X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 91

I’m currently in Tamamushi’s bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, Kamuro Hizuki linked her arms around mine as she rested her head onto my shoulders and cuddled close to me.


「Aah♡ It seems like a dream♡」


With her cheeks dyed red, Kamuro Hizuki muttered as she closed her eyes and leaked out a hot sigh.

I agree. If possible, I wish this could be all a dream.

Why are you asking that I’m alone with Kamuro Hizuki in the bedroom you say? Well, there were various circumstances.

From summing up all of our conversations that we had just then, we decided to follow Kamuro Hizuki’s suggestion, which is to bring Marina, Yuka, and Yukina into this time’s operation.

However, if they refuse our proposal, then we intend to obediently back down.

In other words, we adopted Asahina’s proposal.

That’s why I planned to go and pick up Marina, Yuka, and Yukina, but before that, there was something I had to do.

(TN: More like being forced to do)

In the previous situation, the information about the Nature Conservation Organization could only be relied on Tamamushi’s knowledge.

However, once Kamuro Hizuki joined, that completely changed our situation.

Kamuro Hizuki who’s able to completely understand everything that happens in the “present”, is obviously able to perfectly grasp all the information about the Nature Conservation Organization as well. No, it’s better to say that she hasn’t grasped it perfectly. Sharing that information takes priority over everything else.

The core item in making a plan of action is information.

Because before you head into a fight, you’re already able to roughly determine who the victor is through obtaining their information.

One of the winning factors to a fight is to know how to obtain information about the enemy. And due to Kamuro Hizuki’s existence, we’re at an overwhelmingly advantageous position. However, it would be all meaningless if Kamuro Hizuki keeps the information all to herself.

Thus, we had to undergo a process of offering something for the information in order to for her to give it to us――


『A-About that……There’s something I have to say……』


With Asahina, Rikka, Kazahana, and Tamamushi all gathered in the living room, asking what Kamuro Kizuki wants in return for the information, Kamuri Hizuki starts to fidget as she blushes up to her ears and giving me a quick glance.


I had a bad feeling about this. An extremely bad feeling.


『E-Explaining it with words is…umm…it will just waste our time…and also…I’m bad with my words…so I don’t have the confidence to explain it well……』


Kamuro Hizuki says as she continues to fidget, seemingly as if she’s an “innocent” young maiden while shyly giving me a few quick glances.


Do you know what being bad with your words even mean?! Is what I wanted to cut in and say, but I think if I make the wrong move now, then we won’t be able to progress. So, for the time being, I decided to let Kamuro Hizuki say whatever she wants.


『L-Let’s not explain it in words, but instead, if we link our consciousness together, it is possible that you’ll be able to perfectly understand the information that I currently have. I think doing that, will be better……』


Sharing our consciousness. If you can do such things, by all means, I want you to do it. Is what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

If sharing our consciousness is that simple, then there’s no reason for Kamuro Hizuki to start fidgeting so shyly. In other words, there are specific conditions that are necessary for it to work. Moreover, from just looking at Kamuro Hizuki’s behavior, I was able to roughly outline what kind of conditions they were.


『We needed to be d-deeply, deeply, deeply, deeeeeeeply♡ connected with each other♡』


Blushing furiously, Kamuro Hizuki looked at me with wet eyes. As I expected.

To be deeply connected. That means to have sex.

Do we need to hug each other naked? Or do we have to entwine our tongues together? Or is it that we have firmly join our genitals together?

(TN: “Fuck ‘er right in da pussy”)

I can’t really judge from it, but I think it’s definitely joining our sexual organs together.

Well, it all comes down to if Kamuro Hizuki is telling the “true”.

Honestly, I doubt what she says is true. However, even if we’ve been deceived by her, we won’t receive any damage from it. So, it just comes down to me and if I can be able to bear with it.

Also, if Kamuro Hizuki is actually lying, then I’ll never trust her again. Kamuro Hizuki herself should be already aware of it.

So, are you just going to throw everything away in order to do it with me once?

If it’s Kamuro Hizuki, then it may be pretty likely, but, if she’s really telling the truth, then the price to pay is negligible to the information being obtained.


『Alright, I believe you. If you’re fine with me, then I’ll do anything. You can tell me to do anything』


I told Kamuro Hizuki.

I purposely chose my words carefully in order to imply that I trust her.

I carried the intention of implying to Kamuro Hizuki that if she deceives me, then I’ll never believe a single word that comes out of her mouth ever again.

Kamuro Hizuki was clearly frightened by my words.

It’s as if she didn’t think that she’d expect me to agree to her proposal.

Was Kamuro Hizuki acting or was it due to her “ambiguous future prediction”?

It’s unavoidable to think about it. Although Kamuro Hizuki said that my ability is working properly, but since I can’t “see” then it couldn’t be helped to think about it.

(TN: If you’re wondering why the mc is using Kamuro Hizuki’s full name when he describes her actions, he’s basically implying to the readers that he is distancing himself from her and treating her like a stranger because he obviously doesn’t like her)

Anyhow, I sold myself in order to get the information.

I decided to leave everything in Kamuro Hizuki’s hands.


Especially for times like these.


「And how long exactly do we need to be connected for?」


After sitting on the bed for about 30 minutes, I called out and asked Kamuro Hizuki who is doing nothing else but clinging onto me.


「A、ano、ano、ano desu ne♡ Sono、ano、that is…♡ A-Are you saying that you didn’t understand what I said…?♡」

(TN: For more immersion, I left it like so)


Kamuro Hizuki who has been resting her head on my shoulder all this time lifted her head up and looked at me and asked in a shaky voice.

She blushes so hard until it seems like her face is burning up and looks at me with her black eyes as hearts float up onto her pupils. I could only see myself reflected in her eyes. Almost as if from looking at Kamuro Hizuki’s lips, they were telling me that she’s scared.

It doesn’t seem like she’s lying.

No, without my abilities, my judgments have become dull.

In other words, the me now is able to be “fooled easily”.

However, I’m prepared to be deceived.

If Kamuro Hizuki is telling the “truth”, then the value of obtaining the information becomes immeasurable. For that sake, I’m thoroughly prepared to sell myself to her. Don’t worry anymore. Don’t hesitate. Come clean and offer up everything.


「I told you I’ll do anything. I’ll follow what you say. I’m sorry but, I’m bad at dealing with you. I can’t do anything about that」


Saying that to Kamuro Hizuki, she shook her head.


「I completely understand that you’re disgusted by me♡ Nevertheless, I feel nothing but gratitude for you who accepted me♡」


While looking at me with heart-shaped pupils, Kamuro Hizuki whispered into my ear in a sweet voice.

Beautiful long black hair and big droopy eyes. Skin as white as snow and a feminine rounded body. While still wearing her school uniform, she pressed her two huge lumps of meat against my chest.

From judging only by her looks, she’s a beautiful girl who rivals Asahina’s beauty.

A beautiful girl where no one will complain a single word if they get to do it with her. But even so, why do I feel a great deal of antipathy towards this girl?

However, honestly speaking, it seems that my feeling of disgust towards her has become lesser than before.

If that wasn’t the case, then no matter how much I’ll gain from it, I would probably never allow myself to be in a room alone with Kamuro Hizuki.


「I think it’s definitely due to my ability♡」


Kamuro Hizuki said. Did she see through my thoughts?


「The Heaven’s eye’s power is enormous♡ No, it’s too powerful♡ It’s an uncontrollable ability that even the mediocre me is unable to handle♡ But if it’s you, there may be a possibility to be able to control it♡ If the me before was able to awaken the Heaven’s eye, then the ability would surely run rampant♡ I’ll certainly head towards the path of destruction♡ That is why you hated me♡ So you judged me as a dangerous being and tried to avoid me ♡」


I understand where Kamuro Hizuki’s words were coming from.

According to Tamamushi’s explanation, the original characteristics of my ability is to look into other people’s thoughts and guiding it. At the same time, it has the possibility to awaken supernatural powers and further raising their power levels.

That’s why I instinctively avoided Kamuro Hizuki and regarded her a dangerous being.

So what’s the situation now?

Although I still somewhat have the feeling of disgust towards Kamuro Hizuki, I’m trying to accept her.

So does that mean, my instincts are telling me that Kamuro Hizuki isn’t dangerous anymore?


「Precisely ♡ “Mota-kun”(TN: Is this the mc’s first name? I’m confused) is already starting to accept me♡ Just a little bit, only just a little bit, Mota-kun is starting to love me♡ But it’s only a little bit, so rest assured♡ You’ll never drown me♡(TN: No idea wth she’s on about) So, you can love me without any worries♡ It’s fine♡ so it’s fine♡」


Saying it in a sweet whisper, she looks at me with wet eyes1

I saw a large eye inside her head.

The Heaven’s eye.

It gives me the sensation of having my whole body eroding as I’m being swallowed by it.

This feeling, I’m being mentally and spiritually guided. So I’m being mind-controlled.

Heeh, I see. What Kamuro Hizuki said wasn’t entirely a lie.

It seems that my ability is in an unusable state, but I was able to “be aware” Kamuro Hizuki’s mental induction.

And apparently, it seems that the power of my mental resistance is making it “less effective”. That, I was able to “understand”.

In other words, though my ability is in an unusable state, it is still properly functioning.

The Earth’s eye and the Heaven’s eye are polar opposites to each other. Maybe it’s due to my ability is currently rendered in an unusable state, the Heaven’s eye can’t forcibly interfere my mental state.


「So this a kind of mind-control. If it was an ordinary person, then they would be put in a brainwashed state, but did you know that the effects are almost negligible when it’s used on me?」


Saying it to Kamuro Hizuki, she let out a cheeky laugh and put out her tongue.


「So it failed after all? I’m sorry. I really wanted to try it out」


Without being timid about it, Kamuro Hizuki laughed.


「It was truly beyond my expectations for you to actually accept me. So, perhaps, I thought I was eroding your consciousness without even realizing. So, I tried it, but it seems like you don’t need to worry about it」


Is Kamuro Hizuki telling the truth or is she lying?

It seems to me that after failing to brainwash me, she’s using that as an excuse, but I also think that her ability is too strong and that she’s confused.


「And? How do we actually share our consciousness?」


It can’t be helped thinking about it, so I thought we should just hurry up and head straight to the main point. Thus, I asked Kamuro Hizuki that question.


「T-That…that is…umm…I don’t really know……I’m sorry」


Kamuro Hizuki looked at me with upturned eyes and answered me, contradicting what she said before.

“I don’t really know”? It was you who was the one who told everyone about the process. And yet, what do you mean that you don’t know?


「I-I do know how to share it. And I know that we have to deeply connect our hearts together. However, I don’t know how to follow through with the process. I’m really sorry for giving you such an ambiguous answer」


Saying so, Kamuro Hizuki lowered her head, looking very apologetic.

Saying that you don’t know about it, then how the hell am I supposed to know either?

What are we going to do?


「So does that mean we’ll have to try out various ways? I don’t really mind if it’s like that?」


Saying it to Kamuro Hizuki, her upturned eyes turned into a vibrant smile.


「T-Thank you so much♡」


Looking extremely happy, she thanked me with her cheeks dyed red.

Looking at her like this, she really seems to be an ordinary girl. Even though she recently awoke the Heaven’s eye, it seems that she’s become much more “decent” than before.

Most of all, it’s because that she’s able to see “everything in the present” and “ambiguous futures”. Utilizing that, she may just be acting out as an “ordinary girl”.

In order to share our consciousness, I followed Kamuro Hizuki’s instructions accordingly and sat on the bed. And right in front of me, Kamuro Hizuki is also sitting on the bed. We’re both sitting and facing each other.


「T-Then…should we try holding hands?♡」


Reaching out with both hands, Kamuro Hizuki asked and looked at me with her heart-shaped pupils.


「You started from a pretty temperate place」


Saying that to Kamuro Hizuki, I grabbed both her hands.

As I took both her hands, the trembling Kamuro Hizuki flinched. Feeling embarrassed, she looked away and starts fidget.

Feeling the sensation under my palms, I can feel that her fingers are soft and supple. Her body temperature is lower than mine, so her hands felt cold.


「What’s wrong?」


To my question, still looking away, Kamuro Hizuki shakes her head.


「So what’s next?」


Clearly seeing Kamuro Hizuki getting all quiet and embarrassed, I got annoyed and asked her a question.

To my question, Kamuro Hizuki flinched and looked at me as if she’s about to cry. Then she tightly gripped onto my hands.


――I-It’s embarrassing. Can you take the lead?


Kamuro Hizuki who looks as if she’s about to cry, I could tell what she wants to say by looking at her eyes.

Even if you tell me to lead…how the hell am I even supposed to know when you’re the one who doesn’t know what to do next? But as it stands, we’ll be wasting time.

So, I guess I should take the initiative and try out different things.

It somehow feels like I’m trapped in Kamuro Hizuki’s scheme, but I’ve already sold my body to her. Whether if it’s a trap or not, it’ll be a cheap price to pay in order to share our consciousness and obtain the information.


「Well then, should we have sex?」


After all, we’ll be heading towards that direction anyway, so might as well get it over and done with. Hence, I asked straightforwardly.

Kamuro Hizuki jumped in reflex in response to my question and in an instant, as if her face is burning up, she became completely red in the face. She then started to tremble.


「A、ano♡ ano♡ T-That is…♡ Shouldn’t we use that as our last resort?♡」


While keeping her gaze away from my direction, she let out a faint whisper as she continues to tremble.

I thought I would agree with that, but unexpectedly, I suggested a straightforward solution.

Maa, although it’s a waste of time trying out other alternatives, we’re also not cornered to that point either. In addition, establishing a way to share our thoughts, has great merits that others won’t have.

If having sex won’t link our thoughts together, then that means that for girls, it’s impossible to share each other’s thoughts.


「I understand. Well then, should we try out different alternatives?」


As I said that, I pulled her hands that I was holding towards me, Kamuro Hizuki who fell into my embrace as I placed my hands on her narrow waist and hugged her.

Kamuro Hizuki’s begins to tremble all over. Is she nervous?

I felt a soft sensation on my chest as a faintly sweet smell tickled my nose.

For the first time, I could tell that she has a fragile and delicate body from hugging her.

No matter how much power you have, with that weak and fragile body, how did you have such the nerve to confront Asahina front on?

Oh, I get it. Surely at that time, after she saw my back turned to her as I was heading back, thinking that she lost. That’s why I think my dislike for her has diminished a little than before.

But even so, she’s still weak.

As it seems, the way for our minds to be shared is surely related to our mental state.

So, I don’t think it’s good to be nervous. Then I have to ease Kamuro Hizuki’s tension。


「Let’s hug like this for awhile」


While firmly hugging Kamuro Hizuki, I whispered in a soft voice.


「Y-YYY-Yes♡ I’m sorry…♡」


While being strongly embraced by me, Kamuro Hizuki responded in a panic and for some reason, apologized.

There isn’t even a reason for her to apologize.

Maa, Kamuro Hizuki knows that she’s hated by me, so I guess it’s natural for her to get all nervous and panicky.

I wonder how much time has passed.

Kamuro Hizkuki who’s being hugged by me, gradually loosened up a little.

She seems ok, so it’s ok if we should do it.

No, wait. It’s troubling that every time we try a different method, she gets nervous. Furthermore, if it’s related to our mental state, then it might be pointless to physically get the job done.

I’ve sold my body already. I’ve also prepared myself for this. So, I must follow through.


「“Hizuki”, it’s ok, leave everything to me」2

As I whispered beside Hizuki’s ear who was still in my embrace, Hizuki twitched and her whole body stiffened.

I then slowly pushed Hizuki down who’s still in that state.

If the process of sharing our consciousness becomes successful, then I should feel her consciousness flowing into me. In other words, I don’t have to stop and check on Hizuki every time.

As I thought that, I gently kissed and licked Hizuki’s pale thin neck

Hizuki twitched.

Due to her nervousness, her skin became slightly sweaty. Using my tongue, I gently licked and caressed her neck with it in a loving manner.

Every time I stimulate her neck with my tongue, the twitchy and trembling Hizuki tightly shut her lips and clenches fists as she desperately tries to hold her voice down.

I do it with caution and in a way which aims to untangle the knot in the woman’s heart.

As far as I knew, Marina was the one who had hostility towards me and was being nervous and highly alerted. It was a simple and pleasant experience to alleviate Marina’s hostility, nervousness, and tension towards me. It’s because I relentlessly aimed at her weakness and made her cum countless times.

If that’s the case, then I’ll make Hizuki cum the same way countless times, and after that, it should ease her tension.

However, because my ability is unable to function properly, I have no idea where Hizuki’s weak point is.

If Marina or Yuka were to be my partner, then I have to confidence to make them cum without using my ability, but for Hizuki’s case, the information I have on here is too minuscule, so I don’t have to confidence to do so.

I don’t know whether it is possible for me to make her cum without the aid of my ability。




While I was worrying over it, Hizuki called out to me.


「I-If you’re my partner (for sex), then I’m already happy♡」


While trembling, Hizuki desperately tries to raise her voice. Hearing those words, “Ah, I see”, is what I thought.

Although I’ve accustomed to “look” in other people’s hearts(thoughts), I’m not used to other people looking into mine. Because of that, I tend to forget that Hizuki is able to “see” my thoughts.


「My bad. I’ve caught red-handed that in order to get the information from you, I’m pretending to treat you as a “woman”」


To pretend to treat Hizuki as a “woman” in order to draw out the information from her is more cold-hearted than treating her as a tool.

If I treat her as a tool, then she’ll probably be satisfied. Even if it’s a lie, if I treat Hizuki as a “woman”, Hizuki will go along with it.


「I-I’m fine with it♡ I-I completely understand♡ Because I can see everything♡ I’m not a troublesome woman who easily misunderstands things♡」


I could not judge whether her words were true or false. That though is also “visible” to Hizuki.

It’s really a troublesome ability. For the both of us.


「I may have been scared」


Hizuki, who was pushed down onto the bed by me, looked right up at me as I murmured.


「You’re closer to me than anyone else. Brute force wouldn’t work on you. In front of you, I’m completely naked. If it’s you, then you should know. You should know how much of an uncool and impertinent human that I am. Perhaps it’s because you know about it, I tried to deny it」


I was able to secure an absolutely advantageous position by using my ability. Utilizing that, I played around with Marina and Yuka. I found it fun while doing that.

However, with that person, it won’t work.

To put it simply, it might be scary. I was probably scared about my true nature being revealed.

And yet, with some reason or another, I kept my distance from her.

I found a “comrade” having similar abilities, having to bear similar sufferings, having to walk a similar path of life.

She’s the only person who understands me and someone who I’m able to call a comrade.

Hizuki and I are like two sides of a coin.

The first time she appeared in front of me, I should have understood her then.

That is something that nobody can do. Not even Kazebana nor Rikka.

It’s only possible to understand for those who possess a similar ability like mine.


「Please stop!」


Hizuki suddenly cried out.


「Please stop it already! I’m fine even if it’s a lie! It’s ok if it’s a fabrication! But even so, please don’t be so kind to me! Please don’t look at me with such gentle eyes! I will misunderstand your intentions! I will misunderstand!」


Overflowing with tears, Hizuki desperately cried out.

Even if you tell me to stop, my heart can’t lie.

If you weren’t able to “see” it, then we’ll be able to progress smoothly without you knowing, but you’re able to “see” my thoughts.

That is both Hizuki and my ability.


「My bad」

「Please don’t apologize!」

「I don’t know what to do」

「That’s my line!」

「Is it painful?」

「My happiness is exceeding the limit to the point where my chest feels painful as if it’s tearing and breaking out of my chest! It’s painful, so painful to the point where I would prefer to die in order to ease the pain!」

「I’m sorry」

「So, please don’t apologize! Please don’t suddenly become affectionate!」


While crying, Hizuki shoots a murderous glare at me.

Even if you say to not suddenly become affectionate, I didn’t intend to do it.

I only just noticed it.

I finally understand what it means when the Heaven’s eye and the Earth’s eye resonates with each other.


「It’s your fault that my ability that foresees the future isn’t properly functioning」


「The Heaven’s eye has the power to see “despair”. There’s always an end to everything. The Heaven’s eye has the power to “see” things that are going to end. Even if it’s a tiny little needle, the tip of the needle pierces through the despair and “shows” a new future with hope. That is why the Heaven’s eye needs the earth’s eye. That is why the Heaven’s eye would not exist without the earth’s eye. So, I’m useless in front of you」


Saying that, Hizuki uses her right hand and reached into the pocket of the school uniform that she’s wearing and pulled out a knife.


「This is the future that I “saw”. I was supposed to die here in front of you in order to carve myself inside of you. I wanted to show you how I would cut open my neck and let my fresh blood spurt out like a fountain. And, by dying, I was “supposed to” be etched inside your heart forever」


Staring straight at me, Hizuki dropped the knife that she was holding on with her right hand.


「Ueee! But I don’t want to die anymore! Because I want to see more of you who is being nice to me! I won’t be able to live without it anymore! The future should have been decided, but I don’t understand! With you beside me, the future keeps on changing! What should I do?!」

(TN: This is so sad…Alexa-)


And like a child, she cried.


「I “saw” a future where you’d kill me」

「Uu,uuu,hiku……I-It was the moment when my Heaven’s eye awaked. It was when you came to save me who was confined in the basement of Tamamushi-san’s house」


*hikku hikku*

Leaking out sobs, she answers my questions with a trembling voice.

Aah, that time. Certainly, at that time, it’s because Hizuki was completely crazy.



「I-I was facing towards Asahina-san, and then you showed up, at that moment, I felt a distorted feeling of the future that was “destined to happen”」


It’s when Asahina and Hizuki had their heated battle.

I wonder if it’s because of when I got closer to Hizuki, her ability to see the future got distorted.

Tamamushi did say many times that the earth’s eye has a small effective radius.

The maximum range of the earth’s eye should be the maximum range of all my abilities.


「E-Even though it’s distorted, the future has been decided. And that future that was set in stone started to change when I accepted my defeat. At that moment, the future suddenly broke into countless other pieces. And one of those pieces still had the future where I would kill myself in front of you」


Is that so. There are many diverging paths that lead to different futures. That’s why Hizuki proclaimed that her ability to predict the future is “ambiguous”。

Heaven’s eye’s ability to predict the future originally had only one future to predict. However, when my ability is added to it, that one future branched off to many different other ones.

In other words, Hizuki can now “choose” a future.

But if the future she chose continued to branch off to countless other ones, then you can no longer call that ability as an ability to predict the future anymore.

Such ambiguous things can’t be called a prediction.

It’s a guidepost which holds great potential.


「How is it now?」

「Until a while ago, there was still a possibility of the future where I will die in front of you. But then I knew your feelings and it completely disappeared」


Disappeared. That means Hizuki has “chosen” another future.


「And, what kind of future did you “choose”?」


Asking that to Hizuki, she quickly became completely red in the face even up to her ears and bashfully looked away from me as she gently hit the center of my chest.


「D-Don’t tell me to say it~♡ It’s sexual harassment~♡」

(TN: I think Hizuki is my new favorite female character now…SHE IS SO CUTE RN)


And then she said such a thing.

Hohou, you mean that you chose a future where I’d sexually harass you.

In other words, she chose a future where I’ll do this and that to her.


「Y-You’re thinking about perverted things, aren’t you?♡」

「Isn’t this the future you chose?」

「I-It’s the future you created♡」

「But the person who “chose” it was you」


Smirking as I said it, Hizuki who has her gaze diverted away from me took a glance at me.


「B-Because if I choose that future, then you will treat me with love and affection. It’s normal for me to choose that♡」


Feeling embarrassed, Hizuki who was looking at me with upturned eyes, gently closed them. Hizuki then brought her face closer to me seeking for a kiss. I answered her request by piling my lips on top of her’s.

In response to my actions, Hizuki flinched as her whole body tensed up, but then quickly relaxed and entrusted herself to me.

Her lips were very soft and moist.

My cock that once didn’t feel a thing towards her got erect.

But the next moment――





Hizuki and I both flinched at the same time.

A large amount of information flowed into my brain.

Were we successfully able to share our consciousness?

Amazing, this is amazing.


「Well done Hizuki! You did a great job!」


I separated my lips from Hizuki and yelled out.


「Uwaaaaaaaaa! Wait, wait, wait! Please wait a second! It didn’t happen now! Please pretend that it didn’t happen!」


Hizuki’s face which was once so red that it looked like it was going up in flames, turned pale as she yelled out.

Even if you told me that it didn’t happen, the information is already embedded into my brain.


「W-Why?!  Sharing our consciousness should be controlled under my will! I wanted to flirt lots and lots with Mota-kun, and have you make me cum a whole lot! Even when I say that I can’t anymore, you will still keep making love to me and at the end when we have finished, I was supposed to share it with you in the last moment!」


With her plans all ruined, Hizuki who seemed like she’s in a severely panicked state blurted everything out from her mind without thinking.

Hohou, so sharing our consciousness can be done with “your will”. So, you knew it from the beginning. But you pretended that you didn’t know about it and wanted to get it on with me until you’re satisfied.

I won’t say that everything you said was a lie, but there’s no doubt that you tried to deceive me into doing erotic things with you.

Maa, I’ve obtained the information, so let’s now disregard it possessing tremendous value.


「Uuー! Uuuuー! Why?! Why?!3 I didn’t mean to share it yet! That’s different from the future that I’ve picked! To hell with Heaven’s eye! It’s completely useless!」


Like as if she’s a child, Hizuki threw a tantrum with her hands clenched into a fist and placed her sides, crying from vexation.

Geez, this person doesn’t understand anything. The Heaven’s eye was formed from your innermost desires. You need to appreciate it.


「You might grow up to be a fine woman」


I got up, corrected my clothes that were creased up, and said it as I got off the bed.

After hearing my words, Hizuki who was throwing a tantrum on the bed stopped moving.


「I don’t dislike you that much with the way you are now」


I turned my back towards Kamuro Hizuki as I said that.

Aaa、it’s no good. I can’t be frank about it. It’s hard to understand4 the meaning behind the words “I don’t dislike you”.


「I’m sorry I can’t say it in a clear way. It’s in my nature. Look into my “heart” if you want to know what I currently feel about you. Because I not thinking negatively about you」


I scratched my cheek with my finger and spoke to Hizuki who was behind me.

Aa, what the hell is this? Oi, this is embarrassing.

As I took a quick glance behind me, I saw Hizuki who’s sitting on the bed become completely red in the face. And I definitely saw heart shaped pupils that floated up in her moistened eyes.

Apparently, my message seems to have transmitted to her.

I stoked my chest to calm myself down as I headed out from the bedroom, leaving Hizuki in there.

After she’s calmed down, let’s get her to share it with everyone else as well.

Since Hizuki I able to control it using her “will”, then there shouldn’t be any problems to be able to share it with the other girls.

As I thought that, I headed towards the living room.



After a while, Hizuki came to the living room.

Though her face is pretty red, it seems that she’s calmed down for the most part.

Hizuki took a glance at me and smiled lightly.

It seems that Hizuki has understood my feelings towards her, so it gave me some feelings of relief.


「Hizuki, sorry for being so sudden with you just arriving here, but could you also share your consciousness with the others?」

「Of course♡ I’ll do anything Mota-kun asks♡」


Hizuki cheerfully answered to my request.

I thought that she was a pretty dangerous Yandere, but Hizuki was originally quite a beautiful person. If she doesn’t have any mental problems, then she’ll be a “perfect girl” with barely any flaws.

Her breasts are also big too.


「Well then let’s start with Asahina-san shall we?」


Saying that, Hizuki approached Asahina who was sitting on the sofa and stood in front of her. She then knelt down on the spot.


「Do whatever you want」


Asahina replied in her usual prideful and arrogant attitude.

Matching Asahina’s gaze, Hizuki placed her forehead onto Asahina’s forehead.

Rikka and Tamamushi nervously looked on.

While waiting for Hizuki to finish, with a deck of cards, Rikka, Kazahana, Tamamushi and I were playing a game of Babanuki in the meantime. Cards were scattered everywhere on the table and the three of us were holding onto just a few cards with both hands.

(TN: Babanuki à Joker game)

The tension slightly diminished because of that.

By the way, Rikka is the one who’s in possession of the joker card.


For a short while, silence took over the room. Hizuki then let out a sigh and released her forehead that she previously stuck onto Asahina.




Asahina tilted her head.


「I haven’t received any information. Nothing has changed.」


And murmured mysteriously.

Eh? Did it fail?


「I guess it’s useless. There’s not enough “love”」


Hizuki murmured while sighing away.

There’s not enough love…well…that’s right…I think it’s because your partner is Asahina, so obviously there’s not enough.


「No matter how much I make myself believe that it’s true, I just can’t lie to my heart. Desperately, I’ve already desperately tried really hard to think about it. But apparently, it doesn’t seem like I’m able to share the contents of my thoughts with Asahina-san. I’m sorry」


Facing towards me, Hizuki sincerely apologized.

I see. Since sharing her consciousness with others will only happen if Hizuki is depended on her “willingness” to share it, no matter how much or how hard she tries, somewhere in her heart will always reject it.

(TN: Tbh “sharing consciousness” sounds a bit odd, but fk it. I’ve already been translating it all this way and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it :D)

Well, it can’t be helped.


「Don’t sweat it. It can’t be helped if it’s impossible. Besides, if it’s with Kazahana and Rikka, you should be fine」


(TN: Tell me in the comments if you don’t want me to add the raws)


To my words, Hizuki instinctively apologized.


「It can’t be helped if it’s impossible. It’s impossible for you to not resent me. As Suzuharu-kun said, go and share it with those puppies over there」


No matter how stupid she is, Asahina already knows that’s impossible and decided not to further corner Hizuki into doing it.

That idiot can sometimes be quite honest with herself.


「I’m really sorry」


Staring at me, Hizuki apologized to me the second time and trotted her way towards Kazahana. Then like how she did with Asahina, Hizuki pushed her forehead against Kazahana’s and looked into her eyes.

A faint light is seen to have appeared from Hizuki and is being transferred into Kazahana.

Ooh, was it successful?


「Ooh, that’s amazing. Fufu, I see. So Suzuhara-sama treated you kindly. That’s great news Hizuki. It makes me feel really relieved」


By sharing their consciousness, she was able to know what happened to Hizuki inside the bedroom. Overflowing with tears, Kazahana laughed happily as she nodded repeatedly.

As expected for a faithful dog. They treat their master’s happiness as their own happiness.

After that, Hizuki was able to share it with Rikka without any problems and then moved onto Tamamushi.

Tamamushi seems nervous as she still holds onto the cards with both hands.

Since Tamamushi was the main culprit who confined Hizuki and did as she pleased with Kazahana. It’s obviously natural to be nervous.

Hizuki stuck her forehead onto Tamamushi.

And a faint light appeared from inside of Hizuki and flowed into Tamamushi.

Ooh, so it succeeded. Hizuki actually forgave Tamamushi.

What’s this? She’s an unexpectedly tolerant person.


「A-Are you forgiving me?」


Tamamushi was the most surprised after the process of sharing their consciousness which had succeeded.

Tamamushi cried as she trembled.


「I’m not in the position to forgive you anymore. Since you were the one who created this problem, resulting in my current relationship with Mota-kun for the better. And of course, you were the one who also improved my relationship with Kazahana who tried to save me」


Looking at Tamamushi, Hizuki turned around and looked at Kazahana then smiled.


Hearing those words, Kazahana nodded repeatedly, covering her face as she cried and trembled.

It seems that both of them were saved by Hizuki’s words.

Rikka who was left alone seemed like she didn’t care about it at all.

That’s of course. Hizuki purposely didn’t mention Rikka’s name.

Because Rikka isn’t Hizuki’s dog. It’s because she’s my dog, Suzuharu Rikka. No matter the cause, Rikka is “my property”.

So Hizuki didn’t call out Rikka’s name and Rikka didn’t mind it either.

Rikka’s my dog, no matter she says, Rikka shouldn’t be troubled by it.


「It was “only” impossible for Asahina-san」


Hizuki glanced at Asahina as she said that.


「Don’t worry about it. There are four people who have obtained the information. If I verbally explain it to Asahina――」

「No, there is a way」


Hizuki who was looking at Asahina raised her voice, cutting off my sentence mid-way.

There’s a way?

Although it’s fine if you don’t want to push yourself, it is far more efficient to share their consciousness when compared to verbally explaining the information.

Besides, Asahina is stupid. If there is a way, then I would like to try it by all means.


「What I need it “love”! If I have “love”, the Asahina I hate will also be able to have our consciousness shared!」


Hizuki raises her voice, profusely emphasizing the words “love”.


「Ah, is that so. Then I’ll leave it to you. Do whatever you want」


While staring at her, Asahina let out a sigh and replied in a non-repulsive way.

Maa, we can only leave it to Hizuki here. It means that Asahina knows at least this much.


「“Love”! In other words, if there is a mutual love established between Mota-kun and I, then my hate for Asahina will fly off into non-existence!」




Hizuki clenches her fists and emphasizes her words while wearing a serious face. Asahina and I responded in unison.


「But I hate Asahina-san! Quite considerably at that. Already to the point where Mota-kun and I need to passionately love on each other in order to counteract that balance! Asahina-san needs to look at the scene where Mota-kun will repetitively make love to me, and during the moment when I climax, if you touch me, I’ll be able to share my consciousness with you! Probably!」


Opening up her eyes wide, Hizuki said it with emphasis.

Oi, wait a second. That means, because Hizuki hates Asahina, she wants to do some intense business with me in order to override her hate for Asahina? And she wants Asahina to look at her in that situation, Hizuki will then climax from the bottom of her heart and at that moment, they’ll touch foreheads and share her consciousness?

Oi Hizuki. Wasn’t taking revenge on Asahina the only thing you wanted to do?


「I-I don’t particularly mind. I-I don’t really think of Suzuhara-kun much, and I am unrelated to Suzuhara-kun’s relationship with anyone」


Asahina arrogantly said it as she folded her arms and looked away giving a *hmph* sound.

Are you going to accept it? Are you serious? Normally you should refuse. We’re going to have sex right in front of you. I mean, I don’t want you to look at us having sex.


「I see. Are you going to accept it? Then we’ll have to do some mental purification ritual then」


Staring at Asahina, Hizuki who was grinning, said something strange again.

The hell is a mental purification ritual?


「Mental purification ritual, in other words taking a bath and cleaning yourself. Of course, Mota-kun is also joining in. And without minding Asahina-san on the side, we’ll commence the ritual. Asahina-san will have to closely look at me and Mota-kun flirting together in the bath」


She said flirting. She certainly said flirting just now.

Saying stuff like mental purification ritual or whatever, aren’t you just planning to show Asahina you flirting with me in the bath?


「You… just want to take revenge on Asahina」


I muttered as I stared at her absent-mindedly, Hizuki vigorously turned around and looked at me.


「You’re wrong! It’s not revenge! I just want to brag!」


Losing her composure, Hizuki opened her eyes wide and spilled out her true intentions with all her effort.

I heard Kazahana let out a heavy sigh who was standing behind her.


「It’s not because of revenge that I want to do ecchi things with Mota-kun! It’s because I love Mota-kun, so I’m dying to do ecchi thing with you! In addition, I want to show it off to Asahina-san so I can be immersed in the feeling of superiority! It’s not revenge! It’s bragging! It’s very important here!」


It’s not for revenge, but instead, it’s to brag. I don’t really understand the difference.


「D-D-D-Do what you want! I-I-I-I’m not particularly fazed by it!」


Asahina who has her arms folded and her head turned the other way, clearly said it in a shaky voice as she is practically squealing when she raised her voice.

Oi, Asahina, don’t tell me that you’re excited by that. Don’t tell me that you get off to seeing me embracing other women in front of you.


「Hi-Hizuki. Suzuhara-sama was finally nice to you and yet, why are you…What will you do if you trouble Suzuhara-sama? Before you satisfy your cravings and desires, you should first take into consideration of the other person shouldn’t you?」


Standing behind Hizuki, Kazahana called out to her mixing it in with a sigh. Like a mother talking to a child that is throwing a tantrum.


「Even if you say such a thing, I can’t help it! If I’m not satisfied, then I can’t share my consciousness with Asahina! It can’t be helped! There’s no choice but to do so!」


Like a child, actually, no, Hizuki who has turned into a toddler ranted it at Kazahana.

Kazahana who is looking at her, holds her forehead with one hand and lets out a deep sigh.


「Onee-san, don’t be so depressed. With Hizuki laying out her true feelings, instead of being like that, I think it’s better to be happy about it don’t you think?」

「No, but, troubling someone who I’m indebted to like Suzuharu-sama…I’m already so ashamed……」

「If it’s master, then it’s fine. My master is tolerant of those who are willing to reveal their true intentions to him. In addition, I’m just assuming but, I think my master prefers the Hizuki now than the Hizuki before」

「Rikka, you’re really fortunate to meet such a wonderful master. In conjunction with my master……」


Although Rikka is trying to cheer her up, it seems that Kazahana has gotten even more depressed than before.


「Mota-kun! Let’s go into the bath together! Asahina-san is a big idiot, right?! Even if we explain it, she definitely wouldn’t understand! Without understanding the current situation, since it’s Asahina-san, she’ll definitely act on her own accord and create a lot of inconvenience to everyone! That’s why sharing my consciousness with her is essential! We should make sure she firmly understands the situation!」


Hizuki rushed over to me and took both my hands as hearts popped up in her black pupils.

Maa, she certainly has a point.


「Nee, Kamuro-san. I’m completely fine with you looking down on me and calling me an idiot, and I’m also totally fine with looking at the lewd act with both of you in it. But, from a little while ago, you’ve been calling Suzuhara-kun, “Mota-kun” right?」


Asahina murmured quietly, glaring at Hizuki as she stood up unsteadily.


「What about it? Even if I call Mota-kun, Mota-kun, Mota-kun doesn’t seem it reject it(TN: Now say that 10 times without stuttering). Then Asahina-san does not have the right to complain about it. Am I right?」


While holding both my hands, Hizuki looked at Asahina who stood up and smirked.


「The only people who are allowed to call Suzuhara-kun, “Mota-kun” is his mother and Yuka. Yuka directly received his mother’s permission to call him. If you understand, then don’t get ahead of yourself」

「You’re really not honest with your feelings. Even though Mota-kun said to be more honest, aren’t you the most dishonest one? When I call Mota-kun, Mota-kun, calling him “you” isn’t fun anymore right? You can blame that on Yuka-san」

「A-Are you picking a fight with me?」

「Unfortunately, I’m the winner this time. Because you’re wrong. As expected for a person even like you, you understand that you can’t continue to push forward when you realize that you’re wrong」


Hearing Kamuro Hizuki’s words, Asahina looks as if she’s running away turns her face away as she forms a tight fist with her hands and bites her lower lip in frustration.

Oi oi, seriously? Asahina is being pressured.


「I love Mota-kun!」


Hizuki said it while getting completely red in the face.

Asahina twitched from hearing that sentence.


「W-Well said Hizuki! Bravo!」

「Ahaha, Hizuki has also become an adult」


Hearing Hizuki’s words that came from the bottom of her heart, Kazahana and Rikka clapped giving her a round of applause.


「I want to have sex with Mota-kun!」


Hizuki raises her voice even higher.

Hearing her words, Asahina who is trembling slightly took a step back.

T-That Asahina actually retreated?


「Hi-Hizuki, you’re too straightforward! But it’s a good thing to convey honest feelings!」

「Ahaha, having sex with my master is the greatest feeling. I’ve fainted countless times.」


Hearing Hizuki calling out from the depth of her heart and despite Hizuki being a little embarrassed, Kazahana and Rikka rooted for her. Rikka talked about her personal experiences in confusion.


「I want to be loved by Mota-kun! I want to be cherished! After when we make love to each other, I want to flirt with him underneath the futon! Afterward, I want us to hug each other and feel each other’s warmth while falling asleep!」


Looking as if she’s burning up and about to cry, Hizuki’s became completely red in the face as stomps with her feet while raising her voice.

Facing her face away from Hizuki, feeling the pressure, Asahina slowly backs away.

Oi oi seriously? Asahina is completely being cornered.


「Hi-Hizuki! If possible, I want to join in as well!」

「Nee, onee-san, you shouldn’t be in the way……」


The loli sisters’ idiotic tsukomi from behind can be heard.




As Hizuki stomps a foot onto the ground, she calls out Asahina’s name.


「W-What. L-Like I said, do whatever you want……」


It was a weak trembly voice which wasn’t Asahina-like. And those were the words of her acknowledging defeat.

Wow, that Hizuki, really won against Asahina.

Not using her abilities. It’s nothing related to her abilities. Asahina admitted defeat from being intimidated by her yelling and honest feelings.

Asahina turns her face away and hugs herself, it’s like as if she’s a trembling abandoned puppy.

Looking at Asahina in such a state of appearance, a chill ran up my spine.

Kukuku, what happened Asahina-chan? Are you possibly frustrated about that fact that I’m being taken away by Hizuki? But because you’re not honest with her feelings, you can’t say anything back at Hizuki?

There is such a wonderful side to her as well.


「Ok, that’s enough. Hizuki, let’s head into the bath together」

「Y-Yes♡ Waaaai♡」(TN: She’s basically saying hurray, but replacing the word with hurray sounds so cringy so I kept it)


Hearing my words, Hizuki’s face was brimming with joy as she skipped away.

As I accepted Hizuki’s proposal, Asahina suddenly looks at me, and tears well up in her almond-shaped eyes, she then quickly faces away again. (TN: Aww. Poor Asahina)

What the hell Asahina. You should have just said that you don’t want to see Hizuki and me to flirt and go into the bath together.

Not saying it? You’re not going to say it? You’re not gwonna be honest? Ara, I swee.5

I found Asahina’s weakness.

Asahina is weak against a fair argument.

Fufufu. This is good. This is interesting.

Asahinaaa, I will clean away the long-standing hatred she has for you.

Hizuki「I must do something before Marina-san comes!」

Kazahana「Do your best (TN:ganbare) Hizuki! Ganbare! Ganbare!」

Rikka「I don’t think she’s an opponent where you can just do you best against……Yuka-san is also there」


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