Chapter 3: Beast Awakening (Part 1)

What the hell is happening?   

My heart is pounding really hard, my breathing is getting even rougher while my hands and feet are starting to shake.  

I know I was running just now but still; I can tell this is because of something else.  

Fuck! That poison activated, right?  

Something starts to rise inside me…  

An intense urge… for the woman in front of me.  

An urge to touch her… to defile her… to mate… to fuck…  

“Aaaaa,” an involuntary scream leaks out as I start running.  

The woman also turns around with a jerk after hearing my cry.  

She is a really beautiful woman. Her eyes are strikingly blue, her hairs are blond and tied up with a band. Her nose is pert and her lips are thin. Her figure is curvaceous with big bountiful breasts and a round meaty ass. She is also fairly tall for a girl and does not look more than just a few years older than me.  

She is wearing a casual white blouse which is showing her sexy white stomach and shorts which are digging into her plump thighs.   

She is looking at me with her eyes wide in shock as I jump over the hedges and continue to run towards her.  

Suddenly, something which feels like a huge wave washes over me. Something is making it difficult for me to go forward.   

For some reason, I am suddenly starting to feel extremely disgusted by this beautiful woman in front of me. It feels like I might puke if I look at her any longer. I need to get away from her quickly… but I have no control over my body right now.   

In the next moment, my heart begins to beat even faster and a slight red tinge my vision.  


With a cracking sound, that wave goes away and this feeling also disappears.   

But my hunger for her doesn’t…  

My pace picks up even faster and I jump on her, making both of us fall to the ground.   

Though I am pinning her down right now, she is also not resisting at all. Her face looks like she is in great shock.   

But I don’t stop to ask why… or, I can’t stop myself at all.  

I don’t know how I got the strength, but with one hand I grab her white blouse and tear it off of her, making her black bra appear.  

I did not wait there. I pulled her bra next, which also gets ruined to reveal her big breasts to me. They are of perfect shape and size. My instinct to suck on them grows when I see her beautiful cherry color nipples on top of her slightly shaking tits.  

Fuck! My hands are not stopping at all!  

With the other hand, I grab hold of her blond hairs and pulled her face close to mine. Our lips crashed against each other’s and without waiting at all, my mouth opens itself and my tongue invade inside her mouth.  

It is my first time kissing a girl. Her lips are as soft as cotton and her saliva as sweet as honey. I feel my mind losing into something.  

But my body doesn’t.  

My other hand grabs one of her tits to squeeze them hard, such that my finger digs into her meat. My thumb and index finger raise a bit to pinch the nipple there, making the woman below me leak out a muffled voice.   

My mouth separates for a moment and licks her soft lips before again making my tongue go inside her mouth.   

I am starting to get even more strange now. It feels like I am going mad. My cock is really hard and is throbbing in my pants now.  

I got up while separating my body from the woman lying on the ground and tear my own shirt off. I also pull down my pants along with my underwear to get fully naked. Though my cock is not big at all, it’s standing rock hard right now.  

When I look down again, for some strange reason, the woman’s cheeks are bright red and she has a faint smile as she looks at my naked form.  


She raises a scream when my arms move on their own to grab her thin and smooth waist and flip her whole body so that now her muscle-less, smooth and spotlessly white back is facing me.  

My gaze fell on her sexy ass wrapped in her tight shorts which are also digging into her thighs. Instantly, I grab the shorts and pull them down to reveal her pure white and perfectly round ass in a sexy black panty.  

Seeing my final obstruction to this woman’s secret spot, my hands go with full power to rip off her panty and reveal her small, pink slit and cute little butthole.   

A sweet musky scent is also whiffing off of her crotch which is making this uncontrollable animalistic desire to mate inside me increase.  

My hands grab both of her meaty ass-cheeks, making my fingers dig in as I spread them apart to slightly open her beautiful pussy and butthole in front of me.   

Instantly, I plunge my face into her crotch and start licking her pussy and asshole while making them sopping wet with my saliva. I can also taste the sweetness of her love juice inside my mouth now.  

“Aaaahaan,” the woman moans.  

I remove one of my hands from her ass and with my index and middle finger, spread her vagina a bit more to reveal her clitoris within. Then, using my thumb, I slowly start to rub it. I can feel the blood pulsation in her clit to make it erect from my stimulation.  

“Aaahan… Ahnaa,” the woman starts to moan even more loudly as I increase the speed of the motion of my thumb on her clit.  

“Cumming… I am Cumming…,” the woman yells in her sweet voice as her whole body starts to convulse.  

Her nectar also starts gushing out from within and I too start to drink it with equal vigor.  

While her overflowing juices quenches my thirst, it makes my hunger for her increases even further.  

My body again moves on its own as my mouth separates from her pussy, making me lie on top of her with my crotch pressed against her ass and my throbbing dick against her sopping wet pussy, my face is also right next to hers and my hands are on her soft tits, massaging them.  

“Thank you,” she says softly.  

I plunge my cock inside her wet hole. 


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