Chapter 17

Keith knew that his Grandfather would not reveal the identity of Kiara to his mother. He would never want to interfere in this matter.

“Her name is Kiara. She is my Fiancée, and the future lady of the Demiliore Family.” He looked into her deep brown eyes and answered her question.

“I asked you, who is she?” Venessa narrowed her eyes dangerously at him, which made Keith frown.

“She is Alicia Angelini’s daughter. My half-sister.”

He did not hide the truth from her because he knew that she would figure it out eventually. The resemblance Kiara shared with Alicia was not weak, even if others don’t see through it, Venessa would not miss it.

As soon as Venessa heard his words, her mind felt light and dizzy, making her stagger.


Keith immediately rushed forward and locked her in his embrace, supporting her. His heart trembled when he heard her start sobbing and picked her up in his arms before sitting on the couch. He did not dare to let go of her, and tightened his embrace, slowly stroking her back.

If there was one person Venessa hated the most in her life, it was Alicia. And the hatred had not gone away even after the latter’s death.

The relationship Venessa shared with her was very complicated. When young, the two girls were like sisters, inseparable. But once they grew up, they drifted away because they desired the same thing. And it was Keith’s father, Michael. They both wanted to become his first wife, future lady of the Demiliore Family, and since only one of them could have that position, they started looking at each other as enemies.

As fate would have it, Venessa ended up becoming the Lady of the Demiliore Family after the Angelini Family broke the marriage pact between Michael and Alicia. She won, but that was not the end of it all.

Tragedies struck, and the man she loved the most ended up broken as well. Michael loved Alicia, and even after it looked like they were not meant to be, he still did not give up on her even if it meant war. But things were not that simple.

When Michael realized that he could not bring Alicia into the Family as his second wife, after all the blood that had been shed, he made the gravest mistake of his life. He decided to hand over the position of the Master of the Family back to his father, and gave all the Business responsibilities to his wife, so that he could quietly go away with Alicia, leaving their families behind.

“I will kill her, Keith.” Venessa faintly spoke after she regained some composure, and it made Keith tremble under the cold chill that spread in his heart. “I will kill her just like I killed her wretched mother!”

Keith closed his eyes in pain when he heard her words, and tightened his arms around her. He remained silent for a while, and after Venessa finally stopped sobbing, he planted a kiss on her head.

“You won’t harm her, Mother.” He lightly said to her.

His words made her dangerously smile, and she raised her head to look him right in his eyes.

“Is it a dare or a threat?” She coldly asked.

“A threat, Mother,” Keith replied with an equally dangerous glint in his eyes.

His answer made her heart go cold, and the smile on her face stiffened.

“You are just like your weak Father…”

“I am not like him.” He shook his head and cut her off. “I won’t leave you alone. Never.” He leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Keith still remembered vividly the day his father died. He was with him in the car when his father received that call, informing him that Alicia had been killed.

He still remembered the tears that had immediately poured out of his eyes, he remembered the mournful cry that escaped his mouth after the call ended. And he still remembered the crash that followed.

His father had lost himself to his grief and lost control of the car, which ended up with a head-on collision with a truck. But at the last moment, he did regain some clarity and shielded his son with his body.

‘Protect your little sister for me, Keith. I know I am a useless father, but promise me this selfish request. Protect her from your mother.’

The words of his father before he took his last breath were still fresh in his mind.

“I hate him too, Mother.” He lightly smiled at her.

His words were honest. The injuries Michael had suffered in the crash were fatal, but a Cultivator like him could have survived through it all if he had the will to. But Michael wanted to die and join Alicia in the hereafter; his guilt would not let him live.

“And I hated Aunt Alicia too for a while. But I could never bring myself to hate Kiara.”

He wiped his mother’s tears with the back of his fingers and stared right into her eyes.

“I love her.” He told her, and her body trembled at his words. “But I would never leave you for her.” He promised her and gently smiled. “And I would never leave her for you.”

Rage, anguish, betrayal, helplessness, and pain washed over Venessa when she heard his words.

“She stole my husband, and her daughter steals my son from me…” She mockingly laughed.

“Mother!” He raised his voice at her and coldly looked her in the eyes, jolting her away from her madness.

“Why? Did I say anything wrong?” She sweetly smiled at him, but her pain was clearly reflecting on her face.

“Yes. You are wrong.” His eyes softened when he saw her in pain. “No one, not even Kiara can replace you in my heart. How can anyone replace you? You are my mother.” He planted a kiss on her forehead. “I love you!”

Venessa half-smiled at his words and then pushed him away, freeing herself from his arms and standing up on her feet. 

“You are a good liar, Keith. But your mother can see through you.” She coldly said. “Get out of my room!”

Keith frowned at her words and stood up, facing her. She shied her eyes away from him, but he did not miss on the glint of madness in them. And his heart turned cold.

“You must not harm her, Mother.” He threateningly said and heard her madly laugh at his words.

“I will kill her, my dear son.” She smirked at him. “You lied to me for her. And you say you love me, but only because you want to protect her. Doesn’t that mean that you only love her, little Keith?” She stepped forward and gently caressed his cheek. “Mother promises you, if you kill yourself after losing her, your mother will kill herself too. Because I do love you.”

Keith lowered his head when he heard her words, and his body trembled in rage.

Seeing his reaction, Venessa smiled brightly.

“What’s wrong, my dear child?” She sweetly asked. “Do you now want to kill your mother to protect the girl you love?”

“You think you know me, Mother? You don’t.” He coldly said and stepped forward, capturing her lips. 

His brazen hands clawed her dress and started ripping it apart before she could even understand what was happening.

Venessa’s mind went blank the moment Keith’s lips were planted on her. Her eyes were widened in shock, and her heart slowed down before it started racing madly.

“Keith… what are you doing?” She asked in disbelief when she was thrown onto her bed and saw her son taking off his clothes.

“Why, Mother? Are you scared?”

There was madness reflecting in his eyes that made her heart palpitate in fear, but at the same time, the deepest and darkest desire in her heart started spilling out.

He gave her no time to react and climbed on top of her, right between her legs, pressing her under his weight.

She writhed in the struggle a little, but the heat emanating from his body against her naked skin was too comforting for her to really resist it.

“I did not lie to you.” He evilly chuckled as he slid her panties away, and then pressed the glans against her burning lower lips. He leaned down and captured her soft warm lips again before separating from her and locking eyes with her.

He gently pressed his weight forward, and his member slid inside of her warm cave.

The moment he broke inside her body, her breath got stuck in her throat, and a tear slipped out of his right eye.

Little by little, he kept entering her, and filled her depths to the brim, all the while keeping his eyes locked with hers.

Her warm, wet, velvety folds wrapped tightly around him, and the pleasure that shot through his spine flared the fire in his loins.

“It feels heavenly inside of you, Mother.” He grinned at her as he saw the tears pooling out of her eyes.

“Why, Keith?” She stared into his eyes and asked in a conflicted expression. 

“Because I want you.” He replied and then started moving inside of her, gently, but with deep thrusts.

Keith sneaked his hand under her back and unclasped her bra, freeing her supple and large breasts from the captivity. He then used his left hand to play with her mound, squeezing and clawing it, losing himself to its soft suppleness. And when he teased her pink nipple, pinching it, he earned a pleasurable whimper from her.

He hardened his thrusts inside of her when he saw her trying to resist him, hitting the door of her womb every time after nearly pulling out of her.

Feeling her insides tightening around him and secreting more love juices as a result of his assault and her flaring lust, he chuckled and leaned near her ear.

“You think that I do not know about your obsession with me, Mother?”

His words made her body tremble, and she shied her eyes away from him, but now she no longer tried to suppress her moans.

Vanessa locked her arms around his neck, and her right hand gently caressed and pulled the hair on his head.

Closing the distance between them, she started planting wet kisses on his neck as she nuzzled her face into it, inhaling his scent that made her warmer.

“Faster…” She whispered near his ear as the itch inside her lower body got stronger.

“Yes, Mother.” He playfully said and increased his pace.

As if provoked by his words, she wrapped her toned long legs around him and pulled him harder onto her.

It had been years since she last had sex, but that did not mean that she was an inexperienced lady who would turn mushy under his assault.

Her walls started squeezing him harder, and soon Keith started grunting as he tried to not lose to the pleasure. His hands dug into the soft mattress, nearly tearing it as he resisted the urge to come inside of her.

“Give up, Baby,” Venessa smirked when she saw her son trying to resist the pleasure she was giving him. “Your Mother wants you to paint her insides with your essence. Claim me…” She devilishly whispered.

Keith nearly lost himself there, but he survived.

Letting go of the mattress, he used his hand to play with her breast and used his lips to nibble onto her neck while tracing her jugular vein with his tongue.

“Ahhh…” A blissful moan escaped Venessa’s lips, and she found herself on the losing end.

He was much bigger than his father, and his technique was not bad at all. Every thurst made her experience inexplicable pleasure, and soon she was driven by her lust, with her head getting lighter and lighter.

“You are mine, Mother. Forever and ever.” He nibbled onto her earlobe after he sweetly whispered those words, and Venessa screamed out as her mind went blank, hugging him tightly.

He really wanted to go on, but when her insides suddenly clamped onto his hardness, he could no longer resist it.

Tears slipped out of Venessa’s eyes as she left the warmth burst into her womb. Her body could not stop trembling as the result of the powerful orgasm that she had just experienced, and her arms and legs soon turned soft.

When Keith felt her hold loosen, he put his arms under her waist and flipped over to have her lying on top of him.

He gently brushed his fingers on the fair, soft skin of her back as Venessa rested her head on his chest, catching her breath.

“I love you.” He planted a kiss on her head. “But if you harm Kiara, I will never touch you again.”

As soon as he whispered those words, a dangerous gleam emerged in her eyes. And then she straddle his waist and locked his arms on top of his head.

“Is that so?” She asked with a smile as she came close to his lips.

“Yes.” He resolutely said but ended up hissing when she nibbled onto his lip and took his length inside of her again.

“You are too weak to stop me…” She giggled and then started moving on top of him…

The lazy Mountain Lion could not sleep all night due to their antics, but it was a wise animal and did not dare to voice out his dissatisfaction.

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