X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 58


I dig my hands on the humus, Rikka’s “friends” come out interestingly.
Oooh, hmm, hmm, for some reason, the humus in this place has a high nutritional value. Thing are different.
But, my ability’s convenient at these times.
My ability can grasp the space at 360 degrees means I can also grasp what’s “under” the ground I can catch insects wherever they hide because of that.
Thinking about it normally, there’s a huge volume of information that the processing capability of my brain won’t catch up. You’re grasping everything in an instant, furthermore, it’s amazing that I’m not getting confused.
I can’t deny that the effective range of x-ray has become smaller.

「As expected, it’s impossible to activate them simultaneously…

If I activate my x-ray ability, I can see through human bodies without restrictions, is what I think but it puts too much load on my brain.
I feel that it won’t be a problem if I train.
Well, I can convince it enough as of now so I’ll just let it be. But let’s not forget to train.

I might fight with her even if I break Rikka’s heart.

I fought with Rikka this time, no I should’ve been meeting up. I thought that Rikka and I are “similar”
There’s no problem about knowing that Rikka has a special ability but that’s not the problem.

The feeling of being “similar” at first glance.

I surely felt it by instinct. That Rikka’s “the same” as me. In short, at the moment I saw Rikka, I might’ve “unconsciously” known that Rikka has a special ability.
It’s said that Rikka and I are alike. Perhaps, she must be holding the same feeling about me.
When she discovered my ability, she said that she gets it.
In short, ability users can judge whether the other party has an ability by just seeing each other.
That said…

「That’s dangerous」

Feeling chill running my spine, sweat spout out of my body.

ーKamuro Hizuki. Perhaps she also has an ability.

Furthermore, she’s not just an ability user. We’re not the same, it’s something else much more different.
The bad feeling sticks around.
The thought “I don’t want to get involved” at first glance.
I’m sure that she’s not a “cute” existence like Rikka.
Then, is it an act that she fainted from my blow? No, I don’t think it was an act.
I checked her body to some extent but “that” wasn’t different. I didn’t feel any sense of incompatibility when I hit her belly.

She’s on the same group as me. There’s a high possibility of her having a non-physical ability.

I’m caught.
According to what Yuka said, there was a case of a schoolboys stabbing each other with knives in a brawl before Kamuro Hizuki moved here.
Furthermore, that wasn’t the only case of an injury occurring.
I was certain that it was Rikka’s act but, it would be different if Kamuro Hizuki has an ability.
The girl involved in the incident’s article wasn’t mentioned at all and the article has no credibility at all.
In short, there was a person suspecting Kamuro Hizuki but there was no evidence of her involvement in the incident.
And, if Kamuro Hizuki has a special ability, that would be possible.
Looking for a strong man and letting the men she’s interested in fight each other.


Leaving no evidence or traces, it’s an event caused by the demon multiple times.
She doesn’t stain her hands.
Furthermore, it’s possible that Kamuro Hizuki herself doesn’t think it’s wrong.
It’s a natural action for her to look for a strong male.

If ever my inference is right, it would mean that she’s a troublesome girl with a troublesome power.

There are strange points too. Kamuro Hizuki has said that she’s a virgin.
I can agree about her being a virgin since she has a murderous tsungire with her. But, if a guy tries to make a move on her, they should get rid of Rikka.
Rikka will never allow that.
But, there was no evidence from Shinozaki’s group. There wasn’t any problem until I crushed them.
But, Kamuro Hizuki was involved with Marina’s group.
It was strange for the guys who made Yuka their toy to not make a move on Kamuro Hizuki.
Yuka is quite a beauty but, Kamuro Hizuki is also a beauty in equal terms. It’s unnatural for them to make a move on her.
I can’t deny the possibility that Marina has protected her because she’s in her group but, Marina in those days could not resist Shinozaki. Therefore, she would pretend not to look if they make a move on Kamuro Hizuki.
Yuka has also said that Kamuro Hizuki wasn’t going out with any man, she was a virgin in the first place.
Also, according to Yuka, Shinozaki himself that Kamuro Hizuki was different before.
Different before. She was different from before. The former Kamuro Hizuki has a weak existence when I first saw her. That might just be an act to look for men.
Then that would make it even stranger. Why are they not making a move on a girl that seems timid.
The answer I have reached from those. Isー

Something made them unable to make a move on her. Naturally with a special ability.
Maybe the ability to not be doubted by the surroundings, or intervening with the mind of others, or it’s even possible that she can control it.

In the end, it’s just a speculation but if I was right, it would be too dangerous. There’s no way to deal with mind control.
The current me might not be able to go against Kamuro Hizuki’s will. Though Rikka appeared and I came to my senses, I might’ve followed Kamuro Hizuki’s instructions.
At that time, if Kamuro Hizuki was using her ability, is it not a very strong ability? I came to my senses with Rikka’s appearace and was able to attack Kamuro Hizuki.
She may not be able to control perfectly but she might be able to induce to some extent.
Or it’s possible that there are stages in her ability.
It might be taking several steps to intervene with the mind and gradually erode it.
It doesn’t go out of the region of possibility but still, it’s a threat.
The problem is Kamuro Hizuki’s ability condition and scope.
My ability can be activated freely. There’s only a few conditions to activate it. On the other hand, there’s a clear effective range and there’s no continuity. If the scope of the ability was known by the enemy, that’s the end.
On the other hand, Kamuro Hizuki’s ability has continuity.
Continuity. In other words, once she intervenes with the spirit, the effect would sustain even if the other party comes out of the scope of the ability.
Am I being invaded by Kamuro Hizuki’s ability? I don’t know.

That is the frightening part of a mental type ability. You won’t notice any abnormalities. I can’t judge whether I’m being controlled or not.

And, it would even be more dangerous if Kamuro Hizuki has ability owners like Rikka.
Rikka’s ability is very convenient.
Assuming that Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is a mental type, it would be too much of a dangerous set if Rikka is included.
I don’t want to be involved with Kamuro Hizuki as much as possible but the other side is full of concern.
If I crush Rikka, Kamuro Hizuki might become hostile. But, if I intend to get involved with them, I better cut down her strength a bit.
But still, I’m at loss. In case Kamuro Hizuki was has a mental ability, the meaning of kidnapping Marina would be completely different.
It’s already possible that Marina has already fallen to Kamuro Hizuki’s hands.
No, Marina used to work together with Kamuro Hizuki before so I can’t deny the possibility of her spirit being manipulated at that time. Then, that would make Yuka suspicious too.
Dammit, there’s no end if I think about it.
At best, I think I can crush Kamuro Hizuki 4 out of 5 times.
But before that, is she gathering information from Rikka?
If she understands the ability, it’s possible that she can deal with it.
With that said, I stuffed the bugs on my uniform.
Ooh, this is a big earthworm! The pill bug and wood lice were big too. The centipede is huge too but they’re not that many. Instead, I’ve got a lot of earwig.
This is great. I was able to discover some good points. Next time I’ll bring an insect cage.

Although it took some time, I was able to capture a considerable amount thanks to my ability.
The centipedes are disappointingly few however.
But, I was able to secure enough insects that my uniform is filled.
I can “see” the insects wringing in the bag with my ability very well.
It’s spectacular. Normal guys would faint from this. But, I feel uneasy whether this will work on Rikka.
Because, she’s a cockroach type girl.
“Waa, there’s a lot of insects, cute~ Ufufu~”
It won’t be fun if she reacts like that.
I returned to Rikka while thinking that and, red steam was rising from Rikka’s body.

「Ku, gu, guu」

Rikka who has her hands and feet tied up with a leather belt like a shrimp raises a groan while red steam rises from her. Thenー.

Bubbles burst from the wounds that are healing very fast.

It seems that the super-recovery has begun.
Rikka’s body sweats out a lot as the white naked body turns burning red.
Is the red steam evaporating blood? If so, it means that Rikka’s body is in unusually high temperature.
Furthermore, it looks painful as she’s raising a groan.
As expected, her super-recovery has quite the risk.
She’s an idiot. She should’ve withdrawn when she suffered an injury that would hinder her battle.
Even if you can cure no matter what injury it is with super restoration, you need to detach from the battle, fix up yourself and set off to attack again.
Well, that would be a problem for me if you do that.

「Even if you cure the wounds, your physical strength won’t come back right? That’s not all. Won’t your thinking become duller as you’re exhausted to the limit? After activating the super-recovery, you must replenish a lot of sleep and energy. Am I wrong?」

I stepped on Rikka’s head with the shoes that’s supposed to have stepped on dog’s shit while asking with a grin.
Rikka doesn’t say anything and just makes an ugly face and gritting her teeth.
It looks like it’s a bull’s-eye
Perhaps she thought that she can win as long as she can recover her wound even when she’ll be exhausted to the limit.
Actually, no matter how exhausted she maybe, Rikka will win against me if she does well I think. Rikka and I have a very hopeless difference in power.
But, this scum was the one who did well.

「Gu, ah, agi, i, gigigi, gia」

Rikka’s suffering but, that suffering suddenly became violent. Then, I can hear a cracking sound.
The source of that cracking sound isー

Her arm. Rikka’s broken right arm.

Oh I see, I get it.
Rikka’s arm who’s bones has turned squishy is about to return. But it’s bound to a strange shape by the leather belt.
In short, its fixed on a direction it’s not normally bent, it can’t return to it’s original form.
But still it forces itself to returnー.

「Gyaa, a, a, a, a, a, a,」

Rikka’s convulsing and screaming along with the cracking sound.
Oh no, even though it’s trying to recover, it breaks again.
How about this? Will the super-recovery end if it recovers to some degree? Or could it be that once the super-recovery has activated, it won’t be cancelled until it recovers completely.
If it was the latter, her bones would continue breaking each time her arm recovers.
Wow, that’s harsh.
Furthermore, it will continue to consume energy unless her ability cancels.
She’d die sooner or later if I leave her alone.

「Gya, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah」

Hearing the cracking sound again, Rikka screamed and convulsed intensely once more.
The bone of her broken right arm starts coming back and breaking once again.
Oh, as expected. Her super-recovery won’t be canceled until she’s fully recovered.
Wow. If so, if I crush Rikka’s skeleton into pieces and pack it in a small box made of iron, she’ll repeat healing her injury and suffer until death?
Even though it’s a high convenience and versatility ability, there are still disadvantages.


While I was grinding Rikka’s head with the sole of my shoe, my vission suddenly turned blurry.


The scenery I look hat has turned dim. The earth is shaking.
Shit. Is this the usage limit of my ability?
My body started to slant without permission but I managed to hold on somehow.
I feel sick. I feel nausea. I should have my ability active and yet, I can’t “see” well
Dammit I can’t retreat now. There’s no second chances. Rikka has gained experience in this battle. There won’t be any next time.
I have to break her heart thoroughly right now.

「D-Dammit. It’s a critical time, and yet…」

I manage to brace myself but I had my knee stuck on the ground.
There’s no choice but to cancel my ability. Rikka cannot move. There’s no problem if I cancel it.
With that said, I thought of canceling my ability.


At that moment, my vision turned white and I can’t see anything.
What? What’s this? Was my ability canceled? I don’t know I don’t understand what’s going on.

It’s a pure white world. The dazzling white pierces. I close my eyes because it’s dazzling but I can’t close my eyes. In the first place, I don’t know whether my eyes are open or close.

I see a black dot from the white flash coming from all directions.


I try to stretch my right hand to approach the black point. At that moment, everything was covered in darkness.

I can’t see. I can’t see anything. It’s completely black. Everything’s dark.

What happened to me? Could it be that my brain exploded from using my ability too much?
I think that my ability puts burden on my brain. Has it exceeded the limit today?
I wonder if I used it too much. No, this is a problem.
But well, it can’t be helped if it becomes ruined. I was born with a power no one else has, and I benefited from that power. Then, it’s normal that I would pay for it someday.
But, aah, if I lose my ability to see, I don’t have any worth.
Marina and Yuka will break up with me tomorrow morning.
It’s unavoidable for those guys to capture me.
But, If I knew that this would be the case, I should’ve embraced them until I got satisfied.
It was this ability that let me have to good women. Those women are too good for a man like me.
What a waste. I wasn’t bored at all, and yet.
But, well, it can’t be helped.


At the time I gave up on everything, I saw a white dot in the dark. The point has gradually increased then it becomes countless. Thenー.


The countless white dots have approached all at once.
From all directions.
And a white world has appeared. It’s white again. I can’t see anything else but white.
But there’s no stabbing radiance like earlier.
It’s like a sunny day, a very pleasant white world.
Then that white world started to color.
The brown humus seen in the ground. The surrounding trees and the green leaves. Then, an orange sky.
I can see, I can see it, I can see the world.
What’s with me panicking. I thought I became blind.

「Hm? Huh? Ha?」

When I stand up in relief, I realized something strange.
I can’t see. I can’t see the “other side” I’m supposed to see.
I thought I canceled my ability for the moment but it’s different.
“I can’t see” but “I can see” It’s that strange feeling.
I can see “everything” relaxed as if I have released my ability. No, should I say I can understand than see?
The tree standing. The tree reflected in my view. I can’t see what’s behind it. In short, the normal view. But, I understand. There’s a tree standing behind that tree. Furthermore, it’s detailed.
Could this beー.

I looked at Rikka and I was stunned.

Rikka’s curved like a shrimp with her hands and legs tied up.
I can see a naked loli. That should be all and yet, for some reason, I can understand the “inside”
There’s no doubt. This is amazing. It has become unexpected.

The space grasp and the x-ray ability. My immediate goal was to activate the two abilities simultaneously and perfectly but this is different. This isn’t simultaneous activation.

The two abilities have merged.

Furthermore, you see. I understand, I can understand.
This fused ability has an outrageously good fuel efficiency. I’m not forcing myself at all. I don’t feel any burden in my brain. I can activate this ability too naturally.
Did the processing capacity rise? Anyway, I feel that I’ve got another ability.
That isー.

「Ku, kuku, kukuku, kukukukukuku」

There’s no consciousness in the information flowing. I see things as they areーas they are, and understand as they are.1
I can understand it in an unconscious level as if breathing.
And even the effective range is incomparable with the previous one.

「Haahahahahahahaha! It finally came! The ability specialized in ero! There’s no woman who can’t cum from me anymore! Wait until this morning! I will really make you cum that you’d say you want to die!」
「Eh, ero?」

I raised laughter from too much happiness and Rikka muttered while groaning.
Oops, that was dangerous. I was so happy that I’ve forgotten myself.
Rikka thinks that my ability is vibration perception. I will be breaking her heart but I don’t want to give her too much information.
Should I deceive her properly so she won’t doubt?

「I was lying when I said that my ability is vibration perception」

Rikka’s eyes turned wide when I say that. At the same time, her right arm made a strange sound and she screamed and convulsed.
Will she feel the pain of her fracture forever? So pitiful.

「I can generate special sound waves freely. I grasp the surrounding echo with that sound wave. In short, a sonar ability.」
「D-Dammit, you fooled me!」

Hearing my explanation, Rikka spits out mortified words.
Well, sorry. That’s also a lie.
She doesn’t think I will lie in an overwhelmingly advantageous situation. Therefore Rikka should believe it.
Like hell I’ll tell the truth to you.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah」

Her right hand made a strange sound and Rikka screams again.
Super-recovery is too amazing, her broken bone instantly recovers, and it breaks again.
Uwaa, this is pitiful that I can’t watch this.
Rikka is an opponent I fought risking my life. I have to show respects.
It’s okay Rikka. Your suffering will end soon.
I’ll completely break your heart and let you pass to a world without any pain and suffering.
I nod in tears as I think of that and kicked Rikka to face up.

「Giii, i, i, i, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, 」

Her body has crushed her right arm because she’s facing up, there’s cracking noise coming from her right arm again. As a result, Rikka cries madly while drooling. There’s slippery liquid coming out from Rikka’s crotch.
It seems that she has pissed herself from too much pain.

「Oh right. Should I take a photo for the time being?」

I intend to crush Rikka here but unforeseen circumstances my occur.
Just in case, I took a photo of Rikka’s unladylike figure.
I may be able to use it as a threat.
With that said, I photographed the peeing Rikka while convulsing.
I don’t intend to sell this but if there’s someone with that kind of hobby, this will have quite a value.

「Now then, then I will introduce your “friends” that will take care of you」

Saying that, I show the bag made of my uniform to Rikka who’s screaming and convulsing.
The bag wriggles around. Though they’re tied up well, insects begin to overflow from the gap. The insects overflowing has fallen to Rikka’s naked body.


Rikka’s voice is trembling. The insects crawl around the young naked body of Rikka.
Ooh, she’s bad with insects? I’m glad. I was worried that they might be “friends” in real meaning since she has a cockroach like ability.
I would be in trouble if she’s pleased far from breaking.

「There’s a lot of “friends” all over that place. I will replenish it fast so Rikka won’t feel sad. That’s why don’t worry and have fun」

Saying that, I opened the bag right above Rikka. At the same time, the insects packed in the bag pours out quickly.

「Stop! Stop this! I beg you! I beg you please stop!」

The young body got filled up by a large number of insects. Rikka shouts madly while the insects wriggle around.
Looking down at Rikka, I decided to return searching for insects to refill my uniform.

「P-Please! Spare me! I won’t attack you anymore so spare me! Please! I beg you!」

I can hear a sorrowful cry form the back.
Sorry. I don’t have any reason to feel any emotion on you.
That said, I wanted to stuff Rikka to a dent and have her experience an insect bath but there’s no good hollow.
It would be great if there’s a bathtub in good condition dropped off but it’s impossible to have that here.
Though I can dig, it would take time.
I better search insects than spend time digging a hole.
With that said, I ignored the shouting Rikka and went looking for insectys.
Just ignore her and search insects2 Fufufu, I just said something good.

I move to the humus while squatting and pack the insects to the bag made from my uniform.
Hmm, there’s an abundance of earwigs around here. I want more centipedes but quantity > quality. I just have to deal large numbers without being picky.
Having that thought, I returned to Rikka with my bag filled up.
And the spectacle I returned to isー.

「Ah♡ Ah ♡ Aaaah♡ Naaaaah♡」

Rikka’s twitching with a red face. I instinctively took a look at Rikka looking like that.
She’s enjoying this?

「Ah ♡ Hii ♡ Naa ♡ Hyuy ♡ Kihii ♡」

I hear a sweet voice.
With her super-recovry ability in action, I can hear strange noises coming from her right arm occasionally.
She was screaming just a while ago and yet, I can only think that she’s enjoying it exactly as if the pain from her broken bones doesn’t matter anymore.
Countless number of insects crawl on the young naked body.
There’s no hollow and there’s no enclosure in any meaning, though the number has decreased sharply than when I opened the bag, there’s still a few insects crawling over her naked body.
Her peach colored nipple is standing up and mucous drips down from her slit.
It’s a reality hard to accept. But I can understand it because of my ability.

Rikka’s definitely enjoying this.

「…This isn’t fun」

There’s no meaning if she enjoys this. Or rather, is it normal to enjoy this? It’s insects? It’s impossible.
As expected her ability is a cockroach type. Is she happy plying with her friends.

「P-Please ♡ No more ♡ I’ll die ♡ I’m going to die ♡」

Pissing herself, Rikka begs while screaming sweetly and twitching.
Die, do you mean that you’ll die from too much cumming? Do you mean that the pleasure of the insects crawling in your body makes you cum to death?
She’s definitely cumming. She can’t lie to my ability.
I can only see the naked Rikka but at the same time, I can understand her insides. Therefore, Rikka’s definitely cumming.
What should I do? I never considered the possibility of her being a pervert. But, you won’t normally consider it. There’s no way you’d think that she’s able to masturbate with insects.
This is troublesome. How do you break this perverted heart? Rather, my heart would break.
Should I cut her body to pieces? No, spare me from that. Though I don’t have problems on kicking and punching her, chopping her is a bit.

「P-Please ♡ I’ll really die ♡ M-My body is forced to be in estrus when my super-recovery is happening ♡ My sensitivity is higher than usual ♡ If this thing continues, I’ll really die ♡」

Compulsive estrus. Is that the risk of super-recovery? I heard a good thing.
Rikka is definitely not having fun but she’s being forced to cum.
Well, if there’s countless number of insects crawling on a body with an abnormally high sensitivity body, you’d take pleasure that you can’t even express in words.
The unrivaled recovery that can heal fatal injuries. I thought that it’s strange such a tremendous ability is compensated by exhaustion but if it’s forced estrus and sensitivity rise, those actions must be also extraordinary.
In short, it’s not that her sensitivity becomes higher, but her sensitivity might rise to the extent she’ll go mad.
Furthermore, every time Rikka’s arm break, it’ll heal. That means that her super-recovery and it means that the forced estrus won’t be over.
I see I see. Thenー.

「Here’s your second serving」

When I opened the bag above Rikka, a lot of insects got down and Rikka screamed sweetly.
It’s possible for her heart to break if she’s not pleased with it.

「No more ♡ Aaaaaaah ♡ Don’t ♡ Don’t don’t don’t don’t ♡ Don’t pinch that place ♡ Cumming ♡ Cumcumcumcumcumcumcummiiiing♡」

Her sweet scream echoes.
Should I say it’s instinct? The abundant number of earwigs have been cutting Rikka’s skin with their prideful scissors.
That’s not all. Did they think that the nipple and the clitoris are their enemy? The earwigs are attacking it.


「Ahyaaa ♡ Rameramerame♡ Rameranooooooo♡」

Rikka twitches violently and blew out her piss.
A rare centipede has brushed the earwigs and bite the clitoris.
The centipede has twice the size than the earwig. Furthermore, it’s jaw is strong. That centipede biting her clitoris isn’t a painless story.
Furthermore, don’t centipedes have poison?
Well, I don’t think it will work on Rikka who’s a cockroach type.
By the way, the pill bug, wood lice, and earthworm are just crawling harmlessly. But just their crawl already gives pleasure to Rikka.
Everyone’s quite excellent, as expected, I want to secure a centipede.

「Do your best!」

Saying that as I nod, I decided to leave her to capture as much centipedes as possible.

「Hinjau ♡ Tashukete ♡ Oregairakara tashukete ♡ Mourame ♡ Mourameraーnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ Cum cum cum cum cum cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ♡」3

I swore in my heart to do my best as I hear the sweet screaming from the back.

ーThirty minutes later.

「Kahyu ♡ Ahya ♡ Migya ♡ Ikyuuuuuu♡」

Rikka’s pissing while twitching, her eyes are already white and she’s drooling saliva.
Aryarya.4 While I was absorbed on catching centipedes, Rikka broke.
What the hell, even though I did my best on catching these.
Centipedes are rare in this area so it was hard to catch them.
But well, even if I say she was broken, I don’t know whether her heart is completely broken.
Currently, Rikka’s right arm repeats breaking and regenerating. It will continue as long as she does not remove the belt.
In short, her super-recovery won’t be canceled and her estrus will consume her energy meaninglessly.
Then, should I take her home or should I hold back until I completely break her heart.
Marina and Yuka might run out of control if I come home too late.
Also, I have to pull Rikka from Kamuro Hizuki.
Yup, that’s right, let’s do that.
But before thatー.

「Since I already have then, one more!」

Saying that, I opened the bag filled with centipedes over Rikka.
The centipedes will attack aggressively any target nearby, in other words, Rikka’s naked body.

「N, o, o , o , o , o , o , o ♡」

Rikka’s body jumps twitchingly with her eyes turned white. I can hear her broken arm making abnormal noises as a result but the pain doesn’t matter anymore.
Or rather, she’s no longer conscious in the first place.
I crouched, picked a centipede with my fingers and pressed it against her clitoris.
Answering my expectation, the centipede bites the clitoris.
As expected, they’re capable.

「N, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, ♡」

With her clitoris bitten, Rikka’s body leaped in delight.
I moved crouching down and picked another centipede with my fingers and pushed it against her pink erect nipples.
Answering my expectations, it bit the nipple.
As expected, they’re capable.

「N, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, ♡」

Even though she’s unconscious, she raises a sweet scream and jumps her body like crazy as she piss herself.
Attaching the centipede piercing on both her nipple and clitoris, I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and looked at the dusk sky.

「Job well done」

I muttered and nodded.
Now then, how to bring this loli home?
It would stick out if I wrap her with my uniform.
I want to go home sooner but the sun will go down if I wait a bit more, should I go when it’s dark? Then, it would be hard to be exposed even if she sticks out of the uniform.
With that saidー.

「Let’s play for a while」

As I mutter, I pinched the centipede with my fingers and pushed it against her nipple.
Let’s experiment how many centipedes will bite into her nipples and clitoris.

「N, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, o, ♡」

The sweet scream echoes in the woods.

「This is fun」

Listening to Rikka’s sweet scream, I got absorbed pushing the centipedes to her clitoris and nipples. And, the centipedes bite without betraying my expectations.
Centipede, you’re too talented.


  1. Yes, that’s repeated
  2. He’s making a pun about insects and ignore, both are read as Mushi
  3. I mean, should I even explain this?
  4. arrivederci