Chapter 1

Friday, December 7th, 2040

Demiliore Manor, Sameran City, Netheria.

In a room dimly lit in soft violet light, a young man lay on the bed, haunted by a nightmare. His body was shivering uncontrollably, and soon tears started pouring out of his closed eyes.

“No!” A dry scream escaped his lips as he shot up, sitting on the bed, panting heavily after successfully escaping from the nightmare. 


He did not know when someone, clad in a black outfit, wearing a Jian Sword on her back, appeared in front of him. But the moment he heard her call, his mind went blank, and his trembling eyes looked at her face before a new wave of hot tears flooded out of them. 

Yingying was taken aback when she saw her Young Master look at her with those tear-stricken red eyes. She had never seen him cry before, and she had raised him under her protection for over 12 years now. Keith was not a boy who cried. And she had a bad premonition in her heart.

“Master, what happened?” She let go of the protocol and took the liberty to approach him, placing her hand on his shoulder. 

The moment she touched him, his body jerked, but soon he calmed down and managed to regain his bearings. 

“I am fine Yingying.” He lightly spoke. “What time is it?” 

“4:33 am.” 

Keith nodded to her words and took a deep breath. “Go back to your position.” 

Yingying obediently nodded her head and took her leave. She had already scanned his body with her Aura and made sure that everything was okay. 

After the door of his room was closed again, Keith finally turned to look at the young girl of just over the age of 16, who was naked, and asleep on the other side of the bed. 

The white quilt was only covering her lower body, and all of her back, which half of her bubbly ass were bare for him to feast his eyes on. Inadvertently, he glanced at the bedsheet where a red flower had bloomed after he robbed her of her innocence. 

There were dried tear stains, and even in the deep sleep, there was a frown marring her beautiful face, which made Keith grit his teeth.

The rage was building up in his heart, and at the same time, there was pain. However, there was no guilt for what he had done to her. She was someone who he had wanted, and even if she had betrayed him in the dream that he had just had, he was not regretting what he did. Soon his focus turned to something else and a solemn look marred his ridiculously handsome face.

There were two sets of memories in his mind right now, belonging to two different lives, and one of them was spent in a Parallel World that was similar to his own world. 

In that world, he was born to a rich family, loving parents, and lived his life without restrictions. He remembered clearly that he was in the hospital bed last night, reading an Urban-Chinese Fantasy Book belonging to his Favourite author. It was just another book among many that the author had written in the Universe he had created. It was just another cliche novel about a Protagonist that pretended to be a Pig to eat the Tiger and eliminated all the Villains that stood in his path, gaining the favor of various beautiful women, ending up with everything that one could ask for.

However, the moment he started reading it, he was possessed by something, and couldn’t stop himself from reading it. The speed at which he read the story was terrifyingly fast, and somewhere in the middle of it, memories of his first life started pouring into his mind again. He learned that he was one of the Villains in that story, and his fate, together with everyone that had stood by his side, was tragic, to say the least. 

He had not only lost the woman he was after, the woman he loved but lost everything else as well. And the Demiliore Family of the Sameran City, which had a history of over two hundred years, died with him. 

In his hate-filled rage, he managed to finish reading the book, and when he read the happy ending of the Protagonist and his Harem, his mind went numb. Soon he succumbed to the fever that had aggravated due to his madness, making him another victim of the novel Corona Virus that was haunting the entire world.

And now, Keith was back his in original World, at the age of 18, in his first Semester at the Sameran University. There were more than three years left before he would encounter the man responsible for his downfall. 

Just the thought of him boiled his blood, and he clenched his fists so hard that his bones ached, and his nails pierced his soft palms. 

“I will end you, and take everything away from you that you were proud of. There’s no way that I will allow you to win this time.” He vowed to himself in his heart. 

{Ding! The Fate Plundering System has successfully merged with the Host. A starting Package has been sent to the System Inventory.  Please open it.} A voice sounded out in his mind, and Keith’s eyes widened in shock. 

Fear engulfed his mind, and he frantically looked all around the room, ignoring the blue panel that was lit up in his mind. 

“Is this a dream…” He worriedly asked himself, and unwillingness gripped his heart. 

{Host may think of it the way he wants. But it is Host’s reality, and everything is as real as it has ever been.} 

The voice in his mind sounded again, and Keith calmed down a lot after he heard those words. However, there was a frown marring his face now. 

“If this is my reality, why is there a System now? Where were you in my first life?” He gritted his teeth and angrily asked.

{Why is Host so sure that he has lived another life?} The voice of the system mysteriously asked. {Those memories in your mind could just be from a dream.}

Keith was taken aback by those words, and when he contemplated on it, he soon lost himself to his thoughts. 

“But I know what will happen tomorrow. I remember it all so vividly.” He confusedly spoke after a while.

{Yes, the Host knows what should be happening tomorrow. But with the presence of the Fate Plundering System, your future has already started changing.} The voice mysteriously spoke. {You were never meant to wake up at 4:30 am in this morning.} 

He understood what the voice was trying to convey to him. He does know what is going to happen in the future, but with him now possessing the knowledge, the future related to him is bound to change. 

Keith took a deep breath and looked at the Blue Panel in his mind. 

[Fate Plundering System: Level 1]

Host: Keith Argus Demiliore 

Age: 18

Status: Heir of the Demiliore Family. Young Master Demiliore.

Cultivation Rank: Ordinary Mortal

Strength: 4 (10 is the Limit for Ordinary Humans)

Speed & Reflexes: 6 

Constitution: 5 

Charm: 99 (Can not rise. 100 is the limit for every living being)

Fate: 666 (No Limit)

(Note: The Host can increase his Fate by Plundering it from the Children of Destiny. More Fate increases your Luck.)

Personal Net-Worth: 1.7 Billion Nr

Family Net-Worth: 66.4 Billion Nr

System Wallet: 0

Skill-Set: Chess (Advanced), Driving (Master), Swimming (Advanced), Cooking (Intermediate), Stock Flipping (Intermediate), Diplomacy (Advanced), Business Art (Expert), Painting (Intermediate), Calligraphy (Intermediate), Drawing (Advanced), Piano (Advanced), Violin (Advanced), Singing (Intermediate), Football (Intermediate), Programming (Intermediate), Equestrian (Intermediate). 

Note: Only the Skills that have Intermediate and above Level are listed in the Skill-Set.

“How does the System Work?” He asked after he went through all the information. He not only has the skills from this life but also from the one he had spent in the Parallel World called Earth. Even if that life was just a dream, somehow, he had acquired those skills. And he was happy about it. 

{The System is there to serve and assist the Host against the Children of Destiny. Missions will be eventually issued, and there will be corresponding rewards for completing those missions. From the experience you gain by completing the Missions, the System can be Upgraded, and each upgrade will unlock a new feature. There might be penalties that would be implemented if you fail a Mission, and the common penalty will be the loss of Experience Points that you have accumulated.}

Keith was displeased that there were going to be penalties in case he fails a mission. He was not a person who liked his life being controlled by others, and he felt that the System will be controlling his life by issuing Missions that he does not wish to complete. 

{The Host can rest assured that every Mission issued will only be to serve and assist the Host. The system can not control your choices.}

He was still a little dissatisfied, but he felt better after hearing the words. 

{Host is requested to open the Starting Package. The system will soon fall into Hibernation Mode for 3 years.} 

“What?!” He was baffled at hearing those words and ended up voicing out his surprise. Thankfully, the girl by his side was fast asleep.

{The Host gained the knowledge of the Future, which is far beyond the jurisdiction of the current level of the System. Additionally, the Starting Package also contains things that are also far beyond the Jurisdiction of the System. Therefore, the System will fall into a Hibernation Mode as a consequence.}


He nodded his head and then focused on the System Inventory in his mind. Soon, he found a Golden Chest there, and then commanded it to open. 

[Ding! You have acquired two Skill Upgrade Cards (Silver).] [Ding! You have acquired 500 Million Nr.] [Ding! You have acquired the Aura-Soul Potion.] [Ding! You have acquired the Skill: Medicine (Advanced).] [Ding! You have acquired a Cultivation Manual: The Devil Sutra (Divine)]

Waves of information crashed onto his mind and soon started assimilating in it. He was beyond shocked by all the Information the Medicine Skill gave him, and his mind went blank with the power of The Devil Sutra Cultivation Art. He was shaking in fear as he realized that the world was far beyond his reach right now. There were things that were better kept a secret from the people or else they would just die from the shock of all of it.

{Would the Host like to upgrade any of the Existing Skill by using the Skill Upgrade Cards? A Silver Skill Upgrade Card will allow you to upgrade any existing Skill by two stages. However, it can not upgrade any skill beyond the Expert Level.}

“What are the Levels for the Skills?” 

{Skill Levels are Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Master, Grandmaster, King, and God.}

Keith thought for a while and decided to use the cards right away to accommodate his future plans. 

“Upgrade the Stock Flipping Skill and the Medicine Skill to the Expert Level.” 

{The System is complying with the Host’s instructions…. 

Ding! The Skill, Stock Flipping, has been upgraded to the Expert Level.

Ding! The Skill, Medicine, has been upgraded to Expert Level.}

Another wave of information hit him, and soon he realized that he was a lot more clear about everything he knew about Stocks and Medicine.

{Host is suggested to take out the Aura-Soul Potion from the Inventory and consume it right away. The System will fall into Hibernation Mode in a minute, and the System Inventory won’t be accessible. Also, would the Host like to keep the 500 Million Nr in the System Wallet, or would you like to transfer it to your Bank Account? Rest assured that the source of the money will be adjusted and there will be no legal repercussions against the Host.}

“Transfer the money.” He commanded and focused on the small vial that contained a sparking purple Potion inside it. And as soon as he willed it to appear in his hand, it disappeared from the System.

{500 Million Nr have successfully been transferred to your Bank Account}

Keith glanced at his Smartphone that was resting on the side table, and saw a message pop up in his Inbox. However, he did not bother checking it as he had no doubts about the System. His focus returned to the vial he was holding in his hand, and after taking a deep breath, he opened the lid and gulped it all down in one go.

{The System is falling into Hibernation Mode now. Take Care, Host!}

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