Unwanted in Isekai Chapter 53. Eighth Layer Part 2



Gilbert-san takes the vanguard, followed by the three knights, then Euphy and me. Nia and Caria-san take the rear.

The closer we get, the more we realize the size of the serpent.

It’s about twice as tall as the wolf from the seventh layer.

Furthermore, it’s lying down, so it’s got a hell lot of mass.

When first coming to this world, I never thought I could stand up to such an opponent, on top of that, if I came close to something like this, I would’ve pissed myself.

Everyone’s approaching while holding their breath.

The tension conveyed is heavy.

Honestly, if I haven’t been exploring the dungeon, I would’ve made the run for it if facing this enemy.

But we know from our exploration that we can’t move on without dealing with it.

We have no choice but to move forward with our objective.

We approached the snake, which was about ten meters away, then it suddenly opened its eyes, looking at us.

「 Let’s go! 」

Gilbert-san said and everyone who had been moving cautiously now rushed to close in on the big snake.

The snake sees it and glared as the small creatures approach it.

I was also approaching the serpent keeping an eye on who will get targeted. It seems that the snake is after Gilbert-san, who’s running to the front.

The snake began to move forward, making some slithering sounds as if dragging something heavy.

Because of its huge body, it looks like it’s moving slowly.

Even so, the power of the size coming at you is amazing.

With its mouth opened and fangs bared like a truck with broken brakes, Gilbert-san holds up his shield against the serpent that was trying to prey on him, then he dropped his back and put his weight on it, charging forward and gaining momentum.

「 Nuoooooh!!! 」

They clashed after a short distance and Gilbert-san’s sent flying backward.

But the same happened to the snake, the mass of iron strikes its face and its head retreated.

Ooh, that stopped him!

Gilbert-san is safe.

He’s already standing up, taking the snake’s attention.

He even delivers a blow with his sword during the clash, as expected.

We’re all in position while the serpent was flinched.

Well then, it’s time to attack.

「 Euphy, let’s focus on attacking 」

「 Roger! 」

Euphy replied briefly and the two of us attacked the side of the snake.

I thrust out my spear, keeping an eye on the movement of the snake so I can keep Euphy safe.

I thought that the thick and resilient-looking chunk of flesh would bounce off the spear, but about a third of my spear got buried instead.

Euphy also cut through the snake’s scales, revealing white flesh like it was a fish.

「 Ooh, it’s surprisingly easy to get through. Woah that’s close 」

While I was pleased that the attack worked, the snake flailed its body, and the huge body closed in on Euphy, who was slashing it.

「 Kuu!! 」

I quickly leaped in front of her, and using what I learned from Gilbert-san, I tackled the giant snake with my shield.

「 D-Daiki-sama?! 」

「 You good? 」

「 What about you Daiki-sama? Are you okay? 」

「 Yeah, my arms just feel numb. Even I’m surprised… 」

I thought that Euphy would get hit so I jumped in, but I didn’t think that I could take on that huge body.

It’s the size of a two-story house that came crashing down on me and yet I could withstand it?

I’m amazed at how much of a superhuman I’ve become.

I mean, the path is too narrow to take advantage of the snake’s huge body by any stretch of the imagination.

No matter how you look at it, it’s not moving at full speed, and the only way it could attack us is to bite or twist its body to slam us.

It’s clearly misplaced here.

I don’t know if that’s God’s intention, but if I could withstand the attack of this snake, then we have more leeway.

It’s the same for Gilbert-san and Manos-san who are facing the head of the snake, and the two knights who are a distance away on its side. Our attacks gradually increase and the snake sustains some injuries.

Nia’s oh, She’s attacking Caria from a long distance.

They’re doing some pretty nasty things, like throwing knives at its eye.

But from that distance, they should be safe.

After the first attack, we continued poking and slashing, attacking its huge body, getting it bruised up and battered, yet the snake shows no sign of weakening.

The body is too big to feel any damage.

This is too tough.

While I was thinking that this battle is taking too long, Euphy retreated and turned her eyes on me after making a big slash.

「 Daiki-sama, I want to try something. Is that okay? 」

「 Sure. Let’s go with your plan 」

Euphy also wants to end it soon.

She dropped on the wall, then I thought that she’d just rush in, but she jumped towards the snake and stepped on its huge body.

She thrusts her sword into the serpent to gain momentum, jumped on top of it, thrust her sword again, running towards the head, and slicing through as if she was doing a backflip.

The snake resists by lashing out, but since the sword has pierced in, it can’t shake her off.

Those of us down there were a little confused.

Euphy reached the head of the serpent, pulled the sword, and then she lifts the hilt above the head and repeatedly stabbed the sword down to the snake’s brain.

「 Go down already!!! 」

Euphy’s voice is filled with so much fighting spirit, and the serpent tries to make its last stand, flailing its body in agony.

However, soon after that…

The snake leans back and then disappeared like smoke while in that pose.

Euphy who had thrust her sword deep enough kicked the head of the snake and jumped off, then she landed near me with a smile.

「 We won! 」

「 You seem to be having fun 」

As usual, Euphy’s peerless is showing.

I was a little taken aback, but it seems that Gilbert-san’s thinking the same thing, the old man’s mouth is opened wide.

I stare at Nia who’s jumping in fun, Manos came over, dusting his body off.

「 If we can deal with something that big, then our fighting potential’s much easier than imagined. Still, both of you are strong. Euphilite-sama’s sword techniques are beautiful, I feel the fierceness of the Adicilton house, also, Daiki-dono’s spear skills were much stronger. I start to doubt that both of you have the same skill sets as we do 」

Manos-san’s eyes were looking at me, not Euphy as he speaks.

His expression was more like “Tell me what you did to get there?” not suspicion.

I think that he can’t be direct there are too many questions and he can’t narrow down the answer.

Even, even if I tell him, I’ve got an interest in a handsome guy like you. Give it up.

Troubled by Manos-san’s silent pursuit while making a smile. Nia raised her voice.

「 Daiki-nii, there are two skill orbs dropped! Also, five gold coins. Amazing 」

「 Seriously? What skills are those? 」

I smiled and approached Nia to get away from Manos-san, and then she handed me the skill orb and gold coins.

I praised the cute Nia for taking the initiative and picking the skill orbs up, and we saw one cane arts skill, and the other’s detection skill, both have only level 1.

I put my lips closer to Nia’s ear.

「 Let’s use detection, I’ll give Nia that next time. It doesn’t hurt when I put it in recently, does it? I’ll be gentle until it makes you feel good, okay? 」

「 Uuu!? O-Okay, I’ll do my best, Daiki-nii 」

I see. She’ll do her best.

Let’s make sure she cums more than once after we conquer this dungeon.

I’ll tease Nia and lick her clitoris as much as I can.

We already decided on who’ll get the detection skill, but I’ll hold off on this cane art for now.

It’s just a level 1, so there’s no point in using it by itself.

Also, this was a close fight. Should I use the skill orbs that we got from Davey to improve our physical skills?

I was working with Euphy and Nia last night to figure out how to handle the skill orbs, but it was difficult to decide who to use them on.

In the end, we put it on hold.

Hmm, let’s use it?

Either way, I’d feel comfortable replacing whatever I have anyway.

Let’s distribute it once we find the next staircase.

By the way, Gilbert-san’s staying over at another inn.

The reason is simple, Euphy and Gilbert-san would feel awkward with each other.

Well=, Euphy won’t like the possibility of someone who knew her for a long time hearing her moan, and Gilbert-san doesn’t want to see his princess in that situation either.

Naturally, Gilbert-san said that he’ll stay at another inn.

Thanks to that, I could bang Euphy’s pussy without hesitation.

After that, we fought another snake, and we got four gold coins and one skill orb this time.

Is the reward worse because the snake was smaller?

This time, I got a spear art, so I’ll have Euphy and Nia use it.

After a while, we found the stairs to the next level.

「 Let’s take a break here. Euphy, Nia, come here 」

I told everyone to take a break, then called the two. They came to me tattering.

They’re slightly covered in dust from the battle, but it’s soothing to have two beauties by my side.

Wait, not that.

Let’s hand over the skill orbs to them.

I talked to the two with a hushed voice.

「 We struggled with the snakes, so let’s use the skill orbs to strengthen ourselves. Nia, take archery, Euphy, use this martial arts orb 」

「 Okay, Daiki-nii 」

「 Certainly. 「 Daiki-sama, will you use the light magic skill? 」

「 No, I’ll keep it. They did say that it sells expensively. Well, if we need it I can just pull it from the magic bag and use it right away. It’ll only take a moment 」

Since the two had their backs against everyone, I hid them in my chest and have them use their skill orbs.

There’s no need to hide it, but there’s also no need to show it either.

Even if we might talk about it, let’s keep the important parts under wraps for now.

Still, we consumed quite the few recovery pills that we gave everyone beforehand.

If our equipment weren’t reinforced, there could’ve been another weapon broken or more damage.

It would’ve been possible for the three of us to conquer the dungeon actually.

However, it would require money and skill orbs.

Even if I have money and time, I can only get enough skill orbs to buy, even in this city, so in a sense, Davey’s gift of bringing the knights to me made up for t.

Thanks, Davey, I hope you’re nourishing the forest.

Now that we had our break, let’s go deeper.