Isekai Wisdom Chapter 33 Invitation to a Court Banquet.



Thus how I got close to Whip-sensei and had another pussy I could cum inside whenever I wanted.

「 Your highly addictive ability can create a great deal of confusion if you’re careless about mentioning it. It’s better to keep it under wraps for the time being and see what happens 」

「 It’s so it’s just you who’s addicted to sex? 」

「 Sao-kun, you can’t use your skills carefully. It’s crucial to keep this addictive sex to a minimum for now 」

Well, I do prefer to keep it a secret because it would only be a hindrance if it got popular.

「 By the way, Sao-kun 」

「 What? 」

「 My mouth… 」

Saying that Whip-sensei opened her mouth wide and sticks out her long tongue.

「 Can you shove your dick inside my mouth? When I was a student, I was quite the popular semen toilet 」

「 Sensei, you had quite a heavy past, don’t you? 」

I feel like there’s an abyss I shouldn’t stare into.

That aside, let’s have her lick my dick.

「 Jubu♥♥ Jubujubujubujapu ♥♥ Your dick’s delicious ♥♥ 」

From then on, time passed relatively calmly.

I did want to go to the next dungeon for training, but I guess I overdid it in the Shingroom town and so most towns are shying away from the idea of accepting me as our new host.

If I get too violent, I’ll wreak havoc on the market and damage the city’s economy.

So, we went back to school and concentrate on our studies for a while. Meanwhile, Starf-ojousama and Bloom were studying to become Lords in preparation for their future.

Nee-san and I, accompanied by Mohr-san, act as their bodyguards, and in our spare time, we hone our combat skills by doing mock battles.

Sex is a daily thing of course.

The days passed by with that on repeat for a month.

Then, in comes…

The end of the year.

「 The year is almost over… 」

Starf-ojousama says the same line I use to hear from my previous world.

「 The school is now on winter break, and it’s peaceful. Bloom-sama, how will you spend your holidays?

「 I’m going back to my parent’s house at the start of the year to give my greetings. But I’d prefer to be in the capital until the last minute. I have other things I want to do 」

「 You want to do? Like, have sex with Sao-kun? 」

「 Don’t say that in front of everyone, fufufu… 」

「 Ohohoho… 」

Recently, we’ve been hanging out with the dungeon explorer party, and so, Bloom and Mohr-san were with us today.

Nee-san, Mohr-san, and I are servants,, so we should be standing behind the ladies, but since Starf-ojousama and Bloom don’t care about that, we gather around the table.

However, when it comes to the end of the year, I have this busy image in mind.

The last month of the year is December, so teachers are also busy in a meaning.

Or something like that.

In the previous world, there were some fun events at the end of the year, like Christmas and year-end parties…

How about this place?

Until last year, I spent my New Year at my parent’s house in the countryside, so I was unfamiliar with the city customs.

「 I think they do have a dinner party for the end of the year. But we’re not involved in that yet 」

「 We’re still students. We still have no privilege to attend formal social parties 」

「 I leave all that to my parents. If father had been here, I might’ve attended with him, but I cannot represent the family without the head 」

「 Likewise. I have no interest in socializing, and he’s focused on managing his territory. I think that’s how Lords should be 」

「 I agree. I don’t feel like showing up for the dinner parties 」

The young ladies are sipping tea.

We pour the next one as soon as the cup is empty. As their servant, I’m at least that attentive.

「 Oh, Sao-kun. If you make me drink so much, I’ll need to go to the restroom. Perhaps, do you want to watch me pee? 」

「 That’s nice, let’s go in together and show it to Sao-kun! 」

Nee-san, you don’t have to put it like that.

Nee-san sure is a hopelessly lewd woman.

I was thinking that it was okay to laze around like this since it was the end of the year…

「 What’s this languid mood? 」

The mood changed when our teacher arrived.

「 Don’t relax just because there are only a few days left in the year. Students have to study every day. It doesn’t change even if it’s a holiday 」

「 Sensei! Want to pee together with us!? 」

「 What’s this about? 」

They also know my relationship with Whip-sensei.

「 Ufufu, Sensei seems to pee like a waterfall. Everyone wanted to see it to embarrass Sensei 」

「 Why did it turn to that? 」

Nee-san and Ojou-sama are getting more perverted by the day, it’s scary.

Whip-sensei decided that she would not get swayed by the conversation so she pushed it back to her topic.

「 I want to ask you all. What are your end-of-year topics? 」

「 Did you know that it’s sinful to ask about plans before talking about your business? 」

Are you free tomorrow? If yes, then let’s go play.

If you want to play, where do we go?

「 I have plans to return home in the New Year, but I’m busy until then 」

「 You can’t, Ojou-sama, you just fell right into her trap 」

「 But it’s unhealthy for your mind to just not do anything. That’s right, how about we hold a gathering with the people here? 」

She says.

「 The five of us here are friends who have worked hard together this year. It would be fun to host a small party at home to celebrate all your hard work!

「 That sounds great, which house shall we do it in? 」

Even Bloom, the other young lady on our team, agreed with the proposal.

「 It shall be my house! I want to have fun with Nana, Nini, Mumu, Meme, and Momo! 」

Ojou-sama mentioned the names of the porter girls we brought from Shingroom.

They’re now working as maids in the upper house of Zelizar, and they’re doing well.

They were well received by the old maids who were teaching them, and they were able to learn with their hard work.

Of course, they still work as porters, so next time I go to a dungeon for training, I’ll take them with me.

Then, I’ll have sex with them every day when they have time and treat them like onaholes.

I’m sure those girls would have a lot of fun at the party too.

Yeah, now I’m excited.

「 You can’t. You have to cancel that plan 」

「 Why, Sensei? 」

She asks for the plan, and now that she heard it, she’s forced to cancel it.

That’s just heavy.

「 The New Year’s banquet is held at the royal palace at the end of the year 」

「 Banquet? 」

What’s that?

「 It’s a party held regularly at the end of the year to celebrate one year’s work and welcome the new one 」

So it’s just a year-end party?

「 The banquet is held at the palace, hosted by the royal family, and famous personalities visit, even heroes. Attending this age-old formal dinner is a sign that you’ve made it to the upper echelons of the country. It’s one of the best statuses 」

「 So you say, but that’s got nothing to do with us 」


Just earlier, we mentioned that students don’t have social standing yet.

「 No, you’re involved. You’re all going to attend the year-end banquet 」

「 What? 」

「 As a custom, we invite a few students from our school who had achieved excellent academic results to the banquet. After discussing with the faculty and staff, we decided to send you all this year 」

「 What?! 」

You know that we’re still in our first year, right?

Shouldn’t you be sending the seniors there instead?

「 Our school belongs to the royal family after all. We’re obligated to report the accomplishments to the founders. The banquet is the perfect setting for this 」

「 Will His Majesty the King be present at the banquet? 」

「 Of course. It’s a royal palace-sponsored party after all 」

Woah, we’re meeting the king.

Shaking hands with the King at the banquet.

As if.

「 I’ve decided. We’re returning home right away 」

As expected of Starf-ojousama

Her attitude of running away without hesitation is too decisive.

I’ll follow you Ojou-sama!

「 I’ll return home as soon as possible because I want to see Father. Let them know that I will not be able to attend the banquet 」

「 I’ll do the same 」

Bloom also joins in

「 No, no, wait a second 」

「 I mean, I think it’s too much to ask for an audience with the king without informing Father. I’m still the daughter of the Lord 」

Ojou-sama doesn’t waver, even when Whip-sensei tries to change her mind.

Ojou-sama’s so reassuring.

「 Besides, ordinarily, shouldn’t it be the senior students who go out for these things? We’re still freshmen, and yet you’re sending us off? There will be some entities who will not like that 」

Bloom joined in and presents a sound argument.

「 I also attract attention wherever I go, which is a problem. But, I don’t want to get involved in a political conflict if I make a bad connection in the royal palace. I’ll be a good girl and pass the responsibility to the seniors 」

「 However, we can’t grant your wish 」


「 It’s His Majesty that invited you to come to the banquet 」

「 What? 」

「 I don’t think you’ve grasped the magnitude of your actions, have you? Although you’re still in your first year, you were already given the free reign to train at your pace, you went through the dungeon training as fast as possible, received a provisional license, and even travel into a regular dungeon, where you conquered it on the same day, bringing back six months worth of high-grade materials 」

「 No, it was in two days… 」

「 Still the same. It normally takes months even for the senior students to clear a training dungeon, and only a select few can go on expeditions on ordinary dungeons, which take years to conquer 」

So we’re the exception among exceptions?

「 The rumors spread so fast that they finally reached the ears of the King. And he is curious. “I want to see these amazing students of yours, invite them to the banquet,” he said 」

So it’s a personal request from the King?

He’s summoning us.

「 I’m sure the noble girls know that His Majesty’s orders are absolute, don’t you? 」

「 「 Ugh 」 」

Even the eloquent Starf-ojousama or Bloom was unable to argue back.

「 Because of the unusual nature of the event, there will be another slot for you to attend, in addition to the regular invitation slot. This year’s outstanding top students will be well represented, no need to fret 」

「 You’re blocking another escape route! 」

It seems like we’ll have no choice but to attend the year-end banquet no matter how hard we try.

If we don’t go, we’ll be defying a royal decree, right

「 It can’t be helped… 」

Statf-ojousama sighed, it was filled with a ton of carbon dioxide.

「 If that’s the case, I shall stand in honor of my territory! Sao, Caliber-san, accompany me 」

「 「 Gladly 」 」

It’s another trouble brewing just as the year is about to end.

Will we be able to make it through this seemingly troublesome event without too many problems?

「 Then, now that we’re done… 」

Whip-sensei took off her skirt and panty.


「 Want to see me pee, right? I don’t hate that kind of humiliation, so I’ll show as much as I can 」

「 Then let’s all go together and have Sao watch us pee 」

Of course, it didn’t stop with just watching, we also had harem sex.

The preparations for the banquet are underway.