Take Up the Cross – Chapter 72: Hard Fought Innocence ☆

“… Ahd-Adris…?”


A thin trail of saliva joins them when he pulls away, leaving his prey gasping at the sudden tongue play. Arousal builds within her now, too, sending the tantalizing scent of her body to fill the air with more than just the sweetness from her neck.

Every detail of her face, from her thin, artful nose to the glinting scales bordering her cheeks, becomes a solution to the mystery of why she’s so essential to his existence.


(… Even if I feel such a strong longing, why can I only smell her…?)


Alarm sweeping through him briefly pushes away the fog in his mind.

While this grove should offer numerous scents, only hers exists for him. The alien details that gained his attention on entry into the baths, such as the thin bark of these trees which possesses its own shine in the darkness where Traveler doesn’t reach, pale now in comparison to crystal-green snake eyes that innocently hypnotize him.


(… I couldn’t smell the honey, either…!)


Her foresty ambiance ruled within that dusty storehouse full of exposed honey. Recalling none of the specifics of their trip, Adris remembers their burglary as only a story in which she was the main character.




(… That scent was different starting from when she returned from the inn…!)




Regardless of motive, the serpent who even now shifts her long tail to be nearer to his legs has figuratively ensnared him. A trap erodes his rationality, the last remnant of which weakly demands he escape.


(… Run…? … but if I run, I won’t be near her. I won’t be able to lick her…)




The body that refuses to flee sucks on her delicate neck, bringing a hiss of shock, followed by a moan.

The sweetness he collects with his tongue defines his day’s newly revealed ambition.


(… MMMM! … This taste is it! … This is why I kept touching her…!)


A slightly oily consistency and peach-like taste licks off of her when his saliva mixes with this concealed torment.

Pure pleasure travels up his tongue to fire into his brain.


(… Dangerous and wrong…! This day was to discover how her power works, not earn another maidenhood…!)


He momentarily loses sight when his eyes flit up into his skull from the joy he tries to deny.




“… Was… was it never… a joke? … Were… are you really wanting… me? … The whole time?”

A poignant, happy, and haunted question comes from the girl suffering conflicting thoughts on Adris’ obsession with her.


“… Someone wanting… Ave is… scary!”


Pushing him slightly away, teary eyes war with a bright smile that is now turning tragic.


(… No! NO, you should be… wanting the same thing…!)


Nothing about this easily read girl has been misunderstood, even in Adris’ warped mental state.


Every touch and bit of attention given to her was eagerly accepted on their date.

While she grows embarrassed to the point of crying now, that red face was blushing for different reasons in the alleyway.


(She didn’t lie about a single thing said of me to that merchant! Those were her honest, slavering affections! … Why is she backing out at the last moment!?)




Everything about her is a puzzle piece his intellect plays with, determining his plan of attack as she stays silent while awaiting his reply.


(… If she didn’t want this, she could just rise above me! … That face she’s showing isn’t purely disagreeable.)


It’s easy to forget her monstrous nature, but Avenalliah lingers at Adris’ height because she chooses to. Her enhanced arms are only weak because she doesn’t totally reject him. Even if she pushes away, she hasn’t removed his imprisoning reach, merely prevented him from rubbing bodies.


(Grabbing me so many times before proves that this is reciprocated! … What about it being a “joke” worked so well that she became comfortable enough to be proactive!?)




That “comfort” is key to having her, for her protestations are lacking in comparison to the way her soft breaths burn with his own scent. Fearful eyes take in his features as a hand idles at her pareo, pretending to check if it’s still decent as she rubs the fabric.




(She wants to be taken; but, also not? So, if it’s just a “play”, then she doesn’t have to know she’s committed…! Something tragic makes her pause at the last moment.)




“… Truth and lie are the same thing sometimes, Ave, but elves shouldn’t have the heart to mislead themselves. Look me in my eyes and tell me you only want it to have been a joke.”

“… It’s… it was only supposed to be a joke… so, I didn’t…!?”

“Didn’t think you could be wanted for real?”

“… Yes…?”

Realizing her mistake, Ave squeakily blurts out a denial.

“… No!

“Which is it?”


That menacing tone he spares for her causes her to flinch, before turning away without confronting the question. Her fair features are locked within the maze between “reality” and “expectation”, all while some hidden terror eats at their good mood.


(“Can’t be loved?” As if a man could meet you and not want you! You made a horrible decision by thinking you could back out from this at the last moment because of fear.)




This glutton for attention conceals a longing for sexual fulfillment that relates to subservience and, likely, shame.

Two targets like that are easy for Adris to close on.


(What unites the eroticism you seek from these two things!? All of Zennia is consumed by lust! Kol wants to “win” and “conquer”, while Still wants to be in control whether mentally or physically.


Whats truly defines you?)


“… I just… I just don’t know how to let go… The strong way you look at me is too scary, when I think about…!

… Even if, I also… even if that, we’re still in danger from what’s hunting us, right…!?”


(“Even if you also like it?” … Who hurt you? Why is “someone being over you” simultaneously what you crave and also a knife in your heart…?)




Other than Kol, a dream of vindictive snake women flashes by. The bits of their hidden, contemptuous laughing are almost as bad as the physical abuse.

A girl was left crying, likely not for the first time.


As to possible attackers, they don’t even factor into Adris’ calculations.




“… I don’t hate you, I just… Please don’t… hurt Ave…”

A whimpering cry comes out when she looks down, too ashamed of the breakdown in their moment to continue.


If Adris doesn’t act quickly, a broken girl will be the focus of his inescapable sexual needs.


(… You are already mine. I’m… being too smart about this!)


A mad smile lightens his mood as he remembers what their relationship was supposed to be, anyway.

It was settled ages ago in the Castillo during a battle that he won.


(It’s this simple! There’s no need to fear me. We’re only going back to the basics of when we met. You are…)




“… Is it normal for someone to hurt what belongs to them, Avenalliah?


“HIIE!? B-B-Belongs…!?”


The elf that can easily overpower him is rigid as he holds her cheeks between assertive hands. His voice becomes deeper and more unforgiving, hedging out his desperation to reach that magic tone adored by her. Stern eyes bore through her, causing her to plant her back against the tree when faced with this authoritative aura he intentionally leaks.

Yet, those smoldering red eyes of his bring her cowardly emerald tail closer still as she swallows.


(… You want me more than I can possibly imagine.)


She can have him, so long as…


(As long as I remember who is in charge, and you ingrain who that is in your soul.)




“How can a girl who flaunts herself so vividly and energetically in front of the crowd, bringing eager attention to all of her most wonderful assets that she purposefully nearly reveals, be so fearful of the attention of even one as powerful as I?”

“… I-I… don’t… I don’t flaunt mys—! AHN!?”


The thumb slipping barely into her mouth while rubbing her cheek shuts her up. One of her sharp fangs slides over his bare skin, shaking as she desperately tries not to hurt him.


Didn’t I say that elves shouldn’t mislead themselves?

“… Hmmm…!? Yesh…!”

“Do I have to punish girls who lie to themselves?”

“… N-n-n-no! Ave isn’t… doesn’t…! … Won’t…”


With a gentle smile, Adris removes his thumb to rub only her cheek.


“No girl who grows as wet as you do after dancing for others can claim ignorance of it.”

“HOW!? I DIDN’T…!?”

Self-hatred in the form of a beet red face turns into more tears as she stares at him while humiliated.

“… Uh… NO! W-Wrong…! I’m dancing to make others happy, not to…!”

“If you draw their eyes, how wouldn’t mine be drawn, too? These eyes see through you, Ave.”

“… I didn’t know… you were watching…! And you couldn’t see that—!”

A gentle hand to her crotch slides over the pareo, bringing a hiss of pleasure from her as the material grows a bit moist where he presses.


“Your body gives itself away with your needy scent, Avenalliah.”


(… I’m the one you should be dancing for…!)




“… Why… are you being so… mean…?”

Tears continue to fall, but her flush face isn’t that sad. Soft skin with sweat glistening on it is exposed over most of her body, with muscles only moving to squirm her away from his judgment.


(She wants me to break through, too!)


“I’m not mean to girls who answer honestly. Are you a good girl who tells the truth?


Giving her a moment to stew in that possessive question, she finally silently nods her head.




“… Elves should be free to follow their spirits, right? Listen to the wind and your heart, and tell me…”


A dark whisper scratches at her brain as he hedges the whole day on one question.




“Should this dream end as ‘just a dream’, or is it going to be something much more special?”


(… You can’t cry about me being scary if I’m doing what you say you want…! Willingly surrendering your desires to me makes you mine in a way that few other things can.)




Bringing his face closer to hers, Adris matches her opening mouth with his own.


“… If you want it to be the best day of your life, then why not end it that way? Do you want me to kiss you, princess?”


“… I’m not a princess…! Ave… Ave told you not to call her that, didn’t she!?”

A choked, angry denial bursts through his question, as she shakes in dismay at this one thing which sets her off.


(… No, you’re not! Which is what I needed you to say!)




All of her inadequacies regarding how she treats him are fuel for these lines that are delivered in a moment of her petulant anger. A girl that longs for a prince will be sorely disappointed if she seeks that in him. Trying to maintain that impression is a losing battle that stabs like needles into him with every innocent look she gives that demands his saintliness.

These deepest thoughts of Adris storm forth, saved for such a long time in the back of his mind, to demand she change how she views him.


(So you have to fall for me the way I really am!)




And I’m not a prince, no matter how your breath seems to wish it were so.

“… Ahhh?”


A childlike gasp comes from the victim crushed in his trap.


For the first time tonight, her look is appropriately mystified regarding a man of Adris’ implied aberrant existence.




When she gives up control to the hand that rubs her cheek and presses against it, he showcases that evil smile the Emperor instructed him with at the bridge to its inner sanctum.




“I am no prince. Nor savior. Nor a simple boy who chases pretty girls.


I am a ‘lord of dark skies’.”


His red eyes mesmerize her as she hangs on the enunciation of that title.


A false god from a chaotic world, one in which I hold true sway and exalted glory. I have come to yours so that you may relish in my authority that I gift to you.


“… Oh…”


Every veiled, threatening word melts her a bit further.

While claiming to be a child of the wind, it’s darkness that causes her heart to thump.


(You want danger, but you’re scared of it! So: drown in comforting evil!


It was my voice that drew you to me, so that’s what I’ll take you with!)




This vessel is not my truth, but merely an extension of it. My true existence is too mighty to be witnessed, even by you.

Yet, this vessel finds itself bound:


Your body is what it seeks to make its own.

His hand proves this by taking hers, gripping tightly without pain.


Your mind holds hungers it longs to know.

A quick kiss comes with a whispering breath as she shivers.


And your heart became a snare upon its own!

“… Ave is… the one that did all that? … I… ‘bound’ you?”

Pure reverence floats on her face as she reaches timidly to take his other hand into hers.

“Bound to this vessel is what you are.”

That claim receives no rejection from her, so Adris continues.




“Avenalliah Aurmaris, I ask you this:


When did you come to belong to me?




A powerful mood filling the baths further infects her. The question causes her to tilt her head, before smiling naughtily.


“… Ave… I… if I belong to you… then… it would be… when you…”

A flirtatious tongue hisses the rest.

“… kissed me and I… surrendered…? Did… I become yours then~?”




Releasing her hand, glory and prestige rises between their bodies as Adris brandishes the cross.




She grows fearful again, because she knows of its authority.


“… A-Adris…!?”

“That was merely when my possession of you was announced.”


With fear and longing fighting for supremacy, Ave’s eyes lock on the source of their pact.





At the overlook, when I first saw you, the shape of your soul was exactly the same. Graceful beauty was more than skin deep with you.”


Building the grandiose tale, the barrier she’s put up fluctuates with his lofty words.


“Not even the Alchemaster could forestall our destined meeting. Though we made an oath to one another, our bonds were forged long before that.

Though born to two different worlds, I knew when we met that you have always belonged to me.”


His cheek presses against hers as he whispers into the ear of this quivering maiden.


“Though I am a being of conquest from a world called Xin, an elf called Avenalliah has been waiting for me on Zennia this whole time. A missing part of my existence called to me across the black clouds that separate all worlds from the horrors of Beyond!


A shining, green light always denied the abyss, too!”


Pure, poetic bullshit streams from a boy who will soon mentally break if he can’t claim the object of his lusts.


(… If anyone deserves a half-truth like this, it’s you. Neesiette might be from her moon, but you are nature given form. The moment I saw you at the back of those four, I…)




Even then, he wanted this girl enough to recognize it now.

A tail did nothing to drive him away, only being a curiosity at the time when the three other girls seemed human enough.


(Right. I’ve always wanted you, despite the monstrous parts.

… No, maybe also because of them, too? You’re not my ideal girl, but even on Xin I would’ve thrown away a lot to own you. It’s not a lie to say that a girl like you is someone I have been longing for!)




A girl who is easy to want and also easy to deal with.

These two appeals please both the noble and sinister sides of Adris, even if they rarely agree otherwise.




“… I was a… beacon to you…?”

“One that never extinguished. If nothing brought me to Zennia but this… sylvan caller, then I would not be disappointed.

However, Avenalliah…”




There’s no mercy left in his eyes when he pulls away.


“You belong, solely, to me.

No other shall ever have you. I, alone, will always guard the treasure that you are.”


“… Ah… mm…”

Overwhelmed as she is, she can’t even form words at this charge.




Should anyone else try to harm what I possess…

I will…”


A hand curls into a fist in front of her face, crushing all opposition.


“… This world… and… all others…!”




A veiled threat culminating in a flash of rage earns a secret gloating from Ave as she looks away.


(You take pride in someone being willing to fight for you…?)


“… Oh… so I… belonged to you the whole time…?”

The sweetest look of surrender is what she shows turning back, but it’s still not enough only to see that.


“That’s why I will show you everything wonderful now, since you couldn’t find it with me earlier.”


Adris has to thank Ave for leading him to this grove, for its twilight glow gives his manipulations a power he’d never find elsewhere except for the Godless Chapel.

Before she can collect her thoughts from the back-and-forth of this mental maelstrom, he flexes the authority he’s just spun into being with a fresh order.




You must tell me what you desire, so that I can make it real.”




(Free me from this curse! Let me fuck you!)


Though seemingly composed to an observer, Adris’ bulging crotch and sweating back reveal how close he is to shattering like a dropped egg. All points of her femininity are about to be open to the man ready to take every one of her firsts.


(Ahh, how desperately you want to be had! … I didn’t notice before now, but you’re perfect to “stain” with my touch!)


The girl with subdued longings is far from innocent with how she watches others have sex while hiding in corners. When Kol claimed Adris, Ave was stealing him in her mind.


(A miserable voyeur has carnal thoughts she’s waiting to explore and share! Share them with me! … I’ll share mine.)




“… What do you want, Ave?”


While he releases the quiet hostility he’s been showing her, Adris’ expression is still stern as he awaits her reply.

Finally pulling herself away from the tree she was escaping into, she settles into a curious state where she’s ready, but also reticent.


“… You… you… you already have… Kol… and… Si—”




A hard slap to her face causes Ave to hiss and twist in place while crying.



“… It’s okay…! Just… ignore…!”


Her bright red cheek is now both running blush from her tears and smeared with the slap she gave herself.


“… Adris, you already have Kol and Still…?”






The seemingly in control boy is only seconds from collapsing onto his knees and begging her to spread for him.


(You can’t even do that!? AHH! STOP FIGHTING! … Uh… I don’t…!


… Oh, Still will save me!)




“Others have nothing to do with the passion I feel right now, focused on only one woman.”

He edges closer still, bringing renewed longing in her eyes as their body signals toy with one another.


What do you desire?




When her idle hand shifts the sash over those deliciously small breasts that barely hide thanks to the dimness of this grove, he knows she’s collapsing, too.


“… Ave… No! … I… I want…” Fast words are huffed out, but she just whines when she can’t say the rest.


Grinding her teeth, she drags his still-held hand instead.

It’s pulled to rest on the small of her back…


“… Mmm!? … Ah…!”

Before she sighs luxuriously when he begins to slowly rub her.

“That’s not enough, Ave. I need to hear your desires.”

“Don’t be mean, please…!?”


When his hands stops, she whispers sadly to fulfill his rule.




“Uhhh…!? … Please… make me… feel good like you did for Kol…”


The first request is the final surrender for her, with all of the fear being replaced by anxious anticipation.


“… BUT!

But… much more gentle! Ave doesn’t like to hu— AHN!”




A fast demand ends in the kindest kiss Adris has given on Zennia yet. Taking his time to work her up, he simply plucks at tasty lips with his own to start, sharing the flavor of her lipstick.


(… Fruit-based… I knew it…)


The tangy taste was missed the last times, only confirmed now as he builds up on their making out. Moving his hand down while they continue, he feels her slender butt over the pareo, earning a jolt when he grips her.


“… Ahdrish…!? Mmm…!”


His other hand goes to hold the side of her head, running over to her ear to rub along it.


“NNNNN!? Mmmm…~!?”


This tender touch causes her to vibrate with pleasure, before she pulls away. The twitching length of her jewelry studded ear reveals a weak point long missed before now.


“… Too… mu—ch…”

“I see.”


Only two words and a breath are earned from her, before he pushes her against the tree and continues kissing. When she finally relaxes her lips, he pokes his tongue against them, enticing her to tilt her head so he can safely offer a deeper pleasure.

That slender, long tongue she hides is bashful at first, until he flicks it enticingly to wrap around his. She then begins to massage his muscle as he sinks into the experience.




(I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her… but… I can’t… rush…!)




Rather than being a biological urge like with Lycia, whatever spell she has cast on him brings a rush to join that feels spiritual.


God would be born in their union.




(… The cross doesn’t defend against obsessions…!)


This one, consistent weakness is his foremost handicap.




(I can make it! This is the only chance I’ll have to permanently train her at peak effectiveness!)


Enjoying this tongue play for a minute, he finally pulls away to give her a chance to recover. Her sloppy face seems drunk, until she perks up and awaits more.




(Hm, let’s go with it! Everything you want… you’ll have to say!)




Licking her shoulder, he also releases her hands to play with her lower body. One runs down to drink in the foreign feeling of her scales, while the other squeezes her slender side to bump over her attractive ribs.

“… Nnnn… it feels… heavenly…! Adris, your tongue… is like mine…!”


She twists with the attention he gives while acting ticklish to his hands, but then some fearful expectation flares up when he rubs her chest near the sash.

“… Adris, are you going to…!?”

“Hm? Not at all.”

“… Eh?”


Her confusion is short-lived as he begins his arrogant demand.


“Everything I do to make your dream real will come from you revealing to me what it is.”

Blank-faced at this rule, she begins to retreat again.

“… No… no, Ave can’t… do that…! Adris… should… decide…”




Her chin is lifted up when she cries out, earning his pitiless bullying.


“Only Ave knows what pleasurable needs are in her heart. I need to hear them.

“… I… can’t…!”

He shushes her while petting her side.

“Don’t worry. We’ll start with the easy ones. … What do you want this similar tongue of mine to do, Ave?”




Horror returns for a moment, before she remembers who he is.

Too aroused to not seek her own pleasure, she succumbs after only moments of doubt.




“… Then… then, please… kiss Ave, again…!”




That kiss lasts for two minutes of teasing agony for Adris, with her moaning into his mouth as she melts to it. Nubs rise up against the gossamer sashes over her breasts, yet Adris isn’t allowed to punish them yet.


She finally pushes his mouth away, slouching against the tree for support as she drools onto her chin.


“… I’m… am I… good…? … At kissing, I mean…!? I…”

Deep fear blazes as she watches for hint of his satisfaction.


(… I have few options to compare to…?)


If he had to choose, her tongue that can encase his own is a delicious treat.


(… but it does no good to sound eager.)




Grinning at her discomfort as he stays silent, he brings only more interest from her before relenting.

“I’m not sure? That agile tongue you hide brings me to want to taste it again to find out.”

“… okay…”


Rather than return for a third kiss, she offers doe eyes as she rubs between her small breasts. Looking to his hand, she then turns back to his face.


“What else about you do you want to test?”

“… Adris…! Please…”


(I’ll stop doing this when you stop getting more excited.)


Both small hands come up to cover her erect nipples, palms over to bolster her small assets.


“… They’re… they’re not bad, right…?”

“Would you be an elf if they weren’t petite?”

“… right…”

Like Castile, Adris is a man who appreciates all sizes, so long as they belong to the woman that belongs to him.


(“Petite”? Wasn’t that the word that woman used at the Call…?)


“… Can you… please… l-l-lo… look at them…?”


Blushing furiously and speaking so quietly that even Adris’ enhanced hearing finds it difficult to pick up, Ave then waits for him to move the sashes.

“Uhhh… it’s embarrassing!”

“Certainly. So…”


When he doesn’t move, she shifts uncertainly.


Reveal them to me, so that I can.

“Hiiie!? Ehhh!? … Adris…! Ave… can’t…!”

Flustering at the demand, she grips his jacket in horror.


Do it, Avenalliah.”

“… Haaah?”

“I can’t truly appreciate their beauty unless you prove how eagerly you need my judgment.”

“… So… mean…!”

Despite the comment directed at him, the surety of her surrender just keeps increasing as her hands come back up to slip under the cloth.

Attentive eyes and a manly smirk make her twice as embarrassed as she sighs.


(… If you wanted to stop, you would’ve slapped me long before now!)


Putting this nascent exhibitionist on the spot results in her ever developing depravity.


(Let’s make you into a fine woman!)




When she pulls up on the sashes, they easily slip off of her small mounds.

Revealed are breasts as milky as the rest of her skin. Though small, they have a perkiness to them that is athletic given her slender figure.


“… Uhhh… Ave… isn’t bad for doing this, is she…!?”

“Not bad, only naughty.”


The whispered quip causes her to shed a tear while shaking.


“… Ah!? Isn’t that also bad…!? AAHH!?”




Leaning down while she’s distracted, he flicks one of her tits with his tongue, earning a yelp and twist.

“Adris!? … That…!?”

“Felt good, yes? Ave, would you like more of that?”




Under the rustling of the limbs above, her just heard supplication gains his advance as he leans himself over and grabs behind her back.

Before she can protest, he begins to lick and tug at the delicious nubs on her milky breasts. Not as big as Kol’s, the pink points are easy to bully with the tip of his tongue, before he closes his lips and lightly sucks.

A firm grip on his head as she shakes alarms him.


“… EH!? … Adris… stop… it seems weird…!”


Pulling away, he speaks up towards the girl who has tilted her head back.


“You’re just sensitive. Relax and breathe with the good feelings.”

The delectable oranges he licks and sucks on gently are only one part of his attention. Even while leaned over, his hand runs down to her butt to provide lewd support, while his other hand lightly crushes the breast he ignores so it won’t feel too lonely.

Rising and falling with her quick breathing, the fey figure he assaults eventually runs her hands over his back while hissing.


“… Do you… like them…? Nobody has ever…”


That need for validation must again be dissuaded, lest she spoil the mood that puts him in charge and her in a desperate spot.


“I’m not sure. I’ll need to taste them more thoroughly, Avenalliah.”

“… Uhhh… okay…~! Please… do…!”


Licking around each tip, he slathers over her small areolae before moving outward. When he reaches where the sashes weren’t over, the taste of her evil toxin is rediscovered.


(… It’s some kind of perfume…!?)


Far too small to put his face between, the enraptured nubs that poke against his cheek when he rubs against them are still easy to twist with his fingers. She draws away with the slightest tweak, moaning his name as he punishes her discreetly for this curse inflicted on him.


Adris… please… don’t… bully me…!”

“This is my affection, Ave.”


Choosing to lick her neck again at that moment, he latches on to the side and sucks off more of that evil nectar she’s doused it in.


(… I’m such an idiot…!)


The whole grove seems to be spinning by the time he finishes. Trees are like laughing imps, watching the boy “in charge” fall further from that position.


“… Umm… It’s good, like a dream…

A prince plucks the flower of the forest for himself, without care for the opinion of knight or king elf’. … You’re not a prince, though, right, Adris…?

A prince wouldn’t… be cruel like this…”

Her revealed breasts are sticky and red from the attention given, while the tongue he takes back up with a quick dip into her mouth is growing weaker.

“Mmm… I’m something far better than a measly ruler of humans, Ave.”

Her dopey smile after he pulls away confirms that self-assessment.


Collapsing suddenly as her tail gives out at his assurance, she forces him to support her. After her recovery, she looks down at his crotch with wide eyes.


“… It’s…”

“Do you think me a liar about my feelings for the beauty in front of me?”

“… No! … it’s just… big…”


(… Thank you! … Thank you very much! Innocent girls have the best compliments!)


She doesn’t dare to touch the tent of his pants seen between his armored coat, but she does flirt with the pareo’s edge while pursing her lips.


(Do you want to suck on it…!? … No, she’d lose her mind.)


Something that aggressive would undo all of this progress.


Already, she’s about to be naked up top as he reaches behind her neck ring to release the clasp holding up it and her sashes.

“Ah…!? … Okay…”

He gently lays the chest sashes on the clean floor of the baths. This earns a look of dismay for a moment before she returns to her heated objective.


(The floors are surprisingly clean! Don’t worry…)


“Shall I sample only these delicious fruits, or did you have something else in mind…?”

“… OH!? … Uhhh…? I don’t… know what to…”

Becoming skittish again, she looks left and right before rapidly pointing to her mouth.

“… You want to… again…?”

A forked tongue lewdly slides out, beckoning while she presses her hands over her tits to hide them, jerking at the feeling she brings on herself.




(… I want to thrust myself between those tight lips, yes…!)


His hand moves down to undo his pants, before freezing.


(… NO! Stop… She is the objective…!)


The objective of claiming and being with her are beginning to merge.




“Avenalliah, don’t mislead yourself.”

Letting his hand hang down beside her hips, he softly pats her.

“… AH!? Eh…!? … That is… that’s…!”

“A closeness you’ve never experienced before, right? … Do you have another you would prefer to share it with?”


She listens to his rakish words as he rubs closer to her honeypot. A terribly delicate place for a female is not opened easily.

But Adris is not any man to her, nor is he unvetted for what he can do.


(You watched that moron succumb to me in real time! You know exactly how powerful my touch is! … Pleasure wins over fear, every time!)


“Do you not recall the throaty yells that proud girl gave when she presented herself willingly to me?”

Soft eyes blink, before she nods her head.

“… Ave… Ave was… there…”

“Do elves not believe in paradise on earth? Think of the greater affection I hold for an elf that belongs to me, and what she can experience.”




The conflict running through her leaves her paralyzed, before she meekly nods and waits for him to do something.

When he only watches her while smiling again, she suddenly realizes what’s about to happen.




“… Adris… please don’t…! I’m a little unsure…!”

Tell me what you’re hungry for.

“… AH!?”


Gnashing her teeth in frustration one last time, she then smirks at the situation she’s in before. Her glorious ponytail dances as she shakes her head in shame before giving in to the attention she longs for.




“… Please… make Ave feel good… there…”


“… uhhh… Ave’s… Ave’s…


special place…?”


The refusal to name it causes Adris to grow more empowered as he leans up to spite her.


“Avenalliah, isn’t what’s special called a ‘pussy’?”

“… That’s… not… what Ave can say…! Please!?”

She chooses now to fall back into innocence, earning a smirk from Adris as he whispers closer to her ear.

“Then I can’t be sure, can I? A naughty girl who shows off for others can’t be honest about something that special to her when in the presence of the one she cares for?”

“… Uuuuuuuuhh…!? Adr—!? Mmmpphh…!?”

Kissing her again shuts her up before she can cry out, leaving only a couple of tears that easily fall away as this pleasure fights shame.




Pulling away again, she finally mouths…


“… Please… make Ave’s…




… feel good…”


His hand runs through her hair, patting his “possession” to reinforce this reverential relationship.

Though she should probably be his elder as far as apparent age, she only pushes against the pressure of his hand while eagerly accepting the affection.


“I will, Ave.


Now, show me.


“… Okay…”




Ave’s resistance permanently crumbles with what she wants inside so close.


While he watches attentively, the elf who hides hides in a forbidden retreat slowly pulls up the pareo hiding her dearest treasure. Shaking hands keep slowing as she nears revealing it, her heart obviously racing as she struggles to keep enough oxygen with her mild panic attack raging.


“… Um… please… look…”




Where her scales overlap with milky skin, a shallow dip becomes her human body where her crotch would be. It is showcased by soft green cloth parting like a stage curtain.


(… Smooth.)


Slightly puffy lips are very un-serpentlike in how innocent they appear. That innocence loses its credibility with the moisture clinging to them and running down her front. No underwear is worn by the flighty elf who was earlier dancing wildly enough to throw off her clothing.


(You’re a total glutton.)


“… Uuuuh… Adris…!”


Bending over doesn’t allow Adris to see much, especially not when she twists to try to hide this new sight.


“Ave, I can’t appreciate what I can’t see.”

“… Ave doesn’t want you to!? … No… does it look… okay…?”


Rejecting him and then seeking validation, she realizes how stupid she is by cringing at her own neediness.


(I want to taste.)


Standing back up, he aggressively kisses her until she’s gasping once more, before pulling away to make his next demand.


“If you want me to see, then you’ll have to show me. Do you expect me to kneel?


A meek cry comes as she closes her eyes, before she shakes her head. An emerald tail starts sliding across the tiles before pushing her body higher in the air. Shivering while looking toward the crumbling entrances to the baths, Ave finally bends miserably forward to watch Adris as her pussy comes to the level of his face.


“… You certainly look delicious, Ave.”

“Don’t say that…!? … G-G-Good…”


Without a single hair upon it, an elvish fruit is still closed as it drips with its juices. Nearing it, Adris smells Ave’s distinct scent deeply here, having the same uniqueness to it that she possessed when she sought him in bed.


“Do you need your skirt?”


His free hands clasp onto her snake body, rubbing along fine scales as the puffing elf begins to unclasp her pareo. When she takes it off, he smells the fabric before placing it with her sashes.


“… Ave… is… okay, so…”


Her stomach clenches as she shifts in front of Adris, waiting for pleasure that’s been promised to her.


“I can’t truly see how I should proceed. Tell me, Ave: how do you find pleasure yourself?”


Rubbing her human hip while pondering, Adris waits for her to flinch again and protest.


“Ave… always uses two fingers. Always careful to use just a bit of touch… Too much and it hurts. Uhh… she can’t put… inside, so…”


A dainty hand moves down to her gushing slit, stopping just above. These precocious fingers point out the thin hood that is hiding the most dangerous spot on a girl.


“… Ave likes… right here… a lot!


Adris looks up into her lazy, maddened eyes, finding that the elf has a slight smile instead of a frown. He must focus to keep from dropping his mask, for he never expected her to start her own shameful narrative unbidden by him.


“Ave is… a bad girl, sometimes… I’m sorry…!


Shame wars with decency, but decency loses instantly.




“Ave never liked talking with… the other girls back home… They always… wanted to do things more than… just to talk…!

But… Ave can…!


Should Ave… show you… it… ‘my Lord’?”


Driven beyond the capacity to maintain a sense of normality, Avenalliah now has a face as flushed as it was while she spun before the crowd. A pet name given so affectionately causes Adris to realize how far she’s slipping.




(… I… I don’t… want that…)


To be revered is perfect.

To lose his identity and become a figure of authority she gives a pseudonym is not.


(I want to be “Adris” to you.)




“… Ave. My name is Adris.”

“… HAH!? … Oh…!? Sorry! … Ave thought…!”


That drunkenness she displays changes to despair quickly, before a quick pat of her side and a more roguish smile still that growing doubt.


“We’re far closer than that, are we not? My name never sounds so sweet as when it passes from your lips.”

“… Yes! … Ave… agrees…”


Glossing over the brief episode, Ave pretends that the previous question she asked was answered when her fingers begin to part her vulva. Soft, pink labia pull out while glistening to show the twin holes contained within.


“Here…! So… please! … Make Ave…”


A tight entrance pulls wider to reveal a moving passage inside that seems soft as a pillow and just as inviting. She shifts her hips forward, arching out this treasure so that he can access it better.


“Excellent. You finally act as you feel inside.”




He wastes no more time, gripping her snake tail as he puts his face to her. Taking in her delectable scent, the taste he licked off of his fingers many days ago is now freshly sampled by his selfish tongue.


(… How does it taste musky, yet also sweet? There’s no sickness to her…)


Hearing stories of what to avoid should he seek company, Adris cannot imagine this elvish sweetness that comes along with a cry of pleasure could possibly be unnatural. A girl who cleans herself every night has no salty taste. Only the texture of soft flesh is added onto a sweet reward.




Slurping up her lips to the hood, he flicks around it while applying pressure. The juking snake elf gives a shrill cry as he continues to fish out her button. Smaller than Kol’s, this petite organ of joy is just as sensitive for an untrained girl.




Pulling away from flicking it, Adris instead licks along her lips. When she releases hold, he replaces her fingers with his own to keep her tight slit open.




The man who longs to hilt himself here still wants a taste before his semen begins to leak from the entrance.


Renewing his licking, he steals away the first hand that comes down to stop him, holding it firmly while using his own head to intercept the next one.


“MMMM! So strong! Adris! … Tongue is… way better than… fingerrrrr…~!”


While her hand firmly pulls on his hair, her undulating body presses against his face. That pleasure flowing down her full length causes her tail to begin jumping about, while her rough panting is a noise bouncing from tree trunks to fill the baths.


A beating tongue slurps like a hummingbird, lightly flicking her clit as his fingers release her slit to begin rubbing over her lips. When she responds favorably with a scream, he dips a finger into her jerking hole to lightly press inside.


“… Not a boy…!? Ave has a man…!? Ave… isn’t sure…! Adris… please!”


Pulling his face away while she hisses in regret, he gives only one order.


“Think about me and pleasure being the same thing, Ave!”

“… O-Okay…!”


An unsure whine is her only response before he resumes, lapping at her pussy with a slavish sort of dedication. The toxin she’s inflicted him with makes it impossible for him to pull away again until he’s had his fill.




“… A prince… is not a prince… Ave thought… but no prince does this…!?


… Ave likes… this better!”




(I know you do, you girlish lady! Finding a man who can both own you… and… oooh, submit himself to this sort of task is rare!)


Without feeling the least bit diminished by servicing the elf towering over him, her haunting cries only fuel his grasp over her.


(… I’ve always enjoyed doing this when other men don’t.)


Though not able to reach for that pleasurable spot at the top of her passage towards her bladder, a bona fide elvish clit earns enough screams to find it unnecessary.


(We’re going to draw people to us, if she keeps crying out! But I can’t stop, she’s going to be close soon.)




Minutes of her feverish head patting, hair ripping, and unsubtle moans begin to culminate in a release she says is…


Ave doesn’t… ahhhh! Know what this is!? Adris…! Help…! It feels… strongerrrr! Strong!


(Then crash into it and ride it out! I want to watch!)


A hand pulls away, presumably to rub her exposed breasts, while she begins to buck against his face. Once her powerful muscles move, this snake body is impossible to hold onto.






Sparing this until the exact right moment, Adris showcases a new sensation by locking her sensitive nub in his mouth and sucking lightly on it.




A sickly sweet howl comes with her stomach and inner walls clenching wildly. Adris allows her to hold him to her pussy as she cums, before he’s…






The elf loses strength all at once, releasing his head as she tries to slam into the floor from on high.

Left without options, Adris slides up to cushion the impact of her upper body with his chest.




The smaller boy wheezes as he pushes the equally breathless girl off of him. Cupping her head at the last moment, he sets it down while she stares blankly up at the ceiling.


“… A… A… Ad…”

“… I’m here, Ave.”


The weak dancer’s arms seek out his legs as she turns over, sprawled naked on the floor with her juices staining a new area.


“… Good… you’re… good…”

“… Thank you. I trust you enjoy—?”


Strong arms grip his leg as she rapidly nods her head, dragging her ponytail along the floor. Quietly shifting over to lay her head on his lap, she recovers for a bit.




(… I’m going to die.)


With her hot mouth this close to his still raging cock, tight pants are about to murder that pulsing member. The toxin is bad enough, but now he’s also physically aroused by the puddle clinging to his face.



“… Mmm!?”


Rousing at his voice, she lifts her head, showing him how stained her makeup is with the tears and slobber. Her bottom lip is under her front teeth before she releases it.


“… Adris…?”


Scooting over on his knees, Adris begins to remove his jacket and armored coat. Ave watches weakly while he does so, before she gasps in understanding.


“… Oh… oh… Ave…”


Tired eyes go wide at the boy who quickly lowers his pants, pulling them under his legs while lifting himself with his hand.


“… AHHH!? … Oh…”


A curving rod of flesh is returned to sight as he kneels once more in front of the suppine elf. At the sight, one hand moves down to her pussy to cover it while the other moves to her nipple to flick it.


Each earns a shocking jolt for the addled elf as she gasps.


“… Ah… Adris… that’s… a little…”


(Scary, is it?)




Though she says this, eyes locked on his member cause him to shuffle forward slowly, bringing it near to her face as his hand runs down to her stomach.


“Avenalliah. There’s no need to fear closeness.”

“… But… Ave hates… pain…!”

Wincing at his girth, which isn’t even as big as a man can go, she sounds terribly sad.


“There’s no need to fear pain. Unlike other, lesser men, I have experience and can comfort you.”


When his hand joins hers, she gasps and pulls a bit away. Still trembling at her orgasm, she still invites him to softly rub her slit as she massages his wrist.


“… Oh… Oh!”


The sylvan treat begins to moan anew, her face flushing again as she…






Without looking like she’s in control, Ave scoots her head closer to Adris’ dick. Though unwilling to let her mouth near it, the submissive girl does the next best thing when it’s in easy reach.

Like Lycia, she can extend her forked tongue, doing so slowly and purposefully. Adris licks his lips as the tip comes to his member, missing when it jolts up in anticipation.




(… Oh… oh, so… strange, but…!)


That forked tongue rubs over his tip, sampling his masculine flavor as she sighs.

When it slips off, she returns it to coil around the end of his dick.


To thank her, Adris’s outstretched arm shudders as he begins to rub her clit once more.


“… OH!? … Ummm… guud tashte…”

Another innocent compliment that lacks guile is huffed out as her coiling tongue begins to creep up and down his dick.

While not providing pressure enough to grow his release, it is amping him up for what’s next.




After he thinks she’s had her fill of that taste that makes her smile, Adris smears her juices over her curling stomach as he whispers to her.


Avenalliah, what do you truly need to make this dream end memorably?


“… Ave… wants… Adris…!”




His pants are slowly ripped off, then cast away with the hated purple cloth.

The girl clings to herself as he climbs up onto her snake body, taking in his fit legs and stomach with melting eyes.

Before locking back onto his throbbing erection that menaces her.


(… I have no choice but on top! I never considered how I’d even have sex with her if she’s a snake…!)


As he scoots forward, she tenses and pulls back.

Letting his cock rub up over her human crotch, he leans in to give her one last kiss, before bending to suck on her nipples.


“… Adris!? … You’re… so…!

“As prepared as you are for me, you cannot want anything else, Ave.”


Beginning to line up with that exposed place that he’s cleverly prepared, his head meets her lips before she whispers one last plea.


“… Just… Please don’t hurt Ave, too…!

“Like I demanded when I swore I couldn’t harm a creature like you:


You must submit, and give yourself to me.”


This familiar line knocks all resistance out of her as she lays back.

He looks down to rub his tip into the hole at the bottom of her flower, before pressing into these depths.




A strangling passage opens with quick, strained huffs from the girl before he reaches an obstruction on the head.


(“One quick thrust, then go still”, right!?)


Tasting her inside is already too much as Adris begins to lose his mind, desperate to unload into her waiting cavity. But the lesson he learned with Serras made him figure out the optimum solution.






The ripping feeling on his head adds no more discernible lubrication. Already hot and wet to the point of being a bog, whatever blood was shed is just added to the rest.

But the painful clenching she crushes his dick with makes him shake with her.


“Ow, ow, ow, owww…!? … Adris…!”


A girl who can’t tolerate any pain is comforted by the body keeping himself completely motionless. Comforting words and a hand gripped by hers are the only balm.


“You’re brave, Ave. You’re the bravest girl you’ll ever find… AH!?”

“… Ow, ow…~! … Mmm!? … It hurts… but… it also feels… weird…!?”


Lifting her head up, she stares in horrified fascination at the connection between her and the boy.


“… Adris is… inside… Ave!? This is what it’s like…?”

Mystified by all of her stories being fulfilled in this moment, however many years she’s been alive adds up to a chance tryst in an elven grove.




(… Oh stars, please let me move…)


Making a slight movement, he stops again when she hisses in pain.


“Adris!? Please! Waitttt!”


(I CAN’T! YOU DID THIS TO ME! I… I… what is this… menacing feeling?)




When she screamed out in pain, the air felt as if it shifted.

Creaking noises come with the moving air, causing Adris to go completely stiff as danger signals fire through him sufficiently to overcome the pleasure on his penis from her tightness.




(… Something is… alive in this grove?)




As long as Adris stays still and lets Ave painfully huff, he’s safe, because nothing approaches a still boy.




An eternity of anguish carries on as her breathing goes down.


“… It doesn’t hurt as much now. Adris… it feels so weird inside…!?”

“But does it feel good!?”

“AH!? … Oh… y-y-yes… it… feels…”


Slowly and deliberately, he pushes into her as she wheezes out.

Before sighing at the end.




“Adris… it feels good…~”


Looking up at him as he begins to move, the panting girl reveals a playful smile of appreciation. Her mouth is open and fangs out as she watches him.

“… Adris…”


Adris adjusts his grip while licking his lips. With his legs hanging over her snake body, the angle of attack is so different as he plunges into her.


“… It’s soooo deep~? How can… Ave have something… so big inside her…?”


While she contemplates that, Adris quietly begins to pump into her opening hole. The maiden’s tightness is comparable to Kol’s, but since Ave seems a little older it’s also matured to the point of being normal to him. Slender like Serras, Ave’s body is soft as he licks her skin while increasing his pace.


“Biggg inside… Ahh! Ave is… small but… Adris isn’t…?”

Fierce yelps of satisfaction break through her monologue as she begins whispering her thoughts. That sweet voice is hypnotic as the wet walls of her pussy inexpertly contract around him.


(… I’m… doing all the work!)


As the elf lays there soaking up pleasure, Adris fights her inexperience to get a good rhythm going. While Kol was energetic enough and had a pussy uniquely qualified to overcome no experience, Ave lacks all of that.

Though certainly the sweetest girl he’s ever held, her dreamy stare, words, and enticing breaths don’t aid him any. She refuses to move her hands over him, being still too scared of pain to unclench her breasts as he fucks her.


“… Feels good, Adris…!”


(… I’m glad! I shouldn’t have expected differently, Serras was also worthless in the beginning.)


That dark thought comes with a sobering after-remark in his head.


(… Just like I was.)


Renewing his dedication at that comparison, he begins to alter his thrusts to rub his curving dick along the top of her passage.


“… MMMM!? There! Something there feels goooooood!? OH!?”


Her body lifts off the ground as he nails that almost universal spot. Without the discipline to search for more, Adris pants as he tries to get this just opened canal of pleasure to milk him dry.


“Ave! … You’re mine.”


Words he’s been dying to use never seemed appropriate with Kol.


(… And Still rejected them, but you, ahhh! Will you…!?)


“Oh, yes! Yes~! Ave… belongs to… Adris…!”

A beautiful, sloppy grin and an outreaching hand go with this admission.


A rushing current through his spine causes Adris to pick up his pace, seeking to gift her further with his need.


(YES! … I… love that…! Finally, a girl who is mine…! No more mind games or contests!)




The girl starts yelping again as Adris humps her more diligently, wavering between concerned and ecstatic as she entrusts her body to the only man to ever touch her.


“… AHH! A prince…!? … No, a beast…!? Oh…! ‘The… princess is claimed by the scourge of the forest, uhhhh, AH, the wicked beast of prey with its cold rage and avaricious desires… uhhh, comes to devour her! Only the princess can…’ ummm… yes, yes, feels good, ‘tame this wild creature that preys on innocence, even if hers is lost to do soooo~!’

Ave’s eyes roll around as a monologue in another language begins. When she speaks of a beast, her eager snake eyes reflect Adris’ straining, sweating face.

Her flirty tongue sways around to sample his taste on the air.


(… Am I a beast!? … FINE! I AM A BEAST!)


When she launches into another line of this fairy tale, Adris offers a low, rumbling growl and reaches in suddenly to nibble on her neck.



The suddenly matching attack causes the recovering elf girl to buck with a minor, quaking orgasm as she clenches on his cock.


(YES! That feels… so very good… oh, when you do that!)


Just short of pummeling her, Adris begins to plunder this girl who took so long to start going. Breaking down every barrier in the way with a quick mind and rampaging heart, Adris is about to leave a mark that will last forever.


(I want to cum…!)


“Ave, I’m going to… lose control…!”


“… OH!? Oh!? … EEHHHH!?”


As though a terror long-forgotten grips her, the elf maiden suddenly revolts at the culmination of their tryst and in the aftermath of her second pleasurable release of the night.


“… ‘Lose control’!? That… that means…!?

NO! Not, not inside!? Ave… AVE, AHHH!? AVE FORGOT IT! … NO… no kids!? Ave… can’t, oooh, be a mom!


Rambling in her hidden language, Ave finally has power in her muscles as she tries to fight back against the “beast” on top of her.


(GAH!? Avenalliah!?)


Adris’ face is mashed into by her hand, bringing him to a forceful stop.



“… Ahhhhh!”

The girl starts softly weeping as he’s on top of her, letting go of his face as she starts.

“… Sorry! Ave is sorry…! But… but… Ave… if there was a… b-b-baby, Ave would be… a terrible mother…!?”


(… Why!?)


With both greatly enjoying the night, this one thing interrupts the entire deal.


(I can’t be expected to do anything…!? … I’m… not gonna last! There’s no way she’ll suck me off! That curse says… I have to be with a woman!

I don’t know the limits or rules!)




All of Adris’ remaining rationality broke the moment he started.

Everything after this is just pure instinct.




“… Have my children!”

“… AH!? W-W-WHAT!?”

This riotous outburst and his serious face cause her to gape in shock at the unbelievable request.


He grips her neck to force her to kiss him, for she’s ever slightly taller than him.


“MMM!? … PUAH! Adris!? … Why… why would you want… me…!?


“There’s no other woman as kind as you! None that tries so hard! I deny your unfitness with my very soul!”

Less like a “false god” and more like Adris, his passionate eyes beg her.


“If it’s to be, then let it be! Avenalliah:


Be my woman, even if that means bearing my children!




Her eyes are frozen, the pupils widening as she absorbs and parses what his irrational need.

The gasping girl keeps choking on her breath, her arms weakly moving as she lands one behind his back.


Something deep within her psyche comes to her face as she blubbers an attempted response, with her cheeks flushing bright red before her sharp features grow predatory.


“… A-A-Adr… ris…”


When a manic smile replaces her uncertainty with the animalistic tilting of her head, sharp fangs are revealed by the rasping girl.

Before he can react…




She grips him with both arms and pulls his neck towards her mouth.






Two sudden, painful jabs strike his neck as she continues hissing cutely.






The boy cries out in an unmanly voice as something warm flows into his bloodstream. Liquid pleasure fires through his body as he shakes.


“… sssshhhhh… Adrish… plsh… Ave liksh… youuuu… OH, OH, OH!?”


A bubbly, delirious call is added to his boyish one.

The girl who just bit him begins to cry and scream at the same time, the pleasure of his deep, rapid thrusts both harming and healing her.








Like a mocking bird that’s broken, the bucking girl keeps repeating the same phrase as Adris’ mind melts into his feet.

Whatever came with the bite is causing his dick to expand with blood, as his testicles burn like two coals.








A torrent of his semen is fired out of the cannon that his cock has morphed into.

His muscles instantly ripple with impossible pain and pleasure as the conduit for his release is forcibly pressurized by the venom she added to his broken body.

Unlike any prior release, only cumming after weeks of abstinence feels like this parting.


(… Uhhhh… uhhhhhhhh?)


White, red, and black thoughts replace his usually witty ones, leaving him slobbering on the elf’s breasts as he unloads at the end of her freshly reached womb. Without waiting for him to withdraw, it’s already straining to kiss him as she shakes violently.


“… Guuud… sho guud, Adrish…!”


Sibilants become more common as the girl melts.

The boy collapses onto her meager breasts as she cradles him, while also wrapping her tail around his body as her walls continue to ineffectively milk him.


“… Ave… liksh yuuuu… sho…”




Before succumbing to this long-term milking, Adris accepts the direst, most heartfelt plea he’s ever heard.




“… pleash… like Ave, too!?


Moaning while also softly sobbing, Ave holds on for dear life, unwilling to part with him.





Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”, “Starr”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, True False God, Slayer
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”, Slayer of Petripolis
Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark – Wave of Darkness] – “Making victory possible? No, no, no. That thing isn’t that kind! There’s more than that!”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy? Yeah, you’re still there.”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”


[Marital Arts – Self-taught] – “Hoh, even if it’s dangerous to use, it feels good to prove to myself that the body is still as willing as the mind! Even if I can’t call it aura, something is inside me now!”


[Verisimilitude] – “Stop giving weird names to what I do! But if my imaginative truths are more believable now, I’m not gonna complain.”


[A WONDERFUL CURSE] – “If that old corpse wasn’t already dead, I’d definitely kill him!”




[“Rabbit Boots”] – “Providing increased agility while moving as a passive boon, they also allow actively to bound great distances with surprising grace. What do they cost though, I wonder?”


[“Metallic Bracer”] – “I can punch Kol into a wall with this!? But it hurts like shit!”


Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”

“Oh ‘Lord Adris’, won’t you smile for us?”

“Having your fill of ‘good fortune’ are you? Shouldn’t you enjoy it before it runs out?”


“Isn’t it so much better when you’re honest, too, Adris?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”

“Adris out in the world is just as capable of pretending to be someone important, because inside he knows he is.”

“When you give Adris something to care about, maybe he ends up giving that thing a bit too much of his attention?”


“Has no resistance to giving himself to females, perhaps?”



“A continuing theme of this novel is that there are highs and lows to who is in charge. Sometimes you get the bull; sometimes you get the horns.”



Name: Avenalliah Aurmaris
Titles: Lustful Lizard, Elf
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: Young

Occupation: Delver, Scared Girl
Discipline: ???



[“Sylvan Calling”] – “The spirits play when they want to! … They really do! Why are you looking at me like that!?”


[Preternatural Strikes] – “Um, I’ve always been pretty good with a whip? Elves use a lot of weapons! I just like… my whip…?”


[Monstrous Strength] – “EH!? Why is it monstrous!? Elves aren’t monsters!”


[“Unknown Angel”] – “Ave doesn’t feel especially blessed…”


[Elvish Venom?] – “Hm? Well, Ave doesn’t really know, but if you have fangs, shouldn’t you have venom?”


Disposition: Joyful / Impressionable / Cowardly
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Crystal Green
Hair: Moss Green
Skin: White



Rantil Value –

Strength – C

Vitality – D

Dexterity – C

Intelligence – C

Mentality – F

Luck – A

Charisma – C




Cethran Value – “While not possessing your newly favorite curves, isn’t a girl with a naive charm also fine? Because she covers so little, you are also left without having to imagine what you could possess, yes?”

“Oh? She has a sort of gusto about her when it comes to adventure, does she?”

“Is she too competent for you now? No? Is this more to your taste than the open liar of an elf that pretends not to be scared?”

“A girl who finds something of what she used to be before that all was trampled might be a beautiful creature?”


“Now isn’t that nice? A girl who is honest can change the world, can’t they?”



“As cheerful as she is skittish, Avenalliah fits an unknown position within the four delvers’ group. Though she carries a large sack, that would hardly count as a position… right?”

“While a pure coward at times, when she shows the briefest hints of self-assurance she can turn into a different girl.”

“A girl who tries her best is a powerful creature.”

“The more chances she gains to try to shine, the more addicted she becomes to that feeling?”


“Snake elves present peculiar dangers to the uninitiated.”



“Ave tried her hardest this chapter. This is her at her absolute highest point.”








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