X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 28

Chapter 28

I hurry home while gasping for breath.
I got motivation more than ever. Asahina who became my slave provokes me as she submit herself. And I looked around the room with a smile on my face.
Asahina’s as expected, no, she breaks the track, bewildered from pleasure, the appearance of desperately enduring it as she’s white and blush. And I imagine ejaculating on her appearance of unable to endure it as she gasps hard.
I’ll do it. I’ll definitely break  Asahina’s mind and make her ahegao till she wants to die.
I have to train for that. I shouldn’t waste a single second.
Smirking with such thoughts, that came into my view and I stopped. I stare at it while catching up my breath.
Calm down, calm down me. It’s fine to have motivation but there’s no meaning if the feelings rushed. No, I wasted too much time.
I intended to choose the shortest way possible but there’s a wall, a river, a pitfall in the way.
I should’ve calmed down my rushing feeling and took a detour. If I did, I would see the things I cant and I could’ve chosen the shortest possible way to reach the goal.
Slow and steady wins the race.
I thought so as I caught the sight, I entered the convenience store.

I wandered in front of the magazine corner but I never stood in front of the shelf of the men’s fashion magazine. After looking around restlessly, I took the magazine with a throbbing heart.
If a man like me is seen with a fashion magazine, the other people would laugh at me so I feel my heart throbbing.
But I need it right now.
I heard that such magazines have hints written on how to capture women. Furthermore, not just the methods on capturing women, sex techniques are written as well.
I laugh on it before as I don’t care but now’s the time to look on it.
Opening the magazine, I flip the pages with a throbbing heart.

「Found it. This one」

A special feature article on a certain page. Speech and behavior to charm women. And, techniques at night.

「The secret to be popular with women isn’t the face. It’s the speech and fashion」

Hmm. The face would be everything anyway. No, it’s face and money? That’s the two secret. But, let’s take as a reference.

「Usually a gentle and funny man. But transforms to a wolf on bed. The important course in sex would be atmosphere and foreplay. First, pay attention on setting the mood, don’t start the act greedily」

Hmm, Hmm, I see. A normally gentle guy. That’s already no good.

「When the act starts, you start prioritizing the foreplay instead of the real thing. Caressing the erogenous zone with your finger and tongue, whisper sweet words on her ear to bewitch her, women feels it when they’re teased. You came already? ○○○○-chan looks pure and innocent on the outside but is actually a lewd woman. (snicker) Teasing her like that, women gets aroused even if they don’t like it. However, she’s secretly pleased? Or does she really hate it?」

Well, I feel I get this. But, sweet words?
I think Yuka’s okay but if I whisper sweet words to Asahina and Mariana, I think they’d get conceited.

「Have a demon heart. Even if they say it’s impossible because they came too much, don’t stop attacking. Women are interested in the pleasure ahead of that. However, pay attention whether they really hate the attack」

A demon heart? Marina’s seeing me as a demon already. Thinking so, I think that the method of sweet whispers won’t be bad.

「Ascertain the weak point. There are various weak points for women. See through the women’s weak pointsーwell this is okay」

My eyes can make it easily see the weak point. But you can’t win by just attacking the weak point so I flipped the page.

「However, if you attack the weak point suddenlyー, ooh, this is it. Fumufumu」

It’s really a bad move to attack the weak point suddenly. Whisper sweet words, teasing words sometimes, strengthen the caress gradually, and when the woman’s pleasure reaches a critical point, attack the weak part immediately.
Apart from the sweet whisper, I’m having the same thoughts. Then I don’t need to buy this magazine?
I was about to close the magazine with such thoughts but my eyes met with something interesting and I opened it again.

「…Women are weak to a intellectual looking brute glasses guy, (It differs on person) Oh?」

Intellectual looking brute glasses guy? A devil that looks like a class rep? But, a brute? I thought you have to whisper sweet words? Isn’t that contradicting?
However, a class rep? Is our class rep popular? I’m not interacting much with my classmates so I don’t know it well. But, I think it has glasses.
Glasses? A glasses for show would be nice.
I basically don’t know “eyesight” that well. My eyesight is always 2.0 but they can only measure up to 2.0 But my “eyes” see much more. No, should I say “Can see?”
I don’t know it well but my eyes are equipped with auto zooming function. Though I didn’t feel a sense of incompatibility because it’s natural for me, it’s normally strange. Because even if it’s from afar, I can clearly see human muscle and blood vessels.
Eye tests don’t have any meaning for me and glasses are useless.

「But well, let’s try it?」

There’s no problem if it’s just for appearance. It might be worth trying.
With that said, I returned the magazine on the shelf, left the convenience store and went to a 100 yen shop. And I bought a fashion glasses.
I don’t know if it looks intellectual but, if I glasses is worn by a devil, then it would be a splendid devil glasses.
Now then, I’m looking forward to what reaction Marina would show.

Arriving at my house, Marina’s standing next to the door.
Entrusting her back to the wall, Marina swings one of her legs and she looked up when she noticed that there’s someone. And she puff her cheeks and glared when she saw me.

「Where did you go?!」

Marina raising her voice runs towards me and stopped, she then looked up and glared.
It seems that she waited for me to come.

「What’s with you? Aren’t you quite filled with motivation? You really want to be fucked by me that much?」

I ask while looking down at Marina with a smirk. Then, Marina put her hands on her waist, puffed her chest and laughed fearlessly as if opposing me.
Because she’s puffing her chest, her big tits pushed up the uniform and strike my chest.
Even though Asahina’s chest didn’t hit. Or rather, even though Asahina approached me to the very limit and it didn’t even it.

「I really hate when you treat me like a toy. Even if I was at fault, I hate what I hate. Enduring such disgrace and insult, I thought I wanted to die. But, the situation won’t change no matter how much I grieve, I’m the one at fault here. Also, I surely won’t die. I don’t have the courage to kill myself」

Staring straight at me, Marina asserts that she doesn’t have the courage to die.
When driven to a difficult situation, it’s easy to grieve. However, it’s not easy to admit one’s weakness.
Marina runs away at full speed when she saw Asahina but she’s really has grown to some degree as expected./

「But, even I hate it, the situation won’t change. Thus, I will fight. I thought that I would never be able to win against the strong and unfair you but, nee-san taught me that there’s no absolutes」

She admits that she’s weak but still Marina’s eyes are filled with motivation that tells me that she wants to fight.

「If it’s something erotic anyway, you’re not just being done, but also I have a surpassing technique to make you ahegao?」1
「That’s how it is」

Marina nodded deeply to my question.

「You’re certainly a villain but you don’t make a complain as long as the plot goes on. Though you lost from Nee-san but you never find fault at Nee-san at all. On the contrary you recognize nee-san and I saw you anxious about her」

Marina speaks while looking straight at me and I clicked my tongue.
I was too tired to find fault at her. That’s how I’ve been thoroughly and completely defeated by her. If I put fault on her that day, it would be nothing but a howl of a loser.
No matter how unfair you do it, the winner is the imperial army. And the loser is the rebel army. No matter what kind of excuse you make, there’s no change in the fact.
In my case, it won’t count because I ran away2 There’s no win nor loss if the match didn’t end. But, I was defeated by Yuka. I run away after losing.
I can’t stomach it but I can do nothing but to win head on to win.

「I lose with ero and win with ero. If I win with a different method, I won’t feel happy about it」
「Right. That’s why I also challenge you to a fight」

Marina nodded at my words, she gripped my arms and pulled me.

「Let’s start immediately. I want to test the techniques I learned from nee-san sooner」

And she invited me lewdly.
She’s getting caught up in the moment but you won’t learn techniques learned from hardships by just watching. Yuka’s technique is made from blood sweat and tears.3 It’s a technique that shaved off her own life.
But well, since technique won’t improve if you don’t practice, Marina has a point. Also, she’s doing what she likes. She’s advancing reluctantly, it seems that a technique with a heaven and earth difference would come out.
That saidー.

「You have something else to say?」

Marina raised a foolish voice to my question and she tilted her head curiously.
This girl didn’t notice it at all. Even though I just bought a show glasses with trouble on the 100 yen shop, she doesn’t even feel that my glasses are out of place.
She didn’t even notice my hair, she’s really annoying.


Marina raised her voice while looking up and she placed her hands in front of her chest.
She noticed? Well, my hair and glasses are obvious.

「Suzuhara-san’s on the same class with Asahina-san. I was surprised to death」

Marina draws close to me and whispered.

「I definitely don’t want to make Asahina-san my enemy so could Suzuhara-kun say it beforehand?」

Adding in further, a blood vessel came out on the surface of her temple.
I thought that she noticed my glasses but it’s about Asahina? Or rather, why are you so afraid of Asahina? What did Asahina do to you? She didn’t do anything. You shouldn’t be afraid of Asahina but me. And yet why are you taking Asahina to your consideration. Or rather, notice my glasses already4 Even if you don’t like me, notice it.
Hmm, well fine. Even I never think of Marina as cute at the very least. Also, Marina’s just a convenient guinea pig.
But, it’s annoying. Apart from my hairstyle, my glasses should be normally noticed.
When it comes to it, I’ll make you ahegao until you want to die. No, I’ll make you ahegao that you’ll think that dying is better.
I have such thoughts as I stare at Marina, then she pulled my arm.

「Then, let’s begin immediately」

Saying that, Marina walked towards the door. As a result, Marina’s hair waved and therefore I noticed that she’s different from usual.
When I first met Marina, she’s putting down her hair. And she’s rolling her hair on the end. I thought that it’s naturally curling but Marina’s hair when she came to my house to stay was not. It was braided to a ponytail.
It’s ponytail right now but the end is rolled.

「…Ringlet curls is revived」

Marina looks back from my mutter.
She’s already a beauty when she does a ponytail but why’s she sticking to ringlet curls?

「Ah, you noticed? Ehehe, it’s cute right?」

Marina points at her ringlet curls as she happily laugh, and she showed off her ringlet curls that’s braided on ponytail.
“It’s cute right?”, like i said, you’re much beautiful when you braid it to ponytail without doing anything else.
Ringlet curls overflows with elegance but, Marina looks cheap with it.

「Noticing the change in my hair, could it be that you came to love me? If a nobody likes someone’s hair, that won’t make me happy at least. That’s sexual harassment」

Turning her back and swings her ponytail ringlet curls, Marina speaks out her complains while showing it off happily. I clicked my tongue from so much irritation.
She already fell that much from what happened in the public restroom but now she’s getting cocky. She’s the type that get’s carried away when spoiled and gets annoying. It’s no good to give her candy unlike Yuka.

「…Shinozaki must have a hard time」

I mutter as I glare at her.
She was cornered and got depressed immediately but she got cocky when she was spoiled. He can’t deal with such a troublesome woman like her.

「Are you troubled?」

Marina who swings her body to sway her ponytail stops the swinging and whispered. Then she sent me a glance and laughed.

「I never worried about my hairstyle」

Marina mutters as she send me a side glance, then she turned with a smirk. Then, she bent forward and put her hands on the back and sent me a glance.

「Your hairstyle and glasses don’t suit you at all」

Saying that, Marina laughed and barged in my house without permission to run away.

「I-It doesn’t suit…you say?」

As I mutter it alone, I feel a blood vessel coming to surface on my temple.
Hmm, Bakabaka, Yuka said that this hairstyle suits me5 She told me that it looks cool. I won’t take such a cheap provokationー.

「You shit heaaad!」

I don’t care what others think. My hair looks good. The important thing is Marina picked a fight with me.
Though I run when it gets troublesome, I’ll take this fight.
Feeling my blood vessel twitching as I smile, I entered the house.
Just how much of a demon is the devil glasses? I’ll teach you a lot.


  1. 「どうせエロいことをされるなら、ただヤラれるんじゃなく、技術で俺を凌駕してアヘる俺を見くだしてやるってことか?」
  2. I like this MC for admitting that he’s running away
  3. Literally, also saliva, semen, and love nectar
  4. Glasses-Kohai
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha