X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Yuka who’s been coming every morning didn’t come. In exchangeー.

I take my breakfast and drink my ko-fi as I prepare to go to school

「Good morning」

Marina who’s on the corner of the road smiled when shew saw me and greeted. Then she lined next to me.
A sweet obscene smell enters my nose.
An intense scent of a woman from this early morning.

That’s right, Marina has come to pick me up in exchange for Yuka.


Marina who walks restlessly next to me, sends a glance while calling me out.
A blushing cheek and moistened eyes. And, her breathing is clearly hot and rough. There’s thin sweat coming out.

「You want to cum?」

Stopping my foot, I ask while sending Marina a side glance, Marina nodded a lot of times.
I made her came a lot in my house yesterday. Because of that, her body’s flushed since then.

「It can’t be helped」

Clicking my tongue, I looked around and confirmed that there’s no one else.

「Come here」

Then I put up my middle and ring finger.

「T-Thank you very much~♡」

Marina’s breathing became rougher when she saw my fingers, she expressed her gratitude towards me and looked around restlessly. And when she confirmed that there’s no one, she rolled up her skirt even though it’s in the middle of the school road. In addition, she placed her right hand on her panties and exposed her pussy dripping with love nectar.
Marina’s heart is beating violently as if it’s going to explode.
Even though there’s no one, this is still the middle of the road. There are houses lined up that could see. It’s unknown whether someone would come out, furthermore it’s not possible if there’s a stranger possibly watching us. That’s why it’s normal to feel uneasy and afraid. And yet Marina exposed her pussy.
Furthermore, as long as I have my eyes, I can make sure that there’s no one. With my eyes, I can confirm if there’s someone on the other side of the wall.
But Marina doesn’t know it. That’s why “Someone might find out”, she can’t escape from the unease and fear.
And yet, she’s exposing her pussy in a place like this.
That’s right, Marina’s gone crazy. She’s crazy for the pleasure I give her. That’s why even if she’s driven with fear and unease and shame, it’s impossible to suppress her desire for pelasure.

「Put it in yourself」

Ordering her as I put my right hand below, Marina nods as she breathes roughly.
The middle finger and forefinger is put up.
With her skirt raised, Marina who exposed her pussy by removing her panties straddle over my hand that’s putting up two fingers. Those two fingers were aimed as she lower her waist.


An obscene sound echoed and Marina trembles as she make a sweet voice.
The tip of the fingers feel a slimy and soft meat. The two finger touched the pussy that’s drenched with love nectar. But even if Marina lowers her finger, the finger doesn’t enter her meat hole.
That’s because the finger slid off from the meat hole. Marina seems to understand the position of her own pussy but she can’t see it. That’s why my finger can’t go inside her meat hole accurately.

「Haa~♡ Haa~♡ Haa~♡」

Breathing roughly and hotly, saliva drips down from Marina’s faint pink lips, she trembles as she swing her waist back and forth. She tries to match my finger to her meat hole as she swing her waist back and forth.


Marina trembles as she raise a sweet voice. The tip of the finger fits inside the meat hole.

「Someone might find us out if you raise your voice」
「I-I’m sorry~♡」

Marina apologizes to my mutter then she lowered her waist instantly.

「A, auuu…♡」

Marina twitches as she raise a painful voice.
The finger united with the meat hole. That’s why the finger should’ve went inside her pussy already when she dropped her waist. But sadly the finger didn’t enter the meat hole, it slid down the crack that’s smeared with love nectar.

「There’s too much love nectar」
「I-I’m sorry~♡」

Marina apologizes.
My finger slid off because of the love nectar. Marina apologizes obediently but she should’ve noticed it. The moment my finger started invading her hole, I moved my finger away.
Marina should want to cum so much. She’d normally be angry if she’s tormented by that kind of act. But, Marina apologized obediently.

「Here’s your reward」

I smiled and moved my finger bit by bit. It made a lewd sound as a result.

「Ah ♡ ah ♡ ah ♡ ah ♡」

Raising her skirt, Marina shifter her panties to the side to expose her pussy is now bowlegged and her legs are convulsing.
It’s called a reward but I just move my fingertips on Marina’s slit. If I pierce Marina’s weak point in her pussy, she might be half dead here. It’s a tease more than a reward.

「T-Thank you very much♡」

She’s being made fun of and yet, Marina’s expressing gratitude with her saliva dripping out.
Looking at the ground, there’s a large amount of love nectar overflowing from Marina’s pussy making a black stain on the asphalt.
She’s expressing her gratitude even in this situationー.

「Let’s have a game as a reward」

Asking her as I play with her pussy, Marina who’s bow legged and convulsing nodded.

「Say pussy ten times」
「What’s this?」

At the same time Marina finished speaking, I asked while poking her breast on top of her uniform.


I’m poking her breast and yet Marina answered pussy.
There’s no way she’s tricked. Even if you were to say pussy ten times, you won’t mistake your breast as a pussy. But Marina made a mistake. She purposely made a mistake to entertain me.
In a situation where she wants to cum so badly, she’s still amusing me…

「Then, this place?」

Poking her breast while the other finger plays with her pussy, I asked her.


I thought that she’d say pussy but she threw anus.
I made her say pussy ten times so I can somehow understand to the limit that the other parts poked would be called pussy. And since I’m playing with her pussy with my finger, pussy would be a correct answer in some meaning. Or rather, if she answered breasts, I intend to tease her and say that the correct answer is pussy.
But Marina answered anus.
Unrelated. Anus doesn’t make sense. There’s no relation at all.
Hyuu, she did something completely unexpected. She managed to surprise me just to amuse me? That’s somewhat okay.
It’s mortifying but, passed.

「I’ll make you cum as a reward」

Satisfied, I stopped playing with her pussy and pinched her erect clitoris that’s sticking out of her skin with my finger.

「Oh ♡ Ooh ♡ Nooo~♡」

Marina who’s bowlegged had her eyes turned and peel white, then she drooled while convulsing, then leaked out a sweet voice.
She came. Marina definitely came. Butー.

「Okay, you came. Then let’s go to the school immediately」
「Y-Yesh ♡ T-Thank you vewy mush♡」

Separating my finger from her clitoris, I began to walk. Marina spoke words of gratitude even she can’t articulate properly and she run after me unsteadily.
Marina reached climax just as she wished. But, the climax she wants is different.
Clitoris is a part of a woman’s body that has a high sensitivity. Marina’s clitoris has high sensitivity without exception. That’s why she’ll cum if it’s played with. But Marina’s clitoris isn’t developed that much. That’s why she’ll cum if it’s played with but it can’t reach the violent climax compared to when the weak point is attacked.
In short, Marina’s desire isn’t cut off at all. And her desire would just increase if it’s played with badly.
And yet she doesn’t voice out complains and just thanked me.
I’ll tease you even more as a reward.

I know that Marina’s an earnest woman. She offered her body for the sake of her boyfriend, she’s a woman who’d let her body get defiled just to save her own boyfriend.
She was even prepared to become my girlfriend. Even if she was introduced that she won’t forget her boyfriend, she swore to become my girlfriend.
She’s a foolish earnest woman that steeled herself. Thus her attitude and behavior changed completely but it was more than expected.
Marina who steeled herself is surprisingly obedient and she devoted herself to me diligently.
Marina gets attacked continuously even if she fainted as she continues to reach the climax created by the new technique “deliberate climax”. Marina’s body is in heat all the time because of that, she went mad that she only thinks of cumming and penis all day round.
And yet, Marina’s not complaining even if I make her wait. On the contrary, she’s showing a speech and behavior that she’s glad when she sees me happy.
I thought that she changed but who’d thought that it’d be this far.
She really betrayed my expectations in a good meaning.
If I have a complain, then it would be her not stopping her ringlet curls. It seems that she’ll stick to ringlet curls to the end.
Marina let down her hair once before but, she stick to ponytail when she knew that I liked it. However, the ends is a drill.
Why are you rolling it? Why do you love drills so much?1 You want to dig a hole with your hair?2
Though I’m mad, that’s fine.
She’s an obedient, too diligently obedient woman. And yet she’s not losing the sight of herself and she obstinately sticks to it. That’s why she’s worth teasing. Teasing Marina this way and that, I completely got addicted.

Lunchtime, Asahina and Kisaragi went out of the classroom and in exchange, Marina entered the classroom. The classroom quiets down at the same time and the students leave the classroom one after another.
Let the sleeping dogs lie.
If they got involved with Marina poorly, they might be marked down by Asahina.
Asahina’s power is only Yuka and Kisaragi. Three people including herself. But, that’s why it’s scary.
The delinquents have considerable power. And Asahina beat them down alone. Furthermore, she didn’t just beat them up. The delinquents’ mind were snapped off.
Just what kind of mean did she use? Can a single delicate schoolgirl beat a number of men all alone?
All are unknown and indistinct. That’s how scary Asahina is and it’s the same for Yuka and Kisaragi who’s liked by her.
It’s delicate how she’s interested in Kisaragi though.
Anyway, people fears the unknown. It’s the same on those party who treated me like a monster.
That said, Yuka and Kisaragi are the only one on Asahina’s side but a great number of people would gather if she summons. If Asahina felt like it, just how much power she would have?
It’s too dangerous to be hostile.

「Reserving the classroom is quite luxurious」

Marina approached me in the classroom where there’s no one and she speak out to me with a smile. She picked up a chair in front of my seat and sat down facing me across the desk.

「There’s no one here. Take out your pussy and breasts」

Marina nodded at my order, she removed the hook of her skirt while standing up and she lowered the zipper.
The skirt dropped on the floor.
Marina who’s on her panties on the lower half, looks around red to her ears, she then took off her panties.
Marina who became nude on the lower half, held her uniform and rolled it up. Her breast got revealed and it swayed.
Her lower half is already naked, and since she rolled up her uniform, there’s no exaggeration that Marina’s almost naked. And yet she’s still wearing her stockings, it’s much more lewd than being naked.

「It happens a lot of times. Even though there’s no one, we don’t know when someone’s going to come in? There’s a possibility that someone’s watching even they’re not coming in」
「I-I’m sorry for causing you worry ♡ Marina’s a pervert that became naked inside the classroom~♡」

Even though I ordered her, Marina apologizes as she put blame on herself.
Yup, praiseworthy. I’m teasing her as I like and yet, Marina’s getting even more cuter.
Is Marina a masochist? No, she might be but I think it’s a bit different.
She just purely want to be happy with pleasure I guess?
Marina steeled herself and swore to be my girlfriend. But that’s different, I can see her wanting favorable impression in me.
If so, just where Marina holds my favorable impression? She normally have a grudge and yet.
That said, if someone saw Marina right now, she’d be a joke. That’s why I can’t turn off my ability. But if I use my ability, Marina’s insides are in full view.
It’s an ability that’s really inconvenient.

「N? Huh?」

Being fed up using my ability, I was surprised when I noticed the abnormal event.
Marina’s standing stark naked with erect nipples and clitoris, she’s standing in front of me with love nectar dripping down.

「S-something wrong?」

Marina asks me with reddish brown eyes and tilts her head.

「Ah, no…」

I gaze back at Marina and looked at the other side of the classroom’s wall in panic.
There are students going in and out of the corridor on the other side of the wall.
I can see. I can definitely see the other side of the wall.
When I looked at Marina in panic, Marina looks at me bashfully and fidgeting and her fair skin is blushing.
What does this mean? Just what is going on?
Looking up, I saw the inside of the skirt of a schoolgirl that’s walking on the other side of the ceiling.
Even if I look at the surroundings, down, I can definitely see the other side of the wall.
There’s no problem. My ability is definitely working. And yetー.

I can’t see through just Marina.

「U-Uhm…W-was it too perverted?」

Marina asks me feeling uneasy.

「Ah, no, that’s not it」

I somehow answered while feeling confused, I desperately calmed myself down.
Don’t panic. Anyway, let’s cut off my ability. And, let’s activate it again.
Persuading myself, I turned off my ability and looked around.
Yup, I can’t see the other side properly. My ability is certainly cut off.
Then let’s activate it again.
Just when I thought of it, the image of the other side of the wall is projected.
There’s no problem in activating it again. Thenー.


My eyes opened wide when I looked at Marina.
I can’t see it. I can’t see anything inside Marina.
What’s going on? What’s happening?


I concentrated while looking at Marina. Thenー.


I concentrated on Marina’s right breast. Then I saw the inside. I can’t see anything other than that.
When I moved my glance.
Could it be, this isー

My ability evolved?

「A-Amazing. Kukuku, this is amazing」

My ability changed to the ability that when I use, I can’t see all of the insides of a human body. Even though I want to use it for lewd things, it’s just disgusting when I can see the insides. I’m withering because of that so I need a lot of guts to use for lewd things.

But, evolution?

I felt the possibility of the evolution of my ability. In the first place, it’s doubtful what my eyes can really see.
I can see through all things but there’s a contradiction when I can recognize the thing I can see through. I can see everything no matter how dark it is without controlling light, it even has the zooming function to recognize human muscle and blood vessels in far away places.
I can understand the image as if using something else even if it’s not caught by the eyeball, I thought that it won’t be strange if there’s something else ahead of this ability.
My ability has evolved once. It won’t be strange of there’s a second one.
But I don’t know what I should do for it. I don’t know why it has evolved on the first. If I recall, it’s just because I abused my ability.
I felt the possibility but I don’t know how to draw it out.
And now. Why I can’t see through just Marina. Why I can see through only that part when I concentrate? I don’t get it at all. But I can.
Why did it evolve suddenly? How did it evolve suddenly? I only think of abusing my ability.
Could it be that it’s simply evolving on the need if I abuse my ability?
I was abusing the ability on the first evolution. But, when I came to see the insides of humans because of the evolution, I refrained using this ability. That said, I automatically use it when I see a woman and I was troubled with it.
I try to not use my ability as much as possible but I came to abuse my ability again since I met Asahina.
I used my ability to deliberately attack Marina, I always concentrated my thoughts to capture the erogenous zone who’s sensitivity is lower than the weak point.
It bore fruit and lead to the evolution of my ability?

「Ku, kuku, kukukuku…」

Marina calls out uneasily as I laugh instinctively.

「Marina, I’m glad I meat you. Let me give you my gratitude. Thanks」

Marina raises a foolish voice as I gave her my gratitude.
There’s no way Marina knows about my x-ray vision so she’d was confused when I gave her my thanks. But there’s no way I intend to let Marina know my secret.
It’s the end when my ability became known. The ability shows effect when I use it to support me, it doesn’t strengthen me physically at all. That’s why when they find it out, they can deal with it.
For example, I can’t do anything if they bind my body.
However it’s a fearful ability if they don’t find it out.
That’s why I pay attention so no one would know, I quietly use it.
Until now, and in the future.

「C-Could it be…」

Marina looks uneasy, then muttered.

「Are you getting aroused from me being perverted!? That’s why you’re giving me your thanks?」

Marina seems to think why I gave her my thanks and it seems that she concluded by herself.

「Well yeah」
「Aha~♡ Thank you very much」

Nodding while enduring my laughter, Marina jumps around with a smile and her big breasts shook around, then gave her thanks.

「Then, If I become more perverted, Suzuhara-san would be happier?」

Marina who stopped jumping around asks me with a sweet voice and a moistened eyes.

「Right. To be honest, I think you’re cuter now more than ever」
「Aha~♡ Eheheh♡」

Hearing my words, Marina felt a bit shy but she laughed gladly.
Dammit, Passed.

「I’ll give you a reward because you’re being cute」

When I beckon Marina while asking her, Marina blushed and laughed, then she moved in front of me. She’s close that we’re about to touch and her naked body’s exposed without a single thing concealed.

「I’ll make you cum as you like since it’s special. But, you can’t let out your voice」

When I told Marina that, I pinched Marina’s right nipple and clitoris.

「Ahn ♡ I-I’ll do my best」

Pinching her nipples and clitoris, Marina trembled and answered in a trembling sweet voice. Then, she closed her mouth and stiffened her body.
I can make you cum as much as you like as a reward. I said that but my finger’s not picking her weak point at all. Then, Marina would be getting a satisfactory climax. She knows it, she understands it so Marina said she’ll work hard.

「Hore, hore, hore, cum, cum!」

I knead and stir her nipple and clitoris while grinning.

「Oh ♡, Oho ♡, nhooo ♡」

As soon as I played with her, her eyes turned white, she stick her tongue out, and Marina pants as she drool, her body’s flushed in red, she’s convulsing while drenched in sweat.
Her nipple and clitoris are erect as if it’s going to explode. Because it gets stiff when I stir it, I don’t get tired no matter how much I play with it.

「Where do you want to be played with? N? Where, Marina?」

Feeling my abnormally erect penis, getting aroused even if it’s cold, I can’t get enough and teased Marina even more.

「Oooh~♡ Ohooo ♡ P-Please enjoy it ♡ Marina’s happy when you’re having fun ♡ Nhoooo~♡」3

If only I play with her left nipple which is her weak point. If only I thrust my finger inside her pussy and hit her weak point. Marina’s driven by that desire but she suppress her own desire and worry about me.
Failed. You failed.

「You can’t even speak properly! You’re no good at all! and I give punishments on no good women!」

Shouting, I crushed her nipples and clitoris and pulled it to the limit and let go of my finger.


Her suppressed sweet scream reaches my ear, her big breast shook up and returned to it’s original position. Then, Marina spouts out pee while her body trembles.
Failed. The failing Marina would be punishment by the thing named Penis.
Standing up, I unfastened my belt immediately and took out my punisher penis4

「You’re no good! You’re absurdly no good! That’s why I’ll punish you with my dick.」

Punishing the whited out and convulsing Marina, I gripped her hair and pressed her against the desk.

「Ah, aaaah, aaaaaah ♡ Coooooooock♡」

Pressing Marina who’s almost naked against the desk, she raised a voice of pleasure like a mad woman when she heard the me talking about my penis.
She’s broken from suppressing her own desire.
I turned on Marina’s behind and immediately screwed in my penis inside her meat hole that’s drenched with love nectar.

「The dick came iiiiiiiiiiin~♡」

Marina raised a scream of pleasure when her long cherished penis was screwed in.

「Shut up bitch! You’re just a sow mad for dicks! I’ll tell you but this isn’t a reward! This is a punishment!」

I shouted, raised my right hand and swing it instantly.


When I slapped her ass, Marina leaked out pee and raised a sweet scream. The meat hole that holds my penis to the root shuts tight at the same time.
It’s true that it’s a punishment. To strengthen Marina’s weak points on the navel side, I don’t pierce her weak point with the glance from the back.

「If you want to cum then cum!」

Shouting, I gripped Marina’s ass with my hands and began to swing my waist mightily.
Marina’s ass makes a banging sound when it hits my waist. And her meat hole that’s dripping with love nectar is mercilessly stroking my penis.

「Ooooo ♡ Noooooo ♡ Please enjoy ♡ please have fun with Marinya ♡ Ohoooooooooo ♡ nhooooooooo ♡」

Giving me the highest pleasure, Marina pleases me voluntarily. Marina’s still taking care of me and I got even more aroused because of that.
Shit, it feels better than usual. Marina’s pussy feels so good that it’s dangerous.
I swing my waist frantically and ejaculated twice without pulling out.
Furthermore, since my ability evolved, I only see Marina’s womb and pussy, and I surely poured my semen inside her womb.
Thanks to that, Marina’s womb is filled with my semen.

Marina’s breathing roughly as she fix her clothes. The gap in her thighs is dripping with cloudy mucous.
Though I felt refreshed, the act ended with Marina not tasting a deep climax at all. And yetー.

「Okay, Aahn~♡」

Marina seats on a chair and lets me eat her bento even though she’s completely exhausted.
It must be hard to continue cumming but it must be harder to not being made to cum. But Marina’s not speaking out a complain nor dissatisfaction at all, she’s rather laughing happily.

「It’s the right choice to make you my girlfriend」

Looking at Marina’s smile, it went out of my mouth naturally.
The side dish dropped on the desk and the chopsticks rolled.


Convulsing, Marina embraced me closely while being surprised.

「Ae♡ ae♡ Nhi♡ hyu♡ ahya♡ nkuuu♡」

She leaks out a sweet voice, convulsing as she embrace me and a sound echoes telling that she blew urine.

「It feels good ♡ it feels goooood ♡」

Marina looks like she’s been attacked by pleasure suddenly, her eyes are staggering as she gets drunk in pleasure.
Why’s she attacked by sudden pleasure? Something happened? Marina herself doesn’t seem to understand either.
Hey, could it be that the pleasure reaches the critical point when you get praised? Are you having a hard climax from just words.

「What’s with you? That’s cute」
「What’s with that sloppy face. Aren’t you cute?」
「What’s with Nho? You’re raising such cute voices」

I tried saying cute as an experiment, and Marina convulsed into climax each time I do.
dahell. Marina really cums with just words.
Speaking of which, the fashion magazine said that. Whisper sweet words and torment her with sweet words too.
But who’d thought she’d cum from just words.

「You’re betraying my expectations in a good meaning」
「T-Thank you very much~♡」

Marina cums just from my word, and she convulsed violently while giving out her thanks. Then her eyes went white and she dropped.
She came too much from words and fainted.
How should I say it? She’s…so amazing What’s with this interestingly lewd creature?

After school, Marina left the school with me and we hurried home so I can play with Marina. But, I suddenly remembered something out of place.
Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Yuka today. She might’ve been depressed when Marina became my girlfriend.
She might stop being my onahole. Well that’s fine if she does. Marina’s fun, and it would be my win if Yuka runs away.5
No, wait. It’s unnatural for Yuka’s character to run away even if she’s bullied. But if something abnormal happens to Yuka, Pechahina will definitely make a noise6 Pechahina has a small chest but her intuition is strangely sharp. Even if Yuka hides it, she will notice that there’s something abnormal. But Pechahina’s normal today
What? My chest is astir. I have a hunch that something amazingly unpleasant will happen.


  1. Because it’s the drill that will Ohohohoho the heavens
  2. Ohohohohoho
  3. I’m feeling lazy turning it into a gibberish lol
  4. Sounds like a parody of Punisher
  5. lol, He does not want to fight Yuka anymore
  6. Small Chest Asahina = Pechahina