Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 133 In the bath with the two*

At eye level, two beautiful and hairless slits are in the middle of four slender thighs, extending smoothly from the hot water.

I can’t see it because of the angle, but if I open that crack in the flesh, there’s a woman’s hole.

I silently reached my middle fingers into that crack.

Even with their thighs tightly closed, there’s a wonderful triangular gap below the slit for easy access.

I wedge in my fingers and lightly stroke their vaginal meats, and both of them were lightly wet, probably from the kissing and teasing of their nipples.

If you ask me, Euphy has more love nectar.

I moved and it’s wet enough to make sounds.

「 Hmm, naa 」

She turned her glossy eyes toward me, and grabbed my wrist, to hold them in place, making it easier to touch her.

The dedication to assisting me in whatever I do is endearing.

But, halfway through, instead of supporting me, she just started moving my arm, probably because she wanted to feel good.

She breathed hard as she pressed her hardened clitoris against my fingers, and she started to move her hips.

「 Ah, hmm, D-Daiki-sama!!! Hmm. I-I’m about to cum! Please put your finger inside… 」

Hey, you’re cumming too fast.

I raised my middle finger and plunged it into her vaginal hole as she wished, and she reached it, shaking her thighs and squeezing my finger.

Sure, I taught her this, but she’s too honest to pleasure.

As for Nia, her face was red as she clenched her fist and placed it in front of her chest.

She’s so cute and shy that I immediately start fingering her and her slit gets wetter as she clamps her thighs.

「 Haa, haa… It feels so good… 」

She must’ve thought that I was asking how she was feeling because I was staring at her face and her thoughts leaked out.

It’s adorable that she confesses while fidgeting and wagging her tail.

Perhaps the sense of shame got stimulated by expressing her thoughts out loud that her love nectar thickened and increased on my fingers that were rubbing and tracing her slit.

She’s usually curious and energetic, but she’s still shy about our relationship.

To give Nia more stimulation, I gave her instructions while looking at her face.

「 Nia, spread your legs and drop your hips 」

「 Eh? L-Like this? 」

Nia did as she was told and she turned bow-legged.

The shyness yet loyalty of this girl makes me smile wickedly.

Okay, now this is easier.

I point my middle finger up above and insert my finger just below her pubic area and into her hole.

「 Naa~~ 」

Nia’s face shows a mix of surprise and pleasure from the sudden insertion.

Usually, her hole would tighten around the penis so that it hurts, but I got used to it, and it’s also wet enough that I can go further with my finger up to the second joint.

Let’s start moving then.

「 Ah, aah! Don’t just do it so suddenly?! 」

Nia’s body trembles in confusion and the sudden start of high-speed fingering.

Her pussy makes sounds even when she’s still young for it.

I was madly pumping my finger in and out of Nia’s hole and her love nectar gradually began to bubble up, making a white and cloudy lewd liquid cling to my finger.

This is lewd.

「 Nia, take a look at this 」

「 Haa, haa, eh? What’s that? 」

「 That’s Nia’s love nectar 」

「 Y-You don’t have to show me that! 」

I pulled my finger out and showed it to Nia, and then she changed her expression from pleasure to hiding her face in embarrassment.

She also tried to stand up from her bowleg pose, but I didn’t allow that.

I shoved my middle finger again, still covered in her bubbling love nectar, and moved it at high speed, bringing her to climax.

I took care of her body and started finger-fucking her at high speed, which a normal human being would never be able to do. Nia made something that sounded more of a scream than a gasp and she tried to stop me using both of her hands.

「 Naaaaaah?! Not that fast!! 」

Nia tries to hold my arms, but they’re not strong enough with her feeling so weak, and she has no power to stop me in the first place.

Although the speed had been reduced, Nia’s resistance, which she had shown earlier, was starting to become weaker as the middle finger slid in and out of her narrow hole at high speed, as if it were a machine.

As I continued to move my fingers and make wet sounds, Nia suddenly stopped.

The next moment, her fingers which had been holding me down, started digging into my arms with an intense force.

「 Ah, naaaaaah!! I-I’m cumming!! 」

As soon as Nia announces her climax, her hole squeezes and tightens my fingers.

I’ve experienced it with my penis so many times, but this tight pussy could even clamp my finger that much.

Her body twitches and after a few seconds, she loses her strength.

Then, she regained her breathing as it stopped earlier, she tried to pull my finger out seriously this time while breathing roughly.

「 Haa, haa, haa. G-Geez, I told you I was cumming! 」

「 You’ve had enough? You can go for another round if you want? 」

「 I-It’s fine, pull out 」

She seems a little panicky, I guess she thinks that I’m going to start fingering her again.

I’m sure that she won’t be angry if I get mean and force her to continue, but I don’t want Nia to hate me so I’m going to go along.

I pulled out my finger from Euphy as well, and the two who just climaxed looked at me, one with anticipation, and the other looking a little afraid of what I might do next.

Okay, let’s have them pleasure me this time.

The two already climaxed, so it’s my turn now.

I stood up from the water, and their gazes fell on my penis, which was so erect it was way up on my abdomen.

Euphy looked into my eyes, but half of her gaze is on my penis as she speaks.

「 Daiki-sama…Uhm, shall we lick it? 」

She’s asking me for instructions, but that face says she wants to lick it.

Hmm, getting fellatio is nice, but I feel like I want to creampie now.

If I let them lick it now, I’ll cum in their mouth for sure, so let’s leave that for another time.

「 No, we’re going in. You two, stick your asses out for me 」

The two turned their slender backs on me, and put their hands on the edge of the jacuzzi.

Then, even without commands, she lifts her hips and shows me her pubic area, shaking her soft and firm ass, even though her body is so toned that her ribs stand out.

The sight of two beautiful girls standing side by side with their cute faces turned towards me in a begging pose and their asses sticking out made the pre-cum drip even though I haven’t touched them.

「 Who’s gonna get it first? 」

Honestly, I’m sure that both holes will feel great.

Although I have a great desire to get it inside and swing my hips quickly, I also want to give it a careful look, I’m in no hurry since my prey won’t escape.

Therefore, I instructed them to check where the penis is going in.

「 Show me your inside 」

「 Err, like this? 」

As expected, Euphy’s the first to do what I told her.

She sticks out her ass towards me and puts her finger on her labia with both hands, spreading them open.

「 Uuu, this is embarrassing

Nia’s embarrassed as she does the same thing.

Their pose is waiting for insertion, that’s beyond begging, it’s so destructive that it might cause the first contactless ejaculation.

What’s more, it’s a beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed girl and a beautiful animal-eared girl doing it for me.

Honestly, the pre-cum’s looking a little whiter by the minute.

Oops, that was close.

I should cum inside them.

Well then, who should I go with first?

Both of them are waiting with their vaginas open since a while ago.

It’s impossible to choose for such a thing, so let’s ask God for help.

Which one shall I choose, God? Okay, I’ve decided.

Seems like I’m going to be showering Nia with some love tonight.

「 Ah, it’s me…

Nia looks nervous as I stand behind her.

But when she turned her head forward, she thrusts her ass forward as if she was asking for it.

My penis is only a few centimeters away from her hole.

I grabbed Nia’s worryingly thin hips, positioned myself, and thrust my hips in, meeting slight resistance from her narrow opening.

However, I pushed harder into her waist, and the glans enters, it was swallowed by her slippery and sticky love nectar, leaving only a few centimeters at the root, hitting the back of Nia’s pussy with great force.

「 Auu?!

Nia screamed in surprise when she got hit in the back, but she didn’t seem to be in pain so let’s continue.

Her insides were just like the warm water, it must be because we were in the bath, warming her up, improving her circulation, or it must be because I made her cum.

But, opposing the gentle caress is the tight clamping as if squeezing me hard.

I was so aroused to see her looking cute so now, and was also excited in giving me a handjob with her soft hands, now that she was squeezing me with such a nice hole, I would cum right away.

I shake my hips slowly at first to familiarize myself with her, and then Nia exhales sweetly as her body twitches.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm

She’s got a lovely voice that comes out as I move our hips.

What she’s doing is something extremely sexy, a sexual act, and yet her cuteness wins out.

The girl I mistook for a boy at first, has now become a girl that arouses me, perhaps I’m moving my hips faster because of this.

「 Ah!? Ah, ah, Ahn! Daiki-nii! It feels amazing!!

Nia seems to be feeling pleasure in her hole getting teased by a penis that it outweighed her sense of shame.

She started moaning in her cute voice, telling me how good it felt.

Thanks to the additional gush of love nectar, moving has become smoother and my hips have become faster.

If I keep this up, I’m going to ejaculate soon.

But, I want to make Nia cum one more time before that.

While I was thinking about slowing down my hips to prevent the rising ejaculation, I felt a certain presence.

Euphy, who had been sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi with a look on her face saying that it couldn’t be helped, looked at me and grinned.

While I was wondering what she was going to do, she leaned closer to Nia and extended her arms to Nia’s lower body.

Then, after moving it as if she were feeling around, she found what she was looking for, stopped there, and started shaking.

「 Hiii?! E-Euphy-nee?! You can’t do that!? 」

I can’t see it from here, but she’s likely touching Nia’s clitoris based on the location.

Nia’s voice rises higher as Euphy rubs her clitoris while I’m also giving her a piston.

The stimulation was so strong that you could hear it throughout the bathroom.

「 Aaaaah?! Naaaah! Ah!! W_Wait! N-No!!! 」

「 You don’t like the way it feels? Or is it the opposite? You’re about to cum, aren’t you? 」

「 I-I’m cumming! I-I’m cumming so stop!! 」

「 Why don’t you cum then? Here, here, feel more pleasure 」

Nia’s gasping from the strong pleasure and was about to go berserk, but the two of us held her in place and didn’t let her go away.

If I grab her slender hips and spread her still young pussy to look at the area where my penis is going in and out, I would see my rod covered in white, bubbling sticky mixture of my pre-cum and Nia’s love nectar, just like when I stirred it with my fingers.

It’s a vulgar scene, but the thought of it happening while I’m in the act with Nia, who’s a girl, excites me a lot.

The blood flow on my penis has increased, and I feel my glans swell. The pleasure increased to the point where I could no longer hold back my ejaculation.

Nia’s back muscles tightened and her vagina began to clamp around my penis repeatedly.

This is a sign of her reaching climax my arousal also hit its limit.

「 I-I’m cumming! I’m cumming already! 」

「 I’m also about to cum, hold it for a little longer 」

「 Auuuu! H-Hurry up and cum!! 」

Nia’s spasms don’t stop as her sensitive hole continues to get attacked without rest even after just climaxing.

Even so, if I keep shaking my hips without holding back, the ejaculation sensation would exceed the limit.

The muscles around my penis began to contract regardless of my intention, and the mass of sexual desire has been expelled from my body through the thumping urethra and into Nia’s vagina.

I didn’t use my skill, and yet the vigorous ejaculation lasted so long that you could almost hear the thumping sound.

By the time I finished cumming, I sighed in pleasure and a sense of freedom, and hugged the little Nia as if she were leaning on me from behind.

Her body temperature, heated by the intense sexual activity, feels pleasant.

I want to keep holding her, but I feel sorry for keeping my weight on her, so I let go of her body.

I pull my penis out of her and took a step back, looking into her vagina that has been spread to my shape.

Then, her juicy little ass and slender thighs quiver and tremble, then NIa’s hole overflowed with semen, which fell into the water.

I feel satisfied and refreshed as I look at the wonderful sight after the act, then a hand quickly reached out from the side and grabbed my penis.

Then, she squeezes it out without regard to the fact that it’s still covered with semen and love nectar.

「 Daiki-sama, it’s my turn now. Please hurry and get hard and shower me with your love too 」

Seems like Euphy’s not giving me a break.

She was looking at me with her cute face while stroking my dick, and the blood started gathering there right away even though I just ejaculated.

She smiles happily when she realized it and she shows her back with my penis in hand, leading it to her hole.

Okay, let’s go cum inside Euphy this time.

I’ve done it with them twice in the bathroom, and four times in the bedroom until evening.

Even teens can’t go that many times.

I feel that my body’s being enhanced by the skills, and I noticed the amount of ejaculation, even in my sixth creampie, it still spills out.

Even I am afraid of this sex drive of mine.

But that doesn’t look like it’s going out of control, and that’s strange.

Well, I can have tons of pleasure so it’s a change I should be happy about, I guess?

Still, I feel like I got too strong.

I mean, their hips already gave up and they won’t be able to move again today.

Hmmm, is this normal for those with high-level skills?