X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 93

Tamamushi swiftly tied up her unique silver hair and swiftly took off all her clothes and went fully naked as she headed into the bathroom. Though having said that, she isn’t wearing anything under that black robe, so if she takes that off, then she’s naked.

Rikka was wearing Tamamushi’s black cardigan which she borrowed from her. Taking that off, she quickly became naked and entered into the bathroom.

Afterward, I got naked and followed after them.

And then――


「Ka-Kaka-Kazahana! Please take a bath towel!」

「W-Why do we need to use it?!」

「I-Isn’t it obvious?! Cover up your body!」

「I-I see! I shall do that as well!」


Hizuki and Kazahana are clamoring and making a lot of clattering in the changing room.

Is it still embarrassing to be fully naked at this stage?


「Even though you’re the one who was begging to be taught, and now you’re the slowest one. In addition, you’re letting my master wait……」


Rikka who went into the bathroom first, let out a sigh while her boobs were jiggling around. She then swiftly prepared a seat for me.

Her boobs sway and bounces around with every move she makes. Although it’s smaller than Hizuki’s, there are body piercings attached to her nipples, so her boobs are shaking more than necessary.


「Maa, don’t word it like that. Isn’t it innocent? Saying it in my perspective, who has thrown away my humanity and become unable to bear a child in my lifetime, those two seem dazzling. In order to leave no regrets, it’s ok to fully enjoy the sweet and sour taste of youth as much as you want. Even though I’m embarrassed right now, it will become a wonderful memory afterwards」


Like Rikka, Tamamushi was also completely naked and making a lot on noise in the changing room, muttered in a gentle tone and looked at both Hizuki and Kazahana with tender eyes.

After hearing that, Rikka puffed up her cheeks and said nothing.

That Rikka, she’s become quite attached to Tamamushi, but she’s not being true to her feelings. That kind of Rikka is irresistibly cute.

Sitting on the chair that Rikka has prepared for me, I tightly grasped Rikka’s hands who was pouting cutely.




Leaking out a cute squeal, Rikka fell on top of me. With Rikka in my embrace, I placed my left hand against her belly and into her crotch with my right.


「Who’s the sulky bad child here?」


Grinning while saying that, I used my the tip of my right index finger to repetitively flick Rikka’s clitoris.


「Ah-♡ Ah-♡ I-I’m sorr――yyyyy-♡」


Rikka’s clitoris instantly stiffens up and at the same time, her nipples harden in full erection as she twitches and leaks out a sweet moan. Then, urine started to squirt out from her urethra.

It seems like she came from being lightly teased on the clitoris.

Aaa, Rikka is cute after all. I wanted to tease her without even noticing. It is a hundred times more fun to tease Rikka than the two who are making a lot of racket in the changing room.


「I can’t forgive you for becoming sulky in front of me. I’m going to give you a harsh punishment」


Showing a mischievous smirk, I begin to trace my finger downwards which was previously flicking her clitoris. Then I lined up my fingertip against her urethra which was cramping up, and with one stroke, I thrust it all in without any warning.




Thrusting my finger in her favorite urethra, Rikka arched her back backward and raised a sweet scream as she reached an extreme climax.

I wonder if it because of trusting my cock in and out of her urethra, but now she’s able to cum quite easily.

While I continue to take out my finger then thrust it back into her urethra, I used my left hand which was holding Rikka by the stomach, to ruthlessly pull onto Rikka’s left nipple.


「Kuaaaaaaaaaa-♡ Mashuta-1♡ Mashutwaaa-♡ I ruv youuuuuuu-♡」


Rikka continues to raise sweet screams while having abnormal convulsions and repetitively experiences intense orgasms.

Even though she’s a tiny, Rikka has become able to easily cum with her urethra.

What a bad girl. I wonder which person raised her to become such a bad girl.

While thinking about it with a smirk on my face, my dick became fully erect from seeing Rikka’s adorable, yet sloppy appearance.


「You should use this」


Suddenly hearing a voice, I lifted my head and saw Tamamushi has her face completely flushed bright red, she smiles and looks at me while she places a barnacle-like thing on top of Rikka’s lower abdomen.

The next moment, countless pink tentacles started to grow out of the barnacle. The tentacles sucked onto Rikka’s nipples and clitoris and began to vibrate.

Ooh, what is this erotic object?




Even though she’s a dog, Rikka raised a cry like a cat and started to bounce around like a fish that was washed up onto a shore.

Vibrating tentacles that suck onto the erogenous zones. The pleasure that the tentacles give seems to be unusual.


「It’s a portable masturbation bug. It’s an excellent bug which sticks to the body and helps you masturbate even when you go outside. It is a high-quality bug created by the unexpected efforts of my predecessors」


While being completely red in the face, Tamamushi proudly sticks out her flat and smooth chest then made an *ehen* sound.

Predecessors again. What the hell are you doing, predecessors? Do you only think about erotic things all the time? That’s why your efforts are incomprehensible.

Well putting that aside――


「Cumming cumming cumming I’m cumminggggggggg2♡ Ahya-♡ Cumminggggggggg♡」


Despite not even being thrust in and out of her urethra, Rikka is cumming like crazy.

This is interesting.


「Are there any else?」

「Bugs used for masturbation?」

「Un un」

「There are lots of it」


To my question, Tamamushi extended both her hands. There were grotesque looking bugs squirming about in her hands. In addition, earthworm-like creatures was also wrapped around Tamamushi’s arm which was sucking onto her left nipple like a baby.

(TN: I must say… that’s absolutely disgusting…)


「Breast sucking bugs. As the name suggests, it’s a bug which only teases the nipples. Over here is a clitoris sucking bug. As the name suggests, it’s a bug which only teases the clitoris. And this cute bug which is sucking onto my nipple is an anal bug. When it invades into the anus, the thin body is inflated and turned into beaded spheres on a string, then it crawls out of the anus. When it does that, the pleasure feels amazing. Moreover, then the anal bug is shy, so when it crawls up halfway, it will return back to the anus. But it’s also an adventurous bug, so it would crawl right back in again and it will repeat that endlessly. It’s a very popular bug amongst the bug user community」


There are no twists on the names of the bugs such as breast sucking bugs and clitoris sucking bugs. But that is a little bit cute.

Also, the anal bug is very popular among the bug user community?

Come to think of it, most of the insect users keep bugs inside of their bodies which makes them no longer be able to do any excretions. So what you are saying is that there are anal enthusiasts who have the desire to excrete.


「Also, this is a penis bug. It is the most popular bug among the bug users. It’s an excellent item because it can use a total of six tentacles, so it is possible to do the vagina, urethra, anus and the mouth all at the same time, and the remanding two tentacles can be jerked off using both hands. It is said that the bug is the crystallization of the diligent efforts of our predecessors」


Tamamushi was even more so proud and let it nonchalantly walk across the floor.

At first glance, it looks like a turtle, but five cocks are growing out of the shell. It sort of feels like matsutake mushrooms.3

are growing out from the shell.


「There are only five dicks though?」

「Nn? Aaa, the sixth one is here, it the glans」

「Aaa, I see」


The sixth one looks like a turtle’s head.


『Honestly, having six at once is tough. I want to use up to five simultaneously』



I heard a tiny voice from nowhere.


「What’s with that voice?」

「Nn? Aaa, it’s the penis bug. From the fruits of my predecessors, they made it have high intelligence and for it to speak」

「Ohhh! Does this dick bug talk!? Sugeee!4


I never expected a bug to speak.

However, at first glance, it looks like a turtle and from its shell, it grows out multiple dicks, and it relatively has a grotesque visual appearance, though the voice is quite cute.


「Humanization is possible, but it consumes a large amount of bug energy to do so. Thus, in normal circumstances its very rare that it does do it」


Saying that Tamamushi pointed at the dick bug that was nonchalantly walking across the floor, making an *ei* sound.

Oi, wait a sec. You said humanization. Does it mean that it becomes a man from head to toe? Stop it, you idiot. Don’t put out such a disgusting thing.

I tried to stop Tamamushi, but it was already too late.

A cloud of pink smoke arose in front of us.



「M-Master, I want you to stop turning me into a human so suddenly」


As the pink smoke vanishes, a tiny that’s even smaller than Tamamushi appeared from it.

Long pink hair and eyes which has the color of green leaves. And a smooth slit in between the crotch.


「Even though it’s a dick bug, why the hell is it a girl」


I thought it was supposed to be a man with tentacles coming from all over his body, but despite being a dick bug, from the looks of it, it just looks like a tiny. Is it just my imagination or do I feel something is wrong?


「Precisely. This is a scar from a bead. There was a demand for a sordid male figure, but it seems the research team who devoted their lives onto the penis bug didn’t really know much about the male body. Hence, it seems that the research team imitated the leader’s appearance when creating it」


Listening to Tamamushi’s words, the edge of my eyes grew hot.

Devoted their lives to research, but didn’t understand about the male body――.

How sad and straightforward these people are. They’ve sacrificed their whole lifetimes in order to pass the baton to the next generation.

They should have consulted about it to me. I’ll let them look at my body as much as they like.

Moreover, couldn’t they have just looked it up in books or something?

Maa, oh well. I don’t dislike their clumsiness.


「You’re Suzuhara-sama I presume? I was always watching. Well, you’re a strong fellow. I want you to take my virginity」



The pink haired tiny girl who was sitting on the bathroom floor smiled and drew closer to me. Then started to rub her smooth pussy against my arm.


「Ko-Kora Nanafushi! My apologies, Suzuhara! Although she’s a bit troublesome, she’s actually an honest and docile child! Hey Nanafushi, stop it with your immodest acts! Separate yourself from Suzuhara!」

Tamamushi grabs the pink haired tiny who is sticking herself close to me who’s rubbing her smooth pussy onto my arm and apologizes while tearing her off of me.




Exactly as Tamamushi previously stated, she’s an obedient one and parted herself from me.

Iyaa but, the more you look at her, the more of a splendid tiny she is. Talking about imitating the research team’s leader, did they reference her appearance from the days when she was a tiny? Although she’s more of a tiny than Tamamushi is, she’s beautiful in a mysterious way.


「Since she has a small appearance, it’s convenient for portable use」

「Indeed. I’m convenient for portable use」


The pink haired tiny nods in agreement with Tamamushi’s words.

Tamamushi is also a tiny-beauty, and the impact is amazing when they are lined up next to each other.

Don’t tell me that the insect user family are full of beautiful girls.


「By the way, Nanafushi is older than me. At the time when I bought Nanafushi, I didn’t have enough money so I bought a second-hand one」

「Indeed. I’ve been used by various insect users. I was manufactured about three hundred years ago」


Second-hand? Three hundred years ago? If you round it up, she’s a tiny-granny that’s older than the thirty-something year old Tamamushi.

Oh well. It’s not something for me to be surprised about anymore.

With that said, there are things that I can’t be helped but be interested in as much as it seems like I don’t care about their age.


「I don’t see a dick though」


I can’t help but get curious about it. Even though it’s a dick bug, I don’t see any dicks.


「Unfortunately, the penis disappears when it transforms into a human」

「The penis becomes the flesh of my body when I transform into a human. It’s something like the law of conservation of mass」


Both Tamamushi and the pink haired tiny replied to my question. Nanafushi, was it?

The law of conservation of mass, but it feels like that law is being ignored when it transforms from that dick bug to this tiny.

In any case――


「It’s pointless if the dick disappears once it transforms into a human!」


I couldn’t help but add a tsukkomi there.


「There is a point!」

「There is a point sir!」


Both Tamamushi and Nanafushi rebutted against my tsukkomi and puffed up their smooth and flat chests at the same time while making an *ehen* sound then looked at each other.

Placing her hands onto her hips Tamamushi stands in a way to make her seem taller while Nanafushi knees in front of her. Then Nanafushi stuck out her small tongue and buried her face into Tamamushi’s crotch.


「It’s because Nanafushi has an ego. This way it’s possible for Nanafushi to look after her master’s lower regions. She’s a fully automated masturbation machine. How’s that! Are you surprised?」


While Nanafushi is licking Tamamushi’s crotch, Tamamushi’s cheeks begin to get flushed and proudly to leaks out moaning sounds.


「I can’t help but feel bad for the cost performance……」


She said that transforming into a human consumes a lot of insect qi or something along the lines of that, and if the penis disappears after when it transforms into a human, then I think it’s better off not turning into a human in the first place.


「The bug energy recovers after sleeping!」

「Yeah! You recover it when you sleep!」

「Dagashikaーshi5, there is a way to recover energy moreee efficiently!」

「That other way!?」

「It’s a man’s semen!」

「I’m inexperienced in the real thing though!」

「Don’t say that!」

「Aye aye!」


It’s as if I’m watching a comedy duet, Tamamushi interrupts the idiotic Nanafushi with a tsukkomi.

These two get along well.

They’re perfectly in sync and although their hair color is different, it seems like they’re sisters.


「Ah-♡ Ahyu-♡ Oou-♡ Nou-♡ Ahi-♡」


When I heard the voice, I lowered my gaze to see Rikka who has her eyes going white while twitching and convulsing within my embrace.

Ah, I totally forgot about her.

Having kept my finger in Rikka’s urethra and the tentacles constantly teasing her erogenous zones, it seems that she came so hard that she fell unconscious.

Pulling out my finger from her urethra, the urine that accumulated over time came flowing out all at once.




Rikka raises a beast-like scream as she begins spurting out urine with a tremendous amount of force while having her tongue stuck out and eyes peeled to the back of her head.


「W-Wow♡ It’s completely different compared to master’s orgasm♡」


Nanafushi covers her mouth with both hands and became completely red in the face from watching Rikka who’s having abnormal convulsions while spurting out urine from cumming countless times despite being unconscious.


「Nanafushi is a bug designed to provide service. Moreover, she was manufactured over three hundred years ago. Therefore, she possesses more knowledge in servicing others than I do. So, is it ok if Nanafushi and I to carry out the instructions?」

「Eh!? Me as well!? Is it ok!?」


Patting Nanafushi’s shoulder, Tamamushi asked and looked at me. Nanafushi became totally flushed from hearing Tamamushi’s request.


「Even though I look like this, I’m a penis bug. It’s would disgust Suzuhara-sama」

「Naa? I don’t really mind though? Nanafushi is cute and honest, and is a thousand times better than someone idiot」

「Hau!? Re-Really!?」


Hearing my answer, Nanafushi became teary-eyed and hugged Tamamushi.


「I heard you say it, but is it really ok? This fellow is a bug though?」


Tamamushi could hide her feeling of astonishment from the fact that I easily accept it and asked.


「I’m fine with bugs and stuff, cause I’m focused on appearance. Anything is ok if you’re cute6


Listening to my reply, Tamamushi who previously had her eyes spinning around in circles, leaked out a *pu* sound, then burst into laughter as she couldn’t hold in any longer.


「I don’t know whether if it’s because you are strange or being a tolerant person, but you are a very interesting man」


After saying such a thing, she uses a finger to scoop off a tear that was spreading in the outer corner of her eye.

I don’t think I’m a tolerate person, but well, I won’t deny me being strange.


「Master! I might be able to graduate from being a virgin! The time when my thousand earthworm pussy will finally see the light of day has come!」

「Korekore Nanafushi. What we are doing is service, not sexual intercourse」


Tamamushi gently reproved Nanafushi who was crying in her embrace.

Seeing beautiful naked tinys hugging each other somehow gives me the feeling that it had an amazing power to corrupt people’s minds.

If that’s the case, I won’t miss a wink of it.

A thousand earthworms?

Is Nanafushi’s pussy made up of a thousand earthworms?

From hearing that her predecessors staked their entire lives working hard, and from the result, the performance of the pussy that they created might be pretty crazy7.

However, why did the predecessors focus on such a place even though it’s a dick bug?


「S-So-Sorry I made you wait!」

「D-Don’t push Hizuki! The bath towel will get undone!」


Voices echoed in the bathroom and from the looks of it, Hizuki and Kazahana came out with both of their faces completely red.

Those two had bath towels tightly wrapped around their bodies.

On the contrary, Rikka, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi have openly exposed their naked bodies.

How should I say it, it’s somehow troubling to see them get embarrassed at this stage, rather, it seems like it’s more fun to play with the three who are completely naked.


「Ah re!? There one more person!」

「Who are you!? An intruder?!」


Hizuki raises her voice after noticing Nanafushi’s presence while Kazahana leaps out in front of her and placed her guard up.

Nanafushi flinched and hid behind Tamamushi’s back in a scurry and trembles as tears begin to form in her eyes.

Is Nanafushi a coward? Even though she has six tentacles in her insect form?

Placing that aside, oi Hizuki. You have the Heaven’s eye so you should know the situation even without anyone explaining.

Or perhaps unlike my ability, the Heaven’s eye is unable to be constantly activated?


「She’s called Nanafushi. It’s Tamamushi’s insect. It seems that it has high intelligence which is capable in turning into a human. She’s an honest and obedient child so don’t tease her」

「Eh!? Turn into a human!?」

「Oh my!」


The two people looked shocked while the teary-eyed Nanafushi nods repetitively to my words.


「Ka-Kawaii. I thought Tamamushi-san looked quite cute already, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a cute child」

「She’s beautiful. What a refined beauty」


Despite being all panicky, the two regained their composure and looked at Nanafushi and leaked out breaths of astonishment.

Nanafushi is certainly a mysterious beauty.


「It’s the result from the hard work of their predecessors」


Pridefully replying to their words, the two cautiously approached while staring at Nanafushi who was hiding behind Tamamushi. Then with their cheeks dyed red, once again, they leaked out a breath of amazement.

Probably because Nanafushi’s fidgeting from being embarrassed from the two curious stares, but with Tamamushi placing her hand on her shoulder, she cautiously stepped out from behind her then greeted them with a bow and laughed awkwardly.





With their cheeks dyed, Hizuki and Kazahana clapped with their expressions from looking at Nanafushi’s overly cute gestures and behaviors.

This person seems like she’s able to easily get along with others

Glancing over at the changing room, I saw a sulking idiot sitting in seiza.

Are you envious that we’re having fun? Nnn? Do you want to join in as well?

But nope you’re not.


Hizuki and Kazahana are sitting in seiza on the bathroom floor. Rikka peacefully sleeping against the wall leaking out steady breaths. And me who is sitting on a chair having both Tamamushi and Nanafushi in front of me.


「Nanafushi will take care of the top half. I will take care of the lower half. After a while, we’ll rotate」



Nanafushi nods greatly to Tamamushi’s words, then the two started to move accordingly.

Tamamushi knees onto the bathroom floor and gently grabs onto my cock that has already stood up.

Meanwhile, Nanafushi snuggled up close to me and stuck her smooth and flat chest against my arms while she smiles and brings her face closer to mine.


「I’m a bug, so is it better if we shouldn’t kiss? If you feel grossed out in any way then I would want you to say something」


With eyes of the color of greens leaves, Nanafushi gently spoke the words from her damp light pink lips and gives a soft smile.

My cock twitched from the loveliness of her voice.


「I don’t mind at all! Do what you like!」


From my open answer, Nanafushi looked at me blankly with a blush, then giggled. With her face gradually getting closer, she closed her eyes and tightly pressed her lips against mine.

Her lips were soft, sweet fresh with youth.

Simultaneously, a pleasant feeling spreads out from the tip of my glans.

Tamamushi who was holding onto my cock pressed her lips against the tip of my glans and kissed it.


「I-It’s pulsating♡ And it’s thick and long♡ Furthermore, the glans have such a sinister shape♡ This is a real male penis♡ Such a splendid thing♡」


Staring at my cock, Tamamushi leaked out a sweet voice and stimulated the tip of my glans with her tongue.

Then she pressed her lips on the tip and started sucking and slurping up my precum. Meanwhile, she uses her right hand to stroke my cock and massages my balls with her left.

This……is a pretty good technique. It feels quite good without any flattery.


「I will do my best as well♡」


Nanafushi who was kissing my lips said it with a smile and took both my hands.


「Suzuhara-sama loves boobs right?♡ My boobs are smooth and flat so it doesn’t really pique your interests, but please play with it♡」


While holding my hands up, Nanafushi said such a thing then placed both of them onto her flat and smooth chest.

Her skin felt surprisingly smooth and chest which has a bit of squishiness to it. Despite having small nipples, her peach colored nipples became hard and fully erect.

Forcibly gripping onto Nanafushi’s soft and squishy breasts, I used my fingers to pinch her nipples.




Forcibly grabbing onto her soft and squishy breasts, Nanafushi raised a sweet scream from the pleasure of her nipples being crushed under my fingers while drool flows out from her peach colored lips.

I couldn’t help but get excited from seeing that lustful appearance of a tiny feeling pleasure from my brutal caress.

Furthermore, despite twitching from being assaulted by the pleasant sensations, Nanafushi uses both her hands to gently caress my nipples.




I was surprised by the pleasant sensations from my glans as I was being distracted by Nanafushi. Tamamushi who was sucking precum off from the tip of my glans stuck my cock as far as she could into her little mouth.

My glans was pushed into a lump of tight meat covered with saliva. Using her tongue, she caresses the frenulum in her mouth.

My hips jumped in reaction, and the next moment, Nanafushi who was sucking on my lips, invaded my mouth with her tongue. Then she entwines her tongue onto mine and sucked out the saliva and deliciously swallows it down her throat. At the same time, she didn’t forget to caress my nipples with both her hands.

When I pinched Nanafushi’s nipple who was absorbed in sucking onto my tongue, twitched and became completely red as she begins to pant. But she still, entangles her tongue onto mine and sucks onto it like crazy.

This is bad. Simultaneous attacks from above and below. Furthermore, both of them firmly understood their positions and there were no stagnations in the movements from both Tamamushi and Nanafushi.

This is unbearable. This is really unbearable.


「Nnpu-♡ Nnpu-♡ Nnpu-♡」


Tamamushi who was holding my cock inside her mouth and was caressing the frenulum slowly started to shake her head.

The pleasant sensation of being wrapped inside a cramped meat covered with saliva. Moreover, it’s firmly being sucked on and she didn’t forget to caress it with her tongue. Furthermore, her right hand continues to stroke my cock while massaging my balls with her left hand.

It feels so good to the point where it’s dangerous, but above all else, I’m surprised that her teeth didn’t hit my cock at all despite having such a small mouth.

This person, she has the same level in technique when compared to Yuka.


「It looks like master has entered her serious mode. It’s about time I should do the same♡」


Nanafushi who was frantically sucking onto my tongue separated her mouth from mine, forming a lewd bridge of saliva and said it in an adorable voice. I was startled from looking at that expression.

Looking at that underaged appearance which floated up a terrifying bewitching smile gave me the chills.

It’s the crystallization of the predecessor’s hard work.

An incarnation and an object made to relieve the desires of insect users who thirsts for males.

That smile is undoubtedly devilish.

Apparently, it seems like I underestimated Nanafushi.


「I don’t mind at all! Give me all you’ve got!」


I couldn’t help but look forward to both Tamamushi and Nanafushi’s high-quality techniques.

Nanafushi「Master loves to have her anal played! It’s annoying to hear her keep saying it!」

Tamamushi「H-Hey Nanafushi! Don’t say anything unnecessary!」


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