Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 21. Skill Value



I pull my spear out of the fallen beast man and looked at the female adventurer who turned her surprised eyes at me.

「 W-What did you do?! Phantom Magic? A skill?! This is impossible! 」

「 I wonder what it is? Who’s the next one? 」

While their focus is on me, I shouted at Euphy who was still down.

「 Euphy, stand up and deal with that woman 」

「 Y-Yes! L-Leave this to me 」

Euphy stood up unsteadily and pointed her sword at the female adventurer at my command.

In this world, it’s hard to gauge a person’s strength by their appearance, but among the two, the female adventurer seems weaker, so I shouldn’t be wrong.

It really hurts me to have her fight in that condition.

However, I can’t say that I want to get out of this situation.

I don’t think I can win against two of them, and I can’t use my teleport skill for the time being.

I fixed my grip on the spear and turned my body towards the male adventurer looking at me.

「 Dammit, This is no fun. If you don’t want to be skewered like this beast man, why don’t you leave? Take her with you if possible. I know that you won’t do it anyway 」

「 You’re negotiating without using the ability you just used? Seems like there’s a limit. Sorry, but I have my reasons and I can’t just back off. Tsk, the payoff won’t be worth it 」

「 If the payoff isn’t worth it, why not go home then? 」

「 Didn’t I just tell you I can’t?! 」

As he speak, he raised his sword and lunged at me.

I intercept it with the spear I’m holding from my hip.

But, the guy must’ve read it, because he was half-bent to avoid the spear, and spun to approach me, swinging his sword with the force of his body.

「 That’s close! 」

A slash flying towards the head is repelled with a thrust of the spear.

His sword jumped up, and this time, I counterattacked by moving my spear to the side, but he did a backflip to avoid me.

What an acrobat.

It’s weird because he’s wearing armor that looks heavier than mine!

After that, the two teams went back and forth, and it was evenly matched.

I can fight better than I thought I could, even though it’s my first-time fighting someone else.

No, I got used to it. I could see their attacks and it became easier to deal with them.

「 Weird strength. That’s not the kind of spear arts you’d expect from a man who used a girl to shield and make her fight 」

「 I don’t use her as a shield. I just let her do the fighting 」

「 Have you no concept of shame? 」

「 I can’t help it, you know? I wasn’t fighting until the other day 」

「 I don’t get it! 」

He kicked the ground and ran out, then put his hand in his pocket, took out a shiny object, and threw it at me.

「 A throwing knife! 」

It was a surprise attack, which did catch me by surprise, but I used my spear to block it off, and while I took my eyes off him for a moment, he was running towards me, and when he came to the range of my spear, he jumped on the spot, and with the same momentum he had while running, he threw a thrust that seems to carry all his weight.

「 Guooh! So close! 」

The tip of the sword was just inches away, but I managed to block the knife and swing my spear down, somehow hitting the sword and preventing it from cutting me.

「 Kuh! You can block that too? 」

This guy got his sword flung in the air, and he kicked me as my spear swung down, leaving me unprotected.

When I blocked the not-so-threatening attack with my arm, he kicked and jumped behind me.

That’s one hell of a skill-enhanced human move!

The location changed, and I see Euphy and the female adventurer in view.

「 H-How! How can the incompetent princess of the Adicilton house fight like this?! 」

「 Ah, haha! T-This is my Master’s power! 」

Euphy’s unsteady, but she’s dealing with the female adventurer coming at her.

The difference in swordsmanship between the two seems to be significant, even with the handicap of her injury.

That said, Euphy’s attack isn’t hitting that well as she’s already turning pale.

It seems that the pain in the arm is so strong that it’s inhibiting her actions.

Please, endure it.

Oops, I don’t have the time to look there.

I brushed off the male adventurer’s swing with the top of my spear and returned with a side swipe, but he turned around to avoid it.

「 Tsk, if we just shot and didn’t talk, none of this could’ve happened! 」

「 Thanks for the mercy! You seem to have a lot of leeway but it’s time to give in 」

「 Nonsense! 」

Just as I point out, he shows no more composure on his face.

Apparently, we’re in a deadlock. It’s my time to attack now.

I thrust my spear held with both hands to see his reaction.

He’s shown a variety of defenses, such as avoiding the spear by twisting his body or parrying them with his sword.

But still, I keep making thrusts several times in a row, gradually increasing the speed, and delivering a highly accurate thrust to the face, and the guy flicks the spear with his sword.

An opportunity came up for a moment, I fired a sharp blow to the abdomen with all my strength, forcing the guy to twist his body to avoid the spear and jumped backward, spinning once on the ground.

「 Kuh! You’re getting even sharper!? 」

With that said, the guy puts his hand under his leather armor.

I was cautious that he was going to take out some weapon, but he quickly put his hand back and lowered his gaze.

I could tell that he was bleeding.

Seems like I did land a hit.

「 Finally, my skills are starting to fit in. The next one will hit 」

Skills are things that improve your physical performance and automatically assist your movement, but if you know what to do and how to move your body, then that naturally increases its effectiveness.

A thrust, side-cleave, a spinning spear, and a side slash, all techniques came to mind. Probably from the skills, I unleashed them all on the male adventurer without a pause for a counterattack, and I finally landed a blow, piercing his belly.

「 Goboooaa… I-I knew it wouldn’t be worth it… 」

He said his final lines and collapsed on his knees.

That’s my win, right?

I don’t know if I had the fighting sense, or if he’s just weak.

But what I’m sure of is the difference in skill value that made the difference in the fate of the battle.

My spear arts 2(4/6) shield arts 2, and swordsmanship 1.

I guessed that this male adventurer must have swordsmanship 2, and something else, so I won by having more skill orbs added by my teleport skill.

I’ve heard that regular skills only benefit when you reach that level.

I guess it’s funny that you can add fractions and it works.

This is in the same state as Euphy.

Plus, I got used to fighting and using my skill.

It got really one-sided in the middle.

My teleport skills have a lot of uses.

The man collapsed and the spear naturally slipped from his body.

The man’s lightless eyes are not something the living can imitate.

He’s not going to move.

By the time the fight between me and the male adventurer ended, Euphy already finished hers too.

A short distance away from the female adventurer, who fell on the ground, is Euphy, who has both her knees on the ground, managing to raise herself with a sword as support.

I don’t know how she settled it, but it seems like Euphy retreated a distance before dealing her final blow.

I want to hurry back to Euphy, but first, I want to make sure that the woman can’t move.

As I approached the woman with the tip of my spear pointing at her. I see blood flowing out of her chest, staring at the sky with a calm face for some reason.

Seems like she was slashed.

This bleeding…She’s going to die soon.

「 Geho…what are you looking at… 」

「 I was checking to see what happened to the stupid woman who attacked me 」

「 Pfft, what a vulgar man. Gefuu…it’s frustrating, I couldn’t kill her with my own hands 」

The female adventurer’s expression looks like she was just exorcised.

「 I won’t disprove your revenge, but she wasn’t the one who did it, so you’re just barking at the wrong tree. You’re dead already, so there’s nothing else to say. Give up 」

「 I’ve had enough. It’s already over for her too. This is stupid… 」

With her last words, the female adventurer stared into the void as her eyes lost the light. As if her soul had been drained.

Haa, there’s nothing but void.

She’s the one who attacked us, but I feel a bit sorry, maybe because she’s a woman.

「 Oh, Euphy, are you okay? 」

I was a bit sentimental about the woman’s death for a moment, but then I remembered Euphy.

Eh? She’s collapsed?

Euphy who was raising herself, albeit with the support of the sword, fell on the ground, and she was not moving.

Thinking that she was in danger, I was about to rush over to her.

「 Huh? W-Who? 」

Suddenly, I saw a figure in the direction Euphy was in, and she was surrounded.