X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 99

Together with Rikka, we made our way back home, walked up the stairs and headed to the bedroom. Once we entered, I took a look around.

Rikka, who entered the room after me, shuffled towards the bed, sat then flopped onto it. She then buries her face in my pillow and begins to joyfully kick her legs while hugging onto it.

「Rikka, if you want anything then do as you please」

I called out to Rikka who was playing around on the bed by herself.

Since there is a possibility that we won’t be able to return to this place anymore.



When she sat straight up from the bed and asked that question, I answered it with a nod.

Rikka then jumps off the bed, trotting her way to the bookshelf and stands in front of it.

「Then, I want this」

Taking the stuffed toy from the bookshelf, Rikka looks at me and presents it.

What she took from the bookshelf was a stuffed Suzuhara doll No. 7 which was made by Marina who has left it there for her own convenience.

「Yesterday, I saw Marina-san had a similar looking doll to this and I wanted it too. So, I’ll be really happy if you were to give this to me」

A masturbation machine rigged with a bunch of sex toys inside. And while muttering, Rikka embraced it so lovingly.

Are you going to take that? And here I was, thinking that I was going to be released from the Suzuhara curse.

That Marina, did she curse the Suzuhara dolls?

「We-Well, I don’t particularly mind」

Thinking that the curse will continue to chase me wherever I go, I ended up agreeing with Rikka’s request.

「Yay♡ I will treat this as a part of my master and will cherish it dearly♡」

Jumping in happiness, Rikka wore a joyful expression as she rubs Suzuhara doll No. 7 on her cheek that she hugged tightly.

I prepared a largish bag and ordered Rikka to pack in our daily necessities into it then descended down the staircase.

I’ve been worried about it for quite some time, but I have to say it.

Honestly, I have no idea how to explain it. So, I think it’s better to just speak my thoughts.

Telling that to myself, I picked up the telephone receiver.

At the very end, I said a word of thanks for times we’ve been together and said my goodbyes, then placed the receiver back down.

I told my mother that I had something I needed to do.

I also told her that I will be leaving school and won’t be telling her where I’m going.

I wanted to say everything all at once and end it with just that.

But if I end it like that, it might sound like I’m telling her to look for me.

Nevertheless, no matter how I explain it or persuade her, she’d most likely wouldn’t be so understanding. However, I couldn’t just run away.

Naturally, I heard a bunch from my mother. To all the bombardment of questions, I plainly said that I couldn’t answer any of them.

Sure enough, mother threw all sorts of questions at me and cried over the phone which had me regretting my actions.

I couldn’t answer anything and unable to do anything else, I just stood there with the receiver pressed against my ear, listening to my mother’s crying voice.

I felt a warm sensation on my left hand.

When I turned around, I saw Rikka looking up at me as she held onto my hand.

If Rikka was laughing, I probably would have placed the receiver back immediately.

But she showed an anxious expression when she was looking at me.

Rikka was worried about me. She was kind enough to worry about me.

The lonesome me who had finally found a “real family”.

That’s why I have to follow through my actions. I’ve already said that I was going to protect my “real family” from here on out, so I can’t afford to run away right now.

I wonder how long it took.

My mother, who had been crying all this time asked me this question in a quivering voice.

――Will you call me?

Is what she said.

My mother is together with my father, far away from home.

She wouldn’t make it even if she tried to stop me from leaving the house.

Even if she submits a search request to the police, the police will not take on this task with sincerity.

Hence, she probably concluded that the best choice was to make sure to have me promise her to be in touch with on a regular basis.

――I’ll definitely call you.

Telling that to my mother, she, who finally stopped crying, started wailing again, resembling much like a child.

My mother apologized to me. She cried while apologizing to me and confessed her true feelings.

――I didn’t know how to communicate with you.

――I’m sorry for being a failure of a mother.

――I didn’t want to hurt you, but I knew that I had ended up hurting you even more. Even though I knew about it, I couldn’t do anything.

Is what she said.

I didn’t feel angry in the slightest.

If I was a normal person, who fell in love with another girl, experienced a normal dating life, and had a child.

And if my child was a monster just like me.

I didn’t know how I would explain it to her.

It’s the same concept as a monster giving birth to a baby.

We’re not going to play the blame game about who was wrong. Coincidence, it was only a coincidence that I got the short end of the stick.

――Mom. I had finally made myself a real family, a family that I must protect. So thank you for everything that you have done for me…and goodbye.

Rikka tightly held onto my hand as I told my mother those words over the phone.

My mother didn’t say anything and just cried silently.

Gently placing the receiver back down, I brought my gaze down to Rikka and saw her trembling, holding her head down while she squeezed onto my hand.

From Rikka, droplets fell down and landed right before her feet.1

Leaving the house, Rikka and I walked out onto the road in order to head back towards Tamamushi’s home.

I don’t intend on returning back here. We’re also going to discard Tamamushi’s home today as well.

Since Tamamushi is indirectly connected to Kudan. And according to what Nanafushi said, Tamamushi is under the surveillance of Kudan’s organization.

However, just like how I’m unable to use my ability when I’m near Hizuki, it seems that the organization is no longer able to monitor the situation due to the awakened Heaven’s eye.

Therefore, they’ll also begin to be on the move.

Although it might sound hasty, it’s better to relocate ourselves to another area.

I’m not sure how much time will that buy us, but it’s still better than nothing.

At the very least, I want enough time for Hizuki’s ability to stabilize.

Before leaving Tamamushi’s house, I gathered everyone in the living room and asked if there was a place where we could move to.

As a result of that discussion, we discovered the fact that Hizuki is currently living alone.

No, strictly speaking, she’s living together with Kazahana.

Apparently Hizuki’s born in a pretty wealthy household, along with two older brothers, three older sisters, two younger brothers, and four younger sisters.

Just listening to it, I understood that she had a ridiculously complex family.

But well, I’m in no position to say that since I’ve laid my hands on a number of girls.

Hizuki’s explanation was very succinct.

She was told to never return back home again.

Since there’s a large amount of money in her bank account, food expenses and finding a place to live was not a problem.

Those two points, and――

――It’s my fault for being born.

She said that with a smile.

Her situation sounded similar to mine.

Most people will wonder how that happened.

I guess she also got her abilities when she was born and became a problem child like me.

No, my ability enables me to see through people, but Hizuki’s lets her peek inside people’s minds.

Although the information is fragmented, knowing that someone who has that kind of ability will surely become disliked for it.

Since everyone has secrets to hide. But a young child doesn’t have the ability to differentiate it with other information.

In other words, for only that child, the ability to “see” will evidently become “common sense”, thus the possibility of mentioning about it will be pretty high.

Like me, people probably thought that she was some kind of monster.

No, most likely she was brought up in an even worse environment than mine.

It’s only natural to think that Hizuki’s mentality took a turn for the worse due to that.

But well, Hizuki’s unluckily lucky.

The misfortune of being born with a special ability and abandoned by her “family” who had the same blood running through their veins. On the other hand, being abandoned by her blood related “family”, actually resulted in her finding Kazahana, her “real family”.

And from being in contact with me, I was able to meet Rikka.

That’s why I have to thank Hizuki.

If I didn’t discard Hizuki out of my life, I would never have met Rikka.

Recently I’ve been owing to a lot of people for things. I’m worried whether I’m capable of fully repay them.

With that said, we decided to move our base into Hizuki’s current home.

Hizuki was like an innocent child and was thrilled to hear me suggest that idea.

She happily said that she could now always stay with me.

Smiling ear to ear from pure happiness, Rikka’s small body casually beared on the massively disproportionate bag, while carrying her cherished Suzuhara-doll No.7 with one hand that Marina made.

When I held Rikka’s hand and headed out of Tamamushi’s home, my phone started vibrating inside the inner pocket of my jacket.

I should cancel my phone. I can’t afford to place any burdens on my parents.

With that in mind, I reached inside my pocket, took out my phone and looked at the screen.

The recipient was Yuka’s mail.

My eyes widened when I opened up the message.

――Save me Mota-kun. Yuu-chan is in big trouble.

While writing the body of the text, the content was abruptly cut off as if the sender was in a hurry.

Yuka’s text clearly indicated that it was an emergency.

Moreover, it seems like she’s most likely together with Asahina.

When I went back to my home, Asahina did the same.

Inside of Asahina’s body was the bug from the forbidden method. So, it’s dangerous for her to be walking alone. That’s why I thought of having Kazahana escort her back, but it will be dangerous if the unstable Hizuki were to be separated from her for even a few hours.

I then thought about having Tamamushi escort her back, but Tamamushi is indirectly linked to Kudan’s organization. So it’s better off not to let Tamamushi step outside.

Then there’s only Nanafushi.

Thinking that Nanafushi was the only choice that I had, I assigned her to escort Asahina back home, however, Asahina outright rejected my proposal.

――I’m past the age for babysitters. Also, I’m able to protect myself at the very least.

She said while having an overwhelmingly condescending look like usual, and naturally, it transitioned to a verbal dispute and eventually ended up becoming a fight.

At that time, I lost my temper and thought to have her suit herself, but thinking back, I should have had Nanafushi escort her nevertheless.

Although she did gain a power-up from having the bug inside her, it hasn’t been that long after her body has undergone mutation. She didn’t have the ability ever since she was born, so I assume her ability isn’t fully under her control.

And a problem has occurred. Furthermore, it definitely seems like Yuka has been dragged into this mess.

Are they facing the Nature Conservation Organisation? Or is it Kudan’s organization? Either way, they’re in a dire situation.

But why Yuka?

Don’t tell me that Asahina, when she was heading back home, she visited Yuka’s place?

To hell with “I’m able to protect myself”. You didn’t even protect yourself and even dragged Yuka into it.

I messaged her, asking for their location and their current situation, but there was no reply.

If it’s Yuka, she should have immediately replied back.

No, it different. That’s not it. The first message was weird. It looked like the content of the message was written in a hurry and was send midway.

In other words, she was in a situation where she can’t write any more messages.

It’s because of Yuka, that I received the text. Utilizing the moment while the other party was looking away, she succeeded in asking me for help.

That’s why――

「Crap. This is bad……」

Was it the Nature Conservation Organisation or was it Kudan’s organization? In any case, if the person who was watching over Tamamushi tailed after Asahina when she left the house, and if that person struck at the time when Asahina made contact with Yuka, then.

This is bad. This is the worst-case scenario.

Since Asahina just awakened her abilities, she’s unable to freely control it. Furthermore, Asahina’s is specialized in close combat, so even if she can freely control it, it’s not that powerful. It’s about the same as a wild beast at best. Additionally, no matter how indomitable her spirit is, it’s all over for her if she gets caught and restrained.

And Yuka, she probably hasn’t realized that she’s awakened her own special ability.

This is bad. They went to the area where I wanted them to go for the least.




Rikka’s voice snapped me back to my senses.

When I brought my gaze down, I saw Rikka anxiously looking at me with her red eyes while holding her cherished Suzuhara doll No.7 with one and linking her hands with mine using the other.

All our plans have only progressed halfway, but there’s no choice but to do it.


「Rikka, it’s time to fight. I intended to lower my head and beg the others for their help. But I won’t ask anything from you. Because you’re Suzuhara Rikka. So follow behind me wherever I go」


I said, looking straight at Rikka. Rikka then hugs Suzuhara doll No.7 even tighter and tightens her grip on my hand.




Rikka suddenly barked like a dog.


「What the hell is that」


I laughed unintentionally.


「Woof woof! Waoo~!」3


Howling like a dog, Rikka hugs me.

I get it. Rikka wasn’t able to properly convey her feelings. Even though she wanted to show her gratitude to me for calling her a part of my family, she couldn’t express all her joy into words.

That’s why she howled. Like a dog.

She wanted to tell me that she was my dog and wanted to follow me wherever I went.


「It’s ok. I’ve got your message. Thanks, Rikka. Thank you」


Saying that, I embraced Rikka.

Let’s get started. To take down the guy who touched my family, and to create a place where we call home.




Running with all my might, I returned to Tamamushi’s house.

I don’t know where Asahina and Yuka are. If I go out and blindly search for them, it would be too late for me.

Then I’ll have to borrow someone else’s power who’s capable of finding them.




Running to the living room, I spotted Hizuki on the sofa and yelled out her name.

Seemingly like she was playing cards with Kazahana, Hizuki shuddered and all the cards fell completely out of her hands

Hizuki then started to sweat all over.

Getting surprised to see me yelling and rushing into the living room.

It’s evident that the Heaven’s eye isn’t functioning properly.

Moreover, she was so surprised that she started trembling while her eyes became two black and white dots.4

Are the conditions getting worse?

When I looked at Kazahana who was looking back at me, she dropped her animal ears and slightly shook her head.

Instead of her ability’s effectiveness dropping, it’s now almost unusable.

Shit, this is the worst, absolute worst.

No, I can’t blame Hizuki for this. Hizuki’s ability is an abomination od a thing that makes her suffer. Moreover, unlike my ability, her’s is constantly active.

If she’s unable to use it, then it should be a joyous thing to celebrate about.

But I need it right now. I desperately need it now.


「Is about Asahina and Yuka? If that’s so, then you don’t have to worry」


Turning around to the direction of the voice, I saw Tamamushi standing there in her usual black robe.


「Don’t have to worry? What do you mean?」


I approached Tamamushi as questioned her.

Tamamushi then grinned and pointed at her belly with her right index finger.




「Who exactly do you think I am? Certainly, I’m good at close quarter combat, but I originally specialize at searching and assassination. Having a Bug user as a title isn’t just for show」


Tamamushi’s voiced it out with pride. She then pointed at the small drone beetle looking bug that’s resting on top of her stomach.

I completely forgot. That’s right. This kid knows how to handle bugs.


「There’s no way I’d let someone who left the house by themselves unattended」


After saying that, she proudly makes a “Fufun” chuckle.

You’ve had me. For me to completely forget that understanding my “comrade’s” ability was the fundamentals in the basics of tactics…


「Tammaushi! Well done! Excellent effort!」


As I yelled in delight, I hugged Tamamushi and raised her up in the air, rubbing my cheeks against hers.


「Wai-♡ Wait a second Suzuhara♡ Y-You got it wrong♡ I’m sorry♡ I apologize♡ The truth is, Nanafushi told me to do ♡」


Tamamushi who was hugged by me with her cheeks squeezed against mine, blushed really hard and desperately apologizes while flailing about.

Are you an idiot? What are you talking about? You and Nanafushi are both one mind and soul!


「I will praise Nanafushi later! But listening to Nanafushi’s advice and following through with it was great enough! So you don’t need to apologize! Well done Tamamushi! You’re so great! So remarkable!」

「A-Awuuu♡ The guilt♡ Even though I feel guilty about it♡ I should have just said that from the beginninggggggggg♡」


To my words, Tamamushi, who was squirming around in my arms, made a face that looked like she was about to cry any second as she raised an anguished voice.




Turning around to the direction of the voice, I saw Hizuki sitting on the sofa who had her eyes cast downwards.


「I-I don’t understand. I’m not sure. I can’t see what I was “seeing” and I’m oblivious to it. If no one talks about it, then I will never notice it. I don’t even understand myself. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……」


Her downcast eyes and shaking body, Hizuki continues to apologize while hugging herself.

I thought we were done for. I had thought there were no more possible ways to find Asahina and the others. But, when Tamamushi appeared in front of me, I suddenly felt a surge of hope which resulted in me disregarding Hizuki’s presence.

Unable to do anything despite holding the strongest ability. Being useless. That was the most painful thing for Hizuki.

If I were to praise Tamamushi, I should have done it at a place where Hizuki wasn’t present.

But, if no one talks about it, then she won’t even notice it? If no one reminds her of her ability, then does she forget about it?

That to Hizuki, is surely a glimpse of happiness. An abominable ability that bothers you, chases you, and breaks your mind. If she were to forget about its existence and live like a normal girl――

Thinking up until there, something clicked inside me.


Is it possible that somewhere within Hizuki was trying to seal that ability?


Hizuki’s situation is currently being placed on standby.

The people close to her consist of Kazahana, me and Rikka, the scary Asahina, Tamamushi, and Nanafushi.

There are various problems, but once we all gather together as one, we talk, we quarrel, and we laugh together.

That definitely, is what Hizuki has been searching for all this time.

While she was with me, she most definitely was trying to find a place where she belongs.

That’s why Hizuki was probably trying to make here as a “final destination”.

If that’s true, then I understand how painful it is.

If I could, I also wanted this to be a place where I call home.


But that’s……impossible.


Kudan will most certainly aim for the Heaven’s eye. Once the Nature Conservation Organisation knows about Asahina’s existence, they’ll also be on the move. In fact, right now, both Asahina and Yuka are both in danger.

It’s impossible to maintain the status quo.

To create a place for unique beings like us where we can live and laugh together, we have to do something with our own power.

However, I don’t have time to explain this to Hizuki right now.

Glancing at Kazahana who was sitting next to Hizuki, I saw her looking back at me, wrapping her arms around Hizuki’s shoulders while patting her on the head.


「Hizuki, everyone’s moving to your place today. We’re all going to gather around in your house. So, we need to throw a welcome party. We got to make origami hang from the walls and make plenty of delicious foods. Oh yeah, also buy some crackers. Cake as well. How are we going to deal with the sleeping quarters? Then we have to make a meal that can satisfy Suzuhara-sama. And then when you ask for it, Suzuhara-sama will surely say yes」


Kazahana gently speaks to Hizuki and comforts her like she was a child.

Hizuki then stopped crying and raised her head.



「Un! I’ll have to give it my all! I want to be Mota-kun’s bride! I wonder if I’m able to?」


Hizuki’s appearance did not look like a child’s, it was one.


Is that supposed to be……infantile regression?


Unlike me, Hizuki was abandoned by her family. In return for that, she was given so much money that was enough to start rotting in her bank account. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that she was abandoned.

Perhaps Hizuki was trying to convince herself that everything “never happened”.

Rewinding the time, erasing the reality that she had been abandoned, returning to the time when she had just started living with Kazahana and now, with us joining in their living space. Maybe she’s trying to make this as her “real reality”.

If that’s the case, I can’t afford to use Hizuki’s power.

However, is she lost her powers, and once a fight breaks loose, she’ll be nothing but dead weight. Hizuki’s presence will no longer be necessary.



「I’ll definitely “return”」


When I told Hizuki that, her cheeks dyed red, subtly exposing her shyness as she bashfully waved at me.




She then looked at me with innocent eyes that didn’t hide any hints of doubts and nodded happily.

I’m the only one who understands Hizuki.

But I pushed you away from me.

Even if you become a deadweight to me, I won’t ever cast you aside again.

Hizuki, do you understand me?

If I can understand you, then you’re able to do the same when it comes to me, right?

Having that thought in mind, I gave a smile and waved back at Hizuki then turned around.

Only you who have walked the same path can truly understand my suffering.

Even if you lose your powers and revert back to a child, I still need you.




Leaving Tamamushi’s house with Rikka, we followed Tamamushi’s instructions and headed towards our destination.


「An anomality occurred and Nanafushi immediately rushed to the scene. I’m can use telepathy, but there’s a limit to it. So I’m able to communicate with Nanafushi. However, there’s an ability user who can intercept my telepathy which is troublesome. As long as its an emergency, the telepathy is cut」


Tamamushi calls out as while running after us.



「The connection stays cut. But I don’t think the situation is that dire」

「What about the possibility of Nanafushi being detained before informing you about the abnormal situation?」

「Uumu. I don’t think Nanafushi will fall behind some ordinary ability users. Besides, we use a separate line for emergency situations. It’s simple but effective. Once the information has been transmitted, you should be able to know about it instantaneously」

「What about the information from the bug that was tracking Asahina?」

「Because it’s a small bug. It only emits a warning signal since it just reacts to things in a set pattern. There is no function where it could convey any extra information. The small bug is mainly used for basic information gathering like warnings, video and audio recordings. And if we wanted to use another bug to fly over there to collect more data, I’d think it’s faster to just go there in person instead」


The smaller the size, the more convenient it is, but it’s at the cost of performance, huh.

Anyway, I can only hope that nothing has happened to Nanafushi. But we still need to prepare for the worst-case scenario.


「Master, would you like me to go to the scene first? 」


Rikka who was running beside me raised her voice.

With Rikka’s speed, she could get there immediately.



「Right now, we’re in a situation where we don’t know what’s happening. So if worse comes to worst, then I’d need you to stay next to me」



Rikka nods in response.

Rikka has an exceptionally good balance of both offense and defense. Regardless of whether she’s fighting or running away, I could broaden my choices with her beside me. Besides, though Tamamushi’s close combat abilities aren’t as good as Rikka’s, she’s near invulnerable.

Worst-case scenario, I’d need both of them to turn the tides of battle.


「Nnn? Ooh, it’s here, it’s here. I’ve received a message from Nanafushi」

「It’s here! So, what’s it about!?」


I asked Tamamushi, unable to hide my eagerness from my words.


「Hah? Delinquent? Yankee? What the heck is that? Hah? A fight between delinquents? It’s so stupid and she wants to go back home? Wai-Wait a second. I don’t know what the situation is at all. Anyway, just stay there」


Tamamushi’s running speed gradually slowed down and stared ahead with reproachful eyes.


「The opponent isn’t an ability user? Hah? Only a human? How many? Fifteen? There’s no way that humans can rival against Asahina. Eh? Asahina’s being punched? One-sidedly? Why? Hah? A principle where you only return fists after getting hit? What the heck is up with that girl? Well, I don’t think anything’s going to happen to her from being punched by a human. So it’s basically a human-to-human conflict? I see, I understand. I get why you want to go back home, but just wait until we get there」


Listening to Tamamushi’s conversation, I had a good grasp of what was going on.

Asahina, huh. It’s that idiot’s fault. Entangling herself with a bunch of delinquents and probably always provoking them. Yuka was over there and tried to ask me for help, but someone took her phone and has lost contact ever since. Something along the lines of that.

Ahh, fuck, I was worrying for nothing.

There seems to be around fifteen people, but no matter how many humans there are, it’s impossible to take down a fierce beast in a fight as long as no weapons were involved in it.

Furthermore, there’s also Nanafushi beside her who’s definitely ranked as a top-class monster. So they’re probably fine.

Though, Nanafushi seems like she wants to head home.



「What do we do? I’ve told Nanafushi to wait for me until we get there, so I intend to go over there」


Slowing down to a complete stop, Tamamushi shakes her silver ponytail and looks up at me.

Her silver hair basking in the sun shined along with her emerald-colored eyes which sparkled like jewels underneath the sunlight and her clear white skin that looks as if it had never come in contact with it in her life.

Also, the two bulges that push up against the black robe that she’s currently wearing.

Seeing Tamamushi underneath the sunlight is cute, but still, it’s because Tamamushi has always stayed in the darkness, that I feel like it draws out this immoral charm out of her.

Finding placidity inside my mind, I thought about this in a trance and without any reason, I patted Tamamushi’s head.

Tamamushi jolts, blood rushing up to her cheeks as she smiles and tilts her head.

I don’t know why you’re patting my head, but I’m delighted, is what her expression is telling me.

It’s a little derpy but cute.

While I was thinking about that, I felt a tug on my pants.

When I turned around to see who was pulling my pants, Rikka stood there looking at the ground and was red up to her ears, puffing up her cheeks.

She’s fine with me laying my hands on other women, but it seems different when it comes to Tamamushi.

To Rikka, Tamamushi was something like her rival ever since she was born.

Having that in mind, when I patted Rikka’s head, she raised her head slightly while looking at me with upturned eyes and smiled joyfully.

Hmm, the normally unjealous Rikka being jealous is cute and gives me a fresh feeling to it.

Then I felt a tug on the back of my jacket.

Turning around, Tamamushi who had her head turned away from me, gave a little pout.

It looks like she was jealous of Rikka.

When I patted Tamamushi’s head, she glanced at me and gave a sweet smile.

Then I felt a tug on my pants――


Ah, we’re going in an infinite loop.


We can’t continue like this on the streets. Especially when Tamamushi is indirectly connected to Kudan.

We need to hurry up and clean up this mess and return back to Tamamushi’s house then relocate our base to Hizuki’s place.


「Let’s head to the site where the three of them are」


I suggested as I stoked both their heads at the same time.





The two raised their voices in happiness and at the same time, glared at each other.


「I would like it if the bug stayed as a bug that crawls on the ground」


Glaring daggers at Tamamushi, Rikka mumbled it under her breath.


「Demi-humans are idiots after all. I am not a bug, but a bug user. To not know the difference from that. Because you’re an idiot, it doesn’t even count as a provocation. Poor thing」


Giving Rikka a death stare, Tamamushi mutters and gave a devilish grin and used a hand to cover her mouth, leaking out a “pfft”.


「Heh heeh. Do you want to die?」


Rikka gave a twitching smile and placed her right hand behind her back.


「You’re really stupid trying to threaten to kill the immortal me. To have such a stupid dog, I feel sorry for Suzuhara for being your master」


Lowering her hips, Tamamushi further provoked the smiling Rikka, bringing both her hands behind her back and pulling out two unusually long needles and held one in each hand. Those were like giant bug pins.


「Yo-You just insulted my master, huh?」


Glaring hatefully at Tamamushi, Rikka grits her teeth as she muttered those words. Leaking out a murderous intent, she pulls out a large knife, readying herself for an all-out war.


「I insulted you. I was fooling around with you before like last time, but this time it’s going to be different. I’ll teach the likes of you my combat skills that I have accumulated over the many years. While dismantling your body that is」


Tamamushi also released her killing intent while bringing both the giant pins in front of her chest, making an X-shape as she gradually lowers her center of gravity.


「Master was kind enough to tell me that I was a part of his family. So if you insult me, that also means that you’ve insulted master」

「That’s just your own selfish nonsense. I’m not insulting Suzuhara. Enough with your jibber-jabbering, come at me. Or are you just afraid of me and trying to make up excuses of running away?」


This practically a situation where everything will go south if I make any wrong movements.

It’s a near-impossible technique to stop the two who’ve gotten serious with each other. But thankfully because Hizuki’s not next to me, my powers have come back to me.

I quickly extended both hands.

Locking onto on both their “everything” and fully focused on the pinpoint location, I pinched their nipples on top of their clothes.





The two who had their nipples pinched gave a strong jerk, dropping their weapons at the same time and squeezed their thighs together.


「I don’t feel like stopping you girls from fighting. Fight all you want. Since it makes you closer after you do it. I’m fine with it. But make sure to choose the correct time and place to do it, ok?」


I smiled at both of them as I pulled hard at their nipples.


「Kyan kyan♡ Kyawuun♡」

「Kwua♡ Aah♡ Mo-More♡ Pinch it harder♡」


Having their nipples pulled by me, the two of them screamed happily and stood on their tippy toes.

Geez, if you’re a masochist, then it wouldn’t even be counted as a punishment. No matter how I see it, it looks like a reward. Seeing their sex-crazed faces, I told to myself in silence.

Letting go of their nipples, the both of them lose their balance and drops to their knees, they then place both their hands on their crotch, pressing against it at the same time and were both flushed to their ears as they started panting heavily.


「The both of you are going to get punished once we get home alright?」


Saying that to the two of them, their eyes changed colors 5 and started to breathe more rapidly. They grinned at the same time, looked at each other at the same time, glared at each other at the same time, and then further hmphed and away from each other at the same time.

What a perfect duo.

With that said, today we need to relocate our base to Hizuki’s house and to hurry up and get this problem fixed.

However, the other party is just a “human being”.

Nanafushi also wanted to go home, it’s so ridiculous.


「Well, let’s go」


Speaking to myself in my mind, I told the both of them and started walking towards where Asahina is.

Geez, that Asahina. She’s really a troublemaker, that one.

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