Chapter 6: News and Some Fun

On the television screen, there is a scene of a really tall tower made out of pure black stones, covered in pink colored lightning which is going from bottom to the top as if licking the whole tower. Strands of this pink lightning are also shooting from the tower and falling on the ground to make small explosions.  

[ highly unusual activities were observed around the WST last night. According to the foreign affairs minister of the Elf country, Ieproalia, where the main world system tower is located, at around 8:00 pm last night, pink colored lightning started shooting out of the main tower and covered the entire area around it. Every person working around a mile radius of it got thrown away forcefully by this phenomenon and entering it again is also not possible due to the constantly falling lightning 

[This is a major concerning thing for the whole world right now because it is the first time in known history that the WST has shown any other activity than producing secondary towers and SIS. This strange behavior of it becomes even more suspicious, due to the fact that yesterday, The System Ceremony was held, when a tremendous amount of magical energy is processed inside the WST.  

[While the human, Elves and the Beastkin countries are sending their most powerful magicians to the site for investigation, the countries under system independent races are yet to make any comments on this situation. We have our own expert to discuss… 

Some old guy enters the screen and they start to discuss what might be the reason for this strange behavior of WST.  

Rebecca is listening carefully to the news but I am distracted within my own thoughts now.  

At 8:00 pm? Wasn’t I getting my SIS around that time?   

And that cave was also covered with pink and blue veins even though there should only be one color…  

I take out my SIS from my pocket and again look at these strange pink lines like strands of electricity on the dark blue stone.  

This is just a coincidence, right?  

Well, it doesn’t matter much, to be honest. Because if even those Elves are sending their magicians, then there is nothing to worry for anyone. Those people are the real deal.  

After the discussion got a bit boring with repetitive arguments, Rebecca closes the T.V.  

“Sorry, I got hooked into that. It would be really scary if something happens to the tower, right? Anyway, what would you like for breakfast, Jacob? I have sandwiches, bacon, eggs or do you want me to make anything else for you?” She says with a smile.  

Man, it is really unusual how she is talking to a stranger like this and also especially after what I did yesterday. But well, she must also be gaining something if her system is making her do this… 

“I would rather eat yo—”   

I stop myself.   

What the fuck am I saying?  

Rebecca starts giggling.  

“I-I mean, anything will do,” I say hastily.  

“Okay,” She turns her back to me while saying that cheerfully and goes to stand before the kitchen platform. Her back figure in a nightie is facing me.  

Ahh~ that ass, I wanna fuck it aga—  

What the fuck am I thinking? What is happening to me?  

I need to distract myself.  

“Hey, how do you know my name?” I ask her.  

Rebecca just turns around silently and raises her eyebrows.  

Oh, shit! I was addressing her with her name as well. I think there must be something similar in her system which tells the name of her… of her… what?  

In my case, its partners, which I am guessing are the romantic and sexual ones… maybe that is also the same in her case? Well, I don’t know…  

But man, Rebecca is too sexy!  

Now that I see clearly, her purple nighty is short and completely showing me her white thighs. It is also so thin that I can trace her whole body’s curves. I can also see the shape of her butt and also the slight bulges on her breasts indicating the presence of her nipples.   

Woah, she is not wearing a bra…  

I unconsciously stand up and start moving towards her. Though I now have full control of my body, for some reason, I don’t feel any shyness or reluctance when thinking about getting close to her. I am even having an urge to touch her.  

I know it sounds really weird, but it feels like some sort of connection has formed between us. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her name is on my system?   

I move behind her working figure on the kitchen platform and hug her from behind. I rest both my hands on her tits, massaging them and rubs my crotch against her meaty ass.  

“Aahan… you want to do it again?” Rebecca asks while laughing.  

I know she just gave me a blowjob upstairs, but for some reason, I am feeling horny again. Well, you can’t blame me. Rebecca is really hot and I just lost my virginity only yesterday.  

Suddenly, she turns around while still laughing, making my hands release her tits and hug me from the front. I feel the softness of her breasts as they squash against my chest.  

“You know, you are a very strange man… yes, very strange. But I also felt alive when you touched me yesterday… and now too.” She says to me in a whisper.  

I unconsciously move forward and start kissing her. Our mouths open instantly to take out our tongues and intertwine them together.  

I grab her plump ass with both my hands and lift her whole body to make her sit on the kitchen platform.  

Moving both hands, I make one reach her perfect tits and other to her crotch. While tightly squeezing one of her tits, I also start rubbing her nipple from above her thin nighty. And my other hand…  

She is not even wearing a panty?  

Feeling even more excited, I open her legs to find her bare crotch. Using my fingers, I start to rub her pussy which is already starting to leak out love juices.   

Fuck, I cannot take any longer. My dick is raging inside.  

Removing my hand from her tits, I start to unbuckle my pants.  


Suddenly the doorbell rings. 


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