Chapter 6

In the Demiliore Manor, inside a meeting room, currently, four figures were sitting discussing the plans for the future.

On the table, several files were scattered, and right in the middle of it was the map of Sameran City and its immediate surroundings.

“Young Master, are you sure you want to buy this land?” An old woman asked when she heard what Keith proposed. “This land is currently owned by a failing Real Estate company. It is away from the City and can not even be considered a suburban place. There’s no value in this land.”

“We need it.” Keith simply said and looked her in the eyes. “And I want this all done by Monday.”

“Very well.” She did not say anything more and nodded her head.


“Yes, Young Master?” A tall, muscular man in his late twenties awaited his orders.

Keith picked up a marker and under the curious eyes of the three people, he drew borders around the land that was a few miles away from the City of Sameran.

“Once Aunt May secures the land from that Real Estate company, you two will work together to buy us all of this land. If you have to offer a price higher than the market price, do it. If you must use force, do it. I want all of this land.” He seriously said, and all of them looked at him in shock.

“Young Master…” Aunt May did not know what to say and inadvertently looked again at the area he had marked on the map.

The area marked was approximately 155 Km². A land that would cost nearly a Billion Neris. The real problem was that there was no commercial value in that land. It was a wild grassland that bordered the Hills of the Sovakian Mountain Range, which had been left untouched for over a century. Yes, it was a beautiful place, with the potential of Tourism, but the investment they would have to make on this land in the future would be enormous and even the Demiliore Family would be hard-pressed to bear that cost.

“Don’t worry, Aunt May.” Keith smiled at her. “Just get this Land as soon as possible. It needs to be under our new company before 27th of January.”

“What’s going to happen on that day?” The old man who had been silent all this time finally couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“A news will come out that will change the future of the Sameran City.” He mysteriously said but did not give them any more information.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” The old man didn’t seem worried but still asked.

“Yes, Uncle Caeser.” Keith affirmatively nodded his head.

Seeing that he was determined, they did not say anything.

Keith’s personal Net-Worth was 2.2 Billion Neris right now. 1.6 Billion of it were liquid assets. He had received a Billion Neris when he has turned 16. And that money was always meant for him to start his own business and prove his worth. The 500 Million he received from the system was a massive bonus to aid his current plans. And after acquiring these two lands, he would still be left with over 500 Million Neris of liquid assets.

With the knowledge of the future, there was no way he would fail in his business. It was simply a cheat, and he was going to exploit it to the best of his ability.

The land he was outrageously going to buy for a Billion Neris was going to increase in value by 10 times at the end of February. And the profit he would make out of it in the future was going to be even higher than that, but that profit could not simply be calculated in terms of monetary value.

As for the other piece of land, it was a gold mine too. He did not care that he was stealing the fortune of that falling company. Had things progressed without his interference, that falling company would have become a hotshot in the coming months due to sheer luck, but now they had no future.

“I will get to work right away.” Sebastian got up from his seat and bowed to Keith before leaving the meeting room.

Aunt May took her leave too after collecting the relevant files of her work. There’s was a lot of work on her hands, and the next few weeks were going to be tough on her. But as a subject of the Demiliore Family, she would never complain about it.

“What are your instructions, Young Master?” Caesar asked as soon as his little wife and son left the room.

He was the head butler of the Demiliore Estate, and his family had been serving the Demiliore Family for centuries.

And Caesar was not just the Head Butler of the Estate, but also the Head of the Shadow Guards that protected the Demiliore Family. He possessed immense power in his hands and controlled the information network of the Demiliore Family. Additionally, he was a Cultivator of great power, and he was the one who had trained Yingying to become Keith’s shadow.

Keith stood up from the table and walked over to the couch.

The old man followed him, and sat adjacent to him, waiting for his instructions.

And Yingying attentively stood behind her Master just like she always did. Silent, but ready.

“Fix an appointment with Chairman Angelini on Sunday afternoon. I will be paying a visit to him to ask about his health.” Keith looked the old man in the eyes and said.

Caesar frowned when he heard those words. He had a pretty good idea what Keith wanted to do, but it was a dangerous game that the Heir of Demiliore Family wanted to play.

A couple of decades ago, no Demiliore nor Angelini needed an appointment to visit each other’s Estate, but now there was a blood feud between the two families. Even if they were not at war, Keith’s decision to visit the old man Angelini was going to shake many unturned stones.

“Additionally, get in contact with Damien Angelini. Inform him about the existence of Kiara, and once he understands the situation, have him contact me.”

It was not going to be an easy task to get in contact with Damien Angelini, but Caesar did not voice the problem. He was a capable man and had a way to get it done.

“Young Master, your father wanted to keep her existence a secret.” The old man reminded him of the promise he had made to his father.

“My father was wrong. And his decisions led to all that is wrong with our two families.” Keith narrowed his eyes at the Old Man. “The promise was to protect my little sister. And I will protect her.” He resolutely said.

He had already seen what would happen in the future if he kept her existence a secret just like his father wished for. He did not want to go through all that pain again. And he could not afford to lose Kiara at any cost.

“Very well.” Caesar saw the conviction in Keith’s eyes that even sent chills up his spine. He had never before seen that look in his Young Master’s eyes, and he understood at that moment that his Young Master was a changed man now.

“Keep an eye out on all these people.” He sent a list to Caesar’s Cellphone, and when the old man went through it, his brows were furrowed deep.

In that list were the names of some of the most important people in the Demiliore Consortium. And their names were either marked as ‘Corrupt’ or as ‘Moles’ implanted in their Business by their enemies. He was familiar with some of the names and his information network was already onto them, but there were more names on that list than he would have thought. And if those names really turned out to be as it was listed here, the Demiliore Family was going to suffer a lot in the future.

“There’s no need to take action after you have confirmed all of this. Just gather the evidence for now, and when the time is right, I will give you the ‘go’ to deal with them. We must not let the enemy know that they have lost the game.”

Caesar wanted to ask where he got the information from but decisively kept quiet. His job was to serve his Master, not to learn about his secrets.

“It will be done, Young Master.”

“Keith!” A melodious voice called out and the door of the meeting room opened.

Caesar stood up from his place and bowed to the lady that entered the room.

The lady was none other than the current Chairman of the Demiliore Consortium, wife of the late, Michael Demiliore, and Keith’s mother. She had all the trademark Demiliore features. Those high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, and those haunting black hair. And even if she was 40 years old, she looked no older than a lady in her mid-twenties. It was as if she was frozen in time, and Keith had always remembered her looking just as beautiful.

Of course, he also knew the reason why she looked the way she did. She was not an Ordinary Mortal but a Cultivator. And she was quite strong.

“Mom.” Keith smiled at her and stood from his seat, allowing his mother to hug him in her arms, and plant a kiss on his forehead.

“How was your day?” She excitedly asked.

“It was quite an eventful day.”

“I heard that you registered a New Company in the morning. Is my son finally willing to take on some responsibilities?” She raised her brow and then glanced at all the files and the map that was placed on the meeting table.

“Pardon me, Young Master, Madam.” Caesar decisively walked over the table and collected all the files, closing them and wrapping up the map.

His actions made Venessa frown. She was an intelligent lady and could see that it was done to hide Keith’s Business plans from her.

“How was your day, mother?” Keith brought her attention back to him, and Venessa was all smiling once again.

“Just another day at work.” She said and then pulled him to sit by her side on the couch. “You tell your mother why you did not come to her. There was no need to register a new company, I would have just transferred one of the companies to you.”

“I want to do something myself.” As soon as his mother heard his words, there was a frown on her face.

“Keith, everything we have is yours. If you won’t use it and take care of it, who will?” The sudden drop of her smile and the sudden shift in the mood made his heart uncomfortable.

“Who said that I won’t be using our Family resources?” He lightly laughed. “I will make use of every advantage I have. Don’t worry. It is just that the plans I have do not align with the current development plans of our Business. And most of the Industries I want to hit and enter are those that our Demiliore Consortium is not engaged in right now. When I have grown in those industries, of course, I will add everything I have built to our Family’s Consortium.”

Of course, he was wise enough to not say that he did not like working under others. If he had joined the Family Business, he would have been under her control, and that was not good for his plans.

“Your mother will support you in everything you do. Just don’t overwork yourself” She advised. “Our ancestors did not work hard so that our youngsters could not enjoy their youth.” She playfully ruffled his hair and planted a kiss on his cheek.

The warmth on his cheek melted his heart, and he inwardly sighed. He knew that for her, he was her everything. But he also knew that this side of her was only for him. To the world, she was a poisonous woman who could not be trifled with, and even the old bones in the Sameran City feared her wrath.

“I was informed that you went out with the girl you bedded last night.” Venessa smiled at him. “You seemed quite intimate with her. And she’s quite beautiful…”

“Just a lover, mother.” Keith cut her off, knowing well what she wanted to know. “Nana is a flower in my collection. I like her but I am not in love with her.”

His words relieved the tension in her heart, and she sweetly smiled at him.

“I am glad to hear that. Always remember that it is your responsibility to not let down our Family’s name. You can have whoever you want, but always keep the distinction between your lovers and your wives.”

“I understand, Mother.” He nodded to her.

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