X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 65


Chapter 65

Coming out of my room holding Asahina’s hand, we walk to the next room through the corridor.

I confirm Yuka’s state as I stand in front of the door then knocked.
Yuka who’s checking the state of my room with her ears on the wall trembled in surprise when she heard the knock.


I hear an answer on the other side of the door. Asahina reacts to that.

「Y-Yuka? Yuka’s here? Why?」

Asahina’s eyes shake as she mutter while looking at me.
She might’ve never thought that Yuka’s on the next room.
Meanwhile, Yuka who’s door was knocked is also shaken.
Though Yuka rushes to towards the door, she knocked down her foot with her panty on her knee, and she fell down magnificently.
Asahina pushed me aside tremblingly when she heard a thud.

Okay, go, Asahina!


Hearing that, she assumed that Yuka fell down. Asahina raised a scream, opened the door swiftly then rushed inside the room.

Fufu, perfect.


Yuka screams

「Eh?! Wai!? Yuka!? What’s wrong?!」

Hearing Yuka’s scream, Asahina stopped and had fallen to panic. She raised a trembling voice while looking around.
There are no lights in the empty room, it’s dark. Yuka who’s been there all the time has gotten used in the dark. That’s why Asahina who jumped in the room is very visible.
On the other side, Asahina who jumped in the dark room vigorously coming from the well lit corridor. She can’t check Yuka’s look because of that.
Yuka who fell on the floor magnificently has realized that Asahina who desperately looks around isn’t used to the dark yet. She tightens her expressions the fixed her appearance immediately.

The reason Yuka screamed. That’s her clothes.

Yuka who’s indulging herself in masturbation gradually loses her modesty inside the dark room where she’s alone.
On other words, she’s having a “shameless” figure.
Her breasts are exposed from her rolled up blouse, her panty is lowered to her knees, she was on that state when she heard the girl’s scream on the next room so she has remained like that while probing on the next door.
Then Asahina appears.
It’s better if I see that figure but if her best friend, Asahina sees that look, of course she would want to scream.

ーI was just masturbating, teehee

There’s no way she’ll say that.

「Yukaa! Did Suzuhara-kun do something to youuuu!」

Asahina’s angry voice was enough to make the immovable escape on it’s bare feet, has blamed me for why Yuka has screamed.
Weren’t I with you all this time?
Though she can’t press charges on the innocent me, it’s convenient at the current situation.

「N-No! It’s not!」
「It’s okay, Yuka! If Suzuhara-kun does something cruel to you, I will beat him up!」
「It’s not! That’s not it!」
「Get out, Suzuhara-kun! I know where you’re hiding!」

Yuka who finished fixing her clothes desperately denies Asahina’s misunderstanding but Asahina doesn’t listen and just keep barking.
Asahina looks like she’s completely misunderstanding but actually, she’s not.
Asahina’s not that much of an idiot to forget that she has been with me all this time.
Asahina’s heart is beating violently. And she’s been sending glances to the door.
Though she’s shouting, Asahina’s obviously shaken.
She heard Yuka’s voice and a falling sound, she forgot about me and jumped into the room, she screamed to her treasured Yuka.
Also, it’s possible that she’s able to see Yuka’s appearance.
In other words, Asahina saw things that she shouldn’t have and she’s desperately trying to mislead it.
In other words, she’s putting the blame on me and she wants a lifeboat from me.

Then, this is a loan.

「What’s wrong?」

Hiding behind the door, as I listen to Asahina’s voice, I entered the room.
The shaken Asahina looks relieved as soon as she saw me enter the room. But it changed to anger immediately then she glared at me.

「You came out pervert! I don’t care whoever you touch but I won’t let you touch a single finger on Yuka!」

Asahina who turned towards me put her left hands on her hips and pointed at me with her right forefinger, she speaks angrily.

「N-No! That’s not it Yuu-chan! Mota-kun didn’t do anything wrong!」

Yuka who’s feeling flustered from Yuka’s look bind Asahina’s arms while screaming.
Now then, if Asahina and Yuka aren’t settled in talking, thenー

「Don’t be stupid. This is important. You girls stay here for a moment」

Asahina and Yuka stopped moving when I say that.

「I-If it’s important, it can’t be helped」
「R-Right. If it’s important, it can’t be helped」

The two agrees to what I say and stroked their chest in a way the other won’t notice.
Checking out the two, I got out of the room, pulled my phone from my pocket.
Asahina and Yuka have no problems now, what’s next is the girls on the first floor.
They must’ve heard Rikka’s scream. Mother reacted when Rikka screamed.
But, those girls are on the first floor.
With that said, I sent mail to them.
Go to my room except “mother and Lolihina”

Waiting in front of the door to my room, I hear footsteps going upstairs.

「Yukina-chan, listen? You have to keep your promise okay?」
「You can’t touch things without permission inside Suzuhara-san’s room. You have to be a good kid. If not, you’ll be hated by Suzuhara-san?」
「It’s okay! I will be marrying Motaro!」
「No, like I said…」

I can hear Marina and Yukina’s voice.
Marina seems to be at loss of what to do with Yukina but, that’s just how attached Yukina is to Marina.

「Motaro! I came!」

Running up the stairs, Yukina appeared.

「Y-Yukina-chan! It’s scary if Suzuhara-san is angry!」

Marina rushing up to the second floor chasing Yukina lifts Yukina who’s trying to rush up to me.

「Uwa! I’m being killed by breast!」

Yukina who’s lifted up and pinned seems to want to escape from being pressed by Marina’s tits she struggles wriggling but, it seems that her power’s no match against Marina.
Well, Yukina’s doing Karate but she’s still small.
Also, Yukina’s heart is a man. A man would normally be pleased when hugged by Marina. There are those with preference but I don’t think there’s a man who would think that Marina’s not cute. Furthermore, her tits are huge.
And yet, Yukina doesn’t look like excited at all.
Is her heart really a man’s?
In spite of her insisting that her heart is a man, her best friend is Lolihina and she’s attached to Marina, she’s used to making contact with women.
If her heart is really of a man, can she actually touch women naturally that much?
A man at Yukina’s age should be conscious of women.
Well, I think there are individual differences.
Her heart is of a man that’s a homo, women are off the love interests so she can make contact with them naturally?
Hmmm, I don’t get it

「What is this about?」

Marina who’s holding Yukina asked me. Then I can see Kisaragi from behind.

「Motaro! Help me! I’m being infected by booby diseaseeeee!」

Yukina who’s struggling from Marina’s embrace desperately stretches her hands towards me.
Booby disease? You’ll get massive tits like Marina if you get infected?
Then that’s a wonderful disease. Please infect Asahina by all means.

「Ou, get infected. I’ll fill you with a lot of bacteria」

I say while patting Yukina’s head
Well, I think Yukina will have big tits even if you leave her alone. She’s comparatively bigger to other girls on the same group even now.

「Uwa! I’m abandoned by Motaro! Even though we promised to marry each otheeeeer!」

Abandoned by me, Yukina wriggles but, was she pleased by my head patting, her cheeks are blushing.
This girl looks cute though. Furthermore, she’s a blonde with blue eyes. If only her character is good.
That said, I don’t remember making a promise to marry you.
Having such thoughts, I sent Marina a glance.

「Was there any problems down there?」

Asking Marina, she laughs embarrassed.

「Hearing a scream of a girl from the second floor, mother was worried」

Marina approached me answered in a whisper.
Of course.

「We knew that Yuka-san and Asahina san were on the second floor. Both of them are on their emotional pubescent year so I said that they might be fighting Suzuhara-san」
「Then mother?」
「I don’t know whether she’s okay with it but she it was enough to make her not look at the second floor. But…」

Asking Marina again, she gets closer and brought her lips to my ears.

「The voice earlier was Yuka-san but the first scream was from a different person isn’t it? It wasn’t Asahina-san either. I don’t know whether mother has noticed it…」
「Was it that bad?」
「No, because Yukina-chan aws singing, it isn’t that bad. Yukina-chan’s voice is so high, beautiful and transparent, it went well. Also, she’s good at singing」

I see. I thought that it’s bad but it seems it managed somehow.
Yukina’s listening, speaking of which, she’s being quiet for a while, is what I thought as I look at Marina’s chest and Yukina’s face is pushing against mine.
Yukina who’s being carried by Marina got in contact with me as Marina approaches me.
Yukina’s face is buried at my chest and her ears are red as she’s absorbed in sniffing my smell.
Just how much is she obsessed with me?
I don’t mean to belittle myself but I’m never a handsome guy. And I’m saying it myself, my personality’s the worst.
I can understand Yuka. She’s under the impression that I saved her. Marina hated me at first but her heart was dragged by the pleasure given to her body. I can see why on these two.
But, I don’t get why on Yukina.
Just what did she like about me?
There are individual differences but it’s impossible to understand Yukina’s attachment to me who said that I prefer beautiful girls.


When I turn to the voice I heard, Marina’s looking at me with a troubled expression

「I just left Yui-chan down there, is that okay?」

It seems that she’s worried about Lolihina.
Well, I don’t think it’s good.
Lolihina’s heart is weak. She’ll surely worry that she’s the only one not called out. On top of that, she might be worried being pulled away from Yukina.
I know that. I can understand the feeling of being alienated. Butー.

「The talk we’re about to make is better not heard by Asahina’s sister」
「Anyway, you’ll understand once you know it」

Marina tilts her head. I pat Marina’s shoulder.
Lolihina depends on Yukina. And she might go reckless if she knows that Yukina’s in danger.
Just like how her sister dashed out of the house.
If she dashes out like that then I’ll leave her do as she wants. But, Lolihina’s different from Asahina. She’ll rely on Yukina if she gets cornered. And even if Yukina whom she relies on sacrifices herself, Lolihina will only see herself as the one defended.
Jumping to danger herself and unable to do anything about it, she’s just a fool that will get others involved.
Then, she shouldn’t be informed.
Even if she feels alienated, it’s much preferable than losing Yukina.
Also, it’s my will to obstruct Lolihina. Then she should just grudge against me.
That saidー
I pat Marina’s head then stroked it roughly.

「I’m quite relieved because you were on the first floor. I thought that you’ll be able to do something about it」

Saying that, I began walking towards the vacant room.


I can hear Marina’s foolish voice from behind.
I turned back to Marina but I can see her petrified look while she holds Yukina.
She must be surprised being praised by me.
It’s not that I’m flattering Marina. I just told her the truth.

Marina who’s holding Yukina and Kisaragi following them has entered the room where Asahina and Yuka is.


「Asahina, explain about Rikka to everyone. It’s not for my sake. It’s needed to be explained for everyone’s sake. Cooperate with me」

When I ask her, Asahina grinned.

「Fufu, aren’t you being honest? Very well, I’ll cooperate with you」

Folding her arms proudly, Asahina grins while looking down on me then answered in a proud attitude.
Ah shit, why is she so annoying. If you’re a slave then respect your master.
Endure it, endure it me. I’ll just spoil everything if I don’t hold back here.

「T-Taking such an attitude against Suzuhara-san…」

Marina gulps her throat and raises a voice of surprise.

「Since Motaro respects this Nee-san, I have to listen」

Yukina who’s carried by Marina speaks out.
I’m not respecting her. Don’t misunderstand

「As expected of Asahina-san!」

Kisaragi’s eyes shine brightly and crosses her hands because of Asahina’s insolent attitude. As expected of Asahina’s believer.
Yuka though, she’s just smiling when Asahina’s being rude to me.
W-Well fine. It’s a priority to explain Rikka’s danger to everyone. I’m the one who’ll be troubled if there’s an argument.

「Listen everyone. Everything that Suzuhara-kun will tell you is true. No matter how unrealistic it is, it’s true. I guarantee that」

Standing far from Yuka and next to me, she puts her left hand on her proud nonexistent chest then speak out.
She’s a shitty annoying woman but she seems to understand her own role.
Giving Asahina a side glance, she nodded at me. Confirming that, I started talking about Rikka.

After finishing the general explanation, everyone was quiet.
Marina’s speechless and Yuka look serious. Then, Kisaragi’s face is pale.
Yuka who’s being carried by Marina has a blank face, was it difficult to understand?

「You don’t need to believe that Rikka’s a monster. But, I would want you to know that she’s dangerous. Also, that the thing called special ability exists」

I tell everyone who’s silent.
To make them understand it properly, it’s easiest to show Rikka’s ability to everyone like how I did to Asahina.
But that has the risk of making it more confusing than necessary.
What I need is everyone commanded with caution. But it would be the worst if they get confused.

「You’re free to believe it or not. But think about it it. This has a meaning. Suzuhara-kun has one thing to say. That is to be careful」

Asahina’s dignified voice echoes in the silent room.
She’s not persuading them to believe the implausible story but she just goes to the main point.
Though I’m annoyed that Asahina’s giving me a lift, it’s not bad.

「Rikka’s already been captured and she’s in my room now. However, the reason why I’m talking about this is because there’s someone else who seems to have a special ability like Rikka. She’s Rikka’s owner and she’s far more dangerous than Rikka」

Everyone’s drawn by those words.
After explaining Rikka’s danger, of course it would be surprising to know that there’s someone much more dangerous.
This is good. Though they’re surprised, that means that they believe my talk.
Asahina completely agrees with my talk, so it’s calling for caution.

「Her name is Kamuro Hizuki. Yuka-chan provided that information. And She’s Marina’s former friend」

Marina and Yuka have been involved with Kamuro Hizuki among the people. Asahina, Kisaragi, and Yukina aren’t involved. But, sadly, these three can’t be totally unrelated.
Asahina and Kisaragi goes to the same school as her. Both of them don’t remember making contact with Kamuro Hizuki but it’s possible that the other side has made contact.
For example, they can pass through each other on the school road or at the corridor.
I went shopping with Marina and Yuka before but Kamuro Hizuki was on the same train that time. Other than that, I passed by Kamuro Hizuki a lot of times but I was completely unaware.
Likewise, I can’t deny the possibility that Asahina and Kisaragi made contact with Kamuro Hizuiki.
And Yukina, Kamuro Hizuki instigated the man with a baton, when I came in contact with him was also the time I make contact with Yukina. Then, there’s a possibility that Yukina is also marked by Kamuro Hizuki.
If she has marked Yukina then it’s possible that she knows the existence of Lolihina too.
In other words, it’s possible tat everyone here has made contact with Kamuro Hizuki in some form and I can’t deny the possibility that they’re already under Kamuro Hizuki’s ability.

「Although this is just a speculation, it’s possible that Kamuro Hizuki has the ability to interfere with the spirit. Mental interference, in short, Mind control」

Marina and Yuka reacted from my words.
Both of th9em are involved with Kamuro Hizuki more than anyone. Hearing mind control, they’ll surely think about it.

「I honestly don’t know what Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is. It’s not good to think too much about it. Everyone will be lost in a blind alley if you worry too much and you may even dig your own grave」

I don’t get it that much so the explanation is difficult.
In short, I want them to be careful but how should I explain that. I worry thinking that but Asahina who’s standing next to me stepped forward.

「It doesn’t matter what kind of ability Kamuro Hizuki has. The only thing we can do is to not approach Kamuro Hizuki. Run away as soon as you see her. Also, don’t neglect caution. Only those three. There’s no need to think about anything else」

Putting her left hand on her nonexistent chest, Asahina speaks dignified.
I was stunned by it.
No, I completely agree with that.
Asahina’s frank words has said everything I wanted in a pack.
Even Yukina who doesn’t follow the topic nods at Asahina’s words.

「Also, that’s all the meddling I’ll do. From now on, Yuuki-senpai, you should work with Suzuhara-kun」

Marina raised a stupid voice when called by Asahina. Or rather, I’m surprised. Who would’ve thought that Asahina will talk to Marina. Furthermore, she’s using a respectful call on Marina.
Marina, just what did you to do Asahina?

「Yuuki-senpai’s the oldest among us right? Also, Yuuki-senpai’s the most sociable among us. Your sociability is high. In other words, you can see the people around really well. A shortsighted woman like me won’t match against you」

Saying that, Asahina left my side and returned to Yuka’s side.

「I am okay just protecting Yuka」

She folds her arms proudly and said.
Marina’s point eyes looked around the quiet surroundings.
Looking at Marina’s state, it doesn’t look like she did something to Asahina.
It’s the opposite? Did Asahina see through Marina’s skills?
But, though it’s indirect, she’s accepting Marina who’s a member of the people who made Yuka fall.
I expect from Marina doing something to Asahina but who would’ve thought that it would have such results.
Though she’s saying that she’s shortsighted but just where? Aren’t you looking properly?

「Come here Marina」

Calling Marina out, she got surprised then looked around restlessly.
After a while, Marina’s face turned bright red.
She probably didn’t imagine that she’ll be accepted by Asahina. Furthermore, Asahina who’s taking a disrespectful attitude even to me called Marina a “senpai”, she’s showing respect.

Well, of course it’ll be surprising. Even I am surprised.

The explanation to everyone almost ended.
I’ll just give Marina instructions and leave everything to her.
Marina’s the command tower of this organization. Team A is Asahina, Yuka, Kisaragi. Team B is Yukina and Lolihina. And, the captains of each team is Asahina and Yukina. Both of them will take instructions from Marina and cooperate in movements.
And Iー

Am a Suicide attack.

I was preached by Asahina to not move alone a lot but I’m the one Kamuro Hizuki aims at. If her hopes are real, she only wants to conceive my child.
Then, I should just go and attack alone.
Since I’m her aim, Kamuro Hizuki will surely come in contact with me. If it takes time, she might try using my surroundings.
Kamuro Hizuki’s aim is me and it’s normal to attack the surroundings with her mental interference ability.
Furthermore, what’s scary about the mental interference is that the one you thought your ally suddenly becomes the enemy.
Then it’s best to go alone. And I should settle before Kamuro Hizuki does something unnecessary.
At worst, Kamuro Hizuki will be satisfied if she has me.
Besides, I don’t have to worry about the others. Marina’s here, Asahina’s much more usable than I thought and Asahina has a right hand named Yuka.
Therefore, I don’t have to mind anything and just go alone.
In the first place, I don’t mind having an honorable defeat.

That said, everyone will stay at my house.
It has gotten late so it can’t be helped, they will stay for two nights.
I don’t think it’s something to worry but, is it okay for you girls not to go home?