Chapter 4

Nana was quite nervous when they arrived at the Sovienna Health Clinic to check up on her mother, who had her Kidney Transplant earlier in the morning.

When Keith told her that her mother was no longer at the hospital, she was quite anxious, but when she learned that he had already arranged for her to be transferred to the Sovienna Health Clinic, which was one of the most renowned Private Hospitals in the Country, no words could express the gratitude in her heart. She had smiled her silly smile and shed tears, and he had to hug her to help her regain her composure.

And whilst they shopped at the Shopping Center, her mother had successfully gone through the operation, and was now resting in one of the best wards the Clinic had to offer.

Now, she was dressed like a proper rich girl, wearing the lightest of the makeup, looking breathtakingly gorgeous. She did not dare to let go of Keith’s hand as they entered the Clinic. The eyes of the staff and visiting people were on the pair, and everyone just sighed in their hearts at how perfect they looked with each other.

She was a poor girl, who had never before focused on her appearance much, and just a simple change of outfit brought out all of her radiant beauty, making her appear as if she was a totally different person. She was already beautiful enough to make people envy and admire her, but things were now much more serious than before.

“Mr. Demiliore!” A pretty nurse, who oozed elegance and gentleness, approached them and greeted him. “My name is Megan, and I will be your guide.”

Keith smiled at her, which made her fair cheeks burn in blush, and she inadvertently lowered her gaze as her heart started racing in a strange beat.

‘My God! He’s the most handsome boy I have seen in my life…!’ Her inner girl squealed in her mind.

Nana did not miss the change in the Nurse’s behaviour when Keith smiled at her, and she subconsciously tightened her grip on his hand.

“Where’s Doctor Ethan?” He politely asked.

“He’s currently in charge of an operation theatre.” She was well trained, and despite her nervousness under his gaze, she did not show a clumsy side of her. “He apologized for not being able to receive you, and promised to invite you for tea in his office as soon as he gets free.”

“I prefer coffee.” Keith lightly chuckled and shook his head. “We would like to know if Miss Dolores Smith is awake now.”

“She woke up half n hour ago, and right now a Nurse is with her in the room, giving her company,” Megan answered him. “You can see her.”

“Lead the way.” He nodded to her, and then the two of them followed the pretty nurse to the fifth floor, where only the most extraordinary of the people could stay in a Ward.

On the way, Nana was quite surprised to find that all the Nurses in the Clinic were pretty girls. There seemed to be a criterion for beauty for the Nurse’s job here. And what surprised her, even more, was that most of them were very young. And strangely, the scrubs they wore varied in colors.

Keith knew what was going on in her mind when her curious eyes looked at all the nurses, and as soon as they arrived on the fifth floor, he informed her of a few details.

“The Nurses in the Clinic, wearing scrubs of the shades of blue, are Medical Students, of junior and final year, who work part-time here to gain experience and get familiar with the environment. The rest of the Nurses are all well educated, possessing Diplomas in Nursing, and their scrubs are in order of seniority. The senior-most Nurses wear white scrubs, and the reason why we haven’t seen them around is that they are all busy in the private wards. And the new nurses all wear the pink scrubs.”

“Oh…” She finally understood the reason and then looked at the dark blue scrub that Megan was wearing.

“I am a final year student at the School of Medical Sciences at the Sameran University.” The Nurse told her.

“Wow…” Nana was taken aback by the revelation because the criteria of the SMS Sameran University were quite high. Only the students with the most remarkable academic achievements could get into that School. “How are the studies going?”

“The final year is mostly about practical work, the tougher years are over. Now I am just looking forward to finishing the School with the best grades so that I can get a House Job at this Clinic.” She politely smiled at her.

“I wish you the best of luck.” Nana could feel that getting a House Job at this Clinic meant a lot to Megan. And seeing how polite the girl was, she couldn’t help but hope that she would make it.

“Thank you!” Megan smiled at her and nodded her head. “We are here, Mr. Demiliore.” She led them to the door of Ward 101 where Nana’s mother was staying. “Please wait a moment, I need to consult the Nurse inside before calling you in.”

“Go on.” Keith nodded to her and watched her enter the ward.

“She’s beautiful,” Nana commented as soon as the door was closed. “And she’s smart.”

She did not know why she was saying all this, but she wanted to know what Keith thought of Megan.

“Yes, she’s quite pretty. But my standard of beauty is much higher than others, so don’t worry, I have no thoughts about her.” He teasingly smirked at her.

“N-no… That’s not what I meant.” She embarrassedly lowered her head. Her heart felt quite sweet at his words. He had no thoughts about Megan, but he had thoughts about her.

‘Doesn’t that mean that he thinks I am more beautiful than her?’

There was no girl in the world who did not like such a compliment from the person she admired. It meant a lot more when the girl they were compared to was beautiful.

After waiting for a minute, Megan opened the door of the Ward and invited them inside.

There was a frail woman lying in the bed, and her dim eyes immediately brightened when they landed on her daughter who was rushing to her.

“Mama!” Nana arrived at the side of the bed and anxiously looked at her mother’s frail face. “Are you okay?” She worriedly asked even though she knew that the operation had been a success.

“I am fine…” The middle-aged woman, who looked over a decade older than her real age, affectionately smiled at her daughter when she saw the care reflecting in her eyes.

There were a lot of questions on her mind since the morning. Nobody had really told her what was happening, and when she regained consciousness after the operation, her heart had been restless.

Dolores had seen the world and knew that nothing was ever free. She was worried that her daughter had made some decision that she would regret later in life, and she had a pretty clear idea as to what she might have done. However, after seeing that there was no pain inside her innocent daughter’s clear eyes, her heart calmed down a lot. But that did not mean that her worries were gone.

“You look beautiful.” She meaningfully looked at the outfit of her daughter. Even if she did not know the price of those clothes and accessories, she could feel that they were very expensive.

Nana blushed when she heard her mother’s words and timidly glanced at Keith, who was going through the medical file of her mother and talking to the nurse that was in charge of this ward.

Dolores did not miss it and turned to look in the direction of the boy, who had a charm and presence that enthralled and suffocated people at the same time.

‘A son blessed by the Heavens.’ It was her first impression.

Keith sensed her eyes on him and closed the file, handing it back to the nurse.

“Hello, Aunty.” He gently smiled at her after he approached the bed. “My name is Keith, and I am Nana’s boyfriend.”

As soon as she heard that he was her daughter’s boyfriend, the rest of the worries lingering in her mind washed away.

“My daughter found a really handsome boyfriend.” She brightly smiled at him.

Nana was burning in a crimson blush after hearing Keith’s introduction to her mother and her reply.

“Mama…” She complained, but Dolores’ smile only got brighter.

“Thank you for what you have done for us.” She gratefully said.

“No worries, Aunty.” He nodded to her with a smile. “And don’t worry about Nana. I will take care of her, so just focus on your recovery for the next couple of weeks.”

His words only made her feel more grateful, and the three of them chatted for a while before Dolores fell asleep.

“I have some work to do, so I will take my leave. Stay with Aunty, and Aunt May will pick you up in the evening for your lessons.” Keith patted Nana’s head and gently spoke.

Nana felt sad that he had to go, but she did not complain, and obediently nodded her head.

“Take care.” She smiled at him.

“You too.” He raised her chin before sipping a light kiss from her lips. “I will see you tonight.” He evilly whispered in her ear, and Nana’s naive heart thumped hard against her chest in anticipation.

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