X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 90

In order to infiltrate the Nature Conservation Organization, I decided to make a strategic plan.

Although the making of the plan is limited to this number of people.

By separating the four of us into two teams, one team can cause a distraction, whereas the other team will infiltrate.

Asahina is not suitable for negotiations, so I’ve decided to place her in the distraction team. If possible, I also want to place Rikka in the distraction team, since her ability to detect enemies is high and she’s good with close combat as well. Furthermore, since Tamamushi possesses an abundant amount of knowledge, I would like her to be together with me in the negotiation team.

There aren’t any problems with Tamamushi and me, but there may be problems with Asahina and Rikka being a team. They’re definitely not compatible with each other. Rather, with Asahina being selfish, Rikka’s full potential can’t be drawn out. That just means that her abilities will become utterly useless.

Then let’s get both Asahina and Tamamushi in the distraction team, which leaves Rikka and I to be in the infiltration team. If it’s Tamamushi, she may be more compatible with Asahina than Rikka. This is the most optimal choice to balance the teams, but it would be great if Tamamushi is partnered with me for the negotiations.

How about I let Tamamushi be the negotiator and have Asahina, Rikka and I act as the distraction.


No no, I can’t let Tamamushi do the negotiations by herself.

Then should I change roles with Tamamushi and do the negotiations myself, so she’ll be with Asahina and Rikka in the distraction team?

This is the worst possible choice. Since I’m just an ordinary human being. I have to choose either Rikka or Tamamushi to act as my bodyguard.

Additionally, my ability is more suitable to be used as a command tower if the scope is wide, but unfortunately, in this case, it’s narrow, so it can only be used on site. Although it’s the same with Asahina and Rikka, I’m also not cut out to be acting as an overseer.

The only person who is suitable to act as a command tower is Tamamushi. However, Asahina and Rikka probably won’t obediently listen to her.

No matter how capable Tamamushi is, unless her troops will obediently listen to her instructions, they’ll still won’t assemble properly.

So I guess I‘ll have to be the command tower for the team, but how are we going to divide the group?


Asahina, Rikka, Tamamushi.

Their abilities are well balanced, but their personalities are too unbalanced.

Especially Asahina.

Damn it, Asahina is the problematic one. It’s too hard to build a strategy when Asahina is that selfish and egoistic. In the first place, Asahina and a horse’s compatibility――

No, it exists. Yuka could figure out something. As expected, Yuka is the only person who Asahina would listen to. In addition, if we add Marina, the balance would also break.

Unlike Tamamushi, Marina is well acquainted with Asahina, and if it’s Marina, she’ll be able to open up people’s hearts and quickly build up a trustful relationship with the other person. Rikka also acknowledges and respects Marina.

Marina will become the command tower, whereas Yuka will be the relay the instructions and the two groups will move accordingly. If that happens, then Asahina and Rikka can devote themselves into playing the role as a distraction, and Tamamushi and I can concentrate on infiltrating and negotiating. This would be ideal, but this strategy can’t be used.

Because for this time, I can’t let these girls be involved in such things.


Since the opponent is not an individual, but an organization, there is a high possibility that even if the strategy succeeds or fails, our lives will never be the same again.

Asahina is the main culprit, Tamamushi is just reaping what she sows, and Rikka is my dog.

If it’s just a one-way ticket for just the four of us, myself included, then there won’t be any problems. I’ll just be a human who doesn’t mind turning back anymore.

However, Marina and Yuka are different. They have the right to live for the future.

Marina returned the ten minutes that she owed me, and Yuka’s already fine.

I also think it’s almost time for them to live their own lives now.

Yukina still owes me a few things, but circumstances are circumstances. It can’t be helped.

I wanted to at least say my farewells, if we meet, then I can visualize myself telling her to come along.

So, I won’t say anything and let it go as it is.

In other words, I have to make a strategy with just the four of us.


「Do you have a moment?」


From across the table, Asahina who’s sitting on the sofa alongside Tamamushi raised her right hand and looked in my direction.


「I’ll devise a strategy from here on out. Provided that、Asahina、I’ve already decided on what you’re doing。No, it’s better to say the things you can do are limited. You won’t listen to other people, so whatever plan we devise from here, you’ll still probably tackle it head on anyways.  Even if you butt your head into the conversation, we won’t be able to find any resolution with you in it. So just keep quiet」


I said as I give a sharp glare at Asahina.

If you let this idiot take hold of the role of a leader, then she’ll say something stupid and suicidal like telling everyone to just go right in and attack.


「I don’t intend to butt my head into your conversation. What I want to talk about is something before that」


With her right hand remained in the air, Asahina said with a serious look.

Taking a peek into Asahina’s heart, a chill ran up my spine. Afterward, a wave of anger rose up. I got on top of Asahina and grabbed her by the collar.

This person, this bastard, don’t fuck with me.


「This time, I think it’s better to discuss it with Yuka and Yuuki-senpai」


Despite Asahina being grabbed by the collar, she said it without any concern whatsoever.


「Shut up!」


Glaring at Asahina, I raised an angry voice.

Does she even know what she’s saying? Haven’t I properly explained the current situation already? No matter how dumb she can be, she should have understood how dangerous it is. And yet, you intend to drag those two people into this?!

Not only they won’t be able to come back, but worst-case scenario, they’ll also lose their lives.


「If I don’t mention it to them, both Yuka And Yuuki-senpai will surely get mad at you」

「So what?! Let them be angry!」

「I’m sure that they’ll get super angry」

「Oh is that so?! But you see after when we disappear for a few years, they’ll probably forget about us and live their happy lives!」

「Haa、I thought you changed a little for the better, but I guess you haven’t changed a bit」

「Oh really now?! Your fucking stupidity also hasn’t changed a single bit!」


Still holding onto Asahina, I said in a disparagement manner.

“Because Marina and Yuka will get angry”. What a stupid reason to get them involved in this mess.


「Hey Asahina, Yuka’s is already fine now. She’s no longer the person that she was before. And for that reason alone, is why I can’t involve her into this. If you care about her, then shouldn’t you feel the same way?」


Desperately suppressing my anger, I spoke to Asahina.


「Fufu, ah right. You do it like that, pushing the blame on me and running away again」



Asahina said while laughing at me. After hearing that, something snapped inside of me.

Running away? Did you just say I’m running away? What part of me is running away? Aren’t I just saying that we shouldn’t involve those who are unrelated to this?

Who’s the crazy one? Me or you? Aren’t you the crazy one who’s trying to invite your best friend into a dangerous situation?


「Suzuhara-kun. If you want to hit my head, then do so till your heart’s content. After you’re done, you need to listen what I have to say」


Even when she’s being glared at while being grabbed by the collar, unable to sense the slightest fear, Asahina spoke in a composed manner.

I want to hit this fool until I’m satisfied, but she’s not the opponent that I can beat with just violence. Her opinions will most likely not change despite how much I beat her up.

Then, I’ll listen to her story and afterward, we’ll debate it out. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll withdraw her from this operation. I’ll carry out the operation with just Tamamushi, Rikka and I.

For a team to properly function, it is most important that the team has both cooperation and leadership abilities. It’s better to not have a person who revolts against these ideals.

As I told myself that, I let go of Asahina and slumped onto the sofa, crossing my legs.


「Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions, oh kind-hearted Suzuhara-kun」


Despite her collar being disheveled from my grasp, Asahina said it in a condescending tone. She’s totally looking down on me.

Fuck! Why is this person so good at irritating other people?

Looking at Tamamushi who’s sitting beside Asahina, she tightened up her lips, seeming as if she had inner thoughts running inside her head, cold sweat runs down her face as she shivers. It seems that Tamamushi is feeling uneasy due to not knowing when Asahina and I start killing each other.

On the other hand, Rikka sitting next to me is drinking tea ceremoniously.


――Haa♡ It’s so pleasant to see Master and Asahina-sama get along with each other so well♡

Feeling a warm and fluffy sensation, Rikka sips her tea as she’s thinking that.

No, you’re wrong, Rikka. How does this look like we’re getting along? No matter which angle you view it from, it doesn’t look like we’re getting along at all.


「Well then, let me state my opinion. There’s only one thing I want to say」


As soon as she said that, Asahina stood up and smiled as she looked down at me.


「As Suzuhara-kun stated it is certainly not a good idea to involve Yuka and Yuuki-senpai for this operation. Was it called the Nature Conservation Organisation? In our current situation, we are unable to grasp what organized it is. However, I do understand how dangerous it is.」


Watching Asahina talking thoughtlessly and with courtesy, frustrated me all the more.


「With that being said, so what’s the problem?」



Asahina asked while tilting her head. In response to her question I reflexively raised an angry voice.

“So what’s the problem?”. How stupid are you?


「Didn’t I say that they might die?! Your precious Yuka might die because of you! Even if we’re all saved and our plan worked accordingly, they’ll be imprisoned for life just because they were involved with us! And despite that, you’re saying that you want to drag them into this?!」

「Haa? I didn’t say I want to drag anyone into this」


In response to my question, Asahina stared at me and said it in exasperation.

Didn’t want to drag anyone into it? What the fuck is she on about? Didn’t she say to she’s going to confide this matter to Marina and Yuka? And she said she won’t involve them. Isn’t she just contradicting herself?


「I didn’t say that I’m going to involve those two people. I’m telling to choose between the two. After hearing our strategy for this operation, and they still want to be involved with us, then it’s their own responsibility since they want to stick their heads into this matter. Because those two have been given the “freedom to choose”」


After listening to Asahina’s words, I was so shocked that I was lost for words.

Seriously, what the fuck is she on about? Do you even know what you’re saying?

To say that they have the freedom to choose?

So that means, if they decided that they’ll join this time’s operation, are you saying that they are responsible if it is their will and their willingness to participate?


「O-Oi, Oi, Asahina. You……If you’re fucking around, then at least――」

「I’m not messing around」


Asahina said plainly while looking down at me. My body began to uncontrollably shake in anger.


「Once they know, they’ll definitely tag along! At the very least you should know that! But, if they didn’t know about this, then they’ll able to happily live their normal lives! At first, it might be sad, but they’ll be able to recover quickly! That’s why Asahina, we split up! We can’t let them get involved!」


For them, I’m just a checkpoint in their lives.

While walking down the street, they tripped over a stone and fell. They just got attached to the to the stone and stepped off the road for a while.

(TN: In this analogy, the MC is the stone)


It’s still not too late for them to turn back. Unlike me, they’re still able to find “ordinary happiness”.

And yet――。


「Haa、what a selfish person」



Asahina leaked a helpless sigh as she felt my murderous intent.

To say that I’m selfish? ME? It’s true that I’m selfish, but to hear it from you?! You’re the only person who I don’t want to hear it from.


「You, if you don’t shut the fuck up any time soon, I’ll kill you」


Swaying as I stood up, I grabbed Asahina’s collar and whispered to her.

It seems that you’ve more or less powered up recently and ever since you’ve been acting like an arrogant bitch, but there are still many ways that can kill you, you know?

Here we have a person who can perfectly grasp your body inside and out. I can pierce a pole into your eyeball and gouge out the brain as it is, I can also pierce your bones and with a knife and make it go straight into your heart.


Despite gaining an overall power spike, your recovery abilities are not as strong as Rikka and Tamamushi’s. You don’t have inhuman speed and if you attain a fatal injury, then you’re done for.


Killing someone like you is as simple as that.


「Hey, Suzuhara-kun. To people, there is something that can’t be given back.
Even if you lose your life, there is only one thing anyone can’t yield. Even if it’s laughable from other people’s perspectives to that person, they’ll protect it even if it costs them their life」


Asahina stares at me and speaks quietly. I felt like I saw that expression from somewhere. A long long time ago, it felt like she had the same expression as my mother who looked at me in the same way. 「You’re saying that even if you disappear, Yuka and Yuuki-senpai will forget about you in. a few years?! I guess you can also say such cold-hearted thing with such a calm expression! You’re actually aware of how much they think of you, right?! Then die for one time! And then go and see those two who lost you yourself! Go and see the two who are drowned by despair and have lost sight of the hope in living! Would you still say the same thing?!」


Until then, the calm and composed Asahina yelled at me like a demon.


「Yu-Yuka. Are you saying that you don’t even mind Yuka dying?」

I had to reply with something. So desperately thought, and those were the words that struck out of me.

Hearing my words, a blood vessel popped out on Asahina’s temple. Glaring at me, she then grabbed my collar.


「Idiot! It’s obviously not a good thing! I’m worried about Yuka and it’s unbearable! But you see, I’d rather die than to see Yuka in despair after losing you! I absolutely can’t forgive for such a thing! I know how much Yuka will be in despair after losing you, so that’s why I’m saying it’s better to tell her!」


I couldn’t say anything after hearing Asahina yelling that at me.


「Yuka was like trapped deep down in a well. Looking up, she could only see a small beam of light, but she couldn’t climb up towards the light. Unable to crawl up by herself, she always waited for someone to rescue her out of there. Did you know that she was such a weak child? And you’re the one who took that child’s hand and pulled her out of that well. And she was finally able to know the light. And despite that, you want to return her into the well? That’s crueler than just forever being in the well」


Holding my face, Asahina quietly spoke to me.

I know. I knew about it before you even said it. But――


「I don’t want them to die」


「I’m worried about them」


「Because they believed in me」


「They’re important to me」



Asahina nods and replied in a gentle voice. Loosening her grip from my collar, she smiled at me and gently stroked my head.


「You finally became obedient for a moment. I also don’t want to expose them to danger. That is why we have to talk about what to do. So, don’t just go blaming it on someone and run away ok? Right?」


Stroking my head, Asahina asking in a gentle tone.


「I understand that it’s dangerous, but in my opinion, it’s still better to talk to them. Since you care and worry about those two, you didn’t want to discuss this with them. It means that this is finally the starting line for you to be able to talk to them」


Saying that Asahina patted my shoulder and sat on the sofa, picking up her teacup and sips at her tea that had already cooled down.


You got me there. I’m unable to say anything in return. But I’m not that frustrated. On the contrary, it felt like a huge weight being lifted off my chest.


「Since I’m already I troubling you, can I say one more thing?」



Asahina who was sipping her tea let out a satisfied sigh and looked at me.


「Suzuhara-kun. You are strong. But you’re also weak. The root of your strength is to ruthlessly crush your opponent no matter what relationship have with your opponent. But in doing so, you are taking your life too lightly. Though it is scary, at the same time it’s also fragile. You must value your own life. If not, then when you’re faced with a critical situation, you’ll be swooped off your feet」


Hearing Asahina’s words, I chuckled to myself.

Well, I do think what Asahina is saying is right. But, to value my own life? To hear it from you?


「Aren’t you the same?」


Chuckling, I asked. Asahina shrugged her shoulders.


「Unfortunately, but you and I are completely different. Never have I ever thought of trying to throw away my life. I hate retreating and I’m a big fan of taking things head on, but for that reason, I’ve never once thought about throwing away my life. Don’t lump me together with you who always takes a one-way ticket to death」


Asahina chuckled.

What the hell are you on about? After fighting to the death with Kamuro Hizuki, you’re now saying you have no intention of dying?

If Tamamushi didn’t save you, you might have been dead. Even if you’re saved, you definitely wouldn’t be the same as before.

I wanted to tell her to stop joking around, but in her case, I think she’s being serious.

Since her stupidity is uncontrollable.



For Marina and Yuka, it’s whether or not we decide to discuss this situation with the two of them.

My opinion is to not discuss it with those two and proceed with the strategy with the people currently in this room. Whereas, Asahina thinks we should tell them about this situation and let them decide what to do for themselves.

What’s left are Rikka and Tamamushi’s opinions。


「In my opinion, although it’s painful for me to go against master’s opinions, I must agree with Asahina. The reason why is, though I may sound heartless to say this, it’s because those two people are “convenient”. For that reason, I decided that if the both of them cooperated, then it will become more reassuring for me」


Rikka who obediently sat next to me spoke those words from her heart.

Rikka declared that having them two cooperating will be more convenient.

Throwing my thoughts away about whether how important they are and how much I worry about them, placing my main priority on protecting myself. For that reason, she wants me to use whatever that’s usable. That’s Rikka’s way of thinking.

Normally I might be in a rage, but after being severely scolded by Asahina, I was able to calmly listen to Rikka’s opinions.

Rikka’s probably thinking that if she told me her true intentions to the me right now, she’ll be fine.


「Then, I’m going next」


As soon as Rikka stopped talking, sitting next to Asahina, Tamamushi raised her voice.


「Because I have no relation between the two of them, I have no choice but to judge from the story so far」


Saying so, Tamamushi closed her eyes and crossed her arms.

Well, that’s true. Since Tamamushi haven’t even met those two.


「Let’s see, humu. I also want them to cooperate with us. Because I highly value Asahina and that demi-human girl (TN: Rikka). Although I don’t like that demi-human girl, I do highly value her abilities. Same goes for Asahina. And that’s why I acknowledge both Asahina and that demi-human. From my judgments, they’ll definitely be useful. And also――」


After stopping her sentence, Tamamushi opened her eyes and stared at me at me with her emerald green eyes.


「The girls who are deeply attracted to “Earth’s eye” are highly likely to awaken superhuman abilities」

(TN: Pretty sure she’s talking about Yuka and Marina in this case)


While gazing straight at me, she murmured quietly.

Oh, that reminds me, she also mentioned the same thing when she was healing Asahina’s body.

Wow, seriously? Are you saying that there’s a possibility that those two have become different entities because of me?

(TN: Basically, he’s asking if they’re no longer ordinary human beings)


「If those two have awakened superhuman abilities, according to the Nature Conservation Organization, it will be highly likely for them to be captured and detained. If they’re like an alien species like me, then there are no problems. Since I’m good at handling my abilities, and I can also teach them some techniques. However, if their abilities are awakened, the majority of it will rampage, and destroy their minds and spirit. If their abilities are awakened by the Earth’s eye, then that’s a different story, but naturally, it’s dangerous unless you know about it」


I held my head in my hands after hearing what Tamamushi said.

Even though those two were the only ones that I didn’t want to involve, they’ll be under the watchful eyes of the Nature Conservation Organization and it’ll be highly likely for them to be detained?

So basically, in other words, they’ve already been dragged into this mess.

Holy shit.


「What happens after you get detained?」

「If you awaken your abilities and it runs wild, breaking you mentally and spiritually, well, I guess they’ll treat you as a subject who possesses supernatural abilities and send you to the mental institution. You’ll probably be confined there. However, if that’s not the case, then they’ll certainly examine you. If you awaken your abilities and there are no abnormalities, then you’ll be deemed abnormal」

「The absence of an abnormality is abnormal?」

「Umu. Once you awaken your abilities, your mind and spirit will undoubtedly be unable to bear it. For example, what happens when one day you’re able to see ghosts? Even though the people around you can’t see the ghosts, and suddenly you’re the only one who can see them. No one will understand you. Well, sooner or later, you’ll go mad」

「I see」


If someone were to be born with such a special ability like me, then it would be common sense for them to be able to see ghosts. Rikka had her abilities ever since she’s born and Tamamushi belongs to the insect manipulation family,

For Asahina, well, let’s make her an exception.

Anyways, if one day you wake up and suddenly have supernatural powers, you will definitely get confused and fall into a panic.

With everything changed completely, no one will be able to understand what happened.

You’ll no longer be able to tell what’s common sense and what’s not, and you’ll also no longer be able to tell whether or not if you’re the one who’s crazy or sane.

Just as Tamamushi said, sooner or later you’ll go crazy.

Though there are some people who can handle it, I think it’s extremely difficult to maintain a decent mental state.


「However, awakening your powers due to the “Earth’s eye” is different. The person who becomes the target would be unknowingly led astray. Therefore, without causing a mental disintegration――」


Stopping mid-sentence, Tamamushi stood up vigorously.


「Oh right! Is that how it is! This means that girl with who possesses the Heaven’s eye is able to awaken her abilities without having her mind and spirit broken!」


Yelling that out, Tamamushi got onto the table and grabbed me.


「The Heaven’s eye! According to my references, here are those who can fully awaken the Heaven’s eye! Unless a saint who has reached to the point of enlightenment, it is impossible to completely control that power! But there’s an exception!  “Earth’s eye” is able to support the Heaven’s eye! Do you know how tremendously powerful that can be?!」


Grabbing my collar with both hands, Tamamushi yelled at the top of her lungs as if she has lost their mind.

Do I understand? Obviously, I don’t. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


「That girl, we can ask the girl who has the Heaven’s eye for help! If we make the girl who has the Heaven’s eye our comrade, we’ll be able to further strengthen our team!」



Listening to Tamamushi, my mood worsened.

Are you saying that we should ask Kamuro Hizuki for help? I don’t really want that.

She finally gave up on me and to suddenly ask her to help on the day, she’ll definitely take advantage of that weakness.

Nah, but… If I was the only one who compromises, then won’t we be able to dramatically increase our fighting power?

Then we should compromise here.

But…even though she’s a real beauty, she creeps me out.


「She won’t take advantage of your weakness」

「Really now… She’ll probably tell me to have sex with her in return for her cooperation」

「Isn’t it a good thing if it only comes down to doing that? It’s nothing to fret about」

「No, if it’s her, then I don’t think I can get my dick up」

「Please leave it to me then. Because I’ll do my best」




Someone replied in high spirits.

Huh? Who am I talking to?

When I looked to the side, I saw Kamuro Hizuki staring at me with a full smile.


Why is Kamuro Izuki sitting next to me?




I instinctively retreated to the side and bumped into Rikka.


(TN: Cho, chocho, chochocho――   à   ちょ、ちょちょ、ちょちょちょ――)

(TN: And no. As much as it sounds like it, it’s not a choochoo train)


「Why the hell are YOU here?! Where the fuck did you come from?!」


My ability is certainly activated. However, I completely didn’t notice that Kamuro Hizuki had entered the house.

Fucking Heaven’s eye. With her near me, my ability won’t be able to function at all.


「It doesn’t mean that your ability would stop working. The Earth’s eye and the Heaven’s eye resonates with each other. In other words, you and I are destined to be bound together♡」


Looking into my heart, the seemingly happy Kamuro Hizuki spoke out to me while blushing.

Why is my ability not functioning when it resonates with yours? I don’t understand what you mean.


「Suzuhara-kun’s ability is properly activated. Since it’s resonating with my ability, the effectiveness rose up considerably. Instead, the abilities that aren’t necessary are automatically canceled, so they have stopped functioning」


The effectiveness rose up? I can’t feel it at all. In addition, the abilities that aren’t necessary are automatically canceled?

After all, my ability has become strange because of you.


「Also, I entered the house from the front door like a normal person would. I yelled out plenty of times but no one responded, so I let myself in」


Smiling sweetly, Kamuro Hizuki took my teacup and looked at it with an entranced expression and licked the teacup.


「Aaaah♡ It tastes like Suzuhara-kun’s saliva♡ Derishous♡」

(TN: おいひい = oihii. It’s an intentional spelling error of the word delicious = oishii)


Letting out a sweet voice, she twitched in pleasure.

Disgusting. As expected, that person is disgusting. Stop twitching in pleasure from licking my teacup that I just used.


「Hizuki, it’s not good to lie. You certainly called out to us before you entered the house, but you called out so quietly that it was inaudible」


As I looked into the direction to the owner of the voice, inside her silver hair popped out a pair of dog ears and a fluffy tail grew out of her butt and having red eyes similar to Rikka’s.

She looks like Rikka, but the girl had more of a mature body.

Kazahana stood behind Rikka who is sitting on the sofa.

Following my gaze, Rikka twitched as she looked behind her. Even Rikka didn’t notice that Kamuro Hizuki and Kazahana had trespassed into the house.

Did Kamuro Hizuki’s ability confuse Rikka’s wild instincts?

What a nasty ability.


「My deepest apologies, Suzuharu-sama. I tried stopping her many times, but Hizuki kept insisting on coming back」


Saying so, Kazahana lowers her head and apologized from the bottom of her heart.

「After retreating so graciously, then hurriedly coming back. I don’t know whether to feel embarrassed or miserable. Causing such an inconvenience, I don’t know how to apologize to everyone……」

「Kazahana, you don’t understand. Suzuhara-kun was longing for me. That’s why I came back!」


While Kamuro Hizuki pridefully answered Kazahana who seems like she’s about to cry, Kazahana repeatedly lowered her head many times to me.


「Hey onee-san, seems like you’re having a tough time as well……」


Rikka murmured and looked at Kazahana with a vacant expression who was giving an earnest apology.

Yep, totally. Even though Kazahana did nothing wrong.


「Arara, fufu, are you coming back to sell me a fight with me again? I’ll gladly buy it」


Upon Kamuro Hizuki’s sudden appearance, Asahina didn’t even show the slightest discomposure. Putting on leg over the other, she rests her chin on her right hand and gazes at Hizuki with an overwhelmingly condescending expression.


「Fufu, I’ve already had enough fighting with you. If you’re unable to stomach my existence, then punch me as much as you please. You can even kill me if you want. I came here with this much resolution」


Despite seeing Asahina’s overbearing and haughty attitude, Kamuro Hizuki smiled without losing her calm demeanor.


「If you came here to sell a fight, then I’ll buy it. If not, then why do I have to hit you? I can’t find a reason to hit you」


Even though Asahina was beaten into tatters by Kamuro Hizuki, Asahina is saying that she can’t find a reason why she can’t beat her up.


「There’s no reason to hit me, hmm? After all, I guess I’m no match for you. It’s my loss, so don’t tease me like that」


Still keeping that same smile, Kamuro Hizuki lowered her head to Asahina.


「Your wish is to be united with Suzuhara-kun right?」

「Eee、hai、that’s exactly right」

(TN: Somehow it feels more appropriate to leave the raws in the conversation since quite a lot of expressions are lost in translation)


Kamuro Hizuki nods to Asahina’s question.

Oi, didn’t you say that you’ve given up on me?


「Then I’ll tell you one thing. Since you’ve lost to me, you definitely can’t win against Yuuki-senpai. That person is always putting on a smiling face, you can never guess what thinking inside her head. At any rate, she’s also a girl who’s acknowledged by Suzuhara-kun」


You never know what’s happening inside Marina’s head. You’re probably the last person Marina wants to hear that from.


「Fufu, because “I can see”, I can roughly tell. And because of that, my stomach hurts」


Looking as if she’s uncomfortable, Kamuro Hizuki smiled bitterly and placed both hands onto her stomach, pressing against it.


「Ara? Saying that your stomach hurts, does that mean you’re intending to become a candidate to be Suzuhara-kun’s girlfriend? Aren’t you doing as you please?」


Doing as you please. That’s revolting.


「Ee、eee、more or less, if I can, then I think it would be nice to be his girlfriend……」


Oi, hang the fuck on. Didn’t you say that you only want to do it with me, and have absolutely no intention in becoming my girlfriend?

You’re far from giving up on me, and it’s getting worse by the minute.


「I think we should better stop. I’ll tell you something, leaving Yuuki-senpai as she is, did you know that Yuka’s really scary when she’s seriously angry? You better give up on becoming a candidate to be his girlfriend and just do what you came here to do, then run away as quickly as possible」


I certainly do think it’s quite scary if Yuka gets seriously angry. Be it as it is, do what you came here to do, then quickly run away. That is why you’re so revolting.


「Ah、Ahahaha、you’re quite dry」


Kamuro Hizuki smiled bitterly at Asahina’s vulgar words.


「Oh well. I’m not really interested in something like love」


Oh, really now? Suit yourself.


「As per usual, you’re not being honest」

「Nnn? I wonder if you said anything?」


In response to Kamuro Hizuki’s muttering, Asahina twitched in response and tilted her head while smiling at her.


「N-no, it’s nothing……」


Saying that Kamuro Hizuki gave a cramped smile and diverts her gaze away from Asahina.


Provoking Asahina who had just lost in a fight or Kamuro Hizuki’s light jabs, Asahina is definitely the scarier one.

According to Tamamushi, it seems that Kamuro Hizuki was able to completely awaken her Heaven’s eyes, however, she’s still no match for Asahina.

I guess there are no opponents who can match an idiot.

Well thanks to Asahina, it’s helpful that Kamuro Hizuki has become more obeidient。


「Oh the girl who possesses the Heaven’s eye! I apologize for confining you! I am willing to accept any form of punishments!」


Tamamushi who suddenly raised her voice, groveled (dogeza) on the table.


「I want you to tell me! Is there a future where Asahina can be saved?! I don’t care what happens to me! Is there a future where people aside from me are able to laugh and smile?! Everything should be “visible” to you!」


Tamamushi desperately screams as she maintains her groveling posture。

If you’re able to see the past, the present and the future, then you can certainly see the future where Asahina can be saved.

However, it’s only if “there’s such a future”.

If there isn’t, then it basically means she’s hopeless.

No matter what you do, you’ll “know” that it’s impossible to save Asahina.

I see. An ability where you can see the future where no one is saved. To have the ability to know something like that is certainly not “decent” in any way. It’s the same ability where it can destroy both your mind and spirit.


「Tamamushi-san, I don’t intend to blame it on you. That said, unfortunately, my ability isn’t as omnipotent as you think. I’m unable to see all the futures. I can more or less see the future, but it’s very ambiguous. So, it should be wise for you to not rely on my foreseeing abilities too much」


Facing the groveling Tamamushi, Kamuro Hizuki looked at her and said apologetically.

You’re not able to see all the futures ahead of us?


「However, if you add me to your group, then your fighting power will dramatically increase. My ability can see all of the “present” activities. Everything on this planet. In other words, there’s no limit to my range, hence I have no blind spots.」


Even if she’s unable to foresee everything in the future, she’s able to see everything in the present. In addition, her effective range has no limits. That alone is threatening enough.


「Also, Yuuki Marina-san, and Tomoeeda Yuka-san. I suggest that you should also bring those two to increase our number of comrades. They do have pretty useful abilities」

「Usable abilities? As expected they have awoken their abilities?」

「I guess so」


Kamura Hizuki nods to my question.

So, Tamamushi’s speculation was right.

So it was my fault that those two……


「Yuuki Marina’s ability is “heart transmission”. It’s a telepathic ability. The ability doesn’t have any fighting capabilities, however, it’s a highly convenient ability. Normally it’s a category-F ability, but in her case, it’s slightly different from the norm」

「Different from the norm?」

「Eee、those who receive her “heart transmission”、their heart would feel “warm and fluffy”. And that isn’t found in an ordinary telepathic ability」



Your heart will feel warm and fluffy? What the hell? So what?


「Yuuki Marina’s ability would probably be classified as a category-B. It’s such an ability that is that amazing」

「Ha? Because it makes you feel warm and fluffy? Just because of that?」



Kamuro Hizuki nods in reply to my question.

Normally a “heart transmission” ability is a category-F ability, but since her ability has the added bonus of feeling warm and fluffy, it suddenly jumps up to a category-B?

Is she being serious or is she just fucking around?

I stared at Kamuro Hizuki, however, I’m unable to look into her heart. On the contrary, I’m unable to look into anyone else’s heart, and my ability to look through things isn’t even functioning properly.


That fucking broadcasting hijacker.


「Those who are affected by her “heart transmission” are able to feel warm and fluffy. That means, no matter what extreme situation you’re in, after listening to her “voice”, it would help you stay calm. It’s a very amazing ability which really suits her as well」


Ahh, I get it now.

After listening to Kamuro Hizuki’s explanation, I was able to comprehend what she was on about.

It’s not easy to calm your mind, especially when you’re faced in such extreme situations.

Though it might be a plain and simple ability, it may certainly be an amazing ability. And it sure seems to suit Marina.

Furthermore, acting as a command center, with Marina is not only equipped with her telepathic abilities as well as her sophisticated knowledge but also, she’s able to calm the subject’s mind and heart.

An ability that is too suitable for Marina.

As if someone made it specifically for her.


「Also, Tomoeeda Yuka’s ability is a little… uhh…no, pretty dangerous」


Hearing Kamuro Hizuki’s words, Asahina glared at her.

Dangerous ability? Is Yuka’s ability really dangerous?


「It’s a mantra from the Shingon sect (of Buddhism). Moreover, it’s a particularly powerful class among the other mantras, and it’s called the Lotus Flower. Her ability can act as an intermediary and it’s possible that she can also command others to do her bidding from just her voice. If she feels like it, she can alter people’s memories and kill people through only her words. Furthermore, she can instill non-existent traumatic experiences into people’s memories. It truly is a nasty ability. In other words, she has a super powerful brainwashing ability. However, the effective range is only where her voice is audible」


A powerful ability to interfere with sound waves as well as being able to command others. And a powerful brainwashing ability?

What’s with that dangerous ability?

Could it be that? Telling others to die and they’ll just die? Saying “go and die” would just kill anyone who’s able to hear it?

If that’s true, then it’s certainly quite a dangerous ability.


「Although the effective range is small, if you leave it alone for a certain amount of time, then it’s possible to dominate a whole country. However, it’s less effective on an idiot like Asahina」

「Did you say something?」

「Apologies, my tongue slipped out」


While being glared at Asahina, without feeling a sense of bashfulness, Kamuro Hizuki put out her tongue.


「Within the mantra, the Lotus Flower is classified as a category-B ability. From just looking at the ability, it should be in category-A. But, if the other party knows that we have a mantra ability user, they’ll be able to make countermeasures beforehand. For that reason, it’s a category-B ability」


Oh, Is that so? I thought it was quite a dangerous ability, but in the end, it’s in the B category?

Well, since her ability’s effective range is small, she’ll certainly be dead if she takes a single shot to the head from long range.


「The mantra ability she awakened reflects onto her desires. Wanting her voice to reach out to a certain someone. Unlike Yuuki Marina’s ability, Tomoeeda Yuka’s ability is very dangerous. If it is misused, then misfortune will surely come after the user. But, well, it will be okay. Her mantra is a bit different from the normal mantra」


Different from the normal ones? Among the mantra, her Lotus Flower is especially powerful, and what’s more, is that her ability is different from the ordinary?


「Her mantra has a very strong restriction. If she doesn’t believe it from the bottom of her heart, then her ability won’t activate. Since she doesn’t intend to bind others to her ability, she only wants to reach her voice out to someone. Therefore, perhaps she can’t kill people with her ability. The mantra is a very dangerous ability. Using that to intimidate others might be just enough. Thus, her mantra will be classified as a category-C」

After listening to Kamuro Hizuki’s explanation, Asahina patted her chest and released a sigh of relief.

A restriction eh?

That restriction is definitely something she created subconsciously.

It’s a very Yuka-like thing to have


「Heart transmission and mantra. Those two abilities are very compatible with each other. If they’re able to work together and synchronize their abilities, they would undoubtedly match a category-A ability. If Yuka-san’s mantra ability synchronizes Marina-san’s heart transmission ability, they’ll almost become invincible, because Marina-san’s heart transmission drastically increases the range of Yuka-san’s mantra. Additionally, when you also add my Heaven’s eye, we can instantaneously brainwash everyone in the whole world」


Synchronizing heart transmission with mantra? Is it possible to do such a thing? Furthermore, she said that if we add her Heaven’s eye into it, we can instantaneously brainwash everyone in the whole world?


「But it’s better not to brainwash everyone in the whole world, because the world would stop functioning if everyone becomes a puppet」


Saying that Kamuro Hizuki shrugs her shoulders.

The combination of Marina, Yuka, and Kamuro Hizuki’s abilities would seriously be a dangerous thing.

However, as she said, the mantra wouldn’t work on a person like Asahina, so I guess it’s not omnipotent.

In addition, since Marina’s ability would make you feel all warm inside, then it would be pretty bad when used if we’re doing something with a bad intention.


「That’s exactly right. The value of Marina-san’s ability would drop if we intend to do bad things. And also, Yuka-san’s ability won’t activate if she’s unable to convince herself that her words are true from the bottom of her heart」


Saying that Kamuro Hizuki nods in agreement.

Oi, stop looking into my mind.

(TN: The actual translation is “Oi, stop looking into my heart”, but it just doesn’t sound right. I don’t know if I should leave it or change it)


「And for Himehajou Yukina-san. She has also awoken her abilities」



Yukina? Yukina as well?!


「Wai-wait a second! (TN: Cho、chottomate!) Involving her is――」

「Her abilities would sooner or later awaken anyways. Instead of leaving her alone, you should lead her the way by making her work alongside us」


I absolutely can’t get Yukina involved in this, is what I wanted to say, but I was cut off by Kamuro Hizuki’s words.


「It’s ok. There’s no danger when she’s accompanying you. Because――」


Kamuro Hizuki said as she stood up and looked at all of us.


「In the C category, we have Tamamushi-san, Kazebana, and Tomeeda Yuka-san. In category-B, we have Rikka and Yuuki-Marina-san. Category-A, we have me. And due to various reasons, Suzuhara-kun and Asahina-san are outside the spectrum. It’s a very balanced team. So, why don’t we go and destroy a country together? We do have some serious fighting power」


Entertained by that suggestion, Kamuro Hizuki said it as she chuckled.

Well I mean, that’s what I thought from looking at Kamuro Hizuki chuckling like that.

Didn’t you say you’re going to figure everything out?


「Maa、if you put it in terms of gaining life experience, it’s better to have Himehajou Yukina-san accompanying us. If she hasn’t awoken her abilities yet, then I won’t say anything, but she sure is amazing. Since――」


Saying that Kamuro Hizuki poked my nose with her finger.


「Suzuhara-kun is like a younger brother who is dearly cherished by her, more than anyone else in the world. I’m sure she’ll become a girl who’s more amazing than anyone else. Is what I think」


Saying such a thing, she smiled.

Becoming a girl who’s more amazing than anyone. I sure hope she doesn’t become like Asahina. If so, I definitely don’t want that to happen.


Kisaragi「We’re unwanted children, don’t you think?……」


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