X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 51

Chapter 51

A rough sigh echoes inside the room.
Yuka’s standing in front of me, naked while hiding her breast with her right hand and her pussy with her left.

ーーI want to see the deepest part of your pussy.

Yuka who seeks me tried to move again and again. But she puts power on her hand every time and a gulping sound is heard.
She wants to show her pussy to me but she can’t move because it’s embarrassing.’ And Yuka felt honestly relieved when I gave her an order, she might be in so much pain.

ーーI can’t show my pussy if he expects so much from this defiled me.

She must be cornering herself with those thoughts.
Satisfied with the writhing in shame of Yuka, I should be reaching out the lifeline soon.
It would be my loss if I corner her too much.
With that said, I extend both hands towards Yuka and touched her thighs lightly.


Yuka trembled with just a touch on her thigh and she raised a sweet voice.
Her sensitivity has risen rapidly as she’s cornering herself.
This, this innocent lass is a joke when she’s called “that” Yuka
The sexual technique demon lord that has no opening, the Yuka who made me taste defeat, not anymore.


I called Yuka’s name as sweet as possible while gently caressing her thighs.

「Ah ♥ Aah ♥ Hyaaaaaa♥」

Yuka doesn’t make a response when I call her name while I caress her thighs, she only tremble and leaks out a sweet voice.
It’s not that she’s not answering. She has no room to do so.
The demon lord who fell to just a maiden in love is a very miserable appearance.
Yuka’s sweating from her whole flushing, burning body while leaking saliva from her lip and her eyes peeling white.
Her hidden nipples under the cover of her right arm is abnormally erect, her clitoris hidden by her left hand is hiding as if it’ll explode. Furthermore, there’s lewd mucous beginning to leak from the gap of the finger of the left hand that’s covering her meat hole.
She’s reacting this much from having her thighs stroked. If I properly caress it, she’s likely to cum at once.,
Though my win is settled, Yuka’s an existence I fear.
That’s why I can’t take this easy.

「Yuka-chan. It’s okay . My eye’s used to darkness so I want to see Yuka-chan’s appearance but I can’t see it clearly. Then, you shouldn’t have to be that embarrassed」

I talk to Yuka like that while caressing her thighs.
What I said is true. It’s dark outside, furthermore, the curtain’s closed. And because the room’s light isn’t on, the darkness is limitless.
Even if your eyes is used to darkness, you can’t visually check your partner somehow in this kind of situation.
However, that’s only when it’s “normal”


Yuka nodded at my words even though her knees are trembling.
It’s not easy to see because it’s dark, I persuaded her so and she’s somewhat relieved. Power came out from the frozen Yuka.

「C-Can…you really not see well?」

But she’s not feeling relieved so she asked in a trembling voice.

「Yuka-chan, you’re okay to show your pussy aren’t you? It’s this dark and yet you’re feeling embarrassed?」

I desperately endured my want to grin and I asked Yuka again.
Yuka trembled then put power on both of her hands, gulped her saliva and bit her lip. Thenー.

「I-I don’t want to lie to Mota-kun so I’m telling you the truth」

Yuka answers tremblingly, she puts power on her arms and separates it from her breasts and pussy.
The two big breasts and the pussy smeared in love nectar came to exposure.
The breasts and pussy of Yuka that I’ve been ogling at this whole time. That’s why there’s no meaning in hiding it but that’s not it. The problem isn’t about seeing or not seeing.
Yuka displayed her pussy and breasts willingly even though she’s embarrassed. That’s unbearably arousing.

「B-Breasts, that, the tip of the breasts…」
「Your nipples?」
「Y-Yes. That, my nipples are harder than before…」
「N-Not just my nipples, my pussy’s, that, the bean…」
「The clitoris?」
「Y-Yes. That, my clitoris is harder than before too…」

Yuka hesitates to speak as she’s embarrassed but she somehow spun her words when I urged her.

「I-I had “If I can please Mota-kun” as a way to escape before. But it’s different now. I love Mota-kun. I love you very much. I love you from the bottom of my heart. And yet, and yet…」

Yuka exposes her breasts and pussy while hanging her arms limply, then she said that while lifting her arms. Thenー.

「I-I’m this sloppily erect…」

Yuka pinched her nipples with both hands, she groped her breasts and played with her nipples with her finger while breathing roughly.

「I-I want you to lick it ♥ This dirty erect nipples ♥ lick it with your tongue ♥ I want you to suck it ♥ I want you to bite it with your teeth ♥ I want you to play with it a lot ♥ Then I want you to pull it off until it tears off ♥ 」

She looks at me with melting eyes, Yuka pleads me in a sweet voice while groping her nipples with her finger.
The lip is wet from the hot sigh. The saliva drips down from the edge and a lewd liquid drips down.

「Ah ♥ Aah ♥ Aaaa ♥」

Yuka who’s kneading her nipples with her fingers gripped it strongly then pulled it.
Her breasts stretched and her knees trembled.
Then she leaked out her piss.


Yuka who’s trembling from pulling her nipples to the limit had separate her fingers and raised a sweet scream.
The breasts that was stretched to the limit returned to it’s former shape while bouncing violently.

「Then, here, here too, I want you to play with me here too ♥」

Breathing roughly, Yuka speaks sweetly without caring about the saliva dripping down, she lowered both her hands and placed it on her crotch.

「T-This clitoris is so lewdly erect, I want Mota-kun to grind it ♥ It hurts so stop ♥ Don’t pinch it that strongly ♥ It’ll get torn off if you pinch it that much ♥ I want to say that」

Yuka pinched her red swelling erect nipples with her right hand finger while saying so, she’s grinding it till she feels pain.

「This defiled hole too ♥ I want you to twine with this hole with your penis until it breaks ♥」

Yuka said that while breathing roughly, then she groped her clitoris with the finger of her right hand while piercing her meat hole with three fingers of her left hand.

「Yuka desperately wants Mota-kun’s penis but, but, I’m fine if Mota-kun just stirs it ♥ I’m fine with a vibrator or a tree ♥ Yuka would be unbearably glad as long as Mota-kun plays with it」

The obscene wet sound echoes and improper mucous scatters around as Yuka stirs her meat hole with her finger. Her expression, her eyes, and her voice had already gone mad.

「This is me…」

Yuka stopped moving then separate her finger from her clitoris while muttering, then she pulled out her finger from the meat hole.

「Pleasure nor pleasant sensations doesn’t matter. I love Mota-kun even without those. I want to say that but my mind and body won’t let me. Even if I can’t do lewd stuff with Mota-kun, I want to love Mota-kun. I want to say that but my body and mind won’t let me…」

Yuka trembles while muttering then she had a miserable smile as she look down at me.

「This is my answer. I’m embarrassed from the lewdness, helplessness and how pitiable I am…」

Hearing those words, I feel that I wanted to clap my hands.
It’s perfect. What a perfect speech.
Her body has been developed lewdly that her mind is defiled.
A platonic dreaming maiden. Her mind and body is already helplessly filled with lewd thoughts.
Her body wants to tell that it loves sex. She wants it strongly that her body and mind won’t let it pass.
It’s already too late for Yuka to dream platonic relationships.
She said it from her own mouth.
It’s the best. This is perfectly the best.
The best onahole has faded to a maiden in love. But her body and mind doesn’t let her fall.
Though she’s a maiden in love, she’s a girl that’s defiled and driven in lust.
The angel who’s a messenger of god fell in love with a human. I’m sure it looks like this.
Yuka. Right now, I really am “interested” in you.
I already exceeded my limit so I felt my face warp, I already don’t mind concealing it.

「I’m not a good man」

I look up at Yuka, I speak while having a vulgar smile on my face, I stretched my right hand to Yuka’s crotch then I began to knewd with the erect clitoris with my thumb.


Her waist convulsed, Yuka trembles as she piss herself.
Yuka’s eyes peeled white as she stick out her tongue dripping in saliva, she can’t speak anything but groan as she’s convulsing violently. Rather, she put her hands between her thighs, pulled the skin apart to make the clitoris jump out to exposure. Furthermore, she thrust her waists bowlegged and she took a posture to be easily played with.

「I-I don’t care whether you’re a good man or a bad man」

Yuka who’s thrusting out her tongue while salivating pulled it back and clenched her teeth, then raised a trembling voice.
I who has gotten abnormally aroused kneads her clitoris while smirking. Yuka convulses every time, her eyes goes white, she sticks out her tongue and piss herself, she’s not even raising a groan.

「I-If it’s for your sake…♥」

Yuka’s breathing roughly, barely standing, mutters while swinging her waist. Thenー.

「I’ll even trick god」

Yuka stopped breathing then she whispered it calmly.
Her eyes that should peeled white looks firmly at me and a light can be seen from those eyes.
She’s even pissing herself as she cum from me grinding her clitoris but that light is too calm.
Compared to Marina’s eyes that’s burning brightly, this light is calm,
“I’ll even trick god” you say? Yuka might really do it.
The fun and arousal is like a drug in my head, I grind her clitoris with my thumb and pinched it with the forefinger and thumb. Then I crushed it, pulled it to the limit.


Yuka exhaled, convulsed abnormally, her bowlegged knees shakes and she pisses forcibly.
She came. That Yuka came interestingly just with her clitoris being played with.
And yet Yuka doesn’t leak a single groan, her eyes peels white as she stick her saliva filled tongue out, she’s just standing while thrusting out her breasts. The abnormally erect nipples seen at the tip of the breasts is appealing me to grope it.
I who’s pulling the clitoris to the extent it would tear of is grinning from ear to ear. As a result, I pulled the clitoris with my finger more than the limit.


She can’t endure it as expected, Yuka raised a sweet scream while convulsing.
I stood up while grinning, unfastened my pants and took out my penis.
The towering penis has thick blood vessels coming to surface, it’s pulsing and dripping with precum.
I dropped my waist a bit lower, I pressed the glans between Yuka’s groin and had the love nectar twine around my glans. Then, I pressed the glans on the twitching meat hole and pushed in my waist.


The glans invaded the meat hole, Yuka raised a sweet scream, convulsed, and pissed.1
I who dropped my waist a bit stood up firmly as my glans invade her meat hole.

「Ah, ah, ♥ ah, ka, ah, ♥」

With me standing firmly, the glance of the penis had entered the deepest part of the meat hole by itself, then Yuka convulsed as a result and stands tiptoe.
I’m quite taller than Yuka. And when I pierce her pussy with my penis and both of us stands up, the difference in height would overflow even if Yuka stands tip toe. My penis is buried to the root. What would happen then?

「Ah, ♥ Naaa ♥ T-The penis is so deeeeeeeeeep ♥」

Yuka explains while raising a sweet scream.
That’s right, the penis would be able to go inside a usually impossible deep place, the point of the glans is pressing against the uterus.
And, Yuka can’t make a move in this state.
Yuka’s clinging to me helplessly, she can’t do anything but maintain her tiptoe state.
She finally have the penis deep inside more than necessary and yet she can’t do anything, that must be painful.
That said, Yuka’s pussy is perfect. The meat is very soft, it twines my penis with a large amount of love nectar and it sucks it hard. Furthermore, the pressure from the meat is unbearable.
Marina’s pussy is growing rapidly but it’s still not a match against Yuka’s pussy.
That said, I can play with Marina happily so she has a charm different from Yuka. Also, she has big tits.
Yuka and Marina. I can enjoy for now as long as I have these two pussies.
I feel that I’ve forgotten something but, oh well.

「You wanted to have your nipples played, don’t you?」

Asking Yuka, I pinched Yuka’s nipples with fingers from both hands.

「Ah ♥ ah ah ♥」

The penis is piercing her deeper than necessary, her uterus is pressed up even if she’s standing tiptoe, her nipples is being played with in addition, Yuka’s eyes peeled white, she sticks her tongue dripping with saliva and she pissed herself again.
Yuka’s head right now wants nothing but the penis coming in and out of her. But, the penis can’t move in this current posture. And I’m playing with her nipples meanwhile.
It’s definitely a cold-hearted half killing.
She wants to cum till her eyes peel white and yet the pleasure hell can’t make her feel really satisfied.
It’s fun to see Yuka writhing as she’s not satisfied even if she’s cumming but her pussy’s a masterpiece so it’s also difficult for me too.
I want to win by using this best pussy but it’s clear that I’d be finished quickly if I swing my waist.
I’m aroused but I’m quite tired today. My limit in ejaculation is perhaps three times for now as I’m mentally and physically tired.
My win’s fixed but I shouldn’t be careful to reduce Yuka’s willpower a bit more.
What? It’s easy to shave off Yuka’s willpower right now. If I only pinch her nipplesー.


Suddenly, a dignified voice was heard.
Ha? I looked at Yuka, the Yuka who’s been peeling her eyes white while sticking her tongue out is now looking straight at me.

「Love(Koi) or Affection(Ai), those kind of things should be thought after seriously thinking of amusing you. I’m half-baked as a woman. I’m also half-baked as an onahole. Thus it would only be foolish for me to be next to you. Thusー」

I was preoccupied with her beautiful dignified tone so much, I felt an unknown pressure and I thought that it’s dangerous.

ーーIf I don’t get away from Yuka.

I judged it so I tried to pull my body immediately.

My penis, My penis is buried deeper than necessary inside Yuka’s pussy so I wasn’t able to pull it out.

The flow changed instantly .

Yuka who’s standing on tiptoe jumped up and down from such an impossible posture.
She gripped my jacket and lifted her body for a moment using both hands, her feet was raised using that power and she twined her legs around my waist and cling strongly.
This is an ekiben position.

「I have no chance to fight Marina-chan right now! Thus I should aim to be the best onahole! I finally noticed the start line to stand to!」

Yuka turns her hands behind my back, twines her legs around my waist tightly then she declared in a dignified voice.


Shit. This is dangerous. I can’t feel any hesitation from the eyes, expression nor voice of Yuka.
What’s this? I misread it.
Yuka’s saw a precarious light. But, it was a closed room lacking in oxygen.
She opened the door by abandoning her hesitation. Then Oxygen poured in instantly as a result. And the phenomenon occured.

Back Draft.2

「Yuka-chan, wait a momeー」

Though I tried to stop Yuka, I already know.
There’s no longer a method to stop Yuka who caused a back draft.

「My name would be written as “Susuhara Motaro’s exclusive meat onahole” and it will be read as Tomoe Yuka3!」

Yuka’s voice echoed in the room. The next momentー.


A violent wet sound echoed and Yuka’s waist swings mightily. A terrible pleasure attacked me as a result.
Clinging to me as her legs twines around my waist tightly, Yuka swings her waist up and down without raising a voice at all. The great intense pleasure is produced by the movement of the waist

「♡ ♡ ♡」

Though she’s not leaking a voice at all, Yuka’s sensitivity in her whole body surely had risen in a different level. Furthermore, my penis is striking her weak points in her pussy.

「♡ ♡ ♡」

Yuka keeps swinging her waist even though her eyes peel white, sticks out her tongue, and surely climaxing continuously. The tip of the glance pierces the uterus roughly because of the too much power.
The love nectar overflows and the meat folds sticks tightly. The meat folds are turned over and the point of the glans hollow out the uterus and goes in.

「T-The best」

Win or loss is already trivial.
Yuka’s earnest pussy is the best. This best pussy is winding smoothly and violently, the pleasure is too much I can’t describe it.
I gave in to the exploding desire to ejaculate as if I lost all the will to endure, I released it just like that.

「♡ ♡ ♡」

She felt that I’m at my limit, Yuka had my penis pierce her deepest part, the glans hollowed out the uterus, the mouth is convulsing as if it’s going to lay an egg and the semen released was caught in the womb.
I feel that there’s nothing in this world that matters anymore, I embraced closely the Yuka that’s convulsing violently, I bent my knees and sat down.
Yuka who’s convulsing and peeling her eyes white, has restarted swinging her waist at the same time I sat down.
The strong pleasure attacks me immediately.
The semen mixed with her overflowing love nectar and it turned into a jar of viscous liquid.

「So goood. This is dangerous」

The sound of water echoes strongly.
It’s drenched and sticky and yet, my meat is firmly sucked and it’s stroking it strongly.
And I’m just sitting here cross legged. I obtain the best pleasure just by doing that.
Furthermore, Yuka who’s stroking my penis with her pussy while she’s sitting on top of my legs, is hardly moving up and down.
She’s only moving her waist skillfully.
She’s reducing the vertical movement as a result and I can taste the pleasure without load.


I reached the second climax instantly and poured in my semen inside Yuka’s womb.
It feels good. It only feels purely good.
I want to use this onahole over and over again if it feels this this good. I honestly thought so.
Yuka has sweat spouting from her whole flushed body like a waterfall, her eyes peel white, she’s convulsing as she sticks out her tongue that’s drenched with saliva.
She’s no longer conscious.
She challenged Marina to a fight, fell to a maiden in love then declared to return to an onahole.
You’ll think that she only returned to the origin in a roundabout way but it’s way different.
Yuka who tried to deceive herself as she run away as an onahole is no more.

「You’re the ultimate convenient woman for me」

That’s the road Yuka’s aiming for.
If I have the best convenient meat hole in my side, I’ll use it of course. I’ll use it and have it by my side until I get tired of it.
If I get tired thenー.

「At any rate」

Though I’ve ejaculated twice continuously, Yuka’s already fainted.
Win or loss is already trivial but this time it’s…

「It’s a draw」

I decided to say that.
Furthermore, I can still ejaculate another round but since Yuka’s already fainted, it’s really my win actually. But I’ll make it a draw.
Well, the one with composure is the winner.


  1. Seriously, just how much piss is contained in Yuka’s bladder?
  2. No, I don’t get it either, that’s the katakana though  バックドラフト。
  3. ともえゆか