Why Are My Skills So Weird 2

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An Unlucky Day


I’m usually not that lucky. But even so, there are days that I consider especially unlucky.

Like when it starts to rain but I’m too far from school to reach it without getting drenched, but at the same time, too far from my house to just return.

Or when three different teachers call my name in three successive classes to answer questions.

Or when my mom discovered my sacred secret stack, and instead of scolding me for it, she gave me a long lecture about flowers and bees.

And among all these bad days, today is definitively one of the worst.

Let’s start by the fact that my shower stopped working for some reason, forcing me to shower in the bath on the first floor.

Then, my cat scratched my hand after that. I’m not even sure why she did it. Normally she is a very cute little thing, but for some reason, she was in a bad mood today and scratched me when I tried to rub her head.

Moreover, unluckily, the scratch ended dirtying my clothes with blood, so I was forced to change clothes at the last minute.

My eye for clothes is close to the worst in the world. The clothes I dirtied with blood were ones that my sister had chosen for me. And the ones I chose… Well, at least they were passable enough, I think.

Because I was forced to change clothes, I was late for the Awakening Procedure, and the person in charge gave me a scolding of fifteen minutes due to it. Fortunately, my family has a bit of status in this city, so I was able to go through the procedure normally despite being late.

And failed it.

… Again.

It was my second time going through the Awakening Procedure, and my second time failing.

Now that I failed twice, the probabilities of awakening in the future are less than 1%.

But even if I awaken in the future, the entrance examinations for the Awakened Schools start in one month. If I don’t awaken by then, I’ll be unable to enroll in it in my lifetime.

And believe me, few Awakened manage to achieve something in their lives if they don’t go through the Awakened Schools.

But that was not the end of my bad luck. Just after I failed the procedure, my now ex-girlfriend was waiting for me outside and broke up with me.

I mean, I don’t hate her or something like that. We have been childhood friends for a long time, and she is a good girl. She was also pretty nice and respectful when she broke up with me and never cheated on me.

She simply told me that we were not suitable for each other and left.

But, although I don’t hate her, it still hurts.

Well, she was my childhood sweetheart and my first girlfriend. I have been in love with her since we were children, and she was in love with me too. Unfortunately, our relationship became a bit strained recently.

Still, my bad luck did not end there.

Because I broke up with my girlfriend, I was so downhearted that I forgot to pay attention to the time. Thus, I almost lost the last bus to home. Fortunately, the driver was nice and waited for me after he noticed me running at full speed from one hundred meters away from the bus stop.

And now, I’m here, seated in an autobus, drenched in sweat, and with a broken heart.

Maybe it’s because I’m like this, but even the glances of the old grandma beside me feel filled with pity.

Sigh… Definitively the worst day of my life.

… No, the second-worst day. That day ten years ago was worse than today.

I just hope that my streak of bad luck ends with this.

While I was lost in my self-deriding thoughts, my cellphone rang.

I was really tempted to not answer the call, but knowing my little sister’s personality, if I don’t answer now, it will be hell after I reach home.

Another sigh later, I grabbed my cellphone and pressed the button to accept the call.

And just like I expected, the sweet and slightly high-pitched voice of my little sister came from the other side of the phone.

“Big bro, where are you?”

“I’m reaching home soon. Don’t worry, I’m just a little late.”

“… A little late? Brother, you should have arrived three hours ago… Sigh, anyway, are you alright?”

“Of course. I just failed the awakening procedure again. It’s not as the world is going to finish tomorrow.”

“… You don’t sound alright… So it’s true that Karime dumped you, huh.”

… Information truly travels quickly.

“Where did you learn about that?” I asked.

I felt as though I could see my little sister shrugging on the other side of the phone. “You know I have my informants, brother… To be honest, I think it’s good that you broke up with her… I never liked her anyway.”

… Great way to cheer me up, little sister.

“You don’t like most of the girls that are close to me.”

“Hey! I simply think that they don’t deserve you. I mean, my brother is so awesome. What is the problem if you failed to Awaken? At most, your beloved little sister will make sure of feeding and protecting you in the future. Hmph hmph! I want to see who dares to hurt my beloved brother!”

I could not help but let out a soft chuckle. This little sister of mine never fails to cheer me up.

Ley Walker, my little sister, is almost my best friend (even if it sounds strange). Fifteen years, Auburn hair, red eyes, and a petite 1.65 meters-tall body.

If I’m honest, she has almost everything anyone can wish in a woman, except for her slightly brash personality… and her small breasts, although that depends on the preferences.

She is literally the closest person to me. Even closer than my now ex-girlfriend. We grew together since childhood, and although recently we have spent less time together than usual, our siblingly relationship is just as strong as before.

By the way, my name is Jane Walker. Did I never mention it before?

“… Are you feeling better, brother?” The voice of my little sister came from the other side of my phone. “… I don’t want to see you sad.”

“… Yeah, thanks. Just hearing your voice made my day better. Plus, you always know what to say to cheer me up.”

“Hehe. Of course. Nobody knows you better than me after all.” Ley said smugly.

That is right… and scary. Because her words are literally true.

My little sister’s abilities… They are a bit scary.

Fortunately, I’m her older brother. Otherwise, I can’t start to imagine what would happen to me if one day she decides to use me to experiment with her skills.

“… Please tell me you have never done it,” I whispered to myself while feeling a shiver on my spine

“Broth…? …I… can…he… you… some…ing ….… w…o… wit… y……”

Huh? Is something interfering with the call?

I was confused, but all of sudden, something changed.

In an instant, I felt something about the space around me changing. Then, a strong pressure assaulted my body.

“Ugh!” I grabbed my chest in pain and gritted my teeth. Fuck, my luck can’t be this bad!

As quickly as I could, I looked at the screen of my cellphone. Then, the most nightmarish line in my life appeared on the screen.

No signal.

… I’m dead.

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and looked at the scenery outside the window.

At some point, the smooth paved road had become damaged, and the surroundings had been filled with ominous-looking trees.

The sky changed colors, going from a nice blue to a bloody red, and the wind became strong and dry.

Then, the autobus bumped into something, losing control and crashing against a tree.


Hearing the screams of terror coming from the other passengers, I knew that I was fucked up.

I had entered one of the most dangerous places in this world.

I was inside a Dungeon.


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