Half elves fall in love chapter 121

Chapter 121: Next Form 3 [Breakcore Maia Irina Dianne]



Around the area, there are still noises and elves eating bear pots. Since there were more elves than pots, there were many hungry elves who had not eaten yet. The hot pot party will continue. Under such circumstances, me, Breakcore and the three other girls are hidden in a illusion space.

“I’ve been alive for thousands of years, but I don’t remember to have mates with someone, even though I’m thankful……haha, you can laugh, but I’m a little scared”
“Well, if you have forgotten your gender, isn’t that strange……no, but can you forget your gender?”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that there’s a penis even after many years. ……Breakcore smiled when I thought.

“Because I´m a holy beast. You’ve only seen my figure, such as when I woke up here and when I was a flesh mass……I was once as big as a dragon, and sometimes I was as small as a cat”
“It’s convenient not to die, even if I remodel myself properly with magic, it works fine. To protect this forest, I was sometimes big enough to fight with dragons and sometimes I made myself small to kill time. It didn’t matter how the part which had been used had done such a thing. Perhaps if I´m going to live, I’ll lose weight, and vice versa”

It is a strange existence again.

“Is that……scary?”
“I’m the one who has been fighting and has maintained the significance of my existence. ……But I don’t have a good relationship with making someone comfortable. I still want to thank you, for telling me what I can do. Many creatures like it because they prefer young females, so if you want……”

Breakcore closes her eyes with her fingers on her horn as if tracing. The field of vision was blurred and when I noticed, the age I saw from her was about 10 years old. Same or more than me.

“This way, I can change as I like. It’s a technique similar to a dragon’s transformation, not only the look but also the touch”

Breakcore sees me stunned and returns to her former self again.

“I’m sorry, you felt bad”
“N, No, I don’t feel like that”

I don’t understand Breakcore´s desperate attitude for me. Sure I helped. I knew she was too pitiful at that time and I said I didn’t want to abandon her like Diel and others and I know that helping is still worthy of gratitude. But I was just one of them. It was the power of Dianne, Bonaparte, Laila and Maia that actually helped. I only worked behind the scenes, but I wouldn’t be so thankful. ……For the time being, I tried to talk honestly. Then Breakcore smiled as she almost cried.

“……I was very happy”

While spilling tears.

“At that time, I was happy that the first thing that you have done was to forgive and affirm me with just smiling gently. I’ve never had people laugh at me just by fighting and winning”
“I was stupid. A holy beast that spent thousands of years with reason, but I was so weak that I couldn’t stand loneliness just because nobody looked at me for decades and as that ugly and annoying thing I was so glad that there was such a kind thing in this world that just smiled gently and greeted me this stupid me that was wrong like that”
“Such a big thing……”
“I heard it from Diel. Your words who called the ugly stupid me which everyone was afraid of as a child who was lonely and weeping. I’ve heard of you clenching your teeth that I’m going to have a future again”

I certainly said that. When I thought about it, Maia proudly hugged me in my arms

“That’s what the dragon wants. That’s the kindness that dragons want from their owners. Andy has that kindness”

Irina also whispers with a familiar face.

“It’s not bad to be able to praise the beauty of the front to show with care. But the reason for him to really save you is to hug your weak back and make love to you”
“Surely Andy was cool at that time……if I was a Breakcore, I might have fallen in love on the spot”

Dianne also affirms.

“If that is the case, I must have been a bitch. Since then, I have only thought about you. I was thinking about what I could do if I met you someday. ……Hey Andy, let me do what I can. If you are not tired of holding a female……I want you to be happy with my body”

Breakcore takes off her clothes. Her skin is exposed to the meadow at dusk.

“……Emm, Breakcore”
“Maybe I’m not as good as you think I am and you might be disappointed”

I hold her shoulders and kiss her deeply. While I’m a little bit caught in her horn.

“……H, Haa”
“Because I’m going to make love to you, I’m going to do it seriously, alright?”
“……Will you hold me?”
“I’m sorry, but I’m with dragons every day. You can’t move with a little transformation”

I push down Breakcore who looks happy with her ears pinned in earnest. Her naked body rolls on the soft grassland.

“And if you don’t mind”

I beckoned myself, but invited the remaining three.


From the start, she takes off her clothes with little cloth and Dianne’s firm brown naked body line up next to Breakcore.

“N, Nice to meet you”

Breakcore and Dianne looked at each other as if they were shy. Breakcore raised her physical age a little and it has grown to around 20 years old (Human conversion) which is not inferior in conjunction with Diane. And what does it cover on it?

“I often like this shape”
“If Andy-sama wants to, I’ll pose in any pose……♪”
“Do, Don’t you say you don’t like it?”

Maia and Irina. It is spectacular that the important figures of the northern forest are completely naked and stick out their butts in the middle of the meadow where the bear pot party continues.

“Well then, I’m going to start with Breakcore”

Breakcore´s hole is so wet even though I haven’t touched it with my fingers yet. I lightly explored the hole under the modest bush with my fingers and made sure she was ready and inserted my son.

“KKu, haa……♪”

It is doubtful whether the concept such as virginity can be applied to Breakcore indeed, as there is no sense of breaking through or signs of bleeding. However, she would have accepted a male human for the first time and she was eager to get used to the discomfort and the unknown pleasures.

“Haa……haa……li, like this……do that……”
“Still the beginning”

Instead of me, Maia who covers her answers. When I looked at her profile, she smiled a little fearless.

“A, nn♪”

I carelessly poke my index finger into her hole to punish her. No she is delighted.

“But certainly, there’s still a long way to go……!”

With my finger in Maia’s anal, I draw Breakcore´s waist with the other hand closer and start moving. One side is gorgeous and the other side is matured. The sight of dragon and holy beast, which are the trump cards of the northern forest panting under me was terribly excited.

“De, Deep, amazing……so much……so, happy, I wonder if it……♪”
“Yes, I’m so happy……that your desire is asking for me me, wonderful……♪”

Breakcore was puzzled by the sense, but she herself raised her hips and smiled with tears in her eyes.

“Mating……it’s like a lie that I thought it was stupid……!!! I’m happy, I’m happy, I can’t endure it……♪”

Maia whispered while I was poking her butt hole to see if there was a place to communicate. While striking the Maia’s rectum with my fingers, I slammed my first ejaculation deep into Breakcore´s vagina.

“Haa, uuuuu……!!”

Breakcore moves her legs that were sticking and still accepts my ejaculation while wrapping her feet around my waist. Bikun, Bikun, I shivered lightly and gave the final push on my ejaculation.

“Haa, Haa……”
“……Amaz, ing……mating, unbearable……”
“……Andy-sama, you used only the holy beast with this lineup of holes……”
“Th, That’s right”

I insert my cock into Maia who complains. Breakcore who looked lonely at the time of pulling out is so cute that she starts to use Maia while stretching her hand and stroking her hair a few times.

“N, kuuu……Andy-sama’s dick, its here……my pussy is happy……♪”
“This nasty view, hurry up”
“Yeah, I’m nasty……Andy-sama’s cock is too much and I think it’s going to be strange……♪”
Maia shows me a nasty expression in the red sunset while bouncing her thin delicate hips. Holding Maia’s head, I kiss her and persistently thrust my cock in the back of her vagina.


Maia who is in a doggy position and uses her waist as hard as she can is kissed by me and her expression is the height of happiness. Therefore I pull out my son from Maia.

“There are so many butts lined up……you told me. I have to enjoy the flavor that I arranged more♪”

When I said so and turned around to the next two people, Dianne and Irina were waiting with cheerful expressions.

“This lewd eyes……”
“Do you miss that vagina so much……haguu!”

I pierced into Irina´s vagina with my penis that is dirty with the love juice of a holy beast and a dragon. With that alone, Irina unwillingly culminated lightly and sprayed her love juice.

“Th, This……let me prepare my mind a little bit……♪”
“Then tell me first. ……I’ll fuck you so much”

I was quick to say, but I wanted to shake my hips by grabbing Irina’s little buttocks. A vulgar sound can be heard. Irina faints from the pleasure of rage as she clings to Dianne below her. Around us, the people are still in the midst of eating hot pots. Nobody can see the white clan chief who is naked and sticks out her hips while having sex with a male human, but if we are visible, it will be difficult.

“Haaa, haaaaa, aaaa, au, aaaaaa……♪”

Is there any stimulation of the situation? Irina embed her face in Dianne’s bountiful breasts in a manner that did not turn around and she enjoyed all-you-can-do with no resistance to my penis moving in and out. From that Irina, I pulled out my penis that is full of love juice and went towards Dianne below.

“Haaa……that figure of you, it’s not something you can argue with Phaser……♪”

One blow as if to silence Dianne while overflowing the expected juice.

“Kku, ahaaa!”

Dianne easily accepts it. Reaching out over the breathless Irina, I grab Dianne´s boobs and shake my hips as if to smash her butt while holding Irina. Ejaculation greed was already beginning to beat everything. As Dianne looks delighted with such bloody eyes, she responds by raising her waist to help my penis´s fierce attack.

“Kuhu, a, aa……ex, excitement, Andy……I´m, broken as well……♪”
“Dianne, I’ll put it out, I’ll put it out……”
“Hu, Huhuu……I’m not satisfied, but it’s still the beginning, I wonder what it is……♪”
“Yes……let me do it……!!”
“Aaa……more, please do me……♪”

Dianne screams with a cheerful face and Irina and Maia next to her are also in tune.

“Andy-sama, I also want your semen inside me……♪”
“I, I don’t want to stop so do it a little more……?”

Looking at us, Breakcore, who had been distracted, smiled lightly.

“……Ah, I……it’s not abnormal……♪”
“……I feel the same……I’d like to surrender myself to you until I get more and more messed up……♪”

While listening to Breakcore´s request. I hit the second ejaculation into Dianne’s tight vagina.


At the end of the bear pot party, I had three cum shots inside Breakcore, one cum shot into Maia’s vagina and one into her butthole, two cum shots into Irina’s womb and one cum shot into Dianne’s vagina and one at her face. Everyone lays naked under the stars with satisfaction. I was looking up at the stars while sleeping on Breakcore. Then Luna comes back. She stopped near us, offered me the green jewel with her tail standing up.

“I found it. Is this all right?”

……Laila walks from behind and stares at the space where we are in and smells. After stopping for a while and thinking, she shakes her fingers in front of my face in a rhythm.


She destroyed the illusion barrier.


And the two stop with a gulp. As the organizer, Diel, who was still nearby, looked at us and widened his eyes. Dianne and Irina are covered with a white cloudy mass. Maia is lying face down with her white butt full of love juice. And Breakcore with a slightly erotic body and her eyes closed happily lays down on my knees while semen overflows from her crotch to the waist.


Now what to do. It seems that Laila rushed and rebuilt the illusion.

“Ho, Hohoho. Is the bear pot already over?”
“He, Hey, Black Dragon, now there”
“What did you dream of something?”
“……No, I haven’t said anything yet”

Laila grabs Diel’s chest in the middle.

“Dream, but have you seen it?”
“…………A, Ah, yes, maybe yes”

She pushed through with force. And Luna is left behind in the illusion.

“E, Emm, I finished my mission but……”
“……Pa, Pass

She received a pass from Dianne who stood up from a rock and took the stone.

“……So can I join?”
“In this situation!?”

Luna was also cute because there was no help for it. I’m sorry for the time-earning Laila. I’ll make it up to her later.

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