X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 41

Chapter 41


It’s not raining recently. But there’s a lot of umbrellas in the umbrella rack at the entrance.

「If it’s not needed then should we borrow on our way back?」

I began to walk back to the classroom after muttering.
My ability isn’t specialized in combat. It’s a support that that specializes in searching and investigation. That said, my ability isn’t remote. I don’t support from the rear but rather it’s a type that shows its best when I go in front.
In short, I’m an existence that’s needed to be protected.
If ever I’m organized in a force, I’ll be posted at front. I’ll mainly be appointed in the front of the force and will have a function of eyes. Then the others will do their best to protect me. As long as the force defends me, they’ll have a bigger benefit from my ability.

With that said, I want to have some subordinate to protect me if possible but there’s no one.1 It can’t be helped that there’s none.

My ability is an exception of a normal human. It’s better to fight with a weapon. But if I have some sort of weapon with power, the opponent would be vigilant of me.
I need to make myself look weak to use my ability effectively. But, if I observe my current trend, it’s possible that they will know that I beat up the group of Shinozaki alone.
Then if I showed a powerful weapon to look strong, how will the enemy come?
They’ll surely try to use Marina effectively as a hostage.

「Then I have to prepare especially」

I mutter while humming as I walk down the corridor.
If I’m observed till now, I should think that I’m still being observed right now.
If my trend is exposed, it can be used against me.
I’m quite strong. I’m conceited with confidence when it comes to my strength. That’s why I belittle my opponent. It’s great if I can think like that.
If I have some unease then it’s Yuka.

『I see, you’re able to contact her. I’m glad』

Yuka was that worried at Marina but she consented immediately when she heard my explanation.
Suspicious. She consented too easily.
I told her that I had some minor business when we separate when we arrived at the school entrance after all. The possibility of presuming that I had grasped information that time is high. And knowing that I like to move alone, she didn’t ask anything else and obediently pulled back, she might be investigating my state from a remote place.
Fufu, it’s possible that those who kidnapped Marina is observing me, Yuka might also be observing me, aren’t I popular?

Lunchtime, I called Shinozaki just to make sure.
I think that Shinozaki isn’t related but I should confirm it just in case.
Also, the one who did it is well informed about me so I have to doubt Shinozaki first. Nevertheless, if I try to call out Shinozaki, they might think that I noticed something.
It’s a tactic to make the opponent dance on one’s palm.

Waiting at the back of the school, Shinozaki came over with tottering steps. Then when Shinozaki found me, he trembled and became teary eyed, he then went to cover himself while trembling.
I used my ability to look around but I haven’t found his companions.
Since Shinozaki’s the only one called out, we’re unrelated, something like that? What cold-hearted friends.
That said, Shinozaki doesn’t look like related at all. If Shinozaki was the criminal, he’ll definitely bring his friends when I called him out.
Or rather, I can understand when I look inside Shinozaki’s body. I’m not a man that’s forgiving when a woman’s kidnapped.
Furthermore, sending me a threat and a time delay, it’s like telling me to turn the tables.
If they want to crush me then they won’t bother kidnapping Marina and rather, gather more companions than last time, catch me off guard and overwhelm with numbers.
But, it’s almost impossible to catch me off guard.
If he gathered a lot of companions, I’ll run away. I’ll run away and let the enemy disperse, then crush them individually. One by one, carefully, and slowly.
That’s what I can do with my ability.
Or rather, dammit, this ability’s useless, Shinozaki’s naked body flows to my brain.
It was hell to see the naked body of the oily old men but it’s also sickening with the naked body of an ikemen with a good style.
Furthermore, Shinozaki’s taking care when it comes to me, he looks strangely intellectual rather than his delinquent like feel. Isn’t he much more handsome than before?2
It feels shit.3

Pupupu, Shinozaki’s dick is small. 4 Even though it’s small because he’s scared, it’s still trivial when erect.
Men aren’t about looks or style, the dick is what’s important, idiot.

「I-Is there something you need…?」

Teary eyed, Shinozaki speaks out with a shaking voice while getting under cover.

「Prepare five million by the end of this week. If you don’t, you get it?」

I ask Shinozaki while grinning.
Shinozaki turned pale instantly, bent his knees and crumbled to the ground. Then he dogeza.

「M-My savings is just around 200,000. I can hand it immediately. If you give me a month, I can prepare you a million. But, five million is impossible…」

Hearing Shinozaki’s answer, I leaked a sigh.
He’s really unrelated then?
If he intends to crush me then he’ll surely match to talk. I’ll tell him to prepare five million, he’ll laugh it and accept it.
Because the money’s not needed if he intends to crush me. That’s how it should be. But Shinozaki answered realistically.

「That was a joke. If I need some money, I can just ask Marina. I treated her like a sex slave, did a lot of lewd stuff she can’t tell anyone, let out semen inside her womb everyday, and she has fallen to a pervert that only makes ahegao. And yet she’s still yearning for you earnestly. She’s a better woman than I thought」

Looking down on the kneeling Shinozaki, I say that while leaving the place.

「Oh right」

But I stopped, turned back and looked down on Shinozaki then trampled down his head.

「If you ever hope taking revenge on Yuka-chan, we’ll meet again」

Saying as I grind Shinozaki’s head, I began to walk out of the place.
Even though I trample down his head as he kneel down, there’s not a bit of resistance.
There’s no way the face can be seen when he dogeza. However it’s possible to see with my ability.
Far from resisting, he’s sobbing. Is he shocked from Marina or he’s driven in fear from thinking about hoping to take revenge on Yuka.
Anyway, he’s no good anymore.
Well, he won’t wish to take revenge against Yuka anymore.

If Shinozaki’s unrelated, I don’t think there’s anything else. But humans will incur someone’s enmity as long as he live. However, the mastermind this time has no relation with grudge.

It’s to get me.

Why? What’s his objective? What does he intend to do by getting me? I don’t know whether they know I have this ability so if they do, there’s no way I would win.
I have the power to beat up a delinquent group alone. With that level, I can’t think of wanting to abduct that kind of person.
No matter what you think, the risk is bigger than the return. However, they want it.
You can’t choose the means to get what you want.
He might be the same as me but I have no information at all. Thenー.

「Let’s stop thinking」

Taking my seat, I mutter as I close my eyes.
If I don’t move, that someone other than me might move behind the scenes.
The people I’m related with. Asahina and Yuka. Kisaragi in addition.
If they receive my instructions and think that those three may move behind the scenes and the watch targets will increase. My eyes will be dispersed as a result.
In case there’s two opponents, the most convenient situation for me is to scatter their power beat them down one by one
The ideal is one by one. It’s extremely advantageous for me if I can bring it out to 2:1 combat even if they’re a lot. Alsoー.

「If I use that」

It would be an easy win
Closing my eyes, I took a nap to conserve my stamina.
I feel heavy on Mondays.

The last class approached it’s end today.
Yuka didn’t make contact with me in the end.
I use my ability to observe my surroundings but Yuka was never caught within the range of my ability.
Or rather, dammit, this is why I’d rather die than seeing them. However, when I use my ability, the naked bodies of the boy classmates flowed to my brain and I want to die.
The only saving grace is Kisaragi’s body that’s much more erotic than I thought. Alsoー.

「I’m moved to tears…」

I have known an unexpected fact.
Since Asashina has entered the range of my ability, it’s normal that I’ll understand Asahina’s naked body.
The amazing part with my ability is that it doesn’t just penetrate the clothes. When I pray, I can recognize the clothes it penetrates while I see their naked body.
Asahina’s wearing a bra.5 No matter how much flat she is, adolescent women needs it I guess. I don’t intend to make a complain there.
But, but sheー.

「Who’d thought she’d raise it by that much…」

Asahina’s so flat that I might cry but she’s using a bra to raise it up.
If you remove that bra? Then what would become of Asahina’s chest? Furthermoreー.

Marina, Yuka, Kisaragi. Those three has breasts that exceed the average. And compared to that, Asahina is…

『I can’t see what’s down under because of my breast. Also, it knocks against it when I try to carry a big luggage』

Marina said.

『My shoulders are getting stiff. I wish it’s a bit smaller』

Yuka said.
Marina, Yuka, and Asahina. When those three gather, the breast of topic would be like that. Just what kind of face Asahina would make?

『It’s actually being raisedー!』

She can’t say something like that.
It’s getting painful just thinking about it.
Even I feel so sorry about it that I won’t be able to bring myself to ask about it.
Let’s pretend we didn’t see her bra.

After school, I feel something out of place from behind as I walk down the corridor towards the entrance.
I feel that someone’s following.
I’m worrying whether I should use my ability or not.
I used my ability this whole day to check whether Yuka is observing me. Thanks to that I was able to see the breasts, pussy and anus of the girls in our class but I grasped the sizes of the men’s penis at the same time.
To be frank, I’m already full. I don’t want to use my ability where there are guys.
But that was a good harvest too.

My dick’s quite big.

Tanaka’s the only one in my class who has a bigger than me but, hmm, it’s not about the size idiot. The important one is the hardness, endurance and technique.
That said, someone seems to be tailing me and it might be a companion of those who kidnapped Marina. Pretending to not notice them, I used my ability.


I sigh when I used my ability. The next moment, the naked bodies of the students coming and going in the corridor has flowed in my brain indiscriminately. Then.

「Dammit, what’s with you?」

Confirming the student who’s tailing me, I released my ability and looked back while complaining.
I turned back and that guy stopped, she then folds her arms and looked down at me.

「You need something? I’m busy」

Asahina looks at me with a useless high-handed attitude, then she muttered with a sigh.

「I was left out for a week that was quite a fun play. Master」

Asahina calls me Master in a dignified manner from the neglect play while the other students are walking down the corridor.
Spare me from that.

「Unlike you who’s idling around, I’m busy. I don’t have time to take care of you. Then, bye」

I still have time before the promised time but I’ll get tired if Asahina meddles with me.
I don’t know how many are the companions of the friends are. I don’t want to use unnecessary stamina.

「I can’t let that go」

When I tried to leave Asahina quickly, she grabbed my arm.

「If I can’t satisfy you as a slave then I would be faulty and I’d be troubled if something happened to Yuka」

Asahina who’s gripping my arm whispers at me.
There’s no breast hitting me at all. Marina and Yuka would hit though.
That said, it’s okay, don’t worry. I’m properly training your important Yuka-chan.
Or rather, I thought that Yuka had said something unnecessary to Asahina but it seems that Asahina doesn’t know anything.
Then I don’t have business with her then.

「I’m busy today. I don’t have time to play with you. I’ll play with you when I have time then」
「Saying such a thing, why don’t you just reject me obediently, don’t you agree? Even if the Master throws off the salve the slave only has to follow the master, you」

That’s not itーーNo, it might be

「That might be the case but it’s different today. I’m really busy today. I don’t have time to play with you. Why don’t you just do your favorite past time, masturbating if you have a lot of time? Bye」
「W-Wait! Aren’t you just saying that I’m a pervert!?」
「Ah? You’re a splendid pervert though」
「N-No! It was by chance that time! I just had that by chance!」

She got irritated when I called her a pervert? Asahina denied it desperately in a low voice.
What’s with ‘by chance’?
Ah, I see. Asahina doesn’t know my special ability. She doesn’t know that I saw the rotor piercing her anus, so she’s trying to play dumb and tells that it was just by chance when I found it.
Oh, she’s quite shy more than I thought. Speaking of which, she’s also worried about her breasts.
I want to play with her today but I’ll stop for today.

「By chance? Got it. Bye」
「W-wait! Don’t agree too easily! You’re not believing me at all, do you!?」
「No, I believe you. Bye」
「You’re lying! You’re definitely lying! You’re definitely thinking I’m a pervert!」
「I’m not.6 Bye」
「W-what’s with that suspicious foreigner tone today! It’s so unnatural!」

She’s saying that she’s not a pervert but Asahina seems to not like the situation that her face is red and she’s placing false charges at me.
You’re annoying.
Looking around, the students are running away to escape. Thinking that they might get involved with me and Asahina, they take shelter so that they won’t be involved.

「Kyaaー, help meー」

I ask for help as if I’m taking a lynch from Asahina.

「Hey!? What’s with that! I’m the one who needs help here! I’m the one being threatened here!?」

Asahina looks in panic so she gripped my uniform with both of her hands and shakes me.

「Ouch, it hurts Asahina-san. Even though I’m already apologizing, why…」
「Wha!? Don’t joke with me! I was already prepared for today and yet, what’s with you!?」

I tried to make fun of her because it looks fun, Asahina then blushed and her eyes became teary.

「You, I didn’t expect it but is your heart filled with excitement on what kind of perverted stuff I’m going to do today?」

Her nonexistent chest is raised.

「H-Haa!? Ba-baba-baka janai no7!? T-T-T-There’s no way I would be! Are you an idiot!? Are you an idiot!?」

Her cat eyes are shaking then Asahina shakes me as she’s clearly agitated.
Huh? I’m trying to make fun of her but is it a bull’s eye?
Could it be that the trauma I have her from raping her was too strong that time that she’s unable to forget it?
Speaking of which, I heard that that those who are raped depends on it on the contrary.
Asahina is a pervert with quite a very strange fetish so it won’t be strange that she gets awakened to rape fetish too?
Her provocations must not be in order to go through me but to make me angry and attack her.
Asahina, she was broken when I raped her once but she’s actually broken already.
It looks interesting.
Let’s see. Since I still have some time, should we raped her as she wished?

「Let’s go to a place where there’s no one else」

Whispering at her ears, Asahina trembled then stopped making noise.

「I-If it’s Master’s order, I’ll follow it」

Withdrawing her gaze away from me, Asahina answered in a sulky voice.
Using my ability, I grinned.
There’s no doubt. Asahina wishes to be raped.
Asahina’s naked body is exposed to my ability.
Her pink bud gets erect rapidly on top of her breasts swelling apologetically, then her pink crack that’s used only once has began to overflow with obscene mucous.
I’m the one who took her virginity and broke her. I have to take responsibility then.


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  6. He spoke in Katakana
  7. For those who can’t weeb language: “Are you an idiot?”