X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Naturally, I didn’t tell mom about Marina and Yuka staying overnight on my house. It would surely be troublesome if I told her that there’s two people staying overnight, furthermore, women.
But I told her that a friend would come to stay overnight.
My mother’s joy when I told her that was amazing. She told me to let them eat delicious stuff and gave me 10,000 yen.
It’s because I’ve never called a friend to stay on my house before. No, it’s the first time that I’ve informed my parent about me inviting a friend to our house.
For me who has a monthly allowance of five thousand, a ten thousand yen for weekend is a dream like talk.
I thought of investing it as savings but because it’s mom, it seems that the receipt needs to be shown. She might take back the remaining so let’s go all out./

「With that said, let’s go eat roast meat, my treat」

I told the two while taking out a 10,000 yen.


Marina raised a surprised voice, then she looked at me with a doubtful eyes.

「D-do we have to return twice…?」

Then she muttered it.
What a rude girl. She’s completely doubting me.

「Then you’ll stay in the house. I and Yuka-chan will eat two people’s worth of meat」
「T-Two people’s…」

Marina sent a glance on my back when she heard me. Then she noticed Yuka ahead.
Yuka hadn’t talked and hid herself behind me the whole time since she saw Marina.
She was looking with eyes swirling with negative feelings so I thought that she’d surely look at Marina with hate but she’s become like a puppy that’s been abused.

「I-I won’t let you be alone with Yuka-san! I’ll go too!」

Marina frowns when she saw Yuka get frightened then she raised her voice staring at me.
Ooh, you’re saying that? You do know why Yuka’s afraid, right? You know who she’s really is reproachful of, right?
Aren’t you just unable to look at reality so you shift the responsibility to me to protect your own heart?
Well fine. Well the fun increases when you try to escape by running around.

She fixed her appearance, but that’s okay for me I said, there’s no question if Marina’s wearing a black knit dress. No panties and no Bra though.
And Yuka’s on the outdoor clothes already.
Yuka who tied her semi long black hair to ponytail, she’s wearing a hooded black cardigan on a white blouse. A pink necktie in the nape of her blouse. Then she wears a black kneesocks and tartan shorts.
The necktie in her blouse looks clean. That’s why I want to pollute it so much. Also, I like miniskirts but shorts isn’t bad either. It suits a boyish woman but for Yuka who’s appearance and atmosphere is girlish, there’s the gap and it is emotionally touching.
We’ll take a stop on the roast meat shop then bang Yuka after.
No, we have time. Let’s enjoy eating the roast meat since it’s rare then it won’t be late to take energy.

I who brought Yuka and Marina to my house thought of stopping on a roast meat shop.
It’s an earnest roast meat shop but would 10,000 yen be enough.
I’m taking two women, Yuka’s breasts are huge but she’s rather short and delicate. Would she eat too much?
Marina’s height is lower than me and Yuka has quite a big breast but she’s quite thin.
10,000 yen should suffice. But, how much would remain? Though she gave me 10,000 for the weekend, if I use almost all of it on the Friday night, it would become impossible to have luxury on the weekend.
But it won’t be delicious if you’re thinking about money while eating.
Then I should go eat to all of my hearts content on the cheap shop even the taste is somewhat inferior.
That said, I decided the route and went to a roast meat shop where you can have an eat all you can buffet.
It’s my treat of course. They won’t complain.

Walking on the night residential area, my left arm is coiled with both of Yuka’s arms as she walk in quick steps.
Her big tits is pressed against my arm and she walked silently while looking down.

「W-Where are we hiding?」

When I turned my head to the voice, Marina’s glaring at me with watery eyes and blushing ears.
She’s stretching the front of the skirt with her right hand and the back with her left, she’s walking pigeon-toed.
She’s wearing a miniskirt-nopan1 where the inside can be seen by just standing. She’d feel uneasy if she’s not stretching the skirt I guess. But since she’s pulling her skirt, the knit cloth sticks to her skin too much that the shape of her tits and nipples are becoming distinct.
She can’t hide the nipples coming to surface just to stretch the skirt with both of her hands. If she separate any of her hand to hide her chest, her anus and pussy would be seen.

「The eat all you can roast meat shop ahead」

Marina tilts her head.
She had expectations when I said a roast meat shop but an eat all you can shop? Her expectations come to naught. Is probably what she want to say.
This is why women are…

「Waaa! I know that! It also had a cake and fruit eat all you can, right?」
「…Well, yeah」

When I thought she’d make a sarcastic remark as a complain, Marina clapped her hand in front of her big breast then her pupil brightened.
Since she separated her hand from her skirt, her pussy is seen slightly but it seems that she hasn’t noticed it yet.
I heard stuff about women being weak to cake but is that true?

「It seems that it also has lychee on eat all you can! I love lychee! Can I eat a lot!?」

Marina who walked a bit apart from me rushed over to my right side then she asked happily.

「No, you can eat everything you want since it’s eat all you an?」

Marina is pleased when she heard that she can eat as she like. I don’t care but your pussy’s exposed. I’m the one saying but but shouldn’t you be hiding that?
Ah, as expected, it’s better if you can see it but not.

「Can I also eat a strawberry shortcake!?」
「I said it that you can eat what you want, right?」
「Waa! There seems to be a round melon too! I want to eat a whole melon! It’s a luxury to eat out a whole melon! The staff eats the remaining on the hollowed melon, right!?」

I just became a yes-man on the Marina who’s tension has risen awfully.
Marina’s cheeks blushed and her eye’s are shining. But, her eyes are fluttering on my left.
Hahaan, Since Yuka’s silent, it seems that she’s trying to feel around to raise Yuka’s tension too.
Marina said that she won’t apologize to Yuka. That said, she can’t just calmly talk to Yuka.
For Marina, she’ll feel better if she’s abused by Yuka. But since Yuka’s not speaking a word, she’s staying still awkwardly.
Marina’s looking overjoyed and tensed on the outside, her heart is beating violently, it is driven with fear and unease. Surely the stress builds up in mach speed.

Walking on the residential area at night, we finally arrived at the eat all you can roast meat shop a bit far away then, we entered the store.


The store is jammed with people wherever you look.
It’s Friday night after all. Furthermore, since it’s a shop where you can eat various food with all of your stomach at a reasonable price, it’s almost full.

「The soft ice cream is all you can eat! The Gelato is All you can eat! I’m glad I only eat light lunch!」

Marina who’s looking at the deserts in a row, she’s frolic by herself.
She’s on the tension max earlier but she now looks somewhat relieved.
When we walk towards the shop, it’s quiet and dark even though there’s an outside light shining on the road. The inside of the store confronts us with a noisy crowd of people. For Marina, it’s a relief in the awkward atmosphere.
That saidー.

「I like banana too! I love a banana fruit punch!」

Was she liberated from the awkward air? Marina who has high tension when walking at night is now jumping around with shining eyes.
I who stood before Marina, hid behind her.
I told you, your pussy’s exposed. It would be troublesome if you make a commotion in this place. Also, stop with the lychee, banana, and ice cream. We came here to eat meat so let’s eat meat.
It’s eat all you can so let’s recover our investment.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, we were guided to our seats.
There are a lot of families as guest, there’s echoes of child’s cries and laughter, and there’re children running around the store.
There are young guests but, man with men and woman with women, in short they’re coming as a group of same sex.
Well, a date on an eat all you can roast meat shop is quite… I don’t mind but.

Taking a seat, we were supplied with cooking ingredients immediately.
Meat, meat! lets eat meat! Marina’s infatuated on her desserts and fruits, Yuka doesn’t seem she’ll eat a lot so it would be a loss.
I’ll also eat their share.
Having those thoughts, I took meat on the plates and returned to our seat.
Yuka’s on the seat. She’s not moving since she was guided to sit down.
I didn’t mind it and sat next to Yuka then began to roast the meat immediately.
The first would be this special Kalbi2 I eat the freshly hot kalbi with the rice and side dish.
With the Kalbi lined up next to each other on the net, a fragrant aroma tickles my noise along with the sound of burning meat.
I who swallowed the Kalbi turned over the other Kalbi, paying attention not to overcook it.
The gravy overflows as roasts, it drips from the net and the dropped gravy makes a raging flame.
With sweat flowing on my forehead, I opened my eyes wide as I quietly watch the roasting Kalbi.


I took the Kalbi that’s good enough with tongs and quickly placed it on the plate.


Looking at the Kalbi that makes a sizzling sound as it separates from the fire, I raised my voice instinctively.

「Then, itadakimasu」

I wanted to stuff my mouth immediately but I endured those thoughts and clapped my hands.
We have to give our thanks to the food.
Finishing my prayers, I who opened my eyes wide, took the Kalbi with my chopsticks and, filled it with special sauce and stuffed it to my mouth.
The Kalbi is still burning hot as I chew and the deliciousness of the gravy spreads.
I threw in the rice immediately then chewed it together.
Ahh, delish!
Entranced by the harmony of the meat and rice, I came back to my senses.
Usually, you’d eat a small cut of meat and rice to your mouth but, it’s eat all you can today. I won’t put in a small slice of meat with rice. I can eat luxuriously.
Okay, I’ll eat a lot, after I finish persuading myself, I ate the meat lined on the net.

「Lychee♪ Lychee♪ Lychee♪」

The fool came back.
A mountain of lychee is on the plate on top of her tray. The other plate has soft-ice cream, gelato, or a cake. There’s also the round melon that she said she wanted to hollow out.


Marina who takes one lychee after another on the mountain laughed gladly as her cheeks blush. But when she sent a glance on Yuka that’s sitting next to me, she felt down. Then, she silently peeled off the skin of the lychee.
She’s forcibly raising her spirit but she can’t endure the silent Yuka. She’s being cornered on her own accord.
She said that she won’t apologize but, the limit would come sooner or later and she might even kneel in front of Yuka.
That said, she’s an idiot. She’s a helpless imbecile. Should I have not brought her on the roast meat shop?
Well, fine. Let’s leave the fool alone. I don’t have the room for that right now. There’s a time limit on eat all you can after all. Anyway, let’s eat meat until we can’t anymore.

After 20 minutes. I don’t want to see meat anymore.
No more. Enough. But there are still plates of meat lined up on the table.


I got greedy. I thought I can still go on a while ago but my limit came suddenly. Then the limit where I don’t want to see meat anymore has come.
Different from me who reached the limit, Marina’s eating the lychee silently.
She throws the lychee she peeled to her mouth then filled it with gelato. She eat the round melon next then she peeled the lychee again, then she bite off the strawberry shortcake, then threw the lychee inside her mouth again.
In front of Marina that’s eating is a pile of lychee skin.
I thought that she won’t be able to take the fruits dessert but, this girl, her devotion to lychee isn’t normal. She might be recover the cost with just lychee.
That’s great but the problem is meat. I’m no good already. But, I have to buy the meat that I haven’t eaten. That’s the manner of all you can eat buffet.

「Y-Yuka-chan. You want to eat meat right? I’ll roast one」

I who became helpless, decided to push everything to Yuka.
Yuka who’s silently looking down, doesn’t eat anything and just remains on her seat.
Marina trembles when I talked to Yuka, but then she turned her eyes away from the reality and eat lychee on desperation.
You’re still going to eat? Not bad.
Looking at Marina while roasting the meat, put the roast on the plate then put it in front of Yuka’s table.

「Shouldn’t you choose your sauce by yourself?」

When I talked to her, Yuka sent me a glance. Then she picked the sleeve of my jacket with her finger.


Yuka sent me a smile while speaking out her gratitude. But, she’s not taking the chopsticks.
This is dangerous. We have a time limit. Since the time limit is 40 minutes, we have approximately 15 minutes?
It’s an easy victory if I’m hungry but Yuka’s a sensitive case. Furthermore, she doesn’t even have chopsticks.
Do I have to feed it on the fool eating lychee desperately? No, that fool must be on her limit too. I’d be in trouble if I forcibly feed her and she vomits.
The clerk won’t be angry if I leave some but I won’t be satisfied with that.
Then, there’s no choice but Yuka?
It can’t be helped. If it’s like thisー.

「Y-Yuka-chan. Here, aaah」

I who took the meat using my chopsticks while forcing a smile, I carried the meat to Yuka’s mouth.
Yuka looked at me blankly, clings to my arms and laughed. Then she bit the meat.


Yuka presses her big breasts as she cling to my arm, has a smile floating on her face and mutters while she chew.
Okay, I got her. Let’s make her deal with the remaining.
I thought, but I was at loss.
Yuka who finished the meat I gave her is lookint at me wistfully.

「…W-want to eat more?」
「If Suzuhara-kun feeds me~♡」

Yuka answers my question bashfully with blushing cheeks.
Though her figure is a shy young girl, the amount of the remaining meat would be too much for a girl with a thin frame. Still, it’s not enough?
I let her handle it but, she’s not bad.

「I-I’m going to take lychee so I’ll also bring meat along the way.」

When I turned my gaze on the voice, Marina who’s blushing and feeling shy, stood from her seat. Then the mountain of lychee has turned to skins before I noticed.

「I-I also want to eat more round melon too」
「…Ah, yeah」

I could do nothing but nod towards the bashful looking Marina.
Just where is her stomach placed?
Breast? did the breast absorb everything?

Marina stood from her seat then I’m alone with Yuka.
Sitting next to me, Yuka draws her self closer as she cling to my arm and sends a glance towards me from time to time.

「S-Sorry, I remembered various stuffs when I saw Yuuki-senpai…」

Yuka who’s silent for while opened her mouth apologetically.
Well, that’s of course. Marina’s Shinozaki’s girlfriend after all. Even if they don’t have a direct contact, she should know her existence. It’s the girlfriend of the leader who defiled her badly. It’s normal for her to be speechless.

「Yuuki-senpai has changed somehow. Her eyes has become very gentle. Also, she’s much cuter than before」
「Is that so?」

I asked Yuka.

「Are you going to forgive Marina?」

When I asked Yuka, she trembled, then buried her face under my arm, and clung strongly.

「I don’t know…」

She answered in a trembling voice. Hearing those words, I felt relief.
“I will”, I don’t know what to do if she say it but her answer is vague.
Yuka’s character is passive. She has experienced bullying so she’s weak and timid. And she’ll swallow anything said and anything done, so she’ll forgive while laughing.
Yuka with that character answers with “I don’t know” That’s synonymous to “I won’t”
You don’t have to forgive. That’s much more interesting.

「I-I’m sorry…」

I heard an apology. She’s apologizing because she didn’t say that she will forgive her? Really, how good natured are you?ーn?
Right not it’s not Yuka’s voice. To begin with, the voice sounds distant.
Looking at Yuka, she’s also puzzled.
Huh? It’s not Yuka? Then, just what on bread is that voice…?

「Ahhh, why did this happen. My pants got stained with ice-cream」

I heard a man’s voice. The articulation isn’t well so he’s obviously drunk.
When I turned my gaze on the voiceー.


I raised my voice instinctively, then Yuka’s also the same.

「Eh, Huh? Asahina?」
「Not? But…」

The girl is surrounded by ten men who are obviously drunk
A twintailed black hair with cat eyes. She looks like Asahina. But, she’s small. Really small. Anyway, she’s extremely small.

「Accidental resemblance?」
「I-Isn’t she too close?」

Yuka retorts my mutter.
Right. She looks so similar to be another person. Thenー.

「S-She had a child?…」
「D-Did the little sister not come to your mind?」

Yuka retorted again.
Speaking of which, she was a virgin till I raped her. Also, it’s strange if she had a child. Then, it’s normal to think that she’s a little sister.

「Little sister?」
「If not, what else? She resemble too much no matter how you look at it」
「You didn’t know Asahina got a little sister?」
「Y-Yeah. I don’t」
「They look similar」
「They do」
「But she’s cute」
「But what? Yuu-chan’s cute you know?」
「No, that’s cuter than Asahina though?」
「She looks exactly like her. So they’re both cute」
「It being timid and trembling looks cute, right? Also, she’s so cute and easy to carry, that thing’s cuter than Asahina」
「…W-well, certainly, it’s cute」

Listening to my persuation, Yuka’s cheeks blushed as she looks at the small Asahina and she nodded.
Right? She’s cute, right? She might look like the arrogant Asahina but she’s small and looks timid. She’s shaking while having watery eyes as she’s surrounded by drunk men.

「I want to ask abruptly but, that small Yuu-chan is on your range?」
「In a naive meaning? Or sexual meaning?」
「Both, I guess?」
「Suzuhara-kun has a wide strike zone」
「Well yeah. I’m okay with a tiny one but a young wife is also good」

Though Asahina’s quite a loli, I can do it. I can do it. Or rather, I’ll do anything that looks cute.

「U-u-uuhmm, I-I’m sorry. T-The laundry…」

Loli3 Asahina surrounded by men is frightened, she bowed as she tremble. She took the pochette hanging diagonally on her shoulder then took out a wallet inside.
Ooh, she’s small yet reliable like an adult, she intends to do something about it by herself?
Loli Asahina holds the wallet with an anime character drawn in it, then she opened it trembling. And the purse was turned upside down.
500 yen coins roll on the ground. She shook the wallet. But nothing came out aside from the 500 yen.
Loli Asahina shook the purse with teary eyes. But, there’s nothing falling in the end.
Almost crying, Loli Asahina looked up the men while biting her lower lip. Then, she presented the 500 yen while trembling.
Fufu, dangerous. She’s too cute.

「Arara, you have nothing but 500 yen? Then it won’t be suffecient」

The men laughed.
I know, I get it. Since she looked arrogant even though she’s teary eyed and trembling, it makes you want to bully her.
Go on, do it more.

「She shouldn’t have fallen down if she can’t wash it」

A dignified voice interrupted the laughing voice of the men.

「Ooh, the real one came out」
「Waa, Yuu-chan’s really cool!~♡」

The real Asahina appeared. Asahina stood in front of the men with a haughty attitude, put both hands on her waist and stared at the men.
The small is here so I thought that the boss is here, but she really was here.


The men looked at Asahina while laughing. Those eyes are filled with vulgarity.
That’s because Asahina’s still a beauty no matter what her character is. Her chest is a chopping board though.

「If that’s not enough for the payment, then give our address」

One of the men asked Asahina while grinning.

「Was it really Yui’s fault? Aren’t you just drunk that you knocked against Yui?」

One of the men’s face changed from Asahina’s words.
Aaah, she got them angry.
Though the men looked at Asahina slovenly, they clearly got irritated.
The men were just playing around with the loli Asahina, it’s just to the extent of making fun. And yet Asahina flared up at them and it seems that she took it seriously.
She could’ve just let it go.
The men and Asahina are glaring at each other. The vicinity quieted down as they had presumed the atmosphere.


Pulling the sleeve of my jacket, Yuka called out insecurely.

「Well, it’s fine I guess」

I looked at Yuka and answered then sent Asahina a glance.
A clerk butt in between Asahina and the men as they were informed. The men tries to complain but since the other clerk has gathered, it seems that they thought it’s getting bad. They stepped away complaining. But, the men’s glances aim at Asahina.
I can sense that they are men stinks of the same smell as me.
They won’t settle down. They’ll aim at Asahina.4
That saidー.

「Is it better that we didn’t call out Asahina?」

Asking Yuka who’s clinging to my arm, she shook her head.

「I’m called by Suzuhara-kun today」

Answering so, she buried her face in my arm.
So she’s saying that she’s respecting my will? Why was she called? Yuka must know it. And in case she’ll answer my request, she knows that Asahina would only become a hindrance.
Yuka will be violated by me, surely, Asahina would hinder it if she sees it.
Having those thoughts, when I observed the men from a while ago, a shadow approached those.

「You’re being watched」

In front of the sitting men, there’s a person who looked down and talked to them.

「I won’t say that it’s bad, but you should not relate yourself to that girl from a while ago. That one has the god of death with him」

A mountain of lychee is on the tray that she’s holding on both of her hand. Marina’s talking to the men.
That girl’s doing something unecessary.

「I’ve warned you」

Saying that, Marina parted from the men’s table. Butー.


Marina frowned and raised a small scream.

「You’re going back? Let’s talk for a bit more」

The man who talked to Marina with a grin, has Marina’s wrist clasped. Because of that the tray Marina’s holding fell on the floor and a large amount of lychee scattered.
The clerk rushed over to settle the situation then Marina who picked up the lychee with the clerk returned to our seat after a while.

「You okay?」

Asking her, Marina had a tsun attitude and looked the other way.
Though she’s hiding her wrist, I saw it redden.
She maybe an experiment material, but the material belongs to the researcher, it’s unauthorized to treat a guinea pig that’s being managed. After all, she’s a property of mine. But the those guys forced themselves to the material, if you harm the guinea pig, what would the researcher think?
The answer is, get angry.
Our luck is great, the men’s eyes followed Marina. Then, they confirmed that she sat on our seat.
There are two women with no parents as companion. Furthermore, Marina’s a big breasted beauty and Yuka’s the same. And a weak looking man with the two of them.

「Should we go back?」

Standing from my seat as if runnig away, Yuka stood up a moment delayed. Marina stood up immediately after.
Sending a glance to the men, the men also stood from their seats.
They intend to pick a fight outside the store.
Very well.

「I even warned them…」

Marina muttered. It seems that she noticed that the men would pick a fight. As expected of the girlfriend of the leader of the delinquents
I ate too much meat so I want to move a bit. Just in time, I found a good playfellow.


  1. No panties
  2. Korean-style marinated barbecued ribs
  3. I chose loli instead of pseudo
  4. Goddammit Asahina! What the hell are you doing