Half elves fall in love chapter 120

Chapter 120: Next Form 2



The young girl with pure white hair, calm deep blue eyes and horns that grow along the head in a very soft manner. Her spear……it was the same as the horns of the forehead. She seems to be able to let it grow and stretch out of her hand.

“Whether Grizzly or Madwolf, in the old days elves mostly alone could beat them. Today’s elves are certainly weak”

Fold it with her hand and thrust it to that side. If you look closely, she may have used it as a weapon until now and there were many horns of similar length standing like a fence at the corner of the meadow. There is also a guy who puts a string on them and uses it for props to dry herbs. ……How to use the expensive magic potion that houses 10 centimeters.

“Frail……don’t be reckless. Those who’re coming to this labyrinth are always half-man with a shell on their butts”

Diel, who seems to have flew away after hearing the commotion, countered the sighs as he said.

“If they keep alive and learn about battles, they will be able to do that soon. I told you to look at it in the long go”
“I know without being told it again by a three hundred years old boy. Don’t look serious at old people”

Kukuku, Breakcore show a nasty smile disproportionately to her appearance. She looks like 15-16 years old, just like Anzeros. No, Anzeros just looks young.

“Rather than that, hey Red, bring some young people out of the village quickly. Let’s make this a bear pot”
“……A pot with monsters. Don’t plan crazy things”
“It’s not unusual in the south. That’s why you’re frail”

While listening to the conversation between Breakcore and Diel, I feel relieved that the elves think so too. I still don’t want to eat monster roast or belly if I don’t have blessing salt.

“A friend came from a distance, so I have to do such a treat♪”

Breakcore is delighted to dismantle the giant bear with a short horn grown from her hand. So don’t treat the horn of a one-horned horse as disposable tool.

“I will help”

Maia borrows a knife from Dianne and rushes to Breakcore´s side. The scenery that two girls in their mid-teens happily teared the bloodstained giant bear was really surreal.

“Hoho, it’s up to you to bake”
“I said it was a pot, black dragon”
“Ho, the Holy Beast is not good at eating meat, so I don’t mind”
“I’m saying it’s a pot. I’ll say it once again, it’s a pot”

For some reason, Laila and Breakcore start a controversy about how to cook. Both are probably particular about it. Or rather.

“What, the Holy Beast is unable to eat meat?”

When I asked Breakcore, it looked a bit awkward.

“It’s correct to say that I can’t digest, rather than eat. It goes to the stomach, but it is almost spitted out again”
“Why? After all, the repulsion with the 『Qi』 of the monster?”
“It’s not just about the flesh, it’s the Holy Beast’s body that doesn’t need food. ……The body has been transformed into a structure that lives by ingesting high-purity 『Qi』”
“Haa. ……That means, you can’t live if you leave this place”
“The current state is fastening. Well, as long as I don’t leave this place, I’ll be resurrected here without permission even if I die from lack of vitality”

One mystery of the holy beast has been solved. No, it wasn’t a mystery or anything for those who know well.


Lumberjack Grizzly. The bear meat, which has grown to 4 meters in height, is nearly 1 ton in the edible part alone and it will take several days even if everyone in the labyrinth camp, which has hundreds of people, enjoy the pot to their heart content.

“If you know that your vitality as a species is thin because of the clean 『Qi』,you can eat as much as a monster before you say it’s a journey. It is not said that I eat mud at all and the monsters becomes the soil if they die as well as usual living things anyway. Therefore, don’t worry, eat, keep eating”

Dozens of bear pots were lined up on the grass with Breakcore leading and the elves who were surprised at first started reaching out with confidence as they saw Diel, Irina and me start eating.

“Sorry, Smithson”
“I’m used to working for Celesta, so I’m used to it”

It is a secret that I diligently mix blessed salt into the plate.

“I don’t think it’s better to boil it a little more”

Irina ate a lot while struggling to chew. It’s amazing that there’s no resistance to eating it.

When I was full after eating a dish, Dianne brought me the cloth with the engraved crest written on it.

“I hope this cloth is fine”
“Yes, this is it”

A familiar cloth and handwriting, no doubt.

“What’s this”

After all, Breakcore, who seemed to be free because she didn’t eat, looked into my writing from behind. I’m a little nervous about the strangely arranged girl’s face.

“Engraved crest drawing”
“Engraved crest?”
“Emm, it’s one of the southern forest technology that changes the characteristics of objects by engraving magic lines”
“……I see. Hmm, is this a focused radiation device for energy?”
“You understand it quickly!?”
“I haven’t lived for thousands of years just for show”

As expected from Breakcore.

“I see, the southern forest……was the Sky Blue Clan prospering in this way……”
“……Prosperity? Is there a relationship between engraving crests and prosperity?”
“Elves are originally able to control physical properties with sensible magic spells even if they don’t have this kind of shape. ……It’s impossible to law it, creating tools and technically releasing it to other races that have no magic power. Re-research as a system to do this is not possible in this forest with poor ventilation”
“That’s not to stop the step. Just like arithmetic, if you can’t do it anymore, if you stop thinking more than that, it will become a fossil. I wonder, but if you have the feeling to refine things in this way, it will lead to vitality that is several times more than the whole of the northern forest”
“……I’m not sure, but it’s harder to use the head to become a senile old man?”
“…………If you put it together violently”

It was Breakcore that seemed to be a little dissatisfied with my suitable summary.

And, it is good that the engraved crest drawing was obtained. There is also a stove for armor forging in the Labyrinth Camp. Because there is only the forefront, it is bigger than Jackie-san’s workshop and the soundproofing illusion barrier is also permanently installed, so it will not be a nuisance to people. I really want to make it here, but there is one very unfortunate mistake.

“I should have brought my crest engraving sword with me……”

I left the sword that I always used for crest engraving in the inn.

“Ho, shall I go and get it”
“I hope you could do that……”

Without it, only a part can be made. No, I can just make the part here and engrave it later, but I want to make it while adjusting it while having Laila try it if possible.

“The crest engraving sword is something that you got from our storehouse”

Diel has confirmed that he should have heard from the fake during the stay period after the previous capture of the Holy Beast Labyrinth. So I´m not a thief.

“You actually do it with a pen that can carve with some magical power. The ones that are sold in the southern forest are very expensive for me, so I’m still engraving crests with that crest engraving sword”

Breakcore thinks a little. Then stretch out a horn from the palm. Fold it with a chop.

“Dianne was it?”

Then she calls out to Dianne and give her the folded horn.

“Can’t this be used for that crest engraving? It should have a good affinity for magic”

……Such a hand. Thinking, Dianne shook her head by rubbing the folded horn on the back of the plate around it.

“It’s impossible. The output is weak. If you use it for the pen shaft, it will be a good material”
“Is that so……regrettable”

Breakcore is a little disappointed.

“I’m pretty happy just because of that feeling”
“……Ah, yes. I’ll give you as much as I can”

Breakcore makes her cheeks blush. ……Please stop saying that with that face.

“Ho. Well, if the substitute doesn’t work, you should bring something. Leave it to me”
“……No, wait a little”

Dianne stops Laila who is trying to walk outside the camp.

“Holy Beast. This labyrinth surely has a second basement on the northwestern end……”
“……Ah, green pearl……if it’s that”

Dianne and Breakcore are both convinced.

“I confirmed it during the last riot. There’s a magic coagulation body production gimmick here”
“A magic coagulation body?”
“In short it is a solid mass of 『Qi』. If handled normally, it is a dangerous substance that just disturbs magic, but if you seal it by processing it on the Breakcore´s horn……”
“……It becomes the high power magic tool you want”

Breakcore agrees.

“Luna, this is a task”

Luna, who was still silently eating her bear pot with Irina, turned towards Dianne.

“Magic coagulation body in the second floor of the labyrinth basement……or perhaps I should say, pick one up where the green glowing stones of this size are laying. Don’t let the monsters find you
“You alone”

When she swallows the bear meat, Luna puts down the plate and stands up.

“Can I go right away?”
“He, Hey, Luna”

Luna should not have learned to fight. And even though the elves come and go frequently, it’s no different to break into a dangerous labyrinth alone and come out alone. I was worried about Luna saying that she was too casual, but Dianne grinned and Luna jumped into the labyrinth as soon as she wore only the minimum tool belt.

“I wonder if it’s all right……”
“It’s okay, Luna is comparable to Anzeros if it’s just speed”
“Eh, so much”

In the past, Anzeros was synonymous with blunt stiffness due to her armor, but now she is so light that it is impossible to catch her at linear speed. She should be fairly fast for an Ace Knight. Certainly, Luna’s leg strength is impressive, but as soon as it was said that she is comparable to Anzeros, I feel reliable.

“She doesn’t have to face the enemy in vain……Laila, why don’t you hide and follow her and help her if it’s really dangerous”
“Ho. ……Good grief, I’ll feel free to take care of her”

Laila turns around lightly as she answers and follows Luna. ……I’m glad that I can count on her and she was also worried about Luna. Laila is such a fellow.

“I’ll make love to you when you come back”
“Hoho, I’m really motivated♪”

Laila laughed and waved at me before she disappeared into the labyrinth.

“Andy, you really are riding that dragon.”

Breakcore laughs and says that a little complicated.

“I’m sure you’re getting along, whether you’re riding her or not”
“Andy is a good master. I´m glad that I’m managed by him”

Maia sticks to me to match her words.

“……I’ve heard that you’re really good at mating with females”
“Breakcore. Wait a minute”
“What’s with that 『I’ve heard』”

Even if I understand, I can’t help asking. That sad habit of mine.

“Silver Clan´s archer Phaser eagerly said so”

Phaser. Rather, he came to such a place in another clan´s territory and he is talking about unnecessary things.

“But it is certain that there is no element that can deny it at present”
“But if you think about it, there are six more women who are glad to enter your bed, even if they’re not here right now, including my older sister. Moreover, they´re self-proclaimed female slaves. It’s not going to be like that with a lady-killer who’s good at seducing”

Dianne betrayed me…….

“And no matter who it is, he doesn’t hesitate to seed that person. No matter how much people say it, he doesn’t listen”

Irina also betrayed me…….

“……Well, when I’m with Andy-sama, I’m so happy that I can understand everyone’s feelings”

Maia, please, stay with me.

“Irina!? Have you been trained by Smithson?”

Diel is very surprised. No wait.

“I haven’t done it!”
“Don’t say it!”

I’m going to talk to Irina. Right after that.

“Well, if you think it’s okay to be held at the request of Smithson-dono, who is full of divine protection from the forest……I’ve been reminded of a lot of things”

After all, Irina was a traitor. No, it’s definitely approaching and not wrong.

“That is unbearable……♪”
“……Smithson, I’m a resigned clan chief, so I don’t bother to say anything about other clans……but isn’t Irina unattractive?”
“I feel she is a little thin……”

There is certainly something to think about without saying.

“……I understand”

Breakcore (blush) deeply agrees. And she snapped her finger.


I’m not sure what happened. I feel that only the atmosphere has changed.

“As expected from the Holy Beast……”
“It’s quite a trick”

Other than me, Dianne, Maia and Irina seemed to know what had happened. I don’t know. Just somehow the air changed and Diel was in front of me……that? I’m answering what I’m not saying. ……Oh, it’s a little out of place. What did they hear?

“What’s going on……?”
“It’s a complete deception illusion. It is hiding its figures by『Showing』 instead of 『Erasing』. It’s the most obscure concealment”

Dianne’s explanation didn’t come out, but Irina, who laughed with a chuckle, pulled me and suddenly came to me.


And, she signals me with her eyes to look sideways as she knocks on my chest with her fingers. Diel was laughing. Something seems to be out of place. ……In other words.

“They don’t see what we do, neither Diel nor the guys around. Instead, it looks as if we are talking normally and even if we talk to them, we get answers”
“It was only my mother who could do this at out palace. My granduncle couldn’t do it either”
“It’s super-high magic. That’s enough to get a general-grade salary in the intelligence brigade”

Wow, Breakcore is incredible. And why is she doing this?

“……Andy. I will give you, my benefactor, as much as I can”

Breakcore blushed and said with her ears hanging. She seems nervous. The expression is great, but the voice is trembling a little, and it does not sound as great as thought because it is more lovely than above all.

“Well, why don’t you try mating with me. ……I thought about it a lot and then I couldn’t come up with what you wanted, but I came up with it by the silver clan´s boy´s words. ……I don’t die, so I lost the meaning of sex a long time ago, but human males would like to mate with females……I guess”
“Eh, ah, well……”

I hear strange sighs from around me who gives a vague answer.

“Oh dear”
“I understand. I understand Breakcore”
“……It’s okay to join, right?”

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