Chapter 8

“Take care.” He lightly kissed her before taking his leave, and the poor girl was burning in a scarlet blush at his action.

Nana could feel the gleam in her mother’s eyes as they bore into her back, but she did not dare to turn around and look at her, and so, she tried to busy herself with the readings Aunt May had assigned to her before they left the Manor.

She knew that Keith deliberately kissed her in front of her mother to tease her, and even if it was embarrassing, she felt really sweet in her heart.

“Young lady, you have a lot to explain.” Dolores had not noticed it yesterday, but now that her mind was much more clear, the strange walk of her innocent daughter did not miss her eyes.

As a woman, she was well aware of what it meant, and as a mother, she was a little worried that these two lovebirds were going a little too fast.

‘Oh no…’ The blood drained from her face when she heard her mother’s words, and she knew that she was in a lot of trouble.

On the other side, Keith was calmly walking through the corridor of the 5th Floor of the Sovienna Health Clinic, on his way to the lift, when he inadvertently glanced at the last room and stopped in his tracks.

He had not taken this route when he had arrived here this morning, and now, by sheer coincidence, he had come across this event.

“Good Morning, Young Master Demiliore!”

The two guards that were stationed outside the room politely spoke to him.

It had to be noted that Personal Guards were not allowed on this floor unless the person in the ward had a very special identity. And Keith knew very well that these two did not belong to the Clinic.

“Is Patriarch Lin well?” He was not surprised that the two Guards recognized him.

“It is the Mistress that is resting inside.” The older guard politely replied to him.

“Mistress?” Keith frowned as soon as he heard that and then his mind suddenly brightened as he recalled some information.

The Mistress in question was none other than the wife of Lin Zihao, the current Chairman of the Lin Group of Industries, and the mother of Lin Qingyue, the girl that led to his downfall in that nightmare.

As for why he was surprised to hear the words was because Madam Lin had passed away silently years before the start of the main events, and now that he recalled, she was not going to live past this summer.

It was the summer that changed Lin Qingyue forever.

Lin Family was one of the Six Major Families in the city of Sameran, and they were the newest addition to that list. Though they could not compare with the likes of the Demiliore and Angelini Family in terms of Power and Fame, they were just as wealthy.

Lin Qingyue was Keith’s classmate since the High-School, and she was a girl possessing a devastating beauty, comparable to that of his mother. And in the future, she was going to become one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. She had a vision for the business that only a few possessed, and under her rule, the Lin Group of Industries would become strong enough in the future to dethrone the Demiliore Family. But of course, she would only manage to do that with the help of her Husband, Ye Tian, the Child of Destiny and Keith’s enemy.

As Keith thought of her, her beautiful face appeared in his mind, and he had to take a deep breath to calm down the rage that came knocking on his nerves, flooding him with the memories of his failure to obtain her and his downfall.

Of course, this time, Keith was not going to lose. This time, the Heroine was bound to fall into the hands of the Villain. He would never repeat the same mistakes again.

“If Madam Lin is awake, I would like to see her and wish her good health.”

The guards were surprised at his sudden request, and it put them in a really awkward position. Had it been someone else, the guards would have simply complied with their orders and turned the person away, but the one who had made the request was the Prince of Sameran, the Heir Demiliore. They could not do it even if they had their orders.

“We will ask Madam if it is convenient.” The older guard managed to gather himself first and respectfully said.

“Please do.”

The guard then knocked on the door once and waited for the Nurse in Charge to come out.

“Yes?” A middle-aged Nurse in a white scrub opened the door and asked, her eyes flickered in surprise when she saw Keith standing outside the room, and after the Guard informed her of Keith’s request, she respectfully nodded to the Demiliore Heir and went inside to ask for Madam Lin’s permission.

Keith knew that there was no way his request would be refused. He was the Heir Demiliore, and as long as Madam Lin was awake, she would invite him inside. And it was not just because of his status as the Heir of Demiliore, but also because Madam Lin could be counted as his Mother’s friend. The two of them had been classmates in University. And even if it had been years since he last saw her, he knew that Madam Lin would gladly welcome him.

“Young Master Demiliore, please come inside.” The Nurse returned and politely opened the door for him.

Keith couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the woman that was half-lying on the bed. She looked frail, haggard, so weak that she could not sit properly without help, but even then she held herself with a grace that was enviable. Her exquisite features did diminish over the course of time, but even now, she was beautiful in his opinion. It was no surprise that she gave birth to a daughter who was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Good Morning, Miss Celine.”

Celine’s eyes shined in gleam when she saw him. His handsomeness, coupled with the demeanor he carried himself with was an irresistible charm for the opposite sex. Even if she was his mother’s age, seeing his brilliant smile made her frail heart skip a beat.

“Good Morning, Keith.” She gently said, and her voice still carried the melodious tone he remembered from the last time he saw her. “It’s been years, and my, my, look at you! I did hear that you are the heart-throb of the City, and now that I see you, I feel like it was still an understatement.”

“Thank you.” Keith was not someone who pretended to be humble. He knew how to accept a compliment with grace without being a hypocrite. “And if Miss Celine would believe my words, I must say that your beauty is timeless. I can’t help but admire it.”

“Not just a Heartthrob, but a Heartthrob with a silver tongue. Little Keith, I wonder how many women you have corrupted so far with your charm.” She teasingly shot back at him.

“More than I can count.”

After his swift reply, both of them smiled at each other. And then their smile brightened at the same time.

The two of them found that they quite liked each other’s personalities. It was so easy to get along with each other.

“Come sit, little Keith. Your Aunt hasn’t had a good chat in a while.”

“Excuse me.” Keith accepted her offer and calmly took the seat by the side of the bed. “May I ask what ails you, Aunt Celine?”

Since she had addressed herself as his Aunt, he did not shy away from addressing her as such.

“It’s the Fate that ails me. Who knows what it wants from me?” She giggled and laughed off the pain inside her heart just like that.

But Keith knew what she meant. No one knew what ailment she suffered from. No one except for him.

Celine had started growing weaker and weaker ever since she gave birth to her daughter.

The Lin Family spent a fortune on helping her get better, but even to this day, no doctor could successfully diagnose her. But at the rate her health was deteriorating, she only had a few months of life left in her.

Her illness was never seen or recorded in any medical book, but since Keith possessed the knowledge of the Future, knew about the secret Physique of Lin Qingyue and possessed Medical Knowledge that was not limited to the ability of an Ordinary Mortal, he knew what was the cause of her deteriorating health.

“May I?” He pointed at her Medical File that was resting on the side table and asked.

Celine lightly nodded to him, not really caring about it.

Both the ladies thought that Keith was only going to check the comments of the Doctor, but to their surprise and dismay, he kept reading through her Medical File for ten minutes. And the frown that marred his face, told them that he possessed some medical knowledge and understood everything that was inside the file.

“Little Keith,” Celine couldn’t help her curiosity when Keith finally put down the file, “Do you study Medicine?” She knew that he was in her daughter’s class, pursuing a degree in Business and Finance, but given his family background, it was quite possible that he was studying other fields at home.

“I do. But I can not be counted as a Medical Student.”

Celine nodded to his in understanding, thinking that he should only be possessing some book knowledge, but his next words made his eyes widen in disbelief.

“I am already a Doctor of Medicine.”

“What?!” She couldn’t help but exclaim.

He was only 18 years old. How could he be a doctor? For a moment she thought that he was joking with her, but seeing the confident smile on his face, she found herself believing in his words.

“Can you excuse us for some time?” Keith suddenly turned to look at the Nurse and asked.

“This…” The Nurse awkwardly looked at him and turned to look at Celine.

Celine was quite curious what Keith had to say, and so she nodded to the Nurse to go outside.

Once the two of them were alone in the private ward, Keith stood up from his seat and came to stand by her side.

“May I?” He pointed at her left wrist and asked.

She did not know why she felt compelled to do as he requested, and nodded, allowing him to grab her wrist and check for her pulse.

His technique was similar to that of the Chinese Medicine Doctors, and she could see that he was well-versed in what he was doing.

Celine sweetly smiled at him when she saw his brows furrow, and only grow deeper as she sensed her pulse. She knew that there was no cure for the disease she suffered from. How could there be a cure for a disease that no one even knew of?

“Don’t distress yourself. It is fine if you can’t figure out what the cause is…”

“I think I know what your ailment is, Aunt Celine.”

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