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Armageddon (2)


I woke up coughing.

This time, though, I was not in that strange dark place. Instead, I was in the real world.

Still a bit dizzy, I stood up and checked up my surroundings.

I could not find the body of the wolf, but there was a lot of blood around us. And it was fresh.

Apparently, I had not fainted for long.

Thinking about it, I remember that a strange ray of dark light erased the wolf before I fainted. Was it the power of the so-called Immortal?

[Yes, it was me.] A powerful voice resounded in my mind, making me jump in surprise. [And I am really an Immortal.]

“… So it was real, huh.” I could not help but mutter to myself.

[Of course, it was real.] The voice in my mind said with an impatient tone. [Can you leave acting surprised for later. We need to hurry up.]

“Y-Yes, I’m sorry.” I took a deep breath and calmed down. Then, I checked up my body.

But when I started to check my body, my expression turned into one of disbelief.

This was…

“I am uninjured?”

[Of course. I used my soul origin to heal your body and make it more suitable for my laws. Not only it is completely back to normal, but your physical strength should be around three or four times stronger than before.]


I was really surprised. In other words, just by becoming the host of this demon, my body became several times stronger.

But just when I thought my surprise had reached its peak, I felt something unusual inside my body.

Something strange, something foreign, something alive, something… familiar.

“It can’t be…?”

My expression changed. Instantly, I tried to felt whatever was inside me.

The next second, I felt it.

That energy, the reason for my inability to awaken.


I could finally feel it.


I was stunned. For a few seconds, I did not know how to react. I just stood still, completely stunned.

[It’s just mana. Don’t overreact.] The voice in my mind woke me up from my thoughts [What is so great about it?].

I smiled wryly. Yes, it is just mana. But to me, it is hope.

[But it’s strange…]

“Is anything wrong?” I could not help but ask curiously.

[… Yes. Boy, what is wrong with your body?]

Huh? What do you mean?

[… Your mana. It should be many times greater than this. You received my power, but is this all the mana you got? Something is wrong.]

My mana, huh.

I guess I know the reason. Or at least, part of it.

It should be that.

It tried not to think about it, though. It’s not something I want to share with someone I just met. Much less when that being can read my thoughts.

The voice fell silent. Then, it sighed.

[Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me. You are my host now, so I will have to do with you. As for your mana, I will investigate it later.]

I nodded silently.

Thank you.

I don’t want to talk about it, to be honest.

By the way–

“Mr. Immortal, are you not going to give me a skill or something like that? Normally, powerful grandpas like you grant powerful cheats to the MC in the stories.” I asked with a small smile.

[A skill? Mm, I’m not sure what you are speaking about. Show me your thoughts about it.]

Skills, also known as supernatural powers.

They are special abilities that appeared together with mana. Some people are born with them or acquire them during their lives.

Different from mana, skills are less versatile, but generally, they are much more powerful and suited for the user.

The most common skills are [Physical Strengthening], [Enhanced Perception], [Flame Control], and some others like that.

[So that is what you mean. Well, I’m still not sure about how these so-called skills work, but I certainly have some abilities that I can pass to you.]

Is it true?

Could it be that I truly won the jackpot?

Man, if not that you look pretty ominous, I would be happy now.

[Stop playing around, brat.] The voice scowled. [As I told you, I have several abilities that I can pass to you, unfortunately, most of them are not something that you can use now. Mmm… Thinking about it, though, you will need as much strength as you can, so let me test if I have something suitable for you. Boy, empty your mind. I’ll take control of your body briefly.]

I frowned. That is not a good idea.

Who does guarantee me that you are going to return it?

A short sigh sounded in my mind. Then, I suddenly felt something attacking it.

My expression changed, but before I could react, I lost control of my body.

I could feel my body moving against my will. With a smirk, the pair of eyes in my mind used my mouth to speak.

[… Stop being so careful. If I truly want to take control of your body, I can do it anytime. The only reason I’m asking for your permission is that it’s easier that way for both of us.]

I fell silent. I guess I underestimated the power of whatever this being is.

The way he took control of my body… I was unable to resist.

No, I was resisting, but it was useless.

“Okay,” I said after several seconds of hesitation and stopped resisting. “You can control my body.”

[It’s good that you understand.]

At the next instant, I felt a very powerful energy filling my body.

I panicked briefly, but quickly, I calmed myself down and tried to see what the demon was doing.

As soon as I did it, my eyes opened wide.

Several phenomena occurred simultaneously around my body.

Dark rays of strange energy surged around me, flames burnt the trees around in the surroundings, rocks were turned into dust, and lightning slithered around me.

Each phenomenon was incredibly destructive and powerful; but at the same time, they were beautiful. I could not help but look at them in amazement.

[Good.] The voice said with a bit of praise in his tone. [As expected, your body and soul are very suitable to my laws, and with the modifications I did, it’s even better… Especially Lightning. You are very attuned to lightning, boy.]


To be honest, I don’t have many good memories of lightning.

Controlling lightning sounds cool, though.

[Mm, I think that lightning will do. That is it, I put a seed of lightning in your body. With this, you will be able to use mana to manipulating lightning after a bit of practice.]


Mm… Should I use a hammer as my weapon then? No, perhaps a lightning-shaped lance. That is a good idea.

By the way, when are you going to return my body?

[Your body? I’m not going to return it anymore. Don’t you understand, boy? I needed your permission to get complete control over your body, and you have given it to me!]

I froze.

… It is a joke, right?

Please tell me it’s a joke.

[Heh, you should have seen your scared face.] The demon smirked.

That was not funny. Please, don’t do it anymore.

And I’m currently in the shape of a wisp. I don’t have a face.


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