X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 86

‭X-ray is More Than I Thought 86‬

‭Sitting on a container instead of a chair in the room, I stare at Asahina lying on the table.‬
‭Did about two hours pass? The body of Asahina, which is violently twitching, has not yet been repaired half as much.‬
‭It is possible to confirm the body of Asahina by the ability, but the insect for the body repair which might be active cannot be confirmed.‬
‭It might be a small insect that I cannot confirm even with my “eyes”.‬
‭But this in two hours? I had heard that it would take half a day, but when I actually feel it, I fret about the slowness of repair.‬
‭I don’t know what it is, but I think the decision to use it was correct. This repair rate is certainly going to be too late before recovery.‬
‭If I hadn’t used a life-sustaining bug, Asahina might have been dead.‬
‭But even then, it is equivalent to a miracle because injuries that do not “get cured” will be cured completely.‬
‭If you think about it, you can see how great the recovery of the worm and the abnormal recovery of insect use.‬

When I lower the line of sight, standing beside me until then, Rokka who stared at Asahina just like me was leaning against my knees with her knees standing on the floor, making a lovely sleeping baby.
‭Before insect repellent, it seemed to be meaningful, but it seems that she was pretty tired.‬
‭It is possible to recover the body, but it would be impossible to restore the worn spirit.‬

‭”Your sister was so cool.”‬

‭Kamuro Izuki left, with kazahana supporting Kamuro Izuki, never to look back. The small, splendid back might have been carved firmly in the mind of the Rikka.‬
‭Kamuro Izuki said that she will come again, but I think that it was the pride of Kamuro Izuki.‬
‭She’s no longer showing up in front of me. I watched her back and thought so.‬
‭And it also means the separation of Rokka and Kazahana.‬
‭Eternal parting of the last sisters who survived.‬

‭”Both older and younger sister got caught up with a problem child.”‬

‭Kamuro Izuki and I are not “decent”.‬
‭But Kamuro Izuki needs kazahana, and I need Rikka‬

‭”Well, Kamuro Izuki has only Kazahana, but I have Marina and Yuka. But I’m not going to let you go. “‬

‭The head of Rikka who breathed adorably, was stroked so with a murmur.‬

‭”Are you going to be here all the time?”‬

‭When I turned my gaze to the voice I heard, a worm was standing in front of the door of the basement entrance.‬

‭”I want you to come to the library, but well, I don’t have time.”‬

‭The insect use which laughed at such a thing was approached with tokotoko. ‬

‭”It looks like your weakness was not a weakness.”‬

‭The insect user which reacts with “Picun” when I asked so to the insect user which walks toward me comes as it is without stopping standing.‬
‭The organ which seems to be a weak point removed from the insect user has been forgotten in my house.‬
‭It seems that the distance is related according to the story of the insect user, and the insect user should die. and to see the place where it is, it is to say that it was my misunderstanding.‬

‭”I wanted to talk about it. To tell the truth, the physical condition is strangely good after the organ is removed. and insects users use it to manipulate insects. ‬
‭I can circulate the special power in the body and refine it, but its circulation can be done smoothly. It seems the bump that inhibited the circulation disappeared.”‬

‭The organs that I thought were weak points, far from weakness, were in the way of the ability of the insect user?‬
‭If so, is part of the brain suppressing the ability of the insect user which is different from the usual part? Then, should I cut it off?‬
‭But somehow, it seems like it’s better not to cut off the normal and different parts of the brain.‬

‭”And I was not good at manipulating small insects delicately, but somehow the performance of the operation has risen significantly. I tried, but there is no doubt. It’s impossible to think normally. Such a thing happened suddenly, in the while since I met you.”‬

‭The insect user puts out the word that I was muttering in the mind earlier.‬

‭”Ten to one, I think the cause is you. That’s why I want to ask you a lot about your ability. It is possible that your ability is very rare.”‬

‭The insect use which stood beside me who sits in the container has asked with a serious look.‬
‭Oh, is it a pervert ability? It is the best if it is the ability not to lose to anyone even if you misbehave as much as you like.‬
‭As a joke, there is no hesitation in the voice and the heart. I searched a lot and seem to have some confidence. ‬

‭”But it’s tactless to get in the way of a man who’s been watching the woman he loves.”‬

‭The insect user laughed when saying so and put the blanket which I had in the hand on my shoulder.‬
‭Hey, now… What did you say?‬

‭”Who’s in love with Who?”‬
‭”Good, isn’t it?”‬

‭I glare at the insect user, but the insect user is slapping my shoulder with a laugh.‬
‭Don’t be silly. I’m not in love with Asahina. It’s a big misunderstanding.‬

‭”It’s not good. Attend your ears, listen to me. I like to look at Asahina. I like the face of Asahina. Otherwise, I don’t care, and i’m not falling in love. I just want to be in the mood to see her face beg for forgiveness.”‬
‭”Yes, yes, I understand.”‬

‭She hears the explanation, and the insect user shrugs the shoulder amazed while nodding yes.‬
‭She doesn’t understand.‬
‭Well, it’s OK. Because it seems to be affirming the contrary if too much is stated.‬

‭I hit my hand. All we have to do is wait. I can not do anything, if the condition changes suddenly with this. The restoration is completed without anything, and it is good if she wakes up.‬

‭”I thought you were going to make fun of me,” while staring at Asahina with a serious look, I quietly murmured.‬
‭It’s not too long yet, but the atmosphere is quite different from when we meet and now. ‬
‭Perhaps “Here” is the original appearance of the insect user.‬

‭”Why did you do such a thing? Why is it that it is alright to sell people to live, and has she been playing with it?”‬

‭When thinking about the original character of the insect user, it does not make sense because she seems not to be playing.‬

‭”Because I didn’t like it.”‬
‭”The stubborn eyes of that Demi-human daughter were repugnant. I did not like those eyes saying she would never betray master. I thought I would betray you if I was cornered. Therefore, she was playing. As a result, this is the same.”‬

‭The insect user spoke her mind as it was, without hiding anything. ‬

‭”I wanted to feel safe. When i saw that demi-human daughter run for life, I wanted to think that I was not the only weak one. Laugh.”‬

‭And, she snorted a laugh when saying so.‬

‭”Don’t you laugh this time?”‬

‭The insect user which tilted the neck mysteriously looking at me who did not laugh looked into my face with upturned eyes.‬

‭”Oh, it’s not particularly interesting,” he said.‬

‭Is it natural protection? The organization that insect use was trying to belong to. The reason why the WHO judged the insect user to be not suitable was understood somehow.‬
‭This guy is too honest.‬
‭Nature protection as long as you hear the story of insect user, you often fight against the enemy to protect the object. With such organizations, there will be jobs that can not be cleanly done.‬
‭Even if it is the enemy, it is not necessarily a bad person because it is a convenience of nature protection to the end.‬
‭Annihilate the enemy. If such a directive comes down, what if the enemy has a child? If you had sinned to live and desperately supported your children?‬
‭Even if the child is not guilty, the will of the person who is hostile is carried over, and there is a possibility of becoming a new force. Therefore, it is not amusing to receive the directive of annihilating all.‬
‭When I was standing in that situation, would I be able to endure the use of insects? Could it be possible to think about innocent children growing up in the hostile forces and kill them to eliminate the dangers?‬
‭Perhaps it would have been impossible.‬
‭It was not a profession that should have a dreams or hopes, but it was necessary to be able to do it calmly even in dirty work to protect the precious object.‬
‭”Sweetness” or “gentleness” is useless if fighting is a job. No, it’s rather disturbing. Because of sweetness and tenderness, it might be the case that the companion becomes a sacrifice.‬
‭It was “right”, wasn’t it?‬

‭”I’m in the upper library. I want you to call me if you have anything, but I can’t do anything if it’s called bad.”‬
‭”-I’m sorry.”‬
‭”You’re not apologizing. Don’t worry about that.”‬

‭Never mind. At my words, the insect use smiled thinly. And, she did not say anything more, and she went out of the underground room.‬

‭I don’t see Rikka. ‬

‭Unless the insect-user bites, Rikka did not react at all until she left the cellar. ‬
‭Even if she sleeps, the five sense of Rikka reacts keenly to hostility, and she is sure to move to the combat posture immediately.‬
‭But she was sleeping.‬

‭”It’s so boring, isn’t it?”‬

‭I was hoping to dig back and enjoy the trauma of insect user, but in that case it was a ghost.‬
‭Because she was obsessed with living she seemed to be interesting, and it is a desire when dying, and it is not interesting even if it is bullied. ‬

‭”If Asahina is saved, I owe you.”‬

‭I asked her for help, and she answered. And if Asahina Is saved, I’d owe it to her.‬
‭It’s my concern to return the debt. I’m not sure what to do with the past.‬
‭First, I return the debt, and when it’s done I bully her and play.‬
‭It’s all up to me. It doesn’t matter what he thinks.‬

<> <> <>

‭Three hours have passed after the treatment of Asahina began.‬
‭The repair seems to be progressing well though there still is not said that it is cured. In proportion to that, Asahina’s reaction has become more intense.‬
‭She seems to be an expert of the human body as the insect user says.‬
‭The tentacles that are sucking all over the body of Asahina, as long as I “see”, accurately hold the weak point. On top of that, the folds with warts at the tip of the tentacles seem to be capable of vibration and suction. In addition, it irritate out the thing like “tongue” from within the tentacle and it stimulates it. It seems to ingest the dirty liquid which overflowed from the pussy. ‬
‭Asahina is blamed for the weakness of the whole body, and is suffering convulsions violently. It is easy to see how the pleasure is because it has caused such a violent reaction in the state of animation.‬
‭That’s the thing.‬

‭If you ingest the nectar, I think you’d be more certain to put a tentacle in the vagina.‬

‭Although the larvae are sucking up love nectar with tentacles, it doesn’t try to put a tentacle in the pussy. ‬

‭Not? ‬

‭If I had thought of such a thing, my vision was distorted.‬

‭-What? ‬

‭I was struck by the distorted vision of “ability” rather than the vision by “eye”.‬
‭The information coming in from the eye is normal, but the information obtained from the “ability” is abnormal. The sense is made mad because of that, and it is not possible to judge even if I am standing or sitting.‬
‭I used too much of my ability? Was I exhausted?‬


‭I thought I was going to see Rikka, but my eyes were fading and I didn’t see where Rikka was.‬
‭She was leaning on my knees and she’s sleeping, so if I stretch my hand, she’ll be there.‬

‭Oh? 」‬

‭”Visibility” suddenly recovered.‬
‭Even though it was very unusual now, visibility by “eyes” and “ability” returned to normal.‬

‭What is this?‬

‭”Visibility” is normal, but the situation is abnormal.‬
‭The surrounding area is a white wall. Looking up it is a gorgeous chandelier. If you look there is a red carpet.‬
‭You can see things like the terrace at the tip of the big window. And the Big Moon is the perfect starry sky.‬


‭The situation was too abnormal, and it became rather cool.‬
‭I was in the basement of an insect-used house. But “here” is obviously not underground. Then, did you move to the ground in a moment?‬
‭No, there is not such a room in the house of the insect user.‬
‭”Here” is clearly a place where the insect house is unrelated.‬
‭Then, there are two things that can be considered.‬

‭A dream or a phantom?‬

‭Did I sleep? Or is this “shown”?‬
‭It was said that it was possible to make the desire of the target person to be seen as a dream by extending the tentacle to the target person’s brain. Is that what I’m looking at right now?‬
‭In other words, the possibility that I fell into the trap of the insect user.‬
‭No, I wonder.‬
‭There was no hostility in the insect user. It did not judge it on the surface, and it judged it by stealing the mind.‬
‭And the process leading up to “here” is unnatural.‬
‭If you were attacked by a worm, you would have caught my ability. But there was no such evidence.‬

‭Did I sleep? ‬

‭Just before the “here”, the vision of the ability distorted is due to the mere drowsiness. Or were you already in bed at that time?‬
‭It’s reasonable to think so, but it doesn’t feel right.‬


‭Squashed and distorted vision. When that strain subsides, a huge and gorgeous bed with a canopy appeared in front of me.‬
‭This abrupt feeling. It is only a dream. But I can’t be satisfied.‬

‭”Princess! Please wait, Princess!”‬

‭I tried to hide myself suddenly from the voice that I heard. But there was no place to hide behind. There is only the shade of the bed to hide. If I thought so, a huge, gorgeous door of wood opened, and the girl who was wearing a black dress came running among.‬
‭The flower ornament which is attached to the head and a long black hair are drawn with the left and right twin tails.‬
‭The dress she is wearing is decorated with gorgeous embroidery, and the arms and chest are transparent.‬
‭And the eyes tend to look like strong fishing.‬

‭What is it? ‬

‭It is not sure to be mistaken.‬
‭The girl in the black dress that ran into the room was Asahina.‬

‭”Princess! Asahina Princess!”‬

‭Then I came in the rush.‬

‭”Oh ah ah ah Ah!?”‬

‭I couldn’t help but raise my voice.‬
‭The man wearing a simple body armor shining in silver, holding a sword to the waist.‬
‭Quite different. different from various. They are crisp with a random. But the man…‬

‭”-Me? -Me?”‬

‭Yes, it was me.‬

‭”Motaro! Don’t come with me!”‬

‭Asahina is like a heroine of tragedy, running away to the back of the room screaming.‬
‭What is Motaro?‬

‭”Asahina Princess! Talk to me, listen to me!”‬

‭Wearing the armor and holding the sword on the waist, I tried to gently raise the voice from the entrance of the room.‬
‭Princess Asahina, what are you talking about, stupid?‬

‭”Don’t come back! Motaro, you’re not even hesitant to go into my room! You said you’d serve me all the time, but I agree with the wedding your father has decided to bless you! After all, the king, your father acts as your servant!”‬

‭Asahina gets wet with tears and shouts from the back of the room.‬
‭Oh, yeah? Oh? Oh, yeah? Princess? King?‬

‭”Serve! I am your only knight! Even if you are the princess of another country, I am the only knight you have!”‬

‭Standing at the entrance of the room, desperately calling on Asahina in the back…… I。‬
‭What is a knight? What a foolish thing with a straight face.‬
‭Oh, it’s disgusting. Go away chills and goosebumps.‬

‭”Motaro! If you say you are my only knight, show me the evidence!”‬
‭”Hey Pechahina, get real dude, ring that Motaro. I’ll commit you as well.”‬
‭”Asahina Princess! Testimony to this heart! Chivalry is not something you can see, it is engraved in your heart! Still, if you want to see it by all means, please tell us to suicide! If you ordered the princess, this Motaro Suzuha would be happy to take a life!”‬
‭”Hey, bastard, are you kidding me? Motaro Suzuha? I don’t like twisting or shit. Oh, don’t say funny things to my face. Even if I do it myself I’ll skip it.”‬

‭I thrust myself between them but was ignored. What on bread is this? Is it a dream? Is this a dream I’m seeing?‬
‭If so…‬
‭I’m a knight, Asahina a princess, and I have a desire to protect Asahina?‬

‭”Oh, oh oh Oh! Don’t be silly. Oh oh oh dear!”‬

‭There is no no no no no no no no no‬
‭No, absolutely not. This is not my dream. I have no dream like this.‬

‭Not? ‬

‭Wait, wait a minute.‬
‭Asahina is now dreaming of an ideal by the dirty insect. And I was watching that Asahina.‬
‭Is this maybe the dream of Asahina? My ability to “see” the World of Asahina’s image?‬
‭Yes, it must be. Let’s say so.‬
‭It is a suicide if this is my dream.‬

‭”Motaro! That’s enough! Go down!”‬
‭”Pechahina, that Motaro is a Ringo. Seriously!”‬
‭”Princess! Talk to me! Listen to my story!”‬
‭”I’m not in the right. You’re saying the princess is going down, so lets go down.”‬

‭I thrust myself between the two people while frustrated. However, it has been ignored again.‬
‭Oh,. This is a dream of Asahina, but I can’t bear it. I can’t stand being in this space.‬
‭What is a knight?‬
‭I’ve never had such a severe mental attack in the past.‬
‭And think of it as a set, I’m going to take Asahina away. And, it runs away from the even of the kingdom, and it flirts.‬
‭When such a thing is confronted, the spirit collapses seriously.‬

‭”Coming back to reality, but I don’t know how to get back…”‬

‭It seems like I can go home if I lift my abilities, but I can’t unlock this.‬
‭Or, if this is the ideal of Asahina, do you mean to rush into an infinite loop unless Asahina wakes up?‬
‭Hey, no pun.‬

‭”Hey, Pechahina! Do you like feeling bad like that? Except for me, it’s not my element! Either way, I’m the devil, you’re the princess or the setting of the kidnapped is better!? No, wake up!”‬

‭I cried desperately toward Asahina, but Asahina doesn’t respond to my voice at all.‬
‭There was no reaction even if I thrust between them several times before, and I might not see.‬
‭Damn, what are you doing here? If you can “see”, but you can’t intervene, you don’t have to.‬

‭”Until Asahina has broken this dream, are you just looking like an idiot?”‬

‭As long as Asahina doesn’t awaken, I may not be able to escape from the world of Asahina.‬
‭That’s a good one. Because you can not get out, at least change the settings. Don’t be a knight, seriously. I really beg you.‬

‭”Motaro! Are you okay with me being embraced by other gentlemen? What are you protecting me?”‬

‭Oh, so stop that Motaro.‬
‭My wish is also empty and the farce continues.‬
‭Oh, please, Asahina, this is not. I really beg you to stop.‬

‭”Princess! I! I ah ah ah ah!”‬

‭The knight me who cried at the entrance, the tooth was bitten, the fist was clasped, and the head was lowered when one was put on the spot.‬

‭”Suicide at the end of this place!”‬

‭And, the sword was pulled out from the waist, and the blade was applied to the neck when saying so.‬
‭Oh, die, die, die. That is more than good.‬

‭”What is it?”‬

‭Asahina who saw knight me who tried to suicide and changed it until then, and Biki the blood vessel floated to the temple and glared at knight me.‬
‭Somehow, the tide has changed.‬

‭”Are you saying you are so beautiful and neat and pretty and you’re going to die with a princess? Aren’t you stupid? There’s a bed there. Why can’t you push me down? Are you still the penis guy? I’m afraid and not saying anything.”‬

‭Asahina who looks at knight me, hangs the preach to the bossy.‬
‭What is that overwhelming self-praise. And I say that I do not speak words, but you’re talking fluently.‬
‭Amazing, it’s an appalling thing to begin with, isn’t it? I thought this setting was hers, right? But why is she preaching to me?‬
‭That? Did you think about this development from the beginning and wanted to preach to me? You just wanted to see me?‬
‭Huh? Do you come? Is it so? Is that you? You’re picking a fight, right?‬

‭”Hey, Knight me! Shut that idiot up! This is a dream! It’s just a setting of knights! I want Knight me to commit that idiot!”‬

‭I cried desperately, but Knight me did not hear me.‬

‭”Hehehe, no one is here Suzuhara. You’re a knight, right? That’s right? I’m a princess. You can’t disobey me, right?”‬

‭To say that I was shivering in the back of the room until just a little while ago, when she saw the knight, she laughed with her nose in the moss, and when she walked, she went to the entrance of the room and stood in front of Knight me. And stuck out her right leg.‬

‭”It is Suzuhara. Do not lick my legs.”‬

‭The right foot of the knight who sticks the sword to the neck with the one is thrust, and my jaw of the knight is pushed up with a quill on the right foot, and laughed Asahina.‬

‭”Is, ha, is ha…”‬

‭I had a lot of anger and laughter.‬

‭”Hey, Knight me! Even if it rots, I would! Get the out of Here! Rather cut it off!”‬

‭Fuck. I’m not kidding. I’m going to get into the habit of M. It might be a dream, but I can never forgive.‬
‭But alas, my voice is out of reach and I can’t get my hands on it.‬
‭I don’t know what to do. Is it possible to intervene somehow? It might be a dream or something, but I can never forgive.‬
‭It’s my ability. I managed to force the dream of Asahina to intervene. If you can do it, you may die. I bet this life, make Asahina beaten.‬

‭I don’t know.‬

‭Asahina, who had pushed the knight’s jaw up with her right toe, said so and stick her tongue out. And I Saw “Me”.‬
‭I saw “me” instead of the knight.‬
‭I can see… ??‬

‭”Mother fucker, were you acting?”‬

‭I glance at the Asahina that was looking at me, and raised my voice while desperately suppressing the rage which seemed to explode at any moment.‬
‭I can see that my face is twitching with anger.‬

‭”From the middle. Well, I thought it was strange from the start. It was very comfortable, but I didn’t feel refreshed and felt bad. “‬

‭That said, Asahina came up to me standing on the wall, and the sigh was leaked when the shoulder was shrugged.‬

‭That’s right. Still this is a dream. I don’t think I needed to come here.‬

‭. I don’t need “help” for this guy. The reason is that this guy is satisfied with the dream that anything wants to come true.‬
‭I’m not here to help you. I’m unwilling to come here.‬

‭Is this a dream world? I don’t know, but…‬

‭Asahina was staring straight at me, and the shoulder was shrugged with sighs.‬

‭”I’ll say thank you.”‬

‭It laughed saying so.‬

‭I realized that I was back in the basement.‬
‭When I lower my gaze, the breathing Rikka that is leaning on my knees is making an adorable look.‬

‭”I was feeling well in bed, but I feel bad because of someone.”‬

‭When I turned my eyes to the voice I heard, Asahina was lying on the table and was trying to get up.‬

‭”What is this disgusting creature? Sea creatures? It’s too bad, it’s so cute all around.”‬

‭While whining and complaining, asahina grabs the dirty insect riding on the lower abdomen.‬
‭Are you really a woman? Normally, if a Nume creature like a giant sea that stretches mad and tentacles is riding on the lower abdomen, you would scream or faint. Still, it is said to grip it with bare hands while it goes around and it is lovely.‬

‭”Oh, Suzuhara-kun, Good morning.”‬

‭The whole body is crawling with tentacles, nipple and clitoris is abnormally erected, Asahina is pouring loose juice sloppy from the vaginal, I have been greeted without shame, far from hiding.‬
‭The body of Asahina which the restoration finished perfectly.‬
‭Asahina who’s whole body was mucus-covered because of the sea creatures, shines in the dim cellar and emerged.‬

‭”Thank you for the creatures of the Sea. who worked hard, so you can live now.”‬

‭While I tsk, I vomit and throw it away toward Asahina.‬
‭The insect use was said that it became beautiful more than before when the repair ended, and, huh, it is not so-well. ‬
‭But it looks just like that. It’s just the look and the worst character.‬

‭”Wow, this kid helped me. Then I’ll have to thank you. “‬

‭When she heard my words, Asahina said so and stared at the sea creatures holding her right hand.‬
‭In fact, it was the guy who was trying to capture Asahina in the world of dreams and get the hell out of it.‬

‭I’m really hungry.‬

‭She sets the soggy sea creatures on the stand, Asahina stood up to say that she was naked, and put her hands on his hips and glance down at me.‬
‭I’m sitting in a container and I see everything in full view. It is not to conceal it and to expose it majestically.‬
‭It seems, and the insect use said that there is a possibility that the chest becomes big when the body is repaired, and it has not changed at all.‬
‭Zama not. Pechahina remains a peacock for a lifetime.‬

‭”Do you have anything to be shy?”‬
‭”What is it? What do you want to see? You raped me.”‬

‭I laugh at my question with my nose, and I look at Asahina with a fearless smile.‬

‭-Oh ♡ I have seen all the shameful place ♡ from Suzuhara-kun ♡ I feel like I feel better than usual but it’s just a feeling that I have been seen in the butt is itchy ♡ ♡‬

‭Asahina is looking at me, but the heart is always a de-M transformation.‬
‭Beetles, I’m feeling better than usual somehow, it’s disgusting. The side effects of the insect were not so terrible as to destroy the spirit. We’re not talking.‬

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