X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 94

Rough breathing resounds in the bathroom.

A slimy tongue crawls onto my ear.

Nanafushi is caressing my ear with her tongue.

It’s probably possible because she’s a bug, but the way she uses her tongue to perform intricate and delicate movements is definitely not something of common sense.

Caressing my ear with her tongue, and making eccentric movements with it, then thrusts her tongue inside my earhole. While sucking onto my ear and leaking out indecent noises, Nanafushi plays with both my nipples.

A feeling of pleasure rushes up my spine as large amounts of saliva begins to accumulate in my mouth. When I swallowed my saliva, Nanafushi giggled and sucked on my lips as she entwines our tongues together, slurping out the saliva that was collecting in my mouth and gulps it down her throat.

Nanafushi continues to entangle our tongues together, making obscene noises. Gently caressing both my nipples with her fingers, she gave a bewitching smile from seeing me twitch in reflex.

*zururi*, my waist bounces up without me realizing as my cock sank into a cramped hole of meat.

Tamamushi shoved my cock into the back of her throat.

Swallowing my cock to the root, Tamamushi manages to do it without hitting any of her teeth while stimulating my balls with her right hand and placing her left finger in between my balls and anus. It’s an erogenous zone called the perineum.

With my cock swallowed to root while stimulating my balls with her right hand and placing her left finger in between my balls and anus, I was attacked by an electrocuting pleasure which shot through my body.

Next, Tammaushi began to shake her head up and down, making a perverted watery sound and gradually picks up the pace.

Tamamushi’s appearance is more of a loli than Rikka. That Tamamushi has her mouth full of my cock inside her youthful looking mouth, and the sight of her swallowing my cock to the base gives a feeling of immorality.

A slippery tongue runs along the nape of my neck. While it caresses me lovingly, tongue slowly descends from the nape of my neck to my collarbone and reached my nipples.

Nanafushi’ tongue lightly stimulates my nipples. While my other nipple is being rolled around in her fingers, the tongue that was gently caressing my nipple, sucked onto my nipple and began to caress it while sucking onto it.

Lewd watery sounds could be heard.

Tamamushi who has the base of my cock caught in her mouth doesn’t seem to get teary from it, uses her meaty, cramped and slimy with saliva throat to stroke my cock, as she continues to stimulate my balls and traces her finger in the area between the sack and the anus.

Pleasure is being emitted from my upper and lower body. The admirable synchronization of Nanafushi and Tamamushi. The frightfulness of hat pleasure.

Every time Nanafushi moves her tongue and fingers, and every time Tamamushi shakes her head and moves her fingers, gives me a sense of pleasure like an electric current that’s attacking me from above and below.

Neither Nanafishi nor Tammaushi has shown their full potential. Gradually increasing their speed and stimulation, I can tell that they’re trying to make me cum. However――


「S-Sorry. I can’t anymore」


I desperately try to hold it in, but I was at my limit.




Feeling like my brain was going to fry, I was attacked by a tsunami of pleasure as semen rushed up my urethra and mercilessly shot out into the depths of Tamamushi’s throat.

The thoughts in my mind became pure white, as I jolted from the strong surge of pleasure.

Tamamushi and Nanafushi have skills equivalent to or higher than Yuka alone, is from their perfect synchronization.

The pleasure from arriving at the apex gradually starts to subside, and my mind that became pure white also begins to function.


「Ngu-♡ Ngu-♡ Ngu-♡」


With her throat stuck all the way to the base of my cock, Tammaushi desperately tries to gasp for air in order to drink my semen.

Tamamushi’s skin is as blue as a corpse, but her skin gradually returns to its red color as she swallows down my semen while making a lot of noise with her throat.


「A man’s semen is exceptionally compatible with the bug qi♡」


Nanafushi who was sucking onto my nipples, separated her lips from it, making a popping noise, got up and started to talk.


「Bug qi rises in quality as it “refines” itself by circulating around in the body♡ The point where it ends is a little below the navel, the exterior surface of the womb. Once arriving at that point, the bug qi starts to coil around like a whirlpool, and once it mixes with the ejaculated semen inside of the uterus, the bug qi’s quality rises dramatically♡ The bug qi will then return to the body for refinement again and the bug user’s power will rise dramatically♡ With that said, it’s a bit of a waste to drink the precious semen from the mouth♡」


Nanafushi explains it to me on Tamamushi’s behalf who is concentrated on swallowing my cum.

I wonder if I should say as expected of her, but while Nanafushi was explaining these things to me, she also used her fingers to tease both my nipples in the meantime.


「Jyu jyu-♡ Jyuzozozozozo-♡ Jyupu-♡ Gupu-♡ Jyupu-♡ Gupu-♡」



While I was enjoying the aftertaste of pleasure, I was assaulted by another merciless wave of pleasure.

Tamamushi who finished drinking my cum, resumed the fellatio.


「Kuuu, cho, chotto matte-」


Raising my voice, I grabbed Tamamushi’s head with both hands and tried to lift it up, but Tamamushi was so absorbed in the action of shaking her head.

She’s unstoppable. With my powers alone, I can’t stop her.

Despite having a loli like appearance, Tamamushi’s fighting capabilities are on par with Rikka’s. On the other hand, I’m a vulnerable human aside from my abilities. There’s no way I can beat Tamamushi by using brute force.

And yes, if we’re in this situation, Tamamushi can kill me whenever she feels like it.

Wel,l that doesn’t really matter much. Even if it does happen for this situation, I’m the one responsible for it. So it doesn’t really matter if I get killed.

The problem is that Tamamushi’s fellatio feels so good and amazing. It’s very wonderful, but it’s a bit hard for me to endure right after ejaculation.

That’s why I wanted to temporarily stop her fellatio, but with my strength, I’m unable to do anything. In addition to that, Tamamushi seems so absorbed in the moment.

That Tamamushi is a girl who’s even smaller of a loli than Rikka.

In short, it’s frustrating to accept the reality that I’ve be outdone by a loli girl in strength. It’s simply a frustrating experience.

I should train my muscles.

Is what I thought.


「Arya, she’s lost herself. Maa, it’s the first time that for you to drink semen, so it’s unavoidable that you’re drunk on it. But you have bad manners.」


Saying that, Nanafushi took brisk small steps and squatted behind Tamamushi.

And then――





Following the Nanafushi’s cute remarks, Tamamushi experiences abnormal orgasmic convulsions while still having her mouth at the base of my cock.


「You’re still not letting go of his cock. Then…uriuri」

「Nn-fuuuuuuuuuuuu-♡ Nn-fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-♡」


Nanafushi who’s squatting behind Tamamushi is doing something to her and Tamamushi is having orgasms which are synchronized with Nanafushi’s movements.

Despite experiencing abnormal convulsions and arching her back while her eyes are turning white, she still clings onto my cock with her mouth.


「This is troubling. It seems like you intend to hang on to his cock as if you’re hanging onto your own dear life. I understand how you feel, but persistent women will get hated」

「Nfu-♡ Nfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-♡ Nnooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-♡」


Muffled screams emanate from the bathroom. Squirting watery sounds were also mixed into those screams.


「I guess a finger is no good. It can’t be helped. There’s no choice but for me to insert my arm」


In response to Nanafushi’s remarks, Tamamushi twitched violently.

The next moment――





Tamamushi’s body jumped up at the same time as Nanafushi’s shout and a *zuru* sound could be heard.

My cock came slipping out from Tamamushi’s small salivary mouth. Next, my glans popped out of from her mouth and Tamamushi had her back arched like a shrimp.




Tamamushi’s eyes turned white and had her tongue protruding out of her mouth, leaking out drool, all while standing on her knees and having her back arched backwards.


「Hi-♡ Uwa-♡ Uwaa-♡」


The completely flushed Hizuki held her mouth with both of her hands and sounds like she’s squealing happily from somewhere.


「O-Oh my. To thrust your fist into it……」


Spreading her eyes wide open, Kazahana raised an astonished voice.

Meanwhile, Asahina who’s still sitting in sieza in the changing room, twitched and trembled.

Tamamushi who’s standing on her knees is convulsing while still having her back arched like a shrimp.

And her crotch, you can see Nanafushi’s little arm stuck inside of it. With that arm, she used it to thrust it inside of Tamamushi.

Yes, Nanafushi has her arm penetrated inside of Tamamushi.

Since her pussy is visible, she didn’t thrust it inside of her pussy. It’s the hole a bit further behind. It means that she has her arm penetrated inside of the other hole behind the pussy.

In other words, her ass.

Not only has Nanafushi stuck her fist inside of Tamamushi’s ass, but also has half of her arm thrusted inside of it too.


「So you finally let go. Geez, what a troublesome master」


Having muttered that, Nanafushi let out a sigh and pulled her arm out.




Tamamushi had her eyes turn completely white and her tongue loosely out of her open mouth, twitching repetitively, then fell towards me. I catch Tamamushi in my arms.




As I hugged Tamamushi to prevent her from falling, she let out a short breath of surprise.


「W-What exactly did I……」


Unable to understand what has just happened, it seems that Tamamushi’s thoughts were in disarray.


「You didn’t let go of Suzuhara-sama’s cock」


Nanafushi murmured as she stood up from her crouching position letting out a sigh of exasperation then looked at Tamamushi.


「Ba-Bakana! Are you saying I’ve lost my sense of reason?! Stop saying such nonsense!」

「What are you on about master? Don’t you naturally lose yourself after you get excited?」


In my embrace, Tamamushi looked at Nanafushi and replied with an angry voice, but after Nanafushi’s tsukkomi combined with her blank look, Tamamushi could only let out a groan of frustration.


「What are you going to do after losing yourself when you’re the one who said to teach everyone how to service? You’re ment to supress your own desires and devote yourself in servicing your partner. That’s service」

「I-I know that!」

「I’m only saying this because you don’t know though」


Tamamushi tried to rebut against Nanafushi’s words but was quickly shut up by her tsukkomi.

I patted Tamamushi’s head.

Tamamushi looked at me with her emerald green eyes as I was patting her head and sniffled.

She’s so cute. I really want to tease her now.


「Uuu, Suzuhara-sama~, Nanafushi is being a meanie~♡」


Sticking herself close to me, Tamamushi tried her best to fawn on me.

Hearing Tamamushi change her usual masculine tone of speech to a feminine tone, sparked a light inside the sadistic side of me.


「Ahー! What is this!? Despite proudly saying that you’ve thrown away your femineity, as soon as a man steps in the room, you take it all back?! I’m disappointed in you master!」


Seeing Tamamushi’s sudden change in behaviour, Nanafushi angrily started to yell out her complaints.


「……I can always revert you back to your original form whenever I want」


Sticking herself close to me, Tammaushi murmured. Hearing that, Nanafushi twitched and quickly shuts her mouth, forming a chestnut shape with her lips.

And then――


「Aw geez master! Are you being serious? As usual, master never gets my jokes!」


With a face full of smiles, gently slapped Tamamushi.

It’s Tamamushi who transformed the dick bug to a human, so it’s logical that she’s the one who can revert her back to that form as well.


「Does Nanafushi prefer to be in her human form even though she’s a bug?」


A doubtful question suddenly popped into my head, so I asked Nanafushi as I kept patting Tamamushi on the head.


「Oh, well it’s better to be in my human form. I always get used all the time when I’m in my bug form. As soon as she has time, all she says is “penis, penis”」

「Cho-!? Hey, Nanafushi!」

「Furthermore, she always uses all six of them. She says something along the lines of telling me to put two of them in her pussy and four in her ass. Even though she has an invulnerable body, she always goes ahead and to reckless things. I’m sick of it already and ran away from home several times. It’s a sad life for a bug like me. Because I’ve made a contract with her, I always get forcibly brought back with bug energy. I’ve had various different masters before, but this is the first time for me to have a master with such a strong sexual desire. Fuu, yareyare-su」

「Stop, Nanafushi! I get it! I’m in the wrong! I apologize! So please don’t say any more!」


Feeling as if she’s been betrayed by a close comrade, seemingly as if she’s about to cry, Tamamushi raises her voice.

Aaa, no good. I can’t bear it any longer.

Let’s take advantage of the fact that Nanafushi’s mad and tease Tamamushi.


「Maa, maa, Nanafushi, stop bullying her so much」


I spoke to Nanafushi while stroking Tamamushi’s head.


「Bu-But, I’m pissed off. She threw away her femineity. “I’m don’t need anything as long as you’re here” is what she said, so I took pity on her and played my role as her partner, but as soon as a decent man comes along, she just brushes me aside! Then what’s going to happen to all my hard work that I’ve done up until now?」


I wonder how much she has been overused. Emphasising her words, looking as if she’s about to cry Nanafushi’s voice trembles as she spoke.

Leave it to me Nanafushi. Leave it to me.


「Listen well Nanafushi. It’s ok to bully her with words, but if you’re bulling her, then might as well――」


Saying that, I gave a smirk and used my left hand to hold onto Tamamushi’s youthful waist whilst my right hand reaches out to grab her plump butt.

And then――




Tamamushi let out an idiotic voice. The next moment, Tamamush twitches in reflex, her eyes open wide and gets completely flushed in the face then turns the other way.


「Su-Suzuhara♡ Cho-♡ Ma-♡ Kuuuuun-♡」


Tamamushi shivers, shaking her head from side to side and rains her fists gently on my chest, as she responds in a sweet and flirtatious tone.

My right hand extended to her butt. With of the tip of my index finger, I teased Tamamushi’s asshole.

Though I can’t see it from my position, I can tell it’s Tamamushi’s asshole with my finger.

When draw circles with my finger across the rim of her asshole, it begins to greedily expand and contract.


「Fuun-♡ Kuun-♡ Haaaan-♡」


When I draw arcs on the rim of her asshole, Tamamushi convulses, leaking out sweet unbearable moans.


「Tamamushi, do you want me to insert it in this hole? Nnn? What do you say?」


Grinning, I called out to her. Twisting herself around painfully, Tamamushi looked as if she’s suffering and looks at me with upturned eyes.


「I-I don’t know♡ Do as you see fit♡」


Every time I tease her asshole, Tamamushi twists painfully, but still keeps her rebellious attitude.


「I see」


Saying that, I poke Tamamushi’s asshole with my finger.




Tamamushi convulses and leaks out a sweet moan from being poked in the asshole.

With a little bit of force, my finger will surely slip inside her quivering asshole. I feel like it has that elasticity to do so. Since I’ve only teased her asshole, it’s already expanded this much.


「Kuhi-♡ Kuun-♡ Kuuun-♡」


Tamamushi convulses while she painfully twists around as she leaks out sweet moans and looks at me with her teary emerald green eyes, charming me.


――I want you to insert it inside♡ I want you to thrust you thick and long member inside of my ass and fuck me violently♡



Ah, I was wrong. Tamamushi wasn’t a nojya-loli1. I thought it would be cuter that way so I subconsciously used it.


「Kuhii-♡ Ahaaaan-♡」


I put my finger slightly inside of her asshole and quickly pull it out. Tamamushi then convulses and twists painfully as she continues to leak out sweet moans.

Were you expecting it? Teasing your asshole and only putting the tip of my finger inside, were you unable to help but look forward to it?

Then I’ll command you.

By commanding you to do my bidding, I’ll give you an excuse to reluctantly obey me.


「Tamamushi, turn around. Bend forward and spread your asshole with both hands. It’s an order」


Commanding Tamamushi, I was able to see her smiling happily for a split second, but she immediately changed back to her displeased expression.


「I-If it’s an order, then it can’t be helped♡」


Puffing her cheeks, she murmured in an unpleasant tone.

Just as planned2.

Reluctantly, very reluctantly, Tamamushi separates herself from me and she desperately tries to keep her heart from fluttering then made her way to stand in front, with her back faced towards me. Then she very reluctantly bends her back and tries to act extremely uncomfortable.

In front of me is a completely exposed, youthful looking asshole and below that is a smooth, slippery pussy.

Her peach colored asshole expands and contracts, telling me to quickly put my cock inside it. Below that, you can see her smooth young pussy and inside her pussy, you could see the walls moving and contracting around as well as a lewd string of mucus could also be seen hanging from it.


「All I need to do is open it right?♡」


The slightly rebellious Tamamushi brings both her hands behind her while she’s still bent over and opened it up.


Her ass stretched out and her wide-open pussy.

Even though she’s a loli, her drooling pussy is erotic, but there’s also something indescribably erotic about her stretched out asshole.

I wonder how much training would make it this flexible. From that, it emphasizes her purity from the lovely pale pink color.

Even though she’s pretended to be all pure and innocent, the fact that it’s been so overused can never be erased from my head.




Sitting on the chair, I crossed my arms and opened my legs.


「It seems that Tamamushi became a fap material. Nanafushi, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to stick my cock inside your pussy? I’ll put it in whatever hole you want」




To my words, Tamamushi who’s bent over lets out a voice of shock, whereas Nanafushi lets out a voice of delight and anticipation.


「Nn? Tammaushi, what’s wrong?」


Smirking as I grabbed my cock, I started to swing it around. Despite having already ejaculated once, it was completely rock hard and rearing to go.

I did order Tamamushi to spread her asshole in front of me, but I don’t remember saying that I’ll stick my cock inside of it.

While still having her asshole spread out using both her hands, Tamamushi became completely red and teary-eyed and started to tremble in frustration.

I wonder if whether she’s going to start complaining or not but teasing her asshole with my finger and lightly sticking the tip of my finger inside all happened “arbitrarily”, and because Tamamushi was completely aware of that, she didn’t say anything. Just as planned! I stretched out my right hand to her peach colored, expanding and contracting asshole and used my index finger to tease the rim of it.


「Nn-♡ Nnn-♡ Aaan-♡」


Tamamushi who’s twitching and convulsing around actually leaked out sweet womanly moans, replacing her usual masculine tone.

Tamamushi continues to leak out moans and with her face already red as it is, it became even redder. Seemingly as if she’s about to cry, she shut her lips tightly.

Abandoning her womanhood was probably the reason why Tamamushi is speaking in such a masculine way, but clearly, a womanly expression arose onto her face and it seems so embarrassing to the point where she’ll die from it.

Ahh, this is good. That’s why teasing her is worth the effort.


「Fufu♡ Is it really ok if I can choose whatever hole Suzuhara-sama’s dick is going inside of me?♡」


Looking at Tamamushi closing her lips tightly, Nanafushi snickered and placed an index finger on her lips, looking as if she’s hesitating and lost in thoughts, then took a glance at Tamamushi.


「I guess I’d like it if you to put it in my ass and fuck me hard with it♡」


While giving Tamamushi a bewitching and flirtatious glance, provoking Tamamushi, Nanafushi murmured as she was thinking about it.




While being judged by the bug that was created by her predecessors, Tamamushi lets out a groan in frustration. From the inner walls of her tight wet salmon pink pussy, flows out a slimly fluid.

Pussy juice made out of her bug pussy begins to flow out.

She’s quite a masochist little girl.

I’ve come to like to even more than before. Let’s tease her until she cries.


「Fufu♡ I’ve decided♡」


Nanafushi wiped her finger on Tamamushi’s cheek, who’s sweating profusely, and licked her finger then looked at me.


「Please don’t underestimate me♡ I won’t insert it inside my pussy nor my ass♡ I will service it with my mouth」


Saying that, Nanafushi walks towards me and kneels in between Tamamushi and I, then buries her face into my crotch

The next moment――




I couldn’t understand what just happened.

The feeling felt as if my cock was totally swallowed by a sticky slime. This is undoubtedly an unknown sensation.

My cock is being endlessly sucked while *nuchuu* sounding highly vicious watery sounds reverberates from her fellatio.

What’s going on?

Nanafushi shoved my cock inside her mouth. I know that. But this is――


This is not a human blowjob.


Making a *gupu* sound, Nanafushi swallows my cock all the way to the base, then proceeds to slurp on it, making wet watery sounds. She then raises her head up.




Even though I’m being sucked so violently, I don’t feel an ounce of pain, but instead, I was only assaulted by an onslaught of pleasure.

She then separates her mouth from my glans, making a popping noise.


「How is it?♡ I’m a bug, so I don’t have the necessity to breath♡ And I can also freely change the shape of the inside of my mouth♡ That’s why I can also do something like this♡」


Saying that, Nanafushi lowered her head once again and swallowed the glans all the way to the root in one go. Even from that, I was assaulted by a tremendous amount of pleasure――




This is definingly something a human is incapable of doing.

The meat of her throat entwines onto my glans and begins to move. Furthermore, the tip of the glans is covered in mucus and is hitting an elastic meat wall.

Yes, that’s where Nanafushi’s throat “ends”. Like the entrance of the uterus inside a vagina, there’s actually an “end point” inside Nanafushi’s throat.

That’s the place where I’m hitting.


「Jyupo-♡ Jyubu-♡ Jyupo-♡ Jyubu-♡ Jyupo-♡ Jyubu-♡」



Nanafushi’s begins to shake her head vigorously.

If Nanafushi raises her head, the meat that’s wrapped around my glans also gets pulled along from the suction, and if Nanafushi lowers her head, then my glans gets swallowed deep inside of her and the tip of my cock will hit the elastic wall at the end of her throat.

The pleasure of her meat swallowing my cock, the pleasure of her meat stroking my cock, and the pleasure of her meat sucking onto my cock.

Nanafushi did say that she doesn’t need to breathe through her mouth and nose and I can tell that from her continuous sucking. Moreover, although it’s nonsensical, when my glans gets swallowed and hits the end, the meat also enters through my urethra.

This fellatio isn’t human fellatio. There’s no way it can be.

The pleasure is leading me to insanity, but then my eyes stopped when I saw Tamamushi’s asshole.

Continued to be assaulted by large waves of pleasure, the me who’s completely helpless, is trying to find an outlet of some sorts ended up sticking my finger into Tammaushi’s asshole then I begin to violently to stir up her insides.


「Ng oooooooooooooooooo-♡゛」


You can almost say that my actions were just me venting out my anger and from that, Tamamushi raises a beastly cry and begins to convulse violently and squirt her pee all over the bathroom floor.

Meanwhile, Nanafushi continues to shake her head and attacks my glans with pleasure.

It’s already to the point where I’ll cum any moment, but the pleasure was too strong to the point where it’s not letting me ejaculate.

This is the first time I knew about the fact that humans will run rampant after experiencing unimaginable pleasure.

I mercilessly stir the inside of Tamamushi’s asshole from impulse.

Already having three fingers stirring up Tamamushi’s asshole, I thrust what was the rest inside. In other words, I got my whole fist penetrating her asshole.

With Tamamushi’s asshole expanded abnormally, it swallowed my entire fist making a *gopo* sound.

Afterwards, I inserted my arm inside as well and begin to mercilessly thrust my arm in and out of her asshole.

An echoing *gorigori* sound could be heard from the depths of Tamamushi’s asshole.




My fist, not to mention, my whole arm was inserted inside her asshole and was mercilessly thrusting in and out of it made from the looks of it, a young girl produces a beast-like cry from somewhere. Like a broken faucet, she continues to urinate and squirt all over the bathroom floor and convulses abnormally.




Breaking the limit, and further breaking that limit ahead of it, and breaking the limit even further from that limit.

Like a fighter jet flighting at the speed of sound and hitting a wall, something seemed to split open.

As if trying to witness that, Nanafushi lowers her head, having the tip of my glans pierce her meat walls.

My cock we stuck firmly to her meaty walls. Having the meat sucking the inside of my urethra, it produces a loud slurping noise as she sucks onto it.

My cum which ran up my urethra was sucked all the way up as I experienced an unknown pleasure which seriously made me think I was going to lose consciousness.

It felt as if every ounce of liquid was sucked out of my body.

Sucking up the remaining semen from my urethra urged my body to urinate.

Urine shot out while Nanafushi was inhaling my semen.

After I finished urinating, Nanafushi slurps up the last drop and when she raises her head, my cock came out from her mouth, making a popping sound. Pulling out her small red tongue, she gently caressed my glans with it as she looks up at me, giving me a bewitching smile.

Nanafushi didn’t run out of breath a single time.

If a succubus actually exists, then it certainly has to be something like Nanafushi.

As I was thinking that, I still had my arm lodged inside of Tamamushi’s asshole which made her reach for the heavens.



After ending our performance, the next one to fall after Rikka was Tamamushi.

Tamamushi who had my arm inside of her asshole and fell unconscious from me mercilessly thrusting my arm in and out of it, wore a sloppy, yet satisfied face.

In contrast, Hizuki turned pale and was shivering from the sight of it.


「Uwaaaaaaaaan-. Is servicing supposed to be this difficulttttttt? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa-」


She then covered her face with both her hands and wept.


「Ca-Calm down Hizuki! That just now was definitely something very high leveled! It’s normal if you’re unable to do it! I think!」


Kazahana grabs onto Hizuki’s shoulders, who’s sitting in seiza on the bathroom floor and covering her face while crying, raises her voice as she shakes her back and forth.

Kazahana then turns pale. Her beast ears droop down and her fluffy also hangs down.

Tamamushi and Nanafushi. Their level of skill is unexpectedly high. Especially Nanafushi’s techniques. Hers is beyond human.

After showing them that and telling them to try it out would surely be an impossible task. If they did manage to do it, then it would actually be scary.


「Gomennasai-、gomennasaiiiii-. I lied about the fact that I wasn’t able to share my consciousness with Asahina-san. The truth is that I’m able to do it, but I wanted to have sex with Mota-kun so I lieddd, aaaaaaaaaaa-」


Hizuki was bawling as she confesses.

As to be expected.

Her partner was Asahina, so perhaps she was truly unable to share her consciousness with her, is what I thought, but I also held onto the thought that she’s lying just to find a way to have sex with me.

Maa, well I did take that possibility into consideration when I accepted Hizuki, so I don’t plan on criticizing her.

Well, to tell you the truth, Nanafushi’s fellatio felt way too good and as a result of that, all my maliciousness was also sucked away with my cum, so I won’t get angry anytime soon.

This is also called sage-mode.

The me now is able to forgive anything.


「Su-Suzuhara-sama. Please forgive Hizuki」

「Un, I forgive her」

「She’s driven by her own lust, because all she thinks about is Suzuhara-sama」

「Un, I know」

「Saying that she didn’t harbor any ill intentions may be a lie, but her desires have always remained at its purest. It’s only because she’s wholeheartedly thinking about you all the time, is where her lust stems from」

「I don’t dislike people like that」

「So, please, please forgive Hizuki」

「No, like I said, I forgive her」

「Since it’s come to this, then this life――Nn?」


Kazahana grovels on Hizuki’s behalf, even though she’s saying to forgive Hizuki, she still continues to apologize, then looking as if she’s about to perform seppuku with full intent, she lifted up her face and tilted her head.


「J-Just now, did I hear you say that you forgive her?」

「I did. I said I forgive her. You didn’t mishear me」


When replying to Kazahana’s question, who still had her head tilted, Kazahana’s eyes were replaced with two dots.

Hizuki has tried to deceive me multiple times until now. And this time, she also lied to me. That’s why I’m extremely angry, is what Kazahana thought.

However, I’m in sage mode right now. I’m free from all other worldly desires, like a sage reaching the point of enlightenment.


「I know Hizuki is clumsy. She’s already passed the point in knowing how to convey her feelings. Hizuki is comparatively more human than before, but the Hizuki back then and the Hizuki right now are both the same person. You can’t really change from one end to the other that easily right?  However, Hizuki is desperately trying to change. There’s no reason to hate a person who’s trying to do that」


Kazahana was taken aback from my words and asked dumbfoundedly.

Hizuki is like a child. Though fighting with Asahina has made her become more mature, but she’s still a kid.

No, she’s become more honest with her feelings, so maybe she’s become more of a child than she is before.

However, after concluding my opinions towards Hizuki previously, I’ve learned to move on.

But moving on may also lead to me falling over.

If you sit down, then you can’t trip. After assessing and avoiding everything, then there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Contrarily, if you stand up and walk, you never know when you’re going to trip and fall or bump into a wall.

But Hizuki is fine now.

Hizuki has perhaps already bumped into the largest and strongest wall there is throughout her entire life.

A wall called Asahina.

She confronted the wall front on and fought it with all her might and lost to it but was able to stand right back onto her feet.

From this day onwards, no matter how many times she falls, she’ll be able to stand right back onto her feet.

That is, since I’m in sage-mode, I was able to reach enlightenment.

Thinking about that, Hizuki stood up and nodded repetitively while crying. Then, when she headed towards the changing room and squatted in front of Asahina who was still sitting in sieza――


「I will not apologize to you」


Saying that, she pressed her forehead against Asahina’s.

The next moment, a gentle light came out of Hizuki and entered Asahina.

Standing up, Hizuki turned around and looked at me. Then she placed her right hand on top of her chest and tightened her facial expressions.


「I love Mota-kun after all-! I’ll definitely make you mine-!」


After yelling it out, Hizuki breathed air out of her nose looked at me with a cheeky expression.

But because she puffed her chest out, the towel that was tightly wrapped around her body loosened and fell onto the bathroom floor.

Her naked body was completely in plain view.

Although Tamamaushi and Nanafushi are both super flat, they’re both beauty-loli’s. Rikka and Kazahana are beauty-lolis with well-developed beasts.

Yes, there are lolis everywhere.

Within that, Hizuki’s sensual naked baby is certainly the epitome of physical beauty.

Long lacquer-like glossy black hair, as well as her tall structure, and her snow-like pale skin.

Her thin nape and her distinctive collarbone are all perfectly structured. Even so, she possesses two large useless lumps, which arouses any man’s libido. Her thin waist contrasts the two large lumps, and if you look further down, you’re able to see her beautiful well curved plump butt and her thick long legs.

Now is the season where she’s the ripest.

Having her right hand placed on her hips while puffing her chest out, Hizuki’s face instantaneously flamed up and then――


「Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaa-! I was seen by Mota-kun, aaaaaaaaaaa-!」


Covering her body with both hands, she screamed and ran away.

She was so crazy about wanting to do erotic things with me, but it seems like it’s impossible for the time being.

Maa, it’s cute though.


「Kazahana, chase after her」


「It’s fine if she gets embarrassed and flustered inside the house, but it’s going to be problematic if she runs out the door. So if I were to chase after her, she’ll just dash out the door」



Kazahana raises an idiotic voice, but after listening to my explanation, not sure whether she was able to comprehend it or not, Kazahana ran out of the bathroom. And flop goes her bath towel.

Kazahana, don’t forget that you’re also completely nude as well.



I embrace Rikka who’s sleeping and Nanafushi takes care of Tamamushi who’s currently still unconscious. Then as I had the intention of leaving the bathroom, I remembered some minor business and stopped by at the dressing room. Holding Rikka with one hand, I took a bath towel from the shelves and threw it to the wall.

The bath towel was slapped on top of Asahina’s head who didn’t even bother to flinch.


「Was it my imagination or did I hear someone using their right hand to masturbate their behind while making some sloppy noises from seeing me tease Tamamushi’s asshole?」


When I murmured to no one specifically, Asahina twitched underneath the bath towel.


「I won’t say who it is, but if you’re teasing your asshole and dirtying the floor using your pussy juice that’s drooling all over it while masturbating, then you have to clean it up yourself right?」


Muttering that, I made my way towards Asahina and crouched down in front of her.

Asahina shivers underneath the bath towel.

While still holding onto Rikka with my left hand, I brought my face close to her ear and extended my right hand to her butt. And as I stroke her ass through her skirt――


「I love Suzuhara-kun. I’m a masochistic pig who oinks loudly when Suzuhara-kun fucks my asshole. I’ll do anything, so please kick me and pamper me. If you say that, then I won’t mind fucking your asshole」


As I caress Asahina’s butt through her skirt and used my fingers to press against her asshole, I smirked and whispered it to her ear.

Still wearing the bath towel on top of her head, Asahina’s trembling begins to worsen and keeps herself quiet.

Smiling at Asahina’s nose, I stood up and left the changing room.

Is what I made her think. But instead, I returned to the changing room and hid behind a wall and observed the situation.

Aah, fuck, if I had my powers then I could easily take a peak of what’s happening inside.

After waiting for quite a while, Asahina who’s sitting in seiza began to move, still having the bath towel on her head.

Asahina took of the bath towel and pressed it against her nose, that I had previously thrown at her, soaking up all the scent from it.


「I-It’s been dirtied. Even though this is someone else’s house……」


As Asahina got on all fours and saw the puddle from where I was sitting, her face became completely flushed while muttering with tears in her eyes, then started to wipe the floor with the bath towel.

My cock instantly revitalizes and rises up as it pulsates.

Aaah, I can’t get enough of seeing Asahina cleaning up her own mess while she’s about to cry.


「Please leave it to me♡」


Suddenly, I heard a lovely voice.

Next, my glans slipped inside of something.

Nanafushi, who was carrying Tammaushi, placed Tamamushi on the floor with her back leaning against the wall, stood on her knees, and begin her fellatio.

What a useful thing.

Asahina sniffles as she cleans up the mess she has made using the bath towel.

It’s because no one is looking, she’s is exposing her weak sides.

With that “stimulating” scene adding to Nanafushi’s beyond human blowjob, I came.

Suzuhara「As expected, I guess this era is a nojya-loli」



Kazahana「Eh? No-Nojya?」

Hizuki「Nojya desu!」

Tamamushi「Nojya dazoi!」





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  1. Ending every sentence with ‘nojya’ (a very old fashioned and niche way of speaking. Most commonly used in the edo period, but no one ever uses it nowadays cause it if you do, then basically people will either think you’re an absolute weirdo or they’ll just avoid you)
  2. Keikakudouri -Yagami Light