X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 92

Hizuki「It’s my turn now!」

「Ganbatte kure!」


Tamamushi yelled it to Hizuki who was changing.


「Thank you very much Tamamushi-san! I will do my best!」


Hizuki turned to face Tamamushi and sternly saluted, raising her voice in reply as she received a change of clothes.

Although the clothes are to be worn after getting up from the bath, it seems that it will be amazing if Hizuki wears Tamamushi’s clothes.

Since it seems interesting, I won’t say anything.


「I-I would have never thought that this day would ever come. Hizuki, you got to give it your all in washing Suzuhara-sama’s back!」


Kazahana nods making an “un un” sound while in tears. Like as if she’s a parent bird seeing off its child as it flys out of the nest.


「Hizuki and onee-san are all hyped up. I’m a little worried now……」


Rikka stares at the two of them and lets out a sigh.

As I take a side-ways glance at Asahina, I can see that she is leaning her back on the wall with her arms crossed and looking the other way.

I wonder what exactly is Asahina thinking about right now. Because I’m next to Hizuki, my abilities aren’t functioning properly, so I’m unable to looking into her heart.

However, just by looking at her, I can figure out what she’s thinking to some extent.

It seems that she’s desperately trying to keep calm, but because of that, she is exuding out signs of impatience and anxiety instead.

Asahina has a tough mental fortitude without any blind spots, is what I thought, but I’m able to catch a glimpse of weakness in it.

Aaa, I can’t get enough of it. I want to corner Asahina more and more and make her cry.

But this is this, and that is that.

Hizuki hit me with her feelings straight on and I decided to answer those feelings.

So Asahina is now irrelevant.

Whether if it’s heading into the bath with Hizuki or whether we embrace or not, I’m just going to treat it as Asahina isn’t here with us. That would be my way of saying thanks to Hizuki’s feelings.

In addition, it would be best for me to ignore and leave her alone instead of awkwardly lending out a helping hand to that hardcore masochistic Asahina.

In other words, we’ll be following Hizuki’s plans, showing Asahina the scenery of what she just previously described in order to inflict damage upon her in the most efficient way.


「Well then, shall we go, Asahina-san?」


Holding my hand, Hizuki called out to Asahina, wearing a provocative smile as she stood in front of her.


「Fuun」(TN: hmph)


Still looking away, Asahina let the air out of her nose. Desperately maintaining that stubborn attitude, her ears become completely red because of that.

Oh Asahina, you lost to Hizuki in a fair argument, so you have to obey Hizuki.




Asahina let air out of her nose again and turned her feet facing inwards in an instant. Her knees then begin to tremble.

Her standing pigeon-toed is telling me that she’s hiding her pussy juice that’s flowing out from her inner thighs. From the looks of it, it seems that the reason why her knees are trembling right now is because she’s thinking about the act that will be shown to her. And with just that thought in mind, it seems like she’s about to cum any second.

Are you looking forward to the feeling of frustration while seeing me being NTR’d by Hizuki?

No, I bet that losing to Hizuki and seeing me be NTR’d from her is actually making Asahina feeling frustrated. But that may be also the reason why she’s turned on.

This genuine hardcore masochist.



Hizuki pulls my hand as we make our way down the hallway. Asahina is closely following behind us.

It’s logical that Asahina is staying silent, but Hizuki who had so emotional in the living room is also remaining quiet.





Startled from my words, Hizuki twitched and stopped abruptly.


「We’re……entering the bath right?」

「Eh!? Ma, maa, that’s what I plan on going!?」


In response to my words, Hizuki became completely red and fell into a panicked state.

The reason why I called out to Hizuki was because we’ve already walked passed the bathroom door.

Since Hizuki possesses the Heavenly Eye, she should have already known the location of the bathroom without anyone telling her where it is.

If she didn’t even know something like that, then does that mean that she not in the right mind?

If this continues, it seems like she’s going to explode.


「This is why a girl with zero social ability is……kusu,kusu」



Asahina who stayed silent until now chuckled from behind, provoking Hizuki. Completely falling for her provocation, Hizuki instantly glared at her.


「I-I know it ok!? Asahina-san actually hasn’t been embraced by Mota-kun much!」



Hizuki who completely fell for Asahina’s provocation used her Heavenly Eye to sneak a peek inside Asahina’s memories, making a comeback. From Hizuki’s words, Asahina twitched in response.

When hearing her say that, it is certainly true. I embraced Mari and Yuka many times, but I only used Asahina about twice, I think? It’s because Asahina’s pussy is hard and its condition isn’t too good.


「Fu, fufu, fufufu……Suzuhara-kun only raped one girl, and that one and only girl is me right~? I was the only one who was raped~ Haa, for someone to want me so much to the extent that they’ll rape me is quite problematic~ I didn’t even particularly Suzuhara-kun, but I was forcibly raped, creampied, and he even took obscene pictures of me, using them to blackmail me~ He went through such lengths to obtain me~ Fufun」



Asahina pridefully brags about being raped by me breathes air out from her nose. From Asahina’s words, Hizuki twitched in response and shut her lips which now looks like a chestnut.


「……A…even though you’re an anal loving extreme pervert」


「……Even though you’re the one who stuffed a vibrator up your ass and when to school like that who ended up being found out by a certain someone and raped you」



Asahina trembles from hearing Hizuki’s words who’s glaring at her.

Hitting the mark straight on the bulls-eye, it seems like she took critical damage.


「Ha, haa? What are you saying? What you’re saying right now is making you look like a complete idiot!」


Hugging herself, looking like she’s burning up, Asahina becomes completely red in the face and turns her face the other way, seemingly as if she’s running away. Her eyes are darting around restlessly and raises a trembly voice.

Desperately trying to hide the fact that Hizuki has hit the nail on the head, but instead, her actions are telling me everything.


「Here we have an ability user who can use the Heavenly Eye! Everything is transparent to me!」


Hizuki raises her voice as she let out a hmph sound from her nose and looks at Asahina with a triumphant expression.

I want to see how she can make full use of her Heavenly Eye in this vulgar battle. Because according to Tamamushi’s knowledge, only the saints who’ve reached the point of enlightenment can use this ability.

Maa, I can’t really say much about other people.


「W-Whether it’s the Heavenly Eye or whatever, I am Asahina Yuu!」



Asahina who was at a disadvantage just named herself out of the blue. Hizuki who had a look of triumph somehow took damage from it as she made an *ugu* groan.


「E-E-E-Even though your breasts have shrunken from the insect used in the forbidden method! Even though it’s so flat that your chest looks like a boy’s!」



That just then was a forbidden attack.

Hearing those words yelled out from Hizuki’s mouth, as if she’s struck by lightning, Asahina fell onto her knees and went on all fours as she crawled on the ground.

Hizuki gasped and covered her mouth with both hands.

I think that attack just now was a bit overboard.


「Fu, fufu, fufufu……B-Boobs are just a lump of fat. A-Additionally, large breasts will one day sag down, so futuristically speaking, smaller breasts are more attractive」


Asahina who was on all fours, laughed boldly and stood up unsteadily and gave Hizuki a condescending look.

Looking frustrated, Hizuki let out a *ku* groan gave Asahina a sharp glare and placed both hands on her hips while pushing her chest out into the air.


「My size is an 89 E!」


「They are still in the middle of growing!」


「Even if it sags down in the future, it still hasn’t sagged at all!」



Asahina who somehow turned the tables on Hizuki was struck by the overwhelming reality and crumbled as she was once again, struck by lightning.

Even though you’re self-conscious about your small breasts, you’ll definitely have the tables turned on you if you think about trying to win in a breast match.

That’s pushing it.



「Are you guys morons? If you think fighting is fun then do as much of it as you like. I’ll go play Babanuki with Rikka, Kazahana, and Tamaushi. It seems like it’s more fun over there. Later」


Thinking that I can no longer be able to bear hanging out with these idiots any longer, I started to walk away in a brisk pace.

Rikka is obedient and deredere, so it makes me want to pamper and do her. Aside from when she’s talking with Hizuki, Kazahana is polite, calm and collected who has courtesy and is easy to talk to. And despite Tamamushi’s appearance, she’s a mature and someone who can easily explain things in an understandable way.


「Kyaaaaaaaa! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Please wait, please!」


As I started walking, Hizuki screamed out in desperation and hugged me from behind while being dragged along by me.


「Fu, fufu……Suzuhara-kun, are you running away again?」


Asahina who was on all fours called out to me wearing a provocative smile. I turned around and glared at her.


「Shut up flat chest. I’m not running away, I’m just sick of it. The smooth flat chest trembling on all fours who can’t even make a cleavage」



From my abuse, Asahina vomits out blood and couldn’t even maintain her posture on all fours, fell onto the floor wearing a down-casted look and started twitching.




Confirming that Asahina sunk instantly like a ship, I tilted my head and glared at Hizuki.

I was going to answer Hizuki’s feelings, but if she’s going to play around then I can’t handle her any longer.




Desperately clinging onto me, Hizuki was having cold sweat tried to dodge my glare with a nervous laugh.

Geez, not go falling for every single provocation like an idiot.

If ever you were to be provoked by Asahina again, then I’ll seriously get angry.




Entering in the changing room, I took off my coat.

My mood was ruined by Asahina and Hizuki’s low leveled fight. If that was the case, I genuinely thought that it would be more fun playing Babanuki with Rikka and the others instead.

As I glanced sideways, I saw the despondent Asahina hanging her head down and sitting in sieza 1 along the wall. And occasionally, she touched her chest with both hands and leaked a *uuu* groan.

Even though I thought that Asahina’s breasts were smooth and flat, they became even flatter and smoother from the side effects of the medical treatment

I felt no sympathy for her, so don’t go doing something stupid like starting a boob battle with Hizuki. There’s no way you can with against Hizuki’s boobs.




Slightly separated from the me who has taken my clothes off, Hizuki fidgets as she laughs while standing next to me.

She hasn’t even taken off her school uniform yet.


「Are you going to take it off?」


I took off my T-shirt, revealing my naked upper body, I asked Hizuki who was laughing and fidgeting.


「I-I will take it off!」


Hizuki twitched and squeaked in reply. Looking as if she’s in panic, she started squirming around. And then―

Her brassiere fell onto the ground.

Hizuki is still wearing her school uniform coat. And it seems that she only took off her brassiere in that state. Furthermore, while still wearing her skirt, she pulls down her underwear.

(TN: Panties in this case but I want to maintain the TN accuracy)

In a way, it’s somehow erotic, but what the hell is she up to? Don’t tell me that she’s going to enter the bath while still wearing her school uniform?


「A-ano……sa, would you please enter the bath first?」


「I-I will go in straight after」


Taking only her brassiere and underwear off, standing pigeon-toed, Hizuki covers her chest with her right arm and skirt with her left. Her face becomes burning red and seems as if she’s about to cry, urging me to enter the bath first.


「You, don’t tell me……」


I swallowed my saliva when I saw the flustered Hizuki burning up and getting all red in the face.

This person, don’t tell me that this person, is embarrassed?

Thoroughly provoking me to that extent, despite all that yearning for me, it is too embarrassing to stand in front of me when you’re completely naked?

Even though you’re such an aggressive Yandere?


「Fufu, how unsightly」


Asahina murmured.

Shut up you moron, is what I’d like to say, but with her being all embarrassed in this period of time, I won’t say anything even if Asahina makes fun of her.

Hizuki who seems to already know this fact grew despondent.

Oi oi, aren’t you going to show Asahina the scene where you and I are going get down a dirty?

In fact, in this condition, wouldn’t Asahina get so turned on and forget about us?

Thinking that, when I looked at Hizuki, she quickly turned her head the other way. And then――


「Ple-Please wait for a second!」


Yelling that out, Hizuki ran out of the changing room.

I looked at Asahina and she looked back at me in the same way.


「W-Well, if you really insist, then I wouldn’t mind taking up the offer of going into the bath with you――」

「Shut up small tits」



Asahina was trying to revive her haughty attitude, but like a tsukomi, I cut her mid-sentence and toppled down all of what she was trying to build up.

If you know how to handle Asahina, it may be unexpectedly easy.




After waiting in the changing room for a while, I heard several footsteps coming from the hallway.


「I-I don’t know how to service him!」


I’m able to tell it’s Hizuki from hearing the voice.


「You won’t be able to get anything from asking me, because I only have the experience of getting messed up by my master」


Rikka replied to Hizuki’s words.


「If Rikka doesn’t even know, then I already feel like I’m at loss」


Kazahana spoke after Rikka.

Apparently, it seems that Hizuki is trying to ask Rikka and Kazahana for help.

Is Hizuki self-conscious about not having any experience? I don’t particularly mind though.


「If we’re talking about service, then shouldn’t Yuka-san be the best one to ask? My master said that Yuka-san’s techniques are in a different dimension」

「What do you plan on doing if you ask your rivals?! It’s basically losing on the spot when you ask!」

「That’s not it, can’t you just collect all the information using your Heavenly Eye? So I just thought about whether or not you’re able to steal Yuka-san’s techniques」

「I do have the knowledge! But my experience is overwhelmingly lacking! That’s what I’m concerned about!」

「Isn’t it more essential to have sincerity than technique? I don’t think my master would care about if you have no experience」

「Inviting him with all that effort, but we actually ended up doing nothing, that’s too embarrassing! Rikka no baaaaka!」


Rikka and Hizuki are having a dispute in the hallway.

Although it was Hizuki who aggressively pressured Asahina, it seems that she’s becoming uneasy at the last minute

It’s exactly like Rikka said, I don’t really care if you have no technique.


「Hi, Hizuki, why did you call me? I don’t know if Rikka is being loved and cherished by Suzuhara-sama, but needless to say, you don’t have the experience of being embraced by another man, so are you implying that……you want me to tell you how to service Suzuhara-sama when I don’t even have any experience myself? Is that what you’re saying?」


Kazahana said it with a trembly nasal voice. Is she crying?


「Waaー! It’s different Kazahana! Don’t cry! You’re the only one I can rely on!」


To the crying Kazahana, Hizuki desperately tries to make up excuses.


「This is hopeless」

「It’s hopeless」


Asahina and I murmured perfectly in sync.


「What the hell Asahina. You don’t even know how to service」

「Haa? Why do I have to provide service? I’m always the one being served, so I don’t possess any of the knowledge」


Making a ‘hmph’ sound, Asahina lets out the air from her nose and turned the other way.

Aaa, so odious. Why is this bastard so good at irritating me?

Moreover, despite being completely annihilated in a boob fight, her mental strength is off the charts, and that’s why she can recover quickly.

By any means, I really want to beat her until she becomes silent, but it will only give pleasure this idiot.


「Why are you making so much noise? Has something happened?」


Making ‘waaa, waaa’ noises, Hizuki and Kazahana were making a racket in the hallway and Tamamushi’s voice was mixed into it.


「It seems that she wishes to service my master in order to raise her reputation, but she has no experience so she’s worried」


Rikka answered Tamamushi’s question.


「Service, meaning providing sexual service to a man?」


「Fumu. I also don’t have any experience with men, but that’s due to me doing various things with insects. In its own way, I think there are some kind of techniques required for it」


After when Tamamushi spoke, the hallway quietened down.


「Ehh!? Does Tamamushi-san have experience!? Even though you’re that small!?」


After a brief silence, Hizuki raised her voice.

Hizuki, calling her small is rude. No matter what she looks like, if you’re rounding it up, she’s in her thirties. Speaking of which, use your Heavenly Eye, what happened to your Heavenly Eye?


「Ah, iya, I don’t have any experience with men. With the nature of being an insect user, I’m no longer a woman. Moreover, most insect users, in some way or another, keep the insects inside of their bodies. For that reason, they have a strong libido. But there are rarely any men who would want to copulate with a woman who has an insect in their bodies. So then it developed into a culture of masturbating using insects」


Tamamushi answers Hizuki’s question without any change in emotion

Eh? There are only women in the insect user community? And what a sad culture it has evolved into. Are men troubled about it to that extent?

At the very least, Tamamushi is a beauloli. Though she’s a bit too in the loli side, if you look over this fact, with her looks, she’s able to charm any man.

The insect you’re talking about inside your body, is it the one in your neck?

I don’t really care much about it, but is it normal for people to care about it?


「Some of the bugs used for masturbation have dick shaped tentacles. From the unremitting work from our ancestors, we have developed bugs and a possibility for pseudo-ejaculation2. I do find it enjoyable inserting the dick shaped tentacle in my vagina and anus, but I can also practice fellatio with it. However, no matter how much the tentacle is shaped like a penis, it’s not a real one.」


The direction of the ancestor’s hard work is rising in a linear fashion. Did you want a cock that badly? If you consulted about it to me then I would lend you mine whenever you felt like it.


「No matter how you look at it, it’s only an experience of a fake penis, but to make it ejaculate, that itself is a plus」




To Tamamushi’s words, Hizuki and Kazahana easily reacted and raised their voices as they clapped in awe.


「Ta-Tamaushi-san! Please offer me guidance on how to satisfy men!」

「I-If you wouldn’t mind, I would very much like to listen in as well! Assuming if Suzuhara-sama would suddenly feel aroused and no one except for me is around!」


Hizuki and Kazahana petitioned to Tamaushi.


「I-I will also, listen……」


Not being too honest with herself in front of Tamamushi, Rikka murmured in hesitation.

Soon afterward, Tamamushi entered the changing room first, followed by Hizuki, Kazahana, and Rikka.


「Su-Suzuharu, sono, there’s a lot of things that happened. And I decided to teach these lot in how to service a man. Are you fine with that?」


Tamamushi who was getting slightly nervous and blushing from her cheeks asked me.

Standing behind Tamamushi, Hizuki and Kazahana were constantly nodding with sparkles in their eyes.

Standing even further behind Hizuki and Kazahana was Rikka who looked ashamed from being dragged along by these two and hanged her head low as she fidgets on the spot3.

It’s because Rikka is concerned about not knowing how to provide service. Having said that, I don’t even exactly know the method of how to service someone.

If we’re talking about the things that I can do, then I can find a girl’s weak point through using my ability, and then I can focus on attacking that spot and make then go ahegao.

Additionally, Yuka had outstanding techniques from the beginning, so we didn’t really need anyone to teach her. And for Marina’s case, she basically stole her techniques.

That’s right, if you say that Tamamushi knows how to do it, then it may be the perfect opportunity in teaching Rikka the ways in how to provide service.


「Alright. I don’t really have any problems with it」

「Re-Really?! Are you really letting me touch a real penis?!」


To my answer, Tamamushi responded with a full smile and looked at me with sparkling eyes

That Tammaushi, despite saying this and that, in the end, didn’t she just want to touch and suck on my cock?

Let’s just keep that tsukomi to myself.

And it’s not really something that would trouble me.

By saying that, eventually, everyone except for Asahina entered the bath.

As a matter of fact, Asahina is sitting in seiza in the changing room.

Asahina who is sitting in seiza in the changing room by herself, looking as if she’s about to cry.

You had it coming.

Even if you beg in dogeza, I still won’t let you take part in this~

Tamamushi「Too bad! It’s my turn!」


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  1. A formal and traditional way of sitting where you fold your legs underneath you and sit on it
  2. False ejaculation. I assume that the tentacle will excrete some sort of liquid equal to the consistency of the male jizz
  3. OH MA GAWWWWWWWD SA KYAAAAWWT!!! I WANT HUG I WANT HUGGGGGG!!!!!…..sorry, I can’t control myself