Whizzer Announcements

Look… everything I release I announce on discord. You want announcements? Discord is how you’re gonna get them. I’ve tried other options and noone follows the other options.

For the love of Pun, stop sending me comments about how I’m “not releasing” shit. I’ve release everything continuously and consistently according to my schedule, which is posted on both Patreon and on Discord (Discords is more accurate and up to date).

As of right now, Patreon is “Down for Maintenance”. That means, I can’t post on Patreon. Chapter 39 is posted. You’d know this already if you checked discord. You’d also know the password… which is currently only available on discord because, as I said, Patreon is down again.

Just because Webupdates of MSB doesn’t tell you it’s released, doesn’t mean it isn’t released. The ONLY book that hasn’t been being released reliably is TOAE. That will change soon.

As far as making special announcements for you guys, I’m not. It takes too much of my time. Just check if the next chapter is there or not. If it’s the next day and it’s not there, then you can start bugging me. If it’s 12:01 am, I don’t want to hear it. Hell, even if I am a day late… shut the hell up.

NTR Crush Volume 1 is over. Stop expecting Volume 2 before Volume 1 is even finished releasing publicly. Pun damn it. Quit your bitching. I produce ten times the amount of content of most authors, yet all I get is more and more whining about how you have to spend $1 because you’re too impatient to wait.

If you guys don’t show some respect, maybe I’ll just start NTRing some characters. Add a little Futa? Just because you don’t pay doesn’t mean I won’t make you pay!

~Whizzer, DG