Half elves fall in love chapter 122

Chapter 122: Next Form 4 [Laila Breakcore]



Even after midnight, the blacksmith’s workshop in front of the Holy Beast Labyrinth Camp did not extinguish the fire.

“Even if Red Clan´s Diel or Holy beast protect you, you can’t give bad armor to young people. Any weak demon opponent will die in one shot if you hit it badly. I can’t rest anytime”

The young blacksmith, Ganto, who came from the Gold Clan, welcomed me willingly when I visited in the middle of the night.

“But even though it’s a small thing, can you make it overnight like this?”
“I’ll do my best”

I grab the hammer and hit the iron to start molding. It doesn’t have to be extremely elaborate because it doesn’t make a sword or armor, but it is certainly better to make it precisely because of the engravings inside the split solid. Even if I have carved a crest, the line will not be misaligned.

“……Hee, you´re pretty good. You´re much better than the immature apprentice who came the other day”
“I once trained in the Sreed workshop in the capital city”
“S, Sreed? It’s amazing or not”
“……Well, about the fifth in the capital”
“The fifth in the royal city with more than 80 workshops. It’s just a single-digit workshop from the top. It also is one of the 10 sword craftsmen of the royal capital!?”
“I, Is that so? Sorry”
“……Well, I was pulled in a war before the apprenticeship was over, so my training wasn’t over”

Sorry for being a half-hearted person.

Due to the high firepower of the furnace, things are completed more easily than expected. And when I went outside, Dianne and Laila were waiting.

“We were able to cut out the shaft and seal the inner. The rest is the processing of the pen tip, but I think it’s better for you to do this”
“Luna and that white little girl have been taken to a hammock inn over there. They both got tired and slept. Maia listens to the old stories of the holy beast”

I receive Breakcore´s horn cut out to a length of about 15 cm, presented by Dianne. It is thin enough to fit in my hand but sturdy and it also has a square cap. When I opened it, there was a hole of several millimeters at the tip.

“If you just want to draw a line of magic power, you may not care about the shape of the tip. In fact, the sword up to now is also made especially for writing, but I wonder if it is a waste of time”

Laila says so strangely, but Dianne and I laughed bitterly at the same time.

“Well, if the elves use it, they don’t need a structure to apply ink”
“I can’t see the lines of magic that I wrote myself. If I don’t put on the ink, I don’t know how much I’ve engraved once I release the pen”

Laila hits her hand as if she was convinced. Surprisingly, it is a story that people who 「Can see」 dont understand.

“That’s why it’s reasonable because the southern forest engraving pens are feathers that are easy to process. The rest is a matter of difficulty in getting it”
“Is that a rare feather?”
“I know the details are secret, but I’ve heard that it must be a feather taken from a Rebec Hawk on the night of a full moon in autumn”

Rebec Hawk. It is a bird of prey unique to the Snake Mountain Range. The maximum speed is so fast that it is almost impossible to confront with a sword. It usually eats small animals and fishes, but you sometimes witness scenes of it killing a Mad Wolf. A stronger and more troublesome bird than a bad monster.

“If you don’t miss a particular night to kill it……it’s expensive”
“It will be troublesome if it is overhunted, so recently I hear that the Rebec Hawks are caught without killing them with anesthetized arrows”
“Southern elves are incredible”

Breakcore´s horn must be a super high-grade material, but I knew why it is so expensive.

“Now, I’m going to make the pen nib. ……It’s okay to use all these pearls, right?”
“Well, I don’t think it’s something that’s used that much in size”

As I received permission, I returned to the workshop again and borrowed the tools and went into work.


The pen nib is also completed before dawn. After adjusting with the shaft, I made a special engraving pen.


Immediately, I try to engrave a crest on the inside of the radiation device I made earlier. The young Ganto watched it interestingly.

“Oh……that’s amazing, that pattern”
“You understand?”
“Ou, this is still a bit of an item creation, but humans can change their characteristics so easily……”
“In the story of the southern forest teacher, it was also said to be a technique suitable for dwarves rather than elves”
“I see……by making the intersection of magic powers and polymerization into an equation, you can make sure that you can achieve the targeted effect even with a little detour……certainly such ornament making is great for the obsessed dwarves……indeed, indeed”

Ganto seemed to realize the effect of the engraving more reliably, thanks to the fact that the characteristics of the item were understood from the sign of the actual thing, like Breakcore.

“I’ll go to the South Forest to learn……but I wonder what Oliver-sama would say……”
“Go, it’s fun to do this?”

A sprout of exchange with the outside grew unexpectedly. Even if it is not Ganto, it would be good for someone to go to the training.

Then, in front of the workshop at dawn, I give the radiation device to Laila who was waiting for me without getting bored. It’s like a short magic wand. Even if the concentrated crystal is embedded, it is not made of oak wood that is easy to concentrate. At the end of the handle that is long enough to be held with both hands, there is a sphere part to put the 「Breath sealing stone」 inside and a thin cylinder about 5 centimeters sticks out beyond it.

“Ho. How do you use it?”
“Open the clasp there and put the breath sealing stone inside”
“Ho. Wait a little”

Laila takes out a 「Breath Sealing Stone」 from the air and throws it into the open radiation device.

“Close it”



Oops. I didn’t put a exploding gimmick on it.

“……What should I do? Will it be activated if I hit it?”
“Ho. Well, let’s do it”

Laila hits the radiation device with her fist. Then, a heat ray as expected from the radiation device came out.


Heat ray, several meters long. Probably up to about 4 meters. The flame when I fought against General Lucas also came out, so it was as calculated. And then.

“Laila, that’s the pattern, but……isn’t it hot?”
“Umm, you’re probably fine if you take it”

When I take the handle from Laila´s hand, it is a little warm but not so hot. This is also a success. It is proof that you can concentrate on the heat energy. If the accuracy of the engraving is high, it will probably not burn out even if it is made of wood.

“……Pretty long”
“Yeah. This is an interesting play with fire”

And while we’re whispering, the heat ray that stretched into the sky continue to blow up and disappear in about 7-8 seconds.

“Is the flame of the breath sealing stone also so long when coming out?”
“If you just put it out, it will disappear in an instant. It’s probably the effect of the engraved crest”

This is an interesting side effect. Even if it’s only a few seconds, can it treat the dragon’s flame like a sword?

“I named it now. The name of this guy”
“『Breath Sword』? It’s not bad”

In this way, the second 「Breath Sealing Stone」 utilization weapon was completed. In addition to defeating enemies, it seems to be useful for melting ice safely and burning out doors in case of emergency.


It was morning.

“……Yeah, good weather”

I had used up all my physical strength in the evening orgy the day before and the work from night to morning.

“Do you want to sleep?”

In the grassy field above the labyrinth where the bear pot meeting of the previous day was cleared up and regained its quietness, Breakcore sits next to me and pats her knees. It seems she want to give me a knee pillow.

“Well then……let me sleep a little”

I obediently put my head on her knee.

“……Pleasant, Andy. ……Your weight”

I responded while dreaming and I fell asleep wrapped in the smell of flowers and grass.

I wake up after a while. Rather, the sun came to the middle sky, so it seemed that I had fallen asleep. And Laila is lying on my knees. It was a strange knee pillow chain: Breakcore → I → Laila.


Looking up, Breakcore is in a bad temper.

“Oh……did you get up, Andy?”
“Ho. It’s a warm time to say good morning”
“Why do you look like to be in a bad mood……? Or did you want to go to the bathroom?”
“I don’t need to go to the toilet. ……More than that, that black dragon……I want to do that too”
“…… Is it better for me to have a knee pillow after all?”
“I would like to have a knee pillow, but I want you to do it. ……How can I do that……if I separate the upper body from the lower body……”
“Such thoughts are prohibited”

I reach out, stroke her hair and soothe her. How about it? Laila who laughed at it started to remove my belt.

“Hoho, remember that I hadn’t received yesterday’s reward yet”
“He, Hey, its broad daylight”
“I don’t care if it’s day or night”

When Laila dragged my cock out, she kissed me with a heartfelt love. Throwing away her waistband and taking off her clothes.

“Fool, at such a daytime……you don’t even know who’s coming, but you’re naked……”
“Hoho. This is an opportunity now. ……In general, have you ever spared your own skin?”


“Bl, Black dragon! ……You’re lucky that I can’t move”
“……Eh, can’t you move?”

Is she numb?

“I cant move because Andy is laying on my knees.

It was just strange faithfulness.

“Hoho, in the middle of the elf’s territory, it’s not bad to have sex with the peerless Holy Beast……nn♪”

Laila gets on me and swallows my son in her womb in the midst of the sunny meadow shining like a spring, with a regrettable Breakcore giving me a knee pillow.

“Huu……u, kuu……♪”

Laila’s perfect proportions dance on me. Narrow waist, big breasts, and tight buttocks. And her hot and lewd vagina gives rich pleasure. Exposed unrelentingly to the light, pushing on me, moving her hips up and down.

“Haaa……my owner……you……more, don’t give me more love……?”
“Good grief, you pervert dragon”

I grab Laila’s swaying breasts. I thoroughly rub both breasts according to the up and down movement of Laila in the woman on top posture. I raise my hips in line with the falling hips and hit Laila’s cervix to give her pleasure. Laila began to shout.

“Hauh, a, uu……nn, aahh……good, good……your lust is stuck deep in my vagina……sew me up……♪”
“Because you were so impatient yesterday, it’s a punishment and I’ll do you on all fours like a pet dog later!!”
“Haauu……I’m looking forward to it……♪”

Laila swung her hips on me unstably with her hands behind her back, tilting her body sideways, raising her knees and eventually piling up her body so that she would cling to me.

“Soon, I’m……good feeling……nou, my owner……seed this indecent pet dog……♪”
“You don’t have to tell me……damn, this erotic pussy!”

Laila’s vagina is not as tight as Maia and Irina, but attacks my whole cock freely with stimulation using all aspects, such as lumps, folds or tightening. That stimulation tossed me around violently, just the two of us sticking together and moving up and down quickly. And I reach the ejaculation limit.


Dokun! Dokun, Dokun, Dokun……and Laila who holds my cock with her whole body, hugs me and invites me to shot my semen into her womb.

“Nn……I’m full with your sperm, you’ve got me today……♪”
“Damn it……if you get on me, I can’t endure it”
“Next is my butt hole♪”
“Wa, Wait, next is me”

When Laila tries to get up for the next round, she is interrupted by the flustered Breakcore. Because of the momentum of trying to bring the face closer, her horn stood up on Laila’s head and Laila broke out while groaning 「Ooooo」. Is she okay?

“I might have stabbed you!”

Apparently she didn’t sting, but blood came out.

“Because you are greedy, black dragon. ……I, I can only get love when Andy is here, so give him to me”
“……Mu, Muu……surely, if I take him back after this, I will be able to have sex as much as I can with owner at any time, day and night”

Breakcore pouts to Laila, who is exaggerating whether it is on purpose. Don’t be proud of such a strange win because you are disturbed. I wipe the blood.

“I can’t help it, I’ll give him to you only today”
“……Will you come again, Andy?”
“……Well, eventually”
“I’ll be waiting for you……♪”

Breakcore gently lowered her head and happily began to undress.

Breakcore is raising her butt while being on all fours. Her body…… shrunk to about Irina´s size. She transformed.

“……Yesterday’s appearance was that of a big woman, so I want you to have sex with a small woman this time……”
“No, that’s not the case……I like both”

It was Breakcore that showed a strange caring, but she is cute even if she gets smaller.

“Now, I’ll fuck you like this……”
“Yes……violate me. I want you to hit me like a wild male……”

Breakcore shakes her small butt. The small, rear hole was pierced with my penis covered with Laila´s honey.

“Ngu, uuu……!?”
“You wanted to taste this too……isn’t it so?”
“……You stab it all the way back……don’t ask me that……!!”

It seems to be painful indeed. I felt sorry and thought that I should pull it out, but Breakcore pushed out her ass just before I left. Buried inside again.

“……Not good……from now on, I’ll tell you first……”
“……I, if you want, I will give you anything……!!”

It was a bit of mischievousness, but it was pretty cool. I slowly covered my body on top of Breakcore……and then I started to sit down. I begin to enjoy the small buttocks to the bottom with my penis that enjoyed many other women until now.

“Hagu, u, uu……u, gii……”
“Is it painful?”
“Ye, Yes……it’s about the same size as the white clan little girl……you didn’t dislike that little girl……so I thought it was fine because it was messed up, but……!! Af, After all, this body, tight……!!”
“……But your dick is excited……”

A little self-hatred. But it’s a cute Breakcore that gives her body, sheds tears and faints.

“……I’m fine until it feels good……anyway, I won’t break……I’ll cure myself even if it breaks, so I want you to engrave your heat!!”
“……I’m sorry, Breakcore”
“……Don’t apologize. This is also my desire……higgu!!”

After apologizing, I hug Breakcore´s little body and start thrusting violently. I hear a voice as if someone is being crushed, but I don’t stop. Breakcore keeps grabbing my hand. Don’t stop, and go on. And the end of immoral pleasures is colored by guilt and the desire for control.

“Haa, Haa, Hagaa……a, huaaaaa!!”

I started ejaculation. Because sperm hell magic is not applied, it is a normal amount of sperm. However, the desire of a pervert who is hesitant whether to really pour it into the small and clean asshole comes up. However, after finishing ejaculating for a while and pulling my son out, Breakcore nodded with a relaxed expression.

“……It was tough, but this is also nice to mate with a small body……”
“……I felt comfortable with everything wrapped around you. …..Well, let’s do it again”

With a strange woman’s face, I was startled.


In the evening, Laila and I took off from the labyrinth, leaving Dianne and the others behind. Breakcore was waving forever.

“Ho. The recovery of the drawing has become an unexpected big job. ……For your lower body”
“Don’t bully me so much……”
“Hoho, I just thought that you are a master who was often liked by strange things. Including myself”

……I can’t argue. Yup.

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