Wearing a white, topless corset with blue stripes etched into it, her right arm and both legs are covered in icey blue tights-like material. But where her breasts and crotch are, only light, airy black cloth hangs over, with her exposed underboobs revealing nothing else to cover them. Her left arm, much like her partner, is covered in flowing scales, but of a crisp sapphire color instead.

Avoiding chains, her skin where unclothed is instead painted with splashes of dark colors.


Where “red’s” blue eye looks sultry, “blue’s” red one is piercing. Only one eye can be seen, for hair covers the other as if looking in a mirror.


“See him staring, Kindle. Is it concern for the stupid doll… or…?”

“Maybe he likes what he sees here a lot more!”


Balking at the attention momentarily, Adris composes himself.

When the still contemplative, handsome girl on the throne begins sniffing the air, she grows angry.


Why does a human smell like Scurry?”


Growling at him, the girl stops swinging her bell after growing angry.


“He’s the one the girls were talking about. Chill still doesn’t believe it, though.”

“Even if he smells like her, there’s plenty of reasons he could! Hey, Echo, keep ringing~! Only… Echo can save us…~!”


Leaning in after ignoring Neesiette, the two girls with the identical hairstyle of a tight bob with one eye covered by hair begin whispering to the one on the throne.


“It can’t be, right. Scurry wouldn’t, unless… which would mean he’s stronger…? He does… seem weird.”

The girl named Echo shows concern, but…


“… Yes, a bit. But he’s still just a boy.”

“He couldn’t beat Echo’s chiming, so is he really stronger?”


Lowering his anxiety for a moment, Adris senses that the three women… no, even the four servant-tier kobolds beneath them seem grossly concerned about him.

Though teasing him and denying his power, they hide uncertainty in their voices.


(Good, you will fear me!)


Striding forward with a confident smile, Adris simply raises his arms in exasperation.




“If you already know you’ll lose, then can we skip to your surrender? I’ve yet to see the outside world, but already I’ve promised a ‘date’ with-”

Scoffing at them, he lets his tiredness from his own team be transferred onto them.




“Shut up.”

The girl on the throne returns his brag with an emotionless order.


(… This one isn’t normal.)


While even the two obvious magic users tensed at his words, this…


“So you’re… Echo?”

“… Who said shitty human could speak? Who said shitty human could use Echo’s name?”


Growing visibly angry, the girl with a familiar face offers a hateful grin of sharp teeth.

“Going to learn… who is in charge when human’s head is cracked open.”

Looking down to the shocked kobolds below her, she opens her mouth…


“Right! Show who is in charge! Echo is so smart! But…?”

Leaning in, a flamboyant ruby hand rubs the girl’s shoulder lovingly. Shocked at this, Echo closes her mouth.


“No better way to show that than… to hurt him with what he cares about.” When the icy girl speaks, she makes eye contact with her partner while Echo shows indecision.


“Doesn’t he… show interest towards that doll~?”

“Why not show him what happens by proxy?”


Offering pleasant smiles, the twin bitches return their attention to a rival.


“Oh!? Hm, that’s not bad, actually?” Nodding her head, Echo’s changing emotions settle on approval.


(… You what?)


To his horror…




“Hey, idiots! That toy is as good as caught.


Go fill her up, for free.”




Licking their lips, the guards with knives out in defense cease being scared. Given a new objective, they reach down to their pants as they begin to crowd around the still trapped Neesiette.

With no shame on her face, the girl with amber hair still messy from her tumble simply narrows her eyes as she awaits her end.







Touch what’s mine and not even the Alchemaster can save you.”




A voice far deeper and more virulent than anyone thought could be made fills the room.

Falling over themselves, the male guards whimper as they try to crawl behind Neesiette.


A… thing standing at the end of the hall, still separated by pillars, stares squarely at a throne.




“… Oh… he might actually be… something?”

Echo’s shaking words go with her widened eyes.


“… No way, still don’t… believe that!”

“Scurry can’t lose to trash.”


Though also taken aback, the twins immediately deny him.


“… Right! Scurry’s stupid, but she isn’t weak!” Getting up, the bell-holding tyrant yells down at her cowed troops.




“I want all of the ones who roped in Scurry unable to stop leaking goop! Wear her out!”

Growling the orders, a manic face displays emotion that matches Adris’.


“Do it, or Echo will give four kobolds to the chef.”




Getting up, the four males hold Neesiette down as she doesn’t resist, merely closing her eyes.

Already running, a boy with a black cross is intercepted by two scantily clad women who leap down.


“Nope~! We’ve been waiting to see this!”



“… Get out of the way, bitches, or you’ll share a much worse fate.”


Torn between the impression Adris seems to give and their own desires, the two don’t budge.




As the first male grabs Neesiette’s dress to rip it off…







“What are you idiots doing!?” The yell of an imperious girl becomes quavering.


(… What… are they doing…?)


Everyone turns to look at the four future rapists, who have all stopped in motion. Putting his hand to his head, the one sitting on top of Neesiette looks bored…




“… Don’t really feel like it?”


Plummeting the entire tension in the room to nothing, the other three nod at his assessment.


“Yeah, moment wanted to…?”

“Kinda didn’t want to, anymore.”



Sitting down beside her, Neesiette gets up while blinking in absolute disbelief.




“… Shitty human. What…?”


(I don’t know-)





















Coughing violently, a retching feeling comes to the him as he leans over.

Something felt so strongly that it was carved into him is all consuming, even as the twincasters in front grow agitated enough to consider violence.


(… I wished…?)




Swinging his cross on instinct, a bolt of fire explodes as the flames are deflected.




Getting into a true guard, Adris’ battle instincts take over as Kindle’s ruby-encrusted hand still smolders.


“Geh, not weak, Chill. Didn’t even explode on him.”

“… Noted. Try not to be depressingly useless, this time.”

“It was Chill’s fault that the doll kept doing that!? Kindle doesn’t even know what she did, but Chill wasn’t helping when she… no, nevermind. We got new prey~!”


Turning to Echo, who has jumped from her throne to try to join them, Kindle speaks soothingly.


“Hey, no worries, little Echo! We’re going to have some fun with him~! Stay at the throne.”

“Right, if he smells like Scurry, we’ll find out why when his body answers us.”


“What? But… Echo can-!”


“Echo can stay and keep clanging for the guys downstairs! We’re not watching anymore, but Scurry won’t give up~.”

“No worries about him. Easy fight.”




Dismissing all authority of the girl named Echo, the sisters share a conspiratorial smile.

Not even letting him get a retort in, the sisters lift their magic arms and begin to methodically move them as light travels from the gems to latch onto the air around them. Their auras increase dramatically as they dance around each other with precise movements.


(… I see. These girls are the ones actually in charge! All I have to do is beat them! Magic is my servant!)




Hurling his cross at the blue one, he dodges behind a pillar of chairs to get out of view.


“Adris! Beware of enviro-! Hngh!?”


A voice calls out before it’s silenced.




A burst of fog, one not born of Adris, sweeps out to fill the room. Stilling the air, it also makes hearing more difficult.


(Shit! Can I…?)


A moment later, a flying noise rounds the pillar, with a black object returning to him as it slices through the fog without destroying it, only temporarily spreading it.


(What can it refuse and what can’t it!? I’ve never had the time to test what magic it blocks!)


As he thinks that, a burning smell suffuses the air as his back grows warmer.


(Oh, shit. They like fire!)




Leaping from the pillar, it bursts into flames immediately. Avoiding being singed, he rolls up into a guard to be greeted by bright towers of light which shine through the fog. Creating a cascade of rays, the smoke filling the area wars with the mist, a chaotic display of moving currents making this zone ever more confusing.


(They’re trained to work together! I have to… eliminate one quickly.)


Silently jogging from his location, he tries to hide, avoiding the burning pillars which could reveal him; yet, hiding in the fog itself is no better.

As the air temperature seems to drop around him, his already tired body slows.


(… The cross didn’t protect against the dream faun’s lust-inducing power, either!)


Moving to hide in the warmth of a now burning pile, he listens out with his peaked senses. Hearing the movement of feet, he starts to ready to throw his cross in its direction.


“No, isn’t that the wrong way, little boy…!?”


Turning in a moment, he flings his cross at the voice. Whistling as it slices, a giggle is all he receives before it returns.


(Can they see!? … How were they watching the fight below?)


Latching onto a key point, even Neesiette had accused them of spying.


(Controls fire and water? Elements? Then… fire is… the domain of Kindle. She’s spying through these…!)


Lobbing his cross into the nearest blazing pillar, it doesn’t snuff it, but he does hear a cry when the cross makes the sound of dishes breaking before whispers rave.




“ARGH!? Chill!? The shitty human can damage magic with the thing he holds! Don’t get hit!”

“Spell-breaking magic item? Understood.”

Two obscured voices communicate with each other verbally.


(No magic communication between each other? Good!)


Rushing for the quieter one, he decides to subvert expectations and attack the one he didn’t vex.


(They’ll try to get together to nurse Kindle back to fighting capability, meaning Chill will be…!)


Angling to intercept, he hears pattering feet.


(You’re mine!)


Digging into his boots, a screeching sound meets his mind as he suddenly bounds forward with cross high.




But what greets him is bizarre.


A piece of rope is wrapped around two furred boots, making stomping sounds as they move.




(Ah. I wasn’t searching with aura!)


Swinging his cross at something approaching, wolf ears slip under. Sliding on a current of moving water, Chill’s sexy hand reaches out to deposit a tendril of it onto Adris’ back. Snaking around him up to his cross hand, it holds it in place.


(Solid water!?)


“Smart boy. But not too smart.”


Grabbing him from behind, an arm moves down his front to reach for…


Playfully grinding his crotch with her broad palm, the quiet girl slurps his neck, before she nibbles on it and sucks. Though visibly indifferent to him, her breath is warm and breasts soft as they push into him, leaving him wondering at her true level of attraction.


“… Hmm, you… definitely… smell…”

“Ah!? Get off!”


Growing frustrated, Adris’ hardening dick stiffens at the assault. Unable to move his cross arm, he instead shifts his weight and drives his free elbow.




Finally letting out a loud voice, Chill receives a jolting strike to her abdomen. Unable to withstand another, she releases him and kicks away.


“… Ugh! Kindle, he’s a strike artist!”

“What!? Oh, love those! Hm… his muscles must be nice and thick…”

“… Keep on objective. Kindle is always the one who goes off plan first.”

“Wrong! At least Kindle isn’t so hungry for a dick that she can’t stand clothing being in the way…”

With her departing, he switches the cross to his other hand and strikes the water, evaporating it.




Noticing that the pillars of fire are burning off the mist around them, he flees to get a better vantage. Locked within this enclosed world, the enervating feeling of both the mist and the water that once bound his arm leaves him desperate for warmth.

As he huffs beside it, he does feel invigorated.


And with this invigorating smell of burning wood comes the greater hardening of his favorite son.


(This is also cursed!?)


Wanting to throw himself into the flames to get to the sweet smell burning off, he concludes that they’ve hidden aphrodisiacs inside. Along with it, the heat emitted enters his body and lowers his inhibitions.


Huffing, he grows drunken as he searches for his hunters.


“… So afraid of me now? I can show you…”

Calling out, he smiles kindly as he invites them with his hand.


(Obessed with Kol, all three of them are. They smell her on me, but refuse to accept why…?)


“Hmph, just like I showed… Scurry, why not come feel my touch again, Chill? I’ll be sweet this time. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it, just like she did.”

A clicking sound responds to this declaration.


(Right! Isn’t the relationship between the two of you more like… Still and Kol? Perfect.)


“After all, if I had to choose, I think… Chill’s subtle appeal is more my style than Kindle’s brusque one.”

“… Oh. Good choice.”


An approving response comes from an outlined figure in the fog.


“Huh!? … Human, Kindle felt a boy’s tastes were far better. Don’t you want Kindle’s touch first, to see if you still feel that way~?”

Another figure moves up slightly toward him.


“Oh, I won’t turn you down. If you can prove you’re better, I welcome the opportunity to be proved mistaken…”

Growing more calmly seductive in voice even as his muscles tense to leap, he hides the cross behind his back as he invites.


Walking up slowly, a shawl-wearing woman is barely visible through the fog. Opening her tied shawl slightly to better reveal her unconstrained breasts, a clawed hand rises to them.

“… Kindle might look the same on first glance, but her body is better…~!”

Pulling on the thin sling, a pink nipple peeks out for him to view, before she lets the cloth recover it.

“How different is it…?”

Wanting to choke on the words, he wonders where they came from, before recognizing the effects of the Castillo on his greed.


(… They tried to get Neesiette raped…! I’ll cave their faces in before considering plowing their cunts!)


Growing sinister at this, his smile changes not a bit.


“… This boy as you called him has tasted ‘kobold’ before. A comparison might be in order, though?”

Stalking toward her, he tries to keep Chill’s outline in his side vision.


“How naughty!? … So a human… wasn’t claimed by Kol? Are you saying… a human claimed Kol? A human wanted a kobold?”

Tensing at this, Adris realizes his mistaken admission blurted out due to his heat haze.


(Fuck, I forgot humans here are wimps!)




“The Castillo makes everyone strange, little kobold girl. Why don’t you prove to me you’re more of a woman than Scurry is!?”

Finally leaping at her, he smashes his cross through the power he feels in her shape.




“… Sure~.”

Cleaving through the red-haired woman, her form splits in half before dissolving into black smoke that dissipates.




(An… illusion!? But it felt like… her!)


But the shape of Chill doesn’t vanish, instead darting for him.

A rush of energy radiates from her body, carrying the fog outward with it.




Power like Lycia’s techniques being activated fills the air.




When she does so, the pillar of fire behind Adris bursts open to reveal a second rushing shape, one which shares the same activation.


“[Flesh-Tasting Waters].”

“[Bursting Heartbeat]!”


Water whips out from Chill’s hand to wrap around his legs, before the tendrils rush into his pants to encase his dick and rapidly stroke it. The gel prison draws out his energy while leaving behind only pure pleasure. Impossible to escape or ignore, even his balls are sucked at by the draining waters.

At the same time, a swung cross is dodged by the real Kindle, who then grips him from behind. Reaching into his jerkin and scratching his chest, she also bites his neck lightly enough to bleed, but not maim him. Every time she licks his wound with a rasping voice coming from her throat, Adris’ heart further loses its sanity.




Boiling blood pumps through him as he begins to shake with this and the cold assault on his dick. As the coldness removes his clarity, the rushing heat replaces it with pure desire.


Trapped by both legs and arms, he cannot act as the two bind him against themselves. Even if he wanted to, something in their activated power prevents further aggression.




“Ah, he does have muscles!? This is what Kindle likes…! Stalker just can’t match this!”

“Agreed, on only that point. Muscles aren’t what is good, though. This… is what’s good…”


Kneeling down, the serious-looking beauty with a cheerful red eye rubs her cheek against Adris’ strained pants. Huffing as she smells it, her long tail with silver scales and red fur arches, the golden bangle on the end shining in the light.


“Well, it’s not bad, but what’s needed are strong muscles!”

“Muscles in Kindle’s head, more likely…”

“Shut up!”




Getting agitated, Kindle forces Adris’ arms up as he moans.

A whipping sound comes through the fog, before something roughly ties around his hands.




Pulled onto his back, Adris slides across the hard stone floor, wheezing as the two vixens smile cruelly. Dragged to a rest, he rolls over to see through the vanishing mist, smoke, and fire…




A smirking girl is sitting on a throne, still clanging a bell. Continuing this whole time, there’s sweat on her cheeks, but her eyes seem more than satisfied.


“… Now, we can finish him.”


“Not in a million years.”


Spitting out the words, Adris tries to rise even as his arms are bound awkwardly.

But before he can do so, a shape jumps through the air to land on him. Moving with a current of water that vanishes after her impact, Adris’ breath goes out as a fat butt lands on his chest.


“… Chill, won.”

“Excuse Kindle? It’s obvious which beauty felled this beast!”


Lifting her hips to scoot back onto his legs, the girl with thin cloth covering her crotch is now biting her lower lip as she stares into Adris’ face from a short distance. Still seemingly emotionless, the lust leaking from her is in the form of a scent much like Kol’s, one that causes his blood to boil more violently.

Some strange poison courses through him from Kindle’s scratches, now leading to his constant squirming as he tries to escape from his own body.




“What? Chill, why would we want to rape him? He’s a liar. Just [statue] him, then we’ll see if we can punish the doll.”

Huffing at this, Echo looks annoyed; yet, even as she looks that way, her eyes are locked onto him. Nose twitching, she breathes deeply as Adris’ hormones go wild, obviously detecting his male scent escalating in thickness.


“… Oh, that’s important. Still, Chill wonders…”


Scratching lightly at his neck where Kindle bit him, a silver kitchen knife is carried by a tendril of water to her hand as Adris’ eyes widen.


“Maybe… this human is telling the truth?”


“All the more reason that Kindle should get first…! … that someone experienced like Kindle should question him~. Echo, dear, please pick auntie Kindle~. Chill is wayyyyy too into it.”

With a sweet voice full of deceptive appeal, Kindle moves up with a girlish sway as she “begs” her ruler for a boon.

“Lies. Kindle is just jealous. … Chill, always gets answers. Screaming is a kind of answer ♥!”


(Shit! I refuse… to be raped again! Lycia was bad enough! I actually liked her! SHIT! Why did they fuck everything up!)


“I… don’t want – HNG!?”




Trying to refuse in an inelegant way to the girl staring at him with loving, but dangerous, eyes, he suddenly feels his still-constrained heart shudder.




The chains tighten.




Recognizing the meaning of this tightening, the very act of trying to appeal to their mercy is silenced. Railing in his mind at his teammates, Adris’ conflicted fears and despairing thoughts cannot find a way out by voicing them.


(AH! I can’t even scream! No doubts!? No begging!? FUCK! Not only can I not back out, I can’t show weakness of any kind!? No, this is more than weakness… I can’t…?)


Squirming as Chill licks his neck, Adris understands another “curse” once hidden that explains his now absolute confidence in his persona and the comfortableness in speaking through it.


(I can’t be anything other than a [false god]!?)


Unable to even shake in frustration, his mind cries out as the body only grows more self-assured.




(… NO! I refuse to break! Serras couldn’t break me by killing me, so some dog bitch won’t do it!)


Remembering the slayers being ravaged by imps… his own humiliation at Lycia’s hands… and the thought of all of that happening to those he travels with, something else distorts within his personality as he considers the only way out.




“Fine, you have my attention, girl.”

Pushing his face towards hers, their foreheads touch as she jolts. Huffing in his face, something about his words changes her mood.


“To go this far to mount me…”




(I will destroy you, just like I destroyed Kol. Except when I do it to you, it won’t be for your pleasure.)




“You’d better be half as good as that beautiful Scurry, or you’ll receive only my scorn instead of a white gift.”

“… Fucking… human…!?”


Both incensed and energized, Chill’s short-lived rage turns into a toothy grin.


“Okay, Chill, promise: a human’s never had anything like her~.”

Slurping his cheek once, she then pulls back to his legs and brings the knife to his pants.




“What!? Echo hasn’t decided what to do with the shitty human!”

Pounding the chair, the angry twintails whip forward as she gets up to try and assert authority.

“Oy, Chill! Hey… Echo didn’t say… remember…? You gotta ‘ask’ her…!?”

Immediately trying to placate their puppet, Kindle wraps her arms around Echo lovingly, pulling the struggling girl into a hug.


“Let go!”

“Chill is just… a little too into this! It’s okay, she can go first! Echo was gonna let us ‘interrogate’ him, right? That’s the smart thing to do and Echo is always smart…”

“Geh…! Fine. But hurry!”


(Fucking manipulating anklebiters! Ah!)


Cursing their plan in his mind, his cock finally becomes permanently freed to the open air when she slits wide his crotch. Panting slightly, Chill’s blushing face is full of expectation at the large dick that doesn’t match the wielder.


“Good looking. Hey, human… if Chill likes it… maybe keep…?”

“… Don’t get ahead of yourself, girl.”

“Huhuhu! Good voice! It’s getting Chill going! Chill likes a little crying, too, you know ♥?”


Lifting up as she re-seats herself, she pulls up the black cloth over her crotch seductively.

Liquid hangs from the exposed flesh, not thick enough to drip, but still reminding him of Kol’s gushing pussy. A small patch of red hair resides over the entrance, carefully trimmed into a loose “V”. Lowering herself down as she smiles, her lips swim over his jerking tip.


(… I’ve never been forced into sex, though, not like this.)




“… Adris…”


A soft voice calls out from the side. Suddenly remembering her, Adris turns to regard his comrade, one who is now forced to watch him be raped.

Staring softly, there is distinct guilt in her expression. Though he expects she would never admit it, in some way he is suffering this because of her. Confirming her character once more, pride covers compassion, rather than the reverse being true.

A doll, as they call her, shows more humanity than a wolf.


“Hehe, a boy will surrender to how warm this Chill is soon enough. Then, you’ll be owned!”


(Nobody owns me! I’m doing this to save Neesiette. Right…!)


Grinding his teeth, he asserts one thing to a heart about to be ripped into pieces by constricting chains.




(Being raped doesn’t mean I lose! It means nothing. I only lose when I give up! Nobody, not even shitty god-things lingering between worlds, can call me a loser until I call myself one!)


At this assertion, the chains shake momentarily, bringing a cough to him from the feeling.

Yet, they do loosen.


Dropping onto his dick, Chill’s trained insides make up for how much looser she is than Kol. Squealing a bit at suddenly being filled, she’s still no untested virgin. Letting her tongue hang out as she begins to ride him, this woman with delusions of being his future owner is quick to try and wring him dry.


(Damn, she is good!)


Shaking her hips as she claims him, the wolf woman reaches down to simply rip open his jerkin, before hungrily cutting open his tunic. Exposing his bare chest stinking of sweat, a slight giggle comes from her.


“Muscles aren’t anything to Chill, but a boy is still pretty manly…”

“Not a boy, only a man, slut witch.”



Suddenly furious, the woman ceases riding him as her hand grips his throat. Revealing no fear at this, she then cracks a smile at him.


“… Maybe a little? Is that bad? A slut is gonna be painted white inside, regardless of how a boy feels. … It got harder ♥?”




The moment he was threatened, he did get harder. A recurring weakness is exposed. But his isn’t the only one.

Grinding on him as he remains buried inside her, with her tender folds constricting with core muscles dexterously used, the girl becomes drunk on something as powerful as Kindle’s poison.


“Huh, not bad…? AH!?”


(I’m the best, bitch.)


Lifting her up with his hips, he then quickly drops before pushing back in. Screaming in fright, she shakes before growling.



“Stop wasting our time and bring me to heaven.”

“… Huh!?”


Completely thrown off by the demand, she starts grinding on him again as she leans over. Snorting, she smiles coolly.


“Okay, then have it, starting with these~.”

Ripping off the black cloth covering her breasts, she reveals juicy options of left and right globes, pink beauties. With thick nipples, any man could get a hold of them and never want to let go.


(Twin sisters are different…)


Slightly smaller than Kindle’s, Chill’s skin is also a bit paler. Still large enough that his hands couldn’t contain them, all he has access to is his mouth, anyway.

Taking the right one in, the briefest hint of sweat greets the flesh he sucks at and the tip he flicks with his tongue. Lingering in this for a bit, her clit is ground against him as he alternates between catching onto her lures.

Slightly more drooping in shape than perfectly round, they’re probably the finest asset of the twins. A furred hand cradles his head as he continues licking.


“… Huhu, a boy sucking on a woman’s tits is pretty cute-HI! AH! You!”


Flinching at the light bite he gives her, she grows further annoyed; yet, for all of her annoyance, she grinds harder when he keeps gnawing.


“Uhn, not too hard!”


Stuck servicing her breasts, her huffing voice grows quieter as the breathing grows deeper.


(… All women are like this. If I find what you want, I can own it. The first step to not being raped is…)


Stopping his licking, she growls in displeasure, but then resumes riding him with deep strokes. At first angling to stroke him in the best way to satisfy him, Chill’s supple figure has unconsciously changed to mashing his curved head into her own g-spot with every thrust.

Tongue peeking out as she increases in speed, her covered eye is finally revealed as she leans her head back. Not red, it is instead blue on the side where her hand is encrusted with sleek sapphire.


(Such bizarre life…)


The strangeness of this assault is making Adris himself feel odd. With Echo watching from her throne with more interest than displeasure now, Kindle creeping down to stand closer to the copulators while scrunching her mouth, the guards openly rubbing their exposed dicks while watching, and Neesiette looking both saddened and confused by Adris’ personality changes…




If our most furtive and longed-for ambitions are considered essential to our existences, then will not what you seek to cause… have desire as the key to your request?




… he realizes something that changes his whole world.


(Right. If I don’t want to be a victim in this world… then I’m only a victim if… it’s not my stage when the sex occurs.)




A [false god] isn’t just a persona.

It’s the grandest act Adris fehl Dain has ever created.




Growling with satisfaction as the slopping sounds increase in noisiness, Chill smiles with her eyes closing.


“Yeah, Chill… can… believe…~! Maybe! Not bad, maybe not a liar…! Show Chill… what a boy showed… HMMM!?”


When she leans down while losing strength, an orgasm growing with her own strenuous work, Adris meets her face. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, a kiss is the one thing he knows can change the odds. Avoiding sharp teeth, she hesitates before Adris’ taste becomes all she can respond to.




(You rapey bitches… don’t know what real mindblowing sex is.)


Her eyes flash in confusion and fear, before twitching with distraction. Giving herself into it as she grinds against him, she refuses to exit the kiss.

When she does so, something weakens.




Ripping free of the rope that bursts off and flops around drunkenly, Adris is already flipping over the girl attacking him.

Just as he did with Kol, he gives himself over to the feeling of power that arose when he decided to win.


(There’s no way I could force Kol to turn over! Not unless she wanted to or something was helping me!)


“Mmmgfh, thk! Khaah!”


Trying to breathe and also talk, Chill’s ice-like beauty is melting as the spit rolls down her cheek. Though finding no romance in it, Adris no longer cares about the longing for meaning between him and his sexual partner.

All that matters is how much wetter she’s getting, because this girl isn’t a sexual partner, but an enemy.


“… Human! Get off… Chill! Why with mouths like that? … No, she’s loving it…?”


Leaning in to watch, but not stopping him, Kindle is only curious. A slight smile comes to her as the only thing reflected in her exposed eye is her sister’s mouth being savaged by a crazed human.


“Oy! Stop him! Kindle! Huh!? No, guard— what are these idiots doing!?”

Yelling from the mountain of carpets, Echo receives zero feedback from those in the room. Spellbound by the growing tension, even the guards are simply more proactive in stroking themselves.



Absolutely ignoring the bell-like voice, Adris begins simply…




Pounding into the girl with all his weight put into it, asserting the natural authority all men have.


“HM!? HMG!? GAH! Good…! Ah, why…?”


Letting go of her tongue, she shakes as she tries to breathe with the thrusts knocking at her womb. Grappling with him, she can’t find the strength to assert control.


“It’s simple: if you want pleasure, and I’m happy to give it to you, you can’t say no, right?”


Harshly crushing her right boob, she hisses as his rhythm gets more natural with her aid. Slopping with each thrust, the quiet hall reports only their struggle. Slapping against her supple flesh is definitely more rewarding than watching her grind, reminding Adris that being in control is what defines him.


“Hn! No, just… wanted to know… about…!”

“About if Kol felt this good?”

“… No! Not… Kol… Scurry!”

“Then isn’t that easy to tell? Her scent is all over me, especially…”


Reaching down after pausing, he rubs his hand all over his junk, soaking it in her own juices too before driving it against her nose.


“Hey! Shitty… human, stop—!” Before Kindle can demand…


“Huff… HMMM!? GOOD! Smell…! Scurry! Oh, the best!”


Willingly licking his hand, no, going as far as to take his fingers into her mouth to slurp them, Chill loses her mind when the strongest source of Kol’s lingering smell is utilized.




A sloppy sister betrays the secret of the ongoing discussion.


(… Are you all attracted also to females in this tribe?)


Aghast at the realization, Adris understands that Kol is feared, hated, and lusted after. The concern with Chill, Kindle, and probably Echo too was not that Adris belonged to Kol, but that Kol had deigned to mate with anyone.


“… Huh, wanting her that much, how does it feel knowing that she’s already been claimed? The faces she made while melting in passion, ones you’ve never seen before… I can describe them all to you, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t see them.”

“UGH!? Uh…! AH! AH!”

Moaning as he pounds her harder before she can answer, Chill’s face is both outraged and hungry.


“… Want who!? Not her!”

Kindle can only scream indignantly at the question, betrayed instantly by her twin.


“UHH! Scurry, taste good! Always wanted her! Kindle and Chill tried! … How… how did a human…?”

“How did I claim that girl? It’s easy: I beat the shit out of her, dragged her to a room, and forced myself into her as she begged for it… just like I’m doing with you.”

“Chill isn’t… begging! No! Wrong… Chill is… the one who…!”


As the room grows stranger to Adris’ sight, all of the bottled up feelings swirl.


“Chill is the one taking my dick after thirsting for it the whole time. It’s not just Scurry. I could see the look in your eye. But if you must know, Scurry was just like you after a while: giving in completely as she realized just how much pleasure she could get, realizing that she might never get the chance again if she didn’t embrace it completely.”


Grabbing her by the hair, he leans over her face.




“Then prove it: don’t kiss me.”



Confronted by his arrogant gaze, black eyes are likely a new feature for her. Though not handsome, even Adris can feel the masculine obsession he’s exuding.

Motionless, her face creeps closer to his, a tongue poking out…




Only to be brutally avoided, as hands come to her butt. Forcing her legs up as she growls, Adris lifts his body to begin thrusting at an angle into her.


“AH!? AH!? NO!? WHAT!? IS THIS!?”

“It’s the part where I break you, you rapist bitch. You’re not the one in control, any more. No, let me rephrase that: I was always in control.”


Forcing whatever is building inside of him out, he can see nothing but Chill now. As her features twitch and her tail slaps the ground, the woman repeatedly mashed into the carpet by the weight of a boy begins clawing at him.


“Lusting after Scurry… I bet your foul manipulations of Echo were the same way with Kol when she was here. Using favors and innuendo and words to dig deep, she probably saw through how thirsty you were.

Kol is amazingly perceptive when it comes to seeing through people’s outright lies. A bitch like you who can do nothing but lie so you can get to her…?”

“No! Chill! Not… want… lick Scurry’s, UH! No… Scurry’s… beautiful… slit… ♥!”


Eyes rolling as she loses her own narrative, whatever is flowing through Adris is taking its toll, joining with the pleasure he’s giving to fry her just like Kindle’s venom is overcoming his own body.




(A false god is someone who… overcomes the will of others, in his own way!)


As if the part is finally being written, the part changes with each new line.




“Hah, how ludicrous! Huh! You’re not bad, though. A slut like you is actually… fairly physically attractive, even if you hide your desires because they’ll destroy you if known. Understanding that you couldn’t beat her, I bet you… and Kindle did all kinds of crazy things to render her vulnerable.”


“Shut up! Stupid human!”

Joining in on the discussion to berate him, Kindle’s voice brings her into the private scene.


“… Uhn… Kindle… OH, helped Chill… isolate Scurry…! Make her… rely on us! Hiiee! Lick me! Suck on them, it felt good! Human, is actually… good ♥!”

“I don’t think you realize you’re not in control right now.”


Openly mocking her, he knows that the woman is succumbing. A piston that slaps against her cunt further divorces her from reality.


At least, until he stops, leaving her gasping.




“If you answer this question, though, I might give you something even better than just my dick.”

“OH!? O-OH!? What?”

The once silent Chill now grins with anticipation as her juices coat the floor.


Leaning in, he whispers, even while knowing everyone will hear it.




“If you admit that you want someone that’s a lot closer in reach than Scurry, I’ll give her to you.”

“… Huh…!? … really?”


“The fuck!? Chill! Who are you…!? No, ends now!”

An exasperated voice starts to come closer, with the once voyeuristic Kindle moving her glowing ruby hand toward Adris.




“Who do you want, Chill? What is your desire?”

So clear, yet also menacing, Adris’ words go to who he knows…


(It’s pretty obvious, once you realize where the tension is coming from.)




“… Chill… wants… her…”

Smiling viciously, the once obedient girl regains some of her sadism as a woman’s face is reflected in her eyes.


“Your wish is my desire.”





Recalling the feeling that was born during his fight with Kol and matching it to the feeling of these sisters’ erotic attacks, he finds what he was looking for.

Energy bursts from Adris, as he flings himself to standing up somehow and adopts a contemplative pose, one leg bent forward as a hand covers half his face. His dick throbs, before pointing at his target.

Staring with a smoldering eye at the shawl-draped kobold manipulator, her mouth open in shock, she has only a moment before the end comes.



“[Invitation to Darkness].”

“AH!? A non-slayer with an [Erotic Assault] Talen— GACK!?”


Impossibly dashing through a wave of fire that jumps from her snapping hand and parts before him, he wrestles her into submission quickly. Reaching under her flowing shawl, he easily slips his fingers past her sling panties to begin furiously rubbing against her pussy. With a hard clit already available to bully after drenching his fingers in her juices, she begins moaning as he prevents escape.

When she finally buckles at the attack, he flips her around and then slams her to the ground.


Forced here, he is already behind her as she’s stacked on top of her sister. Legs spread and allowing for her to lay on Chill, Kindle is quiet as a mouse after screaming, made to confront the flushed and hungry girl that’s given in to Adris’ authority.


“… What… doing…?”

“… Kindle.”


“Chill: prep her for me and take what you’re looking for. I showed you a good thing to use, right?”

“… Unh, tasty…”

“Chill, cut this crap… AHK!”




Without mercy, red hair gets messy as a clawed hand forces a mouth to receive unexpected attention. Forcing her tongue into her sister, Kindle can only be introduced to a completely new experience by the girl who is always her rival in action.

Smacking as they continue, Kindle struggles briefly while Adris holds her. Completely unlike Kol, these girls have no great strength, only agility and intellect to carry them to victory.


(Once you realize their weaknesses…)


“Kakaka, Chill… is better at using her tongue than Kindle~.”

“… hah, hah… ugh… what? The fuck…!? Why…?”


While the calm girl grows bolder, the bold girl becomes obedient. Forcing her into another kiss, Kindle slowly gives up.


When Chill reaches behind her and pulls up her shawl, Kindle cannot escape before Adris rips off her sling mini panty and drives himself into her soaking cunt. Gasping and resisting, Chill pulls her sister to her body to keep their captive held.


“Chill, who do you love besides Scurry? Tell us.”

“… Shitty human is mean, but okay… Chill… will show you…”


Tonguing her while Adris thrusts into opening depths, Kindle is exposed completely when Chill rips her shawl off. Making whining noises at this, Kindle then moans when Adris reaches in to measure the size of her breasts.


(… I just want to make sure.)


Larger than Chill, the nipples that are exposed when Adris pulls the slings aside are just as big. Shaking at the attention, the sensitive Kindle doesn’t need the same care Chill did. Tail slapping his face, Adris licks it after grabbing it, sending the girl shaking.


(All kobolds have erogenous tails?)


While Kindle’s is manhandled, Chill’s tail snakes up to rub against Adris’ butt.


“… Don’t forget… Chill…”

“Right, I can’t forget the sluttiest sister, can I?”



Pulling out of the huffing flame-caller, Adris plunges back into his original conquest. With her cackling as he does so, Chill smiles at her drunken sibling.


“Chill is getting better than Kindle. Poor Kindle… already forgotten!”

“… Fucking… Chill!”


Rousing at the mockery, Kindle looks ready to punch her, but instead pushes her neck back to bite it.



“Kakaka! Know Chill’s weak spot! Nurn… just gnaw on her… she goes off!”

“AH! AH! STOP! Kindle…! Disgusting!”

“Bitch! Chill stuck tongue in, first…! HOH!”


Slipping out with a sloshing sound, Adris grabs Kindle’s tail at the base before plunging back into her. Alternating between the two as his own orgasm grows, the amount of concentration required to overcome the aphrodisiacs is only possible because…




“Ha, none of you are as good as Scurry.”

“… WHAT!? NNGH!? Stop fucking Kindle… while insulting herrrr!?”

“Human!? Explain!?”


Curious beyond words, Chill glares at him with open discontent as she wants to hear why.


“That beautiful, but hardy, girl is something that words can’t describe. Even if… ah… I made her mine, she also… made me hers, just a bit.”


(The most wonderful manipulation is one that uses the truth…)


“Can’t be… that good! She’s never…!”

“Right, never until she met me. I ripped her open, colored the bed red, and made her succumb, but she’s got a raw talent you’ll never experience. A potential you’ll never reach.”


(Fuck both of you. You’re nothing! No matter how kind I can be, I won’t be kind to you.)




A dream of falling is remembered.


One kind girl clothed in steel blue, flung to this world from somewhere far different, was forced to relive an agony thanks to them. Never once screaming, she hid that pain so that Adris would feel safer.




“You’ll never be half of what Scurry is. All you can be is an outlet for my amusement.”

Alternating between them, he feels confident that only the gross pleasure they feel in each other’s company keeps them from trying to punish him.


“Don’t mock us!”

“We run this tribe! We’re important! AH! OH! RIGHT THERE!”


“Important enough to scream out where you want my dick next?”


“Grr. Human… forget, Chill… can ruin— GOOD! GOOD! MORE!”




Cutting each off when they start to brag, Adris hopes that the words they share while gloating find their mark.

Adris closes his eyes to concentrate on finishing this. Unwilling to let either “win”, he wonders how to make them “lose”.


(… Oh, right. Vanity! No matter how smart these two are, this contest was over the moment I discovered their most repressed desires. I’m not even responsible for any of this: they are. I just enabled them, then they remade this fantasy into their own.)




To the girls left slobbering in sloppy kisses when he stops giving them attention, he’s more a shared dildo than a lover. Which flows easily into his plan…


“… Huh, I suppose I should finish this up soon. To think that both of you desire to know who is better, despite wanting the other most of all.”

“… Nyah… No, NO! Kindle, doesn’t want… Chill!”

“… well… Chill… does.”

“Huh!? What…!? Why…?”


(Because you both represent a way of proving how good you are to others. If you own “yourself”, making the other submit proves how strong the winner is… How truly destitute you two are in personality, fucking narcissists.)


Wanting Kol for the same reason, these sisters judge their worth by owning something valuable.

While Echo must make due with “regal” clothing that is crafted to identify her as an icon who rings a bell, these sisters hiding behind the throne are the ones wearing fine jewelry and flaunting their power through manipulation.


(Do they even care about the tribe?)


“That being the case… I suppose the sister that’s best would be the one who… receives my seed?”


“That’s just bullshit—!”

When the energetic Kindle sees through it…

“Hmmm…! Ah… okay, give it to Chill~. Chill will accept that proof~.”

The sister that no longer cares about anything other than pleasure submits.

“… Gah!? … No, Kindle is best! Blow it inside Kindle!”


Pulling her butt cheeks wider with her claws and enticing him by swaying, the once sultry kobold nakedly demands proof.


Pulling out and pushing it in briefly, Kindle sighs in satisfaction as Chill growls.




“No… I think I already answered which sister was best, though?”






A fierce slapping sound rings out, with Kindle moaning as she cringes. With Chill’s eyes going wide, she then breathes out heavily as Kindle is forced into her.

When a huge noise starts approaching, Adris is too busy forcing his dick into this pseudo crevice between them. He begins railing against their clits as slick pussies function in place of one hole.


“AH!? STOP! Not like… this…!?”

“Human… Can’t do this!”


“I can do anything I want to. I am a false god. The truth is that neither of you is any good.” Running his hand down Kindle’s spine after tanning her butt, she shivers with the touch before forcing her mouth over Chill’s.

With both sisters occupied by the other…




“Thinking that you could best me with a trap? I am a trapsmith. The moment you sought to overcome my hidden plot, that was the moment I won, for no mortal mind could expose my plans. Though, I do owe you an answer…”


Forcing them to hiss as he picks up the pace, he finally feels his own climax coming. The wind blowing through the room is hardly a concern for him, his only real desire one to completely destroy their self-respects.


(“Star of ruin”? That’s what they call me! I start with nothing and that’s what you end with.)


Sexual sadism he’s never accepted as existing within him rises up from a place that was opened when a black-haired swordsman destroyed his life.




“As if either of you could compare to Kol!? She is the only kobold I’ve laid with deserving of a filled snatch! If anything, I would rather leave my supreme gift inside of the girl sitting on a throne. Even if she’s easily misled and abusive, she apparently cares more about this tribe than either of you ever could, since she’s smart enough to realize I’m dangerous!

The first thing I do after winning her over is to consider turning both of you into breeding factories! But not for me…!”



“UNNN! Chill like… Kindle…! Oooh…!”


As they cry out from the abuse and pleasure, Adris grunts.


Cumming finally, a stream of his boiling hot cum coats their twitching stomachs. Both moan into the other’s open mouth as they spasm, finally growing weak enough to not be threats.




“… Although you’re both interesting, I don’t like either of you very much.”

Quietly, he gives his true thoughts on them.




Rising up after the venomous lust is sated, he examines his handiwork while his dick begins to shrink. Rolling off of each other, two battered kobolds with exceptional bodies and garbage minds huff as they cringe in pleasure.




Crashing sounds come from his left, with air rushing into this open throne room to knock over the once-burning piles of chairs. Finally remembering that he’s been rutting with two girls in front of an audience, he takes in the result.


Neesiette’s mouth is slightly agape, but closes when he focuses on her.


“… Congratulations be in order?”


(I’m so sorry! No, why am I always sorry when it’s about you seeing me doing these things…!?)


Suddenly embarrassed, he can’t hide his dick, since his pants are now permanently mangled.


“… Echo… just… used…?”


A somber face rests on a girl leaned back into a throne, deep into her misery at what was revealed by Chill and Kindle’s stupid words. Adris looks at the bell she holds, then realizes that his “plan” worked.


(She became too focused on us to ring it.)


The guards are attempting to arrest their erections, pointing their weapons in the direction of the crash while shaking.


Looking to it…




A green serpent comes to rest after spinning rapidly with the residual wind, face up and unconscious on the floor as the tornado dissolves around her. Foaming at the mouth a bit, she gave everything she had.

A blue blur slams into a wall, before peeling off and falling to the ground. Rising slowly, much of her outfit has been chopped and ripped, with even the tip of her pointy hat nicked off.


But the most dangerous girl simply lands on two feet…




“Boss… why mate with Kindle and Chill…?”


A surly sounding question comes from the black-soaked girl holding an axe, her armor so full of holes that it’d be hard to stop a brick from penetrating. She seems fairly annoyed with Adris’ actions.


Realizing that two naked girls are cradling each other beneath him while moaning in pleasured agony, Adris moves his hands furtively, trying to work out what to say. Finally adopting his imperious tone…




“… Mating is also a weapon. For men. Not for Kol. Kol is… weapon enough. Right, good women like you four should never use it…”


Adopting a serious pose, the cross that has been forgotten this whole time at his loop belt reminds him that he never needed to assault them. Simply clobbering them would’ve been sufficient.


(… and yet I chose to. I see, Cethran. I’m finding out a lot about myself, the more questions I examine…)




“One of the weapons of a false god is mating, should the situation necessitate it.”


“Oh! Kol, understand. Know about this Talent!”


Agreeing instantly, she still sounds pissed; but, that fades rapidly.


“… Okay, Kol remember that Boss have useful Talent. Kol, have many plans. Boss will like!”




(… Hah.)


Committed now, he wonders what plans she could possibly have.




“Scurry… everyone… likes…! But… not really Echo.”

A voice full of a sadness deeper than any in recent memory rips at Adris’ wounds.




“Why… is Echo not good enough!? Why does everyone betray Echo!?”




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