X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 98

「M-My sincerest apologies……」


Naked from head to toe, Tamamushi apologizes, prostrating herself before me as she experienced occasional convulsions.


「Do-Don’t sweat it」


I patted Tamamushi on the shoulder.

The reason behind why Tamamushi was apologizing on the ground in a ‘dogeza’ was because she wasn’t able to channel her Bug Qi1 from being fucked crazy.


「It won’t be totally pointless if you continue with the Bug Circulation Method」


Standing in the corner, Nanafushi muttered so as she watched quietly.


「If she performs the Bug Circulation Method during sex, then the cultivation speed will increase along with its refinement quality. Furthermore, receiving a man’s semen means the aggregate amount of basic Bug Qi will increase. If that happens, I’m able to grow stronger」2


I could understand where Nanafushi was coming from.

Even if Tamamushi and I continue to have sex and couldn’t reach the goal that was desired, then it wouldn’t be a complete waste.


「Also, if you continue to copulate with master, you should be able to tolerate her Bug Qi to a certain extent. The more resistance you have, the more likely you are to succeed. I think that if you continue this for about ten years, then the probability of success will increase dramatically」

「Te-Ten years?」


That is a bit……


「This is the level of difficulty you are facing. Depending on your body’s constitution, it could even take up to twenty to thirty years」

「I-I see……」


Nanafushi did mention from the start that the chances of success were extremely low.

But I decided to do it anyway.


「No matter how unlikely it is, the probability of success is not zero. But if we don’t do it, then it becomes zero. Right?」

「Precisely. And even if you fail, it will help me grow stronger, so it would be nice if you can continue doing it」


Nanafushi gave a nod to my question.

Even if it fails, Nanafushi will definitely grow stronger. That alone is more than enough.


「Anyway, putting all that aside, you turned ‘ahe’ way too quickly. Your eyes quickly rolled to the back of your head as soon as it started and screamed “Suzuhara~♡ Suzuhara~♡ Your bweaking my pwssyyyyy~♡ Fwuck my ashhole toooo~♡” in such an undignified way for the whole time. You were boasting things like throwing away your womanhood, but that was purely slutty. I mean, how lecherous are you? You’re so much so that it’s laughable」


Staring down at the prostrating Tamamushi, Nanafushi disparaged her with an indifferent attitude.


「A-As if the likes of you can talk. You were so close to turning ‘ahe’ that you ended up running away」


Trembling, Tamamushi raised her head and glared at Nanafushi as a cramped smile floated across her face.


「Then should we end it?」



Tamamushi looked blankly at Nanafushi.


「Complaining to me and just like me, run away from your problems if you think that makes you satisfied」


Listening to her words, Tamamushi trembles and grits her teeth, giving Nanafushi a frustrated glare.


「I-I’ll do it」


And then responded with just these words.


「Then please do you best to not go ‘ahe’ from it. Even Suzuhara-sama has a daily limit of how many ejaculations her can make. Independent training needs to implemented」

「I-I know」


The two of them stared at each other while having a perilous atmosphere lingering in the room.

Nanafushi’s words seem excessively strict, but then again, she’s not messing around.

Tamamushi also understands this, so even though she gripes about it, I think in the end, she still agrees with her words.

It seems their trust in each other is much deeper than relationships that were built up with love and laughter.


Just like she said, even for me, it’s impossible to cum anymore. It’s because I somehow managed to cum twice in a row inside of Tamamushi.

Today I fucked Rikka several times, received service from both Tamamushi and Nanafushi, and on top of that, had sex with Tamamushi.

It was because Tamamushi’s pussy felt so extraordinarily good, and upon seeing her face that was drunk from my cock, that I had managed to cum.


「Sorry, but I’m already at my limit」

「I’m sorry, Suzuhara. I-It’s because I lack sex appeal」


Misunderstanding my words, Tamamushi wore a look that was on the verge of tears and once again, prostrated herself in front of me.

No no. You look much better than before. You’ve become cuter from head to toe, got yourself a larger pair of tits, and the ponytail suits you.


「What I meant was that I came too much and reached my limit. Readdressing what Nanafushi just said, there’s a limit of how many times I can ejaculate each day. It stops after when I empty out everything that I have accumulated up until that point. But if you give me some time, it will start to build back up」


Resting my hand on her shoulder, I spoke as gently as I could.


「Re-Really? It’s not because of me?」


Tamamushi responds in a trembly voice, as she raises her head and looks at me with teary upturned eyes.

Those tearful eyes and seductive expression of hers stimulated my libido.

Furthermore, when she raised her head, her breasts jiggled along with Tamamushi’s movements.

And that itself was unbearably erotic.

On top of that, despite having such an underaged looking body, her nipples were abnormally erect which held a sense of smuttiness to it, making me want to immediately push her down.

Even if I do push her down, I can’t cum anymore, but even so, everything that Tamamushi does is tickling my instincts which tempts me to do so.


「He is beyond his limit. Suzuhara-sama, I sincerely thank you for all the hard work you put in today」


As I edged myself closer to Tamamushi for an embrace, a loud clap followed by Nanafushi’s remarks forced the air out of my lungs, bringing me back to my senses.

That was dangerous. I was about to force myself into Tamamushi.


「Then let’s end it here for today. In any case, please take a well-deserved rest」


Clapping her hands together, Nanafushi brings today’s training to its closure.

I’m certainly tired and my body has become languid after cumming this much.

Thinking that, I tried to stand up, but at that moment, I remembered something important.

I had originally planned on asking about Hizuki’s ability.





Nanafushi tilted her head in response to my sudden abruptness.


「I wanted to ask you something. It’s regarding Hizuki’s ability」



When I questioned Nanafushi, probably because she came to the realization herself, she gave a nod.


「Were there any problems with Hizuki’s ability?」


Still in a prostrating position, while being naked from head to toe, Tamamushi’s breasts shook as she cocked her head to the side.

I’m conscious of it. I can’t help but be totally conscious about her bouncing tits every time she makes a move.

Thinking that this is poison to my eyes, I took my jacket off and placed it onto Tamamushi’s shoulders.




Surprised by my actions, Tamamushi pinched onto my jacket that was placed on top of her and blushed shyly.

Although I placed my jacket over her shoulders, her breasts were still not covered.


「Th-Thank you♡」


Staring at me with moist eyes, Tamamushi spoke words of gratitude while she held onto my jacket.

Tamamushi, that’s enough, just hide your tits.




Startled by the sound of Nanafushi clearing her throat, Tamamushi twitched and quickly averts her gaze from me. After having me take the effort of placing my jacket over her shoulders, she then holds onto it with both hands with a silly grin on her face.

If you’re not going to use it then I’d like it if you return it back to me.


「Hizuki-chan’s ability being unstable is probably because of a very simple reason. However, because it’s simple, it may be exceptionally difficult for it to improve」


Nanafushi looks at me with a straight face as she explains.

The reason for instability is simple? And that’s why it’s hard to improve?


「I think it’s because she’s using it for “the sake of herself”. It is said that Heaven’s eye is used for “someone else’s sake”, which will then reveal it true powers」


Tamamushi nodded repeatedly to Nanafushi’s words.

Speaking of which, I feel like Tamamushi mentioned about this previously.


「It’s exactly as Nanafushi said. It was also written like that in the books I’ve read. Unless it’s a saint who’s reached the realm of enlightenment, it is said that it’s impossible to freely use it」


Tamamushi proceeded to explain the details of where Nanafushi left off.


「It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Even if it’s just the idea of doing it for “someone”, if the feelings of doing something for that “someone” is somewhat linked to your own desires in any way, the effectiveness of the ability will become reduced. For example, finding a wallet and deliver it to the police station. It seems that there isn’t any greed at first glance, but if there is ever a feeling of “I did a good thing”, it will account for satisfying one’s selfish desires. Likewise, if you support “someone” and believe that “supporting them will save another person”, it will also be considered as an act of selfishness. In other words, the value of the ability will drop」


I felt dizzy from listening to Nanafushi’s explanation.

What a troublesome ability. And also, I highly doubt there is anyone who can actually fully control it.

Ahh, that’s why it’s an ability that only saints can use.


「Despite being an unstable ability, it’s an ability which can create miracles」



A miracle-like ability, huh.

In short, it’s impossible to freely manipulate it.


「But don’t feel so pessimistic about it」


「It’s rare to see an awakened Heaven’s eye. But unlike the Earth’s eye, it’s a flashy ability. It will almost be certain for an awakened one’s name to be written down in the records. Those people are called saviors 」


Saviors. There are certainly people who are occasionally called saviors in the history books. I wonder if that meant that they are Heaven’s eye ability users.


「This is my…no, Makiri-sama’s deduction but ability users in the past who had the Heaven’s eye, could only draw out a small percentage of its true potential. When we overlay this with the information from Hizuki-chan’s data, the value of her ability is deemed overwhelmingly high」

「High? Is Hizuki’s ability is a tier higher than the previous wielders of Heaven’s eye?」

「Well, although we shouldn’t just plainly believe the information from the past, if we use it as a reference, Hizuki-chan’s ability easily surpasses it. But putting all that aside, even taking a stroll with an awakened the Heaven’s eye is a threat. The previous Heaven’s eye users had been sitting on rocks until moss started to grow in it. They’re basically in a vegetative state」


Sitting on rocking until it starts to grow moss is a bit…

Well, a saint who’s reached to the point of enlightenment is certainly like that…


「Suzuhara-sama, you’re the reason」


Nanafushi pointed at me, poking my chest with her finger as she said that.


「In past records, there has never once been a case of where a Heaven’s eye and a Earth’s eye user existing at the same time. The conditions for when you get to use the Heaven’s eye’s ability is difficult, but the Earth’s eye could be used based on one’s desires. In contrast to Heaven’s eye ability users called saviors, Earth’s eye ability users are often called demons」


Hehh, demon huh. Do people often see my ability as demonic?

「Creating powerful ability users one after another and using them to trample over other countries with their overwhelming strength. At the root of this cause is an Earth’s eye ability user. While it is worshiped as a Godly ability from the people in its country, the countries that were invaded perceived it as demonic」


I see. The so-called heroes were also defined as invaders. It’s certainly the case for the countries that were conquered by them.


「Earth’s eye ability users also have a common trait」

「A common trait?」

「Yes. For some reason, they can’t stand at the top. That’s why their names were rarely ever recorded in history. Something like believing that the Earth’s eye was the cause for a certain country’s incredible breakthrough. The top, in other words, the king isn’t an Earth’s eye ability user and that’s why it has been increasingly difficult for it to be noticed. In short, Earth’s eye ability users appoint their own king and will serve them for the rest of their lives. It’s a peculiar common trait」



Can’t become the top dog, huh.

Somehow, I feel like I understand.


「I think Earth’s eye ability users from the past didn’t want any political power nor wealth, but instead, they desired something else. So they push away all the bothersome things and force it onto the people, something along those lines?」

「For example?」

「Well, like a place where they call home?」


When answering it with a shrug, Nanafushi lets out a small “pffh”.


「If an Earth’s eye ability user says so, then that may be the case」


She responded as she laughed.

No, well, I’m just saying it for the sake of it.


「Anyway, Hizuki-chan’s potential is more than enough. So, I think it’s better for her to be aiming to draw out twenty percent of its power and stabilizing it instead of going for hundred percent of it. If Suzuhara-sama is beside her, then it should be easily achievable」

「I see」


Focusing more on stability than its power.

Hizuki’s ability is certainly quite powerful at the moment. But it’s extremely unstable. It feels like it goes from a hundred to zero and back.

Even though the ability’s potential is lowered, as Nanafushi said, it’s much better off stabilizing twenty percent of it.

That’s right. Let’s just think of it like that.


「Ahh, and also, Suzuhara-sama’s eye color changed」

「Do you know anything about it?」

「I’m sorry. Since there haven’t been any similar cases in the past, I have absolutely no idea」


Nanafushi shook her head with an apologetic look on her face.

When I glanced at Tamamushi, I saw her looking at me with a troubled expression.

Even Nanafushi, who was born over three hundred years ago, and possessed an abundant amount of knowledge didn’t know the reason behind this occurrence. I guess it’s natural for Tamamushi to not know either.


「Thanks. You’ve helped me in many ways」


I patted her head as I thanked Nanafushi with a smile.

Probably due to her unable to provide a reason to my question, Nanafushi was in low spirits.

There’s no need to be depressed about it.

Even if this eye doesn’t return to how it used to be, it doesn’t matter to me.

As long as we achieve our main objectives, nothing else should matter.

If we defeat Kudan, have the Nature Conservation Organization provide protection and hospitality to us, and make a place where you can call home, then my job is done.


「A-Are you rubbing Nanafushi’s head?」


Feeling a tug on my trousers, I brought my gaze down to the direction of the voice and saw Tamamushi tightly hugging onto my jacket as she looked up at me with trembly eyes, seemingly about to cry.

What’s this? Jealousy? You’re such a cute girl.

“You’re so helpless”. As I thought that in my mind, I crouched down and reached out to Tamamushi’s head to pat her. But at that moment, something unusual happened.

Tamamushi who is tightly holding onto my jacket, had formed a valley in her chest.

Although Tamamushi’s tits did grow a bit larger, she shouldn’t be able to form such a distinct cleavage.

But there is one.

It’s not just the boobs. Her hair is glossy, and her skin is silky smooth. Her emerald eyes had more life to them, and her moist lips had more springiness compared to just a while ago.

Don’t tell me that she grew again?

Oi oi, what the hell are Bug users supposed to be?

Maybe it’s because the more semen they take, the cuter they become?

If that’s true, then what a frightening clan they are.

Isn’t it impossible to return once you fall into the rabbit hole?3

While I was thinking that, Tamamushi who was staring at me this whole time, brought her gaze down to her cleavage and swallowed her saliva.


I should fuck her one more time.


Realizing that I thought that, I snapped myself back to my senses.

No no. I need to hold back for now. The time to recover my semen will reset if I have creampie sex with her again.

However, Tamamushi’s pussy feels extraordinary though. After knowing that, it’s hard to suppress my lust.

Let’s just sleep for today. I should do that.

Forcing my lust down, I thought about it and stood up.


「Well the, I’m going to head to sleep now――」


Avoiding eye contact with Tamamushi, whom I suppose she’s currently wearing a dispirited expression while looking up at me, I called out to Nanafushi. But my words were cut mid-sentence.


「Yes. Good night」


Nanafushi responded with a sweet smile.

She’s smiling, but she’s sweating buckets.


「What’s wrong?」


When I asked that, Nanafushi stuck out her tongue.


「I thought I was hiding it pretty well, but I guess my sweat exposed me」


Nanafushi laughed awkwardly and with the back of her hand, she wiped off a large amount of sweat from her forehead. But the sweat quickly reappeared and trickled down to her cheeks.

The black camisole that she was wearing turned transparent from being drenched in sweat.

No matter how you think about it, she’s producing an unusually large amount of sweat.


「I’m fine. There are no problems」


「Yes. The quality and quantity of the Bug qi from my master flowed into me was far beyond my expectations, and it seems my body is in shock from it」

「Are there any problems with that?」

「There’s a limit to how much I can intake. Something like a limiter. If that were to not exist, then I’ll end up killing the person who I made the contract with by sucking their Bug qi without end. My body is trying to unlock the limiter because master’s Bug qi has become much stronger. That’s why it’s not a problem」

「I see」


Removing the limiter. It’s fine as long as there aren’t any problems.

But, does it make such a difference just from me cumming twice inside of Tamamushi?

Speaking of which, she did mention that absorbing it via the mouth had some profound effects, so taking it inside the vagina could lead to unfathomable results.


「It’s good as long as there aren’t any problems」

「Yes. Thank you for taking the effort to worry about me」


Nanafushi smiled sweetly to my response.

Her smile isn’t forced and since she said she was fine herself, so it’s fine.

And if I worry too much, then Nanafushi will become conscious about it.

Thinking that, I lightly raised my hand and without trying to make any eye contact with Tamamushi, I left the stack room.


「B-Bye bye……」


Tamamushi’s sad voice lingered from behind.

If I look at Tamamushi right now, I will fall right into her temptations.




As I was walking down the hallway, I met Asahina.

Asahina stops to a holt when she saw me, giving a hateful glare.

Is she still holding a grudge against me from the bathroom incident?




I approached Asahina standing in the hallway, I placed my hand on her shoulders and gave smirk as I called out to her.


「Why are you shirtless. Ah, oh yeah, it’s because you’re a pervert」


Asahina glares at me in disdain.

Good…as expected you’re good. It’s because you’re like this, I can bully you without any hesitation.


「Finding enjoyment playing around with your asshole in the bathroom and cleaning up the floor that you dirtied. I wonder where will you be cleaning up your own mess next?」


There’s no way such a horny slut like Asahina will be satisfied with that level of masturbation. Also, according to what Tamamushi said before, the side effects caused by the bug is much smaller than expected, but it doesn’t mean that it’s completely non-existent.

After mopping up the floor in the changing room, Asahina must have gone off somewhere to masturbate, so she tried to cover it with a question.


「Yeah, you’re right. I masturbated in the toilet until I was satisfied」


Asahina responds, displaying a provocative smile.

As expected, huh. But I didn’t expect her to openly confess like that.


「I spent all my time masturbating to my classmate, Tanaka-kun」

「Wh-What!? Ta-Tanaka. Isn’t he the guy who has the biggest cock in the class!?」

「Yeah, that’s right. It’s that Tanaka-kun who’s rumored to have the biggest penis in the class」


What. Damn you Tanaka. Acting all cocky just because you have a slightly larger cock.

I thought he was a pretty good guy since he lent me his eraser, but he was probably looking down on me.

That’s unforgivable, Tanaka. The next time I see you, you’re dead meat.


「Anyway, let’s leave something like that aside, come here for a second」



Something like that? Did you really say “something like that”?


「Enough with you, just come here already」


Asahina grabbed and tugged at my right hand.


「Owwwww! It’s going to tear! You’re going to tear my arm off!」


My wrist and shoulder joints were screaming in pain.

What the hell, is she a gorilla? This isn’t how strong a girl should be.

Aah right, she had a massive power-up from the bug.

But how should I put it, she’s got retard strength.4


「It’s not going to tear that easily」


After saying that, Asahina tugs even harder.


「No no no no no no! It’s gonna tear, it’s gonna tear! It’s seriously coming off!」


It said “buchi”. I just heard my arm go “buchi”5.

I thought that if I resisted, I will really lose my arm, so I reluctantly decided to follow Asahina.


Asahina was heading to the changing rooms.

After letting go of my arm, Asahina headed inside and placed a chair in front of the washbasin.


「Sit down」


Standing next to the chair, Asahina crossed her hands and commanded me to follow her orders as she stared at me overbearingly with a condescending attitude.

What’s with her? She really pisses me off.


「Slaves don’t have the right to command their masters」


Glaring up at Asahina, I grumbled under my breath and sat on the chair.

It really grinds my gears to have to follow Asahina’s orders, but it’ll be problematic if she tears my arm off.


「You injured your shoulder. How did you get that injury? Most of the bleeding has stopped, but the meat is all gouged out」


Asahina who was scouring through the shelves asked me such a question.

My memories were rekindled when she asked me about it. Speaking of which, Nanafushi was the one who shredded off the meat from my shoulders.


「It’s nothing big. Laters」


When I tried to stand up after saying that, Asahina gripped tightly onto my shoulder.

My hips fell straight down.

Unable to resist, I was forced to sit on the chair.

Fuck, such idiotic strength.


「While I was cleaning changing room, I found a first aid kit. It can only provide some basic first aid, but it’s better than nothing right?」


Asahina who was holding me down on my shoulder with one hand held the white first aid box with the other and smiled at me.


「It’s none of your business」


I replied as I glared hatefully at Asahina.


「I’m sorry? I have no intentions of hearing your opinions. I found a person who’s injured, so I’m treating their wounds. There’s no room for discussions」


Asahina chuckled as blood vessels formed on top of her forehead, ready to burst.

That’s an overwhelming force of goodwill. Even though the other party didn’t even ask for it, she still acts according to her own desires. That’s no longer considered as having good intentions. It’s pure selfishness.

What an annoying and self-centered person she is.


「The color of your eyes has changed. What happened?」


Asahina poured the anti-septic solution onto the gauze and placed it on my shoulder.


「I’m wearing contacts」


It’s a pain to explain, moreover, I don’t even know the reason, and also because I didn’t feel like speaking truthfully to Asahina’s question, I thought of a reasonable lie.


「Heh~, contacts huh. I not going to say anything if your eyes were bad and you were using it, but I’d be unimpressed to see you use such things like these as of means to attract the opposite sex. Don’t you think it’s more manly if you’d face against your previous self?」


Annoyance arose from hearing Asahina’s words.

Shut up. It’s not like I wanted them to change.


「But it’s strange」


「It looks as if it was originally that color from the beginning. It’s an unusual color, but it doesn’t feel out of place when looking at it」

「Well, thanks」


I was surprised for a moment, but then I recollected myself and responded in an indifferent attitude.

Facing the mirror, I could clearly see that my eyes have become golden in color.

However, it wasn’t just golden. It’s like as if flames were flickering in the darker parts of the color.

I felt repulsed by it. It feels like something’s off. I could only feel that something was off, nothing else.

I panicked for a second, but I guess it was just irony.


Asahina was surprisingly good at treating the wound on my shoulder. She wrapped my shoulder with the bandage back up after the treatment.

I never would have expected that. I had thought that her capabilities of being a girl were at rock bottom.


「Yup, and it’s done」



Asahina tapped my shoulder. I raised a voice in response and lifted up my arm for a test.

The bandage didn’t have the slightest misalignment. And on top of that, it doesn’t restrict any movements that my shoulder makes.

She’s good at bandaging up people.


「You’re not going to say any word of thanks despite being treated from your wounds? Well, it’s something that I voluntarily did anyways, and I’d be bothered by it if you did」


Again, with her needless retorts as per usual.

Asahina packed up the first aid kit and made her way out the changing room.




When I called out to her, Asahina stopped and turned around.


「What is it? I don’t need your gratitude. Moreover, it will feel gross if you say it」


Crossing her arms, Asahina stares down at me with an extremely fucking cocky and condescending attitude.

Ahh-, she ticks me off. I want to push her down and rape her on the spot, but unfortunately, I’m spent as for today.


「I’m not going to say words of thanks, you idiot. I just thought that your bandaging skills were better than I expected, that’s all. What I mean is that it shouldn’t be something you could do」


Packing plenty of sarcasm in my words, I said that to Asahina.

Well, let’s see what sarcastic comment she will make this time.

While I was thinking that, Asahina blushed lightly and turned her head away.



「My dream is to become a nurse」


While having her face turned away from me, Asahina replied in an almost inaudible tone and ran off.




Nurse? That Asahina? She said she wants to be a nurse, does that mean she wants to be an angel in white clothes?


「Oi oi, if that person becomes a nurse, then all the patients would run away and the hospital would fall into ruin as a result」


Having already been a selfish and egotistical person, she also got a massive power-up from the bug. If something and does something happens that pisses her off, doing something like beating the patients will end up sending them to heaven.

For also the patient’s wellbeing, Asahina shouldn’t be a nurse.

But well――


「Personality is a no, but her talents are a yes」


I muttered as I moved my right hand around.




Arriving at the living room, Hizuki had her head lying on Kazahana’s lap and was snoozing away on the sofa.

I saw Kazahana who looked like she was sleeping, twitch her animalistic ears and slowly opened her eyes.


――leave it the way it is.


I told her by gesturing it with my right index finger placed on my lips.

Like Hizuki, Kazahana should be tired as well from all the things that happened today.

Seeing my gesture, Kazahana closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Haven’t moved from the entrance, I looked around the living room, but I was unable to find Rikka.

Was she at another place? Or did she head outside to go somewhere?

Well, it should be fine even if Rikka was going out solo.

And, I did promise Hizuki that we were going to sleep together tonight.

Thus, I made my way over to Hizuki, who was using Kazahana’s legs as a substitute for a pillow and sat next to her. Giving out a yawn, I closed my eyes.




The following day, I was woken up by Rikka and we left the house.

At the end of the Tamamushi’s front yard, Rikka stopped and turned around to look at me.


「I was interested in what Hizuki said, so I went out to look for Marina-san and Yuka-san yesterday. I’m sorry for taking actions on my own」


Rikka bows in apology.

So that’s what happened. She was concerned about Marina and Yuka.

As expected of my dog.


「It’s not something to apologize about. So, how was it?」


When I said that to Rikka, she raised her head and looked at me with a meek expression.

I could sense some bad news coming my way.


「There wasn’t anything wrong with Marina-san in particular. However, Yuka-san is……」


When she mentioned Yuka’s name, Rikka hesitated and started to stutter and mumble.

I guess something happened with Yuka.


「She didn’t have a wink of sleep and always had a futon covering over herself ……」


What was she doing underneath the futon?


「She was masturbating without rest until the next morning. She has amazing mental strength, physical strength, and sex drive」


The trembly Rikka reports back with sweat arising from her cheeks.


「Marina-san made an adorable doll which looks exactly like master and used it to masturbate until twelve o’clock midnight. After that, I went to check on Yuka-san’s condition, but it looked like she already masturbated a number of times already. From there, she didn’t even rest and continued to masturbate all the way until the next morning. And she said this」


Trembling from fear, Rikka swallows her saliva and proceeds on.


「”I’m pretty satisfied for today”, is what she said」


Fear distinctively reflected in Rikka’s red eyes.


「Not once, she didn’t even rest once!! Furthermore, it was a sleepless and restless night! And when the next morning came, she had a refreshing smile and said: “I’m pretty satisfied for today”? And she tilts head to the side and says “Fuu~♡” in such a loving way!? I didn’t see any signs of fatigue from seeing that satisfied smiled that she made! Is that person really human!?」


She was probably scared out of her mind. Rikka who explains it in a heartbreaking tone came rushing into me and embraced me in tears.

Her small body was trembling so badly that it looked like it could break any moment.




I didn’t know how to reply to Rikka.


「I’m sorry! I had underestimated Yuka-san! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!」

Rikka cries as she clings onto me.

I wrapped my hands around Rikka and stroked her small back.

If I’m asked whether or not she’s a human, I can no longer assume she still is.

It’s because Yuka, that girl is the only one that Asahina acknowledges. It’s natural for Rikka to be scared.

Having that said, Yuka, you, you really have it backed up in there……

Yuka「I think I smell Mota-kun……」

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  1. Bug energy = Bug Qi
  2. This is sounding very much like a Chinese WN/LN. It’s all about that cultivation lyfe yo!
  3.  一度ハマったら抜け出せなくなってしまうんじゃないか?(Tried my best to make this sentence work. I have no idea what the author meant there tbh.)
  4. I thought putting a Maxmoefoe would be ideal to add some extra comedic effects (shoutout to ma boi)
  5. Buchi = Break; tear; crush