Isekai Wisdom Chapter 15 Enrolling in the Royal Capital School



After arriving in the royal capital, we first entered the feudal lord’s mansion.

As the feudal lord, he comes to the royal capital for some business, and he has a mansion that he stays in during that time.

It’s a huge mansion.

Starf-ojousama will be staying here while attending school.

「 That said, since he’s just a feudal lord, he doesn’t have the opportunity to go to the royal capital that often, so he thought of giving it away due to its high maintenance cost. He had clear plans for me to go to school so he kept it instead of selling 」

「 The scale of how nobles spend their money is amazing 」

Since we’re accompanying Starf-ojousama, we’re also staying here for the time being.

It’s magnitude times bigger than the house I lived in with mother, but…

「 Which room are we going to stay in? 」

「 There’s none 」


We’re getting abused as soon as we get to the new residence?

「 Of course, I’ve thought of giving Sao-san and Caliber-san exclusive rooms, but I changed that idea. You two are my bodyguard, so I need you two by my side even when I go to bed, right? 」

「 Ah 」

「 You’ll be sleeping with me in my room. Just like when we were staying in our inns, right? 」

We shared the same bedroom with our master on our journey from the hometown to the royal capital, despite where the bodyguard should be split apart from their master.

Then, we get to have a threesome all night long.

「 Sao-san, I look forward to it once we reach the royal capital 」

Starf-ojousama sticks out her tongue like a snake as she says that.

That night, we took a night’s rest to recover from the trip, but we were in the same bedroom and so we had a threesome.

There were other maids in the mansion but we’re not worried that we might get found out.

The next few days we spent preparing to enter the royal school and have more sex, knowing that one day they’ll discover it.

Then, that day has come.

Our day of enrolling in the school.

The group of innocent-looking faces gathered in the auditorium were probably children of promising lords and ladies around the country.

「 Err, to all the students starting new this season… 」

There was a speech from someone who looked like the principal but I just ignored it.

Principals also talk long even in this world.

After the various scheduled events, we left the auditorium and headed to the next process.

Isn’t it time for us to have the fantasy event or something?

But before that.

「 Nee-san, Ojou-sama 」

「 Yeah? 」「 What is it? 」

「 Your uniforms look cute 」

The school provides uniforms.

We’re in Medieval times, but the style is modern.

It’s a Blazer-style design with fantasy-like decorations. Good fashion.

「 Shall we have sex tonight with these clothes on? I’m not really into cosplay, but I think it’s fun to conquer the school uniform as the entrance gift 」

「 You can’t, if our uniform gets covered in cum, the smell will give it away 」

It’s a secret that I already had sex with Nee-san once in that uniform.

「 I have plans for tonight after we finish the task at hand 」

「 What are we doing? 」

We’ve already completed the enrollment ceremony, right?

Then, a taut voice comes down from somewhere high, as if to answer my question.

「 Hey, freshman over there, quiet! 」

A marriageable age woman calls us from a floor above.

Her atmosphere, clothing, and all her other aspects are very ladylike and intelligent.

「 You’re now a student of this school. If you don’t behave accordingly and noble-like, you’ll bring the school’s dignity down 」

I’ve had enough of the long stories from the school principal.

「 You’re new students so you’ll have to go through several formalities from now on. First of all, we’ll perform the rite to divine annunciation 」

「 Huh? 」

Isn’t that the one where you take a look at your vocation?

We’ve done that long ago, right?

「 Your face seems to say that “Why do I have to go through the same ceremony I had in my childhood?” 」

Yep, that’s me.

「 Your vocation is very important. That’ll be an important guide for teaching and developing you in the future. That’s why we conduct the same ritual to understand the vocation of each student 」

「 Some students rarely know about their vocation or lie about it. To take out such uncertainties, we’ll perform the same ritual right here, right now 」

Another person, who seems to be the instructor, said.

「 With that said, everyone please follow the one in charge and take turns in performing the rite. Keep in mind that the vocation you identify will be engraved in your ID 」

And so, we’re going to the same rite again.

A dozen or so people will stand by and watch the rite and the students will line up in a single file.

It’s a kind of physical measurement.

「 Ojou-sama, that part is open. I’ll go first 」

「 Do as you see fit 」

So, escorting the young lady, we lined up to protect her.

The process went smoother and the results turned in quickly.

First, Onee-san.

「 Caliber! I’m escorting Starf-ojousama, the daughter of Lord Zerisaf-yu 」

She introduced herself

She flopped on the last line though.

「 My vocation is “Knight” 」

「 You don’t need to self-report since we’ll find out anyway. Then… 」

Things don’t seem different from when we did the rite from our hometown.

It’s somewhat simplified though.

「 Caliber-san, your vocation is “holy knight” it seems 」

「 Huh? 」

An unexpected announcement.

「 Holy? What? I thought my vocation is Knight 」

「 It’s weird that it changed. Although it’s very common, that’s why we had to look into it again during your enrollment 」

「 Vocations change? 」

「 It’s not that big of a change. It just went from “Knight” to “Holy Knight,” the change is just a hair distance away from the original vocation. Although, it’s rare to have someone evolve by the time they enter the school like yours 」

「 Evolve? 」

「 Yes, it’s an evolution. A person’s vocation can rise or fall depending on the experience they’ve gained 」

That’s my first time hearing that.

That just means that vocation can become stronger through continuous training and effort.

It can go higher.

「 Wow! That’s amazing! Did you hear that, Ojou-sama, Sao? My vocation’s gotten stronger it seems 」

「 I’ve been watching. As expected of my best friend, Caliber-san. I’m proud to have enrolled with you 」

Starf-ojousama’s happy like it’s her achievement too.


By the way, why do I feel like it’s just a mistranslation?1

I feel like usually, the Holy upgrade would be because she’s been praying or something.

Maybe, it’s actually horny? Horny Knight?

Wait, maybe Sex knight?

She’s been having sex with me every day that she’s ranked up to “HOLY knight”?

Either way, I’m grateful that it’s written that way.

I reincarnated to this other world, but let’s not talk about the similarities of those two.

「 I’m next 」

My internal conflict was put aside as things kept going.

Starf-ojousama asked to view her vocation next.

「 Starf-jou, your vocation seems to be Cleric 」

「 It hasn’t changed from when it was first announced 」

Seems like it was a safe outcome

「 Ojou-sama, what’s your vocation about? 」

「 It’s the basic class of the priest system. It seems that by deepening one’s faith, one can raise their rank from priest/priestess, but that doesn’t matter to me since I’m an heir of the family. Going to church is not an option 」

「 I see 」

「 It’s a bad vocation for a firstborn, but the benefit of this vocation is that I can use recovery magic. You can count on me for practical skill lessons. 」


I just heard something disturbing just now.

Next is me.

Vivid results are worthy of a triumphant ending!

「 It’s “Rod Master” 」

「 Right 」

No change at all.

It must be a rare class to evolve unlike Nee-san’s.

「 I mean, it’s my first time hearing such a class 」

The examiner said.

It’s the woman who was moderating on stage earlier.

「 Yes, I heard the same in our hometown 」

「 What kind of class is it? Combat? Technical? 」

「 It’s pretty much an all-around, but if I had to pick one, I’d say technical? 」

The skill to have sex with women

「 You seem to be good in combat too, you have the skill “Cane Martial Arts SS” here 」

「 SS?! That rank?! I heard that A is already the finest…. 」

The woman gets even more excited.

No, the screening is over so I should get out as soon as possible.

「 I’ve been thinking about it recently… 」

Nee-san suddenly throws a cold gaze from behind.

「 Sao’s rod Master…could it be “That?” the long rod in you crotch 」

「 You shut up there! 」

As expected of this sister of mine.

She must’ve sensed my true vocation since we spent most of our lives together.

「 Anyway, it’s a godsend for a teacher to have a student with a rare vocation. It seems that this year will be fun 」

The woman smiled.

I mean, who the hell are you?

「 I’ll introduce myself again in the program later. I’m Whip, a school in the royal capital, and will be the teacher of the newly enrolled students this year. I’ll be teaching you directly, so pleased to meet you 」

「 Okay? 」

「 What’s with that low-energy reply? 」

「 I look forward to working with you this year! 」

Whip’s a teacher.

She seems to be strict and meticulous in her title as a female teacher.

Her tits are huge!

「 Then, go ahead as soon as you’re done with your business Our school attracts a lot of students. I can’t give special treatment just for you 」

「 But you’re the one who kept me here! 」

Teachers are so unreasonable.

「 Students who completed the rite should follow directions and wait in the designated area. Today’s the entrance ceremony, it would be a waste of a good day to go home right away. Let’s have one spectacular event to remember for the rest of our lives 」

You’re not talking about trauma, right?

What are they going to do on the first day?

I’m filled with anxiety, but I can’t disobey either, since I can’t afford to be called a delinquent student as soon as I entered school, so I had no choice but to go as instructed

Still, this school.

This restless grove! I hope this isn’t a school for the reckless!


  1. Pun(wording joke) time, Sei has two readings, one is “Sexual” the other is “Holy,” I’ll be changing the translation in the following lines since there is no appropriate joke in English