X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 100

100th chapter celebration: The day when Peccha-hina became Dere-hina

「Hey, Nanafushi! Did I not say to wait!」


Tamamushi yells while running.

She’s in the midst of her telepathic conversation with Nanafushi, however, it doesn’t seem like Nanafushi’s obeying her instructions.


「Mu? Muu, I see. Then there’s no other way」


Tamamushi who was enraged with Nanafushi listened to her reasoning and acknowledges it with reluctance.


「Suzuhara, Nanafushi has left the scene with Yuka under her wing. Though, Asahina is still there」


While running, Tamamushi delineates the situation.


Now that my ability has reactivated, I could peek inside Tamamushi’s mind. Therefore I would have known the situation even if I didn’t hear it from her.

It seems Nanafushi tailed Asahina into an abandoned factory and discovered that Yuka was there with her, but then there was a fight between humans, so she was quietly observing from aside.

Asahina is far from an ‘ordinary human’, is what Nanafushi thought, however, that was a miscalculation.

It’s Yuka’s existence.

Asahina said that she wouldn’t fight unless the opponent strikes first, but that was just an excuse for having to protect Yuka in the midst of the fight, which made it impossible for her to counterattack.

For that reason, Nanafushi slipped through the opponent’s gaps and went ahead to rescue Yuka.



Yuka couldn’t think about escaping and leaving Asahina behind.

Because Yuka had abandoned Asahina once before.

Even if Yuka knows that she is dead weight, she will never abandon Asahina again.

And that’s why she was screaming when Nanafushi was saving her.

Despite all the effort in slipping through the shadows, they were both exposed from Yuka’s screaming.

Troubled from her actions, Nanafushi decided that Asahina didn’t need to protect Yuka and knocked Yuka unconscious, leaving the scene.

She genuinely thought that Asahina would be fine but having to save both Yukan and Asahina at the same time would be an impossible task.

One of the reasons is Nanafushi’s physical traits.

Nanafushi is a tiny girl who’s even more tiny than the tiny Tamamushi. No matter how much power she has in her, her body is still small.

Additionally, Asahina wouldn’t just obediently retreat, so she would have to neutralize her so that they could escape.

An unconscious Asahina and Yuka. Nanafushi’s body would be too small to handle both of them under such circumstances.

Carrying one body is an easy task, however, she could only drag the bodies if there were two. In addition, if she flies or jumps around, Asahina and Yuka might die as they’re bodies were not designed to withstand the impact.

Thus, the people who can get away was limited down to one.

There’s also another reason why she left Asahina by herself.

It would be an easy task for Nanafushi to knock them out, but there’s a reason why she couldn’t do it right now.


The reason is because she’s gotten too powerful.


Due to me cumming inside Tamamushi, her bug energy underwent a sudden power boost which also directs affects Nanafushi’s powers.

As a result, Nanafushi’s limiter was forcibly undone.

Nanafushi, who was designed to counter Kudan can continuously grow stronger as long as there is bug energy around her, which is very beneficial.

On the other hand, she cannot channel her own bug energy which puts her at a disadvantage.

In short, she’s good at simple things but not good at the nitty-gritty areas.

So, she generally prefers to avoid facing weak human beings.

Since she’s already bad at controlling her powers, after receiving such a powerful boost in power, it makes it even harder for her to adjust it.

If she miscalculates by even the sliver of hair when adjusting her powers, she could easily kill a person.

Since she was made to fight, Nanafushi wouldn’t even think much of it if she kills a person though. So that’s not what she’s concerned about.

It’s because she could potentially be sniffed out by the Nature Conservation Organisation or Kudan’s organization if she does end up killing someone. It would be very bad if that happens. That’s why Nanafushi chose to escape from battle.

Nanafushi’s way of thinking isn’t wrong. If I was in her position, I would do the same.

If the Nature Conservation Organisation or Kudan’s organization were to be involved in this case, then I thought we would have no choice but to fight them.

However, the other party was “just a human” and it was just a dispute between delinquents.

Then the best option is to rescue both Yuka and Asahina without increasing the commotion and withdrawing from there.

However, due to Nanafushi’s physical limitations, Asahina ended up being left at the scene.

So I guess we should rescue her.

Is what the current situation’s like.


「Do you know where Asahina is?」

「The bug that’s monitoring Asahina is still intact. So it’s not a problem」

「Where’s Nanafushi’s current position?」

「If it’s me then I know」


Asahina and Yuka are separated from each other, but the only one who can spot them is Tamamushi.

We shouldn’t have to worry about Yuka since she’s under Nanafushi’s protection, but I still want to send reinforcements just in case.


「Are you able to use your bugs to fly to Nanafushi?」

「That’s not a problem」


Tamamushi nods without hesitation.


「Alright. Then fly towards Nanafushi」


「And Rikka」


「Follow Tamamushi to group up with Nanafushi. Once you’ve done that, take refuge in Tamamushi’s house for the time being and be ready to take down Tamamushi’s house as soon as I return」



Rikka nods to my instructions.

I then saw Tamamushi running while raising her right index finger. A scarab like bug was riding on the tip of her finger.




Following Tamamushi’s signaling, the bug spreads its wings and flew up into the sky.




I called out to Rikka as soon as she tried to jump and follow the bug.


「Rikka, “your will is my will”. Relay what I’ve just said to Nanafushi」


Hearing me say that to her, Rikka’s eyes started to water, wearing a face like she was about to cry, but she immediately tightens her expression.




She replied with an energetic tone and like a bullet, Rikka dashed away in an instant.




Tamamushi who was staring at Rikka gave a snort in displeasure and turns her head away.


――Suzuhara Rikka. It’s frustrating, but that girl was the only one who’s received the Suzuhara surname from the man himself. I can’t match her. In the first place, for a tainted creature like me to be recognized and be called Suzuhara’s “family” would not even be funny even if it was a joke.

Tamamushi looking rather depressed seems like she’s accepted defeat in her heart.

Seeing Tamamushi all jealous and depressed is quite “arousing”, but it won’t be good for the morale when we’re about to enter enemy territory.


「Our opponent this time is “just ordinary humans”」



I muttered while running, grabbing Tamamushi’s attention, causing her to glance at me.


「Rikka has a good balance between both her offense and defense, however her base stats are too high. And her powers aren’t able to be controlled. So she might just end up accidentally killing her opponents if she’s against “ordinary people”. On the other hand, your physical capabilities are close with hers, but you can also utilize bug to search or attack at a medium to long-ranged distance without the aid of those abilities. In other words, you’re an all-rounder」


To my words, Tamamushi looked up at me with hopeful eyes and her cheeks dyed red.

Rikka tends to prefer straightforward attacks and is easily swayed by her emotions.

I utilized this information to use it against her and that’s why she lost to me.

If someone were to make fun of me, she would have killed that person without a second thought from rage.

Although different, she’s basically the current Nanafushi who’s unable to control her powers.

On the other hand, Tamamushi is not only good at close quarter combat but also proficient at searching and attacking enemies from a range through the use of her bugs.

Although her physical abilities are not lower than Rikka’s, she’s incredibly good as an all-rounder.

Though it does take time for her to move large insects around and the number of insects that can be manipulated at the same time is limited, it can be compensated by her “friends”.

And opposite to the hot-blooded Rikka, she puts up a front but is actually quite the scaredy-cat. In addition, her adorable appearance accompanied by her silver ponytail hair, green eyes and her growing breasts, it wouldn’t be too soon for her body to develop into a lewd one. On top of that, her pussy feels amazing.

So basically――


She’s convenient in various means.


「You’re far more competent than you think you are. Your only drawback is that you’re not aware of that I guess」

「I-I am competent? ……Mufuhn♡」


Hearing me say that she’s competent has now made her grin from ear to ear while breathing out from her nose.

Like as is if her little depression phase was all a lie, the Tamamushi now has a flower blooming from her heart.

Tamamushi, because you are like this, scums like me can use you as much as they want. Be a little bit more wary about it please.

Her appearance is that of a tiny, but she’s actually almost thirty.




Following Tammaushi’s lead, we arrived at an abandoned factory, located some distance from downtown.

It used to be a place where Shinozaki and some boring guy were disciplined.


We entered the site of the abandoned factory through the gaps between the broken fences and decided on a strategy before our invasion.

「Can humans be neutralised by bugs?」


Squatting in the shadows, I asked Tamamushi who was still smiling like an idiot.

「It’s simple. Let’s use this bug」


Tamamushi then extends her left hand out towards me. In the centre of her petite palm is a grotesque winged-like creature.

「It’s scales are poisonous. I thought we were facing against a powerful superhuman being, I brought a bug that has the strongest poison」

「Strong…if you use that thing, it would instantly kill them」

「Fufufu. Not exactly」


Tamamushi proudly puffs her chest to my response.

Since Tamamushi doesn’t usually wear any bras, I could see her two bulges jiggle when she pushed her chest against her black robe. I couldn’t help but notice that.


「When facing an opponent with special abilities, it is best to avoid using lethal poisons」


Pointing her right index finger upwards, Tamamushi explained as she looked right up at my face.

Her boobs bounced along with her movements.


「Of course you got to be wary of the poison. So there are occasions when the effectiveness of the poison isn’t as potent or sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Therefore, it’s better and more effective to use complex poisons which can induce other side effects than to simply use lethal poisons」


Tamamushi explains while making gestures with her hands. And every time she performs a gesture, her tits starts jiggling.

Stop jigging so violently.

Don’t tell me her tits grew again?


「By the way, poisons don’t work on the beastman sisters. Reason is that their bodies are simply resilient. Beastmans often have reinforced bodies and relies on their strength. It can be said that it is easy to handle because it does not have anomalous abilities, but it is also quite troublesome to be purely strong」


Tamamushi became a little feverish while she explains it to me which further made her gestures more drastic and her breasts just had to synchronise with those excessive movements by bouncing around all over the place.

As I suspected, Tamamushi’s tits are developing.

I can read what’s on Tamamushi’s mind so having her explain is kind of pointless to me, but seeing her boobs bounce around is entertaining. So I just looked at her and listened to her little lecture.


「Bringing the topic back, this moth’s scales can cause hallucinations. Think of it as a powerful blinding ability. Using it on humans does run the risk of having their minds being broken, but I don’t think it’s going to be life threatening」

「Okay, that’s a relief」


I don’t care what happens as long as the fuss doesn’t get bigger. And our opponent is a delinquent so it wouldn’t be strange to anyone if they suddenly go crazy.


「However, I’ve got a question. Since it’s only scales, the range is limited. Because of that, it’s difficult apply the poison from a ranged distance, but it can poison everyone within in a closed space like a factory. In other words, Asahina will also be subjected to the poison」


What?! Asahina will also get poisoned due to force majeure!? Out of everything it’s “force majeure”!

What the hell!


「That’s why if we save Asahina while the enemy isn’t looking and use this bug when escaping――」

「I-It can’t be helped! It’s heart wrenching to hear Asahina also getting poisoned but do it anyways」


「I don’t want our faced to be seen! We need to slip under the Nature Conservation Organisation and Kudan’s organisation’s radars, so just in case!」

「O-Oh. Then if you’d like to wait for a while, it’s possible for me to call another insect from the house that has a weaker poison――」

「We don’t have time! Asahina might be in trouble even as of this moment! 」

「Re-Really? For someone who has a reinforced body like Asahina, I think it should be fine even if we rescue her a little later――」

「No one knows what will happen in life! Isn’t that right, Tamamushi-chan! Thinking of which, it’s a lucky day! Let’s move with haste!」

「U-Umu. Well, Asahina’s mental fortitude could withstand it. I think it should be okay for me to use it」

「AAH! It’s really tough but it can’t be helped! Use it!」

「Umu? U-Umu」


Influenced by my sincere persuasion, Tamamushi reluctantly nods and opens up her hand, letting the bug fly out of her palm.

Flapping its wings, the moth made its way into a small crevice in the wall and into the factory.

Man, to be able to control bugs sure is convenient.

Bring the subject back to its matter――。


「Hey Tamamushi. There are other types of poisons right?」


Leaning forwards, I asked Tamamushi and looked into her eyes.

Tamamushi blushed and pulled her body slightly back from having my face close to hers.


「Su-Suzuhara, it may just be my imagination but are you playing around with Asahina?」


Tamamushi timidly asked with a soft voice.

How rude. I’m not thinking about that even in the slightest.


「Hey, hey Tamamushi. Are there any interesting poisons that you can use?」

「……As expected, you’re messing around with Asahina」


Tamamushi murmured, staring straight at me with no expression in response.


「That was a joke」


Smiling as I said that, I patted Tamamushi on the shoulder.

Kuku, thanks Tamamushi. I was able know all the types of poisons and where they’re stored from that question. It’s all thanks to you.

I got to properly remember the most powerful ones in there.

Poisons that increase sensitivity and poisons that have an aphrodisiac effect. And poisons that cause muscle relaxation and severe itching.

Although these poisons aren’t meant to kill, the poisons, especially the stronger ones have enormous side effects which can endanger those who use them, and it can also be both physically and mentally taxing.

Those poisons should be avoided if they’re a “regular human”.

So it’s fine if they aren’t a “regular human”.

Aah, this is exciting.



Not long after the moth entered the venue, Tamamushi reported that it had finished scattering its scales.

But we still can’t enter the factory.

To someone who possesses a body that’s resilient to poison like Tamamushi, it isn’t a problem if we entered straight away. But poison will affect a normal human being like myself.


「Ah♡ Aah♡ N-Not there♡ Don’t fiddle with it so much♡」


Rolling up the black robe and exposing her transparent white skin which seemingly has never once met the rays of sunlight, Tamamushi placed her hands behind her as she opened her legs to their limits. Having fiddled with her clitoris which was now hard and erect, she began to convulse from the pleasure while raising a sweet voice every time her tits bounced around with every movement.

In order to satisfy my boredom while we were waiting, I decided to train her to not cum and make her cultivate her bug qi under some simulation.


「I-I♡ I have to going inside the factory to fetch Asahina――aku♡ Kuun♡」


Tamamushi said something but due to her panting, I couldn’t understand what she was on about.


「Tamamushi, you have to stay focused. You’re not allowed to cum. You understand?」


Asking her that question, I gently scratched her clitoris with my nails.


「I-I understand――nnkyuuu♡ Cumming♡ Cumming I’m cumming♡」


Tamamushi tightened her expression, however that expression of determination to not cum dissipated in an instant from having her clit scratched as she squirted out multiple short tides while thrusting her hips in the air in unison.

And her tits shook with every convulse she made.

Her nipples were just as erect as her rock-hard clitoris.

Although her boobs have some springiness to them, they’re still developing. And in the middle of both her breasts stands an erect nipple.

Erect nipples and clitoris in combination with her young face and small body, and her constantly contracting pussy which was overflowing with pussy juice protrudes with an eroticism that cannot be described with words.


「Didn’t I say you’re not allowed to cum?」

「HiuUuu♡ I’m sorr――cummmminggg♡」


Flicking her clitoris as I rebuked at her disobedience, Tamamushi apologizes while gushing another big tide.

It was supposed to train her to not cum and remain her focus and consciousness while being fucked by me, but somehow, I feel like the more I do it, the worse she becomes at it.

Well, it’s all about getting it through. Once she gets used to the extremes, then there might be a chance for her to develop some tolerance to it.

Thinking that I stuck two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy that was overflowing with pussy juice.


「Kuaa♡ Kuhiii♡」


Tamamushi raised a sweet scream and the walls of her pussy clamped down onto my fingers.

Tamamushi convulsed violently, opening up her legs to their very limits, and shook her hips in the air. Then she experienced another wave of convulses, and while having her hips suspended in the air, she squirted and gushed from the intense pleasure.

Having only my fingers inside her pussy just gave her an extreme orgasm.

Yeah, this isn’t the matter of endurance or anything on that level anymore.

What a great pussy though. I was finally able to understand how amazing it is from the sensations of my fingers.

Wet, slimy and tight, and on top of that, her meat walls are entirely made up of small lumps and bumps, so because of that, her I could still feel a little bit of resistance even if her pussy is overflowing with pussy juice. In addition, her contracting meat walls are like suckers on an octopus, sucking themselves onto me.

Nanafushi said that her pussy is made up of a thousand worms, but that’s because Nanafushi is a man-made bug. I wonder if her pussy would be more amazing than Tamamushi’s.


「Stop moving it♡ I’m gonna cum if you move ♡ I won’t be able to endure it and cum ♡」


Twitching occasionally, Tamamushi supplicates while panting.

Having only inserting a finger inside her has gotten her to experience an extreme orgasm, but it seems like she’s settled down after leaving it in there for a while.


「Moving…do you mean by doing this?」


Saying that, I inserted two fingers and started to thrust them in and out of her pussy, completely stirring up her insides.


「KuaAaaAA♡ Cumming cumming cumming cumming cummMiIiNG♡ IM CUMMINGG♡」


Tamamushi convulsions grew progressively stronger with every movement, her tits raised up towards the sky, her spine arched all the way back into a bow-like shape as she squirts another massive tide.

I’m not even attacking her weak spots. She really does cum easily.


「Cock♡ Cocckkk♡ Shujuharya fuck me with your coocckkk♡」


Cumming like crazy and somehow maintaining consciousness, it seems like making a mess of Tamamushi’s pussy has flipped her switch.

This also happened when I had my dick in her pussy.

But this time it took a while to flip her switch.

Is there that much of a difference between a finger and a cock?


「Mwy ass♡ Shujuharya♡ I luwove it inside mwy ass♡ Fwuck mwy ass wiff your dickkkk♡」


Slurring her sentences, Tamamushi raised a sweet scream and with one hand supporting her body, she started to play with her ass with the other, sticking a finger inside which made a sloppy wet sound.

Her asshole pops open while producing an obscene thread of liquids.

Turning on her nympho switch is one of Tamamushi’s special traits. And it makes her crave for a cock to fill up her asshole. Anyway, it seems like she wants her asshole to be fucked by a cock.

I’m fine with doing it but whipping out my dick in a place like this is going against my morals.


「I’ll do anyshing♡ Tamamuchi will do anythiching♡ So pw~ease stick your cock inswide my ashhole♡ Pwease fwuck mwy pussy with your cock♡」


Her whole body was flushed and drenched in sweat, and her nipples and clitoris has now become abnormally erect. Her emerald eyes were out of focus and her shameful laughing face that was slovenly leaking out drool.

There was no longer any shadows of her masculine tone and attitude.

Tamamushi has now ceased to think about anything except having a cock thrust inside her asshole and being fucked by it.


「Alright, then squat down like you’re taking a shit and do a double peace sign pose. And then we’ll see if whether or not I’ll stick my cock inside your asshole」



After hearing my request, Tamamushi gave a desperate answer and tried to squat down in a shitting position.



「Nnaaaaa♡ Nnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡」


Because I was stirring up her pussy with my fingers, she was cumming and convulsing like crazy and couldn’t move from her original position.

C’mon, do your best, you can do it.

As I cheered Tamamushi on, I increased the pace of my fingers that were ravishing inside of her pussy.


「OooOoOO♡ OOooOOOooOoooOoO♡」


The obscene sloshing sounds produced from my thrusting have now changed to splashing sounds which carried large amounts of water, which has also increased the intensity of her convulsions.

It’s probably impossible for her to get up from that condition.



「OoOOOOoOO♡ Fwuck mwy ashhowwwwllleeee♡」


Tamamushi raises a sweet scream as her body steadily rises up.

A pure and compelling desire of wanting a cock fucking her asshole has gotten her to try to make the impossible, possible.


「AshhwOooolllleeeEEee♡ CoooOOocccCkkKKkkkk♡ SshhhHheeeEEexxXxXx♡」


Raising another sweat scream, her body raises up further in synchronization.

Cheering on Tamamushi with all my heart, I continued to stir up her pussy with my right finger and rub her clitoris with my left.


「NNNHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII♡ Suzryuharya you meanieeeeeee♡ NnoooOOoooOOoO♡」


Tamamushi gushes intensely and blows out a tide while raising a sweet scream, her tongue sticking loosely out of her mouth and her eyes fall to the back of her head as she finally sits upright.

Leaking puddles of pussy juice and leaving dark stains on the ground, somehow, Tamamushi managed to squat down in a shitting position, holding the double peace sign with her tongue out and eyes fallen the back of her head.

Ohh, a real ahegao double peace sign. Furthermore, it’s really dangerous when a tiny like Tamamushi is doing it.

The sense of immorality is so dangerous that it gives off the greatest feeling of “arousal”.

Well now, I’ve seen what needs to be seen――


「It’s about time we should go and pick Asahina up」


Pulling out my fingers from her pussy which made a ‘shlick’ sound, I looked up, narrowing my eyes as I stared at the blue sky and muttered.

Having squatted down with her legs open while holding out the double peace sign, the panting Tamamushi stared at me angrily with teary eyes while she squirting out short consecutive tides.


「Waiyer(liar)♡ Shuzhuharya you waiyer♡ You swaid dat you would fwuck mwe in the ass♡」


She was expecting it quite a bit. Turning completely red in anger, the crying Tamamushi buries her fists into my chest, which felt more like gentle pats.

This is so cute.




A few minutes later――






Fixing her black robe, Tamamushi was reddened up to her ears with tears still in her eyes as she straightens up herself and apologizes to me.

She completely loses her sense of self when her nympho switch is turned on, but it seems that when she turns back, her memories of what happened before still remains intact.

Due to that reason, when she returns back to normal, she gets tormented by the memories of the time when she was out of control.

I was more or less to blame, but it looks like Tamamushi was ashamed of how lewd she was. That appearance of such a passive Tamamushi tickled my inner sadist.

If you take such a passive attitude, then you’ll make me think I should tease you more next time.

Leaving that aside, it’s about time we should rescue Asahina.


「Nn-well, let’s go」



Standing up, I raised my voice. Tamamushi nods and also staggers up to stand up.




Then she twitched and leaked out a sweet moan and started to fidget from time to time.

After having my fair share of playing with her body, Tamamushi’s entire body’s sensitivity is up, but she still isn’t satisfied even after doing all that.

It seems like after knowing the taste of my cock, Tamamushi couldn’t be satisfied without having my cock inserted inside her.

Moreover, because Tamamush is a girl who loves it in the ass, if her asshole isn’t being played with, then she’ll resort it to doing it herself, however, she couldn’t because I was standing right next to her.

Because of that, her asshole opened up a bit the instant she stood up, which stimulated her.

I wonder what would happen if I were to stick my cock into such an asshole.

With that in mind, we walked towards the entrance of the factory.




There was an audibly strange noise when we entered the factory.

Large machines with broken parts which turned reddish-brown in color from the rust, and iron scraps where scattered everywhere across the floor.

Graffiti was painted onto the walls which held provocative and obscene meanings behind the characters that were written and sprayed everywhere.

As well as garbage that was scattered alongside the iron scraps.

It had become a lot worse compared to the last time I came here. Most likely the delinquents were the culprits of this mess.

There were sounds of blows and kicking of elastic objects which echoed from deep inside the factory.

Avoiding the broken machines and scraps, we advanced through the factory until I found Asahina who was in my line of sight.





What an overbearingly gruesome scene.

Bodies that resembled of delinquents laid across the floor.

All of their faces were swollen till the point where it’s indistinguishable, and they all had broken bones all over their bodies.

Most likely Asahina did this.

Fortunately, it seems that everyone is still alive.



「You piece of shit. You’re so fucking full of shit. How dare you call Yuka a toilet. I will never forgive you」


While mumbling in a trance, Asahina kicked the delinquent that was laying on the floor with all her might.


「S-She’s hallucinating from the poison right?」


Swallowing my saliva, I turned to ask Tamamushi who stood right next to me.

Asahina is within my ability’s range, so I’m able to see what she’s currently thinking. And when I did, all I could see is her burning anger that’s directed to the delinquents.

At any rate, it doesn’t look like she’s affected by the hallucinations. Extreme calmness and anger are that of what’s left of her.


「The poison may not have worked at all due to the sharpening of her mind to the extreme」


Swallowing her saliva, Tamamushi mutters as sweat dripped down her cheek.

It didn’t work at all…as expected her monstrous mental tenacity.

With that said, Asahina is also in tatters.

It was because she has stayed in defence-mode in order to protect Yuka until she was rescued by Nanafushi.

Thanks to Nanafushi rescuing Yuka, she should have had the chance to counter-attack, but she probably already took too much damage.

The bug inside Asahina allows her to regenerate from injuries, but unlike Rikka and Tamamushi, it takes time to heal.

For that reason, she was being beaten up pretty badly, but from moth’s support that Tamamushi sent out, the tables have turned and from the looks of it, she’s now currently in the midst of kicking a corpse.

The delinquents that were affected by the hallucinations are probably totally oblivious of Asahina’s kicks and are currently in a dreamy state right now.

It looks like Asahina wasn’t unleashing lethal kicks, so I guess I’ll let her be until she’s satisfied.


After waiting a while, Asahina was finally satisfied with her work and stopped kicking the delinquent that laid on the floor then started to walk briskly away.

I, who was sitting in the shade and waiting for her, stood up and walked towards her.

And stood in the direction of her travel path.


「Yo, you look pretty bet up, dude」


I told Asahina with a grin, and Asahina, who was walking at a brisk pace stopped and stood still. Then she looked at me and smiled.

She’s probably going to say something sarcastic.

With that thought running through my mind――


「Motarou. 2 I love you ♡」


With a face full of smiles and her cheeks dyed red, Asahina muttered something.

Hmm. Ehh. W-Well, I think I’ve misheard her.


「You’ve come to save me ♡ I’m sorry for not being honest with my feelings all the time ♡ But today’s different ♡ I love you ♡」


Saying that while smiling wholeheartedly with blushing cheeks, Asahina started to walk towards me.

Wai-Wait a minute. I think misheard you.

Ah, no, I get it. It’s sarcasm. Asahina’s saying it with sarcasm.

If I believe her, then she’s going to say, “like as if that’s true, bwaaaka”. She definitely has that thought in mind.

Phew~, that was close. I was about to fall for her trick――


「What does Motarou feel about me?  When I think about it, it fills me with anxiety and it’s unbearable. But most importantly it’s not about whether Motarou likes me or not. It is about how I feel about you. And I love you Motarou ♡ I really really really love you ♡」


Asahina who didn’t stop walking and now is right in front of my eyes hugged me, stood on her tippy-toes and brought her lips to my ears, whispering it in a sweet voice.


G-Goosebumps, there are goosebumps all over my body……


T-That was a joke, right? It was sarcasm, right?

Shit, you’ve scored a point from me. I give, I give. I’d never thought you would do something like this.

I get it already. So it’s about time――


「Yesterday, I’m so sorry for telling you such a lie about how I masturbated while thinking about Tanaka-kun ♡ The truth is, this goes without saying, but I was indulging in my masturbation while imagining Motarou fucking me hard ♡ Can you please punish this hopeless Yuu who has lied to you?3 ♡」


Her sweet, love-filled whisper traveled into my ear and down my spine.

It’s a lie. No way. This isn’t Asahina.

But I can look into Asahina’s thoughts. And her acting so believable that I can’t even see a hint of deceit.

Everything she said was from the bottom of her heart.

But, no way Asahina would say something like this.

That’s for certain.

For sure.


「W-Who are you! Are you an ability user who copied Asahina’s appearance!?」


Shouting as I tried to pull away from the fake Asahina, however, Asahina didn’t budge the slightest.


「Who am I? Fufu, I guess you want me to say it ♡ I am Asahina Yuu ♡ I am Asahina Yuu who loves Motarou so so much that it’s unbearable ♡ I am Asahina Yuu who wants Motarou to punish her so badly in erotic means♡ I am an extreme pervert and masochist, your personal slave named Asahina Yuu ♡」



Stop it, please stop. I will never comment on your face, your eyes, your voice, and about you dying ever again.

It’s so disgusting it’s making me go insane.


「T-This, perhaps this is……the side effect of the potion」


Turning to the direction of the voice, I saw Tamamushi looking up at Asahina with a serious face.

The poison’s side effect?


「It was a potion to cause hallucinations, but Asahina’s absolute determination to beat the delinquents has suppressed the effects. So she was able to beat up the delinquents while still having the poison running through her body」

「W-What does that have to do with this!?」

「So to speak, the poison certainly works. However for Asahina’s case, it was extremely obtrusive, and she was at a state of trance, undistinguishing delusions and reality, which it has turned her to be simply honest with herself?」



A poison that makes you become honest? What kind of dangerous poison is that!


「That’s exactly right ♡ Normally, I can never be true to my feelings ♡ But now I can naturally be honest with them for some reason ♡ I feel so refreshed ♡ And happy ♡ Because I can now straightforwardly say that I love you ♡」

「Uwa-, uwaaaaaaa, stop, please stoooooooop」


The action of Asahina gently whispering to me in a sweet voice as she pecked her lips on my cheek made my mind scream in agony.


「Ta-Tamamushi! Can’t you do something about this!? My mind won’t be able to endure this if it continues any longer!」


Clinging onto my thoughts, I sought Tamamushi for help.

Asahina right now is more disgusting than the most disgusting worms that could ever exist.


「Once the poison’s effect wears off she’ll probably return to her usual self. Plus, there’s no damage done so I mean, who cares?」

「It’s damaging my mind!」


When I tsukkomi-ed Tamamushi’s nonchalant remark, she held up her right hand to cover her laugh and leaked out a “pu pu” noise.


「I want to see Suzuhara lose his composure for the first time. I’m not sure whether to describe this as fresh or cute」

「OI Tamamushi, you bastard stop laughing at me! I’m seriously in trouble here!」


After criticizing Tamamushi who had her right hand covering her mouth as she leaked out more “pu pu pu” laughs, my head was suddenly grabbed and was forcefully turned to face forwards.

Right in front of my eyes was Asahina’s face.

She stares at me with eyes filled with adoration, and with her cheeks dyed red, her peach-colored lips started to move.




Without making any noise, Asahina moved her lips to shape these words and smiled as she tilts her head with long black twin tails.

Right here is an exemplary young maiden who was fallen deeply in love.


「I-I was wrong……」


This is the first time in my life I’ve felt like crying――


「I was wrongggg! Asahina, please, return to your usual seelllfffffff!」


I couldn’t help but shout that out.

Dere-Asahina「Sukisuki daisuki aishiteru ♡」4

Suzuhara「No seriously, give me a break. What kind of torture is this……」

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  1. W-Wow……
  2. I assume Motarou is Suzuhara’s given name → Mota-kun
  3. Asahina’s given name
  4. Like = Suki(好き) < Love = Daisuki(大好き) < Love/Adore = Aishiteru(愛してる) ((generally used in a familial or husband/wife relationship, more so the latter. Asahina has been using Aishietru for most of her confessions in this chapter))