Take Up the Cross – Chapter 85: A Ghoul’s Game ~ V.O.D. ☆

Their chanting reaches its peak as he slowly lowers the fist raised to earn their affection.


Facing the sex fiend calmly bent across the long table before him, this final challenge is what will separate him from legend. Should he win over this, Adris knows he’ll last forever in the Slayers’ thoughts, making his next plans much easier.


But, as he considers what those plans might be, the fact that they’ve vanished from his mind to be replaced by the desire for a fresh taste of her plump pussy lips and the meat inside scares him.

That all-consuming hunger he’s rarely felt has peaked with the streams of sweat falling from him.


(… Not right.)


Following the feeling of heat, the need cooking him from the inside out, back to its source brings his eyes to a closed fist that aches. Opening it, his palm that still has a cut in it is inflamed.




Twitching at the realization, he nearly stumbles when he restrains himself in mid motion from throttling her swaying ass with that very hand.


(Calm down! She… she got me. But I’m not lost…!)




The slightest sniffing sound from her is followed by a low chuckle.


“What’s wrong, bro? Suddenly lost your fabulous confidence?”






Already spent twice on the same tongue, the vitality she gulped down did wonders for her own; yet, Adris is worn out by the tumultuous releases that rolled through him. Far too pleasurable for his own health, he’s suddenly well aware that her inhuman pussy might turn out to be just as heated in her lukewarm self as her mouth was found to be.


(If I stick it in and lose myself in under a minute, I might never recover my self worth!)




““““““~NOVICE~! ~NOVICE~! ~NOVICE~!””””””


Cheers grow as he deflects the crowd’s possible suspicions by finally placing his hands on her butt. Warming slightly to the touch, she giggles as he rubs over the soft skin.


(She got me… this is all way out of my ability.)


This is drilled home by one simple fact.

Lycia chose the worst possible angle to test him on.


Staring at her soaked pussy as he pulls open her cheeks, he doesn’t have to bend over as much as another to do it.




Because the height difference is in his favor.


(How can I fuck her like this when my cock can’t even be at the same height!?)




While the drinking table isn’t high for a man, for a boy of Adris’ measly sub-five feet height, it presents an insurmountable difference. That difference carves into his stomach, making the juices inside gnaw at him as he secretly plots the demises of others.


(“Symphonia Dupres.” Next to the Alchemaster, you deserve to burn the most.)


The thought of how to surmount this curse runs riot through his mind as he drops down for inspection, refusing to lose the momentum he feels. Rather than leaping at her with his dick, the female creature that he has to beat needs a thorough scouting of the wet hole he intends to conquer.


Engorged lips show her arousal despite the measure of control in her teasing voice. Like a flower whose petals grow sloppier as its tempting nectar calls out for a bug like Adris to feast on them, he’s just as eager as he traces his finger between them.

Avoiding going inside and pulling away instead to test her, she remains still. Only tensing slightly as he flicks over that wonderful point of ecstasy without warning, he finds he won’t have an easy time getting her expectations to bring her to easy release.


(“A big clit that proudly demands your attention.” Poetry is worthless now, but I can only appreciate her almost masculine sense of self-worth. She only came last time because I took advantage of the effect my semen has on her…)


When she only sighs in anticipation, he decides to taste directly from the fruit of evil once more.


Her cheeks spread wide show off a bud that spreads slightly with the movement of her strong muscles. Not nearly as lewd as the sopping cunt he’s decided to bully, its different coloring reminds him not to put his nose too close to the unappetizing place.


(… Though… do undead even have need for that sort of thing?)


Nothing about her body ever seems unclean. The smell of fruit that clings to her is from a gentle cleansing, overpowering even the reek of danger and soot from earlier.


(She wiped herself clean before changing… She was planning for this?)


Almost sterile in comparison to humans, the paleness reminds him of that divide once more, making him shiver at the conflicting attractions he feels for her.




But, there’s no time for second thoughts.




Allowing his face next to her femininity, he proves that her recalled musky flavor had perfect clarity to the taste as his tongue sweeps over her lips.

“HAH! … Even having had your little tongue before, it’s… mmm, still pleasant!”

After slathering her with his saliva to mix with the local taste, he moves down to flick on her bean cautiously, letting her grow more accustomed to the increasing strength he puts into each press of his tongue.


(Escalate slowly, so she has time to get used to it…?)


“More…! Why can’t I have what I had back at the Castillo?” Giggling as he starts slowly, this need flies counter to his own tactic. She finally pushes back into his face, mashing her pussy lips against his mouth as he coughs. “Don’t be shy! A brat like you should just—!”


(… “A brat like me…”!?)


“YAAH!? Yes! Like that…!”


Drilling into her butt, Adris loses all sense of propriety as he hungrily slurps at her clit. The table creaks as she shifts on it, leaving her butt raising in time with his ministrations.

As he feels the heat inside of his body grow wilder with the source of its origin so close to his brain, the smells of her arousal are causing his abused dick to harden rock hard once more. His face can’t part from the female smell, leaving him an eager tool of pleasure for the woman who tests him with sexual challenges.


“Yes…! That’s the feeling!? That’s the boyish rush from then!” Her light voice cracks a bit before she growls, finding the tongue and lips pulling at her clit to be too much. “Umm, right on it is way too strong! But you can’t leave it alone, can you~? It’s what… earns… my love…?”


The control she has over his mind is reflected in her subtle jeering as he continues. If it were any other woman whose needy, but powerful, voice was implicitly calling for his surrender in its own way…


(I don’t know why you’re special, but it’s just proof I’m going to lose!)




Mind boils, spirit flares, and body sags as he drowns in her.

The brutal sister he left behind in the Cistern is right back in his hands and at the tip of his tongue.


(Did we ever really part…!?)


Unable to fully blame whatever Lycia did by scratching him, Adris’ out-of-character emotional attachment is causing him to lose sight of any “goals”, leaving him wanting to die in a puddle as she sits on his face.


“Haha…! Stronger again!? Ahhh! Brother really missed me that much…!?” That neediness is mirrored in part by the tinge to her teasing tone, muffled as she calls out into the table. “… Then it was worth… finding you for this…!”


Being validated in any way by her is the most seductive poison.

Earning praise from this master tool maker who stands at the pinnacle in Adris’ thoughts…










And what he doesn’t have: true beauty and an unblemished, effortless presence.




(… Ah, shit. A “shooting star” is just way better than “one that brings ruin”! Even after beating her, I don’t feel like I won if it wasn’t just me doing it…)


Lycia Vehrose is just an “Adris fehl Dain” that beats him in every category.

Throwing the girls at her could only even the contest, then win because of their merits.


Not really his.




Adris’ dick just twitches harder at the truth about his need being revealed.

Though feeling like he wants to cry at how pathetic the attraction is now, the woman he wants to emulate and surpass, but is revealed as impossible to beat, would have crushed him if he’d never met others before this realization.


(I’m not the same, though. I’m not…!)


“HYAH!? YES! Scratch… there…!”


Pulling away finally, fingers thrust in to scrap against her inner wall. Aiming for that sweet spot as he rapidly pleasures her, she responds by growling in thanks.


“Ahhhh! Others don’t bother looking for where it’s good… but a little kid like you does…!?”

“Does what!? Makes you shake your hips like a slut, sis!? Hahaha!”

“Unn!? Shitty kid~!”

Calling her a slut should end with his face being kicked through, but she instead spreads her legs to give a better sight for the spectators as two fingers plunge inside. Anger at his words quickly becomes an escalation of the contest ongoing, daring him to press further.

“… Not the best… fingers… but, certainly the most eager!”

A groan of approval shows Adris a ray of hope.




(If I can’t win in metrics, presentation, style, or technique, then I throw at her the only thing left that I win at:


desperation and wildness!)


Inferior in every other way, Adris still has what she doesn’t.


(You’re not gonna ever beat me, sis, unless you’re willing to fall into hell with me! Nobody wins this contest: both of us lose!)




Resolved now, Adris pulls out his fingers to lick them, before a resounding clap on her ass causes the slayers around him to jeer.


“… You’re gonna regret so many things in your life like that, brother, once I show you your errors…”


Giving him nearly free reign, she leaves one warning as Adris steps away. The woman with wet thighs wants a release as badly as he wants to deliver it, but she’s also not going to forgive him even if she receives it.


(A doomed man finds a new kind of bravery.)


Pulling the hair demon’s potion satchel up from his clothes, a madman grins when he retrieves a red-coated vial with the letters…





One of the spectators whispers them out, bringing a quick shush from the rest as he claps his mouth shut.


(The one and only! Aura training and my body can only do so much alone…!)


After being drained twice by Lycia and suffering through hellish liaisons with the girls, the body of any man could hardly be expected to endure.


(“Imbibe when all hope is lost and victory is the only salvation.” I bought this as a trump card against Kol, who could cost me everything if I fail a challenge with her…!)


Renée’s most unique and useful item for sale was this potion, bought at an exorbitant price with a telling smirk showing beneath the woman’s veil.




May your battle be entertaining enough to justify the price.”




The price she referred to was, more than likely, not the one in Castillo gold.


(But Lycia is worth it! After Still’s secret medicine and Ave’s dangerous fangs, I despise the idea of using elixirs that degrade my mentality… Given only one chance, though, now is the perfect time to ace this contest!)




“Huh… hey, bro… where’s the love from earlier?” A whine from Lycia comes with her swaying her butt again, which shines with his slobber on her inviting pussy. “… Or did you finally realize the challenges children face in life…? Haha…!”


(… This tragic fiend! I’ll show you a fucking handicap equalizer! If I really lose completely to you, the cross might kill me, anyway!)


Popping the vial’s topper, he knocks back the sludge that pours forth.

Tasting like mashed plum if you left it to rot in a cup in the light of day, he gags as it works its way down his throat.


(I want my money back!)


That thought is counter to his training from Fatso, which instantly recognizes the subtle flavors of the scents he can detect lingering from the vial and on his breath. The thickness just proves that it’s expertly concentrated.


(Show me what you can do! “Victory or Death”! You cheated with your nails and a hidden poison!)


Adris’ way of living allows him to justify anything with the logic of “returning what you get given”.


(“Give back what you get, plus extra!”)


“Oh!? Main show! Finally!”

“You prepped it, you ride it!”


More cries come up as Adris squares up with her while waiting for the first effects.

Bringing his hands to her butt, he leans over to let his cheeks feel the softness of her fat over admittedly powerful muscles.


“Oh!? … Cradling my butt, now!? Haha! Ah, youth drives you to the roundness of breasts or my butt, does it… ♥?” The affectation only warms her heart as she coos, staying still so he can enjoy it.

“Of course… I need to… taste and feel… everything about you, sis, before I…”


The scents entice him to taste her again, which he almost does while trying to pull her cheeks apart.







Until the jolt of lightning fires out from the top of his head and the end of his cock.




Like ambition solidified and force-fed down his throat, his belly is sure and his loins tight as he begins to grin uncontrollably.


(… The… fuck…?)


The sweating that has left him feeling drained and absentmindedly enticed fades away as his skin visibly flushes. Only his breathing can be heard over the beating in his ears as he lifts his head away from her butt.


“… Not going to taste? Boooo~ring.”


The wo—


(… slut…)


… slut before Adris calls out once more in her sultry way.

But nothing about the light breathing she still continues with hides her true intentions.


A stunning body which is always cold to the touch at other times has truly come alive since swallowing his semen.

Pale skin seems almost human in coloring.

Her gaunt face earlier was still full of undisguised need that the Lycia in combat never revealed.

This delicious, dripping pussy that still longs to be filled is…


(In… I will… be inside…!)


A dream long given up resurfaces.

If he hadn’t escaped from her, he’d have tasted it long before now. Aura senses now flick over her body, marking all the various ways she’s physically prepared herself to receive him.


(… Eh… I’m feeling…!)


The effects of the potion attack the mentality before the body even notices, leaving Adris sure of things he should never be sure of.


(“Any woman will succumb to enough dedication.” For a woman who likes ‘innocence’, she gets…)


His hands are ready to grab on.

Legs are flexible and strong.


No matter how reduced, an acrobatic body can accomplish feats in total defiance of gravity.


“But having tasted again, I guess you can’t help but want…”




Adris is airborne as she speaks.

Hopping over her butt, he lands his feet just as he grabs onto the belt which securely affixes heavy paneled thigh holders to her.


“MORE!? What—!?” The shock in her voice is real as her body is pushed into the table by his impact, before her legs tense with more strength to keep her bent on the table.




“AAAHH! IN… In…!?”


Rough slapping is the first proof of what she moans about, followed by wood groaning from the table with every thrust.


A perfectly tight pussy is drilled into by a boy managing to hang off her back in mid-air. Sliding back and then pushing forward, her treasure squelches as he claims it completely.


With his heels planted on the table and his hands wrapped around a thick belt, Adris grunts while slapping into her backside.

The promises she made of being allowed to “worship” are revealed to be mostly accurate by the depths he plunges into only being disarrayed at first.


“How… how… fuck…! You keep… doing bizarre things…!”


While still calling out in disbelief, the ancient tease begins to fight back inside by gripping onto him as he churns her.

A wonderful mix between the raw heat of Kol, the youthful tightness of Ave, and the trained flexing of Serras’ body, a ghoul’s most precious place is also becoming slicker with the lubrication that causes his skin to burn with need.


(It’s like a beast inside! Am I fucking her throat or a pussy!?)


Control which exceeds Still’s can even provide pinpoint pressure that massages the crown of his dick as it barrels in and out. That bullied head feels like it’s dipped into a sponge bath, with pleasure washing away all the bad thoughts he might have.

“So strong! Sis… was wrong…! Oooh, you’re just… not stopped by anything…!?”

Though he would never inflict this on a girl like Avenalliah, the fact that Lycia can suffer his abuse without harm and only encourage him pulls out his wild side further.


“Can’t stop me! This is what I wanted… from the start!”


From the moment he met her in the chaotic battle of the labyrinthine marketplace, he’d wanted to take the place of the golem that was attacking her.

Those eyes that flashed at him mesmerized without the need for magic.

Red lips drew his own, while also earning a longing to plant his dick between them.


“Sis is a woman any man wants to breed!”

“… GAH! Breed!?…” Nearly rising from his comment, she harshly reprimands him while hissing. “Ugh! Oh, shut up, absolutely shut…!”

That reprimand can’t beat the youthful slapping against her firm butt, though, as Adris loses all subtlety and gives her the experience of a true brat.


(Why!? I’m being honest! Fuck being quiet or submissive! I am the perfect “Rantil” on attack!)


“Showing yourself off like this, you think… any guy wouldn’t jump!?

… So I jumped!”

Comical to the extreme, the boy hanging from a woman’s butt can’t thrust with any sort of precision. Needing to catch himself to avoid angling wrong as he flails about, she responds to the inexpert abuse by growling, while also moaning.

“You’re just… AH! A… hungry wretch, in the end, be-beneath all the flowery bullshit!?”

“Only now noticing that, you evil sister!?”


Rocked out of her comfortable pose, she pierces her claws into the table while her face is planted on its side.


Sister and brother both pant at the vicious copulation, as the adoration of the crowd peaks.




“He’s half goblin (SCUMMY GREEN MIDGET)!? That’s the only way this makes sense! I’ve watched them do the same thing a hundred times!”

“You can’t choose half, except for like elf, you moron. You’d have’ta breed your own half?”


Adris’ lineage is discussed as the masturbatory spectator session continues, with the air thick with the scents of others’ lusts. Taken by the potion, Adris’ aura senses autonomously work to pick out each individual one, savoring the female flavors and comparing them to the groaning woman beneath him.


“… You are a little goblin, aren’t you!? Dis-disgusting little creep, skulking and plotting… and smiling with that… ugly face…”

“You’re just mad… ah! Just mad that I… love sis enough to overcome all obstacles!”

“Ugh… this is… wrong…~! Wrong isn’t so… bad…”


Mutual mental abuse results in Lycia laughing for a moment between cries of pleasure. Though she rejects him with words, her pussy that’s molding itself to fit his dick utterly refuses to allow him to escape.

As the ghoulish saliva from earlier and lubricants mix, Adris feels like his spiring member locked in warm embrace has become a creature separate from himself.


(Too many… chemicals and… aphrodisiacs…!?)


“Love… love is it? Haha, I think you really do love my body…! Everyone… else does, too!”

She lifts an arm to point toward their watchers, earning hoots as she tepidly waves.

Refusing to lose himself to this humiliating distraction, he gives himself totally to the role of a horny brat.

“You’re way too in love with yourself to feel mine! So, come on! FEEL THIS!”

She scratches at the table as he picks up speed, jealous of her lack of attention. There’s plenty of space deep inside of her, as her womb has made way for his head to poke at her core with powerful impacts.

Slamming into her should set this proud, independent woman’s ire in motion, but she continues to be almost demure in how she responds to him.




Giving everything he has, even as his cock threatens to explode, is just the sort of resistance that’s always fired up Adris’ heart.


Though other men would speak of the thrill of combat, the bitter-and-sweet taste of killing a man, or the joys of holding a solid strip of gold for the first time, Adris has never felt victory in holding onto the profits.


(Only the… absolute surety that I overcame all odds…! That everything was put out… like I’m… going to…!)


Velvety walls that cling like a constricting sponge are just pining for the juices about to rush out of him.

Without hazarding to stop them, Adris bucks as his balls begin to pump what she longs for.




“Cumming! Lycia! HAH! Take it all!”

“MMM!? Disgraceful… little monkey…!” Her long tongue slurps out onto the wood as she shuts her eyes hard. “Just… pump… and… dump…!?”


That rapid pumping is pleasing, though, as she squeezes hard at his announcement.

Forcing himself through the vice, Adris moans loudly as he gives up once more.




Little is left from earlier’s deluge, but his cock throbs and grows as it’s spurted out as deep as possible. V.O.D. burns through his blood, amplifying the release’s satisfaction as huge drops of saliva land on her back.


(OOOOhhhh… I might… lose my… fucking mind…)


The moment it coats her insides, she, too, loses hers.




Bucking and kicking her legs, he almost falls off as she screams.

No longer ladylike, her body arches as she somehow wills herself to pin her head against the table.

Wood flakes off with her nails raking along the top.


“Oooh… hah… hah… is… sis impressed by… that?”

Still clinging to her, he allows his continuously hard dick to be milked by the only dutiful part of her. This pussy that’s ever needy honestly flexes in a bizarre sequence to claim what’s left in his penis.

“Hahaha… undead always give it up… when they taste that life stuff, don’t they~?”

At this taunt, she slams the table hard enough to crack it.


(No matter how… much you say you hate it, that’s not… hate…!)


“Ahhh, I wonder if this ‘little goblin’ has done something wrong~?”

Bucking on her like he’s a rider on a pony, the way he jabs his dick around inside causes both of them to shudder.

A childish whine goes a long way to make him seem like the creature they mentioned, in Adris’ mind.


(When in doubt… act like Rantil!)


“… Stupid… boy… you know… what you… do… for this!

A lazy woman’s voice, satisfied for the moment by his most recent surrender, turns vicious as she recovers.

“… Another down, yet I’m unmoved… how dangerous that is.”


When her bravado returns, her insides swirl around his cock to resume punishing it. Flinching at the renewed attack, Adris sighs in happiness.

“Three times… means you’re done for, so let’s get to puni—








Rather than finish her growling threat, Lycia starts moaning again as he forcefully pummels her with renewed vigor.


“Done!? I… I ain’t done by a long shot…!”


Screaming at the top of his lungs, the boyish squeal sets her shaking again as he slaps into her backside.


“If… I got… only one ‘shot’… then, I got a dozen shots to leave in your cold pussy… to warm it up!”

“… HAH!? … AH!?

… ahahaha!”

Laughing at his ultimatum, Lycia then growls hungrily.

“… AHHH, fine…! An artless… brat can only shake his hips, anyway!” Gleeful and angry, she submits to his abuse readily. “Whatever… is left… I’ve got room and a thirst for ♥!”

“Of course you do! You’re gonna… admit how much you want me by the end…!”




A boy determined to lose howls as he keeps clapping her.

The woman who is only now learning of his desperation calls out to match his growing determination.


Launching himself into a second rut, Adris pants as the situation degrades further around him.


No longer content simply to pleasure themselves…


“… Just say you’re lucky I bother…! Hmmph!”

“If you’re going to be a stuck-up bitch about it, then hop off my dick.”


His comrades in the Call, who often seem passionately disinterested in each other, now deign to join together in some cases.


Stripping away what blocks their progress, hardened hunting gear and armor pieces litter the floor as tempting, picture perfect bodies bare themselves. The ever unique styles of the slayers extend to their proportions, which can range from the absurdly thick and stacked, to surprisingly soft and artistic curves.

Women begrudgingly find partners they find least distasteful, mirroring Lycia’s pants as they echo abuse that sounds like her own.




What began as a show has now become participation by proxy.

For every couple, there are those who join in groups, licking and even kissing as a man is set upon by two women, or two men find themselves competing to see who can reach deepest in their favorite hole.


(This is… not what I could ever mentally picture on my own! I’m not interested in help!)


The Slayer’s Call evolves into a show room for the depraved and desperate, with so many appealing temptations on display that Lycia’s body that he ravages is barely a distraction.

Women whom he’d had cordial, flirtatious, or friendly chats with now show faces that melt, warp, or distort in depraved ways. All of his pondering on what they would look like beneath the strange gear is answered in a rush of eager bodies copulating.

When he looks to the priestess that wanted to assault him, she is busy attacking a shorter man whose proportions are almost boylike, even if his face isn’t.


“… AHHH, he’s… still special, even if… a ~GENTLEMAN~!” Nakedly staring at him as she crushes the gasping boy-man beneath her fat ass, this woman who almost stole him away seems content, almost seeming to imagine Adris replacing him.




Rather than stare out any longer and risk losing his way, Adris leans in while he slams home.

“They’re… all dangerous!”

“Hahaha! Ohh! … You joined them…! They’re… just as dangerous as you are! Stop flirting with them and fuck me harder!”


Instead of receiving mental assistance, Lycia just prods him further as she moans, defenseless almost as he grows to another orgasm brought on by her eager pussy.

Shaking earlier while he was taking in the sights, that small climax for her after he painted her with his semen inside proves that she’s finally getting an experience out of his work.


Rutting her like a dog is tiring, though, with the sudden increase in the air’s heaviness from so many bodies joining in making him dizzy despite the bolstering effects of the various things affecting him. Though his body can continue forever, Adris’ mind buckles from the need to have her.


(She’ll never be mine…!)


As men join near the table to rub their dicks while staring at her pale back and ass, Adris grits his teeth in frustration of his indecisiveness.


(I’m… not…!)




“Guh, you’re… not the same…!”

“Of course I’m not the same! … huh!?”




After those words, her torso begins to lift.


“… I met a… boy who would crumble to dust if touched…! But, ahhhh, now he’s got the spirit of a lion that’s discovered stimulants!”

Jerking with pleasure, her breasts begin to rise.


(I went through a lot! The only reason I could, mmm, never fall for you anymore is because I’ve already tasted so much else that I like!)


Even if he’s ecstatic about copulating with the woman of his dreamy nightmares, not even her body satisfies all of his emotional lingerings.

When dwelling on those thoughts, her pussy is compared to others, now.




Like the bitter girl who rocked his world twice with incomparable flexibility, a siren named “Cyrene” had made him almost taste desire again, stabbing through the protection his heart had put up. That special pussy was given to him freely, even though the girl always abhors personal contact.


“I’ve… got people who need me!”


A timid, almost wretched sort of abused girl had entrusted him with all of her slenderness and hidden strength. After a storybook date, she’d given up what she considered most precious of all to a boy who was playing her heart. Tight beyond belief and crying as she tasted pleasure, she apparently swore herself to him if what occurred in the darkness between worlds was the truth of her thoughts.


“… Ave gave herself to you… so… you are the one. Ave can’t… have another…


(How could I abandon a woman who says that, even if I know I should!? She’ll… she’s already way too close, but I can’t seem to realize that when she’s around…!)


“People who belong to me… Lycia, even if… you never will!”




But most of all, there’s still a girl he wants to conquer.

One that rejected him in her own way.




(A pussy like the torchlike sun! Cruel, yet warming! You’re too cold to match hers! For the first time, you lose, Lycia!)


Having tasted Lycia, not even this expert feeling matches the rawness of what he shared with Kol. Though she had nothing in the way of talent, her primality still kindles in his heart and mind.


(I used the potion on you, but…?)


Something burning in his stomach when he thinks of that makes Adris realize once again that his feelings toward all four of them, even the fragile moon fairy he’s never once inappropriately touched, can’t be pushed out by Lycia, anymore.




“Right, you changed! Ahhhh! I’m so glad!

“… Huh!?”

“Shut up and lose yourself, brother!”


When she clenches on him to resume that prior milking of his head, Adris grunts at the renewed torment.


“Hungry… woman…!”

The undead hunger most of all! LOSE YOURSELF IN IT!


Her scream over the moans of others causes him to lose control, just as ordered to.

Smashing into her cunt like he’ll never be given the chance to again, she responds by lifting off the table.


Not even using the table anymore, she stands up while bent, letting him hammer her.

A feat of pure resilience on her part, her hands come down to rub on his that are affixed with a death grip to her strained belt.


“Leave… it all inside…! Brother! My… brother! Cum! CUM!”





Eyes roll back as he loses sight for a moment.

Seeing only red in his mind, Adris wastes the last of his mental energy when he coats her again. Not even his training can overcome bodily attractions that drive him to want to hold her.

A woman he should never, ever fall for is the same woman he wants to sleep beside.




“OOOOOH! OOOOH…! Still… so mu—…!”

As she shakes and shrieks, she eventually…





Adris’ head throbs as he holds the back of it.

Falling to the ground with her, he yanks away while shooting small bursts of nearly clear fluid onto her butt.


(Why did you…!?)


While checking himself for injuries, he discovers Lycia collapsed on her knees in front of him, apparently unconscious as she leaks white fluid from her sorely abused and inflamed slit.


“Ah… I…”


“Oy!? Did you do her in?”


The panicked men still stroking themselves stare at the two on the ground, with Adris just as shocked.

Until he remembers her nature.


“Ah, she has a tendency to lose consciousness when she cu—”




Her body moves without human sentience as he’s whipped airborne.

Like a top, she spins up from the ground with an agility a gasping boy could never match.




An impulsive cry for help ends when he’s slammed into the table.


As clawed hands reach for his tunic, they dig in while he stares into the face glaring at him.




An unmanly cry goes up with his tunic tearing away, leaving him completely naked, save for a mask which preserves his shreds of anonymity.

Cringing at her toothy smile, it reminds him of the height of her blood mania when facing off against Kol or the servants.


“… Haha… Big sis finally gets little bro, now. Sorry… it took so long.”



Forgetting he’s supposed to be a brat, Adris just tries to back away, but that ends when she ducks and then jumps.


“Oh shit! She’s lost it!”

Another man announces the obvious when he sees Lycia’s cheshire grin as she arcs through the air.




The table thuds when Lycia lands upon it, causing the thick drinking furniture to creak and shake as the men standing beside it scatter.

While the orgy around them suddenly halts to take in this new violence, Adris has a campfire position as she squats over him.


“Sorry, I… thought you were just all lies.”

“… That’s… understandable?”


Unable to escape now, Adris stays motionless, lest he set off some animalistic sense of pursuit. The woman who purrs at him kindly reaches down to rub his head, letting her fat, perfect tits wobble as he prevents himself from reaching for them.


“Mmmm, despite being a horrible brat… you also turned out to be… also innocent.”


… How the fuck… am I innocent?”


A face off begins as Lycia strikes at something within himself, leaving Adris angry as he sneers.


“In comparison to you, I might be young, but others would disagree. I’ve not told you even a tenth of the sins I’ve committed, old lady~!”


(I am an accomplished, professional sinner. I don’t do this as a hobby.)


Extortion. Theft. Embezzlement. Assault. Arson. Desecration. Sedition.




(… I massacred an entire village, kids and animals, too…)


Pushing back the wave of darkness that rushes in with memories of his innumerable crimes, all remembered perfectly, he laughs at this idea of hers.


“… I’m not innocent. I’m… just a monster like the rest.”

“Hahaha! Bro, let me tell you something.”


Cupping his chin, she lifts his head while grinning like a child, herself despite the psychopathic energy flowing through her veins.




“Anyone who speaks like you did of harming ‘the evil people’ while dreaming of ‘justice’ is innocent. Especially if all of the smells, movements, and temperatures of your body, the subtle clues you humans miss, agree that your words are real!”


An affectionate statement like one directed at a child by a parent causes him to swallow reflexively, being something he’s only ever witnessed before.

When she scratches his head in a way which brings to his thoughts feelings he can never place, only warmth welling up from some ancient place within him is familiar.



“… Did I stutter? You’ll get it one day, with my help. Only a vile brat who never gave up on the idea of ‘justice’ wouldn’t understand what others see so plainly.”

“They… the powerful always talk about justice…!”

“But they don’t believe in it, like you do! Evil cares nothing for justification, only need…! Pretexts are for fools to choke on and cower from!”

Patting his cheek when he gawks at her, the over-sexed, amazonian beauty covered in his own sweat laughs.

“Hahaha! Stupid, innocent boy, you weren’t born or made wrong like me… you just grew like a sickly tree hidden from the light, except by a tiny beam streaming through a crack.”


(… I’m… not innocent…)


“You’re nothing like me, even if we’re similar. And that’s… why I’ll agree to fall in love with that innocence, but only that.”

The slightest murmur is what her sneering speech becomes at the end.

Done with tearing him down, her face warps again.


The hands that roam over his smaller body become much more loving as she coos at him.


“Yeah, brother grew up wrong because I wasn’t there. He’s kept… jumping into bad places, right? That’s why dark things haunt you!”

“You’ve… no fucking idea what you’re talking about!

Heated at her dismissal of him and his past, Adris tries to stand up.




Until one hand on his chest plants him back to the table as he gasps.




“Believing in a woman like your big sis is so stupid. If you weren’t so adorable, any other man would’ve been crushed by such trust as he was raped senseless…”

“I… I believed in…!”

“Right~! My kindness… it turned out to be real, surprisingly enough, but it’s not something cheap!







Adris’ body is yanked up by firm hands on his hips.


(She’s… lost it for real!?)


Pulling his legs over his face, Lycia forces his neck against the table in an awkward position as she continues to grow more delusional.


“LYCIA!? … No… you…”

“‘Absolutely would’! Mmmm, brother is the only one that understands me!

… Staring at other women is a no-no, by the way.”


His dick, still erect without interruption due to the potion, is throbbing as she towers over him.


“Hm, let’s get the position right~!”

“Like this!? WHY!? AHHHH!”


She repeatedly shakes his body up and down as she giggles, causing his cock to bounce.

When it flies up between his lifted legs, she shuts them to lock it in place.


“GAH! No, no, no, this isn’t fair…!”

“Hah, shut up. You say that now, but you were riding my ass the whole time.”


The brutal woman that treats him like a toy manipulates his entire body while he squirms in pain.

Lifting her hips, she whips his free cock to slap against her mons.

“AH! Oh, that delicious tonic you imbibed sure has left a wonderful legacy…!”

“… Uh… you…? OH!”


As she lets his dick flow across her groin, it nudges against lips.

Trying to line him up without using her hands, Lycia is, to Adris’ horror, about to demonstrate a sexual position he’s never even heard of as she squats over him.


“As if I couldn’t smell it when you opened it!? … Stupid brat, a younger sibling can never beat an older one. After afflicting you with Ghoul Fever, I felt a little crutch was deserved since you were smart enough to carry one with you…




The feeling of wet resistance at the tip of his dick gives way to partial envelopment. No longer exposed to the cold air, his head throbs while soaking in the renewed juices of this monstrous woman.


“Ehehehe, bro is so clever, though. Even if I didn’t raise you myself, I wish I had been there…”

“… huh!? Ah! Deep!”

“AAAAHHH! YES! This… a long dick on ~BOY BAIT~ is the best new experience!”


Talking to herself in a low voice, Lycia finally screams again when she drops onto his dick.

Sitting on his butt as if he’s her personal throne, she bites her lower lip while basking in the pleasure.


Before she starts riding him.




Full lifts and drops drill his neck into the table as Adris gasps. Throaty moans from her drive his blood as fast as the flopping melons that have a perfect perkiness to them.


“AHAHAHA! This is the real deal, brother! Mmmm, the best part is that… you… ah, thought it might be over!?”

“… Why couldn’t… it be…!? You… lifted your head…!?”

“If it were over, then I wouldn’t be… allowed to drink in this expression of yours! AAAHHH!”


As he’s taken like a small girl, Adris tries to remember what the point of this was.


(Was the point… for… her to think of me as if I’m her real, ugh, brother!?)


“Didn’t I win when… you… youuuu… lifted up…!?”

“You won! You absoluuuuutely won!”

She rocks forward and back, grinding on him as his whole spine gyrates.

“‘An innocent… boy… who believes in me…!’ I’m glad! So glad~! Sis has never… felt so nice…!”

“Then… let… me… go! Gah! Stop… tormenting me!?”

“REJECTED! That is my job, now!”


(What fucking… aaah, job!?)


Pained legs have a deathgrip on them, but she’s not harming him. Just strong enough to maintain absolute control, the panting woman who towers over him is more aroused and sloppy than he’s ever seen.

She offers the silliest smile as she continues to power him into her cunt, milking him so desperately that he feels like it’ll rip off.


“You’re… twisted!


… going to… bad places…!”

The long tongue of a ghoul snakes out to rub over her bouncing tits, wrapping around one to flick over the end of a nipple as she rides.


“You’re one to… talk…!? You hunt kids!”

“Gahhh.. Thatsh… shlander…!”


Letting her slick boob go, Lycia pouts as she stops raping him for a moment.


“Sis has done nothing you didn’t want! After all… you went out of your way to do this…”




A dangerous edge comes to her voice, but Adris is too flustered to notice.




“I… let you go! I freed you! I… finally did…!”




As the true depths of her thoughts spill forth, she takes on an ambivalent sense of mutual love and hate as she gazes at him.




“You put me through… immense pain. So much pain that I considered if… you killing me would be preferable…!”

“… I’m… so—! AH!”


Before he can apologize, she starts breaking him in again.

An abused, surrendering dick is near release once more as pain and pleasure ironically begin to mirror each other.


“I’m… free from her! But you pretend you haven’t noticed… that you stole my golden ticket, huh, you shitty weasel!?

“AH! AH! What!?”

“‘Servant of the Alchemaster’! [Golden Luster]! Without it, stepping into there… ah, makes you…


an invader!”


(… Ah, shit!)




As a member of the Wondrous Works, Lycia only cared about the Alchemaster as a means of traversing the Castillo.

To lose it makes her someone who has lost the key to the blue abyss she calls paradise.




“I didn’t, gah, mean to… take…!”

“Take what!? Say it! MMMM! Yes, spray it inside me while I tell you of all your crimes!”


Unable to resist that order, the abuse finally results in him succumbing to the seated queen.


“Cumming…! Ah!”


Hardly anything spurts forth as his loins constrict, leaving him shaking more than her as her eyes roll back in pleasure for a moment.

Her head hangs while she pants, before she cackles.


“… Haha, you made me… a complete pauper! All of my gear, experiments, and treasures… oooh, uselessly locked away up there, hoping that Mother will safeguard them from any of my… hundreds of enemies…”

Bittersweet is the smile she gives to him, while she calmly voices her annoyances.


“Instead of just… meeting with me, my… inept, brilliant brother… tried to gank me first off…”

“… you… you… would’ve just… done this to me…”


Blinking stupidly at his hoarse whisper, she finally smiles impishly.


“… You know, you’re right~. If you were still that… braindead, but cunning, boy with a big dick from the top, I would’ve… thrown you in chains and taught you e~v~e~r~y~thing about Zennia by touch alone…”

“… so… I’m… not…”

“But you’re still wrong. And… sis is here… to make sure you eventually stop being wrong about the truly, hmmmm, important stuff…!”

“AH!? NO!”


Screaming out in pain, humiliation, and pleasure, Adris’ inflamed dick is bullied more as she resumes riding him without a break given.


“Sis is… here for her bro. I couldn’t… be earlier, even though we’re… bound by bloodfufufufufu…”




A sinister laugh, one that sounds a lot like a black-colored, living-haired demon’s, flutters out from Lycia as she continues to madly please him.


(What blood!? … This… crazy woman is just as delusional as the rest of the Works scholars!?)




Liking Lycia Vehrose turns out to be another bad decision on the endless list of them that Adris has made.

But, it’s also the best as he loses his mind.




Little bro is gonna need… some serious instruction. Going around…

Fooling little girls…

Making them into his sex slaves…

All without telling sis about it and getting permission, first…!”

“Who… the fuck… needs your permission…!?”


Semen falls onto Adris’ chest as he gasps for breath, finally dripping out of her tight hole that’s trying to rip off what’s left of his manhood.


“Sis is gonna fix you…! You’re just… another tool that’s miscalibrated! So she needs to know all about you…!

To understand what makes you… work!

You get the best gift of all…


When he blinks in a daze at what that might be, she closes her eyes with a bright smile.


“My ~ Personal ~ Training!


Big sis’ prize is:






“… Take it back… I don’t… want it…”


Nearly passing out, he lingers between life and death as she begins to ride him again.

Cooing at him the whole time, Lycia chats to herself while drinking in his next, almost unconscious climax.


“Ahh, a real little brother. Not just… oooh, a little play thing… but… for… the next hundred years…? I’ll… be ♥correcting♥ him… turning him into a real…” Her eyes lift into her skull with every piston, nearing a conclusion as she yells out her deepest feelings.


“YESSSS! There are thousands of other monsters, far worse than me in talents and proclivities, who will own your very soul with pleasure if you can’t grow to handle big sis! You’ll run into them all, one day, the way you live!

If… if you can’t become a real man by then, sis is scared for you…♥!”

This personal training sounds indistinguishable from a death curse to his ears.


“… I want you… to find… what I can’t…!? Be… a good boy…! Please… love me… that way, Adris…!”



Something said, something too deep for the pleasure-struck, idiot boy to comprehend, is followed by another of Lycia’s squeals as she accepts his last blank shot.


“No more… delicious… juices!? Hahhh… more!

Stopping in her abuse of him when he whines in terror, she huffs as she frowns, trying to keep her face straight and not laugh.

“… A bizarre boy like you has so much that needs correcting… I’m glad I wasn’t too late…”


(… Fuck off, I’m perfect…)


To prove it, he chokes when he tries to deny her, before murmuring out his words.


“There’s… nothing wrong with me…

but… thanks for…


being the only one…

who cares enough to try, if there… were…”


“…! See!? It’s… shit like that! That’s what I’m talking about!”

At first showing a kind smile, it becomes distorted by the end, before her cheeks flush anew and she begins to lift her hips.


“No! Nononono! Not more…!”


“You’re going to keep filling my womb… Until you… get the… fucking hint!”




While the spectators gasp at this weird incest drama, Lycia’s face is like that of a maiden’s in love while she yells at him.




“Little brothers… are born to lose ♥!”






A nearly destroyed boy is lifeless on the table, being smashed against it as a woman continues to use him as her personal throne.

Her moans don’t sound tired at all, as if she’s finally getting into the spirit of the night.




(… I’ll… I’m… not gonna… lose…)







What are you layabout, lust-filled, witless miscreants doing?




The roar of a great beast floods over the Call, as the assembled mass of bodies flinch and yell at the horror set upon them by their own decisions.


“AH! Old man!?”


“Hey, hey! Sis! Stop with the kid and jump off!”






A corpse takes in the loss of control of the creature astride it.

Proved to be the worst sort of lay, this woman is incapable of protecting the brother she just swore to preserve.


At least, until the crowd parts for someone to pass to the table.




“… The ‘tinkerer’.”




Wha…? Ah? … Oh.”


The corpse collapses on the table limply as the almost naked woman rises to look down on the man with silvery hair leering up at her.

A firm face without room for mercy or sexual interests regards the woman who starts off with a resolute grimace, before she smiles like a kid caught sneaking her hand into the pantry as she brushes her blond hair.


“Aha… ahahaha… I… it… looks like I messed up ♥!”

“… That would be one way of describing this flagrant disregard of the Call’s rules, yes.”

“… Sorry… Meister Drache.”


A princely old man wearing a purple overcoat sewn with scale designs prods the corpse laying on the table with a black cane, before daring to poke the black cross which has ever refused to be anywhere but near the corpse.

Humming to himself when the cross makes a subtle ringing sound on being prodded, the shadow ruler of Petripolis sweeps his gaze over the crowd of almost naked voyeurs still stuck, frozen, at his descent into their midst.


(… I didn’t even feel… his approach…)


A corpse ponders the man’s power as another rushes to join him.

Having red hair himself, this muscular and dashing fellow blinks wide-eyed at the scene of the nearly nude Lycia and the boy she devastated. A handsome face makes a whistling expression as he takes in the sights.


“Well, I wouldn’t have expected this, but…


“What’re you looking at, Castile? Are they so shocking…? Huh, you’re more innocent than I thought, too.”

Supporting her breasts so Castile can drink them in better, Lycia smirks at the cock of the walk of the Call before she raises his eyes when his jaw drops open.


“… You… you ain’t… with ‘em anymore?”

“I’m not what? Huh!?”


Tension comes to Lycia, leaving her looking both offended and scared, before that turns into a malevolent grin.


“If you think I’m not just as frightening as the first time, I can disprove that preconception…

Lycia hops down from the table, causing Drache to effortlessly jump back while lifting his cane defensively.


Toeing up with the top slayer as she lowers her center of gravity, Lycia places herself between Drache and Castile, and the corpse she seems to be defending.

“… rIgHt NoW…

“Whoa, there’s no need to tango with me! I’ve got date plans!”

At first sounding suave, Castile’s hand then pulls off his bycock hat to hold it before his massive chest as she leans in.

“… No, I mean, I don’t…!
















The entire Call goes quiet, as the sudden, deafening shout halts even Lycia, causing the ghoul to shiver as she turns claws to menace Drache, too.


“… Master Drache, good evening.”


A corpse finally rises from its grave, pulling up to the side of the table to roll off of it onto his clothing. Earning the man’s raised eyebrow for this thud, Adris pulls an alchemical healer from his clothes, breaks off a portion of it, and then slaps his body.


Swirling, orange mist explodes from the stone fragments before being sucked into his body.




Unable to scream in public, Adris screws his face as the entirety of his body begins to regenerate.

All of Lycia’s abuses mend in moments, producing a horrible burning sensation where every bruise would no doubt be. Shaken bones heal, joints cease to be locked, and his muscles stop throbbing.


In place of this, a lingering sensation of weakness and aching assaults him.




“Hah… that was a worthwhile life experience.”


Dressing while everyone watches, Adris pays them no mind.

Completely reverting to his “Starr” persona, he throws up a sign of victory to the crowd.


“Who won the duel? This guy.”


“Duels… aren’t against the rules, right, Master? So… I won the duel!”


While Drache stares on in confusion, the rest of the Call explodes into laughter and cheers.




The central figure supporting Adris rushes up, clapping the boy on the shoulder. A hairy man with barbaric clothing and a lupine sense of style grins as he congratulates Adris.


“You ain’t just a ~NOVICE~ anymore! You slayed the top idol of the Call!”

He did what, now?”



Backing off from the irate ghoul, Biske the Beast grovels before her in an instant, falling to his knees and waving his hands. The great beast trapped in a slayer’s human skin recognizes the supremacy of a kindred creature without difficulty.


“AH! I don’t mean no wrong, sis!”

If I’m your sister, then why such disrespect, little brother candidate?”

“Come on, Lycia!? Don’t do this? I…


… ah…”




Falling back from him, Lycia suddenly looks haunted.


“Well… he was calling you that in front of us? I figured the horse was already outta the barn, right, even if we couldn’t understand what you were saying half the time?”

“… Ah… right… him…”


The Shooting Star of the Call sweeps over the crowd, her green, slit eyes searching for enemies.


“And… what of that name…?”

“Huh? Well we don’t care what your name is anyway, sis. You just seemed comfortable when he called you by it?”

“Guh…! That’s irrelevant!”


Shaking his head, the shaggy man sighs while waving his hands at her.

“Look… I think you should know, sis, nobody here cares if you’re from the Castillo, okay?”





The skittish monster then turns to the crowd, looking for the truth.

None look shocked, earning her hatred.




Dropping into a battle posture, Lycia prepares to savage Biske.


Wide-eyed at her opening jaws, he just grimaces, rather than returning the aggression.




“gEt OfF!?”

“Calm down, sis! Don’t you understand!?”


The half-clothed boy swinging around Lycia’s torso forces her to choose between attacking Biske and crushing Adris in the process, or doing nothing.


“They’ve known the whole time! The Rose name was a cover they played along with!”

“… HUH!? … Why…!?”


As though her own mask has been torn free to reveal raw pain, the animal shaped like a human displays such undisguised disdain for the slayers that it disturbs them.

Looks of shame, dismay, and annoyance register on their faces.


“Why have you not driven me out, then!?” A shrill scream provokes a response from only one man.




Choosing to step closer, Biske offers an open hand.


“Sis, nobody here cares if you’re a monster from there. Not before, certainly not now.”

“… But… why? … I’m… your…”


In a distraught voice, she cracks at the end.


“… enemy.”






She flinches when Biske starts laughing, followed by the entire crowd deafening Adris as Drache only stares in undisguised contempt at his subordinates.


“Hey, Lycia! Everyone in the Call has the dream of bringing one of you ‘enemies’ outta the Castillo and fucking you senseless.”


… ah… it was like that…”


Biske’s laughter completely steals Lycia’s thunder, causing the woman to sit on the table while shaking in embarrassment.


“Right, Lycia. As I said when you first arrived, there are no secrets between slayers!”

Approaching to clap Biske on the back, Castile joins the wiry man in beaming at Lycia.

There’s a sense of supreme youthfulness to his gay face as the slayer boasts dramatically with a hand buzzing about to demonstrate his emotions.

“We’d have been happier if you’d just advertised it openly! There’s a wonderful sense of tension in accepting merchandise from the opposition! It invites one to seek to understand them, to grow closer, and to love!”

“… I… see… right, you were… always… all like this, weren’t you…?”




Just like with Adris’ ignorance of his crime, Lycia sighs while smiling sadly.


(Good for you, sis.)


Returning to the task of putting on his clothes, this “feel good” moment of camaraderie results in Lycia timidly shaking Biske’s outstretched hand in welcome.


Since the woman is still practically naked save for a short skirt, the crowd gets to continue their feast while she calms down.




(Another… successful foiling of plans.)


While Lycia had intended to break Adris at the end, to establish a firm foothold in his heart, this scene ends up doing the opposite.


(Hers is opened up, instead? Oh?)


Turning away from Lycia, Castile smiles a sad smile at Adris as the old master of the call comes to stand before the boy.

Glaring down at him, the two take in each other once more, with Drache not suffering even the slightest effects of either Adris’ black cross or mask.


The man is purely inquisitive as he examines every detail of the boy.


(… Still the real thing.)


Being in the presence of this shadow ruler of Petripolis, with his outmoded, yet rich, attire and personal gravitas causes the hairs on Adris’ body to stand up. It feels like a great, hidden creature is lurking in the same place the man stands, ready to burst forth to consume him.


The cross that he’s forced to hold seems just as attentive to the presence of this strange existence, almost as if it’s probing him.


“Once more, we meet under extreme circumstances.”

“I have a habit of that, unfortunately.”


While trying to play off his dire words, Adris can’t weasel out when the man’s strong hand grips his shoulder.




“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Thrice will be enemy action.


We need to discuss matters before the third time forces your hand and, with it, your end.





Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”, “Starr”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, True False God, Slayer
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”, Slayer of Petripolis
Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark – Wave of Darkness] – “Making victory possible? No, no, no. That thing isn’t that kind! There’s more than that!”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy? Yeah, you’re still there.”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”


[Marital Arts – Self-taught] – “Hoh, even if it’s dangerous to use, it feels good to prove to myself that the body is still as willing as the mind! Even if I can’t call it aura, something is inside me now!”


[Verisimilitude] – “Stop giving weird names to what I do! But if my imaginative truths are more believable now, I’m not gonna complain.”


[A WONDERFUL CURSE] – “If that old corpse wasn’t already dead, I’d definitely kill him!”




[“Rabbit Boots”] – “Providing increased agility while moving as a passive boon, they also allow actively to bound great distances with surprising grace. What do they cost though, I wonder?”


[“Metallic Bracer”] – “I can punch Kol into a wall with this!? But it hurts like shit!”


Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”

“What’s your angle, oh fellow seeker of rare truths?”

“Is this not fine?

Is this not perfect?

Is this not a part of your answer, withheld for so long from me?

“Had I known that you sought this sort of woman, couldn’t I have provided it as exceptionally well?”


“This taste, was it not wonderful? Have you not discovered something more substantial about yourself? If you pined for her, does that not mean you also pine for…?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”

“Why would he possibly do this?”

“For the first time in his life, he may be speaking a truth as known to both him and others.”

“Even if you discover the truth of the mind and heart, the body longs for a different sort of wisdom.”


“Having someone love him for something he might hate will produce the opposite of affection.”



“Born to Lose. Too Fucked to Die.”



Name: Lycia Vehrose
Titles: Beast of Conquest
Race: Blood-Stained Ghoul
Sex: Female
Age: ?? (Old Lady)

Occupation: Wondrous Works Researcher; Tool Creator; Total Monster
Discipline: Battle Pressure – Mad Ghoul (Originally: Golden Luster – Eternal Soldier)



[Shooting Stars] – “A strange, wooden box with holes in the end produces a stream of missile-like light, which explodes with enormous force on the chosen target. I, of course, want it desperately. Hooray for aura tools.”

[Pocket Belmont] – “A spiked chain that flies with great force to strike out, before returning. It explodes with flame on impact, destroying whatever is around its point of release. Is this love? Am I in love?”

[Doom Rollers] – “Please make way for one of my favorite tools! Or, rather: don’t.”

[Heart Taking] – “Hey, won’t you give yourself to me~? Completely and absolutely.”


[DARK REVELATION] – “Only you wanted this, Little Bro.”


Disposition: Sultry / Intelligent / Vicious |-| Insane |-| Emotionless
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Skin: Deathly White



Rantil Value –

Strength – C (B)

Vitality – C (B)

Dexterity – D

Agility – C (B)

Intelligence – C

Mentality – C

Luck – E

Charisma – D



Cethran Value – “Perhaps you have a fascination for that which seems human, but whose qualities deviate far from it when inspected? Even if she’s your ideal figure, Adris, won’t it be a problem if she decides to eat you up?”

“Isn’t she the perfect woman to demonstrate the worth of the advice I gave to you within the Chapel?”


“Perhaps I was both correct and mistaken? Let’s look for the next woman to answer your question, shall we?”



“A woman whose first instinct is to not trust you, and to trust only in herself. A fairly good perspective and outlook on life, in a blue abyss filled with lunatics. The obvious question is: how sane can she be if she willingly lives there?”

“From cocky temptress, to older sister, to both. Stronger, together.”


“Turning out to be a little more grounded and also less stable than anticipated, Lycia finds something to love in a place that makes sense only to her.”



“Lycia has become a fully fleshed out character in my mind, now. She’s everything bad and good, rolled up into a bitter chocolate that you can only chew sparingly, or your nuts will spontaneously explode.”








Victory or Death – “Product of the Alchemaster, this represents the pinnacle of aphrodisiacs… of the lowest stratum. Born from only mundane elements with a magical tinge, what horrors await the man who drinks something more powerful?”




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