X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 96

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While carrying Nanafushi on my back, we made our way to a local park and sat down on one of the benches.

Kudan, the insect user who killed Kazahana and Rikka’s mother and took away the sisters.

The two of them have the right to know. But even if they were told about this, there’s still a need for them to be cautious.

It will endanger them both, especially Kazahana.

At that time, Rikka was young, so she doesn’t remember the insect user. However, that’s different for Kazahana.

She remembers about the insect user as well as her mother who fought against that person and was told about her mother running away and abandoning the two sisters.

If I poorly choose my words when I tell her, then the risk of her going berserk will be pretty high.


「Calm down」


In order to track down Kudan, we have to first strengthen our fighting power.

If I’m able to do it alone, then I would. However, that’s impossible. I don’t have any fighting capabilities.

So I’ll have to borrow it.

Rikka excels in physical attacks and Kazahana excels in physical defense. They both hold powers that I don’t, and their abilities are both essential to me.

I won’t defeat Kudan just for Rikka and Kazahana. I’ll defeat Kudan because that person laid their hands on “my family”.

So this is “my revenge”. I will do anything to have my revenge.




I looked beside me and called out to the trembling Nanafushi who was sitting next to me.




She replied as she trembled. It seems like she has stopped leaking, but she is still completely red in the face.


「I plan on telling everyone this later, but I’ll tell it to you first」

After saying that, I got up and stood in front of Nanafushi who was still sitting on the bench. I kneeled down, placed both my hands onto the ground and lowered my head.


「Wai-!?What happened to you!?」

「I want you to lend me your strength in order to achieve my revenge」

「Ya-yamete kudasai-su! Please stop groveling like that!」

「I can’t forgive Kudan no matter what. That person is unforgivable, and this is a personal grudge of mine, so, please. If you’re fine with this head, I will lower it as much as you want, so please lend me your strength」

「W-what are you saying?! I was the one who brought up the topic to agitate you though!? I am trying to use you, do you understand!?」


Nanafushi scurried off the bench, looking almost as if she has tumbled off of it, and got onto her knees and grabbed my shoulders as she tried to raise my head.

I felt an electrifying pain running through my shoulder.


「Ah-ahhh, gomenasai-su」


Nanafushi apologizes in a shaky voice.

According to what was said, Nanafushi was created in order to defeat Kudan and her powers were amplified after Tamamsuhi had a taste of my cum.

I wonder if it’s because she hasn’t gotten used to her amplified strength and used too much strength when gripping my shoulder, which resulted in her ripping out a piece of meat from my shoulder.


「O-Oh my god! The blood, the blood…we go to stop the bleeding」

「Thank you Nanafushi. You showed me my “weakness”」



To my words, Nanafushi raised an idiotic voice.

Raising my head, I touched the throbbing wound and looked at my hand.

My hand was covered in viscous blood that was leaking out of my body.


「Look at this Nanafushi. I can be ruined just like that. I am weak, so weak and fragile」


I murmured as I watched the blood soak into my palm.

It’s easy to break my body. In addition, Rikka and the others are unable to cure wounds.


「I’ll never know until I ask, so I plan on asking Tamamushi for help」

「Wha-what are you planning on doing?」

「Body modification. I want my body to be like Asahina’s」


Forming a devilish smile, I murmured and clenched my bloody hand into a fist.




Widening her eyes, Nanafushi murmured in a trembly voice as she forcefully grabs onto my arm.


「D-Do you even know what you are saying!? For Asahina’s case, it couldn’t be helped! Because if we didn’t do it, then she wouldn’t have even lived long enough to see the next day! But that’s different for you! Even so, are you saying that you’re willing to just throw away your humanity for it!? You can never go back to being human again, do you know that!?」


Nanafushi shakes my arm and shouts desperately.

I touched Nanafushi’s hand that was clinging onto me and held it gently.


「The range of my ability is small. So I can only use it at the frontlines. I have my own role to play and my “comrades” have theirs too. That’s why I have to fulfill my duties. In order to do that, then I’ll need to have a much stronger body than the one I have currently」


Saying that I looked into Nanafushi’s green eyes. She stopped shaking my arm.




Nanafushi muttered my name under the moonlight.

Her eyes widening and her petite body begins to tremble.


「Y-Your eyes, no way……」

Nanafushi murmured in a shaky voice, and lets go of my arm that she was once grabbing onto tightly and reached out to my face. Her fingers gently touched the area below my eyes.


「G-Golden eyes……」


Golden eyes? Is there something wrong with my eyes?


「I-I’ve never heard such a phenomenon where the eye’s on an Earth’s eye wielder changing colors. What are you exactly……」


Swallowing her saliva, Nanafushi’s fingers touched the bottom of my eyes and looked at me with shaky eyes while raising a trembly voice.

The eye color changed? My eyes changed colors?

I see.


「Well that doesn’t really matter to me. It’s not as if I’ve lost my vision」

「EH!? What do you mean it doesn’t matter!? The color in your eyes have changed though!? Doesn’t that bother you!?」


To my words, Nanafushi twitched and raised her voice while looking completely disoriented.


「If it doesn’t hinder my abilities then I don’t really care. Leaving that aside――」

「Leaving that aside!? Is it really ok just to leave it off to the side!?」


Seemingly as if she’s completely bothered by the color of my eyes changing, Nanafushi hastily cut me off with her words.

I don’t care about my eyes changing colors. “Eyesight” doesn’t really hold much meaning to me anyway, because I have no blind spots inside my ability’s range. There’s no problem even if I go blind.

Ah, but if Hizuki is by my side, then the ability wouldn’t work as it usually does. So I may have some problems if I lose my eyesight.


「A-Anyways we need to stop the bleeding! And the color of your eye!? AHH! What should I do!?」

Looking as if she was about to cry, it seems like Nanafushi remembered that she tore a piece of meat from my shoulder and touched it, but when she looks up at me, she then remembers that the colors of my eyes have changed. It looks like she’s fallen into complete panic mode.

Wasn’t her processing power equivalent to a high-end computer?


「Calm down. It’s ok, it’s ok」


I grabbed onto Nanafushi’s hips, lifted her up and embraced her. I gently stroked Nanafushi’s back as I held her in my embrace while resting my head on her shoulders, whispering those words into her ears as gently as I could.




Nanafushi who was panicking previously, completely settled down as soon as I patted her back. Losing all her strength from her body, then like a cat being scratched under the chin, she lets out a cat-like sound and went completely limp.

What an easy battle bug.


「Answering your request from before, I will gladly lend you my powers♡ If you’re fine with me, then use me as much as you like♡」


Like a cat caught in catnip trap, Nanafushi went limp and murmured these words.


「I am trying to use you. I don’t really have to right to say this, but if ever you were to help me when I ask for help, I will offer my everything to you」

「Ask away. If it’s within my capabilities, then I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything except hurting my “comrades”」


As I answered Nanafushi without any hesitation, Nanafushi who stuck herself close to me lifted her head up.


「I have two requests. I want you to cum a lot inside my master’s vagina. If you do that, then I can become stronger. I could then definitely become useful to Suzuhara-sama-su. And the other one――」


Nanafushi stopped after mentioning that and laughed bitterly.


「If I die, then I would like you to take care of my master」


Those words hold the resolve to face death.


「You really like Tamamushi huh」


Nanafushi is thinking of leaving her master. Nanafushi is planning to sacrifice her life in order to take down Kudan. I held Nanafushi tightly in my embrace.

Hearing me mutter those words, Nanafushi who had her head up, giggled with joy, though not sure whether that was her admitting to it or not, and buried her face into my chest.

Nanafushi who had previously served several masters.

In order to complete her mission, she has betrayed and abandoned them. And it should have been the same case for Tamamsuhi.



There is also a “family” here. Tamamushi and Nanafushi are a “family”.

No matter whose opinion I listen to, I will continue to think that way.


「Leave it to me」


Murmuring that, I hugged Nanafushi even tighter.

Nanafushi also buries her face deeper into my chest and tightly holds onto my jacket with her small hands and hugged me even tighter.

When I said “leave it to me”, it wasn’t my reply to Nanafushi’s requests.

I’m self-centered, just like Asahina, so I won’t respond honestly to requests.

Nanafushi, leave it to me. After when all of this is over, I’ll make a place that’s liveable for both you and your master who you love most. So――


You’re the one who’s going to look after Tamamushi, Nanafushi.


After sitting on the ground while hugging for quite some time, we headed back to Tamamushi’s house.

Though she’s the self-proclaimed anti-Kudan battle bug, no matter how you look at her, seeing her pulling my hand and taking small quick steps in her small stature, she’s just a little loli girl.

And that little loli girl is concerned about my shoulder which has been torn to shreds. But I, who is famous for being weak and frail won’t die to something like that.

Although the pain is still present, the bleeding has mostly stopped.

Besides, from here onwards, I will stop being a human anyway. I’ll ask Tamamushi to alter my body.

I won’t die. I can’t afford to die. Until I make a place for everyone to live happily, I definitely won’t die.

For that sake, I’ll throw away my humanity.

For the sake of gaining a tenacious body that surpasses the standard human recovery speed.

The pain on my shoulder will be the last pain I will feel as a human being.

That’s why I’ll have to thank Nanafushi for making me feel like there are a thousand knives cutting into my shoulder.

Thanks to you, I’ve made some good memories.




Holding Nanafushi’s hand, we took a late-night stroll back to Tamamushi’s house.




I called out as I opened the front door.

Involuntarily, I let out a light chuckle.


「Suzuhara-sama, what’s wrong?」


While holding my hand, Nanafushi looked up, tilting her head at me and whispered in curiosity.


「No, it’s no big deal」


Due to me chuckling earlier, my voice ended up being shaky when I replied.


「It feels like it’s the first time for me to hear the words “tadaima” coming out from my mouth. Thinking about it somehow makes me want to laugh. Don’t you think it sounds stupid?」


Since it sounded so ridiculous, I had no other choice but to lower my volume and give a smile when I answered.


「No it doesn’t! I also understand the pain of not having a place to return to. It doesn’t sound stupid at all!」


Raising her voice, Nanafushi brought her gaze up at me, giving me a frustrated look and shook her hand off from my grasp. Taking off her sandals by just throwing them to the ground, she ran inside.



「Okaerinasai-su2!Welcome home Suzuhara-sama!」


As Nanafushi turned around, she placed both her arms out and greeted me with a face full of smiles.3

Knowing the pain of not having a home to return to, huh.

Well, she is three hundred years old. Thinking about her master, who has long gone from this world, Nanafushi still follows her orders and has continued to walk alone in the darkness.

I wonder how lonely she was before she met Tamamushi.


「Ahh, tadaima」


As I laughed, I patted Nanafushi on the head. While having her arms still up, I grabbed both her sides and lifted her up. Then, like a baby koala, Nanafushi clung onto me and buried her face into my chest. I hugged Nanafushi tightly in return.4




It was an ear-shattering scream.

It was Hizuki’s voice. I wonder if something went wro――


「After when I thought you went missing…Only doing it with Nanafushi-chan is u-n-f-a-i-rrrrr!」


Hizuki came flying from the living room and charged at me as she yelled these words out.


「Don’t, Hizuki!This is why Suzuhara-sama always avoided you!」


Following her was Kazahana who jumped out from the living room and caught all the way up to Hizuki in an instant.


「Do you no understand me when I said stop, you fool!」


Kazahana shouted out and stomped her foot on the floor. I then swiftly dodged Hizuki.

Hizuki lost her balance from her attempts and stumbled towards the front door and――




She said “gyafun” when she collided into the front door.




Kazahana who kicked off from the floor raised a perplexed voice mid-flight.

The next moment――


「D-Dodge! Hizuki!」



Kazahana’s kick launched her into Hizuki who’s still stuck on the door, making her squeal “gyafun” once more.

I wanted to hear Asahina say “gyafun” though……



「Did she die?」


Her hurting herself is one thing, but isn’t Kazahana’s kick a bit too dangerous?


「Tricked youu!」



What was supposed to be Hizuki taking Kazahana’s kick and smashing into the door, Hizuki hastily turned around, showing sparkles in her black pupils and lunged at me.

Don’t tell me that she avoided all of that?

The Heaven’s eye huh.

Why would you want to waste the Heaven’s eye for something like――




With a face full of smiles, Hizuki yelled at the top of her lungs and hugged me.


「I-I’m going to have a hole in my stomach……」


While looking at Hizuki hugging me with a pale blue face, Kazahana murmured as she placed both hands on her stomach.

It’s no big deal for someone like you to have a hole in your stomach, is what I wanted to cut in and say, but even if she had one, there shouldn’t be any problems. Let’s just refrain from doing a shitty tsukkomi.


「Hawaa-♡ Mota-kun’s eyes are golden♡ Are you changing your looks?♡ It’s suuper noble-like and it’s wonderful~♡」


It seems that Hizuki has noticed the colors of my eyes have changed and is squealing like a fangirl by herself with her face completely flushed.


「The color of you eye? Oi, Hizuki! It’s not the time to be fangirling! Isn’t there something wrong with Suzuhara-sama’s body!?」


「”Eh?” My foot, you idiot! What do you even use the Heaven’s eye for?! Your Heaven’s eye could easily tell you the reason behind Suzuhara-sama’s eye changing colour! Hurry up and figure it out you idiot! For reasons like these, Suzuhara-sama has always avoided you, you idiot! You, you, idioooooooooot!」


Shouting at Hizuki with all her strength, Kazahana glared at Hizuki with a red face, squeezing out all the air out from her lungs.


「Eh? A(h)-re? Figure it out? A(h)-rere?」


Stunned, Hizuki looked up at me and raised a confused voice.


「I c-can’t see?」


Hizuki muttered.

Hearing Hizuki’s mutter, Kazahana grinds her teeth, glaring at her and tried to roar in rage.




However, due to me looking at her, she ended up opening and closing her mouth without making any sound.

It seems like she understood my thoughts when she looked into my “eyes”.

Hizuki’s ability is unstable, and most probably, she’s yet to know that.


「W-Why can’t I se―」

「There are times like these. Since you’re a human, there are times when your body becomes weak due to illnesses. If you worry about it when you have one, then it will only make it worse. So don’t worry about it」


While patting Hizuki on the head, who’s in a disorientated state, I explained it to her with a gentle smile.

It’s not good to pressure Hizuki when we don’t know the solution.


「You have an amazing ability, and you have yet to awaken it. It’s unusual for you to be freely using it right? It also drains a lot of energy. That’s why you should just rest for now」

As I stoked Hizuki’s head and using my most gentle voice, I elaborated it to her.

I can’t read Hizuki’s thoughts. That’s why Hizuki’s conflicted about deciding on whether or not to “look” into my mind.

If she “sees” what’s in my head, then she’ll be able to see everything that I’m thinking about. And as a result of that, it will end up pressuring Hizuki even more than she is already.

But I don’t know, so I’ll just have to place my bets on it. Assuming whether or not she’s able to see things is due to her ability being unstable right now, I’ll just have to place my bets on her not being able to “see”.




Looking up at me, Hizuki blushed, averting her gaze in embarrassment and pinched my jacket using her fingers.


「I-If you sleep together with me tonight, then I’ll sleep obediently……♡」


She murmured while still having her gaze averted away from mine.


「Wakatta5. But before that, I have something I need to discuss with Tamamushi. We’ll sleep together after that, so wait for me in the living room」


After saying that to Hizuki, she blushed so hard until her ears became red and nods repetitively in response.

Bringing my gaze towards Kazahana, who’s already looking at my direction, I gave her a quick nod.

Listening into my conversation with Hizuki, it seems like she had a good understanding of what her ability’s problem was.


「Saa6, Hizuki. Let’s go back to the living room and continue our game of Babanuki」


As she smiled, Kazahana walked up to Hizuki, she brought both her hands up to Hizuki’s hips and turned her around, pulling her away from me.

I wonder if it’s because of my promise to Hizuki that she walked away without showing any particular resistance.


「Isn’t it boring to play Babanuki with me being able to see everything?」


She asked Kazabana.


「Maa7, that may be true, but there is one time where you have “lost” though」

「That was because you were being deceptive―」

「With an opponent who has the Heaven’s eye, there is a need to be “deceptive”」


Hizuki pouted from Kazahana’s words, who turned her around as she guides her to the living room.


「Mota-kun. I’ll be waiting then♡」


Just before entering the living room, Hizuki looked at me and bashfully blushed as she murmured in an almost inaudible voice, then went inside with Kazahana.


“Deceptive” huh.


As expected of Kazahana. She was able to provide me information without any hassle.

Through listening to my conversation with Hizuki, Kazahana felt something was off with her. She then told me that she remembered that sense of discomfort when she was with Hizuki without her noticing.


Hizuki has “lost” once in Babanuki and thinks she was “deceived”.


I’m sure that nothing is able to hide from the Heaven’s eye like deception or some shit.

That’s it. When there’s a problem with Hizuki’s ability, she’s actually completely oblivious to it.


「It looks like you’re using your powers for the wrong purposes」


Nanafushi, who has been quiet all this time mutters while clinging onto me.

Wrong? Eh? Wrong…that means――


「Do you know how that happened?」


Does Nanafushi know the reason why Hizuki’s ability is being so unstable?


「I only obtained this knowledge from reading books about it, so don’t take my word for it……」

「Tell me」

「You have something to discuss with my master right? I also have business with master, so why don’t we talk there?」


Nanafushi glanced at the living room and softly whispered.

Yeah, that’s true. If we talk near the door, then it will be bad if Hizuki hears our conversation.


「You’re quite sagacious」

「Suzuhara-sama is pretty good at wooing women♡」


To my words, Nanafushi blushed a little and said something foolish with a smile.

Good at wooing women? Me? You’re kidding me.


「I’ve never been popular though」

「Aren’t you the popular one♡」


「Rikka is special since she’s your family, but Kazahana and Hizuki… and also the girl called Marina-chan, and the girl Yuka-chan, and the girl Yukina-chan, right? Additionally, there’s also my master♡ So this isn’t called unpopular♡」

「W-Well, that’s because there are various circumstances. Rikka was an enemy but I won her over8. For Marina and Yuka’s case, I did things like blackmailing and rape which made both of them submit to me. And for Tamamushi, I defeated her once. All I did was intimidate them to my side. Yukina is……it felt like she was emotionally attached to me from the beginning, but anyway, I didn’t use conventional methods to make her mine」

I tried to explain it to Nanafushi who’s giving me smirks.

What the hell. What are you smiling at… I’m not lying.


「Suzuhara-sama is a demon who doesn’t know how to hold back and show sympathy towards your enemies, but once you drop your guard and regard them as your “comrades”, then you’ll become so loving and affectionate with them♡ Furthermore, you’ll risk your life to protect them♡ That quality is what makes you so attractive to others♡」

「……shut up」


Anyone who has a comrade will obviously protect them. That’s what it means to have friends. I’ll admit that, but did you call me deredere?! I don’t remember being dere!


「But only Asahina-san will have a hard time♡」

「Ah? Of course. That thing isn’t my comrade」

「Right~♡ Asahina-san isn’t a “comrade” right?♡」

「……what are you trying to say? Hmm?」



I gave Nanafushi a menacing glare, but Nanafushi still wore the same smile as before, looking as if she’s enjoying it, then looked at me with upturned eyes and grinned.

Fufu, Nanafushi, you――


I’ve decided, I’m going to punish you.




Still hugging Nanafushi, I walked down the hallway and entered the bedroom.




Completely naked on the bed was Tamamushi who’s squatting in a shitting position, placed the same masturbation barnacle-like bug that was used on Rikka beneath her pussy. Countless tentacles were extended out from the barnacle-like bug, caressing her nipples and clitoris. As she used her left hand to stick her finger inside her pussy and right hand to thrust her fingers in and out of her asshole, she looked up and saw me.


「Ah, my bad」


While saying that, I retreated backward and shut the door.

It looks like she was in the midst of masturbating.


After a while――




Tamamushi’s scream echoed throughout the house.

After quite some time, the door slowly opens and from the gap, I could see Tamamushi’s eyes.

Her teary emerald eyes looked up at me, looking as if she’s about to cry.


「I-It’s not what it looks like」


She uttered absent-mindedly.


「What are you talking about? I “didn’t see anything” though?」


When glanced at Tamamushi who was looking up at me from the crack in the door, she leaked out an “Uuu” groan and looked as if she’s edging even closer to bursting into tears.


「S-Showing me sympathy makes it all the more painful……」


Large droplets of tears fall onto the ground as Tamamushi mutters in reply.

Arya…was that a failure? I tried to be careful about it though.

If that’s the case――


「I got super hard from looking at the best erotic scene of you masturbating」


Thinking that I should just bring myself down to where Tamamushi is, I smiled in reply.


「R-Really? Did you get aroused from looking at me?」

Using my index finger, I pointed downwards to Tamamushi who timidly asked that question.

I was pointing at my crotch.

Despite having ejaculated so much, this cock of mine is still full of vitality. Defying my expectations, my cock was rock hard in my pants.

It’s pretty clear from looking at my pants that I got an erection.

Lowering her glance, Tamamushi stared at my crotch and smiled idiotically.




She replied joyfully.

It’s good that she’s a simple-minded child. Well, she’s older than me though.


If I’m going to explain the situation to Tamamushi, it’s better to go to the stack room to do it, so Tamamushi closed the door for a brief moment in order to get herself changed and ready.

It seems like she doesn’t want anyone looking at her changing because it was embarrassing for her.

Even though she exposed her naked body to me in the bathroom and had me fisting her asshole until she losses consciousness, I wonder why she’s getting all embarrassed now.

As I was lost in my own thoughts, the bedroom door opens and out comes Tamamushi wearing a black robe.

Having her long silver hair being tied up into a ponytail, gave me an unusual sense of unease.

I like ponytails, so she looks cuter than usual, is what I thought, but no, that’s not it.

Beautiful glittering silver hair and the nice complexion of her skin is strangely moist and glossy, as well as the small lumps on her chest that’s slightly pushing against the black robe.

Looking at her whole, Tamamushi now has a strangely amorous, yet adorable semblance.

It was supposed to be super flat. It definitely was supposed to be as flat as a chopping board.

Was it pads? Was she wearing pads? Wait, even though she said something along the lines that she threw away her womanhood?


「You, were you actually worried about it?」


Saying that, I touched Tamamushi’s chest.

Tamamushi looked at me blankly.

The soft sensation of her chest was transmitted to my hand from feeling her black robe.

Oh, this isn’t what a pad supposed to feel like.

How can I describe it…it feels real. It feels like a real boob.

When I gently lifted my hand off of Tamamushi, who was blankly staring at me, her face quickly became tomato red.

And then――




Tammaushi screamed and used both her hands to cover up her chest, crossing them over each other. Then like a cat having a bag on its head, she slowly backed away.


「W-Why did you do that all of a sudden♡ If you’re going to touch it then tell me beforehand♡」


I wasn’t sure whether Tamamushi raised her voice out of anger or embarrassment.




It was my fault for feeling her without any warning, so I earnestly apologized.

However, the sensation I felt sort of felt like a real tit. For a girl who has small breasts, the size should be more or less the same size as that, but Tamamushi was supposed to be even flatter in comparison.

Did she her growth spurt finally come?

No, according to what was said, due to the use of the forbidden method, she shouldn’t be growing anymore.


「I think it’s because she drank Suzuhara-sama’s cum. It’s probably because Suzuhara-sama’s semen was so delicious that it made bug inside of master’s womb undergo a few changes to her body. In short, it’s trying to alter her body into a womanlier appearance in order to seduce and extract a little bit more semen from Suzuhara-sama」



Listening to Nanafushi’s explanation as she was clinging onto me, almost as if licking her body with my eyes, I looked at Tamamushi with a lecherous gaze and raised an intrigued voice.

Tamamushi fidgets bashfully from me giving her weird looks.

As always, she’s still quite the loli, but the more I look at her, the more she different she gets when compared to her previous self.

The complexion of her skin has now gone from being pale and dry like a corpse, to be as good as the healthy moist skin you get just after taking a nice long bath. Additionally, her body that was once just skin and bones, became delicate and curvy, paired with her slightly plump chest, Tamamushi looks a lot more like a girl now.

Not to mention, glistening silver hair and her emerald colored eyes that has now also become more moist and vivacious.


「You…really got a lot cuter」



Lowering myself down to Tamamushi’s eye level, I whispered. Tamamushi twitched and raised an idiotic voice.



「Stop saying stupid things♡ Stop saying stupid things♡ Stop saying stupid things♡」


Saying that repetitively, her fists gently rained down on me.

What stupid thing? I was stating facts though.

However, her body has mutated in order to get more semen from me, huh?

After hearing that, it seems that even the bugs are desperately trying to survive, is what I thought.


「Uwaa……master, your actions are unscrupulous. It’s like as if you’re a little girl. It’s so unscrupulous to the point where it’s disgusting」


Nanafushi, who’s being hugged by me and was staring at Tamamushi with a look of disgust, murmured underneath her breath.


「W-What did you say you bastard!? Wait…Nanafushi! Why is someone the likes of you hugging Suzuhara-sama!?」

「Eh? Why? It’s because I want to be hugged by Suzuhara-sama? Being in Suzuhara-sama’s embrace is suuuper relaxing, but consequently, it gets me horny♡」

「Y-You fool! Having your human form isn’t used for being hugged by Suzuhara-sama! And don’t you already have two splendid legs!? Get off! Walk on your own two feet! Get off and step on the ground with your own feet!」

「Eh? I don’t wanna」

「NA-NANDATOOOO?!9 Are you saying that you’re going to disobey your master?!」

「What are you talking about? It’s impossible to follow irrational orders. Is master an idiot?」

「Ugaaaaaaaaaa! You cheeky braaaaaaaaaaaat!」


Infuriated, Tamamushi rained her fists down upon me and yells at Nanafushi who had nonchalantly rejected her orders.

Why are you hitting me? Well, it doesn’t hurt, so I don’t really mind. Furthermore, having Tamamushi being that short, it’s impossible to hit Nanafushi at that height who’s being hugged by me unless she flies up there.


「What’s with you? Do you also want a hug? I’ll give you as many hugs as long as you ask for it」


After saying that, I supported Nanafushi up with one hand and used my other hand that was free to lift Tamamushi up.

While doing that, Tamamushi’s movements suddenly halted to a stop and became completely ridged and red in the face.

Despite these girls being stupidly strong, they’re pretty light in weight.


「T-T-T-To say things like wanting a hug……is―」

「Then should I let you down?」



Turning completely red, Tamamushi faced the other way when I asked the question. Glancing at me vigorously with her watery eyes, she trembled and bit her lips.


「She’s not being honest, huh」




Agreeing to Nanafushi’s remark who was staring at her all this time, Tamamushi who previously looked like she was on the verge of tears twitched in response and glared daggers at her. Then―

Tamamushi probably gave up since she lost all her strength from her body and had brought herself closer to me.

Looking at Tamamushi in that state, Nanafushi snickered with a smug look on her face. Most probably due to hearing Nanafushi snickering, Tamamushi who had her face turned away from her, grabbed tightly onto me with both hands and puffed her cheeks.

Tamamushi. The reason Nanafushi making fun of you is most definitely because she wanted to create some fond memories, and to carry these memories onto the battlefield in which she plans to stake her life on the line in order to win the final battle.

Even if she falls, as long as she still has the memories of being with you, Nanafushi will rise back up. No matter how beat-up or tattered she gets, she will always stand right back up.

In order to protect you.

So…well…forgive her.




Following Tamamushi to the entrance of the stack room, we opened the door and entered inside.




I involuntarily let out a voice in awe.

The room is about four tatami mats in size without any windows and aside from the door that we entered from, there aren’t any other exits, with the walls completely covered by bookshelves which were lined up next to each other without any gaps in between each of them. And in these bookshelves, a large number of books were all neatly arranged next to each other, not allowing any space in between them. In addition to all that, there were rail like tracks on both the floor and ceiling. The bookshelves were most likely movable since there were more bookshelves hiding behind the ones at the front.

This place is amazing. Tamamushi is passionate about learning, but I’d never thought it would be to this extent…


「So, the thing that you wanted to ask me about―」


Tamamushi who was still hugging me tightened her expression and looked at me. Then at that moment, her movements stopped dead.




Suddenly, Tamamushi’s eyes widened and caught my face between her hands, bringing herself right up to my face.


「Your eyes have become golden!? What exactly is going on here!?」


Bringing herself so close to the point where both our lips could touch any moment, Tamamushi raised a startled voice.

Oi, did it take you all that time just find out?


「You’re so slow at noticing. Was your mind just completely occupied by the desire of Suzuhara-sama to be affectionate with you? You’re like a monkey that just discovered how to masturbate」

「Kuwa-! Shut up brat! I’ve always thought that you were impertinent, but now, you just cut the tail of my patience bug!10


Right underneath Nanafushi was Tamamushi roaring in rage.

Brat huh, if I look at Nanafushi, then you’re the one who looks more like a brat.


「Great! If you cut your tail, then it’s easier for you to run away」

「What did you say, you BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!」


Having them both in my embrace, they started pulling and pinching each other on the cheeks while making grunting noises.

On one end was a biological weapon that has lived over three hundred years. On the other end, was an almost unkillable immortal bug user as an end product from the forbidden method.

With those two possessing high-class statuses, they’re fighting each other over such a trivial matter.

Gosh, it’s such a pretty sight seeing both of you get along so well, oh boy. But please stop fighting when you’re being hugged by me.


「Nugigigigigi-, ma-master, I have something important to say!」

「Nugugugugu-, wh-what? You brat!」


The two of them were having a conversation while pulling at each other’s cheeks.


「Nigigigigigigi! I-I will say it after you release your hand from my cheek!」

「Funununununu! T-Then you let go first!」


This time they’re fighting over who let’s go first.


As I let go of my hands, the two of them who were at it pulling each other’s cheeks simultaneously fell.





Both of them were moaning and groaning after slamming themselves into the floor.

If you’re going to play, then do it at your own leisure.

Thinking that, I gave a menacing glare to both of them. Seeing me wearing a stiff smile on my face, they looked at each other, nodded and shook hands.


「I-If we do any more, then he will be seriously mad!」



Saying that to each other, they nodded again.

No, I’m not really angry though.


「So, what’s the important news?」


Standing up while rubbing her butt, Tammaushi asked Nanafushi.




Nanafushi lets out a voice and stood up, raising her right index finger.


「Makiri-sama, I’m sorry」


Nanafushi muttered at the tip of her index finger which glowed orange. When Nanafushi waved her finger in the air, orange-colored patterns which resembled characters, appeared in the space in front of her.


「Farewell, Makiri-sama. Thank you for watching over me until today」


Immediately after Nanafushi’s mutter, the orange colored characters in the air glowed brighter. As it started to pulsate, a heart appeared from inside.


「My name is Nanafushi. I will now cancel my contract with my present master, Makiri-sama」


While Nanafushi was saying these phrases, the characters in the air were being rewritten and reassembled. At the same time, the beating heart that was floating in the air was covered by a layer of smoke and instantly rotted, dripping the remains onto the floor.

Don’t tell me that heart just now was the research team leader’s heart three hundred years ago?

That means that in order to create Nanafushi completely, the leader of the research team exchanged her own life――

Did she leave her heart in order to keep Nanafushi’s existence, hoping that someday Nanafushi will accomplish her important mission?

If so, that’s some incredible tenacity.

I felt that I was able to understand the true nature of Nanafushi’s deep-seeded grudge.

「Master, name. I want you to say my name to make the contract」


Tamamushi had a face as Nanafushi quietly addresses it to me.

Tamamushi looking dumbfounded, had sweat coming out from her cheeks.


「A, A soul contract. What exactly is going on here? How do you know such a high-level contract ritual? Furthermore, a soul contract is supposed to be one of the forbidden methods」


Trembling from astonishment, Tamamushi raises her voice. Nanafushi didn’t reply to her question, she just stared at Tamamsuhi.

She’s testing Tamamushi I presume. In whether she believes in herself unconditionally or not.

If that’s the case, this is not a problem I should stick my head into.

Thinking that, I folded my arms across my chest and continued to watch over two of them.


After a while, Tamamushi swallowed her saliva and reached out her right hand to the text like thing that was floating in the air.


「Are you fine with making a contract without asking anything? The soul contract could only be canceled by the contractor you know? And if you do make the contract, then I’ll be able to consume all your bug energy without any limitations. Additionally, if I die, then master dies along with me as well」

「Umu, I don’t mind」


Nanafushi gave a provocative smile as she explained it to Tamamushi. To her words, Tamamushi who was sweating on her cheeks nodded clearly.

It can only be canceled by the contractor, huh.

That Nanafushi, she plans to use that authority cancel the contract when push comes to shove.

In order to not drag her master along with her if she ends up dying.


「Thank you」


「I’m giving my thanks to you for deciding to be my master in this life」


Confused by Nanafushi’s abruptness, Tamamushi cocked her head in response. Her eyes widened after hearing her explanation.


「One thing or another, you were the only one who listened to me when I was all alone. So if you want to make a soul contract with me, then I have no objections to it」


Listening to Tamamushi’s response, Nanafushi grits her teeth.


「My name is Tamamushi. Here in this place, I vow that I will be Nanafushi’s lifelong master」


Tamamushi’s voiced echoed quietly. At the same time, the orange text like things shined brightly and was rewritten.

Then, as if it exploded, it disappeared in a burst.


「T-The contract……is completed」


Nanafushi muttered while trembling by herself.


「I’ll be in your care, my faithful insect」


Tears well up at the corner of Nanafushi’s eyes as Tamamushi’s voiced echoed in the room.


「Makiri-sama. Although you are an awfully foolish, cowardly, and useless master that cannot be helped……you were the master that I had laid my eyes upon」


Muttering so, Nanafushi rubbed her teary eyes with her right hand. Wearing a bright cheerful smile, she gave a big nod.



「Hai-su! Please treat me well-su!」


Nanafushi’s cheerful voice reverberated in the room.


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