Take Up the Cross – Chapter 93: Dance of Water and Cross ☆

“The usual… way we fight would be in an offensive formation: Kol to meet the enemy, Ave to cover midline, you on flank and interdiction, then Neesiette bringing up the back. But, to… to…

Ah! It’s…!”

{“Ah?” Formation “Ah”? What a strange name~?}


(It’s not a name… it’s a premonition!)


A wonderful soak with fine female company, company that Adris is also at the mercy of, has grown stranger yet again. All of the lotions placed around him seem like the preparations for a ritual, because the black-meshed scamp placing a dollop of purplish gel on his arm likely has a profession that is known to Adris even from Xin.


(Witch? The word of the southern barbarians is inadequate. [Dumonu] (POISONING WITCH) would match your proclivities better! Bush sages were truly depraved…)




Such beings were the worst of aura users, surpassing even the harvesting schools of the Xin’Reh, who saw “recruits” as nothing more than fresh meat to serve as body shields and only rarely surpass their positions.

Utilizing the darkest secrets of Health of Body, instead these troubling recluses could turn mortal men into mindless servants and milk the living for their rawest foundations of aura, using them as living reservoirs for their disgusting techniques.


Still’s capacity for medicines, being far beyond Adris’, leaves him horrified as he feels the lotion warm his skin. If she were in the same profession, relaxing would soon be lethal.


(I hope it’s just an aphrodisiac.)




“… Defensively, I propose another solution… because we have a member of the party who shows great capacity for immediate growth.”

With these words spat out in a hurry, Adris collects himself while licking over her body with his senses. Stopping only for a moment, Still pulls his arm out while squatting, straightening it in a sultry, slow manner.

{And who would that be~?}

Taking time to rub between his fingers, she gives great care for digits that even he often ignores.


(There’s only one answer to that, and you know it…)




“Ave, of course.”



Without losing her composure, she lies down beside his arm, facing her butt to his face while she lifts up. Though capable of extreme jealousy at times, Ave being the answer is somehow only natural for her.


“You don’t sound…?”


Still blinks at the open-ended question, before teeth flash with the grin that admonishes him for misunderstanding.


{If I thought I could surpass her potential, I might be offended… but, Ave is Ave. Being jealous of that fawn-like girl who has incredible abilities, yet doesn’t flaunt them would be… offensive of me.}

With a slight shrug, she simply returns to her work.

{I’m not that low of a person, which is good for her…}


(What are you doing…?)


Adris watches, enraptured by the display as she wraps her legs around his arm. With it placed as such, the entirety of its length is entrapped by fleshy thighs, or is ground down on by her pussy before the rest is clutched to her.


In this strange position, she somehow begins to glide on the ground with only one hand for leverage.


“… How? Mmm…?”



Unable to communicate as she begins, Still just slowly slides up and down his arm, maneuvering her plumpness to spread the thick lotion as evenly as possible Adris’ “treatment” begins.

Still is chill compared to the room, even after warming in the bath. Like an eternal stone which soaks up the warmth of the day, the heat generated by the medicinal rub causes Adris to willingly surrender what she steals away.


(This is… so new…)


Closing his eyes while enjoying the sensation of a body becoming a scrubber, Adris forgets about everything…




At least until something taps him on the cheek, bringing wide eyes full of shock from him.


Coyly swaying it, Still’s foot is the attacker, with her looking beyond her body to reveal an expression of bemusement, but also disappointment, as she curls her mouth.



… Avenalliah… like I discussed with you before you agreed to my plan against Lycia, has the most potential out of all of us.” His explanation continues, leaving Still to resume her “work” as she keeps squishing against him. “If she were to improve only her core qualities… Attributes, she would be unstoppable by herself. To throw on mastering her Talents would be grand.”

There’s no interruption at this assessment, save for Still stopping in mid-rub for a moment, to decide to release his left arm so that she can slide over his body like a serpent.


(… Or an octopus?)


Grabbing the bottle of lotion on the way, she quickly pours more onto his other arm before resuming her labors.


“Ave’s… not like you, though.”


Still does stop at this, her squinting, wine-shaded eyes demanding clarification as she prepares to squeeze.


“She isn’t capable of excelling alone. Whereas you are self-reliant, she is… no, I can’t think of a single word to encompass how dependent she is.”

Adris’ sigh at the conclusion of this thought earns a nod from Still, before she resumes turning his arm to jelly.

“So there’s only one real choice: improve Ave by intentionally challenging her. The only option thus far is the Tree of Life within the Botanical Labyrinth of the Roaming Gardens, which we promised to take her to.”


At this declaration, Still’s hand lazily signs out an important question.

{Are we sure what she says is actually true?}

“I intend to find out, with or without her consent if she tries to run. Normally, I would agree with your disbelief, but…”




Thinking about the effervescent elf, the same question was spoken by Adris.


If the stories say the great wind spirit is there, then it definitely is! Never once, not even a single time, have they lied to me! I promise, Adris: this isn’t an exaggeration!

Rather than revealing terror or self-doubt, Ave’s brilliant smile and shining eyes held strength.

Believe in me, just this once, please!? Ave…! No, I… I won’t let you down!

For a second time since she chose to call forth chaotic winds to save her friends, Adris felt confidence in this unreliable teammate.




(Those are the words said by someone who is going to immediately let you down.)


“The problem is… what ‘stories’ are she talking about? Sound relevant?”

{Who knows. She has secrets. We all do.}

Still simply absorbs this confidence before scoffing, returning to her work as a foot rubs over Adris’ chest.

{Even she… holds thoughts back. Not that it matters. There’s plenty of things worth… “liberating” in the Castillo’s Tree of Life!}

Slick as can be, the lithe girl’s butt hits Adris’ shoulder every time she reaches the end of her slide. Eager hand signs when she stops share Still’s agreement.


{We’ll make a return with her help or not~!}


Boobs that are big enough to encompass his arm are a perfect shackle for it, leaving Adris’ mentally paralyzed, even if he wasn’t also physically so.

Just like always, Still takes advantage of his weaknesses.


(She’s tormenting me.)


Like the baths, the room seems to be heating up.

Adris finds himself to be the coal adding to the fire.


(But… I’m the one who is supposed to be in charge of myself, so can I even complain…?)


“… What is this supposed to do, again?”


As the red-faced boy watches his masseuse finish with his other arm by sliding her almost bare pussy along it one last time, relishing in the friction before she lifts her hips, Adris almost doesn’t care about the answer when a silent finger comes to his lips.

Still moist with lotion, he unconsciously tastes the residue after she rubs them.




{A supreme way of recovering~! “Energize the spirit, while revitalizing the flesh!”} The healer in charge then lays on top of him, letting her feminine weight press down as Adris feels something flick along his dick.

The finger that strikes it becomes a slow jerk of his length, full of worship that is given slowly and with intentional milestones reached by Still in her lengthy service. These milestones are his sighs and eye movements, captured by a woman who marks every one as important.


{But do you need any revitalizing? I’ve always thought it’s disproportionate… but, with how tasty it is and thick it feels inside, it’d be rude to complain…}

“It’d be very rude… to not tell me more about your impressions.”


A girl lounging over him lets her breasts settle and hang to the side, as the perkiness keeps them just from sagging.

{Not the biggest; not the longest; not the thickest; but I think that little curve you have to you turns a boring sword into an unusual scimitar~?}

Her second hand makes luxurious gestures before moving to stick a finger in his mouth. She strokes his tongue with a curving touch, letting him lick the surprisingly tasty medicinal lotion off as she enjoys his light sucking. Pulling out, she wiggles it before making a curving stab.

{That rare angle is one that women can’t appreciate enough~.}

“… It’s not gone unnoticed. I would love to brandish it against you, again.”


Though trying not to sound thirsty, Adris utterly fails, setting Still “laughing” as her body spasms.

{Hmm, isn’t the sword a little plain for the ornate scabbard~?}


(Are you calling me the lesser party in this!?)


Before he can appear offended, she twists and slides out over his legs.




Adris’ dick is crushed against his body by her stomach, slick with lotion as she wraps her tits around a leg and starts to curl.

With the movement of her whip-like body, she “cleans” him in an acrobatic manner that even Adris couldn’t duplicate, sending her hands out to his feet to rub at his toes and ankle when she rests between motions.


(Ehh!? Even something like that feels… ticklish in a sexual way if it’s you doing it!)


All the while, she kneels on him, bending just far enough at times for him to peek at the perfectly sculpted slit hidden by mesh, begging to be ripped open.


When his hand creeps ever so slowly up over his chest and then aims for it…




Still bucks for only a moment, for it seems even she wasn’t aware of his stealthy movement.

Lips feel squishy as he rubs along them with the back of his fingers, but he gains no pleasurable feedback, even when he arches his fingers more firmly into her.


“… Do I not have the skill?”

{Rest your ever-bruised, unbreakable ego and relax~. Remember what I taught you that night under the stars~?}


Finishing with one leg, Still swiftly works the other after finishing signing.

Adris sighs at his inability to pay back what he gets, before closing his eyes once more.




“For defense… it seems that we can only rely on what I can fill at the moment, so I’ll contribute to all the fights.”

With as matter of fact as it’s said, Still’s jolt seems out of place, until she flips around like an eel and starts filling his sight with moving fingers.


{Are you actually insane!? You take one hit, even on your armor, and you go down, maybe for good!}

“… If I fail to help the four of you win, then my vessel’s life has no meaning, anyway.”

{Are we really doing this “vessel” thing again!? I’m responsible for making sure Ave doesn’t cry about you!}



Laying by his side, Still harshly wraps up his dick, pumping on it from base to tip without ever letting it slide out of her strict fingers. Fine eyebrows angle in displeasure as Still then licks his neck, slowly disagreeing with his assessment so he can understand.

{I’ll always be there to fill in. All you need to do is call out tactics, since that’s what you are best at. You need to run if it gets bad.}

“No! I will…”




(Not hide behind others! At least not literally! I… don’t want to give up…!)


Unable to explain this impetus, Adris can only think back to his life of fighting on Xin.


A world and position at the back of another that defined his life until only recently was one in which he had to fight, no matter the enemy’s strength, and be relied upon to never falter until death.

Even in his wildest dreams of retiring to live off of others’ good fortunes, Adris had never wanted Serras to continue fighting in his stead.


(Maybe as a banner warrior, a true duelist, but… I wouldn’t let anyone make me useless.)




Adris manages to get both arms around the slick girl, stealing an embrace as she cringes at the closeness.

As long as this vessel draws breath, its fortunes are your fortunes.

{You’re so fuckin’ weird!? Let go!}


Just like always, Still scampers away like a struck cat the moment Adris shows affection.

Squatting next to his feet, her features change swiftly as her emotions settle. Flashing eyes and whites of anger turn to half-lidded ones, with a sardonic smirk coming to her before she lays on top of his body again.

“Oh! You always… land right on top of it…!? You’re going to crush it one day…!”


The evil witch tosses away her hat, before unraveling the cowl and chasing it with it.

Only when her burgundy hair plays free from it does she bother tapping his chin and responding.


{Relax, relax~. You’re always afraid that I’ll damage the one thing that means the most to my plans~.}

“… How is my dick essential to your plans…?”


While squishy boobs roll over his chest and stomach, the intense woman who always has his back, whether he wants her to or not, shakes her head while giving him an “are you really this stupid” look.


{That’s only essential to my current plans~… If you can’t figure it out, then you’re not as smart as I thought, partner…}


(Eh? Did… you just… suggest that I’m…? OH!)


Something about his face or pulse must give him away, because the moment his thoughts go astray, Still rides up his body to smother him with pillows.


As the sticky wonders seat on his head, two clever hands start gently scrubbing his dick between them.




“Too fast! AH! That’s too… strong!”

Moaning into her breasts, Adris tries to buck up, but Still shifts her weight to keep the weak boy pinned.

While mounting him, only her hands act as she’s bent over, but they might as well be the tightness of deep within with how his dick invites further bullying.


Still massages his cock at every essential point, putting a circled finger around his tip and plunging him through it as it stays tight. Her other hand juggles his balls as the lotion she adds to them makes them warm without limit.

Wonderful pleasure grows according to her whims.


“You’re too aggressive! I’ve… been…!”


(Unable to have any sex! And you know it!)




Not that Adris hasn’t had the opportunities.

With Kol’s naive displays of her toned body and the fiery allure of a dominating soul, Adris has resisted by constant reminder that they can’t have a proper contest if he’s handicapped.


(I’ll claim that hot pussy, eventually, when I can survive it! Meanwhile, Ave keeps “wandering in” while wearing only slips of clothing…)


Like before with her “tea times”, the usually ignorant snake elf has taken to wearing airy lingerie in their shared bedroom.

With nothing more than a half-transparent chemise to hide herself with…


Ah, it’s really tasty! Ave… I… I made sure it’s not too hot by sipping it myself, Adris? Will you…

please drink some, now?


Though the tone was kind, nothing about her sweating body matched it.

Ave’s interests are now too open to ignore, often these days more alike to a certain body-suited skulker’s temptations.

Gone is the truly innocent girl he recalls from their first date.


After getting a taste of a man, lingering innocence she still possesses is constantly ready to surrender to the heat he can feel on her fast breath.

Slit-eyes often seem to burn with temptation, as though she’s a moment from wrapping him up and biting him once more.


(You were supposed to be a good girl, Ave! Although, I’m much happier thinking that I’ve ruined you? Hahaha!)


This “good girl” now sends her tongue flicking more casually, looking down his body while doing it. Daydreaming about Ave is easy for Adris, who now feels inclined to draw her into a semi-private place to ravish her, or start groping her in public.


(Ah, I’ve changed. To think that I’d consider purposefully making that girl cry while moaning? The thought of being so desired… is strange, but the best feeling. Maybe all men are like this…?)




{It’s not healthy to hold back.}

“As if I can handle it myself with them constantly around!? Be understanding!”

Content with her “rejuvenation of him”, Still halts just at the last moment, leaving Adris’ irritation overflowing while his dick isn’t.


Crushing it to her body harshly, the woman that lies on top of him lets that twitching member announce how backed up and eager it is.

Adris’ mood worsens as he realizes that Still is…


{Hey, you still don’t get it~? If you just brought it out in front of them, I think the manly smell alone might be enough to entice…?}

“Don’t call it ‘manly’ when you know I like being clean! I haven’t bathed because I can’t trust them to actually bathe me!

… No, I can’t trust any of you, save for Neesiette… ACK!? STOP!”


Still’s hands tickle his armpits as Adris quivers in frustration, before she folds her hands and lays her head like a cat.


{You’re just… blind to the situation.}

“… Oh? Does Neesiette have an interest in my body she hasn’t announced? Should I ask her for an intimate tutoring, Ms. Gossip~?”

Adris’ carefree grin at the idea of Neesiette showing interest results in…




A splashing of the soaking pool shouldn’t be possible, as both of them are out of it.

Yet, the surface clearly moves like a lake swept by wind.


(… Why is the water moving?)


“I’m joking. Please don’t pull. Seriously, I will die.”


In addition to water moving, his delicate foreskin is tightening as fingers grip and tug.

Only when Adris grinds his teeth does Still let go, closing her eyes and rubbing her temple before speaking.


{You just demand pain, don’t you? Does it scream from your soul, this longing for someone to hurt you? To punish you for your many wrongs?}

“No. In fact, if I was never caught for any of my crimes, I would much prefer that.”

{If you truly didn’t want to be caught, you wouldn’t always be having so much fun in front of me…}




Twisting up on him, the dark woman brings one hand to her bosom, grabbing on to showcase the fullness while her crotch begins to grind over the dick which has thus far endured too much.


{Well, you were right about Neesiette’s state, so that’s one ‘win’ for you. About Ave…?}

“We’re both right. Only we can force her to go through with trying to change when she gets there, but only she can change. If we’re to survive…”


Adris and his paramour exchange a knowing head nod, before Adris’ hand placed on her tasty thigh is pulled away.


{So that’s a mutual win: she is her, and our, own worst enemy.}

“Yeah, sounds good. As to the group…”


(Ready for the truth, my dearest partner? Will it drive you from my embrace?)




“… We lack in distant offensive capabilities. Your dirks and Neesiette’s rod cannot overcome dedicated archers or worse.”

{Agreed. We need a better avenue. Luckily, I believe I can fill that with the aid of… her.}

Twisting in ire at having to refer to Lycia for help, Still calms a moment later, letting that womanly, caring side of her back out.


“Though Neesiette seems capable of dismissing any spellcaster that operates like the twin kobolds or others, I believe she likely can’t affect more than one spell at a time, yes? Maybe more at once if she can have sight of them…?”

A slow nod from Still confirms this, though she doesn’t seem annoyed this time.


(I’m not going to pick on your favorite girl.)


“So we need more options for improving our abilities, such as… techniques that increase battle prowess? As for resourcefulness, between Avenalliah and Neesiette, I believe that they are impossibly well learned. Neesiette is obvious, but I’ve never met a scholar that has as much breadth of knowledge as Ave does.”

Having discussed many random topics with the girl, no matter what it is, as long as it…

{It’s all about elves, though!}

“I know! But, so long as it is about elves, it’s a topic she’s knowledgeable about. Which means that she and Neesiette should be most capable of creating magical tools, right?” Adris’ question makes Still flinch back, before nodding her head in a non-committal way. “Why respond like that? I asked Ave about the medicinal knowledge of Zennia. She’s… shockingly efficient at describing them and their usages…”


Still’s hand silences his lips, before she signs so that nobody but him could see.

{Don’t drink what she makes, unless you don’t value your life or chastity. Don’t ask her to make something, unless it’s something she wants to make beforehand, or it will get bizarre.}


(That’s horrifying! What does she do!?)


{As for… those two working together, I suppose it’s more likely than me and the chunk of lodestone, but…}

With herself mentioned, Still licks her lips and leans in.

This leaves Adris gasping, for the closeness of her beautiful face impacts him just as harshly as her sopping cleft rubbing over the tip of his dick.


{Hey… Adris~?}

His hand is made to rub on her glorious mound, firmly tweaking the teat between his fingers as she moves them for him.


(Show them to me…)


When he shakily takes over for her, her hand messages again.


{Hearing about them is fine… but…}


(But you want to talk about your delicious body, don’t you?)




A book is held up, with a page showing that lists information related to the woman that lifts into the air slightly, only to sit back down while refusing entry.


{The revitalizing massage is over, but we’re still tied~?}

“… I never realized this was a contest. I thought you wanted me to relax…?”


(Evil witch, this was always your goal!)




With Adris moments from spurting uselessly over her body instead of inside, the woman who has turned his flesh into a fire given form is busy trapping him with the last point he needs to win.

His body is so turned on that if he could, he’d overpower and jam it into her, regardless of whether he’d be killed or not. That alone makes it impossible to think correctly.


{Hey. Won’t you… tell me all about me? What’ve you got written down about all of my secrets~?}

“When you hear them, do you swear to be a good girl?”



As though his question is almost a clever joke, Still shakes while brushing back her hanging hair, before winking.


{Better than that~!}

While holding her hair and using only her core muscles to keep her upright, she leans in next to his ear and licks his lobe, bringing a gasp.

All the while, her free hand taps a promise.


{I swear to be a naughty one.}


(Good enough for me!)




Adris reads the page, which reveals everything, and also nothing.




[The name of this girl is Cyrene Stillwater, though this represents both truth and lie in equal measure, hiding behind a veneer called ILLUSION. Called Puddle by Terror and partner by Crossbearer, she is undead, though what she is be unknown to all, hiding behind a veneer called ILLUSION.


– Occupation of this girl may be said to be a delver as called, and not a slayer, instead being called an Accursed Avenger. Her discipline, that which guides her path, has become [Rule in Dark], though it was once {???}.




(Other powers remain untested.)


– Her standing with the world’s ways of living should be called chaotic, for all that binds her is vengeance and what she agrees to in the course of achieving it.


– The strength she bears be considered normal for humans, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The vitality she holds be considered normal for humans, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The dexterity she acts with be considered heroic, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The agility she moves with be considered heroic, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The intelligence she thinks with be considered heroic, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The mentality she survives by be considered peak of human, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The luck she walks with be considered normal for humans, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.

– The charisma she demonstrates be normal for humans, though she may rise to an as yet unknown potential.


– Her deepest secrets are called as follows:


Other secrets live unnoticed by the Crossbearer.]


[Synchronicity of the Soul:


Respect: 💖 💖 🤍 🤍 🤍

Obsession: 💛 💛 💖 💖 🤍

Understanding: 💛 💖 🤍 🤍 🤍


The girl known as Still has an unbreakable relationship with the Crossbearer, but their mutual clashes make it impossible for either to seek dominance over the other, resulting in only a knowledge that their fates are tied together without assurances of how to proceed.


Be warned once more, Crossbearer. As shown previously, one remains unable to grasp the nature of that which is ever obscured by darkness. Seek instead to understand the nature of the darkness itself, should one wish to understand its form.]




(You’re the one that I can’t surreptitiously spy on.)


Rantil’s incapacity to understand Still has always been a major impediment to understanding the stalker’s limits. Even when he discovers first-hand information about her, and even if she tells him…


{I’m waiting~?}


As though Still can see through to his very thoughts, she rocks the book back and forth in front of him.

A book called Codex Rantilius can’t pierce through, no matter how much Adris asks questions of why. Even information he knows is distorted in its words.




“You are capable of anything and everything.”

{Flattery would be nice if it didn’t sound like sarcasm?}

His dry tone earns him a dressing down, before his head shakes and he curls his cheeks with a more authoritative sneer.


(No matter how little I try to manipulate you these days, you must still respect what you don’t know about me!)


Treated much like a normal person, no matter how untrustworthy or vile Still might regard him as sometimes, there’s just enough darkness about Adris to keep her on her toes.

Keep her afraid of the unknown.


(That’s where I will hide in!)


“It’s not sarcasm, it’s just the limit of your abilities: you can do a little of everything competently. Unlike the rest, though, your only true proficiencies are in sneaking, ambushing, and using supportive sorceries to help in unusual circumstances.”

When she doesn’t move, Adris takes that as a key to proceed with his naked analysis of the girl he desperately wants to fuck.

“While Kol is incredible at offense, Ave is very magically inclined while also being a luck boon, and Neesiette is undeniably our fool-proof plan against magic, you have the necessity of filling in everywhere else. This would normally be fine, but you don’t have the capabilities to do that.”

{… Explain.}

The evil gesture of double-tapping the air makes him pause, before he realizes something about her posture.

Rather than growing annoyed, she is just rubbing against him.

Sultry as ever, this whole conversation is just…




“You’re just… a woman that likes being appreciated. You already know what all your weaknesses are and why we need more help. So, I will just thank you for everything you’ve done so far, while saying that you need to be replaced for some of those tasks.”



This gleeful “laughing of hers abates after a half-minute, with Still climbing down his body to sit on his legs.

{Hmmm? Your answer is “you know yourself best, so why should I answer”? Does that truly count as “knowing me” though~? Do you win?}

“I know you enough to realize the trap you’re putting me into. With you setting the rules and me being paralyzed…”


Adris just turns his head, sounding bored as he manages to wave his hand.


“Hah, such a proud woman, to make a cripple talk her up~! I guess you think everything about you is great, so let’s just say ‘Still is the best, nobody can beat her!’”

{Sarcasm isn’t sexy, Adris.}


Instead of responding, Adris just rests his head on the towel beneath it, lazing about and enjoying the heated air.




(If I can’t see your hand signs… what will you do to get to me? I’ve realized… this is the key to your game.)


A part of Still is now understandable, despite Rantil’s block on reading her.

Unlike Adris, who can easily deal with lacking attention…


(Can you really handle the silence? If I can’t see your gestures… what will you do?)




A series of touches test him, hitting at different points and at distinct intervals. For all of their impatience, though, Adris doesn’t budge.


At least, not until there’s a sound of something being cut or ripped, leaving Adris ready to start sweating…

Before the source is realized by the texture.




“AH!? Oh…”


A squishy prison is what wraps around his lotion-stroked cock, chill as night but full of promise. Squelching, too, comes with his dick being pumped by tits pressing on him.


(This is something I want to see!)


Bare skin is the promise, no doubt milky white like her own. That temptation isn’t enough, though, as Adris settles into enjoying the foreign sensation that he hopes to make a usual addition to Still’s repertoire.


Even when her hand creeps up to tickle his neck, he resists.




(I have you! The one thing you crave is feedback! Telling me to relax…?)


That has the opposite effect, for when he relaxes, she merely ups her gambit.

Even when Still’s personality becomes thirsty like this, playing with his expectations is a part of her own joy.


(What will you do if I deny you? I think… you’re just as thirsty as I am?)




Recently, Adris has begun to think that undead have their own needs.


(Semen seems to be the tastiest treat to all of you! Not even Lycia can resist craving it? Then… doesn’t that make me in control?)


The way he smiles must be setting her off, because the dark world outside, one filled with sloppy sounds of wet skin sliding against other skin, just becomes fiercer.

Pleasure is impossible to ignore as his whole dick is vigorously stroked with a perfect body, but not cumming is a talent Adris has cultivated.




(Ah, ah… this is… nice in its own way!? I’ve never considered… that being serviced was…)

“How nice it is, to be serviced by a woman like this. One who knows what she’s doing, right?”




She steals his hand when he arrogantly whispers this, squeezing while she picks up the pace of scrubbing. Her tension is transfered to him, leaving Adris feeling that desperation he knows grows inside her.


No matter how much she wants to sign at him, with her own arrogance striking back…


(I’m blind, and thus deaf to your teasings! Hahaha!)


When her body lifts, and she drops onto his lap, Adris’ dick is right against her mons while she leans forward.


(Do it! Command me, oh wonderful masseuse!)




“A man who properly knows his place, proving that a dear friend made a decent choice.”


The knowing female voice that speaks sounds like it’s heard from behind a carpet of forestry, hidden by a thousand vines and years of moss.

But, there’s no lacking of power in its purposeful whimsy.







Adris rolls over, carried by Still’s twisting.


A whistling shriek is what his eyes follow, as she flings a dirk that she produces from nowhere…


(As if it came from her very arm…!?)




“How rude, to assault a woman in her own bath.”

“Who are you talking to, you sleazy spinster?”




Light shines and voices echo through the gored space in mid air, with familiarity to the people speaking. The dirk plops into the water after, no longer held aloft by the expanding rend.

Like a popping bubble, a thin, purplish barrier halfway between the wall and the middle of the soaking pool bows outward.


Before bursting.




Revealed by the disarraying magical field is a blond-haired woman, crouching in the bath on her arachnid legs, naked as the day she was born.

The similarly blond-haired man she runs her hands over is stuck in his work, washing enormous breasts that he holds aloft with impossibly toned hands and arms.

It seems strange at first that two such feminine faces would be able to war with each other like they do, but Adris’ thoughts skip past trivialities to the important danger.


(How did I not notice these two being there!?)




While Adris is clutched to Still in a protective embrace, with her back to danger while he is shielded…


(Thank… thank you…)


… the naked couple is equally as involved, with a red-faced Roberto Salmeron bound in bondage-like webbing at his arms and legs, using a loofah to spread a familiar, purplish lotion over his sister Meltisha’s boobs while squeezing them together.

The spider woman takes up the majority of the bath with her own body, which is far more slender than the outrageously developed one of the holy man who often seems ready to preach for total peace.


(… Nice job.)


While her nipples aren’t visible at the moment, the effect of his hands produces the look of pillows being deformed when groping them, dripping moisture into the pool from delectable skin. Only by noticing the angle does Adris realize where the man’s dick is, right now.

Being pumped into, Meltisha allows (or forces) the man to seek pleasure that Still once shared with Adris, though Meltisha’s assets are far more dangerous to be around for Adris’ urge for release.

Just watching the man grunt and close his eyes while driving his cock between these giant marshmallows causes Adris to wish he was doing the same thing.


Looking down, Meltisha’s wide front legs, like a spider’s own but more shaped into a woman’s form, are spread wide enough for Adris to make out the shape of her pinkish flower above the water’s surface.


(How does one get into there…? You can only… give yourself to be “eaten”?)


Adris gulps while considering the image of being cornered by Meltisha, with the spider woman silently taunting him while lifting her web-patterned dress to force him into her waiting, dripping hole.

With no body glove covering her skin, the woman’s flex where chitin overlaps is a strange sight, but helps give an exoticness to her that matches Kol’s own attractive contrast. Where her bottom meets carapace, it leaves just enough of her slender waist to make the change seamless.


(… Maybe I am a bit interested?)


When he finally pries his eyes away from Meltisha’s body, Adris notices that the young girl hanging onto him is casting her eyes on another.




“I know you’re mad with lust, but can you avoid degenerate talk that also makes you sound crazy, sister? If we don’t hurry, that young man or any of his party might decide to do the normal thing and bathe in here.”

To the man’s acerbic speech, Meltisha only smiles while looking at Adris with her many eyes.

“Have you been so far removed from danger that even now you haven’t noticed, dearest Robbie? Or are my breasts so comfortable you went to sleep?”



Adris follows Still’s sight, with the subject of interest being the man’s groin pushed up against his sister, with both doing a double-take when he withdraws from the comfortable press of her pillows.


(Is this what you hide under your robes!?)


As if the disciple of Zsinj’s musculature wasn’t deranged enough, with its healthy tone and battle scars replete upon it, there is also a brutal war mace attached to his waist.

Larger toward the end than the base, this incredibly wet, angry red weapon wobbles as the priest turns to where Meltisha looks, his equally angry features slowly succumbing to surprise.




“… What?”

“Shouldn’t that be my line?

The two men stare at each other in shock, while the women…





“First, let me say that you two entered into my tryst.”


Both women spark right away, with Still amazingly sliding around Adris to hide herself from Roberto’s sight.

For good reason, for the man had moved his eyes elsewhere after glaring at Adris, following Still’s back down to her thick thighs and…




(Leave my woman to my eyes!)


Adris looks away from Roberto in the next instant, his eagle sight focusing on Meltisha.

Lifting up out of the water, between her legs is the delicious land of unknown pleasures that Adris also fears, which opens when her hand slides down to play at its lips.


Do you know what those consumed by lust receive as punishment, young one?


Adris’ view is cut off the next moment, replaced by an angry mace as Roberto smiles his horrible smile, one full of bloodthirst and jealousy. The cleric’s hand cracks as he flexes it, with muscles bulging in anticipation of violence as he steps forward.


(I’m not looking because I want to! No, wait… I’m… and you…)




A woman’s wine-shaded eyes are still wide with wonder while following the dancing tip of another man’s treasure, drinking in the sight that seems unique to her. At least until those eyes turn furious when she’s dragged down on top of a boy.


{The fuck you doin’!?}

“… Holding onto what’s mine.”

{Who you sayin’ belongs to you!?}


Refusing to release her, Adris just holds on while the proprietress giggles, leaving both still confused as to what is happening.


(Did we end up walking into her snare!? But the snare is…?)


“My, this is stimulating! What a delightful couple. Robbie, when was the last time we had the opportunity to have a double date?”

“We’ve never been on a date, therefore the answer is never! Evil witch, what have I told you about using illusions to create voyeurs or victims!?”




{This… fuckin’… woman. She’s always plotting these sorts of…}

Irate, but seemingly helpless to resolve her anger, Still just tries to reach for her steepled hat. When Adris refuses to let go, she taps his cheekbone with impatience.

{I don’t wanna be seen like this! Get dressed, you streaker! No, let me get dressed and then I’ll drag you out!}

“… We’ve done nothing wrong. Why should we leave?”

His whisper causes Still to gape at him, shocked by the declaration.


“We were having a good time. I’m not ready to stop simply because unworthy people intrude on our private time.”


Frozen in his embrace, Still cannot follow his thoughts, only tap him with a sign he taught her.


{What are you doing!?}




Splashing sounds draw the two partners to the woman approaching them. Sidling up next to her brother, the naked and heated-up Meltisha runs her hands over her breasts playfully while watching.

“These two don’t seem like voyeurs, Robbie? If anything, I’d say we’d qualify as that…?”

“I’m only watching because I can’t leave and can’t let my eyes off of you for a moment!”


Indeed, Roberto’s immense strength is proved useless, as the webbing attached to him prevents him from leaving the corner that the compliant strands are tied to. Like living shackles, they loosen and constrict to prevent him from leaving the water and his sister’s side.


“Hm? Ah, how interesting? Even if he’s a boy, Robbie, does that look like a boy’s…?”

“Does what look like!? Why would I, a pure servant of Zsinj, look at—!?


Ah, that’s outrageous. Looks like the average man’s? Are you actually a dwarf, young one? No, are you outrageously cursed!? I’ll treat you, give me a moment…”


At first resisting, Roberto’s curiosity becomes as peaked as his sister’s, but unlike his sister, he doesn’t grow aroused.

Meltisha tip-toes forward, bypassing her brother who turns to look for a pack he left beside the pool.




“My… if Robbie isn’t interested in continuing our date, then perhaps I should seek a fun evening elsewhere?”

Putting a finger to her lips, the blond bombshell smiles the most enticing way while eying both of them. As if gender has no difference to her, the proprietress stalks closer.



“That’s… a bit…”


Still shakes her head fast, flinging her hair while Adris tries to calmly refuse her.


“… And if I have mustreed, we can fix that enlarging cu—




An almost girlish tone to Roberto’s voice turns sinister, with a deeply murderous one replacing it as the slender giant tromps over, sending water flying everywhere.




“Robbie! Behave!”




Meltisha squeals in delight as Robbie manhandles her, wrestling with the larger woman and dragging her back from Adris.

While watching their hateful dance, Still begins to tighten her grip on Adris.



“… Ahaha, haven’t you committed most of them with me, dearest Robbie!? At least, all of the failings to honor your pathetic Lord would relate to being unable to ‘purify’ your kin…?”

RIGHT! You always remind me so effortlessly of my failings…


When Meltisha grunts in pain, her irate brother releases her arm while blinking in surprise.

“Ah, so-sorry, Meltisha…”


Only, for him to receive a light slap across his face.




“Apologize for being the one who found me instead of father, brother.”

With her blond hair now completely unruly, the sneering woman who in the throes of lust rises up, towering over her brother.

The disgust she shows is both real and old, by Adris’ guess, if the way her brother shivers in response is truthful.





“Ahahaha! And why is that~?”


Still flinches into Adris as the strongman draws his witch of a sister in, jumping into her embrace with his dick pointed out.

In an instant, he’s in her arms as he begins to thrust with abandon.


“AH! OH! ROBBIE… Robbie…!?”


“Ufufufu! Good! Fill it!

Prove to me that… mmmmh! Nobody else can fill it but you…!”




The bathing room becomes a carnal inferno, with a once resolute and sinister spider woman turning into a total bitch as she begins to pant.

No longer rejecting her brother, Meltisha melts into his arms while moaning in pleasure. Pulled into his pounding, her human body is like it’s being held in the air to be battered by his thick dick, while he closes his eyes and continues to hurl demands at her.

Succumb to this! Find repentance for all your crimes… in accepting… my purification of you!

“OH!? YES! Please, purify me, Robbie! AAAHHH!




(What… is this… insane play?)


At first ready to come to blows, the siblings instead copulate in front of their inn guests. Whatever Robbie’s condition was before the illusion separating the two couples was torn apart, he’s now in perfect stride, leaving Adris almost…




{Huh!? What is it?}

When Adris puts his hand on Still’s fine ass, she stops being mesmerized by the show being put on. Instead, she watches, motionless, as Adris pulls her toward him.




A light kiss is all he gives, before parting from her face.


There’s a smoldering resentment in Still’s eyes when he examines the result, but she licks her lips after without complaint.


(I don’t want our games to become something horrible like that.)

“… I don’t want to end up like them.”




A couple that has mutual desire also has mutual hatred.

Unleashing both at once, Meltisha and Roberto Salmeron bring to mind the master of the Slayer’s Call’s assessment of them.


(“Lost souls”…? I see what you were saying.)


No matter how effortless their lovemaking is, the man that repeatedly assaults the womb of the spider queen of Welcome Web isn’t finding pure joy in his attack.

In fact, his face full of angry lines, but glistening eyes, looks remorseful.


Though she rages in delirious pleasure at the abuse being given to her, Meltisha’s own face is shaded by a painful darkness as she tries to hide it from all present.




That’s the only thing Adris needs to say, because Still’s quickly changing expression, shifting from amazement to understanding and finally to agreement with a quick nod, earns him a return favor.


Soft like fruit, her lips suck on his before she pulls away.

Leaving the two staring at each other as they try to figure out what to do next…




“Robbie! Hurry! Finish soon, or those kids will be back! Ahhh! Moreee!”

What do they matter for!? I’ll pound the sin from you in front of them, if that’s what it takes to save you!

“OH! Very nice… good thought, but… mmm, what if I were to pollute them… with my invitations…!?”



The couple locked in a hateful war let something slip, prompting Adris to slap Still’s butt to make sure she heard. Locked on watching other entwining bodies again, Still is momentarily shy as she makes furtive gestures.


{… I don’t care who else shows up, really. At this point, I just…}


A witch Adris has all to himself lifts up and, while combing her hair back, lets her breasts freed from their black constraints wobble in the air.

She lifts up over his brutally hard cock, revealing that an open hole allows for entry into a much softer one, its petals already slick and full as she parts them.


{Do you think you got your final point over me?}

A light smile goes with this coy question, leaving Adris reeling in agony.

“… I don’t remember. Let’s see who wins next time?”




That polite comment does its magic, with the implicit draw turning into a cold feeling of raw, slippery pleasure around the full length of his cock.


“Oooh… fuck you are… always…!”

{Always the best choice you ever made, right~? Let’s have some fun, partner?}


Already eager to beat out the competition, Still begins to lift and fall, pulling into Adris’ body while giving her patented piston motion.

Her grinning face is still as pale as normal, no blushing to it as she studies his features for feedback.


“You always… get too greedy!”

{… Not greedy… just hungry…}


Lips are licked as she opens her mouth slightly, inviting his finger to chance dipping inside.

Shaking boobs, smaller than the competition’s, are still seen for the first time in their full glory.


Pinkish teats on pale white, with no blemishes to her skin, are cheering for Adris to suckle on them as they flop around with her thrusting. Though only showing three parts of her body, Still has already clued Adris’ emotion-driven mind into a new way of appreciating women.


(The less you see, the better? The more contrast… ahhh! The better!?)


Like with the slayer’s revealing clothing, supposedly protective gear that allows tits to be pulled through bent cloth or gashes to be allowed on display with the ripping off of a flap, Still’s otherwise fully-clothed form creates a weird dynamic that leaves him wanting to know more.


“The less… ahhh, I know about you… the more… I want to know!”


To this ridiculous statement, Still puts her forehead to his, calmly pumping over his ready-to-burst dick while feeling his breathing on her skin.

Her hand taps his, sending a very simple signal.


{Me… too…}

“Fuck! Feels…!”


This closeness revisited brings Adris back to the happiness of years past, finally letting his own mask slip away as his own hunger is ready to be sated.

Rather than fighting each other, he relishes in working together…




“Ahhhh! How cute those two are!”

Leave them be, you vixen!




Both Adris and Still turn to Meltisha, finding that the arachne is busy with the culmination of her own fight. An equally depraved cleric no longer resists their union, instead grabbing onto her tits as he’s held aloft by threads.

Energetically accepting him, the now dominant sister forces her brother to look at the company they have.


“Do you ever remember being that innocent, Robbie?”

NeverNever around you! Being so untrained and awkward… That sort of innocence is commendable, unlike your…!

“Unlike my lack of it? Aaaaah, haha, Robbie, you always find, mmm, new ways to praise me…”


Meltisha kisses him suddenly, drawing him into a session of sloppy tongues as her eyes wink at the friend stuck watching.

Their intent is scoffing, humored even, at Still’s work.


(How are we awkward!?)


When Adris is yanked back into Still’s domain by her firm hands grasping his, the boy suddenly pieces together why his partner seems to sneer in frustration.


(Are they having a contest…!? Between… claiming men?)


As nonsensical as it sounds, Still does increase her attention to Adris as she squeezes her hands, rousing an emotional need for him to answer in kind.


“Still…! Let’s…”


Bringing her closer and to a halt, he grins, even while his face is sweating from their efforts.


“Let’s… show them what real partners can do.”


One curt nod becomes a few long ones, before the lass with fine-breeding to her features sticks out her tongue toward their voyeurs before impishly smiling at her chosen man.

Still casts away all of her shame and surprise, choosing instead to become the star of this “double date”.




Two bodies cease to struggle, matching time with the other.

No longer opposing, a single rhythm steadily grows to face the common enemy.


Though not the same as years of practice, the way their hands search each other while allowing the other to sometimes take precedence without a word spoken, builds toward respect as Still invites Adris to finally lick her tits.


Sucking on the left before she pulls back to wave them over his face, he finds himself licking on the right while she constricts on his member without it having to move. A pure massage proves a masseuse more than able to finish him off when she’s ready.


(But… I’m still enjoying this…!)




Even if Adris thinks that, his companion is ready to commence with their victory in a different manner.


{Time to show… Meltisha what I can do, Adris~!}


Lifting her breasts off of his face, she leans back while riding him, using her arms to bust up her boobs to create a wonderful image of a princess riding her chosen steed.

Still stays upright without effort, with her muscular legs easily plopping her back down with each trip along his shaft.


{Look at you, though? I’m happy! You finally managed to last longer than a minute or so~?}



Chatty hands tease him as she lets his dick slide slowly out of her, before gyrating back into deep penetration. All the way to her waiting womb, everything he has to enter with is readily accepted.

{No matter how many times we tussle, I don’t think you’ll ever be able to hold back…~?}

Ave’s easy to reach depths and Kol’s untrained pussy can’t accomplish this same impression of being devoured by an erotic organ, but no matter the pleasure, Adris can’t forgive this barb.


(You… just said we’d be more easy about this…! Uhnnn! The moment you get a chance to talk yourself up before Meltisha… you’ll cast aside my pride…!?)


Unable to last more than a few minutes, Adris finds that some deeply faceted part of Still’s personality causes the smugly smiling woman to pick at him, before she frowns cutely at his growing annoyance.

{Sorry, sorry! I forget that you’re so… young.}

Leaning forward, she taps his head, earning even more spite from his heart. Treating him like a kid is her most desperately stabbed knife, and Still is well aware of the effect when she finishes her thought.


{I like you, just as you are? Don’t worry: you’ll last longer, eventually…



(Fucking… you!)


Still lets her eyes roll back after, closing them as she picks up the pace.

Slapping onto him, her clever folds work their dark magic by teasing him at many different spots. Never clenching completely, they instead milk upward when she falls down, and downwards when she lifts up.


(What sort of monster are you!? I have to know!)


“You… this isn’t your first time showing off in front of others, is it…?”


While Adris admits his satisfaction at proving himself to prying eyes, his gyrating partner dances with just as much frenzy as he shows off with, making him seem almost like a neophyte with a seasoned priestess during some perverse ceremony.

His question only brings a whimsical smile in turn, before she shyly admits with truth-telling hands.


{Not nearly the first time, and around you… not likely the last.}

“So you… ahhh, want to be the winner of the… show…?”

{“Want to…?”}


Lotion of bodily fire, musky room full of lusty spider scent and a competitive man’s dangerous presence, and slapping that mimics their own is all that’s required to send Adris over the edge.


{Will be. Cum for me, my favorite toy, so Meltisha can see how I handle you~.}


(Fuck you! Not alone! This alliance is over!)




While holding back until the last moment, Adris laughs to himself as he focuses his mind.


A hideous grin, full of evil humor as his “weak” hands rip out to grab onto a slender waist.



Grabbing back, Still tries to wrestle with Adris, but…


“You’re… ugh, tight, but… not stronger! Cum your brains out, ahh, while remembering my touch…!”


Adris rises up, renewed of body and purpose.

Lifting her into a driven pounding, she becomes like a tool as he slams her onto the seat that drills into the depths of her body.

The boy’s spine begins to buzz as he utilizes a technique that she reviled last time.


Between his hands that grasp at her waist, energy accumulates and flows between, sending her into a spasm as his own sensations are shared.




What is entered into, becomes impossibly aware of the pleasure of that entry.


Like a betrayed soldier, she slaps at him, striking the side of his head and shoulders while she shivers in forced pleasure.

Two cores made of Drops of Creation unite at almost zero distance, with a boy and girl’s faces both melting as he licks her skin, tasting the truth of her.








That original blending from the night they perched on the rooftop occurs once more with a satisfaction that fries his sight and hearing. The room’s lights smell of the hated sun, if only in intensity, as Adris drinks in the soul of his conquest.

Ever so carefully in contrast to last time, this forced blurring of their existences is minute enough in duration that he doesn’t lose his mind when the first wad hits her womb.




Pure white is left within, sending a bolt of fiery doom through his cock as the gift sends Still into a release of her own. Proved right by this, Adris relishes in Still’s orgasm being tied to his own, making the closeness of a mutual height something he can always look forward to.

Though she fought the connection, the moment she accepts his vitality into her that impulse changes.

She embraces him tightly, with a sound, almost like a moan, gurgling into his ears as her pleasure gains sound.








A second word, one other than “Nectar”, is finally spoken by the ever-silent loner.


Even if nothing leaks out of her from a gushing pussy, an orifice tingles his ears with a rarity. For Adris has tasted something new from a girl who never gives up anything.




“… Uhhh… Ahhhh…”

His last thread of rationality snaps with the waves of pleasure which flow from him to her, and then back.

Collapsing onto the towel under him, Adris can barely breathe as he holds the trembling woman who he connected with for a second time without her permission.




“Ahh… Robbie… can you do to me like that, next time…?”

“… I don’t know. I’m not even sure… what he did? Their souls felt almost unified for a moment…?”

“Yes, such a strange sorcery he utilized, didn’t he~?”


(AH!? Those… two…!)




Both tired backstabbers shudder when voices next to them speak, leaving Still rapidly climbing off to fish for her clothes, stumbling the whole way as if her thick legs belong to a newborn deer.


“Oh!? She’s so cute, sometimes…”



The older man’s face is ripped toward his sister’s by a single sharp finger, leaving him bashful as he brushes his soft hair.

Be silent, Robbie.”

“Ah… Hmmm…”


No matter how they bark at each other, Adris finds their fun is obviously already over. From the tip of his drooping dick leaks white threads, mirrored by the sopping cunt of a woman who feels no hesitation at placing herself for Adris to view.

Meltisha grins while spreading herself quietly and twitching her arachnid legs in the water, letting white globs drop out into the water as Robbie steps away to tidy up their area.


(… I’m not interested in the proof of your twisted love… GAH!?)




The rapid impacts of Still’s hand on his cheek cause him to curl up like a baby, resulting in her spanking his exposed butt after while kneeling beside him.

“STOP! STOP! Why are you hitting me!?”


Still twitching and shaky, Still’s gestures are nonetheless specific as they menace him inches from his nose.


{“I can’t move, only, only rely on you to help me, p-p-partner!” I see, I see-eee.}

Almost unable to understand her, Adris tries desperately as she continues, noting that she tries her hardest to keep fluid.

{This definition is of “crippled”, used to?}

“… Ah, my body, well…”


While he feels over his still moist skin, Still’s now-masked face leans in with a slasher smile painted across it.




“… Hm, your revitalizing lotion is quite excellent. It seems that I’m able to move with a capacity that—”

A confident, but mystified, tone of inspection causes Still to brighten up.

{My lotion that only improves blood flow healed you? Isn’t that amazing~!? It’s an impossible cure we’ve discovered!}


Making “hurray!” gestures with popping hands, Still then tilts her head before lifting his chin with her hand.

Chilling his heart with her quivering hatred, his date offers…


{… One more chance.}

“… Well, I…

… I…”


Refusing to look away, Adris just gives one of his patented smiles while dreamily taking in her beautiful body.




“Sometimes, desperation is its own reason and excuse.

… But also, sorry.”

{Then why don’t you sound sorry? Shhh!}

His lips are sealed by the woman now squatting over him, one who pulls out a reddish vial shaped like a writhing man that only the Ascended of Xin could know where it came from.


Swishing its contents, she announces his sentence before forcefully opening his mouth with her tasty fingers.




{Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to make your lie sound earnest enough right away, my only partner~!}





Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”, “Starr”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, True False God, Slayer, Gigolo (Self-Admitted)
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human)
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”, Slayer of Petripolis
Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark – Wave of Darkness] – “Making victory possible? No, no, no. That thing isn’t that kind! There’s more than that!”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy? Yeah, you’re still there.”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”


[Marital Arts – Self-taught] – “Hoh, even if it’s dangerous to use, it feels good to prove to myself that the body is still as willing as the mind! Even if I can’t call it aura, something is inside me now!”


[Verisimilitude] – “Stop giving weird names to what I do! But if my imaginative truths are more believable now, I’m not gonna complain.”


[A WONDERFUL CURSE] – “If that old corpse wasn’t already dead, I’d definitely kill him!”




[“Rabbit Boots”] – “Providing increased agility while moving as a passive boon, they also allow actively to bound great distances with surprising grace. What do they cost though, I wonder?”


[The Mountain King] – “[Honor the gods, inheritor, and ever seek victory for their sake.]


Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”

“Are you ready to be passed around?”

“You are ready to be passed around, aren’t you? Wouldn’t you run screaming from your new ‘title’ if you had pride?”


“Will you now take to living out your fantasies with the others?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”

“Gets to see how the girls act around him.”

“Because he ever had to plot alone and then share the finished plan, he might not know how to share the details well.”


“Winning and losing are matters of perspective, and Adris would probably count this as both.”



“The lessons learned are sometimes brought by pain. Is it okay if the MC never changes who he is, just how he does things?”



Name: Still, “Cyrene Stillwater”
Titles: Puddle
Race: Undead?
Sex: Female
Age: Young Lady?


Occupation: Delver, Trickster/Outfighter
Discipline: Accursed Avenger




[“Reprisal Strike”] – {You had it coming, deciding you could oppose me and walk away from it.}


[“Surprising Agility”] – {Is it honestly surprising by now? Walls are just another surface~!}


[Nectar] – {How does my suffering taste, spawn ofcursed blood”!?}


[Delusional Movement] – {How did you forget that shadows are also a doorway, Adris?}


[Undead Fortitude?] – {Do you think that what has no life cares about your pathetic strikes?}


Disposition: Playful / Sadistic / Skulking
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: ???
Hair: ???
Skin: ???



Rantil Value –

Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – C

Agility – C

Intelligence – C

Mentality – D

Charisma – E




Cethran Value – “Do you really think it’s not obvious? What she possesses is what you’ve missed all your life, yes? Breasts and curves… are these not a new fruit for you to taste?”

“What do you think, after seeing who she lost to? Does failure make her more or less approachable?”

“Are you ready to struggle once more?”


“Seeing breasts that you’ve been denied for so long, does this count as major progress in your relationship?”



“A mute girl who says much with gestures, she also has more going on than she seems to. Though not outwardly aggressive, there’s an atmosphere of danger about her. Opposite of Kol, hers is subtle… Yet, she also can protect others. Given to acrobatics, it matches with her dark, but flamboyant, colors.”

“If you had to compare them, one coming up short might just be the luck of the draw.”

“The trouble with putting two similar people together is that they can clash.”


“But also, they can see the benefit in working together.”



“From great success to payback, all in the same dance.”






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