X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 89

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Filled with conceit, I got up from the bath, I dressed the unconscious Rikka and headed towards the living room.

Rikka is dressed in the clothes borrowed from Tamamushi, but clothes that fit my size are not in this house. I wanted to change my clothes if possible, but there are no clothes to change into, so I didn’t really have a choice.


As I got to the living room, I let Rikka sleep on the sofa.

While being fucked in the urethra, furthermore, fucked thoroughly in the pussy, the seemingly happy Rikka has her cheeks dyed in happiness is sleeping in delight.


Her estrus does not go away unless she accepts the semen inside the uterus, but I let out so much, so it should be fine. However, because of the body piercing, the super-recovery ability is always invoked. Sooner or later, she’ll immediately be forced into estrus from the accumulated frustration.

Well, I’m planning to fuck Rikka even without being asked to do so anyway.


「I’m a little bit thirsty」


I was thirsty not only because of being soaking inside the bathtub for an extensive amount of time but also due to the intense sex with Rikka.

When checking the bedroom, it hasn’t changed, as Tamamushi is still taking care of Asahina. This is still Tamamushi’s house and I would like to get a confirmation from her for getting a drink but doing so will disturb her from nursing.

So, I’ll tell her later.


Thinking that way, I headed to the kitchen. I took out a plastic water bottle from the fridge, opened the lid and drank from it.

The cold water runs down my throat, quenching my thirst.

I drank about half of it, and when I separated my mouth from the opening of the plastic bottle, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.


Fuu~, drinking cold water after the all-you-can-fuck session with the “beautiloli” (美ロリ) is exceptionally good.

With the half-empty water bottle, I went back to the living room and sat down next to the sleeping Rikka.

Rikka is sleeping soundly with the clothes borrowed from Tamamushi.

I only borrowed a black cardigan. Aside from that, Rikka is not wearing anything, so from looking at the hem of the cardigan I can visibly see her slim pussy. It made me unwittingly agitated from seeing it.

Even if I decided to fuck her like this, it would only make her happy. However, my strength is dangerous.

In order to distract myself, I checked on Tamamushi who’s in the bedroom. Apparently, she’s having a conversation on the bed with Asahina who just woke up.

That Asahina, so she’s already awake. The way Tamamushi phrased it to me was that it seems Asahina will still need to take a while for her to wake up.


After a while, Tamamushi came to the living room.

By the way, Asahina is still lying on the bed in the bedroom.


「It’s an unexpected situation」


Tamamushi murmured in a trembling voice. Tamamushi’s pale plain face seems to be even paler as she sat down next to me.


Did something happen to Asahina?


I went to the bedroom immediately to confirm, but I can’t see any abnormalities in Asahina who is lying on the bed.

Then, as I was thinking, I took a peek at Tamamushi’s heart.

―― worst case scenario, forbidden art, its specification, why it happened, why, has been made.

(TN: Not too sure what they’re on about here. I put the raws underneath.)



What I saw was overflowing information and her consciousness in disarray.

It seems that there was no doubt that something had happened. However, most of all, from only looking at Tamamushi’s heart, I’m unable to understand to why she is so confused. On the contrary, it also seems to be affecting me as well.


Canceling my ability and shutting out all the excess information, it may be wiser to make Tamamushi calm down first.


However, once I cancel my ability, I will become an ordinary human again, and also, this is Tamamushi’s hideout, so I can’t afford to let my guard down.


Even if Tamamushi poses no threat, there still is a possibility that a third party involved with Tamamushi will suddenly visit.

But that’s only the case where I’m hypothetically ‘alone’.




Calling her name out, Rikka, who was sleeping on the sofa with her eyes closed, snapped her them wide open. She bounces up, jumping out of the sofa like a spring, somersaults in the air and finally, landing on the floor.


「I’m on high alert. Never leave my side and be cautious of your surroundings. Let me know if you feel anything strange, even if it’s something very miniscule」


「Yes! As you say!」


Upon hearing my command, emotions disappear from Rikka’s face, as she replies.

She’s like a completely different person when compared to the Rikka who I fucked until she went ahegao.

(TN: Fucked silly… surely unnecessary for me to explain that)

Rikka suddenly tightened up, sharpening her senses.


Erasing her presence, displaying only ferocity and brutality in her ruby eyes.

Exactly like a hound dog that’s assimilated in the dark night.

Rikka slightly lowered her head and quickly retreated behind me, her figure then suddenly disappeared.


Now that I’m using my ability, I’m able to tell where Rikka is. However, it would be impossible to find her if I cancel my ability.

She’s just that stealthy.


Even if something abnormal happens, Rikka will be able to sense the other person before they do.

Besides, Rikka has a nail gun.

With the same firepower as a firearm, she’s able to shoot her nail bullets to the point where it’s inaudible.

Shooting a nail in the state of being fully assimilated with darkness, most enemies will be dead with one shot. Additionally, Rikka also specializes in melee combat. So even if they’re able to defend against the nail bullet, then she’s able to use it as a decoy to charge towards the enemy in an instant as she is overwhelmingly advantageous when engaging in close combat.


Ok, there shouldn’t be a problem even if I cancel my ability.

And so, I canceled my ability.

At that moment, all at once, my “field of vision” disappears in all directions.




Tamamushi muttered in a trembling voice as sweat runs down the side of her cheek


「It is incomparable to the time when you fought with me, all your abilities have improved and become stabilized」

It seems that Rikka is surprised to see her stealth abilities.

Bearing the same feelings. I’m astounded as well.


「Did you embrace that fellow young lady in the bath?」


「No, don’t worry about it」


Before I could answer her question with another question, Tamamushi exclaimed shaking her head side to side.


「As expected it’s highly possible that your ability is “Earth’s eye”. So you must protect that girl, Asahina」


「That girl, she’s entranced by “Earth’s eye”. Perhaps it possesses a hero’s temperament」


Not talking to anyone in specific, she mutters, staring at me with trembling eyes.

Tamamushi seems to be questioning herself as she tries to organize her jumbled thoughts.


「We have plenty of time. If you have something you want to talk about, firstly calm down. If you talk in this confused state, I won’t be able to understand you」


Saying that to Tamamushi, she opened her eyes and looked at me and gave me a stiff smile.


「Have you forethought everything?」

「I can tell that inside your head is a mess just from looking at you」

「“Looking” eh? I wonder what kind of world you’re actually “looking” at」


「No, even if I asked, I probably still won’t be able to understand」


Seemingly, as if directing her words at me, Tamamushi is answering her own questions.

Seeing Tamamushi so confused to the extent of thinking that she needs to calm down herself, I just stood there watching over her.


Placing her elbows on top of her knees, as if she’s praying, Tamamushi brought her hands together and raised her face as she leaked a small sigh. She then stares at me as I felt a sense of fear and hesitation from looking back into her deeply bright emerald green eyes.


It seems like she’s a lot calmer when compared to before but, she is still confused.

I shouldn’t use my ability here, but instead, it’s better to talk to her upfront. Slowly and coherently while taking our time to converse.

That way, it should be possible for Tamamushi to organize her thoughts as well.


「I mentioned before that I made a contract with the bug that I keep inside my womb with the forbidden method, right?」



I nodded in reply to her question.


「It’s called the forbidden method for a reason. There are various degrees of risks involved in this act. So that is why it’s called the forbidden method. It is never uniform」

「What do you mean?」

「For example, the punishments for crimes will not always weigh the same right? The weight of punishment changes according to the crime committed. Lighter penalties for lighter crimes. Heavier penalties for heavier crimes, so on and so forth」


So, the weight of punishment changes according to the crimes committed. Well, of course, that’s a given.


So using that as an example, that means――


「If there are things where it can barely be defined as a forbidden method, there are also overwhelmingly threatening and authorial forbidden methods. In other words, it means that the danger levels will fluctuate in according to the forbidden methods」

「I see」


Mass murdering and shoplifting are both crimes, but their danger levels are totally different.


「The method that I used is relatively in the lower risk category of the forbidden methods. The reason is that if you’re a bug user, anyone can handle them. Contrarily, if you’re not a bug user, you’re definitely unable to handle them. Although you can prevent yourself from aging, achieving immortality is almost impossible. At the very least, it’s a personal threat. There are also restrictions when using your abilities, but for a bug user, there aren’t any restrictions」


Well, indeed. It will become a threat when obtaining an immortal body which far exceeds physical capabilities. If you can mass produce such a thing, it would surely be a dangerous thing, but if it’s only one person, it shouldn’t the that dangerous.

A similar threat of a lone immortal beast that is loitering around. Even though it will cause some damage, but it would still need to take quite a while for it to destroy a town.

Nevertheless, the fact that it being a threat won’t change. So, it is designated as a forbidden method, but it is not a method that anyone can handle. But even so, it is a relatively low risk forbidden method, right?


「There are even some forbidden methods that are deemed to be fairly dangerous, but it is not necessarily something that can provide one with great power or abilities. According to the choice of method, there are benefits that can be obtained for an only short period of time, but sometimes it can be dreadfully dangerous」


A method where you can obtain benefits, but it’s dangerous?


「I think it’s a bit contradictory」


Tamamushi nodded in reply.


「It is said that something can fill that contradictory」

「For example?」

「Hmm, let’s see. If you compare it to an insect, there’s a method to freely control ants. From looking at another perspective, it’s a method where you can only manipulate ants. You know it’s not much of a threat where there’s only one mere ant right? But what if the method can manipulate ants without any limitations? Even if one is fragile, it’s a different story if it becomes innumerable」

「Ah, I see」


Even though it is easy to crush a single ant, the story is different when it becomes a few billion ants. It’s hard to deal with so many ants attacking at once.


「However, in order to manipulate countless ants, an enormous amount of insect ki is necessary. Especially when you’re able to manipulate them freely. No matter how talented an insect user is, it is not something that can be able to handle for an individual」

「It is because something like that is possible, it is called the forbidden method.」

「With that said, for the case that I talked about just now, it is still a relatively low-risk method. The reason why is because――」

「Only insect users can be able to use it」

「Correct. Your ability to understand is quite high so it saves me the trouble to explain」


In response to my answer, Tamamushi nodded deeply.

So, no matter how dangerous it is, if the person who can handle it has limited potential, the risk is low.


With that said――


「In the forbidden methods, the ones that are especially dangerous are perhaps the ones that are extremely easy to use?」

「It is true, but it is not just restricted to that one concept. Even if it is very difficult to handle, forbidden methods of a scale that can destroy a whole country are simply dangerous. However, it is said that the method which can be handled easily is also dangerous.」

「I see」


Even in the methods with limited handling, if the power loses control, within 10 minutes it will become a huge threat. On the other hand, with powers not that great, the methods that can be handled easily are also dangerous.


「The insect I used for that girl, Asahina, is considered dangerous. However, it’s not a forbidden method as I just explained the reason why.」

「Oh, according to what that you’ve just said, anyone can handle it easily, but those who can generate it are limited, and for those who are not insect users have a high risk of destroying their spirit when using it, right?」

「That’s exactly right. However, hypothetically speaking, if you remove the insect, what risks do you think are applied there?」


Tamamushi who nodded to my answer and asked with her eyes trembling.

Hearing her question, my heart skipped a beat.

Asahina woke up after making a complete recovery of her body. I felt something strange while looking at Asahina at her current state.

It seems that the side effects seem to be smaller than the story that I’ve heard.


「N-No way……」

「Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. I can’t tell for sure yet, but I may have created an extraordinary thing. Depending on how the insect is used, it may have to potential to destroy the world.」


Covering her mouth with both hands, as if telling me through the sweat on her cheeks, Tamamushi’s eyes shake as she raised a trembling voice.

It is easy to handle despite there being only a limited amount of people who can use it. And if avoiding fatal injuries, it is possible to repair any wounds. However, anyone aside from insect users will have side effects are too much for their spirit to handle if used.

Despite that being said, what if the side effects are small?

The answer is obvious. Anyone will be able to use it. Anyone will be able to obtain a body close to immortality.


「It was more than I expected. That girl Asahina possesses recovery abilities which far exceeds a traditional insect user’s ability. Moreover, it seemed that the consumption of energy was also small. Furthermore, from the result of assessing her body, it is possible that her physical ability has improved. I may be overstating that she may be a daughter of a superhuman, but it can be said that she has superhuman abilities and performance when compared to an average human. Nevertheless, the side effects are extremely smaller than conventional insects」


I was stunned by Tamamushi’s words.

Tamamushi who explained politely explained about the forbidden methods. From within the especially dangerous forbidden methods, I agreed that the insect element used on Asahina.

So that means――


「So you’re saying that you made a method of a particularly dangerous category like the forbidden method, which is used on Asahina……」


While trembling, Tamamushi nodded to my question.

Oh my god.


「I-I’m sorry. It may sound like an excuse, but I didn’t intend for it to be that way. I didn’t plan on creating a forbidden method. However, I was incompetent and my skill as an ability user was immature, which lead to me accidentally creating a terrible method. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry」

The trembling Tamamushi apologizes.

It seems that Tamamushi was trying to create an artificial human being like a homunculus. I guess she likes to develop new methods. In short, it’s the researcher’s fault.

Like that, Tamamushi coincidentally created a forbidden method.

A fearsome method similar to the one where anyone can easily create insects and have close to immortal bodies.


「How did you create it?」

「I have recorded it, but I don’t know if I’m able to produce the same insect.」

「Is it still dangerous?」


「As long as that girl Asahina is still alive, if she’s exposed, she will definitely receive the forbidden method. And most importantly, it’s a dangerous method.」

「If so, what will happen to Asahina?」


「For those who know of the truth, depending on the person who belongs which organization, in any case, she’ll be restrained, and used as an object for experiments」


「And you?」

「The same」


Yeah, it would be something like that.

The forbidden method that Tamamushi produced is highly demanded for. Thus, there are countless people equating to the number of stars in the galaxy who want to obtain it will swarm towards it.

From individuals to organizations, then to the national level.


「I’m fine with anything happening. I’ll do it if it kills me. But then, I’m sorry for that girl Asahina. I have to it somehow. In one way or another, in some way…I will need to at least save that girl……」


I see. No wonder Tamamushi is panicking.

No, but, *fumu*, in the end, this is indeed troubling.

If no one finds out, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. Asahina just got a body which is hard to kill. And just like Tamamushi said, the forbidden method that she accidentally created was just a devil’s luck. If it is a thing made by chance due to an unnoticed mistake that is recorded in the creation method which happened accidentally, then even if Tamamushi made the insects according to the insect creation method that she recorded down, there is a possibility that the same thing can’t be done again. However as long as the finished product called Asahina is made, if her existence is revealed, she will undoubtedly be targeted by others.


「I want to know, if ever she’s targeted, then where exactly will people be aiming at the most?」



Tamamushi tilts her head in response to my question.

Was it too hard for her to understand?


「No matter which organization they are from, they’ll probably make her a test subject for their experiments, but if she gets caught where exactly will they most likely bring her to. In other words, we’re talking about the assumption that she’s already caught.」


If no one finds out then there won’t be a problem, but if it does, then everyone around us will be full of enemies. Even if we make moves then, it will be too late.




Tamamushi mumbles as her eyes begin to tremble.

I would have never guessed that she’ll be that shaken from my words.


「It doesn’t matter whether that organization is good or bad. Tell me any organization that can be negotiated with. What I need is to intimidate those bastards who come after Asahina. It will be possible if I use the power of an organization」

「N-No way in hell! You should run! When everything is revealed, it’s all over at that point!」


Tamamushi raised an angry voice from my words and grabs my arm, glaring at me.

I already know that. If you had the option of running away, then it’s better to do so.



「With you getting that impatient, I guess there’s a possibility of it being leaked outside which will put Asahina in danger, right?」


Tamamushi twitched once she heard my question.



「W-when I am abandoned, I’ll be killed. So――」

「Depending on Mukou-san’s mood, you’ll never know when he sends someone after you」

「T-that’s correct. Also, if I’m captured――」

「No matter how you’re hiding it, there’s always the risk of revealing information」



Staring intensely at me, Tamamushi grabs me by the arm. Her grip loosens as the intensity dissipates from her eyes.

If Tamamushi gets captured and information gets extracted out of her, the existence of Asahina will surely be revealed.

If so, sooner or later, it would be better if we figure out which organizations are negotiable and have some early preparations in order to beat everyone else to the punch.


「O-organizations that can be negotiable. No matter what organization it is, once it is revealed, then it will be all over. But as someone who possesses super-recovery for an abnormal ability, then the Nature Conservation Organization will be the best choice. They have an abundant amount of knowledge about unique abilities and those who possess these unique abilities. However, when it comes to forbidden methods……」


So, there are practically no organizations that can be negotiated with, but the Nature Conservation Organization is able to understand people who have abnormal abilities.

I see.


「T-The possibility is low, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways you can negotiate……」


Turning away from me, Tamamushi mumbles as she trembles.


「Your ability. Since your ability is “Earth’s eye”, it can be used as a material for negotiation. “Earth’s eye” can also be used to that extent. Besides, although the forbidden method is certainly dangerous, the current level of risk isn’t that much. If you don’t leak the information to the outside and immediately have the Nature Conservation Organisation to support you, we might be able to negotiate advantageously. As you said, it may be the best option to take action as soon as possible to create a favorable situation here as well. However――」


Tamamushi brought her gaze back to my direction while trembling. And then――


「Even if the negotiation is successful, it is impossible to return to your previous lifestyle. Besides, for the case of that girl, even if she could save her life, she will undoubtedly be sealed away」


On the verge of tears, Tamamushi muttered while grabbing my chest with both hands.

The possibility of negotiations failing is very high, even if I succeed, then it would result in life imprisonment.


「If you delete all the records and erase my existence――」

「If there are various ability users, then it won’t be surprising to have an ability user capable of restoring deleted records」


Erasing the records along with herself. After hearing that, the muttering Tamamushi trembled to my words.


Ahh, they do exist. Those ability users.


「I…I-I’ll somehow, somehow, definitely figure out something……」


Yes, the frail Tamamushi is trembling.

Seemingly as if blaming everything onto herself, Tamamushi tries to shoulder all the responsibility, but it’s not something that she can handle by herself.


「It is true that Asahina was saved. I asked you to help Asahina and you answered my plead, that’s all there is to it. Besides, the reason why Asahina got seriously wounded and on the verge of death was because that she’s an idiot in the first place. Although I can’t say that you bare no responsibility at all, but it was Asahina’s fault, and mine who pleaded you to save her.」

If it wasn’t for Asahina who stepped into the fight with Kamuro Hizuki, then this would have never happened.

But well, if Asahina didn’t obediently back down the fight, then Kamuro Hizuki would undoubtedly be still attached to me.

Well, if that happened, I planned to do something, but what the most important thing is――。


「If Asahina withdrew from the fight over there, then I’ll be disappointed in her. But she didn’t back down. And I don’t feel the slightest dissatisfaction with this result.」


The most important thing for me is that Asahina didn’t back down. Due to that fact, I’m very satisfied.

That girl, Asahina must be the same for her.

And it’s the same for this time.

Whatever organization who has an eye on her, she will never back away. Because she’s an idiot.


「Tamamushi, sorry but give me the information. Was it the Nature Conservation Organization? If negotiations are impossible, then I’ll beat them up there. Victory goes to the one who makes the first move. I want the information for that. Even though I haven’t repaid you yet, I’m going to have to ask a favor from you again」



To my request, Tamamushi raised an idiotic voice with dotted eyes.

If Asahina learns of this fact, she will not run away nor hide, she will confront it straight on without a doubt.

If that happens, it would be difficult to talk it through. So, it’s better for me to move before that happens.


「N-No way! Are you saying that you’re turning hostile towards the Nature Conservation Organisation?!」


「I’m not going against them. It’s just whether or not they’re able to accept our conditions」




Tamamushi raised a trembling voice and smiled awkwardly. To my words, Tamamushi tilts her head and raises an idiotic voice.

Was it impossible? Was it had to understand? Was it something that defies common sense? Then it’s more the reason to do so. You’ll never expect the other person to suddenly come at you with a punch. It’s called taking someone by surprise.

However, this time it may be quite difficult. It’s different from a street fight.

Even if everything goes well, there is a high possibility that both Asahina and I will be detained. Additionally, worst case scenario, Tamamushi would be disposed of.




Rikka, who had her presence erased and was completely assimilated into the darkness appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of me.

Did Rikka respond to an enemy?

Having that in mind, I activated my ability and “saw” the scene which made my head hurt.

As I sighed, at the same time, the doors in the living room flew open. And the person who appeared was――


「That’s a lot of force. I’m surprised.」


Staring at her fists, though she did say that she was surprised, it didn’t seem like it.


「Ah, sorry for breaking the door.」


Although she did say sorry, it didn’t seem like she reflected upon it.


「I overheard your conversation, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.」


And thus, she expressed that she’s an idiot in a grand way.


Good grief, the person who I didn’t want to let her hear about this the most, heard our conversation.

This is certainly a troublesome thing.


「I-I’m sorry master. I was aware of Asahina-sama approaching, but…umm… I-I was so scared that I fainted.」


The trembling Rikka stood in front of me in order to protect me said with a shaky smile

Apparently, Rikka was completely scared of Asahina.

According to Tamamushi, though it seems that Asahina has dramatically improved her abilities, her strength still seems to be far from Rikka and Tamamushi.

In other words, if they were to fight, then Rikka will undoubtedly have the upper hand.



「Rikka, even though it’s a mistake, don’t fight that idiot, because you’ll get infected by her stupidity.六花、間違ってもそのバカにはケンカを売るな。バカが移るから」


Standing up, I patted Rikka on the shoulder and stood in front of her.

Even though there is no doubt that Rikka will have the upper hand if they fight, Asahina will win the fight. Rikka can’t beat Asahina. Rikka understands this fact.

But that’s fine.

Fear is by no means a bad feeling. No, in fact, it is an indispensable emotion to survive.


「Suzuhara-kun. Explain the current situation to me clearly」

「C-Commanding my master――」


「Hiiiiiiiii-. D-Don’t command my master Asahina-sama…」


Although it was Rikka who raised her voice to criticize Asahina’s unreasonable attitude, from just looking at Asahina tilting her head and smiling at her, Rikka seems like she’s about to cry. Even though Rikka’s clinging onto her pride, she is still using honorifics towards Asahina, furthermore, using “-sama” to address her.

Rikka, don’t push yourself. That idiot is special.




「Suzuhara-kun. I said, explain the current situation in an easy-to-understand manner」 「I’m stupid, so please explain it at a level where is understandable for children. Right?」


Asahina ordered while walking right up to me with a disrespectful attitude, confronting me with a smile.

She continued to walk further towards me, to the point where our bodies are pushed against each other, and our lips almost touching.


「Suzuhara-kun, have your ears gone rotten? I think it’s better for you to go to the otolaryngologist」


Despite being overwhelmingly shorter than me, Asahina arrogantly orders me as she looks up to match my line of sight.


「They weren’t rotten a while ago. Sorry, but it seems that after hearing your voice, they’ve gone rotten」


Grinning at Asahina, I plug my fingers in my ears, showing it to her.


「I wonder if I’ll be targeted by someone」


Though Asahina said that she couldn’t understand, it didn’t seem like she was completely unable to understand everything.




Answering her question with a grin on my face, Asahina looks at me and smirks.


「I don’t need anyone’s help. If anyone’s aiming for me, then I’ll let them do whatever they want. Instead, I will also do as I please」

「That’s not happening. You’re my slave. I won’t forgive anyone who lays their hands on my belongings」

「Oh dear? Is this a love confession?」

「Shouldn’t you be the one who needs to go to the otolaryngologist? Ah, my bad, my bad. Even if you go to the otolaryngologist, they can’t cure your rotten brain right?」

「Fufu, so naïve. Says the one who loves me to death」

「You truly piss me off to death」


With our lips so close to each other to the extent where they could touch, we smile at each other.


「Hey, Asahina」

「What is it?」

「You’ll be targeted」

「Ara, is that so? I’m quite the popular one aren’t I?」

「Should we kill them?」

「I have always intended to do that」

「Then it’s decided」

「Yeah, indeed」


Asahina nods to my words without hesitation.

Because she’s stupid, she hasn’t understood the situation at all. But even if she understood the situation, her answer certainly won’t change.

She’s an idiot who only knows how to move forward.

Ahhh, fuck, this is annoying. Whenever you’re involved with that chick, everything becomes troublesome.

This is the worst. It truly is the worst. It’s so bad to the point where it’s laughable.


「I feel bad for the organizations who aim for us」

「Don’t lump me together with you. I’m not nasty as you」

「Oh c’mon, don’t say that Asahina. Let’s have fun together」

「Haa, this is why men are savage beasts. You love me so much to the point where you’ll rape me」


Hearing my words, Asahina let out a deep sigh, and like as if she’s given up, she shrugged her shoulders.

I may be somewhat of a savage, but I certainly don’t want to hear that from you.

This is supposed to be where the tsukkomi(TN: slapstick comedy) happens, but this idiot won’t obediently back down, so she’ll continue to talk impudently and make me more pissed off anyway.



「Tamamushi, we plan to launch an attack on the place called the Nature Conservation Organization. Sorry, but I need you to cooperate」


As I continued to look at Asahina and asked Tanamushi, Rikka raised her voice.


「Rikka, I won’t tell you to cooperate」

Saying that I looked back and saw Rikka looking at me with an anxious look on her face.


「You’re the only one who I won’t ask. The reason why is because you’re my dog. Isn’t that right? Suzuhara Rikka」


I questioned Rikka with a smile on my face. For a moment she stared blankly at me, but a radiant smile quickly floated onto her face. And then――


「Yes! I will follow you anywhere you go!」


Rikka gave a big nod.

It’s good that you understand.

That being so, our fighting power is a total of four people including myself.

We are small in numbers, but that’s good.

I do not know what kind of organization the Nature Conservation Organization is, but I will take the initiative to see them.

That’s why――。


Wash your necks and wait there.

Nature Conservation Organisation:「Ehh!? Wai-, ehh?!」


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