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Falling Inside a Dungeon (3)


Fortunately, the clothes I’m wearing are not normal clothes. Due to my mother’s insistence, almost all my clothes are made with special materials, so they don’t have any trouble resisting the bites and scratches of a few rats.

Of course, the rats injured me regardless of the clothes, but these are just superficial injuries due to them being unable to break through my clothes.

Thinking about it, these clothes are crazy expensive. Only someone like my mother can afford to make our entire wardrobe with this kind of clothes.

I thanked my mom in my mind. More than once I thought that she was being paranoid, but her paranoia helped me to survive today.

After I killed the rats, I rested for exactly one minute before resuming my march.

These rats were weaker than the serpent individually, but to be honest, I was more scared of them than of the serpent.

It’s because when you see a rat, there is a lot more nearby.

And I met five.

I fear that this forest is probably infested with berserk rats now.

My fears quickly turned into reality. In my way to the core, rat after rat attacked me. Rats of all sizes jumped towards me and tried to use their teeth to get a taste of my flesh.

I killed many of them during the way, but there were always more. And eventually, I started to get injured.

Mainly on my arms. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so my arms were not protected by the clothes. Several times, the rats bit and scratched them.

I killed them quickly after that, but the injuries on my arms accumulated with every attack.

I do not want to imagine how many bacteria entered my body every time these rats bit me.

If I survive this nightmare, I will spend at least one week in the hospital.

After I killed around twenty rats, the attacks started to reduce. Most likely, I have killed most of the rats in this part of the dungeon, so they stopped attacking me.

I sighed in relief at that. What a relief.

I thought that I was going to end like rat food.

I must say, I admire myself for keeping calm in that situation.

But even without the rats, the dangers to my life had not disappeared.

Due to the rats, I lost a lot of time. Now I only had around one and half hours before losing my mind to the mana.

Consequently, I was forced to increase my speed.

The injuries on my body hurt a lot, but I endured them to the best of my abilities. I have suffered worse injuries during my training. This is not even enough to reduce my combat ability.

But at that moment, I realized that my streak of bad luck had not ended yet.

From the distance, I heard a terrifying sound.


When I heard that roar, my body froze.

Then, I paled.

That definitively was not a rat.

Without hesitation, I increased my speed. Whatever that thing was, I didn’t want to meet it.

But soon, I realized that the worst situation had happened.

I heard the roar of the beast again.

And this time, it sounded closer than before.

The monster was chasing after me!

‘Dammit!’ I cursed in my mind and ran as fast as I could. I ran so fast that I felt my lungs starting to hurt. But I did not stop. I had the feeling that the beast was behind me, and if I stopped, I was going to be attacked.

But after running for one minute, I stopped abruptly.

A cliff had appeared in front of me.

Due to the trees in the surroundings, I only managed to see it when I was in front of it.

My expression changed. ‘Could it be that God wants to see me die today?’

I turned around to try to find another path, but then, a chill ran through my spine.

The monster was there.

Walking slowly, with a look of amusement on its eyes.

I understood something as soon as I saw it.

It was not a monster of this world.

And it was not a monster that I could defeat.

Dungeons are spatial singularities. They occur when two dimensions intersect and create a mirror space with characteristics of both dimensions, swallowing the living beings in the place where they formed.

In other words, they swallow not only living beings from our world but also living beings of other worlds.

Just like the monster in front of me.

It had the appearance of a wolf, but it was much bigger than a normal wolf (almost two meters tall), and it had a horn growing from its head.

Moreover, its eyes showed intelligence that should not exist in a beast, and it did not seem to be affected by the berserk mana.

I deduced something from that.

This wolf was a beast able to wield mana. That was the reason it was able to resist the encroachment of berserk mana.

A Horned Wolf.

It is one of the relatively common magic beasts that appear in dungeons around this region.

There are several species of Horned Wolves, but every one of them was extremely dangerous for a non-awakened.

Normally, they are ranked from Tier 2 to Tier 7.

And this one in front of me was at least Tier 3.

I wanted to laugh out loud. Was this a joke? How was I, a non-awakened person, supposed to defeat a Tier 3 monster?

Normally, even a Tier 2 monster was too strong for a normal person.

A monster like this horned wolf could easily defeat several weak Awakened. And me? I had only a relatively sharp dagger and a body a bit stronger than average.

It was a situation where I could not survive.

But I did not give up.

Taking a deep breath, I held the knife with more strength and took a basic combat stance.

Then, I fixed my gaze on the wolf. I observed each one of its movements carefully, waiting for my chance.

I had only one opportunity. If I wanted to defeat this monster, I had to catch it off-guard.

The wolf circled around me leisurely. It could feel my strength and it was aware that I could not defeat it, but even so, it kept its guard up.

Five despairing minutes passed like that. And at that point, I understood the goal of the wolf.

It wanted to tire me out.

This monster was waiting for the moment I became tired and showed an opening.

And I knew that moment was going to come soon.

I could feel my concentration waning. Five minutes with my muscles tensed were starting to tire me out.

Eventually, a drop of sweat rolled down my forehead slowly advancing towards my right eye.

When the drop of sweat fell on my eye, I was forced to close it.

And the wolf moved at that moment.

It was so fast that I barely managed to catch it with my eyes. In an instant, it was already in front of me.

When I saw the opened jaw of the beast, my heart stopped.

But my body moved instinctively.

It followed the memory engraved through hundreds of hours of training and took a step aside, twisting my waist and leaning out of the wolf reach.

Then, the hand holding the dagger moved.

In a smooth movement, it appeared in front of the wolf’s eye!

The strength on my arm plus the momentum of the wolf’s charge joined to create a fatal attack. If this dagger pierced the wolf’s eye, it would die!

But that was not what happened.

The wolf blinked.

… And its eyelid stopped my dagger.

At the same time, I was hurled away due to the wolf’s strength.


The wolf howled in pain. A small injury had appeared on its eyelid, drawing several drops of blood that created a red line on its face.

It turned towards me with a look of utmost anger. It seemed like it wanted to tear me into pieces for daring to injure its face.

I laughed bitterly. Really? I put my everything in that attack and all I got was a small cut in its eyelid?

I stood up shakily and smiled self-deprecatingly. My entire body hurt. Although my bones did not seem to be broken, the muscles of my right arm and my legs were sprained. I felt pain just by moving my body a bit.

Before I could stand up completely, the wolf jumped towards me again.

This time, I barely managed to evade the attack by rolling on the ground.

Even so, two lines of blood appeared on my left arm.

I had been injured.

I bit my lips to suppress my pain and looked towards the wolf. It was already in the middle of its third attack, and in less than one second, it would reach me.

At that moment, I felt my thoughts running incredibly quickly.

I could feel everything clearly. The wind around me, the mana around the wolf, and the chasm behind me.

My body was the same, but my senses felt unusually sharp.

When the wolf arrived, I moved my body.

I grabbed its body ignoring the claws piercing my chest, ducked, and jumped.

Using the wolf’s strength, I turned around, putting the wolf below me.

Then, we fell down the cliff.

A fall of almost one hundred meters.


The wolf hit the ground first, absorbing a great part of the impact. But even so, it was a fall of one hundred meters. There was no way I could be alright.

After the first impact, the body of the wolf bounced away, while my body flew in another direction. I hit the ground and rolled several times, before finally stopping after almost five seconds.

My consciousness darkened briefly. For an instant, I thought I was dead.

When my consciousness returned, I realized I could not move my body.

My legs, arms, and spine were broken in several sections, and I was bleeding from my abdomen, chest, head, and arms. I could feel a sweet taste in my mouth, so I probably had several internal injuries as well.

Instinctively, I knew.

I was going to die.

There was no way I could survive this.

With my last bit of strength, I looked in direction of the wolf.

Then, my eyes opened wide.

Under my astonished gaze, the wolf stood up, before limping slowly towards me.

For an instant, I did not know how to react.

Thus, I decided to laugh.

I laughed in resignation.

I laughed at my pitiful fate that made a joke of all my efforts.

I was unable to kill even a simple wolf!

But suddenly, the wolf stopped.

I was startled. But then, I noticed something in its eyes.


Immense fear.

Then, a powerful mana erupted close to me.

[Dirty bug, die.]

A dignified, indifferent, and ominous voice stated, and a pitch-black light filled my vision.

When the light disappeared, the wolf was gone.

There was nothing there. No explosion, no blood, no gore.

The wolf had simply disappeared.

The next instant, the same voice resounded in my mind.

[Rejoice, boy. Since today, you will have the honor of being my host.]

Unable to understand what was happening, I lost consciousness.

But before losing consciousness, my body felt unusually warm.


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