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Attacking the Nest (1)


Once I decided to kill the leader of the robbers, I started to plan my course of action.

I knew that I was greatly disadvantaged when it came to combat power, so I needed to find a way to close the gap between his strength and mine. Otherwise, trying to kill him was just asking for a beating.

During the next two hours, I used every drop of mental power to think of a plan. I considered everything that I could use to my advantage until finally, a rough plan was formed in my mind.

It was a very daring plan that needed a lot of factors to work. But it was the best plan that I could think of.

‘What do you think?’ I asked the demon in my soul.

I could feel his mouth curving up in a creepy grin.

[Not a bad plan. It looks like you are not completely hopeless.]

I sighed in relief. The demon’s words meant that this plan was at least feasible.

This should be enough to even the playing field between the leader of the robbers and me.

When I was done thinking of the plan, I decided to take a nap. I had not slept since the dungeon appeared, so I needed to take a rest urgently to recover my energy.

This was my last opportunity to rest before the battle started. If I did not sleep now, it could affect my following actions.

Another two hours passed. During this time, the expressions of the Awakened sent by the government gradually became solemn.

When the two hours were up, the leader, John, heaved a long sigh.

“It looks like the reinforcements won’t arrive in time. We will have to take care of the situation by ourselves.”

The expressions of the nearby Awakened became grave.

Our group became tense as well. Without reinforcements, we needed to attack a nest of around two thousand swarm spiders with a group of forty-five people.

“That is suicide…” An Awakened that we did not know muttered.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to die inside this dungeon,” John stated calmly. “Although the battle will be dangerous, if you follow the plan, you should have a high chance of surviving.

“And even if it’s dangerous, as Awakened, our duty is to act as the first line of defense when a dungeon is about to overflow. It doesn’t matter how strong the enemy is.”

The Awakened in the surroundings looked at each other without speaking, however, they seemed a bit more determined now.

“Get ready. We will depart in five minutes.”

Five minutes later, the Awakened had been divided into three groups of fifteenth people. The first group was led by the three Awakened of the Association, while the other two groups were led by two Tier Five Awakened each.

Mary and another Tier Five Awakened, a middle-aged woman named Agatha, were the leaders of our group. Jessica, Karime, Andrew, and I plus Josh and Keltie (the two remaining members of Mary’s group) were the other members of this group together with another four unknown Awakened.

By the way, Chelsea was supposed to be part of this group as well, but because she is a child, we decided to leave her behind, so our group had only fourteen people.

“Is everybody ready?” John asked at that moment. When he saw that the three groups nodded, his expression became firm. “Then, let’s start the operation.”

The three groups departed towards the spider nest.

At that moment, I felt an insidious gaze on me. I immediately followed the gaze and met the eyes of the leader of the robbers.

He was glaring straight to me with eyes full of killing intent. He seemed like he could not wait to kill me.

‘Fortunately, he is not in our group. Otherwise, it would have made the situation complicated.’

We walked for three minutes before we finally saw the spider nest. As soon as it appeared in our sights, the three groups instinctively stopped.

The nest seemed like a place out of a horror movie. It was like a giant cocoon made completely of spider webs that covered the entire surface to the point where it was impossible to recognize what was below it.

Every second, dozens of spiders of all sizes entered and exited the nest. The sight was so creepy that some weak-hearted Awakened trembled in fear.

“Do we have to fight against that?” One of the Awakened in our group shivered in fear. He was a young man around twenty years old. A Tier 3 Awakened.

Mary looked towards him with an indifferent expression.

“Just follow the plan, and if you are lucky, you will survive.”

“Crazy… W-We should run away.”

“If you dare to run away, I will kill you first.” Mary’s expression was cold. She then looked at each one of us with an icy expression. “Remember this, deserting during a battle can put the lives of your entire group at risk. Thus, deserters are not tolerated among Awakened. If you want to desert, then it’s better if you die.”

All of us gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

I knew that it was true, though. The punishment for Awakened that deserted their duty was very heavy. And if they dared to desert during an emergency, they could be put to death on the spot.

That was one of the measures that the World’s United Government took to strengthen humanity’s military might.

Nobody could go against it. Not even a powerful Awakened at the tenth Tier.

Just then, one of the spiders looked in our direction.

I froze. In the next instant–


A loud shriek spread through the entire nest.

And immediately, the nest became alive.

In less than five seconds, hundreds of spiders left the nest before changing in our direction.

In the dim light of the dungeon, the countless red eyes of the spiders shone with a bloodthirsty glow.

It was like a scene out of a nightmare.

At that moment, John shouted.

“Flames! Out!”

He grabbed a bottle that he carried on him and used a lighter on it. Then, he threw it towards the nest.

When the bottle hit the nest, it exploded into a rain of flames.



Several spiders screamed in rage and fear. The fire quickly spread through the spider webs, killing dozens of spiderlings and hurting a couple of spiders.

But that was just the start.

In the next instant, the rest of the Awakened grabbed similar bottles that they had brought.

Then, countless burning bottles flew towards the nest.

In the next instant, the spider nest became a burning hell.


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