X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 95

Having me seen her naked body, Hizuki writhed from the overwhelming embarrassment and ran out of the bathroom, but she is now being consoled by Kazahana in the living room.

Although she’s still crying, due to Kazahana’s efforts, she’s calmed down for the most part.

I’m relieved she didn’t run out of the house.

One thing or another, Hizuki is quite the beauty, so if a man were to see her running out of the house completely naked and were to sexually assault her, then she’ll have to unavoidably end someone’s life.

Hizuki is currently wearing Tamaushi’s black tank top, however, it’s impossible for Tamamushi’s size to match hers as it could be seen from the overly stretched tank top. Due to that, her boobs are almost flopping out. A situation where she’s barely able to hide her nipples.

Below that, she’s wearing shorts. The size is also impossible for someone like her to wear as the fabric has already been stretched out by her. Because of that, let alone the shape of her ass is clearly visible, the outline of her pussy could also be seen.

In some ways, it’s more erotic than her being naked, but she thinks it’s better than being naked.

Incidentally, Kazahana who’s consoling Hizuki is completely nude.

It’s a bit less erotic from being completely naked, but Kazahana who’s matured more than Rikka has a pretty erotic body.

Barely scraping past the tiny category, she possesses an erotic body which is just short from ripening itself to womanhood.

Additionally, she has beast-like ears and tail, also unlike Rikka, her hair is long and feminine.

Not bad. Mmm, not bad. Peeping is awesome after all.


However, I felt uncomfortable after peeping.


Hizuki’s ability, Heaven’s eye. According to what Tammaushi said, to be able to see all kinds of events is the strongest support ability. However, this is the first time for Tamamushi to meet a Heaven’s eye wielder, so it seems that the knowledge she has solely gathered from the books that she read.

Hence, I’m not sure whether to believe that her words were true or not, but it’s safe to say that it’s a strong ability.


And Hizuki has managed to take hold of such an ability. I made sure to remember these words and actions. That’s why I’m peeping like this, but the discomforting feeling continues to grow more than ever.

Kazahana comforts Hizuki who’s weeping.

Are they acting?

Since my ability can’t peek inside of Hizuki’s heart, I’m unable to know her true intentions.


It’s undoubtedly strange.


It’s making me believe that if I’m peeping like this, Hizuki won’t be able to notice me.

The wielder of the Heaven’s eye who’s able to see through everything is unable to notice me?

If that were that case, then the Heaven’s eye isn’t activated properly.

But Hizuki has tricked me numerous times. I can’t deny the possibility of her pretending to not notice me, but I don’t think she’ll use such a cowardly tactic right after saying some spontaneous things inside the bathroom.

As far as it’s concerned, it probably is her ability not activated properly.

If that’s the case, then it’s a little troublesome.

Since it’s such a strong ability, it may be natural to say that it’s unstable, because of that it’s very dangerous.

If you have a strong ability, then naturally you’ll rely on it. But what if the ability doesn’t activate properly in a critical situation?

The more you depend and rely on an ability, the more backlash you receive if there’s a time when you couldn’t use it anymore.

Abilities like Hizuki’s wide range support ability should be incorporated in the command line of a unit. However, is it’s unstable, then it’s a different story.

To act as a command tower who controls the movements of a unit, the stability of an ability outweighs the overall strength of the ability. That is why Marina is qualified to be in that position, and it’s Hizuki’s role to provide support. A suitable position, similar to a military officer. But even then, if the staff becomes too unstable, it will also affect the command tower, and if the foundations aren’t built properly, then the unit would have no leader to lead them, which would lead to the team falling apart from the most trivial reasons.

I would need to investigate a little.

Thinking that, I left Tamamushi’s house.


As I was walking around the residential area, I came to a stop.

Like I’d thought.


「So it’s about thirty meters」


I muttered as I looked back.

When Hizuki’s near me, my ability doesn’t work properly. That’s why I tried going out of the house and found out that the ability started to work at around 30 meters away from her.

My ability’s range is about fifteen meters. If I distance myself approximately thirty meters away from Hizuki, then my ability would return back to its functioning state, and for Hizuki’s case, her ability would start to work if she’s more than fifteen meters away from me.


「Though, according to Hizuki, there aren’t any limitations in her ability……」


If her ability’s range is limitless, then I wouldn’t be able to activate mine no matter where I am. But now it’s returned to how it normally is.

The range that my ability can affect hers is about 15 meters, and if her ability doesn’t overlap with mine, in other words, if I’m thirty meters away, then it will return to how it normally is.


「I would be nice if it was precisely 30 meters though……」


It would be very annoying if the range of my ability depends on Hizuki’s current mental state. Moreover, it’s also because Hizuki’s ability isn’t stable, so there’s a good chance that my ability’s range would change.

That’s troublesome.

If that happens, then even my ability will get unstable.

Hizuki is a key element as a command system, and I’m the key element in the operational force. So, if our abilities are unstable, no matter how you think of it, it will be the worst outcome for us.

I can’t proceed onto planning our strategy without knowing when we’re unable to use our abilities.


「It’s about time I should check up on their situation. But……」


Having both Hizuki and my abilities being unstable, we should refrain from making too many needless movements which will make us stand out. But there are some concerns as well.

Hizuki, Kazahana, Rikka, Tamamushi, Asahina. Right now, there are six people with different abilities, me included. Adding Marina and Yuka will make eight. It will further increase to nine if we add Yukina as our reserve member.

No matter how you look at it, it’s unusual for so many ability users to be gathered at a single location.

We would end up catching the opponent’s, in other words, the Nature Conservation Organization’s eye and run the risk of us being the ones who’ll get struck first

It seems like they also… no, they also have considerable numbers of ability users over there. It’s not strange to notice it. Furthermore, Tamamushi is already being eyed on by the Nature Conservation Organisation.


「Though I’m worried about whether or not Hizuki’s Heaven’s eye is actually able to function properly……」


Yes, that’s it. If we have Hizuki’s Heaven’s eye, we’ll always be in an advantageous position. Just having that expectation is threatening enough

The Hizuki now may have that possibility of it happening, me as well. If my ability suddenly gets affected by Hizuki’s and puts me in a position where I’m unable to use it, then it’s all over. Though that’s only if it happens.


「 Attack or retreat……」


I wonder how dangerous Asahina’s presence is over there.

Because according to what Tamamushi said, the bugs which dwell inside of Asahina’s body are used in a dangerous forbidden method.

Should we strike before they try to strike first, or should we wait for Hizuki’s ability to stabilize?


「But there’s no guarantee that Hizuki’s ability will stablize」


If her ability remains unstable no matter how long we wait, it would just be a waste of time.

Then should we remove Hizuki from the plan and proceed without her?

Though in order to make that decision, it’s best to have a discussion about it with everyone, but after knowing that Hizuki’s ability is unstable, then the team’s morale would surely fall, and that may also bring up the possibility of having Hizuki feeling cornered.

Having an uncontrollable yandere to finally start to become a “decent” person, pulling her out of the operation and making her into an outcast that she once was would quite possibly revert her back to being a treacherous yandere.

That’s why we should carefully make decisions, but in the meantime, we’re in a situation where we don’t know how much time we can afford to just sit and wait.

What should I do? What can I do? If we fail, it’s possible that all of us will die from my decision.


「Ahh, fuck. I can’t think of an answer……」


With Hizuki having an abnormal high ability attribute values, we can launch the first strike with that in mind, is what I had in mind, but it may be best to calm our minds and think it through first.

In other words, the fact that Hizuki’s ability cannot be used would make me think it’s a “waste”.

If it’s a waste, I’ll use it despite it being unstable. Such a stupid strategy may be for the best.


「Hmm, something so powerful that can delude someone’s mind and call upon destruction」


The ultimate ability to be classified as a Category-A, while being just a human.

I may have already been deluded.

Then, preferably.


「By myself ――」

『Being so self-absorbed isn’t good for you. Additionally, wouldn’t Asahina-san get mad?』


As I was standing on the road, a voice echoed inside my “brain”. At the same time, a person entered my ability’s range.

No, I not sure if I can say “person”.


『On a night walk? Or do you have anything on your mind that’s troubling you?』


Walking briskly with small steps in the residential area during the night, it spoke to my “brain”.


「You can consult it to me if you have anything that’s troubling you since I’ve been alive for over three hundred years」


An adorable voice resounds through the residential area during the night.

As it walked closer to me, trotting along the dark path, this time it spoke out loud.

Its small silhouette illuminates from the outside light.

Its expression was contrary to a young face, it was scary yet bewitching.


「Who are you?」


I blurted out these words without a second thought


「You can’t read my thoughts? If Suzuhara-sama isn’t able to “see” it, then it must mean that I’m pretty special」


Nanafushi came even closer and asked with a bewitching smile.

Yes, that’s right, I’m “unable to see”. Even though my ability is working properly, Nanafushi’s mind is as if it’s “empty”.

Is that even possible? We’re having a conversation and yet her mind is “empty”.

Don’t tell me that my ability is still under Hizuki’s influence and it’s still not functioning properly?


「It seems like you’re surprised about my mind being “empty”. Daijoubu-su1. It doesn’t mean that Suzuhara-sama’s ability has any irregularities」


Saying that, Nanafushi smiled. She then walks right up to my face, stopping and standing and looks up at me.


「The ability to look into people’s minds have long been regarded as dangerous. In order to counteract that ability, I “emptied” my mind. Then with that condition, I can reflexively engage in a conversation. To put it simply, it’s like a highly advanced computer processor. Processing what I hear and provide an answer in a single moment. I don’t think about anything else. So it doesn’t matter if my mind is being read. However, if Suzuhara-sama gets serious and manages to draw out the information in the depths of my mind, then I’ll be completely hopeless against you」


Nanafushi explained with an indifferent attitude and shrugged her shoulders while leaking out a sigh.

Counteracting abilities? So does that means you’re fighting?


「Aren’t you a bug that’s just used for relieving Tamamushi’s sexual urges?」


I felt an unusual sense of strangeness coming from Nanafushi and asked.

I think it’s weird. Why is only with Nanafushi that I’m able to have a conversation with. I already thought it was weird that it could change into a human form.

However, in order to satisfy one’s sexual desires, then it may be more convenient to imitate a person, and there are also merits for it to transform back into its insect form. So I didn’t take it too much into consideration, but the story is different if it has the ability to fight.

So it’s not a bug to satisfy sexual desires, but a bug used for assassinations.


「For three hundred years, I have waited. Waiting for the right time to complete my duty」


「Yes. It’s the real reason why I was created」


Nanafushi answered with a nod.


「I will introduce the ones who made me」


Saying that, Nanafushi reach out to my right hand.

Her small youthful looking palms touched my hands, then――




All of a sudden, “memories” began to flow into me.

There were several women dressed in white were doing some experiment in a dimly lit room.

There were grotesque clumps of meat scattered in the room and women being so immersed in their experiments, making them look like they were insane.

Even though it’s just a “vision”, the sight seems to produce a rotting odor.

Among the countless ugly dolls considered as “failed works”, there was only one beautiful looking doll.

It was Nanafushi.


「Those were the people who created me. And in order to conceal their work, they were geniuses who sacrificed their achievements and died without receiving any credits for it. They were my mothers, and I have to fulfill their deepest wishes」


The memories projected inside my brain suddenly disappeared, and I heard Nanafushi’s voice.


「I will once again introduce myself to you. I am Nanafushi2 a humanoid war bug that was developed for the anti-Kudan plan. No matter how many times I get beaten down and no matter how many times I revive, I will definitely bury Kudan down to the ground. That is the meaning behind my name」


Nanafushi who is looking straight up at me said as she tightly holds onto my hands.


「My insect form is a camouflage for me to slip past the Kudan. Doing so, I have served countless masters while waiting for a good opportunity to come by. But I wasn’t able to acquire enough power to defeat Kudan. Reason is, that it’s impossible to defeat Kudan by myself, that’s why I was purposely left incomplete when being created」


Nanafushi speaks lightly while tightly holding my hands.


「I am incompetent by myself. However, I can become infinitely stronger if I suck my master’s bug energy. If there’s a bug user who can counter Kudan, through using my powers, that person can defeat it. But if you look at it from another angle, if my master is weak, then they’ll be useless like me. And in the last three hundred years, there wasn’t a single bug user who is capable to go up against Kudan, including my current master. Moreover, my energy consumption is bad when I’m in human form. As long as I have bug energy, I can be infinitely stronger, but the bug energy consumption will also change to a higher magnitude. Yet――」


Nanafushi who has been talking so apathetically now has gleam in her green eyes.


「The power is rising. I’ve never felt so much power before. It’s because my master consumed Suzuhara-sama’s semen. If it generates this much bug energy just from taking it from the mouth, then the amount of power I’ll obtain will be unimaginable if it’s directly injected in the vagina. Furthermore, my master has also made a contract with the forbidden bug. She is able to withstand large amounts of bug energy more than a normal bug user」


Despite her speaking in an indifferent tone, her voice exposes her enthusiasm and an indescribable feeling could be seen dwelling inside her eyes.

A feeling of hatred.

Hatred swirls inside of Nanafushi’s eyes.


「Suzuhara-sama, it seems that you plan on meddling with the Nature Conservation Organization, then I think Kudan will be an unavoidable obstacle that you have to defeat. That person is the king of darkness who has existed for over a thousand years. An opponent so strong that even the Nature Conservation Organization which has many ability users wouldn’t want to meddle with. With that said, it’s better of thinking that there are those who are connected to Kudan inside the organization」


If I meddle with the Nature Conservation Organization, then will have to face an unavoidable obstacle. In other words, I’ll have to fight against that.

Kudan. Nanafushi was made to fight against that thing, but is she planning on involving us in that fight?

In order to clear away the hatred by calling it a mission.


「What is Kudan? A person?」

「A bug user who’s deemed as the worst of the worst. He is hated by all the bug users and is a main perpetrator」


A bug user. So that means he’s like Tamamushi.


「As far as I know, Kudan has at least formed eight contracts with the forbidden bugs. Among those bugs, that person has also formed a contract with the same type of bug as Tamamushi’s」

「So, immortality」

「Strictly speaking, it’s not immortality, but it’s as close as it gets」


Tammaushi has the bug inside of her womb and has become almost an immortal being from using that bug’s powers. So by forming a contract with the same bug, that person was able to live for over a thousand years.


「And, you’re saying that guy will get in my way?」

「Yes, Kudan rules the dark side of the world, and at the end of it is my master. My master is being monitored」



Being monitored? Then does that mean our information is being leaked?


「Ahh, please rest assured. Because the Heaven’s eye has been awakened, the information should be well kept to ourselves. But then again, it also means that we’re basically telling them that we have a Heaven’s eye user here」


Saying so, Nanafushi leaked out a sigh and shrugged her shoulders.


「There’s no way Kudan would leave such a rare ability alone like the Heaven’s eye. If they get their hands on the Heaven’s eye, then it would further solidify Kudan’s status. But the Heaven’s eye is a dangerous ability. If it’s poorly handled, then it would leave severe burns. So that’s why they won’t make a move straight away and instead, will come and investigate」


This is the worst, to already have the Heaven’s eye’s, Hizuki’s existence is leaked out.

She’ll surely be targeted.


「Then how about me?」

「I think Suzuhara-sama should be fine because the Earths eye’s ability has its limitations, and that’s the most troublesome part of the Earth’s eye. It’s near impossible to notice. The Earth’s eye is the ultimate support-specialized ability. It’ possible to synchronize with other abilities and the power could grow endlessly. It could snowball up to being the greatest unparalleled ability. By the time they realize the Earth’s eye’s potential, you’ll be long out of the organization’s reach」


So I’m fine. I managed to slip under their radar due to having a small ability range. And if I get serious, then I can create large amounts of ability users and would also have enough time to establish an organization.

However, with Hizuki by our side, it’s only a matter of time that we’ll be found out.


「You said that Tamamushi is that guy’s end point3 right? That person is on the top of the hierarchy and she’s on the bottom?」

「Kudan is the legendary infamous bug user, so my master will at least recognize the name, but I didn’t know that the most important person in the organization who teamed up with Kudan was actually the same person」


So Tamamushi doesn’t know about it.

She joined an organization without knowing that the bug user, Kudan is the person who has the most authority in it.

But Nanafushi knows, and she hasn’t told Tamamushi about that fact.

That means――


「Are you using Tamamushi?」

「Just as you presumed, that’s exactly right. I’m using my master to collect information about Kudan」


Nanafushi answered innocently to my question.


「So when you’re faced with a difficult situation, do you plan on abandoning Tamamushi?」

「Yes. Although my master is my master, our contract is only a temporary one. My real, one and only master is the one who made me and is the research team’s leader, Makiri-sama, and the order I received from Makiri-sama was to defeat Kudan. I will do whatever it takes in order to complete my mission」


If it’s for the mission, she’ll abandon Tamamushi. Nanafushi said it in a very calm manner, but her expressions were slightly distorted.


「Tamamushi-sama is a foolish master. Blinded by her ambitions, she went ahead and used forbidden methods. A foolish master who will fall into the darkness of despair when her dreams crumble apart. From all the previous masters I have served till now, she is the most foolish and incompetent master, that is why I planned to use her as much as I could and throw her away after I am done with her. Though that is what I planned to do, it’s weird, I can’t leave her alone. I wonder if this is called sentiment. For an anti-Kudan, it is unnecessary to have such a stupid emotion like sentimentality when I’m about to leave for a final fight against Kudan. Even I would laugh at myself」


While saying that, Nanafushi gave a bitter smile but then quickly readjusted her expression.


「But then again, maybe it is fate that made me have feelings for my master. Master indirectly made connections with Kudan and abducted the Heaven’s eye user by coincidence, and had her eye on someone who’s even more of a monster than Kudan. Regarding the support aspect, the Earth’s eye’s ability user well surpasses the Heaven’s eye. Hero’s assemble around the Earth’s eye. Just as this legend prophesised, Suzuhara-sama has already started to gather powerful people around you. It was worth waiting for three hundred years. It’s finally time to raise the battle flag and bury Kudan」


Despite saying these things with a straight face, flames begin to rise within Nanafushi’s green eyes and held tightly onto me with those little hands.

Using me to take down the person named Kudan



「I don’t know much about your grudge, but I only want to fulfill my own goals, and if I lend you my powers, what will I get in return? Whether to lend you my powers or not all depends on what it’s used for」


Nanafushi chuckled as she answered.


「The enemy has should be aware that the Heaven’s eye was awakened, so they’ll start coming sooner or later. Before that happens, we should strike first, and if we manage to defeat Kudan, Suzuhara-sama would also reap great benefits from it」

「What kind of benefits?」

「Kudan is extremely powerful and is practically an immortal being. Such a person is at the top of the organization and has been in control of it for a long time, a dictator. If we defeat that person, then the organization will collapse easily」


「The reason why the Protection Organization lost interest in Kudan is because that person is too strong. For them to be able to defeat Kudan, would have to sacrifice a large majority of their ability users in their organization, so there’s no way they’ll do that just for a single person. Since Kudan also knows about this fact, that person wouldn’t do something like provoking the Protection Organization. It’s even expected that Kudan would be in trouble if the Protection Organization had the resolve to trade blows with Kudan. Thus, the balance is kept from that idea, and from the Protection Organization’s perspective, it’s a balance that they have to unwillingly uphold」


I see. So that’s how it is.

It’s easy to imagine that the organization that Tamamushi works for is being dictated by the guy named Kudan.

Something along the lines of capturing ability users and beastman like Rikka and selling them off for money. Aside from that, I’d assume they do many other things too.

Anyways, that would totally contradict the purpose of the Protection Organization’s existence. The Protection Organization, they’re an organization that has to be destroyed. If I am able to do it, I will. But the current situation is that I can’t.


「It’s a great opportunity to return our favors to the Protection Organization」

「That’s right」


Nanafushi smiles and nods to my words.

I’m not interested in wealth nor power. What I want is a place where we can live in peace. I want to make our home.

Rikka, Kazahana, and Hizuki. A heretic can’t even live a normal life. So that also applies to those who’ve awoken supernatural ability like Marina and Yuka. Also Yukina, who’s about to awaken her’s.

And for Tamamushi and Asahina who both have bugs inside their bodies from the forbidden method will surely be targeted for the rest of their lives.

In order to deal with that, we need to lend power from organizations. It’s best to put ourselves inside an organization which can’t be meddled with easily.

And the organization which reaches those requirements is the Nature Conservation Organization.

We’ll be able to create a place for us inside an organization full of ability users like us. That’s is my objective.

But Tamamushi and Asahina’s presence would prevent that from happening. Those who committed forbidden activities will receive punishment.

In order for that not to happen, I’ll have to make the Nature Conservation Organization to be greatly indebted to me.

However, if we defeat such an untouchable person in the Protection Organization, then we’ll end up becoming the ones who are even more dangerous than Kudan.

If that happens, then let it happen. Now, let’s go and intimidate the Nature Conservation Organization with all our power. If you don’t “properly protect” us, then you’ll get bitten.

Fumu, it’s not unreasonable.

But there are also problems. Hizuki and my abilities aren’t stabilized. It’s a dangerous bet under such circumstances.


「Can’t make a decision? Maa, that’s natural. Then how about this?」


While I was hesitating, Nanafushi smiled and raised her voice.


「About eight years ago, there was a wanted person poster in the organization. The description states that a certain demi-human is wanted dead and in order to capture the two daughters of that demi-human, dispatch a search party and report back as soon as you find them. It was a demi-human with the blood of a wolf running through its veins」



A certain demi-human? Daughter? Two of them? Wolf? Don’t tell me that’s――


「It’s been eight years ago though, so I forgot about my master」


Nanafushi murmured in a way suggesting there’s a deeper meaning.

An old-aged bug user killing Kazahana and Rikka’s mother and taking away the two sisters which remained.

And Kudan is also a bug user.

And when you put them together――

Hohou, souka, sounanoka4. So that Kudan killed Rikka and Kazahana’s mother and took away the remaining two sisters.

Heeh~, souka, sounandana5.


「Where’s the proof?」

「If you go back home, the materials at that time are left there」

「I see」


So, it’s Kudan. That bastard killed “my Rikka’s” mother and took her sisters away.

So that means, yes, so that means.


This guy picked a fight with me.


「Are the sisters that were taken away still alive?」


If all of them are alive, hmm, let’s see, I’ll let that Kudan die a painless death. But if one dies, then I’ll let that person suffer for 10 years before killing them6 off. If two of them are dead, then I’ll let that person suffer for 50 years before killing them off.

If everyone is dead――


「I’ll torture that person forever」


Anger begins to simmer up.

It seems that you can’t be forgiven. Unforgivable. Somehow, I can’t stand it.




Nanafushi twitched and turned completely red in the face and pressed her hands against her crotch. The next moment, watery sounds could be heard and while Nanafushi had her thighs closed inwards, liquid traveled to the back of her thighs.

Did she get so scared of me that she peed herself?


「I’ve scared you. Sorry. Though I didn’t intend on scaring you」


Nanafushi who turned red, shudders while leaking herself. I placed my right hand on her head and patted her head while speaking as gently as I could and gave the gentlest smile I could give.


Kudan, the bug user who killed Rikka’s mother and took away both sisters.


Being born as an ability user, I didn’t get along with my parents and didn’t have a single person to call a friend. That me has finally found himself a “real family”.

I gave Rikka Suzuhara as her surname, and she accepted it.

A bond formed with only words. We may be laughed at for “playing family”.

However, Rikka certainly became a part of my “family”.

That bastard, Kudan, laid their dirty hands on my family.

Laid their hands on my family.


Then, then there’s only one path to go down. Apart from that, there are no other paths to go.

While clenching my fists, I felt a wet sensation. When I looked at it, my nails were digging into my palm and blood was coming out from it.

Feeling the pain feels good. I might go mad if I don’t feel the pain.

My… you laid your hands on my family.

You can’t be forgiven. Ahh, unforgivable. Unforgivable, nothing else.


「Just you wait」


I murmured as I licked the dripping blood.


「Just you wait」


I murmured as I indulge the iron taste that spreads inside my mouth.


「Just you wait」


I murmured, answering with my thoughts that were boiling up inside me.


「I may have fallen in love with a bug user who I’ve never seen before」


Kudan. I want to see you. I want to meet you. I want to see you soon. I want to tear off your nails while I talk to you. I want to twist and break your fingers one by one while I talk to you. I want to gouge out your intestines while I talk to you.

This is the first time in my life to feel like I want to meet someone so badly.


「Ahh, I yearn for you, I long for you Kudan. I’m thinking about you. I’ll definitely come to see you. I’ll definitely come and take you away. Try to stay alive until then. Definitely stay alive until then」


Looking at the moon looming in the night sky, I murmured.

I’m definitely coming to see you. I’m definitely coming to see you no matter what.

If you run, I’ll chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, after you, wherever you are.

You trampled on my “family” and I’ll chase you down for it. So――


「Wait for me」


Yes, I murmured as I looked up at the moon in the night sky.

I’ll never forgive you for laying your hands on my “family”.

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  1. Nanafushi almost always ends off her sentence with a ‘-su’, sorta like Naruto using ‘dattebayo’
  2. 七不死used to be called ナナフシ. They are both the same name (Nanafushi), but 七不死 is more of a proper given name from someone (usually the parent/guardian) because it’s written in kanji which now has a meaning behind it, instead of some alien name written in katakana, ナナフシ. Yes, the Japanese language is very complicated.
  3. 末端. Ok, I know the TL is sloppy but basically all you need to know from this is that Tamamushi is working under Kudan without her knowing that she’s actually Kudan’s subbordinate
  4. I see, I see how it is
  5. I see, that’s how it is
  6. It’s hard to word it properly without knowing Kudan’s gender