Why Are My Skills So Weird 26

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Lightning Body Refinement Technique


“Soul Supplementation Art. Fuck it. Who in the hell is so perverted as to create this kind of technique!?”

[I created it. And I still don’t understand what is the problem. Is it because you are a virgin?]

“It’s not! And why in the hell did you create this kind of technique!?”

[Well, it was when I was still a young immortal. I wanted to enjoy my harem of ten thousand beauties, but I also wanted to train, so I invented this technique to do both things at the same time.]  The demon spoke in a reminiscent tone.

I was speechless.

… Ten thousand, really?

[The number was a bit higher, actually. And that is without including the wives of others that I occasionally visited.]

This fucking pervert…

[Remember that I can hear your thoughts, boy.]  The demon said coldly. [Also, what can a virgin like you know? And why in the hell are you still a virgin? I slept with my first woman when I was like half your age.]

I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, I won’t use this technique,” I said firmly. “Tell me another method, demon. I don’t believe this is the only way to replenish my soul or whatever.”

[Certainly, this is not the only way.] The demon nodded.

I sighed in relief.

I knew it. If this demon is truly as powerful as he claims to be, there is no way that he will let his survival hang on sex.

[But I forget the other methods.]

I see, you forg– Wait, what!?

[I forgot the other ways, so this is the only way we have now.]

You have to be joking with me.

[I’m not.]

The demon sighed softly. [This is just a fragment of my soul, boy. A very small one at that. Most of my memories are gone, including many of the techniques that I knew before. I don’t like this method either, but that is all we have.]

“That is… Can’t you like create another?”

[… I can, but it will take me a while. And both of us will be long dead by then.]

My expression twisted.

This fuck…

Damn… Do I truly have to use this sick technique?

Plus, I can only get one month per person every year. In other words, do I need to sleep with twelve different women every year?

[That is the minimum, yes. However, it’s better if you sleep with as many women as possible. Believe me, that will be useful to you.]


[Okay, stop whining.] The demon snarled. [It’s just sleeping with some women. What is wrong with that? At most, you will visit a few prostitutes every month.]

Fuck you…

If my mother or sister learns about it, they will kill me.

[… Sigh, why is my host such a wuss.]

Shut up.

I sighed and lay on the bed with a dazed look.

… What in the hell am I going to do now?

Should I look for prostitutes just like the demon said? I don’t like that option much, but it looks like the most reasonable answer.

[Okay, cheer up, boy. Not everything is bad news. I have something good for you.]

“What is it?” I replied unmotivated.

[I have two more techniques that could be useful to you. The so-called skills.]

My body perked up immediately.

“Two skills? Like Lightning Seed?”

[Yeah. I will send them to your mind now.]

In the next second, more information entered my mind.

The name of one skill soon appeared on my brain.

“Lightning Body Refinement Technique?”

[Mm. I spend the last two days modifying this technique to make it more suitable for you. It will make your body stronger and should help you a bit with your mana problem.]

“It looks great,” I said in admiration. Just by the name, it sounded cool.

What about the other technique?

I looked into my memories, and then, my expression turned strange.


[Yes, Confidence. That is the name of the technique.]

… What kind of skill is this?

Strengthening my will and projecting it outwards?

How is this going to help me?

[It will help you to pick up girls.] The demon replied indifferently.

My expression froze.

What the hell…

The demon chuckled amusedly.

[It’s like the name says. It will give you more confidence while making you look more confident to others. It’s pretty good to pick up girls, you know? I used it a lot when I was young.]

… Please tell me that it’s a joke.

[Hahahaha, well, it’s not. But the effects of the skill are not limited to that. To be honest, this technique is much more important than Lightning Seed or Lightning Body Refinement Technique. Although Confidence does not affect your combat power directly, in the long run, it will make you stronger and increase your potential.]

I fell silent and heaved a long sigh.

You have to be joking…

First, it was a skill that needs sex to work, and now, a skill to pick up girls?

Sigh, why are my skills so weird?


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