Take Up the Cross – Chapter 84: A Ghoul’s Game ☆

The intense emotions directed at Adris have a variety of flavors. Unlike the simple and eyes-cast-down lot of Xin, or the prudish people of Petripolis who cower from the depravities of Zennia, the humans and non-humans who infest the Slayer’s Call show hungry eyes with a glimmer of decadent intellect. Far too smart regarding useless topics, their conversations are ones Adris has partaken in while hiding his disgust or trepidation with how eager they are to revere the obscene.

Now, they want a show like no other, a new experience to lose themselves in after being deprived for so long.


(Like the spectators of an historic event…)


Each voice shares a different motivation as they drag chairs to set in the circle surrounding him, pelting him with insults or cheering for their idol. Roughly made tables soon cordon off all escape, creating a stage-within-a-stage that Lycia titters at being the worship of.


Sitting on a square table while basking in their attention, she is ever herself as she drains the last of his drink.

The legs rubbing over Adris are bound by smooth leather that’s much less appealing than her skin, but it also produces a dangerous temptation of succumbing to her bullying. That idea of finally giving in makes his heart beat faster. A thin line of sweat is what his finger draws away from his forehead.


(Surrendering to the sensations she subjects me to might make me hers forever.)


“I wonder if you’re going to try to win me over with that clever tongue of yours again? Do you think reprising something I’ve already felt is enough…?”

Unclasping her top, it falls off along with the upper part of her bustier that he ripped free. With the metallic wiring no longer constraining them, her pale melons swing as she shifts. Naked for all to see, their rapt attention is further fuel for her taunting.

“Do they keep you awake at night because you missed out?”

Pushing them together, they sweetly deform like puffy bread. His eyes drink in the full milkiness. Though calling them melons should sound like a loose analogy, they might as well be for how much delicious roundness they have.

“Pining for what I can do with them? Your lackeys seemed a bit… lacking.”

Supporting them with hands that gently tweak her hardening nipples, Lycia points out how little he’s experienced what she can offer.


(Since your tongue is so long, whatever pokes out the other side is going to be totally wrapped up!)


“No, I only stay up when planning how to make them mine.”

“‘Them’? Those children or…?”

Wobbling “them” invitingly, she smirks at his confidence.


His hands push off Lycia’s legs, before he hesitates at the approving roar going up at his push on her.


(Eh, in front of everyone, though?)


Looking around, the jeering and crying mass of acquaintances lifts their hands toward him, thrusting them forward and suggesting he scoot closer to make good on his offer.


Lycia looks more drunkenly invigorated as she searches his face for hints of discomfort at being center stage. She lifts her skirt to flash that prize whose tantalizing juices are easy to lose himself in again.


(You picked the wrong man if you think a crowd will stop me! It’s just the opposite, now that I’ve tasted the feeling before…)




Adris fehl Dain is a born entertainer.

Though his heart is beating so hard that it might explode, it’s not from fear.


(After that night in the Castillo with Kol, I’m getting a thrill from this! I get to put on the best show possible while you melt on my tongue! After all, it’s not like I could possibly fail…)




Leaning forward, he lifts her leg to rub his cheek against it while she hums appreciatively.


“You sound distant, but I think you’re hungry after remembering last time. Would you beg for it if you knew I was only playing around then, sis?”

A grin with that question earns a moment of shock from Lycia, with her flushing at the thought of a better time.

“How much nicer can it be? Can your tongue move like mine, maybe?” Almost a whisper by the end, she bites on his temptation. Both know the other has much that’s hidden yet to offer.


Sultry after when her long tongue flicks out to tease him, her face grows taunt when her green eyes shift from his face to behind him.


“… Remind me, little brother… what’s the difference between the Chosen and the Castillo?”

This carefree question causes him to ponder the same often absent distinctions, until he feels two people taking his back.




A ghostly scream rises over the distant mechanical clanking of some contraption, before unseen movements finish their calculations in a great bell ringing.

The thrill of combat roars through his blood.


(Nothing at all! They all serve only their libidos!)


His own libido gives way to outrage as he launches his body forward.




Wind whistles by the back of his cold neck, with a splash of something on his cloak as he turns.


Staring back at his attackers, he finds a short woman wearing a long, spiral dress with snake-like ribbons winding around her limbs recovering from her lunge. Even after missing the first strike, she’s ready to leap upon him.

“If you’re not gonna get to licking, then lick this and let me at her!” An acidic hiss follows her comment, made angrier by reptilian eyes that drill through him as she brandishes a teardrop dagger dripping some black toxin.


(I’m not thirsty for you!)


“Why you, huh!? The fuck is the fun in watching a kid try to stud the madonna!?” The second has a heavy accent, being a burly man who smells of narcotic haze and has a face hidden by a drooping hat. Reaching into thick, charred robes to draw a crystal globe out, he mimics her aggression as his hand starts to spark.


(The fun is supposed to be my reward!)


Taken by the mood, Adris’ eager horniness lets others get the drop on him as he pulls free the black cross. It’s made all the worse by his pants falling when he pulls his sole weapon, leaving him cursing himself while scrambling to not trip over.


(I’ll club every last one of you if that’s what it takes to have—!)






Powerful arms draw him in, as legs enclose his and squeeze.

The attackers, who now can easily massacre his restrained body, fall back when a woman’s face creeps over his head, revealing sharp teeth as she smiles.

A vigorous atmosphere grows heavy with this revealed menace, something the crowd has never witnessed if the way they fall back betrays their thoughts.


“… I thought people here liked Rose? Why would you try to spoil my fun?”

A mournful question, full of pain and disappointment, causes them to morph from angry to ashamed as they drop their weapons with a clatter.

“I love you more than anything else in the world!”



Roaming her hands over Adris’ body, he flinches at the display as Lycia continues her pouting.


“Y’know, I’m not really feeling it anymore if this is how…?





“You’re stopping what I want to see!”


Anger and jealousy fold up before the mass of bodies that collapse on them. Screams cannot escape the raging hunters who turn their weapons on their own.

Exited from the stage, the thrill of battle fades when the two can’t be witnessed anymore, only briefly heard as their last gasps fade into the distance.




“They’re… all insane…”

The slightest whisper of Adris’ true thoughts is accepted by arms which hold him tight. A danger he could never escape from before is, for Adris, the only safe place at the moment.

“Right, but as long as they love me, you’re perfectly safe.”

Fanning him with her hand, Lycia whispers back with a tinge of pride.


(That’s a position I dislike you having.)


Just make sure you make this as impressive as you boast, because they hate boring things and they might go wild if we’re bad… Hm, let’s get back to business…!”

Spunky now, her cheer quietens them as she pumps her fist in the air.


“Oooo~kay, big sis really feels good about things, again! How about we have some fun, everyone!?”





The carnival mood returns as Adris is pushed away, tripping into his chair before sitting in it with flourish. A quick laugh comes from those near him.


(You can’t embarrass me, Lycia.)


Kicking off his rabbit boots, his pants come free after before he struts back to Lycia while whipping his cloak off. The scene of a kid trying to be smooth brings another round of laughter, causing Adris to give a wave before returning to his work.


“Even if I’ve seen it before, it’s still unruly how big it is for a boy as ‘young’ as you are.”

“It’s not… huge.”

To the woman who is giggling at him while covering her mouth, he raises an eyebrow. She then settles back down, taking in his body with a sweep of her eyes before smiling.

“Lithe, but strong. Not anything like any boy I can think of. Unique!” Leaning toward him, she runs a hand through her hair. “Y’know, I couldn’t catalog what I’ve been promised over the years by men far more… aesthetically ‘pedigreed’ than you are. Can you melt me down when nobody else has, little brother?”


(Beauty means nothing for talent!)


“Only if your mind can last until the end.”

A flat rebuttal makes her rock back and forth while laughing.

“Hahaha! Good! Show me. If it’s enough, I might change my mind about you…”


A quick challenge is offered as she wiggles away from him.


“Hm, last time you made me stand, so I think…”

With full allure she lays her back on the waist-high drinking table while leaving her legs over the edge, letting her dress cover his goal as she takes her eyes off of him.


“If you can force my head off of the table, that’ll be a pass for this round?” A flirtatious question marks what she wants, with a hand creeping down to rub the fabric over the stickiness it clings to. “Do you really think you can win by technique alone? You’re sadly mistaken if you think a lady is only looking for the right touch…”

The one who is being rewarded goes stiff for a second, grinding on a tooth before finally grinning at this subtle jab.


(So jaded that even a quickie would sound pointless?)


Her experience is far greater than Adris’, leaving him unsure of how to impress. Given only one chance to do so, a hint about “what excites a woman” does strike a chord with him.

Rather than cower or dissuade him, he snaps his fingers almost by sheer accident at the brilliant thought coming to mind as he inspects the beauty waiting for his first move.




(Women, of course, like a good story. Theme. Characters. Role. Mood. Novelty.)


Lycia is the only woman that’s made him want to go out of his way to impress, leading to a brilliant solution.


(Acting is not only capable of deceiving and manipulating for profit, but also for pleasure.)




Patting her leg, she giggles at that being his first move.

“Are you going to spoil me, brother? Do even know what makes me tick? We’ve hardly met… a few ‘shorts’ isn’t a relationship.”


(Spoil you? In my own way I will. And we’re just getting to know each other, I know, but… I know enough to bet.)




Lycia Vehrose prizes exactly two things, which when mixed together produce the delightful narcosis she’s addicted to.




(She expects me to be an aggressive, suave lover who tries desperately to work her to satisfaction. I have a feeling that’s exactly what she hates. Men who are smooth and confident, the same ones that no doubt used her. So, instead… let’s target the basis of her fetish.)


Acting is ever easy to Adris, who has little to stand in the way of being someone else.


(I am, after all, a young boy… at heart. Let’s feed you the meal you want, but with a different preparation.)


His choice in persona is even a little seductive to him, naughty even as he tests the physical limits of his cursed body by flexing and twisting. Down to only his tunic and underpants, he’s ready to put on the face that will make her melt for him.


(If you have an advantage: press it.)




Lycia yelps when weight falls on top of her.

Jumping between her legs to land on the table, Adris lays his arms over hers as she wraps hers around the boy suddenly squirming on top of her body.


“You fool!? What are you doing!?”

Shock at his flop onto her is heated as she yells at him when he puts his face to her boobs.

“Wanting them that much isn’t appealing!? Are you really so deprived…?”




“Of course I am!”


A boyish voice full of annoyance almost causes Lycia to lift her head, before she clicks her tongue and shifts to look down into Adris’ eyes.

“Big sis ignored my real feelings the whole time in the Castillo, treating me like luggage!”

“What are you talking… huh…?”


Rather than a grown woman pouting at a boy, a boy returns the favor by huffing out his cheeks before squishing them into her valley again.


“Even after I went to all that trouble to make sis happy after getting outside, you act like I’m not important. Why can’t I be important, huh!?”

“Important…!? … You… aren’t unimportant…”

Her usually confident voice full of teasing breaks into a higher whine as he manhandles her. Without knowing what’s going on, her entire routine is thrown off.


A cold hand gently pats his head, before it pulls away quickly.


“… What’s your… game…? Ah!? Stop thrusting… like that…!”


“Haha! What’re you doing, kid!?”

Calls from the sidelines go up with Adris laying between her legs, clumsily rubbing his hard dick against her lower body as he moans.

“Come on, even if you chose a ~FRAME~ like that, you gotta know how to use it, right?”

“Do something worth my time!”

“Huh? … That’s actually kind of precious~!”

“… Don’t tell me you’re a kiddie lover, too.”




Mixed signals go up with the catcalls, provoking some discussions between suddenly flustered women and the men around them.


(“Eyes full of unsure bravado. An indignant sort of whiny voice, flecked by insecurity. When you hit the weak spot, press forward with youthful stubbornness.” Ignore all the voyeurs. The men don’t get the appeal, but the women do!

But, in addition to all of this…)




An imp named Rantil was the perfect instructor for a would-be brat. Every time he thinks about the purple-haired, squealing girl who weaponizes her eccentric youth to dig under his skin, he both wants to throttle her with his fist and pummel her with his dick to shut the girl up.




Pulling his face back, Adris roughly grasps at the treasures all men crave as she moans a question.


“Just… just what’s gotten into you…!? I thought you’d be some casanova with the way you—!?


She yelps once more as he sucks harshly on her right tit, rubbing his tongue on the end as he sucks on the base. Popping off noisily, he grumbles at her.

“Sis! You make me feel weird with how you show them to me, then try to hide them! Doing that the whole time even while carrying me! I did all this for you, so don’t I deserve a reward!?”

“… You…!? A reward isn’t just… given.”

“Why not!?”

“Because a liar like you has to earn it…! This show isn’t just about you… I’m… thankful for certain things, but don’t think you’ll get away with…!”


Frowning, Adris climbs up to be face-to-face with her.

Lycia’s mouth is curled in annoyance, but there’s a blush to her cheeks as she desperately searches for a clue as to what’s possessed him.


(Good. Look for what I’m about! Ignore them…)


“I… I want you! Not them…!”


A needy tone from him reaches deep into her.

“You picked me up in the Castillo! You… chose me…! So why do you care about other things!?”

“… Huh…?”


Tears in his eyes are produced at the perfect time.


A consummate professional scrunches his face, huffing in indignity at being ignored for so long.


“I’m… gonna make you mine! Sis, you’ll have to do things for me!”

Inexpertly groping her again, Adris lets his voice crack as he sounds “authoritarian”.


(… Grasp on! Get in the mood with what I’ve got going! If you’re a woman who loves innocence, then I’ll show you a flavor you’ve never conceivably tasted!)




Humans on Zennia can never “attack”, only “be taken”.

The subversive advice that Castile relayed during their introductory drinking session said that the monsters of Zennia never receive sexual advances. To receive them willingly is thought of as a commodity by those who can find it.


(This is why I’m valuable… in my own way! Only I can give you an experience like this. Although, that begs the question…)




If men approached Lycia in the Second Age, then when did the difference come into place.


(When did… humans come to fear any sort of reconciliatory act with monsters? When did “sex” become something to be rejected for any reason? Nevermind…!)


Logical inquiry dies in the face of carnal necessities a man needs to survive.




“You made me this way, so take responsibility! That’s what grown ups do, right!? You did whatever you wanted to me up in the very top of the Castillo, remember, before throwing me down a pipe!? So… I’m… going to… touch you however I want to now!”

“You can’t be serious…?”

Slowly at first, he hesitantly reaches in for a kiss.


(That’s part of why you took me, wasn’t it? Because you were looking for something only a pure human can give!)


Eyes wide at this, Lycia suddenly closes them before he reaches.

When he pushes against her lips, their moisture locks… until her tongue pokes against them.



Pulling away suddenly while calling out, Adris’ reaction creates for Lycia’s enjoyment…




(“That time I got so drunk that Serras had to fish me out of a well before I drowned…” Staring at me in shock the whole time, completely numb from my disgrace. Not believing that her partner could be so stupid as she threw down a rope… That was the single-most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me…)


His memories provide the motivation for his body to give her what she will crave.




At the face of his that must be bright red in surprise at what she did, Lycia’s shocked visage finally does melt, ever so slowly.


“You’re mine, now!”

“Ah, is that so…?”

Patting his head again, she whispers her response before licking her lips.

“Is a… little brat with no tact trying to take charge? Having me however you want to is what you crave… little brother?” Purring as she asks her final question, she finally nibbles on his lure. The tongue that prodded him peeks out for a second as she smiles, tilting her head in a dismissive way as he “takes charge”.

“Mmm, big sister did mess with you a bit. Are you mad?”

“Of course I am! You can’t just mess with me forever…!”

“Huh!? … Hah! As if… Hmm!?”


Thrusting his lips against hers again, he tries to remember what it was like not to have the capacity to show intimacy properly.

That eagerness that ruins all technique.


MM… ah, huh…”

“How’s that?”

“… Was that supposed to be a kiss~?”


Finally parting her lips, his tongue treads on hers. All the bravado he can muster goes into this sloppy attack.


Before his tongue is wrapped up like a snake has struck it.





When he pulls away, her tongue follows. Hanging outside of her mouth, it refuses to release his even four inches apart.

Only after an eternity of it being snared does she slurp back in her ghoulish tongue.


“Fufu, now that was a fine kiss.”

“… Of course it was! I’ll show a shitty sister like you why brothers are stronger~!”


Grinning in victory, Adris climbs up to kneel on her stomach.

His breathing becomes fast as he rubs on her breasts, enveloping as much as he can with his smaller hands. Not even containing them at all, their weight leaves them falling to the side as he tries to keep them up.


“They’re soft.” An an intentionally innocent response also carries some of his deepest appreciation.

“How observant.”



Sharp teeth flash as she giggles, with Lycia finally relaxing as he begins her “punishment”. Moving ever so cautiously, her cold body warms to the touch of his bare skin. Never truly needing to breathe, she chooses now to start doing it ever so slowly.

The concept of a boy who “attacks” her appears to have the right effect, with her scent changing into one that’s causing the sweating Adris to get into his own act.


(… Why is it so hot in the Call? Was tonight always this warm?)


“What a clever boy, to know what breasts are.”

“Hah! The way you talk makes it sound like I’m a joke, but who’s on top now, sis~?”

“Oh, you are, definitely. But what of it? … What’s a silly boy going to do?”


(Whatever I want to, as long as I do it with zeal!)


If Adris had a tail like Kol, it’d be wagging. Given free reign to live out a strange sort of play, he eagerly peels away his underwear.

Throwing it to the hooting crowd, their private stage has no time for intruders as he lets his erect cock rest between her pillows.


“… I want… to feel just how soft they are!”

“Haha! … Hmmm, ‘soft as a cloud’ is what you’ll think shortly. Oh!”

Pride in that self-description comes with another yelp of surprise, because Adris quickly pushes them together to encase his member. Without a shred of finesse, he begins thrusting between her hills while moaning.

Rough thrusts are evened out by the give of flesh and the suppleness of her pale skin.

“Ehh, is this how you treat your pillows…?”


(YES, if they’re yours! This is nice! What a completely new sensation!)


Rather than the sticky velvety feeling of the inner walls of a woman, that same similarity shared with a mouth and throat, it is more like being surrounded by filled dumplings. The friction is more intense, but the heat grows slower than being instantly surrounded by warm juices.

It’s a very incomparable feeling to grip onto what you slide between, perhaps only near in appeal to thrusting between Serras’ trained ass cheeks.


(Ah, how annoyed she was when I would want to do that, but she’d always be breathing so fast by the time I spurted on her back. Only two fingers and poking at the right place would be needed to send her shaking after!)


Skin that tastes like citrus is fresh on his mind. The woman approving of him behind half-lidded eyes is the sort of wonder that should have a statue honoring her in the Castillo baths.


(… She’s free to go to the Castillo, right? I should… ask her to go there with me. We can bathe between the statues, then imitate them by me pounding her tight cunt while she hangs over the edge, the water splashing out as we go…!)


The thought of that position brings him to how he wants to end this.


(Yeah, I want to stare down at her ass as I—






Something hot and wet flicks over the end of his dick when it manages to peek out the end of the hole between her breasts. Adris realizes now that his eyes were closed while thinking about this scene, but hers are bright and teasing as her long tongue extends to bully his dick.


“… Haha… howsh it feel?”



The dry rubbing was hardly frictionless, even if Lycia’s skin is purely soft. After feeling the warmth of her saliva letting him glide, he has to give her credit.


(It feels even better when lubricated!)


As such, he automatically squeezes her breasts more firmly together as the tongue manages to join him between the divide. While he thrusts, this long muscle lovingly slides along his length. Like a frog’s strike, it slathers him up and makes him sticky.


“Nice! Sis is way too talented…”



Getting him prepared, her hands push away his which grasp those globes together. Freed of having to hold on, he can pick up his pace as he grunts. They wobble as he thrusts between them, cradled by this lovely warmth.

Being able to cut loose and play tickles something Adris hasn’t had since Zennia.


(Being a kid isn’t so bad if something like this is forgiven. If even Lycia will let me get away with this, maybe I should be looking for older women…)


The sight of a kid savaging a grown women’s rack causes the throng of spectators to close on them, wood skidding as they draw closer still.


“He ain’t giving no mercy.”

“But he barely fits through!” A woman laughs as she leans in, her yellow eyes focused on his lusty drive.


(You don’t even have a dick! You try having a normal one and escape out the end of all of this!)


“Right! You hold them! I’m not doing any work, sis.”

Slurping her tongue back into her mouth, she hisses at him.

“Spoiled brat. When have you… huh, done any work? Others seem to do all of it for you~!”

That thought makes him smile, while his left hand creeps away as he leans slowly back.

“That’s my secret! My work, you never…”

“AH!? Ahh…!”


The disgusted look on Lycia’s face turns into an open-mouthed groan of pleasure.

“… see.”

“Bad boy…”


Her body jumps as his hand rubs the fabric between her legs, thin enough that his target can be made out.


(I’m not just going to enjoy myself without tormenting you!)


He pulls up the too short skirt, earning a roar of applause in his favor.


“I want to slam into that!”

“Always knew you were on our side, ~NOVICE~! Keep going, she’s gonna give up eventually!”


“… Fuah, don’t bet on his advice, little bro…”


(I’ll prove him right!)


When his agile, slender fingers begin to rub on the outside of her lips, she squirms with the moving sensation. Wetter than the first go with her, they slip in easily as he rubs on the hood above her entry. Though he’s happy to help her, he is limited by his position.


“Mmmm, you do have nice hands. I’m glad I didn’t break them…


Rubbing on her clit while leaning back is all he’s willing to do as he keeps awkwardly thrusting between moist tits. While he should be lording his position over her…


“Sis… can’t move her head, right? So I have to make sure you get how I feel! Full power!”

“As if this super-hot, hard sausage you keep peeking out at me wasn’t honest enough? Ahnn…

Her tongue slides back out again, flicking across the tip and lapping up his pre-cum every time he pokes out.

“No, but it’s a start…”

Such a dexterous appendage proves that ghouls, like other monsters on Zennia, far outclass human women in their tools of pleasure. Stopping in his thrust, he sighs when she wraps the entire head up and then pulls off of it slowly, only to do the same thing a moment later as he melts at the feeling.


(I can’t win over that tongue! The juices are making my tip grow more sensitive. If I’m going to last longer in the future, let’s get this out of the way now!)


Instead of holding back, Adris would rather give in. The crowd is begging for a spectacle, so he’ll provide.


(No matter how tired I am, I don’t feel like I’ll ever stop!)


His sweat stains her body as it drips off him, falling with a concerning frequency. The tip of Lycia’s tongue flicks a drop off of her skin before returning to his cock.


“Myyyy, you look sho worn out ahlready.”

Resorting to degrading him already even while slurring her words over her dancing tongue, Adris stops thrusting for a moment and brings his hands to her nipples.


“HNG!? Hey…!”

“Ah, look how big they are! Sis is easy to twist!”


Arching her back as he pulls on them, she reveals her chomping bite with a gasp to force him to let go.


“Try that again, brat.”

“Did it hurt? Not as bad as it did when you roughed me up, I promise!”

A private wound festers up to the surface as Adris mocks her, earning a smirk from her.

“… I see. Come on, then!”



To counter him, she squeezes her breasts to grind harder. Even when slick, this pressure is all it takes to force him into his final build up.


(I want her too much! This isn’t like with the others. Only Still gives me the chance to relax and give in, but she won’t let me act like this!)


“Soft! Squishy boobs are the best!”

“Hah, you whine about how you were hurt, do you? I’ll remember that… Now hurry up and finish! Show them how easy you cum!”


(I’m not easy! Gah! You’re just good…)


“Haha, a kid like you can only lose, getting lost in what you obsess over. Come on!”


Her tongue slithers out after she finishes laughing, resuming its envelopment of his head as he slides along her stomach to thrust against her. The pleasure radiating from his sensitive tip travels straight to his balls, priming the release that he can’t bother saving against.


(… Uh, at this rate I’m going to regret giving in early! But… unlike last time…!)


That face of hers wants to lift, even if her voice is insulting. A shrillness to her voice is added on top of how wild her motions are to milk him. The idea of him cumming sends a fire through her that matches his own.


“… Blow it all over my titsh. Shish… will cleahn it up for you.”


As he bucks back and forth, she’s moving her own body subconsciously in anticipation.

There’s a hunger to her that’s naked and as single-minded as he is.


(She wants me to finish, too! But not to win! Oh… right!)


Adris comes to a complete stop, huffing as he recovers.


“… Ah… shwat is wrong?”

Pulling her tongue back, she pats her breasts while holding his cock firm. When he just smirks at her, she sneers with a hint of a hurry as her irises contract.

“Come on, you finally get your chance and you’re going to run? What a disappointing brother you are!”

“… Well, I was just thinking… why waste it on your boobs?”




In an instant he flips off of her, quickly scooting around to put his face over her stomach as she gasps.


Leaving his throbbing member hanging up in the air as he unsteadily kneels before her head, he shifts forward and back while taunting her.

Though he can’t see her face, those eyes must be following.


“Now that I remember… sis loves drinking straight from the source! That was the best thing, too!”

As he lowers his hips while laying on top of her pillowy bosom for support, the crowd begins to lose their minds.




“Skin him, Rose! Don’t put up with it!”

Female voices call for blood, while…


“Right down to her throat! You can do it!

The males slap their steins on the tables as others clap, egging him on and reinforcing his decision.




“The crowd loves it, sis~.”

Whispering into her stomach before licking the silky lingerie covering it, Adris casts away the fear that she’s going to bite it off.

You’re getting too bold.”

The mildest, yet icy, whisper carries a threat, but…


(That crack in your voice is anything but angry!)


“If I wasn’t bold, I wouldn’t be here doing this! I’ve wanted you to treat me again, sis!”

Scraping on her face, he finally clips her lips, which open just barely to lick the tip.

“Come on, taste me! I don’t want to waste anything you want!”

“Hah! … Fine. Don’t cry about it, later…”


(I trust you not to bite…!)


Before she can change her mind, he parts those slick, red lips of hers as he lets his weight sink.

Entering past those sharp teeth that can end him instantly, he easily angles as her head adjusts to slip past her accommodating tongue. Brushing her uvula, Adris sighs in thanks for how easy it is to insert on his own.


The experience is a legend reborn.


“So hot! But tighter than you mashing your tits…!”


Lost in this renewed experience, he immediately draws out and pushes forward again. Sliding along her throat as he hits, it immediately constricts to swallow. Jolting him with that, Lycia avoids choking as he starts to slowly, but repeatedly, thrust while moaning.


“Ahhh…! Nobody is like you!”

While the screaming audience watches a boy plow into the face of their idol, he feels satisfaction at this change in who is in charge.

Pushing up to the hilt into her tight mouth, the feeling of her nose on something precious sends him laughing.


“Haha, my sack is resting on your face!”


This joke to him causes her whole body to jolt, before she squirms when he continues to lick her contracting stomach.

Beginning to thrust again, he shivers when her arms wrap around his back.


(Ah… that… might have been…?)


“Sis… can’t lift her head!”


But she doesn’t throw him off when he warns her, earning him a reprieve as he expedites his own orgasm. Instead of tossing him, she reaches up to squeeze his butt. His dick is willingly accepted by the one woman he never, ever thought he’d have exposed like this.

A powerful woman who nearly beat him is now eagerly letting him widen the hole that so much abuse of him streams from.

Instead of snide comments and coy teasing, this war goddess is thirsting for what has no value to him except in release. Faster and faster he thrusts, only willing to slam into her because she’s able to take it.


(Like last time, if she… mmmm, gets drunk off of semen, then I’ll give…


Everything… I…!)




Rampaging as he groans, she bears with this squishy, loud abuse until he starts to shudder. That heat running through him flares him even stronger as he nears.

Her body is slick with not only her saliva, but his sweat as he starts to moan.


(It’s coming!)


“Down… your throat, hah! It’s going… where you crave it!”





A cadre of Lycia worshipers chant as he refrains from crying out at the release they’re longing for.


(That’s… killing my…!)



This rough-sounding man howls over the crowd, causing Adris to cringe.


(But, a man cheering for me is… also…! AHHH!)




“Oooh! CUMMING!”


Even after the days of being sucked dry by Ave, Still, and Kol, Adris doesn’t fail to please as he bastes her throat with sticky globs that jet from his head.

He fires up even harder when he feels his ballsack get wrapped up by a sticky tentacle, earning more squeezing ejaculations while he tries to stay stable.


“Fuuuuuck!? Sis…!”


As she spasms with the flavor she tastes with her whole existence, Adris takes advantage of it even in his own addled state.


Ahnn! More!”

Licking her stomach while pushing into it, both of his hands reach down to her crotch. Ripping up her skirt, he curls her legs when he begins rubbing against her clit with rough circular motions.


(… AHHH! I knew it…! She gets off on the taste!)


Riding on waves of release, Adris is jerky as he desperately tries to make her cum at the same time. While gulping on his dick’s long release, her voicebox growls with his service. Jumping and sticking her legs out, this hyper slick passage he attacks once more allows one hand to pull the entrance as he flicks her clit from side to side with fast strikes.


“GGGUUUHH…! Uhhh!?” An evil roar reverberates up his cock as she vocalizes her surprise.


Choking on his dick, she eventually succumbs to the same pleasure she’s inflicting on him. No matter how minor it might be, an orgasm rumbles through her as she quivers. Juices spray as she squeezes her thighs against his hands with crushing force.


“Sis! Stop! GAH!?”


Riding out this quick climax, the ghoulish lay under him suddenly goes still as the rest of his milk leaks out into her.


(… Whoa… that’s just like last time… when she…)




Only a moment to remember is allowed before life returns to the corpse.

Muscles strain as she suddenly sits up.




Adris flails as he’s lifted off the table with her body, coming to standing as the woman effortlessly holds him up.


“What are you—




A vacuum of moist flesh sucks on his enervated dick, causing that tenderness of his to become the most painful pleasure he could possibly imagine. The head feels like it’ll come off with how her tongue peels it while she draws him out.


Only for his tormentor to thrust him back into her throat on her own.




Sloppy sucking sounds deafen the crowd that’s gone suddenly silent as the woman with monstrous strength forcibly fellates the boy clinging to her while crying out.

Rather than stopping her with his cries, she only speeds up.


A refractory period is ignored when her tongue lavishes his still-rigid member, instantly sending him back into a build up that defies what he knows about human capabilities. Lightning fast with each slurp, he almost exits her mouth before he’s sent back into its depths once more.








Breasts shake as she disgustingly slurps him, losing all the appeal of a lady as she becomes a wanton slut aiming to drain him to the last drop.


That drop is quickly stolen, as an impossibly fast second release burns out of him due to the pain.



When he yells that, she hilts him down her throat as he shakes.

Her tongue once more wraps up his balls, squeezing them like nuts to be cracked, as another rope of white delight is pulled straight down her esophagus.


“LYCIA! AHHHHH! Ahhhh…!?”


A childlike scream is heard by every ear as his eyes roll up into his head.

Almost passing out, he drools while hanging upside down without energy.




The only part of his body that can give such satisfaction is abused by a tongue that tries to creep down the slit in his head, causing him to whimper as it licks out the last trace of what it longs for.


“… You… are… evil…”

MMMMPH… slurp, no…”


Gently letting him drop to the ground, the nearly naked boy stares up between her crossed legs as she shivers while humming. The last bits of pre-cum left dried on her hands are sucked off as she sticks them between her lips, before she gives a very contented sigh.




“Not evil, just an older sister. Just… your goddess.”




The thick drinking table screeches when only one of her hands pulls it closer. Lycia stares down while standing over his face.


Gone is any impression of neediness.

After sucking down his cum, she looks just as reinvigorated as she did during the battle in the Cistern where it gave her the power to crush four Castillo servants single-handedly.

The pale skin of her grinning face that had lost its luster after being savaged by Kol’s flames and Still’s concoctions shines with renewed health.


(… Semen is a panacea, is it?)


Fingers spread her super wet hole, letting juices fall on his face.

Licking them off his cheek causes his abused body to tremble with the flavor he’s allowed to taste again.




“You… won round one, little brother. I’ll admit, a disgusting little brat like you is just full of pleasant surprises! I got up, so…”


Kneeling over his face, she thrusts her pelvis at him, bringing wide eyes beneath a mask that’s quickly starting to shine with the juices dripping onto it. While opened wide like this, Adris can watch the circular passage inside contract and expand on nothing at all, desperate for something to crush on. Engorged lips are burning for more contact with him, eager to let him be gulped inside.




“… now is your chance to worship me in the most intimate way possible, if you can still get it up.”




Standing again, she snatches his cloak and spreads it over the table before leaning on it.

Only her big ass, thick thighs, and juicy cunt can be seen as she wiggles. Those tool panels attached to her belt gives the primal brain of his an idea as he looks on in shock.


But his mind can manage no more thoughts, other than to realize he can’t win against her effortless confidence.

The equally dumbstruck crowd comes closer, chairs clattering to a stop within only feet of the table, so that seated men openly lowering their pants can appreciate the view more carefully and aggressively as they pump, while women spreading their legs can snake hands down to play their own, more delicate games. With space at a premium, the air is tense as they jockey for a view, so tense that bloodshed seems almost inevitable as they dare to look at each other.




““““““UP! UP! UP! UP! UP!””””””


The crowd demands action even while thirsting for its own blood.

The hunters call him back to the hunt.


No longer insulting, their bloodshot eyes are focused on what’s being offered to Adris.


““““““~NOVICE~! ~NOVICE~! ~NOVICE~!””””””



Only upon proving himself once do they cheer for him now.

He’s no longer treated as a threat.





The voice that carries over is the one that supported him earlier, one full of bestial snarl and hunger.


(Right… I became… one of them…)




Rising from the floor slowly, he earns their applause and hooting as he braces himself to face the threat before him, his closed fist held up to show that he’s not subdued.


Wiping her juices off of the black mask with his hand after, he then savors licking them.




Blond hair is spread over her shoulders as she lazily lays face down on the table into her folded arms, letting her judicious boobs be an extra support.

Facing away from him, he hears her yawn before a sultry voice seemingly speaks from everywhere around him with as mesmerized as he is by her swaying butt.




“Second round, little brother~.

If you can make me leave the table again, I’ll give you a prize nobody else has ever gotten ♥.”






Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”, “Starr”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, True False God, Slayer
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”, Slayer of Petripolis
Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark – Wave of Darkness] – “Making victory possible? No, no, no. That thing isn’t that kind! There’s more than that!”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy? Yeah, you’re still there.”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”


[Marital Arts – Self-taught] – “Hoh, even if it’s dangerous to use, it feels good to prove to myself that the body is still as willing as the mind! Even if I can’t call it aura, something is inside me now!”


[Verisimilitude] – “Stop giving weird names to what I do! But if my imaginative truths are more believable now, I’m not gonna complain.”


[A WONDERFUL CURSE] – “If that old corpse wasn’t already dead, I’d definitely kill him!”




[“Rabbit Boots”] – “Providing increased agility while moving as a passive boon, they also allow actively to bound great distances with surprising grace. What do they cost though, I wonder?”


[“Metallic Bracer”] – “I can punch Kol into a wall with this!? But it hurts like shit!”


Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”

“What’s your angle, oh fellow seeker of rare truths?”

“Is this not fine?

Is this not perfect?

Is this not a part of your answer, withheld for so long from me?


“Had I known that you sought this sort of woman, couldn’t I have provided it as exceptionally well?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”

“Why would he possibly do this?”

“For the first time in his life, he may be speaking a truth as known to both him and others.”


“Even if you discover the truth of the mind and heart, the body longs for a different sort of wisdom.”



“Embracing his inner imp is the theme of this chapter.”



Name: Lycia Vehrose
Titles: Beast of Conquest
Race: Blood-Stained Ghoul
Sex: Female
Age: ?? (Old Lady)

Occupation: Wondrous Works Researcher; Tool Creator; Total Monster
Discipline: Battle Pressure – Mad Ghoul (Originally: Golden Luster – Eternal Soldier)



[Shooting Stars] – “A strange, wooden box with holes in the end produces a stream of missile-like light, which explodes with enormous force on the chosen target. I, of course, want it desperately. Hooray for aura tools.”

[Pocket Belmont] – “A spiked chain that flies with great force to strike out, before returning. It explodes with flame on impact, destroying whatever is around its point of release. Is this love? Am I in love?”

[Doom Rollers] – “Please make way for one of my favorite tools! Or, rather: don’t.”

[Heart Taking] – “Hey, won’t you give yourself to me~? Completely and absolutely.”


[DARK REVELATION] – “Only you wanted this, Little Bro.”


Disposition: Sultry / Intelligent / Vicious |-| Insane |-| Emotionless
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Skin: Deathly White



Rantil Value –

Strength – C (B)

Vitality – C (B)

Dexterity – D

Agility – C (B)

Intelligence – C

Mentality – C

Luck – E

Charisma – D



Cethran Value – “Perhaps you have a fascination for that which seems human, but whose qualities deviate far from it when inspected? Even if she’s your ideal figure, Adris, won’t it be a problem if she decides to eat you up?”

“Isn’t it fine? Why would I be bothered if she helps you discover your own answer?”

“You can only love her if she’s not yours, is that it?”

“Isn’t it fine to speak of these things, Ms. Ghoul?

All of the secrets of the past Ages: do you believe that they are designed to protect the world, or you?


“Isn’t she the perfect woman to demonstrate the worth of the advice I gave to you within the Chapel?”



“A woman whose first instinct is to not trust you, and to trust only in herself. A fairly good perspective and outlook on life, in a blue abyss filled with lunatics. The obvious question is: how sane can she be if she willingly lives there?”

“Not so proud by the end, Lycia is a case of wondering who is the real her: the soldier that was made to serve, or the woman that causes trouble in the age after…?”

“Pride and self-image are what she grasps at hardest, defying even reality as she seeks to define herself, by what she does.”

“From slave, to outcast, to scholar, to saleswoman, if a self-made woman is one thing, it’s that she’s actually everything.”


“From cocky temptress, to older sister, to both. Stronger, together.”



“Bad women don’t suddenly become good women.”












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