Why Are My Skills So Weird 29

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First Time (1)


My mind was very hazy. It was a very comfortable kind of haziness, as though I was flying.

I could see Mrs. Kim below me, breathing softly with a hot gaze as our lips were pressed together.

As expected of an adult woman, Mrs. Kim’s kisses were completely different from the kisses I shared with my ex-girlfriend. They felt much more erotic and daring.

Moreover, Mrs. Kim was the mother of my ex, so I felt strangely thrilled and excited when I thought about what was about to happen between us.

Mrs. Kim’s gaze was completely heated. She hugged my neck tightly and pressed her lips against mine as she extended her tongue out.

In answer, I extended my tongue out as well. Soon, our tongues were entangled like two slippery snakes, sharing our saliva as our bodies became even hotter.

In a corner of my mind, the feeling that this was wrong still remained. However, this feeling had become so vague that I could barely perceive it. It was impossible for it to overcome the rising lust I was feeling.

Mrs. Kim’s situation was similar. Although her eyes seemed to regain clarity occasionally, this clarity quickly disappeared as our bodies became hotter and hotter.

Eventually, I started to take off Mrs. Kim’s clothes and she cooperated with me. At the same time, she took off my towel and threw it away, revealing my naked body.

My penis was already completely erect, revealing its proud size. To my surprise, it seemed slightly bigger than normal.

My penis was already a bit bigger than average, and this small increase in size made it seem even more towering.

However, the current me did not care about that.

I could feel Mrs. Kim’s black eyes fixed on my towering lower member. She then licked her lips softly and smirked.

“You have a nice tool, little Jane.”

After saying that, she extended her hand and held it gently.

The softness of her hand made me groan slightly, at the same time, my excitement increased even more. I wanted nothing more than press Mrs. Kim’s body against the sofa and pierce her fiercely.

And it seemed that Mrs. Kim was just as excited as me. Once she finished taking off her clothes, I realized that her inner thigs were drenched in love juices.

Unable to control my excitement, I pressed my lower body against her crack immediately.

However, because it was my first time, I failed to insert my penis on the first try.

Mrs. Kim did not seem bothered by that. Quite the opposite, she seemed to find it endearing. With a gentle smile, she held my penis and guided it to the right place.

In the next second, I pushed my penis forward.

Then, an amazing feeling spread to my entire body.

“Haa…” Mrs. Kim sighed in comfort. Her body shivered slightly, and her white skin became reddish.

She hugged my neck and brought her lips close to mine, initiating another kiss. However, this time, I was unable to focus on the kiss.

My entire mind was focused on our lower bodies, trying to understand the amazing pleasure I was feeling.

Instinctively, I started to move my hips.

“Uhhh… Annn…” Mrs. Kim moaned, and her beautiful black eyes stared at me passionately. Then, she closed her eyes and started to groan while her body shook every time I moved my hips.

This was my first time having sex, so all that I could think of was in making this feeling as pleasurable as possible. Thus, I moved my hips faster and faster, thrusting my rod as deeply as I could without stopping.

“Good, yeah, like that…~” Mrs. Kim groaned. Her voice had turned completely seductive, melting my mind.

She started to kiss my neck as she hugged my back, trying to stimulate my desires as much as she could. Our breathing had become rough, and immense pleasure dominated our minds.

Moreover, the feeling of guilt caused by the fact that we were son-in-law and mother-in-law increased our lust crazily.

God, I was having sex with a married woman. Moreover, she was the mother of my ex!

I felt amazing. As though I was having my revenge against Karime. Even if Karime never learns about this, it still feels exhilarating.

And judging from Mrs. Kim’s reaction, she felt just as exhilarated as me. The taboo feeling of sleeping with a young man despite being a married woman seemed to make her body hotter than normal.

I wanted to thrust my dick inside Mrs. Kim’s forever, enjoying the hotness and wetness of her vagina for days. Unfortunately, it was impossible.

In the ned, this was my first time. So before even three minutes passed, I was already cumming.

For an instant, I wondered if it was alright to cum inside her, but the pleasure running through my body made me stop thinking about it. It was the same for Mrs. Kim. When she felt that I was about to cum inside her, instead of stopping me, she hugged me tightly and wrapped her legs around my ass.

Just at that instant, the technique that the demon taught me appeared in my mind.

Instinctively, I activated the [Soul Supplementation Art].

In the next second–


“I came…!”

With a soft groan, semen spurted out of my glans, filling Mrs. Kim’s uterus.

A great amount of semen was shot from my penis, making Mrs. Kim groan comfortably.

At the same time, I felt something flowing from Mrs. Kim’s body to mine.

Instinctively, I knew that it was Mrs. Kim’s soul energy.

The feeling of absorbing Mrs. Kim’s soul energy was incredibly pleasurable. It was comparable to an orgasm, or perhaps even better.

Moreover, judging by the blank expression on Mrs. Kim’s face, it was just as pleasurable for her as it was for me.

Her body twitched softly, and she pressed her body tightly against mine. It was as though she wanted to fuse herself with me.

Several seconds passed like that, with both of us enjoying the aftertaste of the orgasm. Eventually, my first time having sex with a woman came to an end.

But instead of calming down, I felt my lust rising even more.

And judging from Mrs. Kim’s heated gaze, I was not the only one feeling that way.

With a flirtatious expression, Mrs. Kim hugged my neck again and kissed my lips.

Then, my still rock-hard penis started to move again.

Just like that, the second round of sex started.


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