Half elves fall in love chapter 119

Chapter 119: Next Form 1 [Irina]



After returning to Polka, we lived in an inn again. The inn and the rooms in use were almost decided recently. Because it was a single room, I wouldn’t be bothered by Keiron’s sleep talking and Lantz’s gnashing. That said, I couldn’t feel at home. I wanted a calm home if possible. Since the land was abundant, the Baron said it was okay to build a crossbow dormitory for long-term stays and it would be nice if time and manpower could be secured.

Anyway, my bed was usually the first destination for most in the morning, someone was lurking in. Mostly Maia. Sometimes Selenium, Apple or Luna. Rarely, Hilda. As expected, Anzeros and Aurora should be worried about the morning meeting or just came to wake up. Dianne did not come from herself. Laila seemed to have decided that this was the territory of Maia and Jeanne, but Jeanne was currently busy taking care of Peter. And today I felt warmth other than myself, so I checked it with my hand while sleeping. Big breasts meant Selenium or Apple, normal size meant Luna and modest size equals Maia. Hilda didn’t sleep together and by the time I realized it, she was sucking. And boobs……none.


Since it was even smaller than I had expected, I opened the futon suspiciously. Silver hair close to white came out. It was not Luna because of the shade. Not even Maia.

“……Mu. You´re really a pervert for touching my chest the first thing after waking up……huahu.”
“What is it natural to lurk into a man’s futon, you pervert clan chief!”
“Jeanne recommended me that sleeping together with you was good. ……Surely the warmth of human skin is hard to endure.”

Her beloved grass-colored robe spread over the futon. Her underwear was also casually pecked. Was she full of willingness or was she always naked when she slept? It seemed to be both by her state.

“Mumyu. ​​……I’m going to sleep a little bit more. Dianne said that when the four bells rang, we will have a morning meeting.”
“Do you want me to do that?”

Irina who tried to sleep saying only what she wanted to say, was caught in the futon, and her back was turned towards me and her crotch was visible from the valley of her hips.

“Se, See here, if you look at a woman early in the morning, you’ll be sexual excited.”
“It’s regrettable. I´m only sexual excited towards a cute girl who is in high spirits.”
“What you say is, I’m not your pet. No doubt you should count on it!”
“If you don’t want to do it… Sorry, I’ll call Maia and let her handle my morning erection with her womb!”
“……D, Don’t say I won’t do it……!!”

Although she was repulsive with some things, she was a useless clan chief who bit at once when you say something mean.

“Then without reservation.”
“……You know, I’m not going to let you think, I´m a 『Easy to use semen toilet』”
“I don’t think so. Then Maia is easier to use.”

If I call her anytime, anywhere, she would come right away and spread her pussy willingly if I said so and both holes were okay even if there was no physical strength. And she was a Strong dragon!

“……It’s a very regrettable story because it’s affirmed.”
“You don’t have to worry too much because you have an exquisite pussy.”
“You are only interested in holes.”
“Isn’t it a story of excellence as a female toilet……?”

I think we were having a very strange conversation when heard from the side, but it was fun to tickle this weird meanness of Irina. It was also fun to snuggle in the futon, touch her body and mess around with her crotch that had some extra space.

“Mu, Muuu……that’s certainly the case, but if you fuck me, you should be more thankful and worshiping……”
“Do you have sex while worshiping?”
“……It, It’s a strange impression when you say something like that, anyway……I, I’m a cheap woman……”
“A woman who is not cheap doesn’t go into a man’s bed without permission in the morning.”

I stabbed my dick from behind into Irina, whose body was blazingly hot as if she was expecting it while chatting.


Next, I shook my hips while licking Irina’s ears. She was like a side character. I hugged Irina’s tiny little body and snatched away her escape in the futon to stimulate the interior of her vagina. However, Irina’s masterpiece was more challenging and the more I cornered her, the more intense her tightening got. She was probably not conscious of it.

“……I’ll pour plenty of slimy thick milk into you the first thing in the morning.”
“Do, Don’t pour it in!”
“Then I won’t pour. For now, I’ll just move. Then I will call Apple and take her as a substitute.”
“Mu, Muuu……!”

The clan chief who protested about cumming into her vagina didn’t say any words. While tightening firmly under the futon, she shook her waist slightly to push my waist. Sorry, I wanted to put out quite a bit because it was just the morning.

“Idiot, if you tighten and shake so much, I……!”
“Ha, auu……you’re just persistent in my womb……♪”

While both of us became ecstatic of pleasure, I continued to make a deep round trip movement without thinking about going against my words. I turned over and Irina was made to lay down on the bed and her escape place was lost to the small naked body and my penis was pushed to her back, before I ejaculated pleasantly.

“Ha, niaaaaa……♪”
“Haaa, haaa, haaa……!!”

Then, resting on Irina’s body and taking a breath, I persistently remained in her cervix.

“……Ag, Again, incorrigibly mating……♪ It’s not heavy……you definitely take it out on purpose……♪”
“Well……sorry, this is a nasty pussy.”
“Kukuu……do you want to leave it like that? Well, it does not seem to lose strength at all yet and my vagina is spreading out rudely……♪”
“Can I ask for another shot?”
“It can’t be helped……hey, lie down, let me move personally.”

Irina switched over with a strangely satisfying face and she again straddled me while spilling the soup. This was not a face that said it couldn’t be helped. It was a face that said the real thing would start from now on. It was so dirty!

“N, aaa……ku, I, this body, is skewered……♪”

Four bells rang when I released two additional shots while changing various positions with the nasty Irina.


Neia, Anzeros, Aurora, and Boyd did battle practice four times a day as they dare to travel back and forth between the hot spring and fields. Luna and Dianne were doing scouting training in the forest. Keiron and the two soldiers cultivated their intuition during hunting and Selenium and Apple took care of Peter with Jeanne at the Baron’s mansion. This shift will go on for a while. Hilda-san and the two dragons should just be free. And, I was making a prototype of a new weapon which used 「Breath sealing stone」 with Jackie-san.

“It’s really huge. What’s the axis?”
“This? Crossbow mainframe.”
“Isn’t it 50% larger than the one Bocchan is always taking care of?”
“Shoot it, it’s not an arrow.”

New weapon, named Breath Shooter. Well, it was just called Arbalest. I adjusted it properly for the injection of the 「Breath sealing stone」. With that power, if it worked properly, it would become a powerful weapon like a cannon. But…

“……The question is, will it work properly……”
“If the structure is not much different from Bocchan’s product, isn’t there any problem after extending the scale?”
“Yes, if it’s normal to launch.”

I was planning to launch the stone that sealed the peerless dragon breath. Moreover, it was vulnerable to impact. Imagine that. Could it withstand the impact force of the crossbow string that shot through the head of a monster with a single blow and the stone that could be activated just by throwing it normally? However, wasn’t it a good idea to weaken the string due to the fear of an explosion? How much impact was needed to make it explode? Loading and shooting was the best way to check, but was that possible? As a plan, operating the trigger with a string or something from a distance……?

“Hmm……let’s talk about it for the time being.”

Let us ask Irina and Laila for the time being. Wasn’t it possible to heat-treat the shooter with magic or something just during the firing test? ……When it came to time, it might be made with a five-fold full-body heat-resistant armor with engraved crests.


Laila had just come out of the hot spring.

“Ho. Try it.”

Laila pulled the breath shooter’s string, which was difficult even for an ogre, by hand, and put a breath sealing stone on the injection base.

“Hey, there’s a danger of that outburst.”
“Step back.”

As Laila said, I took a few steps back and Laila pulled the trigger toward a rock. A fireball with a diameter of about 2m suddenly came out from the center of Laila´s hands.


As expected, I panicked. Even though she was a dragon if you thought that the dragon breath was too intense for that soft skin……the flame disappeared, the breath shooter (Wrecked) with a crooked frame appeared and not even a single hair was burned on Laila’s hand.

“Ho. I know the power of my own breath. I’m saying with this outbreak fireball wild boars and wolves can be burned at most.”
“……It’s okay, that… ”
“Fire dragons are strong against flames and ice dragons are strong against the cold. I am a black dragon, which is the strongest among fire dragons. Like this I could feel the heat by releasing fire with my nasal breathing.”

……Great. But if it turned her robe into ash on the roadside, she would inevitably be naked.

“I understand, so please wear something.”
“Ho, I’m sorry, I don’t have any clothes. The owner should escort me to the inn.”
“I mean, you really knew that, didn’t you!? I’ve seen you protect your collar with your hands and hair!”
“Hohoho, well♪”

Anyway, the first prototype failed.


By the next day, I had Laila test with No. 2 and No. 3 machines using a frame made in reserve and found out that the tension of No. 3 machine did not trigger at hand. The range was about 70m at most. Dragon Breath had a normal reach, but it was not a substitute for Laila’s Breath, but a weapon for the operation of our 「Breath sealing stone」. ……I really wanted to make it go longer.

“Nevertheless was owner trying to make something like that?”
“Don’t you think it’s written in the castle over there? It’s incomprehensible if you just come up with something larger than the usual gain.”
“Such weapons don’t fly straight unless they are properly sized……though, at the time, I was thinking differently.”
“Why don’t you make it?”
“……I don’t know where I put the cloth on which it was written.”

I remembered what I was trying to make. A sphere base was provided with a handle and on the opposite side was a cylindrical flame ejection hole. It should have looked like a sword with a drawn blade. The parts other than the handle were split in half with a hinge and a mechanism was made to converge the direction of the flame with engraved crests inside. The problem was the engraved crests I wrote at that time. There was a response that I was super frightened of and I was really into it. It was lost, and it was not possible to recall the detailed place though it was sure to have been able to do the job satisfactorily. I decided to put it off and make the breath shooter because I thought that I would regret it absolutely even if I made things in this state.

“So, if it’s not super close, it’s probably not possible to use it. The effective range was not large even if Laila was activating the seal, and the range of the injection might be less whether there is a range of 3-4m.”
“It would be good to have an emergency measure for thugs in the first place.”
“Well, that’s right.”

If possible, I wanted to use it systematically in the fight against the monsters. When I was thinking about that, the throwing device seemed to be more effective.

“But if you have lost it, why not use Apple. If it helps, She will be in high spirits to help you.”

That was certainly true when said like that. Apple’s fortune-telling magic was highly accurate. Was there such a hand?

“Come on, if you put it off, you won’t have to burn it to anyone.”
“Th, That’s right.”

Inspired by Laila, I rushed to the Baron’s mansion with her. And that was where I received Apple´s fortune-telling.

“Emm, the distance itself is not far……oh, far away……it’s moving. But I see Dianne has it. I think it’s probably used for wrapping small packages.”
“Thank you. ……Where did Dianne go?”
“She went to training with Luna-chan a while ago. Maia-chan is with them.”

Selenium, who was carrying Peter on behalf of Jeanne, made a sudden appearance and supplemented…

“Maia too?”
“They went to the forest and asked Irina to guide them, maybe they went to the Holy Beast Labyrinth.”
“I see……by the way, Selenium”
“I have a problem with you exposing your boobs. What do you do when the baron comes.”
“I’ll hide it as soon as the Baron comes. I took them out as Peter wanted to suck on it.”
“……Peter wants to suck on big and small breasts without hesitation. Baroness, the guard’s wife, he sucks the breasts of every woman who came. He likes and dislikes, but I’m worried about the future.”

Jeanne said that with a slightly tired face. Yup. I was a little like my child.


I followed Dianne with Laila. There was an elf that had just come out of the Cherry Blossom Clan near the hot spring, so I asked him to open the ancient border, flying to the Red Clan using the teleportation of the Cherry Blossom clan and from there flying immediately on Laila to the Holy Beast Labyrinth. Departing before noon, it took about two hours.

And the Holy Beast Labyrinth that we arrived at was completely different from half a year ago. A village surrounded by log fences was built on the grassland near the Holy Beast Labyrinth and hundreds of elves polished their weapons, lined up their medicines, and swung their swords for strength training everywhere. It was an elf version of an adventurer camp itself.

“Welcome to Hero Smithson and Black Dragon Laila.”
“Diel, after a long time. Stop calling me hero, misunderstandings are spreading in various ways.”

I said hello to Diel who was practicing with other elves in the center of the village. I was really excited. Originally, I liked this lively atmosphere.

“There are a lot of elf warriors. You……I heard it in a fake story, but it was a story about whether it would be 100 if all the swordsmen of the Red Clan were collected.”
“Hahaha, there are a lot of elves from most of the clans who yearn to be adventurers. There are many young people in particular. If any clan goes out of the forest and it comes to adventure, a moderate ability and the resolution are requested. In that respect, the Holy Beast Labyrinth has many friends to challenge with, so you can gain experience relatively safely, and because it’s in the forest, you don’t need much procedure.”
“I see… ”

It was the same with elves like that with young people who dreamt of being adventurers around the world.

“By the way, did Dianne come here?”
“Dianne……that dark elf? She went to say hello to Breakcore”

I waved to Diel and left the camp. Then we climbed a gentle slope where the elves came and went and headed for the meadow above the labyrinth.

There were still no growth periods in the prairie (I think there is an example of Irina, so I can’t affirm) and several young elves gathered to play the harp or have lunch. I couldn’t find that characteristic one-horned horse……instead, Dianne, Luna and Irina were found soon.

“……Mu, Andy. What’s the matter”
“Encouragement to me?”
“Ah. Well, in addition to that, but Dianne, do you know that there’s an engraving on the back of the cloth you wrapped your package?”
“……Wrapping? Wait a moment.”

I checked the package that Dianne brought with her. A young elf girl stood in front of us waiting for it.

“It’s been 8 months, Andy.”
“……Who are you?”
“You don’t recognize me?”

The girl smiled. At that time, I noticed the foreign object on her head that looked like a hair ornament, but was a horn. A one-horned ogre……? No, the ears were pureblood or the length of an elf close to it. ……No way…

“Yes, it’s me!”

When the elf girl tried to say more, the back of the forest suddenly became noisy. A few elves with swords tumbled out and jumped out onto the grassland, yelling to call for support.

“Oh dear. Unromantic.”

The girl shrugged her shoulders. A bear monster appeared from the back of the forest……I saw a huge shadow that seemed to be a Lumberjack Grizzly rushing through the earth. Dianne stood up and Luna stretched her tail and warned. Laila sat down. But ignoring them all, the horned elf girl jumped on the meadow. Despite the lack of power, the flight time and flight distance were unusually long. A simple jump that made you feel superhuman physical abilities like special duty commander Becker. And the moment the Lumberjack Grizzly came out of the trees,


Don. The girl just held her hand and knocked down the bear monster, which reached four meters, without touching it. The bear started to rise and jumped up to the sky only by her wave of the hand equally lightly, turned down where it fell, and went out of nowhere……no, it was forcibly cut sideways by the 「Growing」 spear coming from her hand.

“……That is”

I could only think of one person, no, one person who can fight like that.

“Let’s continue talking, friend!”

The girl said so in an aloof tone that was not like a girl’s.

“I’m Holy Beast Breakcore. Are you surprised at this?”

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