X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 101

The side effect from the poison was an unplanned event.

It was worse than dying.


「Motarou, I have no boobs at all, but instead, my nipples are very sensitive ♡ And it’s not just sensitive ♡ It also really likes to feel the sensation of pain ♡ Aah~ I want Motarou to pull on my nipples and make me go “hii hii”1 ♡」


Sticking herself closely onto me, Asahina placed her lips close to my ears and whispered it in a sweet voice from beginning to end.

I hate it. I didn’t want something like this. I wanted to make her shriek and squeal, but Asahina, but nor really Asahina was the one who made me go “hii hii”.

Forget that, what are we supposed to do now? Is it alright to bring Asahina back home in this state?

I feel like that wouldn’t be an ideal option.

Due to Asahina’s transformation, it had me in a state of panic thus it was impossible for me to judge the situation logically. So I decided not to leave the abandoned factory until I settled down.





Tamamushi’s shout was followed by Asahina’s grunt.

She struck her fist into Asahina’s stomach.


「Gefuhn gefuhn……right ♡ I thought about it ♡ What if I tied my nipples and clitoris with a string and had Motarou pull on them ♡ I will be on all fours and Motarou will take me on a walk while pulling onto the strings that are attached to my nipples and clit ♡ Just like a dog ♡ Wouldn’t that be such a wonderful thing ♡」

Despite taking a blow in the stomach from Tamamushi, Asahina only let out a few coughs and didn’t even bat an eye to Tamamishi’s direction. On the contrary, she continued to whisper with a sweet voice as if nothing happened.

Tamamushi’s physical strength is lower when compared to Rikka, but her strength still far surpasses the average human, nevertheless. However with that said, for her to calmly take a fist in the stomach from Tamamushi is incredible.


「I-I thought it would certainly work. But she didn’t fall unconscious. Hitting any harder than that may end up breaking Asahina’s body. Or rather, that punch did break part of it. Despite that, she’s not unconscious. It’s quite troubling」


Tamamushi murmured with a troubled expression.

In response to my plead, Tamamushi attempted to knock Asahina out of consciousness, but it didn’t work.


「*geha*……Nee Motarou ♡ What kind of words do you like? ♡ Me? Well I like the words “neglect-play” ♡」


Despite vomiting out blood, Asahina still continues to whisper with a calm and sweet voice.

Just as Tamamushi said, her punch does seem to be effective. But she didn’t fall unconscious. Are you not going to fall unconscious at any cost?

Even though you’ve become honest with your feelings, your extreme stubbornness still stays with you, huh.

I, who sat on a container inside the abandoned factory couldn’t help but hold my head in my hands.


Asahina who was also in the abandoned factory and was affected by the poison. Due to her incredible willpower, it seems that she triggered a side effect which make her become honest with herself.

In order to not let her go on a rampage so that she would remain harmless to everyone, we decided to stay here, but still, it’s taking a great toll on my mind.

Having said that, I asked Tamamushi to knock her out with the power of physics, however it didn’t work out as planned. Though if we force her out of consciousness, then we’ll end up killing her before that happens.

Please, I’m begging you. Just lose consciousness, will you? Weren’t you supposed to be honest and obedient?


「J-Just endure it for a little while longer. The bug that I summoned from home will be arriving soon」


Being worn out to the bone, I gave Tamamushi a desperate look asking her to help me. Tamamushi who was looking flustered, hurriedly gave me a quick answer.

The bug. Right. The poison from the bug induced the side effect, so it’s possible that the poison from the bug can also deal with this.


「Can the poison from the bug make her go back to her usual self?」

「No, I think that would be impossible. We will have to wait until the effects of the poison wear off」


「C-Calm down Suzuhara! This is not like you! If she cannot be stunned, then we can incapacitate her with the poison from my bugs! You will just have to stay still until the effects of the poison have dissipated!」2

「O-Ok! Then I’ll leave it to you!」


Ignoring Asahina who was hugging onto me, I conversed with Tamamushi and decided to take upon her suggestion.


「However, for Suzuhara to be this befuddled is……」


Muttering to herself absent-mindedly, she stared at me like as if she’s seeing something rare.

Are you stupid? Anyone will be unsettled if Asahina turned into the thing that she is now.


「Hey~ Motarou ♡ I want to take a shower ‘cause I’m all sweaty and dirty♡」


Asahina who was hugging onto me, kissed my cheek and pulled herself away from me with a smile. Then she started to take off her school uniform right in front me, wearing a big smile across her face.

What shower……

Aah, reading other people’s minds is such a reproachful ability.

It’s reproachful to “see” Asahina’s figure even if I try to cover my eyes with my hands.

Everything would be solved if I stop using my ability, but if I did that, then I wouldn’t be able to read Asahina’s next movements.

It’s unbearably scary to not know what’s running through Asahina’s mind at this point in time.


「Hm hm huh hmm~♡ La lala la la♡ Lulu li la~♡」


Asahina takes her uniform as she hums a disgusting tune.


「W-What a painful sight to see. It’s unbearable……」


Tamamushi wept and groaned, then she covers her mouth with her right hand, closes her eyes and turns her trembling self away from the scene.

Asahina’s actions were so painful to see and it’s getting more and more difficult to watch for every second that goes by.

Taking the outerwear of her uniform off, Asahina folds it neatly and places it on the ground. She then moves onto taking off her skirt. That too was folded neatly and placed on top of her uniform.

Even though she’s flat as a pancake, she’s still wearing a brassiere. Taking her bra off, she shyly covers her chest with her right hand and places the bra on top of the rest of the pile.

While covering her chest with her right arm, she skilfully took off her underwear with only her other hand. At the same time, she twists her body away from me and squeezes her thighs together in order to hide her crotch from my line of sight.

Well everything is in full view for me.

Asahina who had hidden her underwear underneath her bra stood in front of me, hiding her chest with her right arm and her crotch with her left.

Excluding the fact that she’s still wearing socks, Asahina is currently completely naked. Blushing up to her ears, she sat down in seiza and smiles.

An overly polite and elegant gesture.

The usual Asahina couldn’t even imagine herself to do something like that.

If she just became honest, the can you consider this to be the real Asahina?



「Motarou ♡ I’m ready ♡ Now, please pour your pee onto me ♡ I’m so happy to be the one under Motarou’s golden shower ♡ My throat is also dry, to be able to soak my throat while taking a shower is such a luxury ♡」

「U……Uuu……Asahinaa, please come backk」


Correction. She doesn’t have any elegance after all.

If it’s the case where Asahina hated being peed on, then that’s another story. Pissing on top of Asahina while savouring her look of frustration at me would be the best. But shamelessly looking at me with hopeful eyes and a big smile across her face while expecting for me to piss on her any second isn’t something that you call fun, it’s disgusting.


「H-How deplorable. Is this the so-called Asahina……」


After having observed the fight between with Hizuki and understanding her overwhelmingly strong mental strength, Tamamushi who respected her so much is now trembling and crying.

Rather than being disappointed at Asahina, she was taking pity on her.


「This memory would probably remain. Once Asahina returns to her usual self, I wonder what would happen. When I think about it……」



Remain? Her memory? So, once the poison’s effect wears off, she still retains her memory?

Ahh, I see. Asahina isn’t influenced by the hallucinations from the poison. She’s being influenced by the side effects. It’s basically taking off her mask that she usually wears. So her memories still stay with her even if the poison wears off.


Oi oi, isn’t this pretty interesting?

Asahina’s overwhelmingly disgusting actions were taking its toll on my mind but knowing that her memories will remain after this is something else.

I wonder what kind of reaction she would show once the poison’s effects wear off.

There’s no doubt that she’s going be dying from embarrassment.

The more embarrassing things she does, the more painful the experience will be for her.

If I overdo it, I might get killed by her once she returns to her usual self, but it’s worth placing my life on the line for this.

If I can see Asahina be so humiliated to the point where she wants to kill me in order to destroy the evidence, then I’ll gladly offer up my life for this.

Kuku, kukuku, kukakaka, kahahahaha――


I, have found the most amusing thing. 3


「Asahina, do you like me?」


With a grin, I asked Asahina who was naked and sitting in seiza on the ground.


「Y-Yes ♡ I like you ♡ But if I were to choose an answer for myself, I’d say I love you4 instead of like ♡」


When Asahina heared my question, she blushed hard and started to fidget, replying with a glace.


「Su-Suzuhara? What happened to you all of a sudden?」


Sensing a strange feeling from my sudden change, Tamamushi turned pale and questioned me.

Fufu, I haven’t changed. Just my perception.

No matter how disgusting Asahina is being now, I know that she’s going to suffer afterwards. As a result, I’ll be able to witness the greatest form of amusement from her transformation which will inflict mind breaking agony.


「Asahina, I hate you」

「Hiu ♡」


Staring straight at Asahina, I spat out these ruthless words at her and in response, her breathing started to become haggard as she shook and leaked out a sweet voice.

From hearing me say that I hate her, far from being sad, she was feeling pleasure like the masochist she is.


「Asahina, do you want me to love you?」

「Y-Yes ♡」


Without a moment’s hesitation, Asahina answered with a big nod.

Despite feeling pleasure from being treated coldly by me like a true masochist, she still wishes me to like her.


「It’s not easy for me to just start liking you. It’s because I hate you to death. In order for me to like you, then you’ll have to say that a common rough woodlouse is a roly-poly. Even if someone laughs at you, you’ll still say it’s a roly-poly. That’s how much I hate you」

「A rough woodlouse……what?」


Tamamushi mutters in a small voice.

Huh? Why is Tamamushi reacting to what I said to Asahina?

Moreover, I feel like her pupils dilated――

Ah, I feel like this is going to be bad.

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  1. Pronounced as “hee hee”. (Just for you non-weebs out there) Though by no means it’s the sound of laughter, but instead that’s the sound you usually hear from people who either got scared, surprised or grossed out. In short, the sound is generally linked to an intense emotion/reaction (pleasure in this case)
  2. Tamamushi’s speaking habits are old fashioned/traditional (since she’s much older). I haven’t really been showing that in my TL’s but I’ll do my best to show it in my later TL’s of her dialogue
  3. He spoke in a traditional/noble tone (for comedic purposes). Not sure how to word it
  4. She used “Aishteru” in this instance, the strongest form of love you can express through words