Chapter 7

The chat with his mother continued for a couple of hours. They talked about lots of different stuff, but mostly it was Venessa guiding him on business and giving him some information about the current affairs of the city.

Even if he knew everything already, he let her tell him as he did not want to deprive her of the time she wanted to spend with her son.

After she finally decided to go to bed, Keith spent another hour working on his plans and gathering some information about the world.

He had already determined that all of the Author’s stories in his memories were real, and the more he researched on world affairs, the more solemn he became.

There would not just be one enemy appearing against him in the future. And some of those protagonists in his memories possessed God-like powers. However, what troubled him the most was the presence of other possible Systems. It was not going to be easy to fight against them.

But the good thing was that all the stories in his mind were in chronological order, and currently, none of the protagonists he knew about had appeared on the surface. The next three years were going to be relatively quiet, and it was the best time for him to get stronger and become more powerful.

He was a man who desired to reign over everything, so his goals were not just to deal with those Children of Destiny. His ultimate goal was to stand on top of everything in existence, get his hands on everything he desired, and he was determined to realize it.

When Keith arrived in his room right before midnight, he was quite surprised to find Nana still up and waiting for him, sitting on the bed in her pajamas.

“Keith!” She immediately got up from the bed and rushed to him, arriving in his embrace.

“How were your lessons with Aunt May?” He smiled at her and asked.

The question made Nana embarrassedly lower her head.

“She’s tough. And I made lots of mistakes.”

“She’s strict, yes. But she knows her job better than anyone.” He chuckled at her words and understood that Aunt May must have reprimanded her a lot on her mistakes.

“She gave me so much homework to do.” Nana pouted and pointed at all the books and files on the study table in the room. “I just finished some”

“And here I thought that you were waiting for me.” He smirked at her, which made her blush hard and bury her face in his chest.

“I was…” She whispered sweetly.

“Good.” He lifted her face up took a sip of her lips, and inwardly chuckled when her heart thumped so hard that he felt it.

Her lips quivered under his kiss, and she tried to respond with her immature skill, failing miserably and losing herself in the bliss.

Nana did not know how Keith did it, but within a couple of minutes, she was naked as the day she came into this world and was lying under him on the bed.

“Take off my shirt,” Keith commanded her, and her hands subconsciously reached for the buttons on his shirt.

He enjoyed watching her fumble with the buttons, and kept harassing her with his hands, that clawed and stroked her soft flesh, making her body tremble under his touch.

There were still some fading marks from last night, and as he traced them, she felt an aching pleasure that made her quiver even more.

By the time she managed to take off his shirt, her love juices were leaking out of her depths.

Keith sat upon his knees and opened her thin legs wide, and the sight of her pretty but swollen lower lips lit up the fire in his loins.

He had been rough with her last night, and the pain was still lingering in her lower body. Her eyes contained some fear too, but the love in her heart far surpassed it. And she wanted him to do as he pleased with her.

“You are beautiful, Nana.” He looked her in the eyes and said, before reaching forward and tracing her lower lips with the tip of his finger.

The simple touch made the girl whimper in a cute voice, and she closed her mouth with her hand in embarrassment.

He did not waste time with the foreplay as he could feel that she was wet enough. Taking off his belt, he freed his member from the confines of his pants and rubbed the glans against her swollen lips.

Of course, he could have helped her with his Medicine Skills, making it easy on her, but there was no fun in that for him.

“I am going to enter you now, silly girl.” He leaned on her and looked her right in the eyes. “Lock your arms around my neck.” His voice was commanding, and Nana did as asked, preparing herself for his assault. “Kiss me.”

Her eyes shied away briefly, but she did not dare to defy him and clumsily raised her head to capture his lips.


The moment he kissed him, he ruthlessly plunged his length inside of her, filling her depths to the brim, making her cry out in pain and writhe under his weight.

Her insides were still not used to his length, and unfortunately for her, he was well endowed. Even though he did not move and stayed still inside of her, she felt the burning pain she had experienced last night.

“Kiss me.” He commanded again, ignoring her discomfort.

“It hurts…” She complained, but looking in his stern eyes, she felt fearful and raised her head again to kiss him.

Keith smirked as she clumsily tried to kiss him. He was not responding to her, and after a while, she grew agitated and intensified her approach. She lightly nibbled on his lower lip, before locking their lips again, and this time, she used her tongue to make him respond to her.

As her attention diverted from the pain, her insides let out more love juices, and relaxed a little, expanding and allowing more of him to enter her.

Keith was a patient man when he wanted to be. He controlled his urges long enough for her body to accept him, and then he finally started moving inside of her.

He kept a slow pace for a while, letting the pleasure suppress the pain she was feeling, and as soon as Nana failed to control her pleasurable moans, he let the animal inside of him out.

He locked both of her hands on top of her head and pressed her more under the weight of his hard thrusts.

Her supple breasts squeezed against his hard chest, and he buried his face in her neck, listening closely to the voices that leaked from her mouth.

The grunts and moans resounded in the room for a good hour and a half, and Nana bathed in the pleasure she had never before experienced in her life. It was mind-numbing, and after the first round, she had found herself burning in a desire that made her body ache. And so, she was the one who initiated their second round, which led to a third and a fourth before she finally succumbed to the tiredness.

There were now fresh bruises on her beautiful fair body, and even he had not come out unscathed from today’s battle. There were scratches on his back, and some bite marks on his shoulders, evidence of how passionate their love-making was.

She might have been an innocent girl, but once she lost herself to her desires, she was more passionate than the best of the whores. It was one of the reasons why he liked her. She was a treasure in bed that one could never get enough of.

Keith was proud and impressed by the change in his constitution as well. Even after going through four intense rounds, he had more than enough energy inside of him to go on for some more rounds.

He was a little dissatisfied in his heart when Nana could no longer keep up with him, but he controlled his lust and allowed her to fall asleep.

It was just her second time, and her physique was still untrained. He knew that she would only get stronger in the bed as time progresses, which would only make his life more pleasurable. She was worth the patience.

The two of them nestled in each other’s embrace, and soon the warmth of her body lulled him to sleep too. And this night, there were no nightmares that haunted him.

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